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For Sale—A good
Chester Jenkins.
The chances are you will have to buy
a bottle of Cough medicine before long as
they are very few of us who escape catch
ing old, in the wet fall weather, now
why not anticipate your needs and get a
first class Cough Remedy to have on hand
for any emergency and at the §ame time
let us present you with two Gold Fish and
Globe Absolutely Free.
You have often heard of us recom
as the most reliable Cough and Cold Cure
known One single dose will give you
relief. Three doses will break a cough
and one bottle will cure the worst cough
you are liable to get. It is a pleasure to
take as cherry syrup at a fountain so you
will have no trouble giving it to children
and there will be no hanging on coughs
in your home.
That is the remedy we sell regular at
25c per bottle and for one full week begin
ning Saturday, December 4th. We will
give with each bottle Two Gold Fish Ab
solutely Free. Don't fail to get this
splendid offer. There is no trouble keep
ing Gold Fish and they are a rare attrac
tion any home lover will want to get.
Remember all this week or
while they last for 25c you can get
a bottle of Rexall Cherry Juice ab
solutely guaranteed and two Gold
Fish and Globe absolutely free.
Tb« True Druggists
West Side Square Leon, Iowa
cornet. See
ARound Oak Chief Steel Range is
the nicest Christmas gift obtainable
for your wife. Farquhar & Sons.
Attend the social at the Christian
church Friday evening. Hear the
$18,000 record on the Victor Vic
Ronald Monroe is quite sick with
pneumonia, but his condition is de
cidedly favorable and it is thought
he will get along nicely.
Ladies, if you want a new tailored
suit for less than its worth go to
Hurst Bros. Every suit in their store
goes at a sharp reduction.
I have located a saw mill on Lit
tle River and am prepared to saw out
your native lumber any dimension.
J. B. Dobson.
Mr. and Mr6. James Flynn, of
southeast of Leon, are rejoicing over
the arrival of a fine little daughter
at their home on last Thursday.
Notice—The Davis City Holler
Mills will grind Buckwheat Tuesday
and Wednesday, December 21 and
22. Bring in your Buckwheat.
Frazier Bros., Davis City, Iowa.
The Sorosis Club held an open
meeting at the home of Mrs. A. J.
Allen Friday night, at which a num
ber of guests were delightfully en
tertained. delicious refreshments
being served by the hostess.
Last Wednesday was Squire C. W.
Beck's seventy-seventh birthday and
a surprise dinner was given in his
honor by Mrs. Beck, which was at
tended by all his relatives in the
city. They had a good time and C.
W. was the happiest one in the
The furniture and other fittings of
Hotel Hamilton are being installed
this week and landlord Geo. B. Coop
er thinks he will be ready to open the
hotel on next Monday Mr. Cooper
is very popular with .the traveling
public and as the hotelhas been en
tirely refitted from top to bottom, he
will no doubt get his share of the
patronage of the traveling public.
France Hamilton, one of the pris
oners in the county jail awaiting trial,,
met with a severe accident Tuesday,
which may cost him a part of the first
finger on his right hand. He was
helping sheriff Andrew care for the
steam heating plant, and in throwing
in a chunck of coal he caught his finger
and almost cut it off at the first joint.
A physician stitched it on, but the
chances are that it will have to be
John Ledgerwood returned last
Thursday evening from- Des Moines,
where he attended the Iowa Imple
ment Dealers' convention. Mr.
Ledgerwood, as state fair director
from the Eighth district, has charge
of the machinery department of the
state fair, and thus comes in contact
with all the leading implement men.
Their convention which is held an
nually is getting to be a great affair
and his year they, had a most enjoy
able .time.
Our line of carving sets are un
excelled in quality and design.
Farquhar & Sons.
The members of the Thirteen Club
enjoyed one of their splendid six
o'clock dinners at the home of Mr3.
