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County School
School House
Soldiers Relief
County Institute
County Road
Board of Health
General Township
Farmers Institute
Permanent School
Temporary School
State University
State College
State Normal
Electric Light
I, 1906.
Balance on
hand .1 an. 1.
Total on
hand since
Jan. 1. 1906.
Buy 0ur«Vinegar
and Get the Best
& S vinegar, good and sour, gallon 2cc
XXXX family, pure apple juice. 25c.
Old Orchard, pure apple juice, 10 years old
We are always glad to furnish
sample. Come in and try it.
l'aid out
since .ran.
721 82
1.425 57|
1.028 76
3,178 21
449 32
1,523 93
342 23
134 45
103 S3
83 09
.332 24
3S2 76
103 06
129 34
425 90
(W S9
7,495 08
15 OS
15 08
7 46
93 13
We, W. L. Edmondson. C, \V. Barr and J. F. Hacker, the Board of Supervisorsof Decatur
county, state of Iowa, hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a correct balance sheet
and statement of the collections and disbursements by W. 11. Young, treasurer, from Jan.
1, 1906. to June 1. 1906, as per receipts and^voucliers surrendered, and his and the county
auditor's ledger of revenue accounts examined and approved by us this 9th day of June, 1906.
I, W. H. Young, treasurer of said county, do hereby certify that the above and forego
ing is a full and correct statement of revenue collected and disbursed by me since last set
tlement, being January 1,1906, to .Tune 1.1906.
I, H. G. Scott, auditor of Decatur county. Iowa, do hereby certify that the above is
a true statement as filed in my office this 9th day of June. 1!KM.
Pure Food
We are again handling the same line of
high grade vinegar that we sold last year
because they proved so strictly satisfac
tory to our trade. When we say apple
vinegar we guarantee it to be made
from apple juice and not acids as many
cheap vinegars are,
Balance on
hand June
1. lPOti.
1. UHW.
229 96 S
920 49|
9.174 63 3
3.238 16
16.755 26
3.285 13
13.137 03
4.138 48
22,709 25
12.377 02
9.262 17
4.114 23
911 65
5.786 41
346 82
234 45
399 01
11*5 14
2.8f0 98
438 82
103 60
75 00
463 84
425 90
227 08
14.364 2i
4.333 26
477 26
477 25
238 49
127 68
8.980 19
3.829 13
27.466 58
2.632 05
9.741 40
3.180 48
23,761 3:
7,747 20
11.009 09
12,049 37
270 39
4.154 80
259 11
We Have I
Just Mni
jf A car load of Flour, Bran, Shorts and
Jfj Cracked Wheat. Call and get prices
as we can save you money.
We also pay Highest Cash Prices
poultry and eggs.
East Side Square
fine Job Work at the Reporter Office
194 44
*590 97
*10.711 32
652 4S
3,396 23
958 00
*992 12
4.629 82
*1,746 92
*7.935 14
Ml 26
1.631 61
87 71
234 45
192 89
23 37
206 12
171 77
1,734 57
37 42
1.126 41
401 40
103 00
75 00
136 14
425 90
156 82
70 26
4.155 00
2.784 38
10,209 24
1,548 88
12 06
4(1") 20
465 19
232 46
252 55
12 06
6 03
*124 87
County Board of Supervisors.
Treasurer of Decatur County. Iowa.
Auditor of Decatur County. Iowa.
you a
I was sitting in my editorial den pre
paring matter for the Sunday edition
when a big muscular fellow who looked
like a prize fighter came iu and asked
for employment. I feared that his real
Intention was to rob me and dallied
with him.
"Any experience?" I asked.
"Lots. I worked three weeks on the
Bee. That's after I left college.
a month ago."
At mention of college I started.
"Any creative faculty?"
"You bet! I can flipg off a story any
"I'm thinking of running a short sto
ry every Sunday. Sit down there and
let me see what you can do."
