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[Personshavingfriends visiting them or
kuowlngof strangers visiting In the city
will eonnr a great ffcvorupon the Editor
by informing nim either in parson or by
Prank Rhoades had business at Mt. Ayr
C. W. lloffman had legal business at La
moni yesterday.
L. J. Barr, of Lamoni, was in the city on
business Tuesday.
F. J. Honnold made a business trip to
Dea Moines Monday.
Mark Shaw, of Van Wert, had business
lu this city yesterday.
Recorder Cbas. H. Brown had business
at Taskeego
'I'ed Morris, of High Point, bad business
hi this city Saturday,
John and Louie Hurst visited Lamoni
friends last Saturday.
Judge Harvey had legal business at
Corydon last Thursday.
P. B. Niece, of St. Joe, had business
this elty last Thursday.
Ed. Farquhar visited over Sunday with
friendB in fiumeston.
JesseLloyd. of Decatur, had business in
this eity last Thursday
Geo. A. Oowden made a business trip to
Princeton last Thursday.
B. A. McGinnis was a passenger for
Garden Grove yesterday.
., O. H. Peck, of Morgan township, had
business in Leon Monday.
.. F. E. Thompson and wife were passen
gers for Des Moines Friday.
Willard Gammill visited over Sunday
with Garden Grove friends.
W. R. Ellinwood had telephone busi
ness at Decatur last Thursday.
Conrt reporter John S.Parrish was a
pusenger for Corydon Tuesday.
Miss Mand Bruner returned yesterday
from a short visit in Des Moines.
Poster Mallinnix made a flying visit to
his mother at Humeston Tuesday
DepQty treasurer Wilbur Cochran was
an over Sunday visitor at Lamoni.
Dick Lathrop, of Woodland, was an
over Sunday visitor in Humeston.
W-H.„ Barnthouse, of Garden Grove,
had business in this city Saturday,
Dr. D. R. Dudley, of Garden Grove, was
an oyer Sunday visitor in this city.
Miss Clara razier returned Saturday
..Awn'a' few days' visit at Akron, Mo.
Harry Hall, of south of town, went to
Osceola Tuesday for a few day's visit.
Miss Eva Simpson returned Tuesday
f.on a visit with mends in Chariton.
MIsb Gertie Craig, of Davis City, visited
over Sunday with friends in this city.
Miss Myers returned Monday from a
tew days visit with friends in Osceola.
A. H. Metier, of Weldon, was transact
itig business in this city last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Eels, of Weldon,
"Werervisiting friends in this city Tuesday,
Mtb. M. E. Calhoun departed Tuesday
for a visit with friends at Kirksville, Mo.
Mirbell Painter returday Saturdav from
a week's visit with friends in Des Moines.
Mrs. Mary Covington, of Pleasanton,
visited over Sunday with friends in this
M. Lathrop,of Woodland^returned Fri
day from a visit at hisojf^H^L0 Ackley
or In-
Miss Annie Shephard returned Friday
from a week's visit with her parents at St.
Miss Hallie Moore returned Monday
from a few days visit with friends in
S. R. Akes returned Saturday from Le
roy, wheie he was visiting his grand
Dr. J. B. Bennett, editor of the Pleasan
ton Index, had business in this city last
Miss Sadie. Gilbert, of Garden Grove,
\vas the guest of Miss Mattie McKern the
Miss Hattie Kirkpatrick returned Sat
urday from a few days visit with friends
at Weldon.
Misees Blanche Allen and Hulda Ray
returned Tuesday from a few day's visit
in Obarlton.
Mra.Ii. J. Critchfleld, of Weldon, was
Ylslttngfriends in this city the latter part
of last w&k.
Mike Sullivan returned Saturday from a
week's visit with relatives in Carlisle and
Des MoineB.
F. P. Shy, the Lamoni jeweler, wsb vis
iting his parents north-east of Leon over
New Year's.
Mrs. Lucy Ray went to St. Joe yester
day for a few days visit with her sister,
Mrs. Brace.
Misa Vivian Allen departed Monday for
Kingston where she is teaching a winter
term of school.
Will Lorey and Camily who have resided
in Des Moines for several years have re
turned to Leon.
Misses Ethel Cruickshank and Dot
Stookey returned Tuesday from a week's
visit in Osceola.
