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Are You Going To Buy for
We would suggest that our store is as
good, and we think a little better than
other places. We do know that
Customers Come
here because every dollar they
more to make a merry and delightful Christmas
than money you spend elsewhere. Thats wnat
makes this store a
Let us1 invite you to
line of.
uand we assure you everything is first-class and
of the very latest style.
Now we are going to make the children happy.
We desire to close out our entire line of toys
in order to make room for our increased stock of
dry goods, furnishing goods and millinery. We
need the room now occupied by our stock of toys
land will sell everything at
-VJ, Vr*
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with us
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gets more quantity, gets
and does
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call and examine our large
ifV Goods,
This means just what it says, we must and
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.and Millinery.
Davis City.
K. J. Harmon enjoyed a visit .from
his sons George, Att and Jim, ail from
Creston, which is the first time they nil
had been at home at once for about
three years.
The meetings at the Union church
still continue an.I considerable interest
is being manifested.
Sherm Wheeler and wife, of Blythe
dale, are visiting Dr. Wheeler and fam
Mrs. Maggie Brown, of Leon, spent
Thanksgiving with her mother in this
Dr. Chase, from St. Louis, has opened
up an office on Mill street in the old
Advance building.
Mrs. H. Ewing gave a dinner to her
married children and a few other friends.
Uncle John Bennett enjoyed a visit
from his daughter of Leon the past
Married, at the residence of the grooms
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hamilton,
on Wednesday evening, S. M. Hamilton
to Miss Mary Dobozy, of New Buda.
An elegant supper was served to about
forty invited guesta, and the Davis City
Cornet Band was in attendance and
gave them some delicious music. Both
the contracting parties are well and fav
orably known, and we with a host of
others extend to this young couple^ our
best wishes for their future happiness
and prosperity. May their life ever be
one of sunshine and roses is the wish of
ye correspondent.
Lee Hartshorn left for Tama county
Iowa, to attend school the ooming Bea
Frank Bullock and family left for St.
Joe Tuesday where Mn Bullock has se^
cured a position in a fence factory.
Oscar Grimes and wife left for Gilman,
Mo., on Monday of last week.
R. Hartshorn has moved his family to
town and occupies the Dr. Horner resi
No one can reasonably hope for good
health unless his bowels move once each
day. When this is not attended to, dis
orders of the stomach arise, biliousness
headache, dyspepsia and piles soon fol
[low. If you wish to avoid these ail
ments keep your bowels regular by tak
ing Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
[Tablets when required. They are easy
to take and mild and gentle in effect
For sale bv W. A. Alexander.
At the home of the bride's parents
Capt. and Mrs. John Landes, at Wester
ville, at high noon Thursday, Nov. 29
1900, occurred the wedding of Mr. El
mer S. Harris and Miss Mary Landes.
the ceremony being performed by Elder
R. W. Castor, pastor of the Christian
church of Leon.
The wedding was a quiet home affair
being witnessed only by the relatives
and immediate friends of the contract
ing parties, after which an elaborate
wedding repast was served.
The groom is one of our most com'
i„_. petent and trustworthy young business
|men)amember of the firm of J. A. Har
ris & Bros,, of the Leon Marble Works,
The bride is a noble and culture.dia de
lady, well worthy of. hkuhds here and
Some cough remedies hide a cough
they drug it into silence, but the irrita
tion stays in the lungs to cause trouble.
Morley's Honey Pectoral soothes, heals,
strengthens and cures thoroughly. The
cough stops because the cause is"remov
ed. Price 25 cents. Sold by agent in
every town. Free trial bottles at L.
Van Werden's.
This signature is on every box of the genuine
laxative Bromo-Quinhie Tabieu
the remedy that cue* a cold Is Me dajr
Hunters should keep it in mind that
it is unlawful to enter upon anybody's
premises without permission for the pur
pose of indulging their shooting propen
sities. Every man's farm is his pastle.
His authority is absolute, and the law
protects him in excluding all tresspass
ers. If you desire to hunt on the prem
ises of another first ask permission to do
so. Keep this in mind and you may
save yourself trouble and expense.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c.
Rubbers! Rubbers!!
Rubbers!!! Rubbers!!!!
The Leon Shoe Store.
Van Wert Mills.
I will grind buckwheat on Friday and
chop and meal on Saturday of each
week. M. P. GABBER.