He took a Beat at a vacant reporter's
desk and wrote this story:
"The nineteenth century was just
twenty-five years old. It was the win
ter season. By the wayside stood a
hotel, with a barroom just off the of
fice. The landlord was absent, and his
daughter, a beautiful girl of eighteen,
sat sewing behind the counter. Tho
door opened, and a young man, a regu
lar stalwart, walked up to the counter
and registered. He wrote in a fine
round hand, 'Dick Tutt, Central City,
I paused and looked at the author.
In 1825 the Rocky mountains where
Central City is located had probably
never seen a white man.
'I'm a cowboy, I am,' snid Mr. Tutt,
sweeping the floor with his broad brim.
'I won $700 at faro off the boys punch
in' cows around "Central," and I've
come east to blow it in.'
"As he spoke he drew a bead on the
girl with his eagle eye and brought her
down like an antelope. Talcing a key
off a rack, she handed it to him, and
he was about to go upstairs when a
party came in smoking 'long nines'
and took possession of the big stove in
the center of the room. Mr. Tutt
paused and watched tliem. They soon
got to kicking up a row, and the girl
started for the telephone to call the po
"You've made a slight mistake," I
remarked to the author. "The tele
phone was invented half a century
after the dale of your story."
lie glared and ground his teeth like
a lion poked with a long stick, and 1
went on reading.
"Mr Tutt walked up to the lady and
'If you want these galoots tumbled
out I reckon I can do the job.'
"'No, sir,' replied the girl softly
'we never allow any shooting in this
'Sliootin'!' exclaimed the gentleman.
'What do I need of a gun with such
muscle?' And, rolling up his sleeve,
he showed a biceps that measured a
good, twenty inches,
"Without waiting for permission hS
sidled up to the man making the most
no|se and, straightening his crooked
arm, sent the fellow sailing like an ice
boat along the floor till he brought up
against the baseboard. Mr. Tutt then
turned and faced the rest of the gang.
It happened that Kid Malione was in
the crowd, at that time training for a
fight with Pat McCracken. lie step
ped to the front, and a ring was
formed. The kid was a featherweight
With fancy list training, and the cow
boy was strong as a bull buffalo.
While the kid was dancing around the
cowboy broke his guard, got a clutch
on him and, raising him in the air,
threw him into the next room.
"This ended the fight. The gang
picked up the unconscious kid and ran
him out, for they didn't know but the
police might come in any minute.
'IIow can I ever thank you enough?'
remarked the young lady, going back
to her sewing machine behind the
Again I paused to think. My recol
lection was that the sewing machine
did not come into use before 1850.
"At that moment the old man walked
'Father.' said the girl, 'here's a
guest from the wild and woolly west.
A gang of rowdies came in a few min
utes ag and made a disturbance. The
gentleman cleaned them out'
'My friend,' said the landlord,
'what can I do for you? "Anything in
this house is none too good for Riley,"
quoting a popular song.'
'Stranger,' said the cowboy, 'you've
got only one thing I want, your daugh
'I'd rather part with my new Colt's
pistol or my typewriting machine, but
if she's willing you have my consent.'
"When they were married the cow
boy wore a woolen shirt, corduroy
trousers, boots and spurs. The bride
wore white muslin."
Having finished the story, I looked up
at the author.
"Did you take a full course in col
lege?" I asked.
"Well, no. I was brought in for a
special when the varsity team went
into training for the annual football
game. I left college Just before the
"I see. You are"—
"The tackle that laid everybody out
opposed to your college last season?"
"The same."
"Why did you place the scene of
your story so far back as to time?"
"Well, you see, I ain't up to what's
going on, and by the looks of you I
thought you might not be either, so I
set it back where the mistakes would
not be noticed."
"You've made a blunder on every
line. How would you like to run a
page of sports?"
"Very well. I'll Btart you In at $30
Mrs. D. F. Sellards and little son
came Wednesday from Leon to visit her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Beard.