V. R. McGinnia departed Tuesday for
At-wood, Kas., where be goes on impor
tant legal baainess.
Charley Gibson and family returned
Thursday from a short visit with rela
tives at Davis City.
Mrs. Geo. Gardner and children, of
Humeston, visited over Sunday with rel
atives in this city.
Miss Addie Crawford returned Monday
from a few days visit with her sister who
resides in Osceola.
Miss Nettie Bowman went to Davis City
Thursday and visited a few days with
friends in that city.
F. Varga and wife visited over Sunday
at the home of their daughter, Mrs. A. E
Porn, in Davis City.
'Robert Good and Woody Thomas were
at Garden Grove a couple of days the 1st
ter part of last week.
Mrs. C. C. Beck and children returned
last Friday from few days visit with rel
atives at Grand River.
Amos Chambers, of east of town, re
turned last Thursday from a trip through
Kansas and Oklahoma.
Mrs. M.E. Gerard, of Council Bluflfo, is
visiting at the home of his sister, Mrs.
Ella McKern in this city.
A. E. Dorn and family, of'Davis City,
were visiting relatives in this city the
latter part of last week.
Misses Opal and Ruby Early returned
Saturday from a few days visit in St. Joe
with their brother Tom.
Mart Eielncing and family visited acau
pleoPdays with relatives at Decatur the
ter part of last week.
Mrs. T. H. Scbenok and daughter Jen
nie were visiting relatives at Decatur tte
flatter part of ladt week.
Mrs. Mark Grimes Bad children, of Des
.^ Moines, came yisterday, for a visit with
-gher parents in this city.
Mrs. John McPberrin, \of Clearfield, Js
®Wtinsrattbe home of hfa mother, Mrs.
Young in this city,
Young debarted yester-
dajcqppr Oskaloossj where snip expects to
wmwwwi. nuon
make an extended visit.
Miss Blanche Allen and niece, little
Hulda Ray, went to Charlton Friday for a
visit with Miss Mary Ray,
Geo. V. Lafotlette was a
_.-day for Saline, Mo., to
with relatives and friends.
for Saline, Mo., to visit a few days
Prof. James Conwell returned Saturday
from a week's visit at the home of his
parents near Grand River.
Mrs. EVC. BowIub, of Cedar Rapids, ar
rived last Friday for a short
home of Rev. W. H. Haley.
Mrs. W. E. Myers and
visit at the
... daughter. Miss
went to Lamoni Monday and visited a
couple of days with friends.
Miss Sarah Smith, of Van Wert, depart
ed Tnesday for Los Angeles, Calif., where
she goes for an extended visit.
H. Morath, of the Iowa Printing Co.,
Des Moines, was the guest of Robert Tur
ner the fore part of the week.
.. R. McGinnis and son Ralph were at
Pleasanton Saturday where Mr. McGinnis
was transacting legal, business.
James Urandstaff and wife returned yes
terday from a few days visit at Burlington
with their son Otis and family.
Sam Stover who is attending Simpson
college stindianola, is spending the noli
days at his home south of Leon.
Misses Kate and Grace Cartwrigbt re
turned Saturday from spending the holi
days with friends at Davis City.
Mrs. B. D. DeKalb, of DeKalb, came
down last Saturday for a visit witb his
daughter, Mrs. L. Van Werden.
Miss Ethel Cruickshank and Mvers
went to Osceola Friday for a few days
visit at the home ot Dr. Holland.
Dr. O. E. Maoy, of Pleasanton, was in
Leon last Saturday, returning from a
pleasure trig through Oklahoma.
Joe S. Warner returned to Iowa City,
yesterday, after spending the holidays at
the home of his mother in this city.
E. B. McClelland returned to Atchison,
Kas., Friday after visiting over Christmas
with is mother and sister in this city,
Sam. L. Darrab, attorney of Leon, with
his wife and daughter, spent Sunday witb
friends in Humeston.—Humeston Era.
Frank and Jennie Hitchcock, of near
High Point, returned yesterday from a
visit witb relatives at North English.
Mrs. Guy Hasty returned to his home at
Humeston yesterday, after spending the
holidays with her parents in this city.
Henrietta Vogt returned to Des
Monday, having spent the holiday week
at the home of her parents in this city.
