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AWYEK. Practice in all courts. Office in Lonp
block. Phone 96.
Successor to Curry & McOitinis. Ofi'.ec
tn Uay block.
Office.in Reporter block,
mid Notarial work.
AND KURCKON. Special atteo-
tion given to the treatment of chronic diseases
offlco hours 9 to !2 a .m.—2 to 5 in. Telephone 36
office and residence
property. Phone at office or residence.
Warner Block,
andor's drug store. Phone 7.
AND SORGEON. Office with Di
Layton. Office hours 11 to 12 u. m. —1:30
8:30 p. m. Office phone 7—residence 3.
AND SURGEON. Obstetrics and
diseases of women and children a specialty
Night calls not answered except in cases of obstetrics
emergency or for consultation. Office hours: 10 to 12
». m., 2 to 4 p. m. and 7 to 8:30 evenings. Phone 26
•ffloe and residence, Office phone always accessible.
Office east room up stairs Higgs block, Leon, Iowa.
j. w.
All work done ftrst-class and gnaran*
Office in Loug block.
M. CAMP. M. D.
(Successor to Dr. R. 1«. Klker)
permanently located at Decatur City, for tht
practice of Medicine and Surgery.
Day or Night Calls Promptly Attended.
Brick and Drain Tile
We sell direct to consum
er. Write for delivered prices
to any railroad station in the
Our prices are right and
our product the best. If you
do not want a carload,
get your neighbor to. take
part. See samples at Repor
ter office.
Kellerton, Iowa.
are a symptom of tne most serious
trouble which can attack a woman,
viz: falling of the womb. With this,
generally, comes irregular and painful
periods, weakening drains, backache,
headache, nervousness, dizziness, ir
ritability, tired feeling,
consultation and
elimination tree. Office at residence one
one block north of Woodmansee houue. Phone 60.
The cure is
The Female Regulator
that wonderful, curative, vegetable ex
tract, which exerts such a marvelous,
strengthening Influence, on all female
organs. Cardui relieves pain and,
regulates the menses. It is a sure
and permanent cure for all female
At all druggists and dealers in tl.00
In my womb and ovaries," writes Mrs.
Naomi Bake," of Webster Grove, Mo.,
"also in my right and left sides, and
my menses were very painful and irreg
ular. Since taking Cardui I feel like a
new woman and do not suffer as I did.
is the best medicine I ever took."
Christmas Holiday Excursion Rates
via the Nickel Plate road between
Chicago and BulTalo. Dates of sale Do
cember 23, *21, 25, 30 and 31, 1905, and
Jan. 1, 190C, at a fare and a third for the
round trip, with return limit of
Jan. 3,1900. Through train service to
New York City, Boston and other East
ern points. No excess fare. Individual
club meals served in Xickel Plate din
ing cars. Three through trains daily
from La Salle and Van Buren street
station, the only depot in Chicago on
the ISlovated Loop. Doc. 21.
Wood Hauling Bee.
The people of
Tick Ridge got
fashioned style,
pile of wood for
to tho respect and "helping hand" of
the neighbors this worthy couple
certainly is. They settled down near
Garden drove sixty years ago when
they were young and full of life and
were always willing to lend a helping
hand to those who needed it. At (hat
time Garden Grove was not tho beauti
ful and well built town it is now. Then
the place was occupied by a few strag
ling Indians, and a number of Mor
mons, who rested here a few years,
when traveling from Nauvoo, 111., to Salt
Lake City, Utah. Mr. and Mrs. Davis
were then young, now they are getting
old, both having passed the Four Score
milestone in life's journey. They have
a nice comfortable home and are always
pleased to have their friends call on
them and they know how to treat them
when they come. The writer of this
remembers that nearly forty years ago
when he first settled in Garden Grove
township, when the dwellings in the
county were "few and far between"
that wood cutting and hauling Bees,
plowing Bees, haying Bees, husking
Bees, and all kind of Bees, were more
common tban they have been in late
years. But they are not entirely for
gotten as Mr. and Mrs. Davis and their
numerous friends can testify. The
women folks took a hand in this busi
ness as well as. the men, and would con
sider themselves slighted if they were
not to "lend a helping hand" in getting
up a dinner for the wood-haulers such
as they don't always get at home.—
Garden Grove Express.
A Thousand Dollars Worth of Good.
A. II. Thurnes, a well known coal
operator of Buffalo, O., writes, I have
been afflicted with kidney and bladder
trouble for years, passing gravel and
stones with excruciating pain. I got
no relief from medicine until I began
taking Foley's Kidney Cure, then the
result was surprising. A few doses
started the brick dust like line stones
and now I have no pain across my kid
ney and I feel like a new man. It has
done me $1000 worth of good."
Went Straight Up.
Henry Wilson, a young man who lives
near Oatnbria, was in Humeston last
Friday and met with a peculiar accident
in front of Johnson & Son's restaurant.
