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A soun:l monetary system is tlie
basis of all commercial prosperity
and also the foundation of stability
in all other values. The change from
the wild cat banks of years ago to
that of the present admirable state
banking system, has been one of the
main factors in raising our country
generally to its present high standing
in the eyes of the commercial world.
No better endorsement can be given
a banking institution than the long
and honorable record made by the
Farmers and Traders State Bank at
Leon. This bank was incorporated
in 1895 with a capital of $25,000.00.
By Jan. 1st, 1903, the business had so
expanded that the' capital was In
creased to $50,000.00. Since its cor
poration tlie bank's record has been
one of continued success and pro
gress. Its resources at the close of
business May 10th, 1906, according
to sworn statement being $291,223.29,
in loans and discounts real estate
$12,080.00 cash on hand and due
from other banks $99,245.74, making a
total of $382,549.63. This, with their
capital of $50,000.00, surplus and un
divided profits of $9,949.62 and a line
of deposits of $322,599.41, make the
Farmers and Traders State Bank one
of the largest and most substantial
banks in southern Iowa. The officers
of the bank are J. W. Harvey, presi
dent Thos. Teale, vice president
Fred Teale, cashier and T. S. Arnold,
assistant cashier. These officers
with the directors of the bank, are
listed among the most substantial and
enterprising citizens of Leon and De
catur county, gentlemen who have
done their full share in the advance
ment of the city's interests and they
are held in high esteem by the com
munity for their sterling business
methods. The policy of the Farmers
& Traders State Bank is to keep its
business entirely within its control
and its resources available for any
emergency. The bank solicits busi
ness from farmers, merchants, indiv
iduals and corporations and guaran
tees satisfaction to its patrons. De*
posits are received, loans negotiated,
foreign and domestic exchange
bought and sold, drafts issued on all
accessable points and conscientious
advice is always vouchsafed to cor
respondents with reference to colleo
tions and other matters entrusted to
its care. A more perfect system of
conducting business does not prevail
in any banking institution in the
country than in the Farmers and
Traders Bank. The bank owns the
handsome two story brick structure
in which it is located. The building
is provided with all modern facilities
for protection against fire and theft,
such as fire proof vault, burglar
proof safe with time lock, etc. The
second floor is devoted to a lodge
liall, an attorney and justice of the
peace offices, while to the rear of the
bank, on the ground floor, is located
the offices of the Leon Loan and Ab
stract Company. The building is heat
ed throughout by steam and is with
out doubt one of the most substantial
and best equipped bank and office
buildings in southern Iowa.
It behooves everyone, under all cir
cumstances, when purchasing real
estate to make a careful search Into
its title, and thus insure that it is not
marred in any way by mortgages or
liens of any description. This can
only be done by employment of an ab
stractor of titles, and there is none
more reliable in this respect than Mr.
Stephen Varga, proprietor of the
Leon Loan and Abstract Company.
This set of abstract books is the only
one in Decatur county they date
back to the early seventies, Francis
Varga, father of the present owner of
the books, managed the abstracts for
the Farmers & Traders Bank from
.1881, until 1892, when he and his son
"~v-.'i^•*-*:••-1 '••••%j'-

W* sfc
purchased them. Stephen Varga be
came sole proprietor at the time of
his father's death, April 5th, 1902. Mr.
Varga is an expert abstractor, fami
liar with every detail of the business.
His abstract books are strictly up-to
date and he and his assistants are
constantly employed in the work of
maintaining them perfect, and it is
this thorough system that has made
these books recognized by bauks,
lenders. of money, purchasers of real
estate, as the most reliable in the
county. In addition to the abstract
business, Mr. Varga's company loans
money at the lowest rates and on
the most reasonable terms. The Re
porter can highly recommend the
Leon, Loan and Abstract Company as
a concern thoroughly reliable and
reasonable in their charges. Their of
fices are to be found in the rear of
the Farmers & Traders Bank, where
all patrons will receive prompt and
satisfactory attention.