Miss Maud Bowman returned to her
home in Davis City Thursday, after spend
ing a few days with friends in this city.
Mrs. J. W. Beavers, of Carleton, Neb.,
is spending the holidays at the home of
her son, Freeley Beavers, in Woodland.
Mrs. A. A. Moore and children, of De
catur, came Thursday to visit a few days
at the home of A. B. Owens in this city.
Mrs. Ltllie Reed, of Denver, Colo., ar
rived Friday for a visit in this city with
her friends, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Alexander.
J. Greer Springer returned to Des
Moines Saturday alter visiting a week
with relatives and friends in this county.
County superintendent J. A. Mcintosh
returned Friday from Dea Moines, where
be was attending the state teachers meet
P. Deck, who has been visiting relatives
in this county for a couple of weeks,
started Friday for his home at Abbyville,
Mrs. Owen Depew and baby returned to
their home at Iowa Fails yesterday after
a month's visit with her parents in this
Mrs. Amelia Cook, of Columbus Junc
tion, arrived Tuesday for a visit with her
sisters, Mrs. R. B. Smith and Mrs. J. M.
Kiageway, wnerc
trade on tbe nf
Tuesday tor
work at his
^-T)r, Will Van Werden
»**j»n Friday a
that city,
a couple of
rmany friends in
Miss Lelah Fritz returned to her home
at Clearfield Tuesday, after having spent
tbe holidays at the home of Dr. Waight in
this city.
Oliver Springer, of Indianola, was visit
ing relatives and friends in this city last
week, returning to his home in Osceola
Frank Malone spent New Year's In
Chariton. He goes to that city next week,
having accepted a position as oook at tbe
Depot Hotel.
Mrs. Mary Stuart, of Chariton, has been
visiting the past week at the home of Jon
athan Hamilton in this city, returning
home yesterday.
Mrs. Wm. Jones returned to her home
in Osceola Thursday, after visiting a few
days in tbis city at the home of her sister,
Mrs. S. A. Miles.
Miss Dimple Watson, of Decatur, was in
Leon Monday to take the train for Indian
ola, where she will resume her studies at
Simpson College.
Misses Bell and Bowdle, of Derby, visit
ed a few hours Monday at the home of J.
F. Penniweli, while enroute home from
a visit at Decatur.
Ephriam Sapp returned to his home at
Rands, Iowa, Tuesday, after spending the
holidays at tbe borne of his
Sapp, of Woodland.
son, George
Mrs. Ora Teale and baby returned to
their home in Lamoni Monday, having
spent the holidays at the home of her
parents In tbis city:
Miss Myrtle Wilson leturned to her
home in Garden Grove Saturday after vis
iting a few days witb her sister and other
relatives in tbis city.
Prof J. H. Drake and family returned
Saturday evening from a week's visit at
Des Moines, where he was attending the
state teachers meeting,
Harry Mayer departed Monday night
for Chicago, where be resumes his duties
in the great wholesale hide and wool
house of Silberman Bros.
Mark M. Shaw and wife, of Van Wert,
were in Leon Thursday on their return
fro.ri Pleasanton, where they spent Xmas
with Mr. Shaw's brother,
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Truesdell returned to
their home in Des Moines Monday after a
ten day visit in this city at the home of
Mrs. Truesdell's parents,
Mrs. EJd. Mark, of Independence, Mo.
Miss Bessie Vanostrand who bas been
visiting at tbe home of ber mother in this
city during the holidays, returned to
Stanberry, Mo., yesterday.
Miss Helen Brown returned to ber home
near Tuskeego Saturday after visiting
few days in tbis city at the home ot ber
uncle, Recorder C. 9. Brown.
Miss Hallie Moore visited from Friday
until Monday at Weldon with her sister,
Miss Bessie Moore, tbe popular teacher in
Dist. No. 1, Franklin township.
Misa Lulu Jennings, who has been visit
ing during the holidays in this city with
her cousin. Mias Maud Mitten, returned to
her bome in St. Joe yesterday.
Mias Ora Sankey returned to ber studies
at Graceland College Monday, after
spending the holiday vacation at the
home of her parents in this city.
Mrs. R. F. Throckmorton and children
returned to their bome in Derby Monday,
having spent tb* holiday week in tbis
city at the home of her parents.
