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Frank Burnett visited his brother R.
D. Burnett, at St. Joseph, Mo. last week.
Miss Orpha Barnes, Mrs. Laura
Barnes, and daughter Rea, and Mrs.
Austin Payton visited Wednesday with
Mrs. Ike Payton.
Mrs. Bud Piercy and mother called on
Mrs. Whittier Wednesday evening.
Tbe house formally known as J. W.
Smith's residence was moved on the
John Bucy farm west of town last week.
Mr. Buchanan and son did the work.
Ben Brown and wife visited Mrs.
Brown's parents Sunday.
Mrs. Chas. Poush, of Davis City, visit
ed the past week with her parents Mr.
and Mrs. Will Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sellars of near
Burrell and daughter, Mrs. Whartenbee,
of Oklahoma, visited Sunday with their
daughter and sister Mrs. Tira Baker.
Bud Piercy and wife and their mother
Mrs. Jane Piercy of Osceola, visited
Sunday at John Burnett's in Ringgold
Mrs. Jane McClinton, of Omaha, Neb.
is visiting at the home of her brother
J. M. Asliburn.
Prank Burnett spent Saturday night
and Sunday with Henry Forbes 011 Sweet
Mrs. Baker and daughter, Mrs.
Williams and children of Blockley came
Saturday for a visit with their son and
brother Tira Baker.
Mrs. Hugh Wiley visited Saturday
'With Mrs. W. L. Edmonson.
Mrs. Ballinger and daughter Gail
and Miss Kate James and Eva Piercy
called on Lucy Dunbar Sunday evening.
Chas. Rhodes and wife Sundayed at
Lew Grenawait's.
Rev. C. W. Reeder of Leon will com
itaence a union protracted meeting at
the Baptist church next Sunday night.
Everybody come and take part.
Walter Venn are the proud parents of
of a son born Nov. 20.
Will Moore and wife Sundayed at
Mr. Thompson's
R. S. Forkner, Alpha Miller and Cliet
Pullen delivered corn to Decatur Mon
A. E. Pinch was a Decatur caller
Vira McGahuey visited Mrs. Finch
Chas. Buchanan and sons are moving
a house for T. L. Sutherliu this week.
Lydia Wartonbee and Mary Sellers
visited at John Sellers Tuesday.
P. M. Euritt, of Decatur, was in our
vicinity looking after his phone lines
C. P. Shaffner returned from Grand
River Monday.
George Creal from Decatur is
mg the residence of Jas. Young
Jas. Harmon lives this week.
A. E.Finch and Jay Sellers were Deca
tur callers Saturday.
R. Porkner hauled corn to Decatur
Stella Shaffner left Saturday for
Chariton to visit her husband.
Mrs. Minnie Thomas, from Chariton,
is visiting her mother, Mrs. Logan.
J. W. Mullins and wife and Jas. Har
mon and wife visited at A. E. Finch's
Lulu Harmon left Sunday to cook for
O. S. Sprinkle for a while.
Mrs. John Sellers and children and
Mrs. Mary Sellers visited T. 1. Baker
and wile at Tuskeego last Sunday.
Dr. Waih's, from Davis City, was call
ed to attend a sick child at Lew
Warner's Sunday.
From Our Correspondents!!
Perry Green was a Decatur caller
John Sellers was a Decatur
Hays Swisher and Sellers Bros,
sawing lumber this week.
Mrs. C. E. Finch visited Mrs. John
Sellers Thursday.
Mrs. Jas. Pierce visiteJ at John
Sellers Thursday.
Thos.Willians' and wife wore Docatur
visitors Thursday.
J. SV. Mullins anil wife were Decatur
callers Thursday.
Bertha Dobon came from Witchita,
Kansas, to visit her parents this week.
Geo. Williams and wile were Dm-acur
callers Saturday.
Jas, Harmon and family spent Friday
at Jas. Scott's.
Mr. and Mrs. Del! Wiley visited at
"W. W. Wiley's Wednesday.
Mr. and Mr. C. T. Rhodes and children
visited at Lew Grena wait's Sunday.
Mr. Brown and sisters Minnie and
Myrtle visited at John Devries Sunday.
The Baker school commenced Mon
day with Mabel Strait teacher alter two
weeks vacation.
Charley Piercy and family visited
Sunday with his mother, Mrs. A. A.
Lou Smith, of Leon, returned Monday
after a two weeks vacation to his
.school at Bloomington.
W. C. Rhodes and family were the
cuesis of W. W. Wiley.
