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Millet and
feecl for sale.
cane seed and chicken
For a really
•can't do better
first-class photo you
thtin go to Garber's
Cane, Buckwheat and Millet seed,
Japanese and Girman at Bowsher &
plain band gold bracelet.
Finder will be rewarded by returning
W. C. Stem pel & Co. are shoving a
swell line of wall paper this season at
prices that ought to sell it.
The English Shire stallion Joe Banker
makes the season of 1006 at the farm of
A. Noble, 2J miles southwest of Decatur
City. 36-0t.
The C. W. B. M. will meet with Mrs.
H. G. Scott on Wednesday, June 6th, at
•2:80 o'clock. The mite boxes will be
opened at this meeting.
Frank Gotch, of Humboldt, Iowa, who
has appeared in wrestling matches in
this city on several occasions, defeated
Tom Jenkins in a match at Kansas City
•on Wednesday evening of last week, and
•earned the title of champion wrestler
of America. Jenkins won the first fall
in 26 minutes, and Gotch the second in
14 minutes, and the third in 17 minutes.
The first of the new train auditors
'.recently placed in the service of the
Burlington system, appeared on the Des
Moines and Cainsville branch train last
Friday, making the trip from Des
Moines to Cainsville and return with
-conductor Mike Caiey, but we'll bet a
whole doughnut that he found ever
ything checked out all O. K. on ^con
ductor Carey's train.
The K. of P. lodge of Leon is enjoy"
ing a big boom these days and have so
•many candidates on the way that it is
•necessary to hold two meetings each
•week. On Monday night they worked
•several candidates in the first rank,
and at a special meeting to be held on
Friday evening the second rank will be
•conferred upon four candidates. All
•members are requested to be present.
We have received the initial number
of the Boosters Bulletin, a neat little
monthly published at Council Bluffs in
the interest of the 1. O. O. F. lodge.
A. W. Hawkins, better known here as
•"Ted" is the president of the Booster's
organization, and occupies a prominent
position in Odd Fellowship in Council
Bluffs. Mr. Hawkins has been employ
ed for a number of years with David
Bradley & Co., wholesale implement
-dealers in that city.
A Missourian while traveling in Ar
kansas, recently, overtook a native
evangelist, whose company he enjoyed
for several hours. Finally the Missour
ian asked his companion where he was
going. "I am on my road to heaven,"
the evangelist answered in a sepul
chral tone. "How long have you been
on the road?" "Eighteen years answer
ed the evangelist, with a solemn sigh.
""Well, my friend,, remarked the Mis
sourian, as he drew reins on his horse,
•"If you have been on the road to
heaven for eighteen years and have got
no farther than Arkansas, I don't care
to travel any further with you. Why
man you are not over a mile and a half
from Hades this very minute."
They are telling a pretty good one on
attorney V. R. McGinnis which happen
ed at Garden Grove the first of last
week when some Leon men were work
ing in that town securing signers to the
court house remonstrance. Gus Pryor
and Mr. McGinnis called on Uncly Jim
Cherry, who is past eighty year of age
and whose eye sight is failing some.
Gus used every effort to induce Mr.
Cherry to sign, but was unsuccessful.
The next morning Cal Hoffman and Capt
Brown went down to his house, and
tried their luck. Mr. Cherry listened to
their argument for some time and then
told them he had not signed the petition
and would not sign the remonstrance
and that Gus and some boy had been
down the night before, on the same er
rand and Gus had tried to palm off the
boy as Mr. McGinnis, but could not suc
ceed for Uncle Jim said he had heard
about McGinnis and knew that he was a
man and not a boy. Cal qnietly inform
ed him that his boyish looking visitor
was really McGinnis, and then Uncle
Jim confessed the youngster had put
up some pretty smooth talk for just a
boy, but he still doubt whether it was
the genuine McGinnis who called on
him. But Unele Jim finally signed the
remonstrance just the same.
All Need Them
We have safe-deposit boxes for
the use of administrators, guar
dians, trustees of societies, etc.
The expense is nominal.
Exchange National Bank
Central Missouri, 120, 80, 70. Price of
«ach is $22 per acre. Easy terms. Ad
dress Box 117, Lineville, Iowa. 26-tf
Some of these young San Francisco
people who married in a hurry last
•week, may discover after a while that
there are worse things than earth
W. Wasson & Co., all
parties owing said firm on book ac
count are requested to call at the store
«of Wasson & Boone and settle same by
cash or note. 38-3t
Don't forget that W. C. Stem pel & Co.
are headquarters for everything in the
paint, oil and varnish line. Their wall
paper stock is unusually strong this
reason. To see their stock is to buy.