Mrs. Anna E. Wilson, of Lamoni stopped
over night in tbi6 city Friday while en
route to Pleasanton to spend a few days at
the home of her brother, J. E. Leeper.
Mrs. T. J. Smith and children returned
to their home in Lamoni Friday after a
rieasut visit in tbis city at tbe home of
ler parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Sankey,
Misses Flora and Hulda Sigler, of In
dianola, came last Friday and visited un
til Monday at the homes of their uncles,
L. P. Sigler and J. J. Evans in this city.
Forrest Bowsher returned to his college
studies at Des Moines Saturday after
ipendine the holidavs at the home of bis
.later, Mrs. Geo. M. Hamilton, in this
Mrs. George Dockstader returned to her
home in Des Moines Tuesday ofter spend
ing the holidays at tbe home of ber par
ents, Mr. and M's. J. E. Brumw, east of
Mrs. J. B. Braes and grandson, Carl
Bruce, of St. Joe, returned home Sunday
after a pleasant vtait in this city at the
home of her paronts, Mr. and Mrs. W. J,
C. H. Simmons and family returned to
their home at Aurora, III., Saturday, after 1
a pleasant visit in this citv at the home of
Mrs. Simmon's parents, Mr. and Ttfrs. J.
Melvin Meek and three children return
ed to their home at Bird City, Kas., Mon
day, having spent the .holidays at the
home of his father, G. G. Meek, in Eden
Mrs. Geo. W. Custer and children re
turned to their home at Bethany Friday
after a very pleasant visit in this city at
the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Biggs.
Ed. Anderson returned to Centervllle
Tuesday after spending the holidays in
this city. He is running an engine at the
Diamond coal mine for the Centerville
Block Coal Co.
Mrs. R, R. Hopton, who has been
spending the holidays at the home of her
parents, Mr, and Mrs. Jonathan Hamil
ton in this city, returned to her home at
Pella yesterday.
Everett Bright and Bert Gardner de
parted Thursday for Atchison, Kas.,
where they will go to work for the Mc
Clelland Cigar Co.for whom they formerly
worked in this city.
J. R. Bowsher, Robert Bowsher, John
Bowman and W. L, Barry, of this city,
and Ferd Rauch, of Lamoni, went to Des
Moines yesterday to attend tbe annual
meeting of the implement dealers of Iowa,
Mrs. Lucy Corbett and little daughter
stopped off in this city Monday and visit
ed a couple of days witb ber sisters, being
enroute to ber home at Emporia, Kas.,
from a visit with her parents at Mason
B. W. Garrett and family departed last
Thursday for Dea Moines, where they will
make their home, Mr. Garrett having ac
cepted a position in tbe office of secretary
of state Martin, and assumes his duties
this week.
O. E. Tullis was a passenger for Cory
don yesterday where be is a witness in
tbe case against Frank Wasson and Mack
Brown for assaulting Ernest Brown, of
this city, during the Lineville tair last
F. A. Garber and family returned Tues
day from a week's visit at Liberty ville,
la. They were accompanied home by
Mrs. Garber's brother, J. A. Wolf, of Llb
ertyville, who will visit here a couple of
W. O. Duvall who travels through Ne
braska and Dakota for the Lee Broom
and Denter Co., of Lincoln, Neb., depart
ed for Lincoln Monday to resume his
duties after spending the holidays with
friends in this city.
Mr. and Mis. Owen Depew and baby of
Iowa Falls came to spend Christmas with
bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Depew.
tr. Depew returned Wednesday, but Mrs.
Depew and baby will remain for a longer
visit.—Mt. Ayr News.
Mrs. Cora Axtell and little son, of Carl
eton, Neb., who have been visiting during
the holidays at tbe home of ber brother,
Freeley Beavers, of Woodland township,
went over to Mt. Ayr Saturday to spend a
few days with relatives in that city.
I Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McDowell, ot Leon, I
jvisited with their daughter, Mrs. L. B.I
I'jghB. mi
tup isu
Atterberry and Geo. Henderson and their
best girls, of Davis City.—Lineville Trib
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shularand baby of I
Des Moines, who have been visiting dur-1
ing tbe holidays at tbe home of Mrs.
Sbnlar's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ba
shaw, went to Chariton Saturday to visit
Mr. Sbular's parents a few days before re
turning home.
