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Part Two
Pages 9 to 16
Department Store
It has been long conceeded tliat
Hansell's Big Store in Leon is the
Bargain Center of Decatur county and
people come for miles to take ad
vantage of the low prices and superior
goods to be always secured at Han
sen's store. It is one of the most at
tractively arranged department
stores in the county and a leader in
its line. The stock carried embraces
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Novelties,
Tags, Books, Stationary, Queensware.
Glass ware, Tin ware, Ladies and
Gent's Furnishings. Special bargains
can be secured at Hansell's during the
summer months in shirt waists, light
summer dress goods, white shoes,
light weight underwear and a num
ber of other seasonable articles. It
has been Mr. Hansell's aim to cater
to all classes, selling only reliable
goods at most reasonable prices. He
has marked down his goods to the
lowest figure but in his dealings and
advertisements he is careful to put
forward no misleading schemes or
statements to entrap the public. It
is this mothod of doing business that
has gained for Mr. Hansell the confid
ence and esteem of the farmers and
the public at large and is one of the
secrets of his great success
Everyone knows that when he deals
at Hansell's he will get full value for
his money and receive prompt and
courteous treatment.
Hansell's store has no fear of mail
order and catalogue competition as
goods are sold here at a lower price
than these mail order concerns can
make, besides goods bought at Han
sen's, are of a superior quality and one
can see and examine the goods be
fore one pays out his money and there
is no express to pay or delays or mis
takes and one gets just what is want
ed at rock bottom prices.
Mr. Hansel is an experienced busi
ness man and has a large acquaint
ance among jobbers and manufactur
ers. He knows when and how to buy
and can thus secure goods as cheap or
cheaper than most merchants.
The Reporter is pleased to gi^ men
tion to Mr. Hansell and his store, as
he is not only a successful business
man, but a public spirited citizen, as
•well, and has done more than any one
person in advertising, the advantages
of Leon as trade second to none of its
size in the state.
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the erection of a suitable court house at the county seat is the
author's apology for what follows.
The town of Leon has grown year by year and our busi
ness establishments have kept pace with the city's development
meeting all the demands of a rapidly increasing trade until
today our merchants can supply any and all goods as cheap if
not cheaper than the so called mail order or catalogue houses.
That our citizens and farmers of this vicinity realize this fact
is shown by the number of persons who have ceased to send
their money away from home and who when they buy now
demand that they be able to see and examine the quality of the
goods before they pay out their money. In buying at home
they find that there is no delays, mistakes or express charges
to pay and at the same time they are getting a better grade of
goods. It is these thrifty and energetic citizens and farmers
that have made Leon one of the best towns of its size in the
state. The business portion of Leon never appears dull to the
eves of an observer. Our creditable buildings and business
blocks with their artisticly arranged window displays give to
our city a metropolitan appearance while a tour through the
residence portion of the town will disclose to view the substan
tial and elegant homes of our citizens.
Leon is the natural trading point for the entire county,
the stocks in all lines of merchandise carried by our home mer
chants being equal to any in larger cities and prices are the
lowest to be found anywhere in southern Iowa.
and carefully studied statement of the facts
relative to the developement of the trade interests of
Leon and the importance there absolutely exists for
Clothing and Gents' Furnishings
The Kraft Clothing Store in Leon is
one of the largest and one of the
most popular clothing houses in this
section of the state, dealing in up-to
date, ready-to-wear clothing, shoes,
and gents furnishing goods. Here is
shown the largest and finest line
of ready made clothing in De
catur county, together with the
newest novelties in shoes and
gents furnishings of both for
eign and domestic manufacture.
Everything in this extensive stock has
been selected by Mr. Grimes and his
partner in person and their unerring
judgment is shown in- the fine quality,
style and finish of the goods carried
and the prices at which they are sold
are such as to captivate the attention
of the public. All goods in this es
tablishment are of the best quality
and sold at a price catalogue and
mail order houses cannot meet. A
child can deal here as well as a man
and get just as good a bargain and as
fair treatment. The Kraft Clothing
Co. has been engaged in this line in
Leon for the past 5 years and are well
known to all readers of the Reporter!
They occupy a building 20x100 in size
at the corner of Main and Ninth
street. This store is equipped, in
metropolitain manner and is well
lighted, while the large stock is artis
tically and conveniently arranged.
The Kraft Clothing Co., while strict
ly a home business concern, has 12
other branches throughout the state.
They purchase more clothing and in
larger quantities than any other cloth
ing house in the state of Iowa and
this is one of the reasons why so many
remarkable bargains are to be ^lways
found at th6 Kraft Clothing Company
store in Leon..
