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I hare gone 14 days at a time without
MOTQment or the boweli. cot beiuf? ablo to
more tbem except by using hot water injections.
Chronic constipation for seven years placed roe In
this terrible condition daring that time 1 did ev
erything I heard of bat never foand any relief suoh
was my case until I began nstng CASCARET8. I
now have from one to throe passages a day, and If I
was rloh I would give $100.00 for each movement: it
joh a relief." ATUIBR L. HCKT,
l«t Busaoll St* Detroit, Mloh.
-.Pleasant, Palatable. Potent, Tasto Good. Do
Good, Never Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe, 10c, 35c, 60c.
StMttog 8«wJj
Cmpaay, CUmco. Boitrtal, How fork, ft*
Fnlly Guaranteed
For sale by-
Illustrated Booklet
on request,showing
The New England
Watch Co.
New York, Chicago,
San Francisco.
Can be had ciaiijr floij]
Post Office Box 283.
A large Btock of all flowers in seaons
kept on hand. Shipped loose in boxes
or made ih
promptly on short notice. Entire time
given to FLORAL WORK.
lathe District court of Iowa, in and for
Decatur County. August term, 100:3.
J. R. Puckett,
The unknovn heirs at law of Samuel Hind
man, deceased.
To said Defendartt:
You are hereby notified, that plaintiff's
ID the above entitled cause is filed
the office of the clerk of the district court
of Decatur County, Iowa, claiming of you a
decree quieting iu him the title to the ni of
swJi, exeept right-of-way of R. Co. all of
south of the H. & S. railroad rlght-of
•way aDd a tract of land bounded as follows:
Commencing at sw corner of nw'4 of section
S, then running 36 rods and
Si teel,
east 38 rods 14J4 feet to right of-way of H. & S
R. K., thence sw along said right-ot-way to
place of beginning. All of said land being in
seotion 5, township Ti, range 25. Decatur
county, Iowa, and alleging that said Samuel
Hindman died intestate seized of said land
anu that you a« his heirs sold and conveyed
the same to this plaintiffs grantors, but not
withstanding your conveyance plaintiff is
informed, you are now making some claim
to said land adverse to his rights.
And that unless you appear thereto and
defen'd before noon of the second day of the
August term. A. D., of this court, whieh will
commence at Leon on the 24th day of August
1903. default will be entered against you aud
judgment and decree rendered thereon.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
1 approve the foregoing original notice as
to unknown heirs, and order the same to
be published six successive weeks in the
LIRON REPORTER, a weekly newspaper pub«
lished at Leon, Decatur County. Iowa.
43-6t H. M. TOWNER, Judge.
In the District Court of Decatur county, Iowa, Aug
ust term 1903.
Thomas Riddle, plaintiff.
T. C. Myers, Challenge Wind Mill Co., T. E. Myers
& Bros., Unionville National Bank, Central Sewer and
I'lpe Co., and T. AV. Ballew, Defendants.
To said defendants:
You are hereby notified that there is now on file In
the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Decat
ur county, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiff aforesaid,
claiming of you the sum of Twenty-Five Hundred
Dollars as money justly due from you, and interest
thereon at 8 per cent from the 15th day of June,
A. D. 1892, for one promissory note secured by mort
gage, executed and delivered to this plaintiff on the
15th day of June, 1892. Plaintiff asks to have judg
ment against Clyde Rayn for the full amount of said
note together with interest, cost and attorney's fees,
and asks that his mortgage be foreclosed that plain
tiff have special execution against said real estate
and general execution for the balauce. Plaintiff asks
that the lien of the other defendants he declared
junior and inferior^to his mortgage. For full particu
lars see petition.
You are also notified that unless you appear thereto
mid defend said cause before noon of the second d'iy
of the term of said District Court of Decatur county,
be held on the 24th day of August, A. D. 1903, a de
fault "wjlj optpi against you ami judgment i'endured
45-4t Attorneys for I'lmntifT.
in the district court oi Secalul1 County, town, Aug
ust term, A. D., 1903.
Mary A. Kiddle, plaintiff,
Louisa 8. Adair and Jessie Adair, T. C. Myers,
Challenge Wind Mill Co., I monvillo National Hunk,
Central Sewer and I'ipe Co., and 1. \V. Jiullew and I-\
K. Myers & Bros.
To said defendant*
You are herehv notified thai there is now on file in
the office of the clerk of the district court of Decatur
county, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiff afoiesald,
claiming of you the sum of Five Hundred X)olhus Jb
money justly duo from you, and iiuciest thereon at
8 per cent from the 29th day of March, A. J)., 1887,
for one promissory note for $300.00 ^iven to Decutur
county, secured by mortgage and assigned to Mary
A. Riddle plaintiff. Herein plaintiff asks that she
hare judgment against defendants for the amount due
on said note together with interest, costs and attorney
fees, and that said mortgage be foreclosed, and that
the lien of ail other judgments he declared junior and
inferior to that of phiintifT's that plaintiff hare spec
ial execution against the property described in said
mortgage. For full particulars see petition.
