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Lonesome Valley.
Lars Walker, EarLGoins, John Rickey,
Allen Pence, Roy Young, Claude Rani
^.seywentto Lacelle, Sunday to play
%JJiall against the Clarke county boys,
^but the: Tennessee boys came back
Jjjjiwith jbheir heads hapging down.
Maggie Dillon is tip in Clarke county
Fred Ramsey and Laura McConnell
seen buggy riding Sunday.
Lester Foland called on Mr. Gill's
.Mrs. Nance Walker was called to
Grand River, on account of the illness
l)f her father.
,,,, Jim Cole was seen going towards
Foland's Sunday.
W Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ramsey "were
"seen in these parts last week.
Allie Woods and wife made a flying
trip to D. T. Wood's Saturday.
The ball game at Rickey's
"afternoon was well attended.
port a good time.
rom Correspondents
Arthur Wycoff called at Allen Ram-
Sunday evening.
Ella Hopkins, Millie Rickey and
3Trank Adams attended the ball game at
r' Earl Goins and L. Walker made a fly
.^ng trip to Van Wert, Saturday.
*»C: Ben Grimm, of Andover, Mo., was
^Jhpme on a visit a few days.
All re-
H. T. Rauch took his fat cattle to De
•catur Monday to ship to Chicago.
Jas. Harmon had the bad luck to get a
fish hook caught in his finger which Dr.
Wailes, of Davis City, had to extract.
H. Houdeshelt is doing some carpen
£ter work for Thos. Williams.
A. B. Finch, wife and Geo. Ellars call
®ed at James Harmon's Monday evening.
Elder Coffin, of Leon, .the Watkins
medicine agent, was in this vicinity
"Wednesday and stayed over night with
Squire Finch.
Geo. Woodmansee and Will Euritt
Vwere in this vicinity Wednesday and
bought seed corn of H. T. Rauch.
Jas. Harmon and family visited with
A. E. Finch Wednesday.
MMrs. A. E. Finch visited Mrs. Johrf
Sellers Thursday.
Mrs. Gertie Sellers visited Mrs. Mc
Gahuey Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sellers were Leon call
ers Friday.
Mrs. Mnllin visited Grandma Butcher
Thos. Williams and wife were Deca
Ijtur callers Friday.
H. T. Rauch returned from -Chicago
Six persons were baptized at the Sel
lers ford by Rev. Harvey, of Tuskeego.
S. McGahuey and family, Henry
Rauch jr. and A. E. Finch and wife ate
dinner at Jas. Harmon's Sunday.
Ed Williams and family, Dan Williams
and family and Geo. Williams and wife
ate dinner at the home of Thos. Will-
jams Sunday.
S Orphan Ridge.
O. Blake is working for T. Griffin
lathis summer.
J. M. Barlean
was a passenger for
if, 'Happy Hollow Monday.
Roy Blake is working for L. A. Dar
A. C. Brazelton had business in Leon
.Albert Wheeler has rented the Win.
Biggs farm.
Wm. Barlean is working for R. D.
A Mr. Norton, of Leon, was on the
Ridge Monday buying horses.
Lon Fulton moved back on his farm.
He got tired of city life.
T. S. Jennings is working for Jap Ces
.T. L. Miller was in our village Satur
day and gave us a pleasant call.
The O. P. will give a dance and oyster
supper at the hall on next Saturday
night. Everybody invited.
James Wakefield is sick at this writ
"~s ing.
A. Fulton was in these parts Sunday,
John Blake had business calling him
to Leon Monday.
Charley Brewer and better half went
''to Grand River last week and brought
back some of the finny tribe.
Ye correspondent had business in De
catur City Monday.
.,_„r #ws®3fe
1*2: ---v .*
Rev. G. W. Smith preached at Davis
City Saturday and Sunday.
Maud Switzer, of Lamoni, spent the
latter part of last week at Ike Pay ton's.
Rev. Harvey filled his appointment at
the Wion school honse Sunday and ad
ministered the ordinance of baptism.
Mrs. Harvey and the babies accoropan
ied him.
Perry Scott and family visited his
brother Ed Sunday.