Business Opportunities on the line of
the Chicago Great Western Ry. in Illi.
nois, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri
First class openings in growing towns
for all kinds of business and for manu
factoring. Our list includes locations
for blacksmiths, doctors, dressmakers,
furniture, grain and live stock buyers,
general merchandise, hard ware, harness,
tailors, cold storage, creameries and can
ning factories. Write fully in regard
to your requirements so that we may
advise you intelligently. Address W.
Reed, Industrial Agent, C. G. W* Uy.
01 Endicott Bldg., St. Paul, Minn.
,-JJrs.Chas. Hudson. Denver, Colo, writes:
"Both my ohlldren had bad cases of whooping
cQ&gh and nothinK seemed to help them
Beggs'Cherry Cough Syrup eflectcda quick
cure." That's what It's GUARANTIED to do.
Cures coughs, colds, croup, lagrippe, pneu
monia and consumption. McQrath & Still,
When you want a bright,lasting shine
put on your shoes in an artistic manner,
call on Back Peugh, at the Hotel Leon.
He gives the best shine black or tan in
Headache and dizziness are quickly
cured by Morley's Little Liver Pills for
Bilious People, They arouse the Torpid
Liv.sr, work off the BILE and cure
Oonitipation. One a doaa. Sold by
L. Van Werden.
Mather—the 30 years dentist of over
50 years experience is at Jeon on the
morning of the. 27th and will remain
until the last of every month.
For Oklahoma real estate, write or
call on
c. B.
Enid, O. T.
Jell-0, The New Desert,
pleases all the family. Four flavorsLemon,
Orange, Raspberry and Htrawberry. At your
grocers. lO cts. Try it to day.
8eaaoned native lumber, dimension
stuff and bridge plank, material for
house and barn frames always on hand,
Buy Buss' Bleaching BJue at Caster's
Rev.- W. H. Usley will preach at Crown
c.iapel next Sunday at 3 p. m.
Rev. Joseph Stephen will preach at
Fair View M. E. church on Sunday after
noon at 3 o'clock.
Regular preaching services at the
Christian church next Lord's day. Ser
mon themes: Morning, "The Power of
Conviction." Evening, "To-morrOw."
There will be the usual preaching Ber
vice at the Presbyterian church next
Sabbath morning. In the evening there
will be a song and praise service entitled
An Evening With Hymns and Hymn
Writers." All lovers of good music will
enjoy this service.
Don't fail to hear the two special ser
moos at the M. E. church on Sunday
next by the pastor. Morning, the sec
ond discourse on the subject, "Things
the People of Leon Ought to Quit,
Evening, 7.30, "Human and Divine
Courtship, What is it, and What is it
For?" This is the second on "Love,
Courtship and Marriage." You are
earnestly invited to attend the services.
The morning service at the Christian
church last Lord's day was conducted
by the Christian Women's Board of
Missions. Papers were read by Mrs. W.
R. Ellinwood, Mrs. R. W. Castor, Mrs.
Roe Caster, Mrs. Marion Woodard and
Miss Harriet Kirkpatrick which gave a
brief outline of the work of the C. W.
B. M. at home and in foreign fields.
Many appropriate songs were sung and
a recitation by Miss Marion Woodard
completed an interesting program rend
ered before an attentive audience.
The Ladies Guild assisted by the
young ladies will give an orange social
at the M. E. church'next Tuesday even
ing, Dec. 11. The program will consist
of rnuso and biographical sketches ar
ranged in the form of a contest. At the
door each gentleman will receive a rose
containing the name of the lady who
will assist him in guessing the sketches.
Branches of artificial oranges will be
given to the successful contestants. All
who wish to join the
-ram a bright and pros-
Mr. and Mrs. Landes have gone to
housekeeping in the groom's cozy resi
dence on east 4th street which he bad
all furnished fori his bride. '5^
are re
quested to bring pencil and paper. Ad
mission 15 cents, including light refresh
ments, children under ten years of age
10 cents. The following'is the program
Organ Voluntary Miss Grace Morrill
Duet Mesdames Stephen and Daugherty
Novelist Miss Ethel Crulckshank
Humorist .Miss Marlon Stookey
Solo Miss Nellie Shumway
Artist Miss Charlotte Vogl
Dramatist Miss Lelah Osborn
Duet .Misses Tatman and Metier
Pianist Miss Bertha Sanders
Philanthropist Miss Edith McCoy
Solo... Mrs. O. E. Hull
Journalist ...... Miss Bessie Cowden
Evangelist.... Miss Maude Metier
Male Quartette—Warner, Conrey, Llndsey and
Lady Correspondent Wanted.