We received a pleasant call Friday from
J. W. Dale, accompanied by his father-in
law, Mr. W. J. Patterson, of Snllivan, 111.,
who with his wife and daughter, Mrs.
Lucy E. Tbomason were spending the hol
idays with his daughter Mrs. Dale. They
returned to their home in Illinois Satur
day, well pleased with their visit.
Rev. W. H. Ils'.ey will preach at Crown
next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
At the Christian church next Lord's
day the pastor will preach as follows:
Morning "Tbe Church and Public LI
braries." Evening "The Discovery of
Rev. Joseph Stephen'" went" td Davis
City Monday to assist for a few days
Rev. Rusk who is conducting a series
of meetings at the new M. E. church in
that city.
Rev. J. F. H. St Clair,' a popular and
leading preacher of the Des Moines con
ference, will preach in the M. Ti. church
next Sunday, Jan. 6, morning 11 a, m.
and evening 7:30 p. m.-
James Clement Ambrose, the Brilliant
national orator and wonderful wit is
coming to the M. E. church, Thursday
evening. Jan 23d. He will dilate and
give a diagnosis of "Tbe Fall in Poli
Kev. Charier. W. iieeder returned
Monday evening from Dallas Center,
where be had been conducting a series
of meetings for several weeks. He left
Tuesday for Andover, where Mrs.
Reeder has been visiting her parents
during his absence.
The Aid Society of the Presbylerian
church will give their next tea in the
basement of the church next Tuesday
evening, Jan. 8th, from 5:30 to 7. All
members of division No. 3 will meet at
Mrs.Thos. Teale, Saturday,Jan. 5th, with
make arrangements for serving tbe tea.
Come and enjoy your supper witb us.
Admission 15 cents.
was visiting at the home of Aaa Cochraa|U16&t of tbe Lord's supper will be ad
last week, going Saturday to Van Wert,-1ministered next Sunday morning. Per
where her mother resides. g0ng desiring to unite with the church
are reque«ted to meet the session at the
close of the prayer meeting on Tbursduy
evening or at the close of the Sabbath
school next Sunday morning. The sub
ject of tbe evening sermon will be "Con
fessions of a Pleasure Seeker."
At tbe Presbyterian church tbe sacra
Barred Plymouth Rock Cockerels for
sale. As fine as you find them.
B. E. WHodabd, Leon, Iowa.
A Dig
lot of winter underwear now
Closing out at Hamilton & Gammill's.
See them before you buy.
£o whom it may concern:
Hunting game with dogs or guns or
otherwise trespassing on my farms.shall
be prosecuted to tbe full extent of the
law. it' W. B. Inobam.
Mather—the 30 years dentist of over
30 years experience is at i^eon on the
morning of the 27th and will remain
until the last of every month.
Many School Children are Sickly.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children,
nsedjy Mother Gray, a nurse In Chlldren'ti
Home, New York,Break up Colds in 34 hours,
cures Feverlshness, Headache, 8tomank
Troubles, Teething Disorders, and Destroy
Worms. At all drogslstsj, 8So. Sample mail
ed free. Address, Allen 8. OlmsMhd, LeRoy,
fcy -f
And Items ^of Interest
as Reported by our
Garden Grove.
The result of the census is at last
known and we find that Garden tirove
has 651 population. Everyone expect
ed that it would exceed 700, but on the
whole we are pretty n-eli satisfied, as a
comparison with other parts of the
state shows that we have made fully an
average gain in tbe past ten years.
L. J. Ede and family went up to Os
ceola Monday to spend New Year's witb
Harry Shefler is visiting relatives at
Chariton this week.
The young people enjoyed a New
Year's dance at the opera house Mon
day evening.
Prof. Monroe attended the meeting of
the state teachers ...association at DeB
Moines last week.' 'He reports a large
attendance and a good meeting.
Thos. Brown, of Chicago, was in town
on Saturday last yisiting relatives.
Carl Latta, of Chariton, visited old
friends at this place Saturday.
Mrs. Wemple entertained friends at
tea Friday evening.
Geo. Hoadley and daughter Adda
drove over to Humeston Saturday eve
ning to hear the Quaker Male Quartet.
Mrs. Bayles returned last week from
her visit at Maryville, Kas. While
there her daughter was married to a
young man at that place.