Rev. Mr. Sellards came this morning,
and will return tomorrow.—Mt. Ayr
Foley's Kidney Cure purifies the
blood by straining out impurities and
tones up the whole system. Cures kid
ney andj.bladder troubles. L. P. Van
William Kimball has just completed a
a concrete stock tank out at Hayes Mc
Claren's farm, [eight by twelve feet
square and ten feet deep. The tank
will hold 4,300 gallons and supplies
troughs in the feed lot through under
ground pipes.—Davis City Lariat.
If your Stomach is Weak,
If your food distresses you,
If you are Weak and Nervous
Use Dr. Shoop's Restorative one
month and see what it does for you.
Sold by L. P. Van Werden.
One day last week as Willie Thomas,
of IHarry Thomas, was working
around a binder some part of the ma
chinery struck him on the right arm in
flicting a severe gash on the inside of
the arm just above the elbow. Dr.
Greer dressed the wound.—Lamoni
It has caused more laughs and dried
more tears, wiped away diseases and
driven away more fears than any other
medicine in tho world. Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea. 35 cents Tea or
Tablets. W. C. Stempel & Co.
We learn of an exceptional case of a
boy being prompt in attending school
which probably has not an equal in the
county. Tho boy in question is the
youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Curry who live north west of Garden
Grovo. Ho has attended school forty
months, walking one mile, without be
ing absent or tardy during the time.—
Garden Grove Express.
A. R. Bass, of Morgantown, Ind., had
to get up ten or twelve times in the
night, and had a severe backache and
pains in the kidneys. Was cured Wy
Foley's Kidney Cure. L. P. Van Wer
Dr. C. A. Mitchell, of BIythcdale,
visited with us a few days ago and
incidently made mention of Miss Win
nie Craig and the recent accident
which resulted in the breaking of her
antic. The doctor said that it will be
several months before she will have
free use ol' the injured foot and even
when its use is fully restored to her she
will in all probability, be a trifle lame.
Her many friends here will exceedingly
regret to learn this and only trust that
the doctor's diagnosis may prove illy
founded.—Davis City Lariat.
Dyspepsia is our hational ailment.
Bui dock Blood Bitters is the national
cure for it. It strengthens stomache
membranes, promotes flow of digestive
juices, purilies the blood, builds you up
Master Willie Thomas, the son of Mr
and Mrs. Harry Thomas, was quite
severely cut in the fleshy part of his
left arm Friday, by a reaper. They
were cutting rye, and some green timo
thy becoming entangled in the machine
he reached over while it was in motion
and tried to pull it out. In some way
his left arm just above the elbow came
in contact with the machine and was
deeply eut.t'Dr. Greer dressed the
wound. Fortunately no bones were
broken, and it is only a question of time
and good opportunity to heal.—Lamoni
A specific for pain—Dr. Thomas' Ec
lectric Oil, strongest, cheapest liniment
ever devised. A household remedy in
America for 25 years.
Mr. Daniel Jones was the victim of
cruel accident Thursday afternoon. He
and Elder E. B. Morgan were riding
a top buggy and Mr. Jones was leading
a horse behind it. As they passed an
other team he thinks the animal's atten
tion was suddenly[attracted, causing it
to stop, which jerked Mr. Jones' right
hand into such a position that his
thumb was caught between two of the
upright pieces supporting the buggy
and cut and wrenched nearly entirely
off. One artery was left, from which
Dr. Goff, who was called, hopes that
sufficient blood can be supplied to en
able him to save the thumb. Mr. Jones
manifested his usual coolness and pres
ence of mind in the hour of so painful
an accident, and is taking a very phil
osophical view of the situation. "If it
cannot be saved,! shall have to learn to
do without it." A good lesson for all.
We sincerely hope it can be saved.
Lamoni Patriot.
We are still in the fresh meat business not
withstanding reports to the contrary. If you
want the best we can supply you.
Best home made
per pound....
Flour, Bran and Shorts
FLOUR—Crowning Glory per sack $1.20
Nothing to equal it at the price.
Bran, best western, per 100 pounds $1.00
Shorts, good white $1.20
Mason Fruit Jars, best grade, at lowest prices.
