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From Our Correspondents
John Muse went out to his farm last
week to help Mr. Osborn plant corn.
Diok Pace hauled a load of corn from
Leon last week.
Mr. Clark, of Decatur, is happily sit
uated in Frank Gardner's new house and
is helping to till the Ocean farm.
George Wadsworth comes once a week
to Sam Sears with his Shire stallion.
Fred Smith passed this way on busi
ness the first of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Capt. Brown went to
Ghicago the 10th.
An Open Letter.
From the Chapin, S. C., News: Early
in the spring my wife and I were taken
with diarrhoea and so severe were the
pains that we called a physician who
prescribed for us, but his medicine fail
ed to give any relief. A friend who had
a bottle of Chamberlin's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy on hand gave
each of us a dose and we at once felt
the effects. I procured a bottle and be
fore using the entire contents we were
entirely cured. It is a wonderful re
medy and should be found in every
household. H. C. Bailey, Editor. This
xemedy is for sale by L. P. Van Werden.
mi Burrell.
Tom Quick and wife ate dinner with
Sant McGahuey's Sunday.
Thos. Daniels and wife visited at A.
E, Finch's Sunday.
David Thomas and wife visited at Wm.
Logan's Sunday.
Estella Sellers visited at her brother,
Rolla's Sunday.
J. C. Norman and wife visited at Ed
McGah uey's Sunday.
A. E. Finch and wife, T. M. Quick and
wife attended the funeral of Archie
Gray at Leon Tuesday.
Mrs. Ada McDowell visited at Mrs. D.
MoDowell's this week.
Mrs. M. Miller visited at her son
Jacob's this week.
Thos. Williams and wife were Decatur
callers Friday.
Mesdames Quick, Pierce, Hardy, Mc
Gahuey and Sellers visited at Mrs.
Finch's Friday.
Dannie Williams and wife visited his
parents one day this week.
A. E. Finch and wife, Mrs. McGahuey,
and Chas. Carroll were Decatur callers
Fred Alley and sister Estella were
—callers at Lamoni Saturday.
Geo. Gore and Alph Brown were
Decatur callers Saturday.
Estella Sellers and Mrs. Gertie Sellers
"were Decatur callers Saturday.
Found a Cure for Indigestion.
I used Chamberlin's Stomach and
Liver Tablets for indigestion and find
that they suit my case better than any
dyspepsia remedy I have ever tried and
I have used many different remedies. I
am nearly fifty-one years of age and
have suffered a great deal from indi
gestion. I can eat almost anything I
want to now.—GEO. W. EMORY, Rock
Mills, Ala. For sale by L. P. Tan
Rev. Harvey filled his regular appoint
ment at this place Sunday.
John Shields, of Decatur, took dinner
Wednesday at Ike Payton's.
Mr. Brown, of Kellerton, spent a few
days the past week with his grand
daughter, Mrs. Nile Jackson.
J. M. Smith, wife and daughter Nellie
spent Saturday night and Sunday with
friends near Eagleville, Mo.
Mrs. Will Moore was a Lamoni caller
W. M. Piercy and family and John
DeVreece and family spent Sunday at
C. R. Piercy's.
Mrs. Titus and children visited in La
moni Saturday, the guests of her sister,
Mrs. Tilla White.
Ed Scott and family Sundayed with
the former's brother, Perry Scott.
The Moore boys* took dinner at the
Ryan home Sunday.
Mrs. Carrie
.Fesler and baby, of Mt.
Ayr, are visiting with her sister, Mrs.
Nile Jackson.
Mrs. Ed. Moore's sister and children,
of Leon, are visiting with her at this
Rev. G. W. Smith filled his regular
appointment at the Highland Baptist
church south of Lamoni Sunday.
Clem Creveling and family, of Lamoni,
visited Sunday at OUie Dunbar's.
Gail Ballinger visited the past week
with Lamoni friends.
