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tralian Election
voting booth the voter shall prepare his ballot by placing a
cross in the Square opposite the name of each candidate for
whom he desires to vote, or, if he desires to vote for all the
candidates upon any ticket he may do so by placing a cross in
the circle at the head of the ticket. The voter may also insert
in writing, in the proper place, the name of any person for
whoin he desires to vote, making a cross opposite thereto. The
I unnecessary marking of a cross in a square below a marked
I circle-shall not affect the validity of his vote.
the preceding ^section shall be counted for the candidates desig
nated by the onarks in the square. When a circle is marked,
the ballot shall be counted for all the names upon the ticket
beneath said circle. The making of across in the square .of
another ticket than the one marked ii. the circle shall not affect
jW the validity of the ballot, except as to the officfe for which the
person opposite whose name such cross was made is a candi
date, and as to that office the vote shall not be counted. When
fiiore than one circle is marked, the ballot shall be rejected.
When only one candidate for any office is to be elected, if the
voter marks in squares opposite the names of more than one
candidate therefor, such vote shall not be counted for suoh
office, whether the circle is marked or not. When two or
more officers of the same kind are to be elected, if more
squares opposite the names of candidates for such office are
marked than there are officers to be elected to such office, the
ballot shall not be counted for any such candidates. If for any
reason it is impossible to determine the voter's choice for any
office to be filled^ his ballot shall not be counted for such office.
Any ballot marked by the voter in any other manner than as
authorized in this chapter, and so that such a mark may be
Mused for the purpose of identifying such ballot, shall be re
.UfeJ ri ',5 3-
t,as«ienger..,.5:B3 a.m. "Passenger 8:86p.m
?r4ght. .10:*) a. m. I Freight.
11:50 a.m. Freight
reight 11:B5 a.m.'
C. M. KBTCHAM, Agent.
Livery Feed and
Sale Stable.
Fresh TearosI^^
•^_New Rigsl
Special atttention given to
commercial men. Your patron
age Bolicited.
Phone 20. Jd|#A. StOUt.
Made a
Well Man
of Me.
(iroJotti the alime wmlls in!80 day. It acta
joirsrfolty and quickly, Curca when all othanftlL
ZowBea wtllnadn tbair hut rnmhood. and old
n£n trill recover tbeir Toothful yinr by ndnc
SflTft It QiticiUyandnirtlyrMtoMaKcrroiifr
oe«, Loat Vitality, Impoteacr, W«btl*
IiO«t Power,
nwinc Memory, WMMm Pl«wna.«nd
in aflhett of aeU-abOM or wo— and indUerotioo,
ffhlcliiaiataooefontady a a a
Tiotonly cnrea bytartn*atth»ieat of amw.Bnt
is a anal aerretaale and blood kolldcr, bring*
pg back the plak clow toMle «baeks and t»
itoring the fire ofyoath. ft ward* offlnaanlty
end OonaampUoo. 1
hsrlnc WE
Teat pocket. By Bill
It oaa be carried in vml
•6-ao Plymouth fL,
#r sale by W. C. Stempel & Co.
acres, 100 A. in cultivation, hguae
24X24, 4 rooms, small orehard, 3 wells, 2
mfles southeast of Spring Valley. Terms
Blair the Fiorlst.
994 §tMik Atm ?.*.*•* WtTil^MlW
Uiwiltfk *faUflo«Mkli MlNikMl1
1 ioqutti «v
—Upon retiring to the
marked as first provided in
-Yoting Mark- -Spoiled Ballots
Voting mark shall be a cross in the circle or square. Any
voter who shall spoil his ballot may, on returning the same to
the judges, receive another in place thereof, but no voter
j^4jhaiL receive more than three ballots, including the one first
52 de'ivei"ed to him. None but ballots provided in accordance
with the provisions of this chapter shall be counted.
Freight.. 3^0 p.m.
.4:90 P-tj.
ng«r .L.R:4fl p. in.
:i5a.m—Dally exoeptSuaday and
•day. -.
"Bo. 1—8:84 m.—Passenger Dally ezeept
Mo. it—8
:0B a. in.—Freight Stock express
A* Jneaday only.
No. 0—11:51 a. m.—PaSBeuger—Daily except
N». 14—6:00 p. m.—Freight—Daily except
Sunday. -iin.
For Oklahoma real estate, write or
call on
B. Jordan. Enid, O. T.
Money to Loan on improved farms at
8,7 and 8 per cent, interest for 5,6 to 10
year atime F.VABSA A8os.