C. R. Piercy and Mat Ryan just com
pleted a new barn each which improves
the looks of their farms considerable.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Venn are the
proud parents of a 12 pound boy born
Nov. 27. Mother and baby doing fine.
Mat Ryan and family visited at Mr.
:Ryan's sister's.
The protracted meeting at the chapel
^closed last Wednesday night, Mr.
Roberts returning home.
Burr Oak Ridge.
The recent shovtrers makes corn gath
*.' ering a difficult task.
Etta and Ida Lewis also Perry Chas
tain, of Leon, spent Sunday at Chas.
School commenced at East Ederi
Monday after a week's vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bruiler of Des
,Moines are visiting their daughter Mrs.
Frank Chastain.
John McCalla attended services al
4% the Catholic church Snnday.
fs/5"' Louie Record is staying at Bid Frost's
and attending East Eden school.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Clark called on
ahis father Sunday afternoon.
Velie Baggies.
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i^^." Hff
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Van Wert
Mr. and Mrs. Roxy Fishburn left
Thursday for Des Moines where they
will make their future home.
John Mason, of Lorimor, came Thurs
day for a visit with friends in this city.
Clella Thompson returned Saturday
from Grand River where she had been
visiting the past week with her cousins
the Misses Hauenstein.
John O'Hair spent Sunday at Good
Mrs. Lawrence Gould went t© Cory
don,Saturday for a visit with her uncle
Jeff West.
Jennie McCann and Emma Barr visit
ed over Snnday with friends at Osceola.
Lawrence Gould went to Des Moines
Saturday on business.
Mrs. Jennie Farrens and baby return
ed to their home in Des Moines Friday
after visiting a few days with friends
in this city.
Mrs. J. T. Thompson visited Friday
and Saturday with relatives at Grand
Joe Bowman, of Corydon visited over
Sunday with John Young and family.
Grace Overholtzer came Saturday
from Grandi River l'or a visit with her
uncle, Sam Overholtzer.
Mrs. Berlin left Saturday for a visit
with relatives at Des Moines. She was
accompanied by her granddaughter,
Miss Mary Rhodes.
Loran Thompson and Earl Rumley
spent Sunday at Grand River.
Mrs. J. E. Rhodes spent Sunday at
Grand River.
Mrs. J. E. Rhodes was in Leon Thurs
day on business.
Sirs. Alvin Price returned Saturday
to her home in Missouri after spending
a few days with her father Martin
Lelller and family.
Mary Kelley, of Beaconsfield, visited
over Sunday with friends in this city.
Orphan Ridge.
Milt Manchester is able to be out on
crutches again.
Mrs. T. P. Fulton, of Leon, spent Sun
day at Lon Fulton's.
Miss Gene Rock spent Sunday with
Miss Cora Davis.
W. M. Epperley and family, of Leon,
spent Sunday at Gus Hemilrich's.
T. J. Epperley, of Leon, spent Sunday
in Barlcan City.
Lewis Piper, of Blockley, spent Sun
day at Lee Davis'.
O. S. Wills, of Terre Haute, is spend
ing a few days at Mr. Blake's.
Albert Wheeler's sale was well attend
ed and everything brought fair prices.
Roy and Ralph Parsons, of Leon,
passed through here Sunday, headed
for Blockley.
Mr. Norton and a horse buyer were
in these parts last week buying horses.
J. O. Blake is husking corn for Win.
Smith this week.
The R. F. D. No. 3 itemizer boasted of
having the best corn husker, but we
can beat that, as Walter Honn husked
131 bushels in ten liours.
Harrison Boyer has sold his spotted
stallion to Luther Trent for £37(i.
A. Wheeler is contemplating moving
to Missouri in the near future.
Stephens and Jones loaded a car of
sand at Blockley Saturday for P. C.
Mullinnix, of Leon, who is building the
new library building.
Bnr Crnm attended the lecture over
at Lineville Friday and Saturday even
Quite a rain and wind storm visited
this section last Thursday night.
Andrew Jackson visited last Thursday
with his brother-in-law Jim Plynn.
Mr. Jacob Crnm had business at
Lineville last Thursday.
count of the rain had
a business trip to
Ben Easter made
Osceola Thursday.
Bessie Moore, of Bonaparte, came
Thursday for a visit with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Moore.
And 011 ac
to stay over
Miss Pearl Oiler has
sick list,
Mrs. Jacob Crum has
been the
a new cream
Several of our neghbors attended
meeting at Morgan last Sunday
Mr. Oris Merrick and family visited
relatives at Davis City Sunday.
Mrs. Kern Bright's sister has been
visiting her the last week. It being
their first visit together in five years.