Tom Allen and family called at Hacl
Scott's Sunday.
Wes Piercy and family and Eva Piercy
took dinner Sunday at Ike Pay ton's.*
Warren Moore and wife spent Monday
with his parents.
Hal Gates and Clyde Pickering, of
Leon, were Tuskeego callers Monday
Several from this place attended the
party at W. C. Rhodes' Saturday even
Chas. and Effie MShornay and Etta
and hva Piercv were callers Sunday
evening at, Wes Piei-cy's.
Gail Ballinger and Etta Piercy visit
ed U'unoui friends the latter part of last
Mrs. A. A. Piercy called on Mrs. Ed
Scott Suuday evening.
Robt. McLease and wife called at Ike
Payton's Sunday evening.
Millard Spitznogle was a Lamoni
.caller Monday evening.
Several from this place attended the
commencement exercises at Lamoni Fri
.day evening.
Our town is being improved by our
merchants painting their stores, G. W.
Smith painting his house and Mrs. A. A.
Pw|py having a new fence and walk
F£y Rhodes Sundayed with Lulu Pay
Fyr Oklahoma realty write or call oh
C. Jordan, Enid, O. T., formerly of
Leoa, Iowa.
O. E. Hamilton and J. P. Garmojpg
gave a stereoptican lecture at the
Christian tjhurch last Thursday,evening
to a well filled house.
Prof. Will Cash, wife and children, of
Gravity, Iowa, are visiting here and in
the county.
W. S. Bear and little daughter, Lucile,
were passengers for Beaconsfleld Wed
Will J. Eden,' of Des Moines, traveling
salesman for Patrick & Luthe Hardware
Co., was in town Wednesday.
James Fitch, of Ft.- Dodge, was here
last week looking up a location.
Mrs. W. H. Colter returned the last of
the week from a visit with her sister,
Mrs. Scott Jones.
J. H. Hill and wife were in Leon Tues
Marion F. Osborn, of Leon, was in
town Thursday
Little Clare Young, of Pleasant Valley
is visiting her cousin, Hazel Riddle.
Mrs. Fred Cash, of Elk, was in town
Sarah Price left for her home in Kel
lerton Thursday.
Mrs. Alley Walker is having the
upper rooms of her millinery store fitted
tip for an office, which, when completed
will be occupied by Dr. D. R. Spring
Elder Coffin, of Leon, will again
occupy the pulpit at the Christian
church one week from Sunday both
morning and evening.
Riddle Bros, have the foundation laid
for their new store building.
Winfleld Cash, of Leon, was in town
Mrs. Stewart, of Scotland', was in town
Saturday and expects to start back to
the old country the first of June.
Mrs. David Negley is reported worse
at this writing.
Edna Hill spent Tuesday with Ida
Dick Jones spent Sunday the guest of
his mother, Mrs. W. H. Colter.
Mary Tullis is on the sick list.
Mrs. ^Mary James and children, of
Murray, came Saturday for a visit with
her father, Capt. Thos. Ward.
Dr. D. R. Springsteen and wife are
visiting relatives in Murray.
Ed. Con well, of South Dakota, was
visiting friends here the first of the
Mrs. Samuel Grayson, of Creston,
spent several days last week the guest
of Mrs. Benj. Huston.
Clark Fierce, of Van Wert, was in
town Friday.
Andrew Ross* wife and baby were
Leon visitors Monday.
Mrs. E. Gore and granddaughter, of
Leon are guests of Mrs. Allie Walker.
Mrs. Geo. Haven and daughter Mabel
were Leon visitors Friday.
Mabel Euritt spent Friday the guest
of her grandparents, John McLaughlin
and wife.
Ida Creal spent Sunday at the Briggs
Sarah McGrew returned the first of
the week from a visit with 1'riends
near Kingston.
Tullis spent Sunday the guest
of Bessie Creal.
Lola Shelton spent Sunday with
Carrie Townsend.
Geo. R-enner and family were guests
at W. S. Bear's Sunday.
Lola Brazelton spent Sunday with
Carrie Huston.
Earl Riley spent Sunday at home.
Walter McLaughlin, wife and baby
spent Wednesday with John McLaugh
lin and wife.