Sw JoeL. Warner," the north ride
jeweler, for all JSrioQa of cleaning and re
pairing. All jnotk guaranteed and
prices lowest in tbe city.
When you want a bright,lasting shine
put on your' shoes in an artistic manner,
call on Btick Peugh, at the Hotel Leon.
Ue gives tbe best shine black or tan in
A branch office ol "Blair" the Des
Moines florist, has been established at
THK REPORTER office. Parties desiring
cut flowers can leave their order at this
office and the flowers will be promptly
furnished. Can quote prices on any cut
flowers, and guarantee flowers fresh.
Business Opportunities on the line of
the Chicago Great Western Ry. in flli
nois, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri
First class openings in growing towns
for all kinds of business and for manu
factoring. Our list includes locations
for blacksmiths, doctors, dressmakers,
furniture, grain and live stock buyers,
general merchandise, hardware, harness,
tailors, cold storage, creameries and can
ning factories. Write fully in regard
to your requirements so that we may
advise you intelligently. Address W.
Reed, Industrial Agent, C. Q. W* Ry.
01 Endicott Bldg., St. Paul, Minn.
$ A 6ood Comedy Coming.
Theatre-goers' would de well to bear
in mind that Miss Ann Scaife, one of the
most talented oomediennes of the Ainer
ioan stage, is coming to this city for an
engagement at the opeia house Fri
day, Nov. 2, in her famous comedy suc
cess, "A Wise Woman." It is the one
comedy above all others that everyone
has expressed a desire to see, not only
because it has proved one of the great
est theatrical sensations of recent years
in America, but it also seems to display
the talents of one of the best balanced
comedy organizations on tbe road at the
present time.
Homeseekers Excursion Tickets
To nearly all points in the United
States on sale at all ticket offices of the'
Chicago Western Ry. on the first
and third Tuesdays of October, Novem
ber and December, at tbe very low
homeseekers rate of one fare plus $2.00
for tbe round trip. Tickets good for
return within 21 dajs from date of sale.
Persons contemplating a trip will save
money by calling on any Great Western
.agent and obtaining detail information
regarding tbe homeseekers rates, or ad
dressing F. H. Lord, G. P. & T. A., 113.
Adams St., Chicago.
Personally Conducted Tours to Cat
Ifornla, In Pullman Tour-
l! )S
1st Sleeping Cars.
Via Chicago Great Western Ry. to
Kansas City and Santa Fe Route to
Los Angeles and Southern California
Only line having new Pullman Tourist
Sleepers equipped with wide vestibulest
steam heat and gas light. One of those
new sleepers leaves Des Moines at 8:45
p. m. eyery Monday, via Chicago Great
Western for Los Angeles and Southern
California via Kansas City, and reaches
Los Angeles tbe following Friday morn'
ing. These tours are personally con
ducted by an experienced official who
accompanies the train to its destination.
Tbe cars are well equipped for a long
journey and are as comfortable as tbe
8tsqdard sleepers, while the "price for
double berth is only about one-half.
Full information furnished by any Great
Western Agent or F. H. Lord, General
Passenger & Ticket Agent, 113 Adams
St., Chicago.
Baantka ft* H«l» *fiw]
tlteopenirtfl of the M. E Church.
In the history of every cause aiirt life
of every community there are great
dayf. There ar«i times when their mut
ual interests become so important a fac
tor for the social and moral well-being
of a people, that they become the most
prominent things fur consideration and
when they tal.« precedence of every
other interest. Often these are destiny
making periods when "The Turn of
Tide" takes. lace. Other days may
lead up to this iltiy, but this if tbe great
day which to large degree shapes the
destiny of the K.ture by opening or clos
ing doors.
Such a day as experienced at the re
opening and do licatory services of the
beautiful and mmodious M. K. church
of Kellerton, which took place on Satur
day and Sunday Oct. 20 and 21, and
which were "rel letter days" in the his
tory of this city. On Saturday after
noon the business session of the iirst
quarterly meeting was held. In the
evening at the reopening services, the
Rev. W. B. Thompson, the presiding
elder of t^e district, preached an ap
propriate and interesting sermon to a
large and appreciative congregation.
After the services tbe Rev, Joseph
Stephen, pastor of the M. E. church at
Leon, who had charge of the finances,
met the trustees and friends and placed
bet ore them the liabilities growing out
of the enterprise and made suggestions
and laid before them plans of the com'
ing day.