C. W. Hoffman Friday evening.
E. Housh shipped^ six cars of cat
tle to Moweaqua, 111., Saturday,
where he will feed them out on ac
count of the scarcity of corns in this
county this year.
See that big line of trimmed hats
on sale at Keller & Pryor's. Your
choice of any trimmed hat in the
house for $3.00. Others at $1.00 and
$2.00. They are great bargains.
Don't be satisfied with going to
the polls next Tuesday and voting
for a sytem of waterworks for Leon,
but see that your good wife also goes
and votes. Her vote will count just
the same as yours.
The election of officers of the W.
R. C. will be held at the next regular
meeting on Saturday of this week. A
good attendance is requested.
Mrs. J. D. Brown, President.
Margaret, the seven year old
daughter of Will Walton, of Eden
township, was operated upon by Leon
physicians last Saturday, a growth
on her right shoulder being removed.
The little patient is doing nicely.
The board of supervisors- met in
special session Monday on the order
of Judge Towner and selected 625
names of electors of Decatur county
from which the grand and trial jurors
for 1910 will be drawn.
Don't forget that next Tuesday is
the day when the citizens of Leon
wil again vote on the waterworks
proposition, and it should be carried
by a good big majority. Leon must
not stand still. She must move ahead
and a system of waterworks would
do much toward building up the city.
To put the finishing touches on
what has been our bannier "ladies
suit year," we now make the" follow
ing sharp price reductions:
If you like good bread try some
of Switzer's.
Corn for sale near Blockley. See
C. E. Gardner.
The Pilgrim pattern silverware
Our silverware assortment is much
larger and better than ever before.
Farquhar & Sons.
The Estes Cafe has installed two
fine electric signs one in the window
and the other outside, which gives
the place quite a metropolitan look.
Every worklngman in Leon should
vote for the waterworks next Tues
day. It means that there will be lots
of work next year and at good wages.
Don't miss the big sale of trimmed
hats now going on at Keller &
Pryor's. Your choice of any trimmed
hat in the store for $3.00. Others at
$1.00 and $2.00.
All members of the Eastern Star
are requested to be present at the
next regular meeting, Monday night,
Dec. 13, 1909, as this is the time for
election of officers.
Telephone us and we will take an
electric sad iron out to your house.
Use it for ten days without cost.
You will be under no obligation to
buy. Leon Electric Co.
Notice—The Davis City Holler
Mills will grind Buckwheat Tuesday
and Wednesday, December 21 and
22. Bring in your Buckwheat.
one of the daintiest. Farquhar &
For Sale—My residence in east
Leon, at a bargain.
F. C. Mullinnix.
Frazier Bros., Davis City, Iowa.
On page 4 of this paper you will
find Hurst Bros', announcement of
their annual fur sale. They promise
a larger and better assortment of
furs to select from than has ever
been shown in Leon.
Attention Knights—The installa
tion of the new officers of Tripolis
Commandery, Knights Templar, whl
be held on Thursday evening of this
week. A full attendance is desirid.
F. A. Bowman E. C.
The C. E. of the Christian church
will give a ten cent social in the
basement of the church on Friday
evening. Will be followed by a musi
cal program by the Victor Victrola in
auditorium of the church. Come.
Next Tuesday is the day when the
people of Leon will decide the
waterworks question. Don't forget
to vote and don't fail to vote right.
We need a system of waterworks for
fire protection if for nothing else.
Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Newby, of Xo
blesville, Indiana, who had been
here for three weeks, visiting at the
home of her brother, Green Parsons,
wnt to Chariton Saturday to visit a
few days at the home of O. E. Tullis
before returning home.
For nearly a quarter
of a century this bank
has btood the finan
cial storms that have
come and gone and is
now better' prepared
than ever to serve its
The Leon Reporter has barred
obituary poetry and is tempted to
bar "Card of Thanks." Amen, broth
er, you certainly have the right idea.
We are for you on that question
first, last and all the time. We are
not very strong on poetry "no how."