There was a spelling school at Fair
view last Friday.
Joe Dobson has been nursing a boil
on his arm which has kept him from
working the last week.
Pleasant Valley
Cyrus Qnigle.v, from Fulton county,
111., is here visiting his uncle, C. R.
Wheeler Moore is working for Ora
Black at present.
Mrs. George Virden called 011 Mrs. H.
M. Quigley Sunday.
Levi Virden and Wheeler Moore had a
time Sunday at the Taylor sister's.
Mrs. George Virden was a Davis City
visitor Sunday.
Mrs. Henry Quigloy and Goldie Sly
were visiting at Davis City Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ora Black were Davis
City visitors Saturday.
Mrs. James Bonner visited Mrs. Jesse
Hauser one day last week.
Levi Virden called ou Jack Dingman
Mr. and Mrs. John Cochran, from near
Leon, called en their daughter, Mrs.
Earnest ttobb Sun.lay.
C. Handel and family were visiting
at Ora Black's over Sunday.
J. B. Dale had business at Pleasanton
Saturday evening.
R. B. Drake aud wife spent Sunday
with Ed Barrett and wife.
Mr. Linden and J. B. Dale delivered
hogs at Leon Monday.
Mrs. Pryor and children called at
Tom "Wynne's Sundjy afternoon.
J. W. Chew and wife, of Pleasanton,
spent Sunday at Rob. Richards'.
J. H. McDaniel and wife and G. B.
Moore and wife spent Sunday at the
home of rs. J. H. Stover.
Mrs. Drake and son Richard were
I'lcasanlon callers Saturday.
Grand River.
Wo learn that W. C. Ward, of Kansas
City, has purchased Dr. Gully's inter
ests at Kellerton and will make regular
visit to Grand River. Special extrac
tion .'under somnofortn the new anes
thetic. His next visit being Dec. 18 to
23, 1905.
Miss Effle McConnel' and Luke Con
well returned from Shenadoah where
they have been attending school.
Mrs. H. C. Bone i» visiting her parents
in Kansas the last month.
Merle and Freda Boeger were visit
ing last week at Dr. Arnold's at
Will Daughton of Beaconslield had
business here last week.
W. C. Overholtzer shipped hogs last
week and Jim Daughton shipped from
Jim Hinds shipped a car of poultry
last Monday paying over a thousand
dollars to our farmers that day for.
poultry alone. Trower & Fullerton
took their pens full the same day. The
poultry business pays in Iowa, it beats
the mines of Colorado every year.
Eggs worth two cents a piece here good
price for November.
Once upon a time an old toper
had a wonderful dream which left its
traces on his heart and brain that
caused the old sinking hulk to stop
his drinking habit. Her thought he met
an old pal and had the following conver
sation as they met on the street one
day. Say Bill 1 saw you in the liquor
and tobacco men's parade Tuesday.
O Yes! Now tell me about it. Who
were those well dressed well fed
fellows in front in automobiles? Those,
why those were the wholesalers.
Well who were those fellows in
carriages? Those fellows in plug hats
smoking big cigars? Yes! They were
the distillers and brewers. Who were
those fellows walking there with the
white plug hats,.white coats and gold
headed caires? They were the re
tailers. Who where the ragged dirty
fellows who were smoking, spitting
and cursing that brought up the rear.
Fellows with caulillower noses and
and patches and fringes on their
pants? The crowd I was with, Yes!
They were the consumers. Then 1 saw
and felt these words of fire burning my
brain. The wrecks of lives at the
bottom of the ladder pay the freight. 1
jumped out of bed cold and wot as if 1
had been in the icy river shivering with
fright and cold. 1 tell you 1 have quit
forever. Do likewise Bill.
Dr. W. C. Ward made his regular visit
last week and plenty work to do. He is
very successful with most of his work.
Mr. Western was in trading last
W. B. Howard was in town Monday
and reports his wife better.
The corn contest will be well attend
ed from all appearances. Ackerly is
offering several valuable prizes for the
best that ought to interest our corn
raisers. Andrew Burchett has some
corn that will be hard to beat.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Yanderpool are
rejoicing over the arrival of a young
lady, at their home last Saturday.
Mrs. W. B. Gilreath, of Lake Andes,
South Dakota, came last Friday to
visit her daughter Mrs. Oscar Vander
J. W. Brammer and wife are rejoicing
over the arrival of a new boy at their
home. John will no doubt make a car
penter out of him as he is a natural
carpenter himself.