I want to hear from any lady who has
stomach trouble. 1 will recommend Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin and guarantee
itTto_cure. Yours Truly,
At 33} Off.
That's the price we will make on the
entire sample line of underwear which
we have purcb^^.^g/^co. which
sale housgj
ESd Saturday, Nov. 16th and 17th. They
can't be duplicated and you may not
have another such chance. Call and
We wist to seoure the services of a local or
traveling salesman to sell our line of lubrica
ting and refined oils, greases, paints and
white lead. Salary or commission.
Office and Keflnery, Findlay, Ohio.
WANTED—A hustling man to deliver and
collect. No canvassing. Salary ISO per
month pegn|nent position^ tteferenoe and ._
security roquHfcd. Address 16. H. Sherwood, 15*.
Manager, 8W Maple
Ipwa, 10*J|
Is a disease of the mucous membrane
or Inner lining of the nose, throat,
lungs, stomach, bowels and other
organs. It is caused by a cold or suc
cession of colds Irritating the delicate
surfaces, and is promoted by scrofulous
taints In the blood,
It Is especially dangerous In persons
having a predisposition to consumption.
In these and all other catarrhal
cases, Hood's Sarsaparilla so thor
oughly renovates the blood and re
stores strength that it permanently cures.
In fact, because of the character of
the disease, and peculiar merit of the
remedy, Hood's Sarsaparilla is the onljr
common sente treatment for catarrh.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Promises to cure and keeps the prom'
ise. No substitute for Hood's acts like
Hood'a—be sure to get Hood's.
In the District Court of Decatur county,
Iowa, January Term, 1901,
Isaac Winters, plaintiff,
Daniel Winters, Urs. Daniel Winters, Carl He
Broom, Mrs. Carl MoBroom, Jane Hensley and
her husband, Mrs. Minerva Berr and her hus
band, George Winters. Mrs. George Winters,
Mary Hutton and Hutton her husband, de
fendants. 1
To said Defendants:
You are hereby notified that there is now
on file in the office of the Clerk of the District
Court of Deoatur county, Iowa, Ihe-petitlon of
the plaintiff aforesaid, claiming of you that he
Is the absolute and unqualified owner of the
south-east U. of the south-east of section' 1&
township 70, raqge 24, W. S p. m. situated In
Decatur county, Iowa. That he acquired said
ownership by purchase and the plaintiff has
absolute, open, notorious and adverse
pobsession of said laud for about forty years
last past. Plaintiff asks thac the title in said
land be quieted in him, and that you and each
of you be out off, barred and estopped from
adverse to 1
olaiming any interest in and to said real
adverse to the plaintiff. Plaintiff asks general
equitable relief. See petition.
You are also notified that unless you appear
thereto and defend before noon of the second
day of the term of said District Court of Deca
tur county, to be held On the Slst day of JanU'
ary, A. D. 1901, a default will be entered
against you and judgment and decree render
ed thereon. c. W. HOFFMAN,'
Attorney for plaintiff.
Newly Discovered 6em
Jk South America.
The finest Imitations In the world. For
brlUlinoe they equal the genuine. Puzzle
experts. Tney can only tell the difference by
a test. Set In 14 earat gold filled mountings
and warranted 10 years. Will retain their
brilliancy forever. Workmanship could not
he better if they cost twenty times the price
asked. To introduce these semi-precious
gems we will offer them at about the value of
the mounting, They will rmore than treble
in price In six months. Any of the above
artloles sent by Registered mail on recept of
12.50, 11 not as represented your money -Will
Spltzer.butidinjf, ToledoT Ohio.
SVnfcralnVLTm4eltherln°per»on or by bat$8?*
note.l I-
John Stout had business at Lamoni
Thomas Teale had business at Lamont
last Friday.
J. J. Smith made a business trip to Osoe
ola Monday.
B. W. Garrett wai a passenger for Dee
Moines yesterday.
W. W. Morrow, of Afton, had business
in this eliy Friday.