Booker T. Washington is advising his
people to abandon expensive funerals
and spend their money for the living.
The proper application of this advice is
not limited to any race, color, or pre
vious condition of servitude.
We acknowledge the receipt of an
invitation to attend the commencement
•exercises of the Burlington Hospital, to
•be held at Burlington, Iowa, on Friday
evening, June 1st, when a class of six
nurses will be graduated, among them
•being Mrs. Lillian Craig Clark, of this
room house, close to
square. Newly repaired.
Reserved seat tickets for the com.
mencement exercises are on sale at
Van Werden's drug store.
Clyde Merrill, of north of town, lost
a cow which was killed by lightning
during the thunder storm Tuesday
Mrs. E.'H. Lewis of this city, suffered
a second stroke of paralysis Wednesday
morning at 7 o'clock, and her condition
is quite serious.
acres of good
blue grass pasture, no brush, plenty of
water, good fences, miles from Leon.
39tf. C. F.
We have the best proposition to name
you on harness that you can get. Come
in and get a good harness right.
Wo do not care how many lines of
wall paper you have looked at, all we
ask is that you see purs. We invite
comparison both in quality and prices.
W. C.
Wasson having retired
from the iirra of
& Co.
am in the cream and pro­
duce business, See me before you sell
your eggs and chickens. One door
north of Biggs' store at the old Conrey
stand. A. J. HIATT.
The Presbyterian church which has
been undergoing repairs for a couple of
weeks will be completed this week and
regular services will be held in the
church next Sunday by Rev. Mont
The New Canton cultivators are the
best spring trip on the market today.
They have no set-screw to get loose and
spring your beam. Come in and see the
best cultivator on the market today.
The Horton hotel changed hands this
week, Perry Shirley retiring and mov
ing into his residence property. Frank
Horton has taken charge of the hotel
and seems perfectly at home in iiis new
vocation.—Davis City Lariat.
llev. W. C. Martin, of Inrlianola, will
occupy the pulpit at the M. E. church
in this city next Sunday morning and
evening. He is one of the oldest and
best ministers in Iowa, and should be
greeted by large congregations at
both services.
Wasson & Boone have just received a
fine new line of go-carts at their north
side furniture store, and invite the
public to drop in and see them. They
want to make quick sales on them, and
will make special prices for the next
few days. If you contemplate purchas
ing a go-cart this is your golden oppor
D. D. Kizzire, of Davis City, drove his
team of spotted ponies through Main
street at a Wild West pace last Thurs
day afternoon, trying to see how fast he
could ply the whip and the ponies could
run. His hat blew off in front of the
Dension hotel and when he came back
after it marshal Chandler gobbled him
in and took him before Mayor Harvey
where he paid a fine of §10 and costs for
reckless driving.
The fourth assistant postmaster gen
eral has issued an order which provides
that after July 1st, next, rural delivery
carriers, when making their trips, will
visit and examine only those boxes for
which they have mail for delivery and
those on which signals are displayed to
indicate that there is mail for dispatch.
It is not necessary that such device
shall be either complicated or costly a
very simple arrangement will answer
the purpose. Those interested should
govern themselves according.
A team hitched to a load of hay and
driven by John Norton turned around
quickly in front of the residence of
Jonathan Hamilton last Wednesday
afternoon, upsetting the wagon and
throwing the driver to the ground, but
he was not injured. The team and front
wheels of the wagon came down church
street at a furious pace, and one wheel
rolled into the doorway of A. P. Olsen's
house and the other stopped in front of
the residence of Morris Benefiel. The
horses were caught in the east part of
Some parties on one of the rural
telephone lines who had been annoyed
by a certain other person always listen
ing every time they talked, put up a job
and got even, recently. They arranged
in advance for a conversation in which
the hide of the listener was to be
ripped off in strips and her soul sent to
the bowels of the earth. When they
talked again and' the party listened the
air around the meddler's phone was
like blue vitrol with lightning wads
exploding all over the house. Moral,
listen to your own rings and be
Among the delegates to the Pre sby
terian general assembly now in session
at Des Moines, Iowa, is a fullblood
Tsimpshean Indian, Rev. Ed Marsden
who represents the Alaska presbytery,
Rev. Mr. Marsden is a fine specimen of
his tribe, but there is nothing in his
speech that even hints at his early life
among his people. He first attended
the government school at Sitka and
afterward took the full course in Mari
etta, Ohio, college. Later he attended
the Presbyterian Theological seminary
at Cincinnati, where he was fitted for
the mission work. His people have es
tablished sawmills and other industries
and have commercial intercourse with
all points in reach. The Indian school
has an enrollment of fifty in tho winter.