Etta Piercy is sewing in Lamoni this
Little Harry Titus is on the sick list.
Fred Wion and family took dinner
Sunday at Grandpa Payton.
The Baptist Sunday school will
observe Children's Day the second Sun
day in June at 2:30 p. m. Everybody in
vited. ..
A Sure Thing.
It is said that nothing is sure except
death and taxes, but that is not alto
gether true. Dir. King's New Discovery
for Consumption is a cure for all lung
and throat troubles. Thousands can
testify to that. Mrs. C. B. VanMetere
of Shepherdtown, W. Va., says "I had a
severe case of bronchitis and for a year
tried everything I heard of, but got no
relief. One bottle of Dr. King's New
Discovery then cured me absolutely."
It's infallible for Croup, Whooping
Cough, Grip, Pneumonia and Consump
tion. Try it. It's guaranteed by L. P.
Van Werden, Druggist. Trial bottles
free. Reg. sizes 50c, (1.00.
If you want some bred Poland-China
sows, I have four or five good ones for
»al». R. A. SlOLBR.
I have several calves for sale. WM
'fpV'l "C
Goldie Stewart and Clara. Gardner are
off for a month's visit out in western
Iowa and Nebraska.
Our. auctioneer, Mr. Merrill, has
moved to his farm and made several im
provements on the house and fence.
L. Hamilton has his land seeded down
to grass and buys his corn.
John Harris has reshingled a building
on one of his farms.
F. A. and F. S. Gardner have a car
load of grade Herfords eating their
Grand River.
Foxy. Tom and Vern Chapman are
putting up some fine lightning rods. A
Des Moines expert was out with them
last week.
W. C. Overholtzer shipped hogs Mon
Alex Keller is grading the streets this
Cranmore Wycoff is here again and
will probably remain and make this his
permanent home.
J. N. Gilreath, of New Market, was
here last week visiting friends and
relatives and reports everything fine in
that part of the state.
Edith Cop is visiting relatives in town
this week.
What is the reason our curfew ordi
nance is not enforced? It should be
rung at half past eight now, and earlier
in the winter months, no harm but much
good can come from the curfew. It is a
great safeguard and teaches a respect
for good law and will save our boys
from much mischief. What is wrong
with the curfew?
Fred Ticknor has returned from
Arkansas where he has been to look
after his fruit farm, the fruit is injured
by the cold and he will not take his
family as he first intended, but will
remain here awhile. Fred has seen a
good part of the United States but
always returns to Iowa.
A. L. Ackerley made a business trip
to Mexico, Mo. last week, and from
there he will go to St. Louis and soe the
sights before returning home.
W. A. Ramsey, of near Van Wert, was
transacting business here last Wednes
Rev. J. M. Sill, of Darlington, Mo.,
filled the pulpit at the Baptist church
last Friday evening, he has regular
appointments at the Camden church
where he we.it for Sunday services.
A. R. Switzer and R. W. Boeger went
to Van Wert last Friday.
Jeff Grim put a new roof on Wood
Binnings big lumber shed last week.
Daisy Davis was a Leon visitor last
Dr. J. W. Robinson went to Des
Moines last Wednesday, where he will
attend the State Medical Association.
T. T. Johnson, Geo. Lee, Ed Gale and
W. B. Gilreath went to South Dakota
last Tuesday to look at the country with
intentions of buying if pleased with
things there. Some of the town lots
were to be sold at auction.
Harrison Brown our town marshal has
been on the si2k list the last few days
but is better at this time.
B. E. Yontz closed the meetings at the
hall Tuesday night of last week and
returned to his home in Des Moines on
Saturday. These meetings were a
success as there was about fourteen
united with the church. Mr. Yontz is
the best bible scholar we have ever had
the pleasure of hearing- and a very
earnest worker in the eause and is very
highly spoken of by his neighbors in
Des Moines. The church here was very
fortunate to secure his services and no
doubt he will return again.