Dr. B. R. McAllaster had business at
Decatur yesterday.
Elder J. M. Brown was a passenger for
Pleasanton Saturday.''
8. Metier, of Garden Grove, was In Leon
a few hours Monday.
G. B. Daugherty was down at Ridgeway
last week buying horses.
Miss Alta Morgan returned Friday from
a short visit at Humes ton.
S. E. Bowman and Wm. Doran had busi
ness at Dav is City Tuesday.
Dr. F. A. Bowman and wife ate Thanks
giving turkey at Davis City.
Attorney B. M. Russell, of Lamoni, had
bualnesa in this eity Friday.
J. D. Hardin, the stock agent, bad
business in this city Friday.
R. L. Parrish had buslnesr at Des
Moines the first of the week.
Miss Myrtle Howell, of Davis City, spent
Sunday with friends in Leon.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Weight were pass
engers for Corning last Friday.
W. H. Stiles and little son, of Garden
Grove, were in Leon Thursday.
Attorney Frank Horton, of Davis City,
had business in Leon Saturday.
J. D. Burns 1r-, of Garden Grove,
business In this
city last Friday,
Robert Dye returned Monday from
a few days' visit at Grand River.
Miss Ollle Ronk, of Murray, came Friday
on a visit to her sister in this city.
County attorney Geo. W. Baker bad
legal business at Davla Olty Friday.
W. H. Albaugh had legal business at
Winterset, the fore part or the week.
Lawrence Marks and wife, of Pleasan
ton, were visiting in this city Tuesday.
Dr. O. E. Macy, of Pleasanton, had pro
fessional business in this city Tuesday,
Miss Carrie Redman, of DeKalb, visited
over Sunday with friends in this city.
Mark Shaw and W. G. Mulky, of Van
Wert, had business in this city Tuesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Ora Teale, of Lamoni,
spent Thursday with friends in this city,
A. E. Dorn and wife, of Davis City, visit
ed over Sunday with relatives in thlB city.
Wallace Bruce, editor of the Charlton
Herald, had business in this city last Fri
Mrs. M. H. Wood and Mrs. ITelen Ellin
wood spent Friday with friends at Davis
special sale on next Friday
O. W. Hoffman was called to Shenan
doah yesterday on legal business tor a
I client.
1 Miss Stella Evans of Lamoni, came yes
terday to visit her sister, Mrs. 8. Varga, a
few days.
Miss Marie Watsabangh who has been
trimming at Glidden, Iowa, came home
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Teale and little son,
of Lamoni, were over Sunday -visitors in
this city.
Mrs. 8. H. Elliot returned Monday from
a few. days' visit with her daughter at
fannle-Updike was a passenger for
Des Moines Friday, where she will visit a
few weeks.
Mrs. J. B. Boyd and daughter Miss Zse
returned Friday from a short visit at Gar
den Grove.
Misses Ida Marks and Bee Turner, ot La
moni, were over Sunday visitors with
Leon friends.
Prof. J. E. Cummins, who is teaching
the Hiokory Grove school, was a Leon vis
itor Saturday.
F. N. Coder and family visited over
Thanksgiving at Davis City at the home
of A, E. Dorn.
Frank Greenland, the Grand River stook
buyer and shipper, had business in this
eity last Friday.
Mrs. Horace McClaran, of Davis City,
visited over Sunday in this city with Mrs.
F. A. Bowman.
Ed Coontz, of Woodland, came up Sun
day and began attending the Leon High
School Monday.
James Grandstafi left yeaterday for
Stanberry, Mo., to visit a few days with
his aged mother.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Teale and baby, of
Lamoni, spent Thanksgiving with rela
tives in this city.
Miss Mabel Inman, of Pleasanton, re
turned home Saturday after a few days'
visit in this city.
Mrs. A. Bibby, of Decatur, left Tuesday
for a month's visit with relatives at Leb
anon, Nebraska.
John Fulton went to Ottumwa Monday
where .he expects to secure employment
on the O. B. & Q.
Harry and Tom Cralgo, of Garden
Grove, ate Thanksgiving dinner with rel
atives in this city.
J. J. Hall and family depa^ed Tuesday
for May, Okla., where they will make
their future home.
Miss Ora Sankey came up from Lamont
Thursday to spend a few days with her
parents in this city.