Hazel Moore is visiting friends here.
J. H. Hill, wife and daughter Edna
were Leon visitors Monday.
Benj. Daniels and wife were guests of
his parents Monday, Thos. Daniels and
Elm Grove
Lottie Tabler is in this vicinity visit
ing her sister Anna who is teaching the
Elui Grove school.
We learn that Mart Hopkins is very
sick at this writing.
Billy Zortis was called to his haven of
rest last Thursday night. He has spent
his allotted time on earth and God has
called him home. This may be the day
°f judgment. Be it so or hot we only
know our duty and our Lord's command
to occupy till he comes,where He in His
providence has set us. Let us choose
to meet him face to face, not faithless
servants frightened from our task, but
let us be ready when the Lord of the
harvest calls. And He will say to us,
"Well done thou good and faithful ser
vant. Thou hast been faithful in small
things I will make thee ruler over many.
Enter thou into the joys of thy Lord."
Allen Ramsey made a business trip to
Leon jast week.
A pleasant evening was spent at
Virgil West's Wednesday evening.
Those present were: Bessie Blades,
Grace Heather, 'Millie Rickey, Lottie
Tabler, Anna Tabler, Clyde Blades and
Byron Goin. The evening was spent
with music, recitations and many jokes.
All report a good time.
V. West, wife and little son £nd Anna
Tabler spent Sunday at Oscar Bold's.
The road men have been busy the
past week putting the bridges and curb
ings to right, which were washed out by
the recent rains.
There will be an ice crean supper and
program on the night of the last day of
school at Elm Grove, June ninth. The.
proceeds will be used for the benefit of
the school. Everybody invited.
A large crowd of friends and relatives
gathered at Aunt Catherine Warner's
Sunday to help her celebrate her birth
day. A splendid time was reported
and the guests departed well sat
isfied with the pleasant time, and wish
ing Aunt Catherine many more such
happy birthdays.
", Advertised Letters.
Remaining uncalled for in the post
office at Leon, Iowa, for the week end
ing May 20,1905:
M. G. Cosine, Nelly Glenn, Mr. C. t.
Norman, J. W. Raymond, Miss Jenttie
When asking, for the above letters
please say "advertised."
for our new State
Map an4,Booklet. Good territory vacant.
Iowa Pub'4 Co., Davenport, Iowa. 43
Burr Oak Ridge.
W. H. McCalla and wife returned
from Powesheik county where they had
been visiting relatives.
Perry Chastain, of Leon, visited Ahe
first of the week on Eden Prairie.
Mrs. Emma Grogan is staying at Tade
jGriffin's during Mrs. Griffin's absence.
Mrs. John Johnson is quite sick at
this writing.
Willie Hazlet had the misfortune to
step on a rusty nail Monday which made
a very sore foot.
Miss Lide Chastain is visiting friends
and relatives in Leon.
Mrs. E. A. Adams returned to her
home at Van Wert after a week's stay
with her parents.
Vivian Meek spent Monday night
with Clara Gammon.
Mrs. Chas. Chastain called at Chas.
Clark's one day last week.
Pleasant Valley
Mrs. Bibby and family visited her
daughter at/Terre Haute Sunday.
.. Mrs. Geo. virden and children visited
her sifter, Mrs_.E. Housh Sunday.
Mr. Dingman's little son is quite sick.
Dr. Springsteen, of Decatur is attend
ing him.
Mrs. Huffman aud daughter visited at
Davis City Sunday.
Mrs. Fred Milsap is reported ill at
this writing. Laura Milsap is doing
her house work.
Mrs. Geo. Virden called on Mrs. Ora
Black one day last week.
Levi Virden visited Walter Oiler
Tom Shy was in our vicinity Sunday
Mrs. Sarah Quigley. is in this vicinity
visiting relatives.
Josie Huffman's school will close Fri
Ora Black was a Decatur visitor Mon
Mr. Huffman has gone to Illinois to
look at a farm which he is talking of
buying if it suits him.
The Y. P. C. U. meeting was not as
well attended as usual on account of
the rainy looking weather Sunday eve
Marion Nottsger and wife took* dinner
Sunday with their son Frank.