The Medical union has won its fight
against the telephone octopus in Web
ster City. Two months ago the tele
phone company raised the rates for
medical men |l per month. The doc
tors did not object to the extra dollar,
but they did object seriously to the in
justice, and as they have a union, the
organization took up the matter and all
members ordered out their phones.
The manager of the telephone company
who does not seem to be much of
diplomat, began an aggressive fight up
on the doctors and advertised for phy
sicians to locate in Webster City. The
medical union responded by organizing
anew telephone company. Finally the
union won out. The manager of the
telephone discovered that the public
was with the doctors, because the tele
phonic service was really a much great
er convenience for the general public
than it was for the doctors. And so the
octopus gave in.
'J^/'^f^'^W fy-'] THE LEON REPORTER, THURSDAY, MAY 31, 1906.
W. C. Stempel & Co. for wall paper of
every description.
Woodmansee House
Will be newly painted and papered for
will keep two fine Hereford and
Jersey bulls at tiiy barn in Leon, for
service during the season of 1906.
39-tf. C. M.
We are offering a very low
lawn mowers and hammocks
and get under the market.
price on
Come in
Mrs. G. W. Hoadley of Garden Grove
came Monday evening for a week's visit
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
Johnson.—Newton Record.
Mrs. James W. Hurst entertained a
score of ladies at an afternoon reception
Tuesday, from 2 to 5 o'clock, in honor of
her sister, Mrs. G. F. Rinehart, of
Mark Grimes was able to come to the
store a short time Monday after being
confined to the house for two weeks by
sickness, having quite a tussle with
If you want a farm sold or want
a farm loan at lowest rate of In
terest and best terms go to E. J.
Sankey, southeast corner Main
and Commercial streets, Leon, la.
Monday afternoon a reception was
tendered by Leon Chapter O. E. S. to
the district grand deputy, Mrs. Lucina
Wells, of Corning, at the pleasant home
of Stephen Varga. An informal good
time was enjoyed by all. In the even
ing the deputy inspected the chapter
after which light refreshments were
Now is the time to do something all
along the line in the way of adding to
the beauty of Leon. If you can't build
anew house, then build a porcli or bay
window to the old one, and paint every
thing. The carpenters and painters
and plasterers have had a long rest,
give them something to do and keep
them busy. Trim up the shade trees,
tear down the old dilapidated fences
and parts of fences, rake the lawns and
make flower beds. Start in early and
keep going and there will be a great im
provement in the looks of the town by
Frank Garber, of Center township, at
tended the big dispersion sale of the
great herd of Jersey cattle owned by
Dr. C. E. Still at Kirksville, Mo., last
week, but did not purchase any animals
as prices went sky high, but he has his
eye on some good stock which he ex
pects to purchase latter. 120 head
were sold for 828,560, an average of
S238 a head, including the young stock.
There were leading breeders of Jersey
cattle from all over the United States
present at the sale, and competition
was lively. Silverine's Lad, the bull
which took first prize at the St. Louis
exposition, brought §1,500, being pur
chased for the Hartman Stock Farm, of
Columbus, Ohio. Flying Fox's Brown
Beauty topped the cows at 8860, being
purchased by Wm. Kerfoot, of Golden,
A traveler who has just finished a
two-year trip around the world was
asked what was the most curious thing
that had come under his observation.
After considering for a few moments
he surprised his hearers by saying that
perhaps the judicial oath in the Isle of
Man was about as odd as anything else.
The oath runs thus: "By this book and
the holy contents thereof and by the
wonderful works that God hath mirac
ulously wrought in heaven above and
in the earth beneath in six days and
seven nights I do swear that I will,
without respect of favor or friendship,
love or gain, consanguinity or anitv,
envy or malice, execute the laws of
this isle justly between our sovereign
lord the king and his subjects within
this isle, betwixt party and party, as
indiiYerently as the herring's backbone
doth lie in the midst of the fish."
Roe Caster jr., arrived home Satur
day from San Francisco, and will spend
a few weeks in this city visiting his
parents before returning to the west.
He has been kept busy since his arrival
telling his friends all about the terrible
catastrophe which visited that city, as
he was right in the midst of it. When
the shock came the hotel at which he
boarded on Market street was badly
damaged and he escaped by sliding
down the fire escape, but his hands and
feet were painfullly bruised in doing so.