—Osceola Democrat.
Chairman of the board of super
visors A. B. McClaran, came in Mon
day afternoon to attend the special
session of the board. On account of
the terrible condition of the roads
Bissy walked from his farm to Pleas
anton, a distance of
miles, ana he says the walking was
anything but good.
E. J. Sacikey has moved Ills Real
Estate office over Hansell's store,
corner Main and Commercial streets,
Leon, where he has a much better
location. Any person needing a
farm' loan at lowest rates or the
service of a real estate man in sell
ing or buying property can secure
his services by calling on him at his
new office.
Had Leon had a good system of
waterworks it might have been that
the eastern capitalists who are now
sinking a coal shaft at Caiusville
could have been induced to locate
here. This city has lost several good
business enterprises which would
have furnished employment to a
number of persons simply because
we have no city water.
Mr. and Mrs. Will A. Gardner, of
Leon, Iowa, arrived Thursday morn
ing to spend Thanksgiving and to
visit at tbe home of the lady's broth
er, E. K. Pitman. Mr. Gardner's busi
ness called him home Friday night
but Mrs. Gardner remained until
yesterday, when Mrs. Pitman accom
panied her to Mason City for a short
stay with friends.—Northwood An
When W. H. Frost returned from
a visit in Ohio a couple of weeks ago
he brought back with him a couple
All ladies $14 and $15 Suits for .of ferrets, as back there nearly every
$10,50. I farmer keeps a pair or more ferrets
All ladies $16 to $18 suits
.to drive away the rats. He brought
$12.75. them into our office Saturday morn
All ladies $20 and $21.50 suits for ,ing to show them, and as we had
$15.00. Hurst Bros. jbeen troubled with a lone rat which
had devoured everything in the office
Sherman Ketcham of Macon, Mo., from samples of corn and apples
a brother of agent C. M. Ketcham, of down to heavy editorials, we told
the Burlington road in this city, has bim to turn them loose. He opened
been promoted to the position of the box and the ferrets proceeded to
general yard master for the Wabash set busy. In about a minute there
railroad at Council Bluffs, and en- a badly frightened rat scamper
tered on his new duties the first of ing around the office leaping over
the month. This position carries the typewriter and creating havoc
with it an increase in salary of $40 generally. Finally with the assist
per month. ance of George and James Hurst,
We met Bob Good Monday and his.nold, The Reporter man and several
face had a grin which spread from others, Mr. Rat was corraled
ear to ear all because Bill Clymer had and crippled by Jim Hurst who val
found a great big fat possum in one iantly wielded a feather duster and
of his traps, and had given.it to Bob. then the ferrets had a feast. It is
With that possum garnished with said that a pair of ferrets will soon
sweet potatoes, cooked as only Mrs. drive every rat off the place, and as
Good can cook a possum, we can we got rid of the only rat in The Re
imagine how good Bob will feel when porter office we are ready to testify
*e stta- dOwa to carve it. as to their efficiency.
Mr. Frost, Wilbur Miller, J. W. Hon-
For Rent—A six room house.
Mrs. M. C. Mullin.
For Sale.—My residence property
in south Leon. 1
-13t Wm. Ogden.
We are showing several new de
signs in silverware. Farquhar &
You will find many useful, durable
and sensible Christmas gifts at Far
quhar & Sons'.
AH p. E. O.'s are urged to be pres
ent at the meeting to be held on Fri
day evening of this week.
Chapter W, of the P. E. O. society,
will give a Christmas party on Tues
day evening, Dec. 28th. and a great
time is anticipated.
Mrs. Caleb Gray has been granted
a widow's pension of $12 per month,
dating from October 12th, which was
secured through A. J. Allen.
I want to buy canners and butcher
stuff and anything on the hoof up to
as good as they grow. See me And
let me price your stuff. C. M. Akes.
Photos make the best Christmas
gifts. Get them at the old reliable
place. Best workmanship and fair
est prices. S. E. Garber.