Charley Payton spent Saturday night
with J. F. Wion.
Effie Gentry and Mabel Lloyd spent
Sunday at home after spending several
weeks in Leon.
Solomon Smith is visiting his sister,
belle Smith.
John and Philip Smith took dinner at
home Sunday.
The party at Will Rhoades' was well
attended Saturday night and everybody
reports a good time.
Rev. S. Harvey filled his regular-ap
pointment at Elk chapel Sunday eve
Mr. McGahuey and wife are the proud
parents of a big baby b.oy.
Grandma Hoffman took dinner with
her daughter, Mrs. G. W. Smith.
Mrs. C. M. Bedell has 40 little
Franklin Center.
Verda Young closed a successful
term of school at the Lillard school
house Friday. There was a picnic dinner
at the residence of T. P. Boyer on the
old Lillard -farm. Quite a number of
the neighbors were present. The men
were all busy planting corn but those
who were near enough cable and par
took of the generous bounty with which
the tables were loaded. Among the
number was Dr. Foxwortlry, of Leon,
who happened to be in the neighbor
hood that day. Mr. Yoiyig and family,
of Garden Grove, were also present.
After the dinner was over and the
tables cleared the men returned to
their work and the ladies followed the
children who marched to the school
house just a short distance and a very
interesting program was rendered by
the school. Merl Wood received the
prize-in the reading class and Frank
Stafford in the spelling class. Miss
Young also gave each of her scholars a
souvenir card with the date, place
and names of scholars and teacher print
ed on them. After the exercises all re
paired to their homes feeling it had
been a day long to be remembered.
lyie ladies of this vicinity have a
reading club which meets every Thurs
day afternoon at each other's homes. It
has been a little over a year since it,
was organized. Mrs. Sara Norton enter
tained the club at Jier home last Thurs
day evening. An interesting program
was rendered by the ladies, ice Cream
and cake was served and an enjoyable
evening was spent by all. The next
meeting will be held at the home of
Mrs. Frank Lillard Thursday afternoon,
Mrs. Lillard, pres. and Mrs. BoyCe, sec.
Most of the farmers in this neighbor
hood are through planting corn.
Miss Rilla Eddy went to Leslie Mon
day to visit her brother J. W. Eddy
and family.
C. H. Morris will preach at the Lil
lard school house next Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Williams and the
Misses Clara'Hodges and Bonnie Garris
nttended commencement at Osceola
Friday evening and visited relatives
until Saturday.
Mr. M- A. Qritchfield closed her
school at Gospel Ridge last Friday.
C. A. McCartney has purchased the
Oren Ruffcorn residence.
Metta Robinson closed her school at
Green Bay Friday. She and the pupils
bad a picnic in the woods which was
much enjoyed by all.
A. J. Davis went to Melton, Nebraska,
last week to ibake an extended visit
with his daughter. He expected to at
tend the commencement exercises of
Melton High School from which his
granddaughter, Miss Clara Daniels
graduated. Miss Daniels' many friends
in Weldon aro glad to hear of her suc
E. E. Harrold went to Blythedale, Mo
Saturday for a visit with relatives.
Children's day will be observed at
the Christian church next Sunday
A merry crowd of young people went
out northeast of town last Thursday
where they picniced all day and report
a splendid time.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McCartney left
Wednesday for Wyoming where they
expect to spend the summer.
Messrs C. H. Robinson, Fred Wallace'
Will Beattie and Ray Lockwood and the
Misses Gerda and Neva Kline, Cecelia
Coffee and Mabel Hodges attended com
mencement at Osceola Friday evening.
6rand River.
We learn that Dr. W. C. Ward, of Kan
sas City, has purchased Dr. Guffy's
interests at Kellerton and will make
regular visits to Grand River, his next
visit being June 12 to 17,1905.
Maggie aud Ed Conwell are home
froth Volga, South Dakota, where they
taught the past year. They return next
year at an increased salary.
Ida Bdyd is home from Kansas where
she has been teaching for several years.
