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Osceola Champion
1 No. 11597
Will make the season of 1909
as follows:
Monday,"Tuesday and Wednesday at
Isaac Toney's baru in Davis City.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at
Lafe Mitchell's barn in Leon.
OSCEOLA CHAMPION is a pure bred
Percheron Norman stallion and weighs
about a ton and is registered in Che
French Stud Book and with the Iowa
State Department at Dcs Moines, as
provided by law.
TERMS—$12.00 to insure colt to
stand and suck, care will be taken to
prevent accidents but will not be re
sponsible should any occur. Mare and
colt are to be held for the service of
the stallion. Parties selling or remov
ing mare from county forfeits the insur
ance and the debt becomes due and pay
able at once.
S. R. & H. G. AKES,(Owners
The Imported Percheron {Stallion
TURCO. No. 52103
A beautiful black, weighing 2000
poands, white strip and snip, with trace
of white on both hind feet. He is one
of the best Percheron stallions iu Daca
tur county.
The Imported Shire Stallion
Lane's Marmion
A handsome dark brown, has stripe
down face and three white legs, weighs
2000 pounds.
•Both of these stallions will make the
season of 1909, at the Brazelton
barn in north Decatur, Iowa.
Terms for Both Stallions:—$15.00 to
insure colt to stand and suck. Mare
and colt held for service fee. Service
lee becemes due at once if owner dis
poses of mare. Care will be taken to
prevent accidents but will not be re
sponsible should any occur.
S. W. ROBBINS. Keeper.
The Grade Stallion
A dark bay 5 years old,
1700 pounds, will
make the season of 1909 at
my farm 3^ miles southwest
of Leon.
TERMS—$6.00 to insure mare with
"ioal. Parties parting with inare forfeit
insurance. Mare and colt will be held
for service fee. Care will be taken to
prevent accidents but will not be re
sponsible should any occur.
The Black Jack
Will make the season of
at the feed yard one
block north of the Leon pub
lic square. He is good size
and good bone and a good
I^TERMS—$8.00 to insure.
MLLLIN & HILL, Keepers.
Program of the fourth annual con
vention Woman's Home Missionry So
ciety of the Chariton District Des
Moines Conference Methodist Episcopal
Church, to be held at Davis City, Iowa,
Thursday and Friday, May 27-28, 1909.
7 80.
Opening: and Devotional Exercises
Mrs. Mary Rusk, New Virginia
Words of Weleoune Davis City
Ue&ponse Mr*. Lewis Miles, Corydon
"Our Country's Problems". ...M s. K. Helvet, Lineville
"Why We are Here" Mrs. A. ("Jriflith, Atlantic
Appointment of Committees.
Dint. Treasurer, Miss Emma Dmlcu.
Dist. Corresponding Secretary.
History of the Chariton District W. H. M. S. and
Minutes Mrs. J. W. (Joodsell, Cardeit Grove
Worker* Hour conducted hy Mrs. A. E. Griffith
"What Constitutes Necessary Preparation for the
Leader" Mrs. Mattle Calbreth, Lineviile
"Responsibility of Each Member"
Mrs. I. M. O'Flyng, Diagonal
"Our Rest Auxiliary Meeting"
Mrs. Hauuah Le Compte, Corydon
"Problems" Mrs. W. W. Peasle.v, Kellerton
Ahy Day of Humiliation and Prayer"
Mrs. Lena Readle, Heaconstietd
"Why a Thank Offering"
Mrs. Carrie Stearns, Van Wert
"Why Mite Roxes" Miss Artie Prather
"Why Special Work"
Mrs. V. K. Reck, Grand River
"Retrospective and Prospective Tiew of the
Woman's Home Missionary Society"
Mrs. D. T. Sollenberger, Allerton
"Where Our Money Goes"
Mrs. H. 8. Hoi
lings worth, Des Moines
"Noontide Hour of Prayer".. ..Mrs. Hilda M. Nusmyth
Devotional Mrs. W. E. Hardaway, Mt. Ayr
"Our Literature" Mrs. D. B. Phillips, Seymour
"God's Plan of Finance"
Miss Hattie Duncan, Corydon
"Voiuig People" Mrs. L. M. Abernatky Murray
"Supplies" ... Mrs. George Mericle, Allerton
"Temperance" Miss Ida Sowder, Russell
"Home Guards ami Mothers' Jewels"
Mrs. M. D. Rew, Corydon
"Gather up the Fragments". Mrs. Mary Rusk
"Our Des Moines Work,, Miss Elizabeth Ogden
"The Forward Movement" Mrs. Lou Lyman, Chariton
"Better Spiritual Life and the Obligation of Chris
tian Women" Mrs. A. K. Griffith
Election of Officers.