Mrs. J. B. Boyd went to Pleasanton Sat
urday for a short visit with friends living
north of that town.
Mra. 8. Varga accompanied her sister,
Miss Mary Evans, to Lamoni Thursday
for a few days visit.
Miss B. M. Ghormley, of Des ^Moines,
»Wted over Sunday in this city, the guest
of Miss Ella Gardner.
Mrs. John Btnart and little SOD went to
Laoona Saturday for a few days'visit with
relatives and friends.
Miss Bessie Leeper, of Pleasanton, spent
afew days with frieods in this city the
latter part of last week.
Miss Mary Bay went to Chariton Friday
where she will spend the winter with her
aunt, Mrs. B. F. Bates.
Mr. and Mrs. John Frazldr were pass
engers for Davla Olty yesterday where
they will viait a few days.
Mra. V. R. MeGlnnls and son Ralph
irned Flidav from Grand Rl«
they apent
F. M. Freeman, of Davis Otly, JW Jfl. -t
•the Leon yesterday and attended thel returned to their hom»v*t Derby Friday
guest of Miss Margaret Runt.
Mrs. Peek and daughter Miss Bertie re
turned to their home In Decatur Saturday
after a few days visit In Leon,
Miss Bessie Moore., who Is teaching near
Weldon, spent Thanksgiving in this eity,
returning to Weldon Saturday.
Mrs. Horace Farquhar and daughter
Ruth spent Sunday at Osceola, guests of
the flunlly of Charles Edwards
Mrs. J. W. Allen returned Friday from
Westeryllle, where she attended the
Harris-Landes wedding the day before,
J. A. Loeb, of Ghioago, and Miss Clare
Wemple, of Garden Grove, attended the
danoe in this eity last Thursday evening.
A. Blddison went to Pleasanton yester
day to make the annual inventory of
Bowsher & Blddlson's store at that place,
V. R. MeGlnnls was at Osceola the first
of the week, where he had several casea
in the District Court in session In that
P. M. Patterson, of Trenton. Mo., and J.
F.Patterson, of Cainsville, Mo., visited
over Thanksgiving with relatives In this
B. F. Koger, of Rowland. Mo., who is
here visiting relatives, went to Decatur
Thursday to visit a few days in that neigh
Chauncey Stanley, a former well known
resident of Grand RU
iver, now residing at
this city Monday' on
WlntjBreet was
Mrs. Frank Malone and little son, of
Chariton, visited over Sunday in this city
with her husband, who is cook at the New
Wm. H. Brown, of Galesburg, III.', ar
rived yesterday to visit his father, Wm.
Brown, and sister, Mrs. Charlea Detrick,
In this olty.
H. T. Chandler, of
dropped in Tuesday to visit nis brother,
W. 8. Chandler and many o^ friends In
Farragut, Iowa,
this vicinity.
Miss Alice Powell returned to her home
in Chariton Saturday after apleaeant visit
at the home of her cousin, will Fletcher,
east of town.
Miss Nellie Cain, of Clay Center, III.,
came Tuesday for an extended vlalt at the
home of her uncle, Wataon Cain, south
east of Leon.
Lewis Horner, of Lamoni, visited over
Thanksgiving in this city and while here
officiated as.umpire in the Mt. Ayr—Leon
foot ball game.
Polk Oaldwell came down from Dea
Moines Monday to visit a few days In thia
city. He has been working in Dee Moines
for some time.
Court reporter J. S. Parrish went to
Osceola Monday to resume his court
duties after spending a few daya at his
home in this city.
Tom Henry, who is working in a drug
store at Perry, Iowa, returned to his work
Saturday after visiting a few daya with his
sisters in this city.
M«s. G. W. Custer and children, .0
Bethany, came Thursday to spenif a few
days in this city with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Biggs, j?
John H. Wood, who is'^employed with
the Hammond Packing Co., at St. Joe
came up Sunday to visit a few daya with
I his parents in this city.
Ed Schenck and Jim. Pennlwell, who
are working on the new aohool house be
ing built at Rldgeway, apent Sunday at
their homes In this city.
Mrs. Susie Boyd returned to her b6me
at Burrows, Mo., yesterday, after Waiting
a few dava In this city at
sister, M|«. S. H. Elliott.