You are also notified that unless you appear thereto
and defend before noon of the second day of the term
Of said district court of Decatur county, to be held on
the 24th day of August, A. D., 1903, a default will be
entered against you and judgment rendered thereon.
45-4t Attorneys for plaintiff.
To L. M. and J. M. Overton, G. W. Kndibangh and
John Tnomas and all whom it mav concern:
The Commissioner appointed to view, and if re
quired, to Taeate a highway, commencing at se cor
ner of section 7, township 67, range 24, west 5th p.
tn. in
Decatur County, running thence west 160 rods
and termanating at sw corner of so Quarter of sec
tion 7, township 67, rango 24 west 5th p. ni., has re
ported in favor of the vacation thereof, and all ob
jections thereto or claims for damages must be
filed in the Auditor's office on or before nooo of
the 15th day of August A.D. 1903, or such highway
irtll be vacated without reference thereto.
Auditor of Deoator County, Iowa.
Iowa Railroads Preparing to Car
ry Big Consignments to the
Eastern Markets.
liailroad companies ui'o preparing
to carry great consignments of hay
from Iowa to the east this fall. The
hay fields of the east were early ruined
for this year by tho excessive heat and
Are, while Iowa has a possibility to
garner one of the largest crops ever
produced by the state.
Usually flic roads at this time of tho
year begin to figure on transporting the
corn to the east, but this season that is
a. matter which has littlo consideration
and the question of carrying hay is the
all-iniportaut yiic. At present the
prices being paid for hay, and even
straw, in tho east are exorbitant, and
it is believed the crying demand for
fodder will induce farmers to cut every
acre they have.
To transport the hay it must neces
sarily be baled and it is believed
that throughout the state the various
railroad companies, if they can se
cure the fodder no other way,
will install baling outfits. Last
year the farmers of Iowa did not cut
all of their crop, as they believed hay
would bo cheap. They were disap
pointed for hay commanded high prices
and crop men say the price this year
will be fully as high if not higher. The
harvest will IK? an exceedingly large
one in this state. Even in the bottom
lands which are flooded there is a great
growth. Clover is larger and sweeter
than it has been for many years. Tim
othy now stands over four f'ect and the
wild hay has reached a marvelous
growth. The mowing has been com
menced and it is believed by some that
the income from the sale of hay will be
greater this year than had the farmers
received pay for a full crop of corn.
Some of the railroad officials say there
is a demand in (lie en^ for inopQ t^n
cTVk-e tlie amount t/he wesl can Siipjdy.
"Tho heavy rains which diminished
the corn average in this state," said
one who has investigated the demands
of the fall market, "may not have been
such a detriment to the country after
all. It is going to give us a mammoth
hay crop and from present indications
it is hay that will demand the eastern
uionoy this year. Fires there have
swept away all their crop, and even
now they are paying fabulous pricos
forfodder to feed their stock. The farm
ers of Iowa should be urged to cut all
the hay they can and place it on the
market as there will be none too much
and good strong prices will be realised.
Allerton Chautauqua.
The people of Allorton are making
great preparations for their coming
Chautauqua which will be held August
10th to 27th. Allerton always has had a
good chautaqua and the people who at
tended have been entertained well
but this year's Chautauqua will be
greater than any other former Chautau
qua. Their list of talent is among the
very best and is as follows: Chas.
Donnison Kellogg will open the chatt-
taqua Aug. 19 at 2 a. in. He is one of a big servant's boarding house, am
bothered to death by beggars, have
dyspepsia, cannot drink champagne,
and most of my money is in tho hands of
others, who use it mainly for their own
the foremost among violinists and can
imitate birds ao that you would think it
was the bird itself. Hev. Geo. L. Mc
Nutt, of Indianopolis, a preacher of the
very best will be present during the
meeting Edward Nance Cook, the poet
and philosopher from Ohio will to
there. Dr. E. !. Eaton, of Des Moines,
who is so well known to Chautaqua
goers that he docs not need any intro
duction Father Nugent of Des Moines,
the leading Catholic minister of Iowa,
Gavin Space and Miss McDonald of
Scotland, Rev. Wickershatn of Des
Moines, Hon. Lou J. Boaucamp, Dr. Chas.
Shelton of Simpson college at Indian
ola, Dr. Homer T. Wilson of Texas, and
Dr. M. M. Parkhurst, of Des Moines,
are among the many attractions. In the
music line will be heard the Hawthorn
Musical club of Boston, the Quaker
Quartette Co. and the Corydon Military
band all of which are fine musical or
ganizations. Tents will be for rent on
the grounds and it is an ideal place to
hold a Chautauqua assembly. It will be
the nicest place in the state for the
crowd to go and camp out and enjoy
Mrs. James G. Blaine is Dead.
Mrs. James G. lJlaiue died at the
Blaine homestead in Augusta, Me., July
15th. She was 70 years of age. During
the last week she had failed rapidly,
her condition being due to a general
breaking down of the system. Mrs.