Miss Nora Boyd goes to Emporia, Kas.,
this\veek to be present at the com
mencement exercises, Laura Boyd being
olie of the graduates this year, having
finished a course in music and voice.
Mrs. J. E. Beard has shipped their
household goods to Pella, where she will
join her husband on the Baptist Herald
W. A. Poush, our genial county
corder, returned to Leon Monday after
a week's vacation.
Mrs. Steele, of Steele City, Neb., sis
ter of Oscar Shields, came in last week
for a visit with relatives here.
'"Helen Bradshaw went to visit the
family of B. C. B^y at Clio Monday.
The Union Sunday school will give an
ice cream supper at the council room,
tbfe proceeds to be used in painting and
papering the church. Everybody is ex
pected to spend ten cents.
G. W. Drake, of Ta'rkio, Mo., is here
this week looking after his farm.
The home talent entertainment at the
hall Saturday night was a success.
Carrie Edwards returned home Satur
day from Clarke county where she is
teaching. She returned Monday morn
Three new brick buildings with mod
ern fronts will go up soon. Each will
be 25x80 with entire basements. The
excavating will be finished this week.
The contractors say these will be the
best buildings for miles around.
Minnie Bay, of Clio, is here visiting
G. W. Miller, the tank man, was in
town Monday.
Sheriff Wallace was here Monday.
Mrs. Henry Stanley died at her home
southwest of town Monday afternoon
after a lingering illness.
Mrs. G. W. Riggs came home from
Diagonal Saturday, returning Tuesday.
T. P. Edwards showed us a patent
water wheel his father invented, for
which he was offered one hundred thous-"
and dollars and did not take it. It was
said to be the best ever patented. The
model is of brass and surely is a beauty.
He had one made of German silver. Mr.
Edwards gave John Hukill a third inter
est in the water wheel which he traded
for a mill and then traded the mill for
the Boyd farm north of town. Mr. Ed
wards never realized much out of his
share of the patent.
J. S. Davidson, our mayor,- has re
quested all citizens to remove the rub
bish from the adjoining alleys.
Vernie Sloan returned Monday from a
week's visit with her aunt, Mrs. Reason
er, near Elston. Bert Rdasoner return
ed with her for a few days visit.
Uncle Billie Zorns died at the home of
his daughter, Mrs. Combs, last week,
after being sick but a short time. He
was 83 years old.
Mrs. Bush, of Murray, was here visit
ing her daughter, Mrs. G. W. Travis,
last week.
Welcome Ridge
Elmer Harris, of Leon, visited at R.
R. Trower's Wednesday.
Cora Ross, of Leon, is visiting with
her sisf er, Mrs. R. F. Hewlett.
Mrs. Stanley is very low at this writ
Roger Reynold's, of Kellerton, is visit
irig at H. B.Treanor's.
Mrs. J. Binning visited at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. R. Trower.
Harry McDowell visited at Frank
Bryant's Sunday.
Ella Bronson called on Mrs. T. Hem
bry Sunday.
Uncle Tom Harris and wife took din
ner at-F. Bowning's Sunday.
Jim Morrison called on Fred Trower
and family Sunday.
John Bryant visited his son Frank
Helen Brammer, of Grand River, is
visiting her cousin, Hattie Trower, this
Ella Bronson. is helping Mrs. Acker
ley clean house this week.
The Union Sunday school is practic
ing for Children's Day.
Elmer Harris, of Leon", was out and
sold Sam McCrumb a monument for his
little daughter's grave.
Grace Andrew spent Sunday with
Pearl Dale.
Lizzie Treanor was a Grand River
visitor Monday.
George Trower and George Chick each
sport a anew buggy.
Van Wert.
Chas. Grimm and children of Andover
Missouri came Saturday for a visit with
BMrs. Carrie Sanders arrived Thursday
from India for a visit with her father
Rev. S. S. Sam8om.
Misses Meda and Clella Thompson
visited Thursday amd Friday with Mrs.
Delma Chapman.
Misses Phipps and Knox of Beacons
field visited over Sunday with their
cousin Ida Conner.
Edd Samson of Des Moines visited
over Sunday with his father Seth Sam
Bell Landis and Nina Cashman of
Green Bay were in this city Sunday.