OnSunday in trning the natural ele
ments seemed to be gloomy and threat
ening and as it afterward proved the
weather was in no wise indicative of the
spirit and disposition of the people.
For several weeks prior to these ser
vices there were many heavy hearts and
anxious forebodings, No one bad the
faintest idea as to what the outoome of
the days' undertaking would be. But
whilst human yision was short sighted,
the higher powers had determined that
the efforts of the people should be
crowned with a glorious victory. At
the time for the public service the
house was filled with a sympathetic
and liberal hearted people.
Rev. Stephen had charge of the dedi
catory services aild teok for his text,
Mark 14:3, the subject being "Mary's
Consecration of tbe Box of Ointment."
Whether the preacher waB at bis best
or not in this eflort we do not know,
but he delivered a powerful discourse
and made a masterly effort, and we be
lieve it to be the universal conviction
of the people that this discourse had
great deal to do with the day's success
and waB the forerunner of victory.
After the sermon Rev. Stephen pre
sented a short statement of the actual
cost of the-building and improvements
which amounted to about $1,300. The
liabilities standing againtit the trust
estate and the amount to be raised was
about $650. Alter some pleasantry and
timely illustrations, subscriptions were
called for to meet these obligations.
To the great surprise of the people, six
of the leading citizens obligated to give
an additional |40 to their previous sub
scriptions. This fact created surprise
and enthusiasm and became a great
inspiration to giving, and such was the
universal and unparalleled enthusiasm
in the spirit of liberality that by two
o'clock the people had subscribed $892,
In the evening the subscription list was
opened again by tbe request of some
persons who were not present at the
morning service, when $69 was sub'
scribed, making a grand total of $961
And it is verily believed that this will
be supplemented until $1,000 will be
raised. This is the most remarkable
wave of benevolence which has swept
over the neighborhood.
Rev. Stephen is worthy of special
praise for the mastery way in which he
managed tbe finances and for his wise
council and judicious management on
this occasion.
It is due to the Rev. Charles Knoll to
say that the success of this enterprise
is in a large degree owing to his patient
plodding and untiring zeal. .He Seems
to have been possessed in an eminent
degree with "the final perseverance of
the saints." He has succeeded and
triumphed over difficulties where others
would have been discouraged and de
feated.—Kellerton Globe.
His Life was Saved.
For growing colts Raven Food puri
fies the blood, regulates the kidneys,
cures scours and exterminates worms. It
cures colds, coughs, distemper, pinkeye
and heaves in horses. It is good
for overworked horses ^nd old horses
and prevents mares from dropping their
colts prematurely. Try dollar box no
cure no pay and money refunded. For
sale by W. L. Barry, Harness Shop
Leon, Iowa.
Raven Food is positiye cure for chick
en cholera, roupe, gapes and all dis
eases of poultry. It regulates tbe
bowels, blood and digestive organs
produces bone, muscle and larger fowl
and makes hens lay eggs in winter.
Young chickens will grow rapidly free
from disease. Try dollar box no cure
no pay and money refunded. For sale
by W. L. Barry, Harness Shop, Leon
Cheap one and round trip second
daeB settlers' tickets on sale to all
points west and northwest, October 30,
November 0-13, 20 and 21. Round trip
tickets 11 'it 60 days,
Mr. J. E. lily, a promident citizen of
Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful
deliverance from a frightful death. In
telling of it he says. "I was taken with
Tyhoid Ifever that ran into pneumonia
My lungs became hardened. 1 was so
weak I couldn't even sit up in bed
Nothing helped me. I expected to soon
die of consumption, when I heard of Dr.
King's New Discovery. One bottle gave
great relief. I continued to use
it and am .now well and strong. I can
say too much in its praise." This mar
velous medicine is tbe surest and quick
est cure in the world lor all throat and
lung trouble. Regular sizes 50c and $1
Trial bottles free at L. Van Werden'
drug store every bottle guaranteed
C. M. Ketcham,
pound Table Peaches, per can
8 cans, 3 poling Pie PeacheH, 3 cans for
3 cans, 3 pound California Pears, 3 cans for
2 pouud Blackberries per can
Fancy Fat Bacon fine, per pound
1 pound can full Salmon, per can
2 pound can Oyst.ers, 1 can tor
"i* d-rt
2 packages for
*p- V'
Si J•
Fancy Streaked Bacon, fine as can be, per pound
Look at. our. prices on Worrell's Fancy Hams from to 15 pounds, per pound
30 pound keg white fish, per keg, a great bargain.