He filled his pipe with loose tobacco
from a side pocket which also contained
some cartridges which he had placed in
his pocket shortly before. With the
pinch of tobacco with which he lilled
his pipe was one of these cartriges,
Mr. Wilson not noticing the kind of a
smoke he was preparing. After light
ing the pipe and talked to a friend a
few minutes he walked across the
street to Johnson's restaurant and when
just in front of the door the cartridge
exploded carrying the bowl of the pipe
straight up into the air and frightened
the young man until his hair stood up
"like unto the quills upon the fretful
porcupine." It was fun for everybody
but the victim of the accident and it is
safe to assume that he will hereafter
carry his cartridges and tobacco in
separate compartments of his garments,
although, fortunately, no damage was
occasioned in this instance. —Humeston
A Certain Cure for Croup.
When a child shows symptoms of
croup there is no time to experiment
with new remedies, no matter how
highly they may be recommended.
There is one preparation that can al­
"S «,
be depended upon. It has been
in use for many years and has never
been known to fail, viz: Chamberlain's
Cough remedy. Give it and a quick
cure is sure to follow. Mr. M. F.
Compton of Market, Texas, says of it,
"I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in severe cases of croup with
my children, and can truthfully say it
always gives prompt relief." For sale
by L. 1*. Van Werden, Leon, W. S. Bear,
Decatur, Iowa.
Velie Buggies.
Pleasant Ridge and
together in the old
hauled home a nice
Mr. and Mrs. Enos
Davis, who are the oldest settlers in
Decatur county. If any one is
N 1
Roller Bearing Coaster Wagons and Runners
for the boys and girls for Christmas. Buy them a present they can't tear up, only $3.50
Fur Mittens and Coats for the men folks will make a nice Xmas present
A Miniature Farm Wagon for goats or dogs will be a great present. Just like a farm wagon
Fur and Plush Robes are all'right to buy for yourself or any old body. Our prices are right.
Roll Reaches High Water Alark
With 1,064.196 Land Frauds.
One person in every eighty-three in
the United States is a government
pensioner, according to the secretary
of the interior, in his annual report.
The pension roll this year reached the
hieghest mark, 1,001,100 as against
1,001,191 in 1002 the highest previous
year. This number remaining on the
roll at the close of the liscal year was
998,441, a net gain of 3,079 over 1904.
Of the indian wars there are 2,200
survivors and of the Mexican 4,540.
The pensioned survivors of the civil
war in number 093,008, not including
003 army nurses.
The war with Spain leaves the govern
ment with more than 20,000 pensioners,
of whom 15,711 are invalids, 1,008
widows, 727 minor children, 2,907
mothers, and 473 fathers, and nine
brothers and sisters of dead soldiers.
Pensions are paid to one widow and
four daughters ol'revolutionary soldiers.
There are 13,000 pensioners in the
army and navy, of whom 10,030 are in
Of the 998,441 pensioners in the rolls
717,159 were male and 281,283 females
and dependents. A total of 81,853 new
pension claims were rejected during
the year and 220,822 claims are pending,
of which 85,490 are original claims.
The amount paid in pensions during
the year is $141,142,960. The total cost
of the pension system to the founda
tion is ?3,424,070,190,700.
Secretary Hitchcock renews the land
frauds which resulted in the conviction
of the late Senator Mitchell of Oregon
and others and recommends legislation
to prevent future crimes of this kind.
The value of the mineral products of
this country for the year was $1,289,045,
There were 16,250,038 enrolled pupils
in the public schools, not including
45,201 in Porto Rico.
A Mad Chase.
Millions rush in mad chase after
health from one extreme of faddism to
another, when if they would only eat
good food, and keep their bowels regu
lar with Dr. King's New Life Pills, their
troubles would all pass away. Prompt
relief and and quick cure for liver and
stomach trouble. 25c at L. P. Van
Werden's drugstore guaranteed.
Some people labor under the impress
ion that tropical fruits grow only in
warm countries. If you are thus
deceived ask Mrs. Stedman about it.
She showed us a genuine lemon grown
on a tree in her home in Lainoni which
measures 8x8! inches and weighs 9oz
Strawberries and lemons at Christmas
times. Who wants to go to California?.
—Lainoni Patriot.
They Are Found In Every
Part of
Many citizens of Leon have good
reasons to be thankful for burdens lift
ed from aching backs, which they bore
patiently for years. Scores tell about
their experience publicly. Here is a
case of it:
Miles Martindale, living in the south
west part of Leon, says: "Last winter
I came home from a days work and was
taken with chills and fever. Since
then my kidneys have bothered me.
The secretions from those organs
contained a sediment, were full of acid,
scalded, pain existed in the loins and
kidneys and during the day if 1 stooped,
sharp twinges were my reward and at
night 1 was unable to straighten if 1
even sat still in a chair for a short time.
I tried everything which came to my
notice in the shape of a medicine but 1
really think 1 was growing worse in
place of better. Finally deciding to try
Doan's Kidney Pills I went to L. P. Van
Werden's drug store for a box. They
gave better results than any other
medicine 1 ever tried. They stopped
the backache and cured the kidney
secretions. I consider this prepara
tion very valuable."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agent for United States.