L'ntiiiishsd Business.
Devotional Rev. O. F. Howard
Address Mrs. Hilda M. Nasmyth
Installation and Consecration Service
Mrs. A. K. Griffith
Doxology and Benediction.
Pastors are kindly requested to an
nounce this convention and urge their
women whether members of the Woman's
Home Missionary Society or not to
attend. All will be welcomed and en
Every woman a member of the Wom
an's Home Missionary Society is a mem
ber of this convention.
Literature will be on sale.
One of the attractions will be Mrs.
Hilda M. Nasmyth, of Little Rock, Ar
Her early life was spent in missionary
work in Africa, where she buried her
You will never forget having heard
her speak of "Our own Africa."
She is a storage battery of spiritual
energy, enthusiasm and information.
Come and hear her.
Send names of those expecting to
attend to Mrs. Eva l'oush, Davis City.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach the dis
eased portion of the ear. There is only one way to
cure deafness and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the
mucous lining of the Eustachian tube. When this
tnl»e is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or im
perfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed, deaf
ness is the result and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its normal condi
tion, hearing will be destroyed forever nine cases
out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing
but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give one hundred dollars for any case of
deamess (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured
by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars free.
J. F. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
More Coal at Cainsville.
Core hole No. 0 is done at last. After
a weary wait the drillers reached the
required depth last Monday evening,
and found what we cxpected they would
lind, a verification of the coal vein re
vealed by the other test boles in the
In the hole just completed, a fine vein
of coal about 55 inches was found
at about 480 feet, covered with a roof
of shale about 4 or 5 feet thick. The
drillers have had all sorts of bad luck
in drilling this hole, and are still in
trouble as they are unable to get the
core barrel out. The boys are still try
ing to get it out and we hope they will
The showing of this hole is a very
gratifying piece of news as it clears
away all doubts as to the extent of the
coal field and the enormous size of the
vein. When Mr. Strause made the an
nouncement while drilling the oil well
that he had struck a vein of coal 5 feet
thick but few believed it as it sounded
too good to be true, and the people
were not fully satisfied until the core
from the hole Mr. West drilled a few
feet from the oil well proved that Mr.
Strause was practically correct. Six
core holes have been drilled—one half a
mile east and a little south of the oil
well, three west and one southwest of
the oil well—and all of these test holes
have told practically the same story.
This simply means great things for
Cainsville. Sooner or later it means a
city of 3000 to 5000 with factories and
other industries attracted by our cheap
fuel, more railroads, and business enter
prises generally.
The future prospects of the town
certainly "look* good" to us.—Cains
ville News.
Won't Slight a Good Friend.
"If ever I need a cough medicine
again I know what to get," declares
Mrs. A. L. Alley, of Beals, Me., "for,
after using ten bottles of Dr. King's
New Discovery, and seeing its excellent
results in my own family and others, I
am convinced it is the best medicine
made for Coughs, Colds and lung
trouble." Every one who tries it feels
just that way. Relief is felt at onee
and its quick cure surprises you. For
Bronchitis, Asthma, Hemorrhage, Croup,
LaGrippe, Sore Throat, pain in chest or
lungs it's supreme. 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottle free. Guaranteed by L. P. Van
Aunt Delphia Rogers, a negress, who
claimed to be the oldest person in Iowa,
died at Clarinda last Tuesday morning.
Her exact age was not known bat she
stated a few days previous to her death
that che thought it was 106 years. Her
father served in Washington's army.
Hundreds of thousands of people use
Hollister's Rooky Mountain Tea as a
family tonic. If taken this month it
trill keep the family well all spring. If
it fails get your money back. 85 cents.
