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Men's heavy mittens
One of the saddest, most tragic
deaths that has ever occurred in our
midst was that of Robert Grandstaff
which occurred suddenly on Satur
day afternoon about four o'clock at
home in the east part of town.
Mr. Grandstaff was taken ill during
the night Friday yet he kept up Sat
urday forenoon and tried to go to
fiis shop but could only go a little
Way. He returned home and laid
down and in the afternoon, feeling
much worse medical aid was sum
moned. Despite the best of care and
skill and tender nursing the end
came suddenly and the young wife,
who was herself very ill, was bereft
of affectionate,, indulgent hus
aii5 the mother, who was with
him, of a kind, considerate son. Be
sides these two there are four sisters
and a brother who survive. Mes
dames Graham and Hill, of near
Davis City, Mrs. Lutz of Leon and a
sister residing in Wisconsin and one
brother Fred Grandstaff.
Robert Grandstaff was just in the
prime of young manhood, being but
twenty-seven years old the 1 "th of
last January, lie was an energetic
industrious young man, of pleasant
agreeable disposition, well liked by
all who knew him. In the home he
Winter Footwear
You should want new rubber goods when you buy*
We have the new goods and our prices will save you
money. Try us and if not true pass them.
Men's felt top leather sole shoes
Ladies' warm lined shoes....
Ladies felt top, fur trimmed leather solid slippers,
Get our prices on shoes of all kinds.
Ladies' Fur Ca^s
How does this look to you. The most practical
headwear for winter. Special, each
Gloves and Mittens
You had as well save a little monev on these lines
as you go along.
Canton flannel goods, all kinds, double thumb and
double palm mittens, pair 5c
Men's plush back, Jersey palm drivers, pair
Mittens, ladies' and children 9c
15c. 25c» 39c, 45c
Basement—2 dozen boys leather glov es,
Sudden Death of liobt. Grandstaff.
The highest medical authority
& on foods,
$1.25. $1.35 $1.45
10c. 13c,
25c, 45c. 75c- 95c
till sold, pair 15c
was a most tender, devoted husband
I and he leaves the tenderest memories
of a
happy though brief wedded
life. He was married last winter
to Miss Carrie Moore of near Udell,
and a short time ago they removed
here. Mr. Grandstaff going into the
Fred Aten barber shop.
He was in apparently good health
before his sudden illness and his
death was due to apoplexy. The
funeral services were held Sunday
morning at 10 o'clock at the home.
Rev. Goodsell conducting a very im
pressive service full of comfort to
the sorrowing ones. Several appro
priate songs were sung by the choir
and a number of lovely bouquets
were sent in, tokens of neighborly
kindness, sympathy and respect.
The body was then taken to Davis
City for interment. Monday after
noon the mother and one of, the sis
ters, Mrs. Graham returned from
Davis City to remain with the
stricken wife until she fully recovers
from her illness when she will ac
company the mother home. One es
pecially sad and touching feature in
this young man's death is the fact
that his wife is left absolutely alone,
with no relatives of her own and the
deepest, most heartfelt sympathy of
the whole community goes out to
her in her bereavement and loneii
ness. May the all-wise father grant
Sir James Crichton Browne, LL.D.—F.R.S.
of London,
gives the best reasons for eating more
Quaker Oats
In an article published in the
Youth's Companion of Septem
ber 23rd, 1909, Dr. Browne, the
great medical authority on
foods, says, about brain and
muscle building—
"There is one kind of food
that seems to me of marked
value as a food to the brain and
to the whole body throughout
childhood and adolescence
(youth), and that is oatmeal.
"Oats are the most nutritious
of all the cereals, being richer
in fats, organic phosphorus and
He says oatmeal is gaining
ground with the well-to-do of
Great Britain. He speaks of it
as the mainstay of the Scottish
laborer's diet and says .it pro­
duces a big-boned, well-devel
oped, mentally energetic race.
His experiments prove that
good oatmeal such as Quaker
Oats not only furnishes the beat
food for the human being, but
eating it strengthens and en
larges the thyroid gland—this
gland is intimately connected
with the nourishing processes
of the body.
In conclusion he says—
"It seems probable therefore
that the bulk and brawniness 0!
the Northerners (meaning the
Scotch) has been in some
measure due to the stimulation
of the thyroid gland by oatmeal
porridge in childhood."
The Scotch eat Quaker Oatf
because it is the best of all oat*
Men's piece garments
We're sorry if you've tried other
medicines and they failed. As a last
resort try Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea. It's a simple remedy, but
it's worked wonders, made millions
well and happy. Purifies the blood,
makes flesh and muscle, cleanses
your system. W. C. Stempel & Co.
A delicate surgical operation was
performed on Charles Arnold, of
Lenox, Iowa, recently at the Epworth
hospital, St. Joseph, by Dr. Geiger,
assisted by Dr. W. J. McGill. While
picking apples the young man fell
from a ladder and his spinal column
was fractured. The operation con
sisted of the removal of nearly two
inches of the spine and the wiring
together of the two ends. It was
necessary to make the backbone
shorter so that when it grows to
gether the back will not be humped.
"When the anaesthetic was given
Arnold for the operation he was
writhing in agony," said Dr. Geiger.
"His nerve center was broken, and he
had totally lost control of himself. I
.regard the fact that the young man
lived until he reached St. Joseph as a
miracle. When the spine was con
nected, we also adjusted the nerves
and back muscles, so that it is pos
sible for him to recover. I consider
his condition as highly satisfactory."
Arnold was conscious the second day
following the operation for the first
time since the accident, and he was
able to lift his head. The injured
man is twenty-eight years old and
conducts a general store at Lenox.
"Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is the
best remedy for that often fatal dis
ease—croup. Has been used with
success in our family for eight
years."—Mrs. L. Whiteacre, Buffalo,
N. Y.
According to the late census re
port Missouri has more farms than
any state in the union. Within its
borders are 284,886 farms which
average 120 acres to the farm. The
improved land to each farm averages
seventy-five acres or sixty-two and
one-half per cent. The yield of the
land is enormous under the ordinary
method of farming, but if the entire
state were farmed in a scientific man
ner, as is done where land is scarce
and more expensive, it would be dif
ficult to estimate what the value of
the crops would be.
For a mild easy action of the
bowels, a single dose of Doan's Regu
lets is enough. Treatment cures
habitual constipation. 25 cents a
box. Ask your druggist for them.
Just received a car of new crop
feed stuff, bran, shorts, wheat chop,
corn hearts, etc., which we offer at
a rery low price. See us if you need
any. Talbott Grain Go.
We wish to thank the people of Leon and Decatur County for their generous patronage. Our fall business has been the best
in our history, and for this we certainly feel grateful to all. We have no sore spots toward anybody. We simply want to continue
selling you merchandise in the same old way. Anything not satisfactory upon inspection at your home, bring it in, if from us and
you will either get your money back or goods that please you. We came to Leon eight years ago to make it our home. Our little
business was commenced at the bottom, has grown but not to the top yet we hope. We are not as big as some of the boys but
we feel just as good. We are growing. We will find the goods you are looking for if you drop in. If not right in price and qual
ity when compared with anything offered by anybody at any time, do not buy it. We will risk your judgment.
Shoes to Clean Up
Heavy solid work shoes mostly men's shoes that
sold up to $
1 98, sizes broken, 6, 6£, 7, 10 and
1 j, all in one lot, special pair
Is you can use them do not delay.
Outing Flannels
A big lot of the best yet shown, in our basement
at per yard 5c an3 8&C
Men's and Boys' Caps
Our stock is all new and our prices are the lowest
possible for new desirable merchandise.
25c. 45c. 69c. 95c
Winter Underwear
Our stock is yet quite complete—all new—and if
in need of anything in this line see our showing.
Misses' and children's unions
Misses' and children's piece garments from
Mens unions
Some in men's garments in our basement at per
his divine comfort to her, the mother,
sisters and brother. Our people ex
tend their sincere sympathy in this
hour of affliction.—Garden Grove Ex
Ladies' and boys' underwear at all prices.
We ask you to see our stock and get our prices on your needs. We will show you the most complete stock of new goods
in Decatur County, and we want your patronage. Try us out.
$1 00
25c 48c. 55c
Corduroy pants, all sizes
12-4 size
95c, $1.35, $1.45. $1.98
39c, 45c. 75c
Good heavy Men's and Bovs' Suits
Caps, all kinds
at Southeast Corner Square
How to Kill a Town.
Keep kicking.
And don't quit kicking.
One pull one^ way and one an
Go to other towns and buy your
Denounce your merchants because
they make a profit on their goods.
Knife every man that disagrees
with you on the method of increasing
Make your town out a very bad
place and stab it every chance you
Refuse to unite in any scheme for
the betterment of the material inter
ests of the people.
tell your merchant that you can
buy your goods a great deal cheaper
in another town and charge him with
Keep every cent you get, and don't
do'-anything of a public nature unless
yojr can make something out of it di
Blankets, All Kinds
Small blankets are slow sellers. We will offer you
choice of any 45c or 60c blankets Friday and till sold
at each
Our blanket proposition will save you at all times.
11-4 size
89c, 95c. $1.25
Black Sateen Underskirts
You will find this shop bubbling over with new de
sirable merchandise at all times.
All 5c and 6£c laces, per yard 3c
25c Jet collar pin 15c
Children's hats, slightly soiled 45c, to clean the
bunch, each
Tire newest creations in Jewelry Novelties. Past
ten da^s we have received the most complete line of
new goods we have ever shown. Boys' Belts, Collar
Pins, Collars, Hat Pins, Mirrors, Combs, Side Combs—
everything that's new.
In the big brick store at the southeast corner of the square I
have a complete stock of Clothing, Shoes, Shirts, Overcoats,
Overshoes, Underwear and Dry Goods. I want to move them
quick to make room for more new goods.
Look at These Prices
200 Shirts at
I Will Clothe a Man Inside and Out for $12.00
This will include a good Suit of Clothes, Overcoat, Underwear,
Shoes, Socks, Shirt and Cap.
I'm making Special Prices on Everything. Overshoes, Shoes,
Heavy Work Coats, Gloves, Mittens, Underwear, Etc.
When you say anything of your
town say it in such a way that it will
leave the impression that you have
no faith in it.
Patronize outside newspapers to
the exclusion of your own, and then
denounce them for not being as large
as the city papers.—Moberly (Mo.)
Thanksgiving will soon be here
and the country has cause for re
joicing. We owe the republican party
much gratitude for a "revision" of
the tariff.
Cement blocks are cheaper and
better than brick for foundations.
See Roe Caster, jr., for anything in
this line.
Try one of those splendid meals
which are being served every day at
the Park Hotel.
Corn for sale near Blockley. See
C. B. Gardner.
Your choice out of 15 dozen Caps
for 50c
Big line new Work Shirts
and up to
95c, $1.25
We bought big lot from eastern manufacturers and
they run-from good $1.25 to $1.75 values all in one lot,
special each
up to
Just received a car load
of feed stuffs, about all
Choice German Millet and
Amber Cane Seed.
Prices always right. Come
and see.
W.H. Hall, Mgr. Leon, Iowa

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