Rev. J. E. Beard has a call from
Kansas which he will accept some time
in June,
George Conwell and John L. Brown
were drawn on the jury and went to
Leon last Monday.
Mrs. J. H. Crees, of Lineville, was
here last week visiting friends and
relatives, and the Royal Neighbors gave
an ice cream supper in honor of her
visit as she was a member here before
going to Lineville. Both Mr. and Mrs,
Crees are workers in the lodge, Joe
being the best worker in the masonic
fraternity here giving our lodge a boom,
ho will be here awhile on his way to
the grand lodge, which meets in Sioux
City in June. Dr. J. W. Robinson, of
this place, will accompany him and
represent Banner lodge and attend the
school of instruction and grand lodge
Nothing has been done for Decoration
Day exercises yet. The old heroes are
rapidly passing away and younger peo
ple must take these memorial rites in
hand and help to honor our heroes.
What will be done?
Say, Mr. Voter. What have you done
to stop the shipping of jugs into Iowa,
to keep our people poor and miserable
with all its attendant evils? What will
you do? A few years ago one of the old
parties said in its platform that prohibi
tion was the settled policy of the state.
Their slogan cry "The little red school
house on the hill and no saloon in the
valley." Where are you now, and what
have you been doing to protect our boys
since? Have you forgotten your worthy
battle cry? Do not get weary of well
doing. If the REPORTER man will be a
little indulgent I will give you the
A Scotch paper tells of a dream and
its interesting interpretation, which in
truthfulness will rank with Joseph's
famous explanation: A laborer of the
Dundee harbor lately told his wife, on
awakening, a curious dream which he
had had during the night. He dreamed
that he saw, coming toward him, in
order, four rats. The first was very fat,
and was followed by two lean rats, the
fourth rat being blind. The dreamer
was greatly perplexed as to what might
follow, as it was understood that to
dream of rats denotes calamity. He ap
pealed to his wife concerning this, but
she could not help him. His son, a
sharp lad, who had heard his father tell
the story, volunteered to be the inter
preter: "The fat rat," he'said, "is the
man who keeps the public house (saloon)
that ye gang to sae often, and the two
lean ones are me
and my mither, and the
blind one is yerself, father." Who could
give a better answer?—Church Evan
Then is more Catarrh In this section of (he coun
try than all other diseases pat together, and until the
last few years was supposed to be 1
ncurable. Fora great
many years doctor pronounced it a local disease and
prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling
to cure with local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease and therefore requires -constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by P.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional
oureon the market. It is'taken-Internally in doses
from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It aots directly on
the blood and mucus surface of the system. They
Offer one hundred dollars for any case It fails to oure.
Bend for circulars and test imonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggist, 75c.
Take Hall's Stonily pills for constipation.
FOR SXUF—A good heavy farm horse.
Inquire at this office. 85-tf
'Garden Grove.
Taylor's orchestra, of Centerville, was
here and played fora May ball at the
opera house Wednesday evening of last
The commencement exercises of the
public school took place Friday evening
at the opera house. A large crowd was
The eighth grade in the grammar
room gave a program at the opera house
Thursday Evening.
Mrs. Artley and three children, of
Chariton, were here last week and
visited at the Sheffer home. They wont
to Ridgeway, Mo., Saturday to visit rel
Ruth Stearns, who went to Humeston
to attend the commencement exercises
of the public school returned Saturday.
Quite a number of our young people
went to Smyrna Sunday to attend the
quarterly meeting of the Quaker church
E. Ray Sullivan & Co. commenced
Monday putting anew roof on the opera
A number of young people from Hum
eston were here Sunday evening visit
ing friends.
John Aten and Thomas McKinney had
business at the county
A. E. Northrop, of High Point, had
business at the county seat Monday.
Mrs. Zada Pugh was here the first of
the week working in the interests of
the National Sunday School Society.
Otto C. Jordan, of Udell, Iowa, came
Monday to visit friends and relatives.