He lost all his possessions except the
clothes which he had on, but consider
ed himself very fortunate as it was.
He says the newspaper reports do not
tell half the story, as it is simply im
possible to describe the horrors which
were witnessed during the Are. He
rather doubts that the. city will be
quickly rebuilt and reports that
thousands of people are leaving there
never to return.
The National Editorial Association
will hold its twenty-first annual meet
ing at Indianapolis, June 12 to 15. The
delegates will then tour the Great
Lakes and Eastern Canada. The party
will arrive in Chicago the morning of
June 20, where they are to be guests
of the Press Club. At 2 p. m. they will
leave on the Manitou Steamship Com
pany's magnificent steamer "Manitou"
for Mackinac Island. This splendid
ship has been justly titled "They Grey
hound of the Great Lakes" her triple
expansion engines, with immense horse
power, send her through the water at
an average speed of eighteen miles an
hour. Built entirely of steel and meas
uring 300 feet in length and forty-two
feet in breadth, her hull is divided into
seven distinct compartments, each com
pletely separated from the others by
solid steel bulkheads, thereby giving
her such stability as to rank her with
the finest ocean-going ships. The main
saloon and cabin are beautifully dec
orated and the culinary department is
the best of any boat flying the Ameri
can flag. It equals that of the best
clubs and hotels. The National editors
make the first sailing of the season on
June 20, after which the "Manitou"
maked regular trips from Chicago to
Mackinac Island and intermediate points
on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
of each week. Mr. Jos. Berolzheim, the
obliging general passenger agent of
the Manitou Steamship Co., Bush and
N. Water Sts., Chicago, 111., will look
after the welfare of the visiting dele
gates on their trip and is at all times
pleased to furnish information relative
to the Great Lake Resorts.
hi c- tilt,
Work Shirts
During this sale you have a splendid
opportunity to supply your needs in floor
matting at a considerable saving to you.
They are heavy, serviceable
Chinese matting in straw
color and fancy stripes and
figures never before have we
offered this quality for less
a 2 5 a O
Now priced Il)2v
Men's and boys' work
shirts regular 45c and 50c
quality for one week Op
each OOv
Infants Shoes-Soles
Have you seen the Velie buggy. It is
not like other buggies. Come in and
take a peep.
Elder R. A. Bixler, of Corning will
preach at the Advent Christian church
in Leon on Monday evening, June 4th.
Subject: "Is Saturday the Real Sab
bath." A cordial invitation is extend
ed to everyone to attend and hear this
interesting sermon.
Monte, the youngest son of J. L. Mc
Cutchan, a former well known resident
of Eden township, now residing at
Bellfield, X. D„ was terrible bitten by
a vicious dog one day last week, it
being necessary to take the little
fellow to a hospital where the physi
cians took twenty-three stitches in
dressing his wounds.
We acknowledge the receipt of an in
vitation to attend the commencement
exercises of the Maryville, Mo., Con
servatory of Music, which was held on
Tuesday evening, May 28th. Among
the graduates in the piano course is
Miss Una May Daugherty, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Daugherty, who
was a former popular young lady of
this city.
Union memorial services were held at
the M. E. church Sunday morning when
a splendid and timely sermon was de
livered by Rev. D. F. Sellars, pastor of
the Christian church, the church being
crowded. The G. A. R. post and W. R.
C. marched to the church in a body
special seats having been reserved for
them. The church was beautifully dec
orated with flags and flowers for the
The citizens of Leon with but few ex
ceptions responded to the request of
the civic federation requesting that
property owners make last Saturday a
general cleaning up day, and all over
town scores of people were busy all day
cleaning up the streets and alleys ad
jacent to their property, and the gen
eral appearance of the city has been
greatly improved. The society is plan
ning to carry on a campaign of im
provement to last all summer and we
expect to have one of the prettiest and
cleanest little cities in the state. Will
you do your share in this good work?
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Otten very pleas
antly entertained the Rathbone Sisters
and a number of other friends at their
beautiful home on Gospel Ridge Mon
day evening in honor of the birthday
anniversary of their daughter Mamie.
The evening was spent in music, games
and other amusements. Some of the
features of the evening's ^amusement
being a cake walk by Mrs. Otten and
Eleck House and a German song by Mr.
Otten. Punch was served during the
evening, Mrs. Willa Hurst and Mrs.
Woodard presiding over the punch-bowl.
Miss Blanch Woodard attended the door
and Misses Minnie Eeeler and Mary
La Follette served the guests with ice
cream and cake. All present spent a
delightful evening and voted Mr. and
Mrs. Otten royal entertainers.