100 pound ^barrel white fish, a great bargain
Co and look for a New Home in Nebraska, a
prosperous country, where a farm can be bought
for one year's rent of an eastern farm.
Everything Beautiful
Undertaking Department^5 3
I am a Llccns^d Embalmernnder the laws of Iowa.
Your Oats, Corn, Baled Hay, Eggs, Butter, Poultry and all kinds of produce as we
can handle to better advantage than any other house in Decatur County.
We have the largest line of Fancy Canned Fruits, Dried Fruits, Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables in this city. Come and get our prices before buying.
These are the days on which you can
buy very cheap excursion tickets to
NEBRASKA and other points in the west
including Denver, Colorado Springs,
Pueblo, Leadville and Glenwood Springs
Colo., Deadwood and Hot Springs, South
Dakota. Ask C. B. & Q. ticket agent for
/fit Vk A J,
•.( •r-te-
with which we come in con
tact helps to refine and
strengthen our finer nature.
Contact with beautiful furn
iture and beautiful sur
roundings subdues the
coarser and sharpens the
finer nature as a grindstone
sharpens a knife. Little
children take in impressions
as a sponge takes in water.
Thev should have a cosy,
prettyjjome to live in. We
keep everything to furnish
homes cosily and rtason
My special at
tention is given
to this depart
ment. AH calls
promptly look
ed after. -g
f)eal Estate and Ltfaii /Vgent.
ww H«ia imd Oeeue^rdel Bteeele.
:.•»(» -i.
Mm, by pwmlMto*. Farmara md Tradar* Bwk|«
ny, Sell, or Trade REAL ESTATE on OoniMoa.
Beat ICaUU. Pay Taxac for loa-
Moinay on Improved Vwrwm&U lawmt
rUJ Wen'
Work Kamlit
The Loon Reporter and St.Louis
ppu^lio, 7^.^1,75
in Canned Goods
Meats, Lard, psh aad,Oysters.
We have 2,000 pounds at this price, less than others sell bacon or shoulders.
,.^4.^ 'r,
White Loaf, Pride of Kansas, Queen of Kansas, all No. 1 Patents, only
W?Pf 6LARKtt& CO.
The Great Majestic Sfeol Range is in the load of all
others. There are hundreds of other ranges and while
some are lower in first cost The Majestic has the ad
vantage in
& rt
*1 H1,
Durability, Convenience,
Economy of Fuel. ,.
to look after your heating stove. If the old one will
not do by having it blacked,come in and I will fit you
out with any kind of a heater. Do not make your
family sick by gding without fire so buy a
Turkish Vapoi of Medi
cated Baths at Honita
Tliey are truly a Hot Springs at home. Our new and im
proved Thermal Bath Cabinets contain all of the best fenu
tures of other cabinets with several new ones. They arc
automatically constructed so that you can supply yourself
with drinking waver and sponge the face without aa assistant. Our cabinet baths produce
perfect health, cleanliness, vigor and beauty. Cures rheumatism and neuralgia. Soothes
tired nerves and produces sound sleep. Will cure colds, lagrippe, and malaria with one bath
Physiolans recommend them for woman's trouble, blood and skin diseases, liquor and mor
phine habit. Immediate relief guaranteed in the worst cases. Thermal 'baths purify the
blood. Invigorate and tone up the system by opening up the several million pores of the skin
and expelling from the system by profuse perspiration, all the impure salts, acids and poison
ous matter, which if retained cause disease, sickness and premature death.
Prices—The standard (15.00, the Century $7.50, the New Era 112.00. We will ship any of the
above cabinets express C. O. D., subject to examination on receipt of $1.00 10 cover ex
press charges We guarantee our cabinets to be the best on the market for the price. If not
as represented, return them and we will cheerfully refund your money.
Agents make from $75 00 to $400 a month. We want enterprising men and women ta rep
resent us. Exclusive territory given. Write for booklet,
LESTER GOULD, Pres. MARK M. SHAW. Cashier. W. A. RAMSEY,Vice Pres
Farmers & Merchants Bank.
Ms V&
Responsibility $75,000.
Transacts a General Banking Business S
Pays Interest on Time Deposits.
STOCKHOLDERS-A. L. Belding, Fred Gould. W. A. Ramsey,
Mark M. Shaw, Lester Gould.
The Tailor!

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