This firm make a specialty of this
celebrated clothing. Every suit is
hand tailored, and they have the
broad shoulder effect and. fit around
the collar. These suits are the equal
of the tailor made clothing from the
large tailor establishments in the
cities. The Krushbaum Company is
one of the largest clothing manufact
uring concerns in the United States.
They have the best equipped factory
with one of the noted designers in
charge. He Is assisted by an army of
expert cutters, each of -whom are
thoroughly familiar with all the latest
models of fashion. Mr. Grimes Is one
of the best known salesmen in Leon,
having been connected with his store
*«M ^•S**
V^»V~* -ft4
City of foott.
City of foott.
The population of Leon consists of 2,100 wide awake,
enterprising and progressive people, who take an interest in
their town and believe in its future greatness.
Leon has an excellent city government, the different offic
ers being among the most prominent merchants. It is an
incorporated town with a population of 2,100. It is the
judicial seat of Decatur county, located on the Burlington
route, 88 miles south of Des Moines and 167 miles west from
Burlington. The town is lighted by electric lights and has a
finely equipped fire department. It has two of the finest brick
school houses in the state, six churches supply the necessary
stimulous to the religious sentiment ot the community. A
handsome new Carnegie public library building has just been
completed, and for seveial years the city has maintained a free
public library which now numbers about two thousand books,
and this number is being constantly added to.
The Leon Reporter and Decatur County Journal furnish
the town with the current news of the day. There is an opera
house with a seating capacity of GOO, a chemical factory, cigar
factories, brick yard, a large granite manufacturing establish
ment employing a number of men, creamery, and the largest
exclusive poultry and egg plant in the state, which affords em
ployment to many men and women.
Temperance is the watchword and no saloons are to be
found in the city to tempt the weak. Life and property are
secure, values are well established and maintained, and with
good society, healthy climate, handsome and eligible location
of the city as to drainage, etc., with good railroad, mail and
telephone connections, educational, religious and manv other
advantages, makes the conditions of life in Leon agreeable and
for the past 15 years. He is a thor
oughly experienced clothing man and
has hosts of friends throughout the
county. All who deal with him like
him and he draws the trade of all
classes. Mr. Grimes is ably assisted
by several salesmen and no pains or
trouble is spared to make the stay of
all customers both agreeable and pro
Fancy Groceries
This business was established in
November, 1868, by Mr. Hoffhines
and is one of the best known grocery
houses in Decatur county. It has
grown and prospered, year by year,
until today its trade extends through
out all the surrounding country,, and
it ranks among the most reliable
grocery houses in Leon. Mr. J. Hoff
hines is an experienced, an attentive
business man, mindful of the interest
of his patrons, and his store is, with
out a doubt, destined to remain one
of the strongest In the trade. Like
all'enterprising business men, Mr.
Hoffhines is always alive to the best
interests of Leon and is ever pleased
to prove to the public the advisabil
ity of patronizing home industries by
showing to the most skeptical that
he can and does sell groceries at less
money than they can be bought from
any of the big city catalogue estab
lishments. Strangers to this enter­
prising grocers will do well to call
and inspect his goods and ascertain
'his prices before buying elsewhere.
He keeps on hand a full and clean
supply of everything to be found in a
well regulated and up-to-date grocery
store, such as the best brands of
flour, fresh eggs, butter, canned
goods, teas, coffees, spices, cooking
supplies of all kinds, provisions, vege
tables fruits, ete. Careful attention
is given to the wants of all patrons,
and everything is guaranteed as rep
resented. Mr. Hoffhines takes spec
ial interest in his country patrons, al
ways accepting fami produce at the
very latest market prices, and there
is»no like establishment in the county
which enjoys a more extensive coun
try or city trade.
The citizens of Leon are to be con
gratulated up having so large, well
equipped and commodious an opera
house as is that managed by Mr. Van
Werden. This house under his man
agement has prospered and a higher
class of attractions have been induct
ed to play the town than ever before.
The Van Werden opera house is
equipped with eight sets of Gausman
& Landis scenery. The stage is large
and is furnished with a rigging loft
so that the scenery of the larger com
panies can be handled. The seating
capacity of the house is 600, all seats
being the latest folding opera chairs.
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2Santt?r ©railing
2Santt?r ©railing
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(Enuntg Sowa-St $\
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O I E E N A N A E 1 S S E
pleasant. As atypical temperance town there is no better
example within the state. Its moral tone has ever been the
object of watchful regard by its citizens. It has a good health
ful school sentiment and a wide-spread religious influence from
its churches.
Leon's growth in population has always been in keeping
with the ability of its businessmen to supply the demands. It
has been successful as a town and community because our
people have been successful in their investments and all have
felt that natural pride in the general welfare of the town that
rises from a progressive spirit among our citizens.