Commencing Friday, June 1st and including Saturday, June 9th, the
following money saving prices will rule here.
5 pieces of dimity in dain
ty floial designs 8|c fTr*
value, now priced Jv
5 pieces batiste comes in
blue, pink, gray and black
and white,usually pric-Cp
a a
Sizes run from number to
Come in most colors and
also in patent leathers and fancy Qftp
designs, regular 50c goods, special. IUv
J. W. Wasson has built a fine new
cement walk in front of his property on
south Main street.
in white
No deviation from these dates
good 80 acre farm, call
Sprague 11 miles northeast of
fine son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
E. McHarness, of north Leon, Monday
Bring your eggs and chickens to A.
J. Hiatt. He will pay the highest cash
price for them.
Dr. Morris, the dentist, has offices in
the Biggs' block opposite Dr. Fox
worthy's office. Give him a call.
Call at W. C. Stempel & Co. and have
them show you some of their swell de
signs in parlor, sitting, dinning and bed
room papers.
good 120 acre
farm also 200 acres of pasture, 4 miles
northwest of Van Wert.
The report was circulated here the
first of the week that the Clarinda
Poultry, Butter and Egg Co. were
trying to rent a number of houses here
to be occupied by negro families brought
here to work in their plant, but we
are pleased to be able to state on good
authority that they are not contem
plating bringing any negroes to this
Having sold my meat
quest all persons owing
call and settle at once.
The program of the commencement
exercises is as follows:
Invocation—Elder D. F. Sel lards.
Vocal Solo—Edna Crawford.
Class Oration "Builded for Use"—
Lucy Garber.
Quartet—H. J. Vogt, J. S. Warner.
E. J. Warner, Dr. J. W. Rowell.
Address—Pres. C. E. Shelton.
Vocal Solo—Mrs. C. E. Gardner.
Presentation of Class to Board —Prof.
J. M. Pierce.
Presentation of Diplomas—C. W. Hoff
Benediction—Rev. J. A. Armstrong.
All of the grade rooms of the schools
have prepared programs for Friday af
ternoon to which the public is invited.
Lace Curtains
24 pair
this lot—40
Two Specials In
bran new lace curtains in
inches wide and three 3rards
ery desirable patterns. 'This
is an extraordinary lace cur
tain offer and is not likely
to be duplicated in
Leon soon. Pair
Now is the time to lay in
your summer supply. Good
quality, smooth, elastic bal
brigan shirts and draw- 0£\p
ers, all sizes, garment. £Ul/
10 dozen fine cambric handkerchiefs.
These are shown in plain and in colored
borders. Also hemstitched or fancy Qp
edges,not one in lot worth less than 150.^
One Fare for Round Trip
plus 81.00 from Chicago to Boston and
return, via Nickel Plate road, May 31 to
June 9 inclusive. Also excursion rates
via New York City. Extended return
limit July 15. John Y. Calalian, General
Agent, room 298, 113 Adams street,.
Chicago. June 9.
Chicago To Buffalo, N. Y-,
and return, via Nickle Plate Road, at
one fare plus twenty-five cents for the
round-trip. Tickets will pe sold from.
Chicago June 9th, 10th and 11th, with,
return limit of June 25th. Particulars
at Nickle Plate Office, No. 113 Adams
St., Room 298, Chicago, 111. June 9.
Grand River, Iowa.
1* i' if ill »'n *l*llill ill!
Cement Sidewalks
Street Crossing.
Portland Cement and
Acme Hard Wall Plaster.
Prices Ri£ht.
market, I re
me to please
A. J.
Schools Close This Week.
The Leon, public schools close for the
year on Friday of this week. On Thurs
day evening the commencement exer
cises of the graduating class will be held
at the opera hall, a class of thirteen
graduating. The graduates are Lucille
Alexander, Edna Crawford, Madeline
Ghormley, Fern Pryor, Lucy Garber,
Minnie Miller, Sidney J. Artt, Francis
Varga, Winfield R. Matsler, Floyd
Coder, Raymond Little and Walter R.
Watsebaugh. The baccalaureate ser
mon was preached at the M. E. church
last Sunday evening by Rev. W. A.
Montgomery, pastor of the Presby
terian church, the church being
crowded to overflowing, and the vast
audience had the pleasure of listening
to one of the finest discourses ever
heard in this city.
Headquarters tor
Remember the place
AWYER. Office" In Reporter block.
and Notarial work.

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