W. 0. Stempel & Co.
in payment therefor.
You are
Nptke «f Special ElecttM.
To the Qualified Electors and Voters
of the City of Leon, Iowa:
Notice of the calling of a Special
Election for the submission to the
qualified electors and voters the ques
tion of the Procuring, Purchasing,
Erecting, Building ana Furnishing of
a Waterworks System in and for the
City of Leon, Iowa, and for the issu
ing of the Bonds of said City of Leon
hereby notified that on the
6th day of May A. D. 1909, it being at
a regular meeting of the City Council
of the City of Leon, Iowa, in due and
legal course of business there came
up for hearing and consideration by
said Council, a Petition which had
been duly and legally filed with the
City Council, of the
n, on the 5th day of
May A. D. 1909: that said Petition
upon examination was found to con
tain the names and signatures of the
majority of the qualified electors of
the said City of Leon that said Pe
tition asks that the said City Council
call a Special Election for the purpose
of submitting to the qualified electors
and voters of said City of Leon the
question of the issuance of the Bonds
of the City of Leon in the sum of not
to exceed $35,000.00, to be used for the
purpose of building, erecting, estab
lishing and procuring a System of
Waterworks for the Citv of Leon,
with all necessary appliances and ap
paratus tnereto pertaining and for
obtaining and constructing the neces
sary water supply for the same, and
that said Waterworks System with
water supply could not be procured,
erected, built and established within
the limit of one and one-quarter per
centum of the actual value of the
taxable property of the said City of
That in pursuance of the filing of
said petition aforesaid, and the law in
such cases made and provided, the'
said City Council of the City of Leon
(having said petition under due and'
legal consideration), and at a regular
meeting thereof. to-wit= on the 6th
day of May, A. D. 1909, passed in due
and legal form the following Eesolu-.
"Be it Resolved by the City Council of the
City of Leon. Iowa, that a Special Election I
be, and the same is hereby called, to be held
in the City of Leon, Iowa, in the respective
wards thereof, to-wit: Wards Numbers One, I
Two and Three, on the 10th day of June. A. D.
1909, for the purpose of voting on the iues
tion of the issuing of the Bonds of the City of
Leon, Iowa, in the sum of $35,000 said Bonds
to run for the term of twenty (30) yearn and
to draw 4K per cent interest said Bonds to
be used for the purpose of building, purchas
ing, procuring, constructing and furnishing a
System of Waterworks for said City of Leon,
and for procuring, purchasing, building and
constructing the necessary water supply foi
the same."
Passed and adopted this 6th day of May,
A. D. 1909.
Signed: S.A.GATES.
Mayor of said City,
Attest: S. G. MITCHELL.
Clerk of said City of Leon'
That in compliance with the pro
visions of said Resolution and the
Acts of said City Council, and the
law in such cases made and provided,
the qualified electors and voters of
said City of Leon, Iowa, are
Therefore, Notified that said Spe
cial Election of the City of Leon,
Iowa, for said purpose aforesaid, will
be held in said City of Leon, Iowa,
in Wards Numbers One, Two and
Three thereof, on the 10th day of
June, A. D. 1909, between the hours
of 8 a. m. and 7 p. m. of said day, the
same to be held at the usual voting
places in said Wards, to-wit In
Ward No. 1. at basement of Presby
terian church. In Ward No. 2, at
W. H. Filical's shop. In Ward No. 3,
at Ballew Lumber Co. office.
Said proposition of the issuance of
said Bonds for the building, purchas
ing, erecting, procuring and furnish
ing of said Waterworks System, with
water supply, will be submitted to
said electors and voters of the said
City of Leon, Iowa, at- said Special
Election in substantially the follow
ing form, to-wit:
For the issuance of per cent
20 year Bonds of the City of
Leon, Iowa, in the sum of
$35,000, for Waterworks Sys
tem, and water supply for
Against the issuance of 4£ per
cent 20 year Bonds of the City
of Leon, Iowa, in the sum of
$35,000, for Waterworks Sys
tem, and water supply for
To all of which take due notice
By Order and Resolution of the
City Council of the City of Leon, De
catur County, Iowa, and provisions
of the laws of the State of Iowa, in
such cases made and provided.