Mr. Varga is not only a successful
and reliable abstractor, but is a push
ing, enterprising citizen as well, al
ways to the front in helping advance
the town. His father before him was
a man of sterling worth and it is nat
ural to find him among the leaders
in our community in his day and gen
Implements and Harness
Among the prominent and reliable
dealers in farm machinery and har
ness of all kinds may be mentioned
Mr. W. L. Barry. This well known
and responsible house carries a full
and complete stock of up-to-date
goods from the best known manufac
turers in the country. In our brief
interview we soon discovered that Mr.
W. L. Barry was thoroughly conver
sant with all the details of the imple
ment business carrying the best and
most reliable and approved makes,
with which satisfaction is always
guaranteed. This house has been
specially favored with the confidence
of people of Leon and the surround
ing country and a large and lucrative
trade is enjoyed. Mr. Barry is a
practical and thoroughly reliable
business man ,and the success he has
achieved both commercially and fin
ancially is the result of prudent man
agement and sound business tact. Mr.
Barry came to Leon from Bethany,
Mo„ in 1889, and he has so success
fully conducted his business that to
day he is one of Leon's leading and
substantial merchants. He owns and
occupies a handsome two story brick
store, besides a ware house which Is
filled with farm machinery, buggies,
wagons, hay stackers, manure spread
ers, harness, whips, robes and horse
furnishings. He also maintains a
well equipped harness repair shop,
where all kinds of harness repairing
is done in a prompt and satisfactory
manner. Mr. Barry- is a public spirit
ed and enterprising citizen as well as
a successful business man and the
Reporter is pleased to extend to him
this notice.
Blacksmith and Wagon Repairing
A general blacksmithing and repair
ing industry is one that is never
classed among those of minor import
ance—at least they should not be as
such industries cannot well be dis
pensed with. The one operated by
the above-named gentleman Is worthy
of special mention on account of the
quality of work which it turns out.
Mr. Elwell by close attention to busi
ness has gained a patronage to be en
vied. He does all kinds of black
smithing and makes a specialty of
wagon, buggy and farm machinery re
pairing. The shop is fitted up for the
execution of the large amount of
work with which they are entrusted.
Mr. Elwell established in business
four years ago and he has built up a
large trade by turning out the best
work at reasonable prices.
Dry Goods and Millinery
The name of Thompson & War
ner is a household word throughout
the county, and stands for one of the
largest and most popular trading es
tablishments in this part of the state.
The stock is unexcelled for variety
and excellence, and consists of Dry
Goods, Dress Goods, Silks, Satins,
Shoes, Oilcloth, Mattings, Lineoleums,
and Millinery, their Millinery depart
ment, especially being well stocked
with a large assortment of the latest
styles and patterns of everything per
taining to this line. And all goods are
sold at prices which defy the competi
tion of Mail-Order Houses. The store
occupied by this fy-m is exceptionally
well arranged. Plenty of competent
and obliging clerks and assistants are
employed, and the store i3 one of
which the people of Leon are justly
proud. It is Metropolitan in appear
ance. A feature of this house's busi
ness which has appealed to the public
through its 8 years,of merchandising
in Decatur county, is the uniform pol
icy of reliability in its merchandise
methods. "One price to all" is the in
variable policy of this establishment.
All dollars count alike and the child
ren can be sent shopping with the
assurance that they will get the same
treatment accorded to the most care
ful buyers. The members of this firm
are both wide awake business men,
and under their guidance the affairs
of this house are conducted with a
perfect system and accuracy and to
the entire satisfaction of their large
circle of customers.
Mr. Thompson has for years, been
one of "Marshall Field & Co.'s" most
competent traveling salesmen, and is
rhus in a position both as to value and
price and the ability to select from
large and complete stocks, enabled to
secure the very latest styles and
makes of goods, at the least possible
wholesale prices, which is one reason
for the exceptionally low prices at
which their goods are sold. Although
the entire management of the firm's
large business is in the hands of Mr.