Blaine's maiden name was Harriett
Stanwood. She was the daughter of a
leading citizen of Maine. She met her
husband while both of them were teach
ing in a school in Kentucky. They
were married (Vt Pittsburg and later
went to Augusta, where Mr. Blaine lje
carne editor of the Kennebec Journal
and latter a famous statesman. James
G. Blaine, and Mrs. Harriett Beale aud
Mrs. Walter Damrosch of New York,
daughters, survive. The children were
at the bedside during Mrs. Blaine's last
sickness. The funeral was held Friday
and the body buried at Washington.
Banner Salve.
Tetter, eczema and skin diseases yield
quickly to the marvelous healing quali
ties of Banner Halve mado from a pre
sciption of a skin specialist of world
wide fame. 25 cfc.B L. P. Van Werden
Above all things, be ehocrful. Of all
miserable things that ever encumbered
the earth, the worse is the clironi#
whiner. Don't whino, for Christ's sake.
The whiner can demoralize a commun
ity, a political party or a church. A
whiner can wear out. tho patience of the
Lord himself. When He made the
world, including man, he pronounced it
a good job. Then the man began to
whine that he was lonesome anil would
like to be introduced to some nice wo.
man. The Lord, although he had
already made everything he thought
necessary, humored the man and made a
woman for him, and he gave him every
thing else that was necessary for him.
But the man straightway went to steal
ing apples, and when the Lord took him
to task for it,, he again commenced
whining that the woman had put him up
to it. Then the Lord repented—was
sorry for something he had done. He
was sorry that he made a whiner.
Old King Solomon who knew a good
deal about the sex, said that a good
woman is above, rubies, or words to that
effect. We never saw a ruby, but we
are willing to take his word for it.
Having given our opinion of wliin
ers, we want to add that a good man
is no slouch. A good man, is
not necessarily a religious man, al
though religion, if not rancid or
"ramjiy" adds a gusto to him like a
smear of good sweet butter to a slice of
fresh bread. A good man, as some one
has said is one that pays. A man with
a million dollars, if he is slow pay, or
does not pay at all, has bad credit
while a poor man who pays, and does
not have a dollar left, is good, and men
will cheerfully trust him. Some men
think that be/aiuse they are wealthy
they should nw. be asked to pay. It is
an insult to dun them, because they are
"good for it." The men who keep the
wheels of business moving, are the men
who pay, no matter how little change
thej* may have remaining iij their
trousers, or how much tlwy "have hid
away in lie old Sock "home.—Sentinel
Brutally Tortured.
A case came to light that for jwrsist
ent and unmerciful torture has perhaps
never been equalled. Joe Golobick of
Colusa, Calif, writes. l'or 15 years I en
dured insufferable pain from Rheuma
tism and nothing relieved me though 1
tried everything known. I came across
Electric Litters and it's the greatest med
icine on earth for that trouble. A few
bottles of it completely relieved and
cured me." Just as good for Liver and
Kidney troubles and general debility.
Only 50c. Satisfaction guaranteed by
It is recorded of Cornelius Tauder
bilt that before he died he said to a
friend "I don't so® what good it does
me—all this money that you say is mine.
I can't eat it I can't spend it in fact,
I never saw it and never had it in my
hands for a moment. 1 dress no better
than my private secretary and cannot
eat as much a.s my coa-chman. I live in
Headquarters Tor Leon People
When In Chicago
In the Heart of the City.
C. C. COLLINGS, Proprietor.
and Clark St. V^llILa^U
Location oppositt poBtoffico
and board of trade, in the exact
center of the business district.
200 rooms at §1.00 per day
and upward.
Every room has hot and cold
water and heated bv steam. 38
5 Per Cent.
Money loaned on farms. Quick
action if title is good. Call on
or write
THUR3DAY. JULY 23, 1903.
Refined lard
per pound
Pieasanton, Iowa.
and bc*utifl«i tb4 hack
losomal growth.
Tails to Eeutore Gray
Hair to lta Ycuttoftl Color.
Ootm dum—i l»ur teUiMk
Pickled pork "i A
Fancy smoked streaked bacon "t
per pound JL OC
Dried apples, fancy A
per pound aC
Evaporated prunes A
per pound iC
Prices Dead
Cash has done the work and we are making prices on all
lines of goods that cannot be duplicated.
All Kinds Fresh Meats
Ask for
Come in and see us for low cash prices.
Are You Going to Buy a
Buggy, Surrey or
Spring Wagon?
Vim, fancy breakfast food
per pound
Come and see my line. A positive guarantee against all defects in material. No
whips or dusters thrown in. Just
Honest Goods at Right Prices
Do You Want
Javeneen coffee, finest package "i
coffee, per package
Cholera Cure
A sovereign and almost infallible remedy
for Cramps, Diarrhoea, Dyaeutry, Cholera Morbus,
Cholera Infantum,and Cholera. It acts almost immediately.
80 to 1,000 Acres.
in a tract* at a price ranging from $2 5 to $50 per acre? We have
them. Come and see or write us
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Bromo Orinw
IMM la post nwwftak
Biggest and best plug tobacco
large plugs 1 UC
Rooster smoking tobacco
per pound,
Leon, Iowa.
Qn-es Grip
in Two^ays.
on every

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