_. 1 Mrs, Alice Horney and nieee Miss Marv
Mrs. F.E. Thompson returned to Dea I Madden, of Weldon, came last Saturday to
?5 ®r "Pending few daya yisit at the home of her daughter, Mri. J,
in thia city. I J. Smith, southeast of Leon.
Homer A. Dye, of the St. Joe Evening
Record, spent Thanksgiving with his fam-1
ily In this olty.
A. J.
turned Friday from Grand River, where
fr. D. R. Dudley, of-Garden Grove,
spent Thursday in thia olty and attended
the dance in the evening.
M. S. Beneflel and wife returned Mon
day from a two weeks' visit with his
brother at King Uity, Mo.
Levi Tillotaon, of Van Wert, waa in Leon
Saturday. He will shortly-remove to In
dlanola to make bia home.
O. M. Lute returned Monday from Grand
River where he was laying brick on the
new buildinga in that town.
Mis*Ollle Roberta, who la teaching the
Centennial aohool, spent Thanksgiving,
with hormother In this city,
tie home of her
Mrs. Morgan filddle, of Centervilie, and
Mrs. JohnKalbaoh, of Oskaloosa, returned
home Monday after visiting a few daya
with their sistera in this olty.
Mrs. Margaret Stone, of Decatur, ac
companied by her friend, Mrs. Sabina
Booth, of Cainsville, went to Davis Olty
Saturday to visit a few daya.
Ed Albaugh oame down -from Dea
Molnea last Friday to visit hia parents.
He has not been well for some time and
will remain in Leon for a time.
Miss Anna Kline, of Weldon, visited
over Thanksgiving In this olty, the guest
of Miss Grace Morrill. She went to Davis
Olty Friday for a few days' visit.
T. W. Crawford and neice Miss Mabel
Grawrord, of Lacona, returned home Sat
urday after visiting a few days at the
home of Wm. Wallace In thia city.
Ouy Calhoun came down from Des
Moines Friday and visited with his mother
until Monday when be went to Osceola,
where he is working for the K. A W.
Mra. H. J. Close was a passenger Thurs
day for Joplin, Mo., where her aob, F. D.
Close, Is engaged In developing some zinc
mine property he recently purchased.
Wm. Doran, the proprietor of the Leon
creamery came in Friday to make hia
monthly settlement with the formers. He
returned to Illinois Tuesday evening.
John D. Strong, who has been in this
county for a few weeks on business, re
turned Friday to his home at Geary,
Oklahoma, where he has a large ranch.
Mrs. J. M. Ashburn returned to her
home near Tuskeega Saturday after visit
ing a few days in Center township at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Turner.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Peugh entertained
a number of their Garden Grove frlenda
on Thanksgiving day and they had a moat
enjoyable time at their home. in north
First Tenor.
I. Quartet, Masonic Chant,
Quaker Quartet (in costume.)
II, Piano Solo or Beading,
Miss Nellie B. Turner.
Mrs. R. F. Throckmorton and children.:'*
I Mrs. L. D. Miller and daughter Minnie
.. .. ... visited over Sunday at Kellerton at
Mr. Charles Deutcher, of Iowa City, waa home of her slater, Mr*. N. A. Carleto»»
iu I Y„ VL noma ox ner innr, Jan., n. *. unnwi
an over'Thanksgiving visitor In, Leon, the
who Mme
bom* with her Monday for
few dajs' visit.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
to their home at Parkvllle, Mo., Mooda/,.
after visiting a week at the home of Mr.
Stephens' sister, Mrs.
after visiting a week at the home of
M. Lathrop,
Woodland township.
Stephana returned
Bd. H.Sharp departed Thursday "eve®"*
ning for Washington, D. O., to resume his
duties aa door-keeper of the Inter-State
commerce commission of which w. r|
Hepburn is chairman.
Mrs! Frank Taylor, of Chicago, and Mra.
G. W. Hale, ofOttumwa, who have bean
visiting their sisters in this eity, went to
Centervilie Tuesday to visit a sister there,
before returning home.
D. D. Dorn and family, of Bloekton, are
here visltlngatthe home of Mr. Dorn'a
brother. E.T. Dorn, president of the Ex
change National Bank, and of Mm. Dora's
mother, Mra. Q. M. Llndsey.