The Cnildren's Day Exercises will be'
given at the Christian church Sunday
evening Jnne 4.
Class number 6 of the Christian Sun
day school will give an ice cream sup
per in the park Saturday evening Jnne
Joseph Hollingshoad came Friday
from Kansas for a visit with friends and
Misses Ethel Fierce and Frankie
Harper left Thursday for a visit with
friends in Shenandoah.
Gilham Gardner spent Sunday at J. T.
P. S. Boyle spent Sunday in Des
Mrs. A. O. Kennel went to Leon Mon
day on business.
Mrs. Charles Weiss left Monday for
Chicago after several weeks visit with
relatives in this city.
Mrs. Tom McClelland and Mrs. Kehler
of Weldon were in this city Monday.
Mrs. Lew Gardner of Leon came Mon
day for a visit/ with relatives.
Poiteaux Halstead left Monday for
Kansas City for a visit with relatives.
Mrs Delma Chapman visited Monday
evening with Mrs. J. T. Thompson.
JVelie Buggies.
Sol Pahniwell has been helping Len
Hamilton some this spring.
Wm. Martin has painted his house
and barn.
Cap. Brown has put out a wind brake
of pine trees near his feed lot.
Messrs W. A.' Albaugh and Thos.
Konklin lost two valuable mares.
Several farmers are replanting corn.
Messrs Sim Evans and L. Garber have
but one more trip to make with their
daughters to the Leon school before va
The coat of paint helps the looks of
the farm house at Ocean farm.
Sears Bros. have-U nice lot of hogs
about ready for market.
Court Adjourned Friday.
Judge H. K. Evans finished the busi
ness of the May terta of "court on last
Friday and returned to his home in
Corydon. This is the last term of the
year except one -which convenes on
October 28..
The case of Marion Wqodard vs Town
of Leon was tried last Wednesday and
Thursday, and Judge Evans took the
case tinder advisement. Mr. Woodard
had appealed from the decision of the
town council acting as a board of re
view, in placing the assessment of his
residence property at §2,148, alleging
that while this was what he paid for the
property, it was an injustice to him
when the assessment of adjoining and
andvsimilar properties were taken into
consideration. Numerous witnesses tes
tified a's to the value of the properties,
and Judge Evans announced that while
there was no question about the equity
of Mr. Woodard's contention, and that
discrimination had been shown by the
council in raising his assessment, the
question which worried him was how he
could remedy it, it appearing that under
the present law, there is no provision
made for reducing an assessment after
the board of review had raised it unless
it could be shown that it was assessed
at more than its cash value, the legis
lature having taken away the equaliz
ing power of the court in the matter.
The case of Miners Bank of Joplin,
Mo. vs. Strahorn, Evans, Button Com
mission Co., which it was expected
would occupy several days in trial, as
it involved the title to nearly 4,000
acres of land known as the Ingram
ranch, was settled just before trial was
commenced, the plaintiff securing title
to the property and agreeing to pay the
defendant S3,500 in ease the land
should be sold for more than this sum
over and above the amount of the bank's
Another case which was settled was
that of Mrs. Emma C. Lanning, of Davis
City, who sued for personal damages for
injuries sustained by being forcibly
ejected from a passenger train at Gar
den Grove by the brakeman. The rail
road company paid her S600 and her
doctor bill in full of all claims for darn
The following additional cases were
disposed of:
Estate of George Hall, claim of John
Hall for §78 allowed.
Estate of Wm. R. Fessler, administra
tor ordered to pay over money in his
hands belonging to all minor children of
Wm. R. Fessler to W. H. Foulke, foreign
Estate of A. D. Sears, administrator
authorized to expend §75 for monument
for deceased.
Estate of Peter Lewis, administrator
after paying preferred claims ordered
to make pro rata distribution of money
in his hands
Estate of Abraham Q. Bibbey, report
of sale and deed to A. W. Deck approved.
Estate of Robert Booth, widow's allow
ance fixed at §200.
Estate of Louisa Stuart, will probat
ed, Thomas Stuart appointed executor
on giving bond of §1,000.'