Remember the name—Doan's—-and
take no other.
Shown In Our North Window
Show in Our South Window.
ror nis
For Her Xmas—
In the district court of Iowa, iu and for Decatur
county. January term, 1906.
J. K. Lento, plaintiff
Charlottie Lock
wood and J. Q. Lockwood, Josephine
Hethards and Ezra liethards. Jane Williams Irons
and Uuben Irons, Anna Williams ltobey and Calvin
Robey, et al., defendants.
To Josephine liethards, Ezra Hethards. Jane Wil
liams Irons, Ituhen Irons, Anna Williams ltobey,
Calvin Robey, the above named defendants.
You and each of you are hereby notified that on or
beforo the 14th day of December 1905, there will be
on file in the office of the clerk of the district court
of Decatur county, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiff
aforesaid, praying for the partition and sale of the
following described real estate situated in Decatur
county, Iowa, belonging to the estate of J. L. Lent/,
and Jane Lent, late of Decatur county, Iowa, deceas
Northeast quarter of section sixteen, except a
graveyard on the highest- point of the N. E. 8. E. N.
E., the N. E. corner of the graveyard to be 10 rods in
S. W. direction from the N. E. corner of S. K. X. E.
to be 12 rods \V. 13£ rods K. 12 rotls E. 13i rods N. to
The K. N. W. and the \V. I of the N. E. of the S.
W., section sixteen (161 N. E. S. W, and N. I 8. E. S.
W. and the S. S. E. s. W. of section lifteen (15) N.
W.N. W. section' twenty-two (22). Also W. six
acres N.i S. .} N. W. N. E. section twenty-six (26).
All in township sixty-el^ht (68) range twenty-four
Also the N. 't N. E. S. \V. and the N. 2 X. W. S. E
and the S. I N. W. N. E. and the S. 8. E. N. W. and
the S. E. N. E. S. K. N. W. and the N. E. J, E.
N. W. and S. 1 \V. J. N. W.8. W. N. E., and the N. I
W. W. I N. E. All in section thirty-six (36) town
ship sixiy-nine (69) range twenty-four (24).
And alleging as grounds therefor that the plaintiff
and the defendants are the sole ami only heirs-at
Inwof the said J. L. Lent/, and Jane Lentz, deceased
and arc the absolute owners of all of said lands above
described, each one owning the respective interest
alleged and set out in the petition in said cause. And
further pray that, appraisers be appointed to ap
praise said premises, and that referees be appointed
to sell the same as provided by law, ami for cost*,
including attorney's fee for plaintiff's attorney, and
for general equitable relief.
For full and complete statement-.of plaintiff's
cause of action see petition.
You are also notified that unless you appear there
to and defend before noon of the second day of the
term of Mild district court of Decatur county, to be
held on the 15th day of January, 1906, a default- will
bo entered against you and judgment rendered
thereon. V. It. McCJiknis,
17-4t Attorney for plaintiff.
Velie Buggies.
I Have You Seen Them I
7 7
We mean that very swell line of Nipon China
and German Pearl Ware which we are show
ing specially for the holiday trade. It's the fin
est line of these goods ever in the city.
Hand Decorated Plates and Dishes
Vases Pitchers Novelties
Sugar and Creamers
Beautiful Toilet* Sets in the New Metal and Ebony
Manicure Sets, Cigar Cases, Pipes
Music Rolls, Infants' Sets and Fancy Box Stationery
11-- A Box ot Fine Cigars. We carry
AulaS— largest line in the city.
A Bottle of Fine Perfume.
sized bottles.
and bring four importations per year from .Spain,
at -1100.00 each.
«V"-° r-)
Capital and Surplus $55,000.00
We Solicit a Share of Your Patronage-
JOHN W. HARVEY, President TIIOS. TEALE, Vice President.
FRED TEALE, Cashier, T. S. ARNOLD, Assistant Cashier.
Jacks and Stallions
Percheron, Belgian and German Coach Stallions
BOTH IMPORTED AND HOME-BRED. will sell you full-blood American bred Stallions as good as were ever
grown in Europe, and better ami more prolific breeders at prices from S300 up to $1000. 1 have horses o'f ail
ages, 2 to 7 years old, from 1650 to 2300 in weight, all sound and good ami will, besides paying for themselves
In one season, put $500 in the owner's pocket also. Many an Iowa farmer has readied the point where he
now has several very fine brood mares and is able to keep a nice stallion for his own and his neighbor** use.
Don't let the boys leave the farm raise more horses and mules, it pays better than anything y.m do.
Now is the time to raise good horses. Gome to the Cedar Rapids Jack Farm and buy a better stallion thah you
have ever seen for 800. I,also have a large assortment of
All odors and
Mules three months old arc evervwhere this season
The Reporter Prints Those Large Sale Bills
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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