In such a town it is not strange that the people should
object to the old out of date building that now serves for a
court house. Now that all question as to the location of the
county seat is settled, it becomes necessary for the people of
Leon and Decatur county to vote a tax this fall to build a
court house that will be worthy of the greatness of Decatur
county and one in which the valuable records of the county
will be properly protected from fire and theft. The present
building is absolutely inadequate in which to transact the rap
idly increasing business of the county, besides being an eye
sore to the public spirited citizens of Decatur county. This is
one of the banner counties in the state and is worthy of a fine
county seat building, and this fall is the time for every one
interested to put their shoulder to the wheel and carry the
movement to success. As a fitting conclusion to the
we take the liberty of introducing to our readers the leading
businessmen of Leon, men who are worthy of every confidence
and who would be a credit to any community.
Good banking facilities are the
life's blood of individual enterprise
and commercial progress, and any re
view of Leon's progress and standing
would be incomplete did it not con
tain mention of the town's monetary
institutions. To the favorable condi
tions locally existing in monetary af
fairs, and ever responsive in all mon
ey matters, the Exchange National
Bank merits prominent mention in
the Reporter's Special Edition. The
career of this bank, from its incep
tion, fifteen years ago, has been one
of steady progress, and since it came
under the control of its present man
agement in 1900 and changed to a Na
tional Bank incorporated under the
state and National laws and, thereby,
fully protected in every way, its pro
gress has been such that, at the pres
ent time, its resources, capital and
business in general, is classed with
the oldest and most substantial bank
ing institutions in the state. The of
ficers of this bank are: J. P. Hamil
ton, president H. J. Vogt, vice pres
ident E. D. Dorn, cashier S. G. Mit
chell and A. E. Dorn, assistant cash
ers, and Stephen Varga, secretary.
This bank has a cash paid up capital
of $35,000.00, and resources and lia
bilities to the extent of $138,936.04.
The officers of this bank are men of
almost a lifetime's experience in the
banking business and the bank's ex
ceptional progress is, to a large ex
tent, due to their wisdom and able
management. The bank's policy has
always been to take the middle
course between liberality and conser
vatism, blending both in all adminis
trative affairs wherever and when
ever it can stand the test of applica
tion of business principles. The Ex
change National Bank solicits busi
ness from farmers, merchants and in
dividuals upon the most favorable
terms consistent with sound and safe
banking principles and guarantees
satisfaction to all patrons. Every pre
caution has been taken against theft
and fire by fitting the bank through
out with all the latest appliances, in
cluding burglar-proof safes, double
time locks, fire-proof vaults, etc. Tak
en as a whole the Reporter is pleased
to state that no better banking in
stitution can be found in the state
than the Exchange National Bank,
and its array of proficient officers
and directors, all of whom are men of
high social and financial standing
who are ever to be found in the front
ranks of those who are willing and
desirous of lending consideration and
support to any enterprise tending to
ward the maintainance of Leon's pres
ent and future prosperity.
Jeweler and Bookseller
The busy appearance of this estab
lishment, the variety and volume of
the several lines carried, the methods
employed, indicative of push and en
ergy, all of these tell the story of the
popularity and prosperous business
This concern, under its able manage
ment, occupies a leading position
among the mercantile enterprises of
Leon. The stock carried is the result
of years of experience in catering to
the public, and responds faithfully to
the needs of the people of this sec
tion. Mr. Bashaw possesses every
advantage for securing goods at bed
rock figures, and, having a full knowl
edge of the many productions on the
market, is able to select the genuine
article from the "as good as," or
"made-to-sell" article of commodity.
The stock carried embraces almost
everything in the line of books and
periodicals, jewelry, ehinaware, sil
verware, cutlery, and hundreds of
other articles too numerous to men
tion, all of which are sold at rock
bottom prices. Mr. Bashaw is a.
thoroughly efficient business man,
and succeeded by his knowledge and
experience in catering to popular
needs and promptly satisfying all de
mands, in placing his large establish
ment among the popular and progres
sive of local enterprises. This firm
buys in quantities at jobber's prices
from makers at the factory door and,
as a consequence, is in a position to
supply the trade at very reasonable
prices. In addition to the fine dis
play of jewelry, watches, clocks, etc,
Mr. L. E. Gassett, an expert and ex
perienced jeweler, is employed to at
tend to the wants of all who desire
anything in the line of watch or jew
elry cleaning or repairing. As a
whole, we feel justified in saying that
there is no one store in Decatur
county which is as completely stock
ed with as large a variety of useful,
up-to-date makes and grades of goods
as is this popular enterprise of J. R.
Bashaw's. A resident and merchant
of Leon for nearly forty years, the
immense stock carried and the exten
sive patronage enjoyed speaks but
too well of Mr. Bashaw's reputation
and stability as an energetic, con
scientious business man and enter
prising citizen.
Part Two
Pages 9 to 16
XXXI, NO. 48
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