Warner, he has proved himself fully
equal to the occasion, and to his popu
larity and straighforward, energetic
business methods is, to a large ex
tent, due the large city and country
patronage this firm enjoys. Both Mr.
Thompson and Mr. Warner have done
much toward gaining for our county
seat the reputation as a trading cen
ter she today enjoys, by always giv
ing personal attention and willing as
sistance toward all beneficially inclin
ed local enterprises.
The Leading Photographer
It has been well said that "One
Should Not Live to Eat, but Eat to
Live.', With many people, however,
it is a continuous struggle to find
food sufficiently well prepared to en
able them to live with any degree
of comfort and satisfaction. The cit
izens of Leon and surrounding coun
try are however fortunately excepted,
for the restaurant lunch counter and
confectionery of Mr. S. E. Benefiel.
Mr. Benefiel is r.n old and exper
ienced restaurant man. In March,
1905, he purchased the Detrick res
taurant and equipped and furnished
it in first-class style and today he
has one of the leading restaurants and
lunch counters in the county. He is
ably assisted by his family in handl
ing his large trade and carries a fine
line of candies, fruits, cigars, ice
cream, etc. A soda fountain from
which all the popular summer bev
erages are dispensed is a successful
feature of the business. A news
stand is also run in connection with
the restaurant under the management
of Rollin Benefiel where all the lead
ing dailies and periodicals can be pro
cured. Young Mr. Benefiel makes a
speciality of taking subscriptions for
all the magazines in the world. Mr.
Benefiel, Sr., is one of Leon's popular
and successful business men. He has
had the honor of being city marshal,
a position he filled with credit to him
self and to the satisfaction of the pub
lic and the Reporter is pleased to give
him mention in its Court House
As our country grows older and
ailments and disease become .more
prevalent, greater attention is paid
to the pharmaceutical excellence, and
the people are fast learning to depend
upon the druggist to administer and
compound preparations of relief and
other remedies. A high standard of
excellence and perfection in pharm
acy is maintained by W. E. Myers &
Co., and their store takes front ralik
in all that pertains to purity and ac
curracy in drugs. The stock sarried is
singularly complete and is of a high
order. Drugs, medicines, proprietory
goods, toilet articles, druggist sund
ries, wall paper, paints and oils are
carried, and all sold at prices which
defy the competition of mail-order
and telephone houses. The drug store
of W. E. Myers & Co. is first-class in
every respect, and is one .of the most
popular business houses in the city,
and enjoys a large and ever increasing
trade. In all the extensive stock car
ried there is no article of merchan
dise or drugs for the excellency of
which this firm cannot vouch and the
utmost care and skill is given to the
compounding of prescriptions. Both
Mr. Myers and Mr. Bell, his partner,
are prescription druggists, Mr. Bell
having graduated from, the Northwest
ern School of Pharmacy, one of the
best in the world. During the nine
years in which this enterprise has
been established there has never
been an error of material consequence
from their prescription department,
and much care and attention is given
to the selection of none but the purest
of drugs and medicines, as well as
toilet articles and all other goods car
ried. Both Mr. Myers as well as Mr.
Bell are live, wide-a-wake business
men and enterprising citizens, whose
honorable, up-to-date method of doing
business, combined with their congen
ial and liberal treatment of all pat
rons, has gained for them and their
enterprise a reputation for good
goods, fair treatment and liberal pric
es, unsurpassed by any other firm in
Decatur county. None of our mer
chants are more ambitious as to the
future development of Leon as a sub
stantial county seat and preferred
trading center and they will always
be found at the head of the list of
those who desire, for the benefit of
every well-meaning citizen of Decatur
county, to see a new court house
erected in the near future. Such
hustling young business men are the
backbone of such prosperous little
cities as Leon in fast becoming and
the Reporter trusts that they will
meet, with continued success both as
business men and citizcns of Leon
and Decatur county.