1 will sell at public auction at my
residence in northeast Leon 011 Sat
urday afternoon, all my household
goods. My house is for rent.
Mrs. Creed Bobbitt.
With a new depot and the installa
tion of a system of waterworks, there
would be lively times in Leon next
year. It is to the interest of every
citizen of Leon to vote for the propo
sition next Tuesday.
Mrs. Minnie Brannaman, of Bed
ford, was visiting in this city Mon
day, being on her way back from a
visit at Greensburg, Kas., where she
was called by the illness of one of
her little daughters, who is staying
with her grandparents this winter.
Rev. Charles W. Reeder returned
Monday evening from Holmes, Iowa,
where he closed a very successful re
vival meeting. He will enjoy a well
earned vacation and visit with his
family in this city until after the holi
days when he will resume his evang
elistic work.
Mrs. L. Q. C. Pryor and son of
Kansas City, who have been visiting
at the home of her father. T. P. Ful
ton, for several weeks, returned
home Thursday accompanied by
Miss Helen Beavers, of Leon, who
had been visiting at the Fulton home
also.—Kellerton Globe.
Harry Hubbell, who has been pub
lishing the Grand River Local for
more than a year, surrendered his
lease on the office last week to C. M.
Grimm, the owner, who has assumed
charge of the paper again. Paul
Hubbell will assist in the publica
tion and have charge of the office.
370 licenses to hunt have been is
sued in Decatur county. Now, Alex
Miller, of the Washington Democrat,
watch O. E. Hull's Leon Reporter for
some good exciting stories about
"Didn't Know it was Loaded,"
"Accidentally Shot," "Killed While
Hunting,1' "Shot Him for a Rabbit,"
etc.—Osceola Democrat.
County treasurer E. G. Monroe
broke all records for holding the de
linquent tax sale on Monday when he
sold seventy-six pieces of real estate
on which the taxes for this year were
delinquent in just fifty minutes. The
delinquent tax sale in Decatur county
is getting to be a pretty small affair
as compared with what it used to be.
Our correspondence page looks aE
if a cyclone bad struck it this week,
but it could not be helped. With the
roads in such condition that the rural
mall carriers could not make their
trips, it is impossible for our faithful
correspondents to get their weekly
budget to our office. We hope they
will all send in extra good letters next
Mr. E. D. Barnes, of Holyoke, Col
orado, came Monday evening to visit
a few days with old friends in this
vicinity. He was raised in Center
township, a few miles northeast of
Leon, but left here in 1875 and finds
but few old friends still living here.
He had been visiting with his wife at
Osceola, and came here to spend a
few days.
John Ledgerwood, of this city, has
been appointed by Governor Carroll
as one of the delegates to the Nation
al Good Rta ds convention, which
meets at Topeka, Kas., Dec. 14 and
15. John has had some experience
this year in driving over some Deca
tur county roads which were not
good, and we hope he will attend and
find out all about how to have good
The regular meeting of the Fed
erated clubs of Leon will be held at
the library building on Friday after
noon at 2:30 o'clock. At 3 o'clock
there will be an address by Rev. J.
L. Boyd, pastor of the M. E. church,
on the subject of "Are the Clubs-a
Detriment to the Churches," and a
general discussion will follow. It is
hoped there will be a large attend
This is one of the weeks' which
drives an editor almost crazy.' No one
going anywhere who can avoid it no
rural mailB, and but very few local
happenings, how can you expect a
paper full of news. But then the en
terprising merchants of Leon have
used a great deal of our space in tell
ing of the many holiday bargains
they are offering this year, so put in
your time reading their advertise
ments and then you will know what
and where to buy for your Xmas
Never since the rural routes run
ning out of Leon were first establish
ed, have the roads been in as bad
sbape as at present. Monday nearly
all the carriers got over their routes,
but Tuesday was too much for them,
and not a Bingle carrier covered his
complete route. Glenn Rumley on
No. 4 made thirteen miles, Carl Rey
nolds on No. 5, twelve miles, C. R.