\V. C. Overholtzer shipped three load
of stock Vonday, Jones brothers
shipped two loads.
F. M. Brammer has been very sick
for some time at his home north of
town and his recovery is despaired of as
he is advanced in age. He has been
justice in Richland township for thirty
t'onr successive years.
Elias Miles, of Kansas City, is here
visiting at the home of I. P. Young. He
has not visited here for seven years, he
was a citizen here for several years but
has been living in Kansas.
The rain kept people out of town
Monday but the corn contest was well
R. F. D. No. 3.
Mrs. Ellen Hoover and Mrs. Ed
Campbell visited Wednesday at Jell'
An engine on the set lire to James
Miller's meadow and burned twenty-live
tons of hay.
Manchester Bros, bought ."jOO bushels
of coin at Wheeler's sale at :)7i cents
per bushel,
There was a big crowd and everything
sold for all it was worth at Albert
Wheeler's sale. Auctioneer Ililey Bu
chanan is all right.
Art and Grace Cain spent Sunday at
B. D. Alldredge's.
Mac Cox aud Sain Do*.vney were on
the ridge Sunday posting bilis for a
phonograph entertainment at Union
Uncle Jim Rogers and son Xewt took
dinner at George Roger's Wednesday
and attended the sale.
Elick Housh spent Sunday and Mon
day in Woodland township telling the
farmers how badly the market was off.
J. H. Morgan spent last week at Beth
any visiting a brother.
D. P. Leathy returned Tuesday from
Murry where he visited over Sunday
with relatives.
Fred Smith is buying corn at Block
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Hatdeld Thursday.
Spawn Miller and son delivered hogs
at Davis City Monday.
Lon Tyler is hauling corn from Albert
Garden Grove.
had business at
E. Ray Sullivan
Cainsville Thursday.
Mrs. Whitaker left Saturday for
Creek, Neb., where she will visit at
home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scott.
G. W. Murbarger went to St. Joseph,
Mo. Friday where he will visit his son.
Pearl Brown went to Leon Friday
to visit relatives.
Frank Connor, of Hamburg, came
Wednesday to take charge of Connor
Bros, store.
W. Cash, of Leon, had business liere
Tom Silvers has rented the Dr.
Gleason property at the corner of Bank
and Armilia Sts. and moved in last
Frank Craigo, of Leon, was here Wed
nesday and Thursday helping with
the Express we being called away.
Mr. and^ Mrs. Jessie Whitesides wont
to Yatesville, Ohio, Friday where they
W •ZeJkl
Skourezy, the modern cleaner,
Raisins, all new packages, seeded at..
Large raisins, not seeded 10
Fey Muir peaches 15
Extra fancy peaches 17
Dried apples, Home }s 10
Mince meat, home made, pound 12
Sour Kraut, Amana, gal 20
Olives, large ones in bulk, pints 15
will make their future home.
Mrs. S. E. Beck with, of Leon, came
Thursday to visit at the John Brown
Earl Trisler went to Leon Saturday
to visit friends.
Mrs. J. W. Woolman, of Albia, came
Saturday to visit relatives at Wood
Miss Jamima Kobb who has been
visiting at Chariton returned Saturday.
Mrs. C. C. Dye, of Lineville, was here
on business Saturday.
Decatur City.
W. H. Colter and wife spent Monday
at Matt Porter's west of town.
Fred MUsap and wife spent Sunday at
grandpa Bruner's.
Jim Sears and wife spent Tuesday
with her parents, Granvil Cochran and
James Young, wife and children spent.
Sunday in town the guests of relatives.
Elder Collin tilled his regular appoint
ments at the Christian church Sunday.
Ira C'hamberlin entertained a number
of his little friends Saturday afternoon
the occasion being his ninth birthday.
Miss Pearl Fowler, of Elk, was a
guest at the Colter home Saturday.
Elder Collin dined at Jim Hanner's
A. C. Woodtnansee, wife and daughter,
of Leon, were guests at John McLaugh
lin's Siturday.
Marvin Williams, the noted Georgian
humorist entertainer, lectured at the
Methodist church Saturday evening to
a large a-dience, which was heartily en
joyed by all.
Hazel Colter spent Sunday the guest
of Luvil Hanner.
The infaut son of William Woodard,
jr., is being cared for by Mrs. John
Geo. lienner and family have moved
into the Carter property.
Cull Euritt, wife and daughter Mabel,
Walter McLaughlin, wife and baby,
Reuben McLaughlin, wife and daughter
Verdia were guests at John McLaugh
lin's Saturday.
Orlean Milsap, of Lexington, Neb.,
was in town between trains Saturday.