It will surprise you—try it.
It Is the medicine above all others for
catarrh and is worth its weight in gold.
Ely's Cream Balm does all that is claim
ed for it.—B. W. Sperry, Hartford, Conn.
My Son was afflicted with catarrh.
He used Ely's Cream Balm and the dis
agreeable catarrh all left him.—J. C.
Olmstead, Areola, 111.
The Balm does not irritate or cause
sneezing. Sold by druggists at 50 cts.
or mailed by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren
St., New York.
Carl Lockridge and Joe Dutton, of
Murry, were visiting Nat Cornet's a
couple of days last week.
Mrs. Spillman had another bad spell
last Tuesday but is better at this writ
Mrs. James Cole, who has been"
crippled with rheumatism for a long
time, is some better.
Oscar Vanderpool and George Con
well went to Leon the first of last week
as trial jurors.
Wilbur Mcintosh and wife called on
Mrs. James Cole last Saturday after
J. A. Davis, of Shannon City, is visit
ing his brother Charley. He is going to
work with the township road gang.
Newton McConnell is building and
repairing fence for W. H. Young. Mr.
Young likes to keep his farm in good
shape if he is county treasurer.
Malissa Brammer called on Mrs. Ladd
one day last week.
"It was almost a miracle. Burdock
Blood Bitters" cured me of a terrible
breaking out all over the body. I am
very grateful." Miss Julia Filbrig, West
Corn well, Conn.
Sweet Creek
Effie and Clara Gentry Sundayed at
Eugene Stanley's.
Mabel Lloyd called on Mrs. I. W.
Bedell Sunday.
Lester and Mildred Stephens visited
at Geerge Smith's Sunday.
Gertie Bedell and Jessie Lloyd Sun
dayed at J. H. Payton's.
John Wion and wife spent Thursday
evening with Ed Fest and wife.
Dusky Gentry called on Isaac Bedell
Willie Wion called at the home of
Marion Noftsger Friday.
F. D. Wion and family spent Friday
evening at the home of his parents, John
Wion and wife.
Mabel Lloyd was a Decatur caller
Tom Noftsger and Tilden Johnson
were Lamoni callers Saturday.
John Wion and wife and John Devries
and wife had business in Lamoni Satur
Carrie Huffman called at the home of
her uncle, Geo. Smith, Sunday.
Leota and Nola Straight called on
Jennie Ryan Sunday evening.
M. C. Ryan called at John (Vion's
Thursday morning.
Cora Dady called on Jennie Ryan
John Shields was in this vicinity one
day last week selling farm implements.
Jennie Smith and Letha Newlin called
on Belle Smith Saturday.
Geo. Lloyd and wife went to Lamoni
John Zimmerman had business in La
moni Wednesday.
Mr. Keller spent Sunday at the Town
sley home.
L. Garney and the Peterson brothers
attended the funeral of Chas. Adams
P. Matthews spent Sunday at L.
L. Casady spent Sunday with his
Mrs. Salisbury, of Lamoni, died Sun
day and was buried in Rose Hill ceme
tery Wednesday.
Mr. Townsley is enjoying a visit from
his father.
Some of the people of this vicinity
attended the medicine show at Hatfield
last week.
Mrs. Mel Benedict died at her home
near Lamoni Wednesday and was buried
there Thursday.
Dollie Ray spent Sunday at home.
Charles Adams, postmaster at Keller
ton, died Wednesday afternoon. He
had many friends in this community and
his death came with a suddenness that
shocked all who knew him. Mr. Adams
was about 55 years of age, and leaves a
wife, one son, four sisters and one
brother to mourn his loss. The funefttl
was held at the Methodist church of
which he was a member, the services
being conducted by Rev. Molesworth,
and under the auspices of the MaSonio
order of which he was a member, inter
ment being in the Kellerton cemetery.