Mise Mate Parrish took advantage of
the Thanksgiving holiday vacation In the
public schools and went to Charlton
Thursday afternoon and visited a few daya
with her sister, Mrs. E. V. Lawrenoe.
Miss Zola Brnner, one of the teachers In
the Dea Moines public schools spent her
Thanksgiving vacation at the home ofJier
rents east of Leon. She returned to Dee
aeeompanled by her
sister,lolss Maud.
Miss Jess Evaas returned yeaterday from
Plattamouth, Neb., when ahe has been
trimming the peat season. She waa ac
companied home by her friend, Mtse
Jeannette Morgan, or Plattamouth.
Mrs. Ed Moore returned to her home at
Kellerton Monday after visiting a few
daysatthe home of her parents In thia
olty. Her sister, Miss Delia Elliott went
home with her to visit until Christmas.
T. B. Daniels, of Garden Grove, was ID
Leon Monday, having come down with
bia daughter, Mrs. A. J. Hanea, of,-Dea
Moines, who started that afternoon for
San Bernardino, California, to spend the
winter for her health, which Is very poor.
Mrs. Mildred Mlckelson and baby who
have been apendlng the summer at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mra. F. N.
Avery In this eity, departed yesterday for
ana where she will join Mr. MickelaoD
spend the winter,
Mr. and Mra. John
York, NebM are visiting .mu
Mrs. O.O, Beck, and other relatives on the
west side of the county. We enjoyed a
pleasant call Thursday morning from Mr.
Coppersmith. He says they have unusual
ly good crops this year in Nebraska.
Cane seed wanted. Will ship car Jan
For Infants and Children.
TI11 Kind Yon Haw Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Second Tenor.
7 Reader and Accompanist, «tc.
"Bandolero" 4
Mr. N. L. Baker..
IV." Trio from Attifla, '"Praise Ye"
Jjfessers tiahring, Harley, Randal).
V. Solo, "The Old uuardv
Mr. F. D. Randall.
VI. Bolo, Selected, ,,
Mr. A. JT. Gahring.
VII. Quartet, "Old kentifcTcy Home.V
Quaker Quartet. 1
.. Sv
Is almost here aud you will
be, looking for suitable:
We have the target
line of
Coppersmith, of
their daughter.
Henry Cadle, of Bethany, Mo., catae up
to eat Thanksgiving turkey at
itable home of l|r. and Mra.
the hoapl
Bobert Bowshei In this clt it being the
2Mb Thanksgiving dinner whioh he
their home, and each yea
looka forward to Thanksgiving with great
pleasure. And it la just aa much pleasure
Uncle Bob and Ilia good wlfei for pa
ys. "I raised him from a boy
UneleBob ...
to eat Thanksgiving turkey with me."
If yon would have an appetite like a
bear and relish your meaiB take Cham
beriain's .Stomach and^ Liver_Tgblets.
'fhey correct ihaorflltn
Gut Glass,
China ware,
Fancy Goods.
VanWerden's Opera Housel
Friday Evening, Dec. 14.
Quaker ft Male| Quartet Co.
Ever shown in Decatur county
and the prices are extremely!
low. 1
Jeweler and Bookseller.
Taken up as an estray by Carles Norman atv
his residence la Burrell township, Decatur
county, Iowa, on the 24th day of No vender,
1900 one red steer supposed to be two years
old, white on belly, tip of tail white, no nurkt
or brands.
Posted before Wm. Gray, justice of the
County Auditor.'
I. Quartet, "Twilight" ~v
Quaker Quartet.
II. Recitation or Cornet Solo,
Miss Turner.
III. Solo, "Bock-a-by-Baby,"
Mr. Edwin Harley.
IV. Duet.J'Flow Gentle Deva"
Messrs. Gahring and Baker.
V. Quartet Selections,
Quaker Quartet.
VI. Trio, "AveMaria"
Messrs. Gabring, Harley, Baker.
VII. Futtnyianra.
Mr. Baker.
VIII. Good Night,
Quaker Quartet,
the stomach"
and regulate the liver and bowels.
Price 25 cents. Samples free at W. A.
Alexander's drug store.
Need a Gun? .Well, I am making a
special sale on all guns in stock this
week and. next. Guns from $3.00 to
130 00. WI T. E. HORNER.
•-i"! .•* -v ..j. •.
-Ji MR. N. L. BAKER,
Basso and Gomedian.

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