City Meat Market
In these days of extensive cattle
shipping an.l the big prices paid for
the better beef, there is nothing a
town likes to boast of more than a
meat market where they can obtain
just as good steaks and chops as can
be found in any large city market.
And we are proud to state that we
have just such a meat market right
here in .Leon, la., owned and control
led by V. F. Penniwell. This reliable
market was taken in charge by Mr.
Penniwell about one month ago, and
has enjoyed a large and growing pat
ronage ever since. Here can be found
at all times, one of the finest lines of
choice fresh chops and steaks in the
city, all sold at prices which defy
competition. Having had years of
practical experience in this line, this
gentleman is as good judge of butch
er meat as is to be found in southern
Iowa. His market is always kept
clean and inviting, and it is a pleas
ure to trade here. His extensive pat
ronage has been built up by treating
the people right and selling the best,
meat at the most reasonable prices.
Being popular with all classes Mr.
Penniwell is numbered among Leon's
most enterprising and successful
business men and enterprising citi
zens and the Reporter is pleased to
give him prominent mention in its
business history of Leon and Deca
tur county.
Leon Marble and Granite Works
Among the many places exhibiting
artistic handiwork there is none
more worthy of notice than the above
prominent branch of trade. It is but
natural that we should feel it incum
bent upon us to properly mark the
resting places of the departed ones
whom we have held near and dear to
us. In fact, it seems the last visible
tribute we can pay to those who are
wrapped in their last long slumber.
And we often feel that money is no
consideration, but that the grand aim
is to obtain a fitting monument of en
during material for this worthy ob
ject. At the above establishment
may be seen all the newest designs
in American and Italian marble, and
in the finest of granites from the
world's quarries. Special designs are
submitted and receive the benefit of
J. A. Harris & Bros.' long and suc
cessful experience. The designing of
family monuments is one of their
chief studies, and examples of their
art and skill can be seen in almost
every cemetery in the county. This
firm is prepared to furnish estimates
on monuments of all sizes and de
scription, on short notice, and all
work is guaranteed to be first-class,
and at very reasonable prices. There
is no marble works in the state bet
ter prepared to furnish everything in
line of monuments in a first-class
manner. Their shop is equipped with
the very latest, up-to-date machinery,
including a power polishing mill, sur
facer, pneumatic tools, drills, etc. Per
fect work, exquisite finish and prompt
delivery, combined with exceptional
ly reasonable terms, has been the
main cause of this firm's extensive
patronage now enjoyed. To those of
our near, as well as distant readers,
who may now, or at any future time,
need a tombstone of any size, qual
ity or price, we feel justified in say
ing that J. *A. Harris & Bros, will sup
ply your wants in this line as satis
factorily as any like firm in the state.
The members of this enterprise are
listed with our most prominent and
prosperous citizens who have done
their full share toward keeping the
wheel of commercial prosperity con
stantly revolving in the business and
financial circles of Leon and Decatur
Shell and Heavy Hardware
Hardware is as necessary as lum
ber for building purposes, and almost
as necessary as food for culinary pur
poses. A first-class hardware store
in any town is a wonderful incentive
to its growth and development. Such
a store can be found in Leon in the
establishment owned by B. W. Keeler
& Co. This prosperous business firm
was founded 2 years ago, and from its
inception to the present time it has
ever been a leader and most success
ful exponent of the hardware trade.
They carry a stock second to none in
Decatur county, and besides shelf and
heavy hardware they have in stock a
complete assortment of stoves, ranges,
guns, ammunition, paints, oils, brush
es, and a nice line of china and queens
ware. One new article which caught
the writer's eye was their "White
Frost Refrigerator" one, if not the
finest article in this line ever placed
upon the market. Being made of
steel it will last forever, and the
heavy white enamel with which it is
covered throughout makes it an orna
ment equal to a new piano. The ar
rangements for ice and the several
apartments for the reception of arti
cles'to be kept cool and, fresh are ex
ceptionally unique, and as the price
for the same is exceedingly low for so
valuable a refrigerator, we would ad
vise any of our readers who contem
plate purchasing anything in this line,
to look this "White Frost Refrigera
tor" over before you buy.