Dried Peaches
Mrs. J. D. Williams and son, of
Chanute, Kas., came last Thursday to
visit at the home of Mrs. J. D. Brown.
W. P. Sullivan, of Lineville, was here
last week on business connected with
the telephone exchange.
'S. H. Amos attended court at Leon
per pound
Winnie Fleming went to Ft. Madison,
Iowa, for a visit with Clyde Rayn and
Joe Keller and wife, of near Leon,
visited at Jesse Still's Friday.
Geo. Russell, of Garden Grove, was
here last Friday buying wool.
Frank McKibben, of Humeston, was
in town on business last Thursday.
John Lockwood and Seth Byrum were
Lineville visitors Saturday.
J. L. Still and Delia Stephens attend
ep the graduating exercises at Lineville
last Thursday evening.
I Downing Shaw, of Leroy was in town
og business last Saturday evening.
Luther Gleason, of Garden Grove, is
visiting his many friends here this
Rose Spidle went to Leroy last Satur
day to assist Mrs. Shaw with her house
Ella Gammon, of near Leon, visited
Bertha Swan over Sunday.
Uncle Tommy Bledsoe visited his son
Ben near Leon Sunday.
Julian Harris, of Leon, was in town on
business Saturday.
Dr. Durham and Dennis Owens, of
Beaconsfield, visited relatives near here
Saturday and Sunday.
Roy Foreman, who has been troubled
with heart disease for a number of
years, died last Saturday night and was
buried Monday at the Sheffield ceme
Vern and Kenneth Hicks were in'town
Saturday evening on their way to their
home at Leroy.
Rev. Sampson, of Van Wert, occupied
the pulpit at the M. E. church Sunday.
Daisy Hopper, of Chillicothe, Mo.,
came Friday for a visit at the home of
her uncle, C. R. Riley and family.
George Woodinansee and daughter
Goldie, spent Monday at W. H. Colter's.
Mrs. Samuel Chamberlin spent Satur
day and Sunday with relatives in Leon.
Johnnie Tullis is some improved at
this writing.
Mrs. D. Springer and son, B. O. Spring
er, of Leon, spent Tuesday with her son
John, of Burrell.
Prof. Arthur Krell was called to his
home in Indianola Friday on account of
the sickness of his mother. The Profes
sor returned Monday and we are glad
to say left his mother much improved.
Pearl Riley entertained a number of
her friends last Saturday evening at
her hospitable home in the south part of
town iu honor of her cousin Daisy Hop
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Williams and son
Ralph who have been visiting here for
the past two weeks returned to their
home Tuesday in Chanute, Kans., ac
companied by Mrs. Williams sister,
Berta Peck, of Leon.
C. E. Millsap came in Sunday from
Delta, la., for a few days-visit.
Mrs. Jane Clay spent Sunday at W. H.
Luvener Bear is on the sick list.
E. W Townsend was ^passenger for
Chanute, Kansas,-Tuesday.
Mothers! jftottiersl. MothersI
How many children see at this season feverish and
eonstlpated, Mth bad stomach and headache. Moth
er Gray's Sweet Powders for Children will always
care. If worms are present they will certainly re
move them, At all druggists, 25c. Sample mailed
FREE. Address AUen S. Olmstead, he Boy, N. 38-4
Peas, Springdale, 2lb cans
Peas, Triumph, very tender 10c
Peas, Early June, sifted 15c
Peas, French, tender as new 15c
Peaches, 2^1b tins, in syrup 12^
Pears, 31b tins, small but good '.10c
Pears, large halves, tender and fancy 20c
Mrs. Roy Beavers has been visiting
her parents here this week.
Tom Enapp and wife, of Garden
Grove, were in town Wednesday.
Charley Cain was visiting friends and
relatives here last week.
Dr. Burnison, of Davis City, was doing
veterinary work in this vicinity last
.Alee Snyder and Frank Cochran and
son are working for .Hutchinson &
Brown at the saw mill.