John McLaughlin and wife returned
the las.t of the week from Redding, Iowa,
where they had been the guests ol
The dwelling house of John Gardner
caught lire Friday morning, destroying
the kitchen and all its contents.
Mrs. Allen Kier and Mrs. Ben Huston
wore guests of Mrs. Rosa Cochran Sun
The Epworth league will give a
special program Sunday evening. Every
body cordially invited to attend.
Eden Center.
The recent rains make corn husking
almost impossible,
As this is Thauksgiving week we are
reminded that the people of dear old
Iowa always have abundant reasons for
praising our God, if we stop long enough
to count our blessings.
We are so glad the young people turn
out so well at the Sabbath evening ser
vices. Fathers and Mothers won't you
come too?
Brother Biggs preaches next Sabbath
and Brother Willis one week from next
Sabbath at 7:30. Come everybody.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson entertained the
singing class last Tuesday evening and
a pleasant time was had by all present.
Flossie Willis and Miss Frazier at
tended services Sunday evening. Come
Everybody come out every Sabbath
at 10:30 a. m. and study with us the
same lesson that is studied all over the
world. Last Sabbath "The World's
Temperance lesson." Golden text,
"When ye think ye stand take head lest
ye fall.
Grandma Boyer took dinner Friday
with Mrs. Jones. She is in poor health
and needs our prayers to help her bear
her sad affliction that comes to her by
her da ugher's sickness. Do we not neg
lect the aged ones too much?
There will be no school this Thursday
and Friday. MisB Stocker will visit
her parents in Leon.
Free Samples
ing Friday morning November 24, we will give with each sale a
regular 10c package of this wonderful cleaning powder. Call for
full sized package, not sample.
We certainly can tempt your appetite this week for we never had
so many good things to eat. Just look at what follows:
Aunt Jemimah Pancake Flour, per pkg 10c
Maple syrup
Hunter's Cream Flour, better than ever $ 1.35
Ben Hor, northern hard wheat Flour, per bag $1.45
We absolutely guarantee this to be the best spring wheat Flour on the market.
Sweet, Sour and Dill Pickles, all kinds of Nuts, all varieties of
York Apples, White Grapes and a full line of Oranges.
Use Our Red Coal Oil, only 15 cents
Mr. Wm. Gilbert dug a cellar last
week on his farm north of Leon.
Mrs. Horney's father is quite sick at
this writing. Mrs. Horney surely de
serves mention for her faithfulness to
her family and also to the Sabbath
s^»n*j Kr *i'
with each sale. Commenc­
Buckwheat Flour:
The same kind we have sold for the past
eight years. Your money back if you don't
like it.
"Wright's old fashioned," per bag 40
Meal, made of new corn 15
Like dear old MOTHER
used to make
What is the use to bake when vou
can buy good bread so cheap. Yes
and we are selling candy cheap too
and lots of it. A special low price
on candy until after the Holidays.
See us for fancy package candies.
Allen 8b Co.
Bakery end Candy Kitchen
North^Side Square
I Closing Out Sale!
We will sell at public sale at the Varga farm]£i|niiles[[southwest
of Grand River, Iowa on
1 MONDAY, DEC. 11, 1905
5 Commencing at 10o'clock,^the following described property E
11 Head of Horses consisting of heavy work horses, 1 span of roadsters E
S and one mule.
80 Head of Hogs, brood sows and shoaLs. 5
E Farm Implements consisting of 5J cultivators, 10 inch riding stirring E
5 plow, 3 walking stirring plows, breaking plow, corn binder, press 1
E disc drill, 2 mowers, 2 corn planters, 2 wagons, 4 sets of harness, 2 E
E steel bob sleds, 3 discs, 2 harrows, feed mill, ten foot header, 2 bull E
E rakes, new Acme stacker, power wood saw complete.
Miscellaneous, 6,000 bushels of corn, 10 tons of bay, 10 dozen Plymouth E
S Rock chickens, 70 Pekin ducks, household and kitchen furniture E
E and numerous other articles. E
12 months on usucl terms.
aimi tmimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiimiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiff
'.•• V\r *t t' ^[4.
quarts* 40
bottles, 45
"Old Manse" gallons.. $1.25
75 dead I
Of Cattle
Consisting of cows, two-year-old j£
steers, yearling steers, two-year- 5
steers, two-year-old heifers, year- js
ling heifers and calves.
school work. May the Lord bless and
keep her.
C. Campbell's visited near Leon Sun
Jas. Anderson yibited at Pleasanton
sd A*

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