Both Messrs B. W. and J. W. Keeler
are business men of no little ability
and experience, and that their busi
nes and social life in Leon has been
an exemplary one is too well justified
by the extensive buisness which they
have built up since entering the mer
cantile field two years ago. The Re
porter is pleased to make mention of
their worthy enterprise and join with
their customers and friends in wish
ing them continued success.
Fancy Millinery
There is no line of merchandise
which attracts the attention of the
ladies more than that of millinefy
goods, and many devote hours daily
in examining at their leisure, the
various shades, textures and patterns
embraced in that line. The object of
this article is to bring to the notice
of our lady readers the above named
well-known establishment of Mrs.
Lucy Ray, where can be found one of
the best selected and most desirable
stocks of millinery goods in Decatur
county. The store is well stocked and
centrally located, where you will find
everything pertaining to a first class
house of this kind, such as hats—
trimmed and untrimmed,—bonnets,
flowers, feathers, trimmings, fancy,
goods, laces, etc. Mrs. Ray is thor
oughly conversant with the require
ments of the millinery business, and
is considered the leader in this branch
of the mercantile trade. There is no
merchant in our city deserving of
more praise than Mrs. Ray and the
honorable, enterprising manner in
which she has conducted her fine
Millinery enterprise. Beginning about
14 years ago, with a small but neat
and up-to-date stock, she studied the
desires of her patrons carefully, watch
ed the markets, styles and prices as
any successful merchant must, and by
careful attention to every detail, and
courteous, liberal treatment of her
patrons, she has built up a business
unsurpassed by any like establish
ment in Decatur county. She owns
the building in which she is now lo
cated. which is among the largest and
best in our city, being 24x90 feet in
size, two stories high, the upper
story being arranged into four fine,
large office rooms. Such hustle and
enterprise is the making of any town,
large or small, and the Reporter is
more than pleased to make special
mention of Mrs. Ray and her up-to
date and successful enterprise.
Lumber, Lime, Cement, Etc
The building supply trade is one of
most important branches of com
merce which tend toward the improve
ment and substantial growth of any
community, and Leon is fortunate in
having such an establishment as that
of T. W. Ballew. Mr. Ballew began
doing business in Leon about eleven
years ago, having purchased the busi
ness and good will of Early & Son,
on North Main street. Mr. Geo. A.
Cowden has been Mr. Ballew's local
manager up to about one month ago,
when Mr. C. E. Brown took charge
of the same. Mr. Brown is an experi
enced, practical lumber man, and the
past pleasing business of this enter
prise promises to grow much larger
under his control.
Mr. Brown has been in the employ
of Mr. Ballew at Mound City for the
past five years. He was manager of
the' yards at Mound City, coming
from there to Leon to take charge of
and manage the yards here.
Being a man of congenial, pleasing
disposition, and popular with all class
es, combined with his knowledge of
the best grades of building material
and the present public demand and
market prices, this gentleman is pre
pared to compete with any like es
tablishment in the state. The yards
of this firm are well arranged and
stocked with everything wished for in
the way of building material, special
mention being due the "Huttig Rub
ber Roofing." Of all the rubber roof
ings on the market, it is safe to say
that none have stood the test of
strength, wear and durability more
satisfactorily than has the "Huttig."
As to the price of every article to be
found in this yard, there is no like
concern in the state which quotes
prices more reasonable, quality con
sidered. The Reporter is pleased to
call attention to this well-known en
terprise and also, to its present local
manager, Mr. C. E. Brown, who is
fast becoming one of our leading busi
ness men and wide-awake citizens
who are desirous of seeing our coun
ty seat not only sustain its present
prosperous condition, but continue,
yea*by year, to grow into popularity
and commercial supremacy.
For Oklahoma real estate write or
call on
B. Jordan, Enid, O. T.

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