Mrs. Mattie Knowles left last Thurs
day for Abingdon, 111., to visit her rela
tives for a couple of weeks.
Your Money BdcK
We wish to impress you with the fact that for any article of food you buy
of us we cheerfully refund your money if not satisfied. We certainly
could not make you a stronger guarantee of our goods. They are fresh*
first-class and always satisfactory.
Does this Look Like Bargains
dark but sweet and clean, while they last
Japan, mill run, but only a few broken grains
per pound
if you haven^t tried it ask your friend, she has
We have just added a line of Tessera's Ceylon Teas to our stock. These goods are
cured and packed by machinery. No person is allowed to touch the tea with the naked
hands after it is removed from the plant. Isn't this quite an improvement over the old
way of handling teas by Coolies, the cheapest Chinese and Jap labor known. This one
fact should appeal to all tea drinkers. Ask to see this tea, we will take pleasure in tell
ing you its merits.
Harry J. Vogt (& Co.
Jenny Massey, of Woodland, visited
her sister, Mrs. J. W. Hubbard, Friday.
Mrs. Lilly Winland returned to her
home last, week after a few days visit
with her uncle, Speed Hays.
Mike Griffin and Z. T. Newcomer were
Leon visitors Saturday.
V. K. Robinson called on M. L.
Hubbard Sunday.
Bherm Davis and family spent Satur
day night and Sunday at Woodland the
guest of his brother Mart Davis.
Sam Dale and family visited at Chas.
Campbell's Sunday.
Fay Osborn and sister Blanche and
Josio Cozad spent Thursday night at
Claud Osbom's east of Leon.
Speed Hays and family visited at Ed
Bailoy's Sunday.
Lawrence Young, of Pleasanton, and
best girl were buggy riding in this
vicinity Sunday.
Minnie Marble, of Clio, returned to
her home Wednesday after a few days
visit with her friend, Nellie Dale, who
accompanied her as far as Lineville.
Z. T. Newcomer called at M. L. Dale's
Opal Gammill visited the latter part
of the week at Lineville and attended
the commencement exercises, her sister
Ola being one of the graduates.
R. F. Dunham and family and Miss
Josie Cozad visited the new baby at
Geo. Moore's near New Salem.
Chas. Smallwood and wife visited at
Geo. Small wood's Sunday.
Quite a number of the young folks
attended the ball game Sunday at the
Mineral Spring between Morgan and
Mart Davis called on Z. T. Newcomer
Emma and Lucile Smallwood visited
with Blanche Osborn Saturday.
Bert Farver and family visited rela
tives at Woodland Sunday.
Maud and Blanche Osborn visited at
Boston Smallwood's Sunday.
While returning home from M. L.
Dale's Thursday Mrs. A. T. Hubbard's
horse became frightened and ran away
throwing her andbruising her face and
shoulder quite severely.
Lula Newcomer and Nellie Dale are
prepared to do all kinds of plain and
fancy sewing, prices reasonable.
Rev. Biggs, of Leon, will hold services
at the Smallwood school house Sunday
May 29th, at 11:00 a. m., and 4:00 p. m.
Everybody invited to attend.
Attorney M. F. Stookey, of Leon, came
down Tuesday to look after business
J. N. Painter was in Leon the first of
the week.
The Methodists will have an all day's
meeting at their church next Sunday,
Rev. Jones, of Decatur City, will be in
Dr. I. M. Lovett, of Lineville, was
here a short time the first of the week.
Green Hawk had business in Davis
City the first of the week.
F. J. Horton, Davis City's leading
legal light, was here the first of the
Vivian Early departed Tuesday to
visit a few weeks with relatives in Mis
Lenore Waterman is visiting this week
in Lamoni, while her mamma, Mrs. A. M.
Waterman, is transacting business in
Des Moines.
Mrs. Royal Richardson is still im
proving in health.