Our school began again Monday morn
C. A. Rhamey, of Phillips county,
Kas., is here visiting his brother, Rev.
Rhamey, of the Free Methodist church.
Mrs. Jennie Martin returned last week
from an extended stay in Des Moines.
Mrs. J. F. Chamberlain returned
Monday from her visit with her son at
Dee Moines,
DoreeyArtley returned Monday to
his home at Chariton, after a week's
visit at the home of his uncle, T. J.
Services are to be held in the Presby
terian church every evening of next
week, it. being The. Week of Prayer.
J. R. White, returned Saturday from
bis Christmas visit at his old home at
Ainswortb, la. Mrs. White has not
yet returned, being on a visit to her
parents at New Sharon.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c. LJft??
Dan Manna and family, of Marshall
town, were here last week yisiting rel
Hugh Bufl'um, of Leroy, was in town
Monday on his way home from Line
Ellen Jane Lentz and Mose Trauple
were married Dec. 26 at tbe bride's
What are Humoraf
They are vitiated or morbid flnida conrs*
lng tbe
This jolly dark town brigade will be at Van Werden opera hall,
1 1
You'll miss it if you dp
an evening of fun.
IT *1
mother's residence at high noon. A
large number of friends and relatives
witnessed tbe ceremony. Squire Wilson
Miss Delia Stephens returned home
ncciTB Biirv ~w
Derby, with her sister Mrs. Delia Fight.
Mrs. John Bowers, of Nebraska and
ber two daughters are here visiting lel
Geo. Lushbaugh, of Lineville, visited
relatives here over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Finley Thompson, of
Lineville, visited at C. K. Coontz's.
Dr. J. 8. Coontz returned to Keokuk
Wednesday to resume his studies at the
medicaly college.
Miss Gertie Caldwell, who has been
staying at Dr. Gleason's the past fall
and winter expects to start soon for
Colorado. Miss Smith, of. High Point,
takes her place.
The young folks enjoyed a very pleas
ant evening at the home -of Mrs. Ryan
Satarday evening, the occasion being a
surprise on Mias tirace. The young
gentlemen presented her with a beauti
ful writing case and gold pen.
J. L. Still transacted business in Leon
Miss Grace Ryan went to Leon
Wednreday to attend the Leon High
School the coming winter.
A Certain Cure lor Chilblains.
Shake Into your shoes Allen's Foot Base, a
powder. It, cures Chilblains, Frostbites,
Damp, Sweatening, Swollen feet. At all drug
ista shoe stores, 3S. Sample tree. A.d
Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y.
Van Wert.
John Rushing sr., is visiting in Oma
Constable J. B. Edwards siezed twen
ty-one gallons of whiskey at the ex
press office Friday. All C. O. D. goods.
C. P. Hall went to Des Moines to-day.
Quite a number of Van Wert young
folkshave been attending tbe "medi
cine show" at Weldon the past week.
Charley Miner is sick with lung fever
at the Corbet hotel.
Elmer Smith Sundaved in Leon.
Roy Gould and B. A. Hall drove'to
Decatur city Sunday.
"Roll" Ball, our genial blacksmith of
the vast side will be happy when Wei
don and Van Wert are consolidated.
After to-day there is no Humeston
and Shenandoah railroad as the K.
absorbs it to-day. Anew time card also
goes into effect to-day making connec
tion with all trains east, west north and
Miss Anderson, of Promise. City,is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. F. L. Hall thig
Stops the Cough and Works oft the
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets opre
a cold in one day. No cure no pay
Price 25 ranis.
and affecting tbe tissues.
They are commonly due to defective dlges*
tion bnt sometimes Inherited.
How do they,manifest themselvesf
In many form? of cutaneous eruption,
salt rheum or eenma, pimplps and bolls,
and in wcakness.^hoguor and general
How are they expelled? By
Hood'a SarsapaHUa
which also builds up the system that has
suffered fromthem.
is the best, of, all medf$iqps for all
New Year to all.
Sim ftvans and family yisited at J.
Garber's Sunday.
M. Monroe purchased a fine hog of
James Stewart.
James Baker and wife visited with
relatives south of Leon Sunday.
Frank-Lewis has moved to bis farm
north of Crown. Oscar Bran, who oc?
copied his house moved into the Calvin
Johnson residence,
Lew Pease hauled corn ta Crown
Monday and Tnesday.