Turner of No. 2, four miles, and Ora
Irving, substitute carrier on No.. 3,
and Frank Allen the veteran on No.
1 only made two miles. But who can
bjjpae them.
Your mother would appreciate a
carpet sweeper for Christmas.
Farquhar & Sons.
Your choice of any trimmed hat in
the house for $3.00 during our spec
ial sale. Others at $1.00 and $2.00.
They are worth much more. Come in
and see them. Keller & Pryor.
.' Raymond Jenkins
Minnie Harri6.
Whene'er a noble deed in wrouglii
Whene'er is *pokeu a nohl#* thought,
Our hears jti pliid
To higher lcrel rUe.
Longfellow's "Saint FUomen »."
Exercises were held in the high
loom Friday morning. A Mendel
sohn program was prepared. An
instrumental solo entitled "The
Spring Song," was given by Miss
Freda Teale. Miss Ruth Chase also
gave a violin solo and the school
sang two songs by Mendelsohn. Miss
Blanche Brann had prepared a paper
on Mendelsohn's life, but she was ab
Totten, the great magician and im
personator, entertained the people of
Leon last Wednesday and kept them
in laughter all the way through his
entertainment. The people are still
wondering how he can take a chicken
out of a man's coat -collar.
The boys and girls are -enjoying
the snow and ice this week.
Ronald Monroe, who has been
very sick with pneumonia the past
week, is very much improved.
Walter Blakesley visited the
school Friday. Walter has been very
sick with appendicitis for some time
and is just able to be around. He
expects to start to school just as
soon as he is able.
Mr. Voelker left Tuesday after
noon for Saginaw, Mich. He received
a telegram that his sister was dead
and he left on the afternoon train.
The primary teachers are teaching
the pupils Christmas stories, empha
sizing the real meaning of Christmas,
a time of giving.
Little Helen Tansey, of Miss Haz
let's room, slipped and fell on the ice
Monday and sprained her arm badly.
The eleventh grade English class
is studying "Gareth and Lynotte,"
from Tennyson's "Idyls of the King."
Rev. Coakwdll and Mr. Fisher, of
the Christian church, conducted the
devotional exercises in the high
room Monday morning.
See F. L. Jenkins for brick.
Try one of those splendid meals
which are being served every day at
the Park Hotel.
The best meal served in Leon i&
at the Park hotel under the new
Don't forget the date of Hurst
Bros', big fur sale, Friday. Dec. 10.
Any piece or garment from this im
mense collection will be delivered to
the purchaser on the day of sale.
Grand Itiver.
My next dates at Grand River are
Dec. 6 to 11. Last chance before the
holidays for your dental work. Re
member the dates, Dec. 6 to 11.
Is He Up-to-Date?
If you want to be dressed up—so that your
fritnds will ask the address of your tailor—you
need not go fuither than Langreder.
Some new arrivals today—make the Fall and
Winter Fabrics at their best.
We are maintaining a high standard for our
suits a higher standard than ever before—
in fabric—stxle nnd workmanship.
Trousers $
Dr. W. C. Ward.
Van Werden's
Friday, Dec. 10
presents that clever little actress
A clean, well told story
of the west.
Guranteed Attraction.
Beautiful Costumes.
New Specialties.
Seats on Sale at VanWerden & Kepp
Prices—25, 35 and 50c.
Your Tailor
6.00 to $12.00
$25.00 to $50.00
Twenty-five Cents
Thirty-five Cents
would very
much appreciate
a share of your holi
day business and in
return for your patron
age will guarantee 1
Fresh Goods
Courteous Treatment
Fair Dealings.
mVln.11 y|||i/nyir "II ^1)1 .Ml
We have the
agency for the Fern
Brand Chocolates and
Bon Bons. They will
please the most fas

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