Estate of John Hartnagle, will pro
bated, V. R. -McGinnis appointed ex
ecutor without bond.
Estate of Caroline Ellars, E. W. Ren
ner appointed guardian.
Guardianship of Ardeta Edwards, Mrs.
Nelle M. Edwards appointed guardian
with bond of of §500.
Estate of Marcus L. Ifubbard, con
struction of will submitted to court to
be decided in vacation.
State vs. John Hayden, hearing on pe
tition for new trial and objections
thereto had, and petition refused.
Earl E. McKeehan vs. E. J. Teale, mo
tion to set aside judgment overruled.
F. A. Greenland vs. Sam Covington et
al., settled.
Hattie Drake vs. R. B. Drake et al.,
report of sale and deed to Hattie Drake
Miners Bank of Joplin vs. Strahorn,
Hutton, Evans Commission Co. et al.,
settled and dismissed.
Lucetta Dunn vs. Geo. W. Dunn et al.,
final report of distribution approved.
George Stone vs. F. A. Greenland et
al., motion to set aside judgment and
for new trial sustained, on defendant
Wm. Greenland giving cost bond of §200.
Wm. Woodard vs. Ellen Fisher et al.,
settled and dismissed.
Mary Gore vs. John Gore, dismissed
on motion of plaintiff.
Assignment of Bank of Pleasanton, re
port of sales and*deeds to Martha Rich
ardson and H. A. Cowles approved.
Mat tie B. Wright vs. L. Dean Wright,
report of sale and deed to L. J. Barr ap
Sfl,rah C. Kirkpatrick, adm. vfi. Mer
chants Life Association, demurrer to
petition submitted to be decided in va
Valley Bank of Davis City vs. L.
Sutherlin et al., default and decree of
Josie G. Amos vs. A. C. Mintoyne et
ux., Mrs. J. C. Hull intervenor, default
and decree of foreclosure against Min
toyne and wife,, demurrer to petition of
intervenor sustained.
Emma C. Lanning vs. G. B. & Q, R, R.,
settled by the railroad company paying
plaintiff $600 damages and her doctor
bill of 148.90.
a I O a
druggists refund the money if It fails to cure. E. W
Grove's signature on each box. 25c. 7?lyr
Pasture to Rent.
We have 120 acres of first-class pas
ture to rent on the Fry farm near De
Kalb. Good water at all times, good
fence and men on place to look after
stock. Will rent whole or take in by
the month. Rates reasonable. Phone
on farm. See parties on farm or thei
William Zornes.
At his home in Grand River oh last?
Thursday occurred the death of one of
the familiar characters of the northwest
part of the county, Uncle Billy Zornes,
as he was called by everyone, at the age
of 82 years, 6 months.
The deceased was a native of Ken- '1
tucky, having been born in Montgom
ery county, Ky., Nov. 26, 1822. 'He was
married in early life to Miss Lydia,
Cloyd and to their union were born
twelve children, seven being living at
this time, and five of them were present,
at his bedside when he passed away.
Mrs. Uriah Acton of Leon, Mrs. Reuben
Sheldon of Kellerton, Mrs. Mary Combs.
Of Grand Rivert John Zornes of Jameson,.
Mo., Levi Zornes of DeKalb, Aaron,
Zornes of Van Wert, and Mrs. Emma
Smith, of Salem, Neb. His wife preced
ed him in death a number of years ago.
Funeral services were held at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Mary Combs,
at Grand River, on Friday, May 20th,
conducted by Rev. Cox, pastor of the
Grand River Methodist church, inter
ment being in this Oak Hill cemetery by
the side of his wife.
O, father, thou hast left us,
And thy death we deeply feel
But 'tis God who has bereft us,
And He can our sorrows heal..
Mrs. Geo. S. Bowman.
Catharine Ann Burk was born ir&
Columbiana county, Ohio, April 5, 1834,.
died at her home in Leon, Iowa, May 24,.