Mrs. Etta Luse died last Wednesday
night and wasintered in the Leoncem
etery Friday. A large concourse of friends
and relatives followed her remains to
her resting place. She leaves a husband
and one child and many friends and
relatives to mourn her deparure.
Mr. Carrithers called Dr., Layton
Constipation neglected or ill treated,
leads to total disability or death. Rocky
Mountain Tea absolutely cures constipa
tion in all its forms. 85c. Ask your
}*J ivM* V'"" r"'Xf»V
"J v,1 "'V.1/
not attend as it will be
6* if" O f*
I,er VMt
J?», i-,
The subject of this memoir was born
home in Leon, surrounded by- her fain?
ily, on December 26, 1900. The day
which commemorated the advent of the
8avior into the world heralded the ad'
vent of her spirit into the saints' ever
lasting rest. She came ,to America at
the age of nine years. She was married
to William Wallace January 20, 1868.
She was the mother of five children,
two sons and three daughters, Mary E.
Cesslar, Thomas Wallace, Sallie C. Beck,
Ida Wallace and Ira Wallace, all of
whom survive her. For many years
she had been a patient sufferer, but bore
it in a spirit of resignation, her appoint
ed lot. She had a simple and child like
faith in the promises and goodness of
God. It seemed to be her native ele
ment to trust God's word. She was
woman of strong natural afiection, and
endeavored to discharge the duties fail'
ing to her in the fear of God. until the
weary wheels of life stood still. She
leaves a devoted liuBband, and all her
sorrowing children to mourn her loss,
and who have the respect and sympa
thy of the entire community. She
wore the white flower of a blameless
life, and has passed into thej presence of
God. Peace be to her memory. The
funeral service was held at thie home,
where an appropriate^ address was giv
en by Rev. Joseph Stephen, pastor of
the M. E. church.
was born in High Point township, De
catur county, Iowa, December 3d, 1S76,
and-died at tbe home of her parents at
Crown, Iowa, on December 26, 1900,
aged 24 years and 23' days. She
was united in marriage to Charles
Luse, April 14, 1895, with whom she
lived a happy and devoted life, uiitil
the silent messenger came, and sum
moned her into the presence of God
To tbis nnion two children were born,
one of whom, Ira, a bright'and beauti
ful boy, survives ber. She was con
verted to God in early youth, and while
she united with no church, yet Bhe was
of the Methodist persuasion and faith
and 9he died with a good hope. During
tbe past twelve months she had bieen
gradually failing in health. Young in
years she had a natural clinging to life
for the sake of her husband and baby
boy yet she seemed to be ready iana
submissive to what appears to have
been the will of God. She was a de
voted wife and ah affectionate mother!
and will be sadly missed in her home
circle. The funeral service which was
conducted at the home of her parenta.
at Crown, bv Rev.' Joseph Stephen,
pastor of the M. E. church, was largely
attended. We tender sincere Christian
condolence to the young Wj!6tnd and
the kindred in this premitnre -hereave
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List of Letters Uncalled For.
The following is allst of letters remain
ing uncalled for at the oostofBce In Leon
Iowa, for the week ending December 39,
Jr. Ohsrles Walker, two J. & Ander
son, Frank p. Barne*.
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vertlapd." JpHy LnfflnBwoop, p, M.
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Supreme Court Placed In a Pecul
^lar Position j.
The Tltua Amendment, If Upheld, will
extend the Terma of Judge* fllvan.
Waterman and Sherwtn for One
Year Each.
While they were committing that leg
islative tragedy, the Titus biennial
amendment, the lawyers also bungled it
upso that its constitutionality cannot
be tested except by a court one-half of
whose members are directly -interested
in its fate.