Dated at the City of Leon, Iowa,
this 6th day of May A. D. 1909.
Mayor of the City of Leon, Iowa.
City Clerk of the City of Leon, Iowa.
Try The Money-Back Cure For In
Nine times in ten stomach derange
ments are responsible for sallow com
plexion, dull eyes and thin body.
It is the stomach that supplies
nourishing blood 'to the rausoles, the
nerves, and skin. If the stomach is
healthy, plenty of nutritions matter will
be absorbed by the blood. If it is not
healthy, the food will ferment, and un
digested, will pass along through the
bowels, furnishing so little nutritions
matter that the blood becomes impover
ished, and the glow of health vanishes.
If you suffer from nervousness, sick
headache, belching of gas, sour taste in
the mouth, heaviness after eating, or
any qther miserable stomach disturb
ance, you need Mi-o-na, and the sooner
you get it the quicker you will be
healthier and happier.
It will relieve any distressed stomach
condition almost immediately. It will
cure if used according to directions. L.
P. Van Werden sells it for 50 cents a
large box, and he thinks enoagh of it
to guarantee it to cure indigestion.
I FMMm HI6H-0-H£) I
Cures catarrh or money back. Just
breathe it in. Complete outfit, including
inhaler $1. Extra bottles 50o. Druggists.
while they last
Men find in our line of suits at above prices an unusually large assortment. At this
price we offer about two hundred suits, sizes to fit most any man. Special models for differ
ent ages and forms.
faulty in any respect we will replace them or refund the purchase
before have tried our
A Good Place to Trade
Shoes and Oxfords
$3.50 and $4.00
Ready-to-wear Clothes
have bought them of us this season and express themselves as well pleased. Men who want
something better than is offered at other stores, who want a large assortment to select from,
who are particular as to fit, style and quality, find here the.goods and the store service de
sired. Then there is the additional satisfaction of knowing you take no risk. Our business
methods protect you.
Men's Suits in Black
The new green, ox bloods, tans and blacks in patent
colt, velour calf and gun metal. Lace or button styles,
Black broad cloth, black doe skin, black granite, hard finished or soft unfinished
worsteds lined with serge or Venetian in three or four button models, single breasted, trou
sers plain or half peg styles that are positively correct,
$18.00, $20.00 and $22.50
Plain or Fancy Blue Serge
All America
all the correct toe shapes, choice leather, skillful shoe
Serge cloth in plain or unfinished surface, in plain or self stripe patterns in all the
models, sizes to fit you. The self striped patterns are going fast. We offer a large assort
ment of this new and very popular fabric at
$18.00, $20.00 and $22.50
building, correct styles, all the little points of detail
well looked after serve to make our shoes
Shoes of Quality
The New Wood Greys
The new wood greys, slate or stone shades, olive green, smoked grey, taupe, greenish
brown, tans and silk mixed stripe effects. In the above shades we will certainly please you.
The colors are very serviceable and in the qualities and styles found here you will get com
plete cloth satisfaction. There is a charm in the coloring and high class tailoring of these
suits that will appeal to you. A splendid line at
$18.00, $20.00 and $22.50
Are You an Expert in the Value of Clothes
If not, your safety in clothes buying rests with the dealer. You take no risk when
you trade here. If we make a mistake and sell you something that's not right we are willing
and ready to make it right. It's our aim to have the
goods earn the price you pay for them. We are doing
our best to make ours
Special—Saturday, Ma.y 29
We have ten beautiful suits that were sold up to $16.00, Saturday special
Kraft Clothing Co.
12 Stores. Larger Buying Qiyes Better Values
Models for the short
man, the fat man, the
tall slim man, the ex
tra large man, the tall
young man with heavy
broad shoulders and
small waist—in fact
we are prepared to
fit the man who re
quires something dif
ferent as well as the
regular size. In point
of value we offer you
the same class of mer
chandise the high class
city stores offer and
save you $5.00 to $8.00
on a suit. Our $22.50
suits are superior to the
tailor product at $30.00
—better tailoring, more
style and you see just
what you are getting.
Besides, if they are
price. Men who never
A a
&S& \.
... I

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