1005, aged 71 years, 2 months and 18
days, her death being caused from
dropsy of the heart and other compli
cations, following an illness of several
The deceased was united in marriage
to George S. Bowman in Washington
county, Ohio, December 28, 1854. They
came west the following spring and set
tled in Marion county where they re
sided for a year and in the spring of
1856 removed to Decatur county and
settled on a farm in Eden township,
where they .resided unHl a few years
ago when they went to Oklahoma for
Mrs. Bowman's health. After a resi
dence there of two years they returned
to Iowa and she made her home in this,
city until her death.
To Mr. and Mrs. Bowman were born
eight children, four boys and four girls,,
and she is survived by the husband and
f?ur children, Harrison, Aaron, and Mrs
Ellen Brazil reside in Oklahoma, and
Alfred S. Bowman resides in Leon.
Mrs. Bowman united with the Baptist
church in the summer of 1866 and until
her death lived the life of a devoted
christian. Since moving to Leon she
affiliated with the Christian church. She
was a loving wife and affectionate mother
and made a heroic effort to raise her
family in the right way. For a number of
years sh'e had been an invalid, but she
bore her sufferings with great forti tude,,
never murmuring. She wasj ready and
willing to die, as her suffering was so
great, and she was prepared to meet her
master. She passed quietly away sur
rounded by loving relatives. So ends
the life of a faithful companion and
dutiful mother.
Funeral services were held from the?
family residence on Thursday afternoon,.
May 25th, conducted by her pastor^
Elder H. H. Hubbell, interment being in
the Leon cemetery.
Letter from W. B. Gilreath.
May 29, 1905.
is a fine
country and crops are looking fine corn:,
nearly all planted aud some of it large
enough to plow. Wheat and oats are a.
splendid prospect for a crop. It has
been raining three days. Hundreds of
acres of flax are being sown on new
breaking and promises a good crop
Much more new land would be turned
over but the "breakers" are scarce
Some are using steam to break with.
People who come here seem to like the
country. Chas. Ensley, who used to live
in Leon or near there, was in town
today from Armour. Any person who
has never been in this part of South
Dakota will be' the most greatly sur
prised person imaginable if they will
visit Charles Mix county. Our qoil is
as good as there is in either Iowa or
Illinois and will produce as good corn
and better wheat and oats than either
of those states. The country is too new
yet to know what tame grasses will do
except blue grasS and alfalfa which,
both do well. People who have alfalfa
sown cut it three times a year. It will
only be a short time until blue grass
will be all over this country the same*
as it is in Iowa.
Our town is only four miles from old.
Fort Randall, which is an interesting
place. Most of the-grounds are beings
used for farming purposes now and last
year 75 bushels of corn was raised
where 30 years ago the red man -pitched,
his "tepee" and received his rations
from Uncle Sam. The old parade ground
with its stately row of trees surround
ing it is still there, carpeted with a mat
of blue grass. Nearly all of the build
ings are gone. But two of the fine
buildings, built for the officers in com
mand of the fort, are still standing,,
in good repaid and occupied by the peo
ple who own and cultivate the land on
which they stand. Also a stately
church is there yet which was built by
the government. It is now used by a
flourishing 1. O. O. F. lodge. It is built
of stone procured from the banks of the
river nearby. Also the 6 inch artesian
well which the government put down 40
years ago is still doing business.
Wishing you and
perity, I remafn yours truly
W. B.
Lake Andes, S. D.
$12.25 to Niagara Falls and returni
Via Nickel Plate Road, June 18th,
19th and 20th, with return limit of Jnne
24th, or by depositing ticket limit of
July 14th, may be obtained. Through
vestibuled sleeping-cars. Three
through daily trains. No excess fare
charged on aqy train on the Nickel
Plate Road. Meals served in Nickel
Plate dining-care, oh American Clnb
Meal Plan, ranging in price from 35
cents to $1.00 also service a la carte
For further information, write John Y.
Calahan, General Agent," 118 Adams St.,"
Room 298, Chicago, IU. Passenger.
Station at Chicago, corner Van Buren
and La Salle Sts,, on the Elevated Loop.
Chicago City Ticket Offices, 111 Adams
St. and Auditorium Annex. June 20.
acres good pasture on
Bacon farm, 5 miles east of Leon. Cat
tle or horses by the month at reasona-'
b}e prices. 38tf

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