An important phase of the determina
tion of the validity of the measure by
the supreme court bas hitherto- .been
passed over without attention or refer-.
ence. While much has been said of the
terms of office that would be affected by
the amendment, it has not been gener
ally considered the amendment would,
if held valid, extend for one year each
the terms of three judges of the supreme
court, or half the judges on the supreme
The judge* whose terms will be ex
tended if the amendment is held valid
are Judge Josiah Given, whose term,
would otherwise end December 31,1901
Judge CharleB M.' Waterman, whose
term will expire December 31, 1903, and
Judge John C. Sherwin, whose term will
end December 81, ItiOfc Thpir terms
are extended directly, as the following
sentence of the biennial elections: meas
ure indicates:
The terms of office of the judges of
the supreme court which would other
wise expire in odd numbered years, and
all other elective state, county and
township officers whose terms of office
would otherwise expire in the year 1901,
and members of the general assembly,
whose successors would otherwise bp
chosen at the general election in the
vear 1901, are hereby extended one
year and until their successors are
elected and qualified.','
Even without this provision, how
ever, the tact of having biennial elec
tions would result in extending the
termsof those judges of the.supreme
conrt whose successors would ordinarily
be chosen in tbe odd numbered years,
since without any election in the odd
numbered years^each judge whose suc
cessors would ordinarly be chosen then
would remain in office until after the
election in November of the even nwn
bered year.
So far as the judges of the supreme
court are concerned, the fact three terms
are thus extended cannot but prove em
barrassing in considering the Titus
amendment. Ordinaril y, udge. Given,
Judge Waterman and Judge Sherwin
would be disqualified from passing on
the validity of the ame ndment. By the
mutual consent of the parties to the ac
tion, however, they may take part.
Section 284 of the revised code under
general provisions says:
"When Judge Disqualified.—A judge
or justice is disqualified from acting as
such, except by mutal consent of par
ties, in any case wherein he is,a party or
interested, or where he is related to
either party by consanguinity or affinity V.
within the fourth degree, or where he
has been attorney for either party in
the action or proceeding. But. this sec-.
tion shall not prevent him from dispos
ing of any preliminary matter not af
fee ting the merits of the case."
That it would be most satisfactory to
the people of the 'state if a decision were
rendered on Ithe Titus amendment by
only those judgeB who are not person
ally interested in the. measure-goes with-,
out saying, This is not poesji!e, how
^rer« it requires lour Judges of the tixsi
constituting the supreme court to fcifif*
a quorum, Section 193 of the reyispt
code of 1897 says: "The supreme courtv f.#/J
shall consist of six judges, four of whoktt-Uff
shall constitute a quorum for the trans
action of business, but one alone may
adjourn from day to day, or to a partife-:
ular day, or until the next term."
Not only are four judges required in
form a quorum, but four must concur 1n
order for a decision to have force. Sec
tion 194 ot the code say?: "No decision
of the court shall be filed un'tU it shall
have been considered by the whole court
and concurred in by not less'than a Ma
jority of the judges/' «i
Were the BUit other than a friendly
one, that is coming up from the district
court of Washington county, to bring
about an early uecisioU on the Tittiis
amendment, the probabilities are thevu
pretne court, would be shut out ot hearing
and determining it. It is apparent .if/ .,
the amendment is to be pawed on"by
the supreme court, it will require 'the
concurrence of at least four judges, 'one
of them being directly interested in the
case. It is probable the two attorneys
in Washington county, being personal
friends, will-agree to overlook such dis
qualifications. Were the suit unfriendly,
then by objecting to.the disqualifications
of the three judges named above, ei|her
party to the action could at once Pre
vent the supreme court from 'passing on
the case, and thus force the decision of
the lower court to stand. A decision
such as this, however, would have no
effect outside of the particular case it in
volved. t~ v.
The circumstances are unfortunate for
those members of the supreme court
whose terms are extended by the
amendment. They, or at least som'e of
thefn, must take part in the decision, or
the question will remain undetermined.
If a decision shall be rendered upholding
the validity of the amendment, by
reason of the pod tion taken by judges
whose terms are extended, they at 'once
place themselves in position open to
criticism. The situation is undoubtedly ...
one of the most peculiar thftt ever ^on
fronted the supreme court of the state,
and it may prove, as some believe, a
contributing cause to knocking out the
amendment completely.,
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How a Pea Moines Piiftr OaMid
the Nejv Century. f^?
Des Moines, Iowa, Jan. 1.—The Des
Moines Daily News celebrated its recent
passing of the 30,000 mark in circulation
to-day by firing a cannon ailute of thirty
uns froni the top of tbe Obeervatory
the highest building
Sergeant Frank P. Christy
Iowa, had charge of tbe
Pjease Notlc^
Will all my customers
commodatea in the past,
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mouth Bock cocker
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few Maipmoth Bra

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