Car load Old Process Oil Meal just received.
has a very bad effect on your sys
tem. It disorders your stomach
and digestive apparatus, taints your
blood and causes constipation, with
all its fearful ills.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
is a bland tonic, liver regulator, and
blood purifier.
It gets rid of the poisons caused
by over-supply of bile, and quickly
cures bilious headaches, dizziness,
loss of oppetite, nausea, indiges
tion, constipation, malaria, chills
and fever, jaundice, nervousness,
irritability, melancholia, and alt
sickness due to disordered liver.
It is not a cathartic, but a gentle,
herbal, liver medidne, which eases
without irritating.
Price 25c at all Druggists.
Special Summer Tourist Rates to
Canadian and New England
via Nickel Plate Road. Fifteen day
limit, one fare plus two dollars, from
Chicago. Thirty day limit, one fare
plus four dollars, from Chicago. For
dates of sale, reservation of sleeping
car berths, etc., write or call at city
tickat office, No. 107 Adams St., Chicago.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Sevea MDBon boxes soM in past 12 months. This Signature,
layne's Tbnic Ve rm'ifude
Ogives rosy cheeks and active health to pale, sickly children.'®
And it is good for their elders, too.
Ask your druggist for it
Associate Auctioneers
Derby. Iowa.
REFERENCE—Hundreds of satisfied customers and
a volume of business second to none. After your
sale is dated with us we work for you. A large ac
quaintance and constantly keeping in touch with
all the buers enables us to .render the best service.
Usual terms, one per cent. Telephone at our cost.
Dac Your Sale and We'll be There.
an»l siill you fertile laml at a loit) jtrivc and on ensy twins,
within 25 mile* of St. l\iul and MinneupoliH. This is the greatest
proposition ever made to readers of this* paper. You have your
choice of 40 acres or more out of two million acres of the splendid
lands of Northwestern Wisconsin. The, price is onty to
an and to give you a yootl start we will huiUt
lyottr house on the land. The finest climate in the world, pure ho ft water, ample rainfall,
I fuel for years on your own land, near to the finest markets. This with a FREE HOUSE and
land that will grow the FINEST KIND OF CROPS. What more can you ask! Write TO-DAY
Opera House Block Cumberland, Wisconsin
AND SORGEON. Office oyer Alex
ander's drug store, l'hone 7.
AND SURGEON. Office with Dr
Layton. Office hours II to 12 a. m.—1:30 to
8:30 p, m. Office phone 7—residence 3.
FOR SALE—A good 80 acre farm, call
on A. Sprague 1} miles northeast of
Practice in all courts. Office In Lon
block. Phone 96.
Office hours 10 a. m. to 12 m. and 2 p. m. to 4 p. m.
Office in Woodland, Iowa.
PHYSICIAN. Consultation and
examination free. Office at residence one
one block north of Woodmansee house. Phone 60.
AND SORGEON Residence Lewi
property. Phone at office or residence.
Warner Block.
Successor to Curry & McGlnnfs. Offleo
In Ray block,
All work.done first-class and guaran
Office in Long block.
(AND SURGEON. Special atten-
tion given to the treatment of chronic diseases
office hours 9 to 12 a m.—2 to 5 m. Telephone 36
office and residence
AND SURGEON. Obstetrics and
diseases of women and children a specialty
Night calls not answered except in cases of obstetrlei
emergency or for consultation. Office hours: 10 to 12
a. m., 2 to 4 p. m. and 7 to 8:30 evenings. Phone 28
office and residence, Office phone always accessible.
Office east room up stairs Biggs block, Leon, Iowa.
Shoe Shop!
When you need any shoe repairing done
the best man to do it is
Tom Peniston
He is located in the n«w shop at rear
of Exchange National Bank. All
work guaranteed to give
HARVESTER cuts and
throws in pile on harvester
or windrows. Man and
horse cuts equal to a corn binder. Price
814. Circulars sent free showing har
vester at work. 45-5t
NEW PROCESS MFG. CO., Lineoln, Kas.
Cores Crip
in Two Days*
on every
box. 25c,

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