Our local talent did themselves proud
at their entertainment in the Woodman
hall last Thursday night. It was good
from beginning to end. The receipts
amounted to about $35, all of which will
be used for expenses in fitting up the
stage and scenery which Is the finest,
out side of opera houses, to be found in
any small town.
Some of our nimrods are (trying) hav
ing good times with the finny tribe over
Beans, baked, 31b tins
Beans, baked, in tomato sauce 10c
Beans, Heinz, 31b fancy 20c
Beans, stringless, good as new 15c
We have reduced the price on all of our
"Golden Rod"
canned fruits in order to
close out balance of stock.
Entire 25c line now for 20c
in the Grand.
John D. Mcintosh, of near Davis City*
was on our streets Monday.
S. F. Shaw returned Monday from a.
business trip to Des Moines and some
tributary towns.
All the healing, balsamic virtues of
the Norway pine are concentrated in
Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup, nature's,
own remedy for coughs and colds.
Davis City
Mrs. O. Judd visited at her old home,
at Weldon last week.
Veta Scott entertained friends from
Lamoni last week.
Laura Warnick is visiting relatives at.
Blythedale, Mo., this week.
Fannie Jackson returned from a visit
to Leon Tuesday.
Grandma Hawkins visited Leon friends,
last week.
Wm. Mcintosh is building anew side*
walk around his residence.
George Franklin and wife visitecL
friends in our city last Sunday.
The ladies of the Pin and Needle^
society met at the home of Mrs. Bessi&
Mitchell, north of Davis City, Friday.
Perry Shirley made a drive to Blythe
dale, Mo., last Monday.
Mrs. Laura Watsabaugh, who has beei
visiting relatives in our city the past
two weeks, left for her home at Tingley
A call has been made to all interested,
to meet next Saturday and help clean up
the Davis City cemetery, a thing much
Mrs. Woodmansee, of Leon, visited,
her daughter, Mrs. Arney, last week and
helped care for her little grandchild,
which has been quite sick.
C. M. Harris, of Kansas City, has
leased the Adams photograph gallery
aud will open up for business next week-
Grace Bullock is back again in the
Campbell telephone office.
Mrs. Emma Bowman and son Dwight,.
of Leon, were calling on old friends iu
our city the past week.
Anna Shirley, Alice Galloway and Ella
Stevens were among the number who
visited friends at Mt. Ayr the past week-
Daisy Davis, of Grand River, was a
guest of Mrs. E. E. Horton and other
friends last Saturday.
Elders Lambert and Erwin, of Lamoni,.
were in our city Monday.
Mrs. Wm. Mcintosh and daughters
are visiting at Vinton this week.
George Bentley, of Lamoni, had busi
ness in our city Friday.
Clem Merritt, of Oklahoma, came in
the past week to visit friends
Gertie Sylvester visited friends in
Leon Wednesday and Thursday.
Will Bullington left last week for a^
visit in Plymouth county, Iowa. He
will also make a trip through South
Rev. Harvey, of Tuskeego, will deliver
the memorial sermon at the Union
church next Sunday.
Israel Post left last Monday for
the country where he has a contract to
paint Isaac Monroe's new* farm resi
dence which will be when completed
one of the finest in southern Iowa.
Gladys Bullock is visiting friends at
Corydon this week.
Oliver Bailey left last Saturday for a
trip to Chicago and other points on a
pleasure trip.
Rev. Heckathorn, of Decatur, held
services at the M. E. church last Sun
day and administered the rites' of bap
tism to a number of converts, ten by
sprinkling and five by immersion.
It's folly to suffer from that horrible
plague of the night, itching piles..
Doan's Ointment cures quickly and per
manently. At any drug store, 50 cents..
FOB SALB—1 Blees buggy, purchased
laet fall,
1 'five foot McCormick mower,
good as new, 1 heavy work team, 1
wagon, 2 sets work harness, 1 set single
buggy harness, 1 set double buggy
harness.- 88tf W. W. WOOD.

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