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In all there are about 50 suits and 35 overcoats
all of them strictly up-to-date goods, but of which we
have only one or two of a kind. They are of our reg
ular high quality. The better was made by A. B.
Kirschbaum & Co. There are nearly all sizes in the
lot and if you make early selection you will find some
thing in the lot that will just please you. The pricey
from which reductions are made are the actual prices
at which these suits have sold in our regular stock.
22.50 to 25.00 qualities, only a few suits
left, while they last, choice
18.00 and
20.00 grade
7.50 grades
go at..
Aside from this lot of up-to-date suits we have
quite a number of out of style suits of good quality
that we will offer at half their original price, and even
less than that, in fact any reasonable offer on this lot
will be accepted.
A small lot of suits mostly in smaller sizes 36 to
38 for quick clearance at just HALF price.
BOYS' CLOTHING of all kinds so cheap that you
can't afford to spend your time patching up the old
This Is a fair and
square offer. We
want every sick or
suffering person who
can't cull at our office
to accept it. If you're
disappointed and dis
couraged. tired experimenting, money
spent without naving obtained desired r«
lief,this isyouroppurtunity, We'll prepare
tibe treatment you need jmd send it toyou.
The understanding'is that you take the
treatment, try it and. watch the re
sults. If It's notthe best you ever had. It
the results are not satisfactory after a'
falrtrfal.lt will cost you nothing, neither
will it obligate you in any way. We will
treat you fair. That's all we ask from
It's Impor
tant to you.
you a sympton blank and tell
you about our month's treatment on trial
Mo matter bow long you have suffered,
no matter whether your trouble Is Itheu
matism. Kidney or Bladder Trouble. Ca
tarrh,Nervous or Physical Weakness,Pro
static or Urethral disorder. Piles, Stric
ture. Blood Poison. Skin Trouble, Stom
ach trouble. Pelvic Disease or any other
common trouble, we want the opportun
ity to prove tbat our treatment can and
will conauer your disease. Write today
for symptom blank, booklet and trial
treatment offer. Address
Well send you a sympton
AND BUBGEON ,Leon, Iowa. Offlo*
hours II to IS a. m.—1:30 to 3:30 p. mv—7:80
to 8:30 p. m. Leon Phone. Offloe 7-mltew 18
ftmm' Mutual, Office 6—residents* 11. Special
atadr and attention given to BeetalDbeeeee.
15.00 qual
ities ...
10.00 qual
ities ..
Ames ollej to Test Seed Corn Free
For Farmers.
The loss to Iowa farmers from
planting poor seed corn, will be
greater the coming season than in
many years, unless active measures
are taken to prevent it. The poor
condition of seed corn is due largely
to the heavy rains in the fall which
filled the ears with water, and then
tne early hard freeze which followed.
Tests made at the State Corn Show
held at Des Moines, and at the Col
lege Corn Show held at Ames a few
weeks ago, show a startling condi
tion. Samples which were the very
best in appearance, and which often
came from our best seed corn men,
were entirely dead and very many
were weak and unreliable for seed
In order to help Iowa farmers to
secure good seed corn, the Agricul
tural College is offering to test free
of charge, all samples of corn sent
them, thereby making it possible for
every farmer to know definitely
whether or not his seed corn is safe
to plant. Care should he taken in
the selection of tliis sample for test,
in order that it may represent ac
curately the true condition of the
seed supply.
Make up the sample as follows:
Select average ears at random from
the entire lot of seed, or at least
in so far as this is practicable. From
each of the ears so selected, remove
with a knife two kernels, one from
each side of the ear. Place all of
these kernels in a strong envelope
or small sack, and mail to the Farm
Crops Department, Ames, Iowa, for
a germination test. Send with this
corn a statment of the amount of
seed you have, when it was gathered
and how it was stored.
It is quite probable much of the
corn from the 1908 crop will b6 bet­
Our First
Of Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Furnishings, will fee held in the M. Mayer room one door north of Postoffice,
beginning Saturday morning, Feb. 5th and continuing to and including Saturday Feb. 19th. ,.
Every odd and end and broken lot in our entire stock has been sorted out and moved to the above location and these goods you can now buy at practically you^own
price. Cost will not be considered in our determination to clear out all broken lots. Those who attend our Odd and End Sale will get double value for their money.
The larger part of the goods we offer at this sale are of this season's up-to-date styles. It will require a visit of inspection to get an adequate idea of what rare bar
gains we offer for we can quote here but a small portion of them. There will be plenty of other equally as good and even better. Some of the goods we will not even
put a price on. Come make us an offer on them and if your offer is within reason you'll get the goods. We are going to start this season with an entirely new stock.
v)Vv ,,v-•••'
Kraft Clothing Co.'s Odd and End Sale in the M. Mayer Building one Door North of Postoffice,
Saturday, February 5th to Saturday, February i9th==Don't Miss It
A Partial List of the Bargains Offered"
All the odds and ends of our pants stock in all
grades we offer at fully One-Third off regular prices
and some few special lots to close at your price. You
can get a good servicable pair of trousers
from this odd lot as cheap as
This lot includes all grades up to our finest wors
teds, no two pair in the lot alike, there's all sizes.
Our entire line of fine dress shoes, all up-to-date
styles, Patent leather, Velour, Box Calf, Gun Metals.
5.00 qual- Eft II 4.00 qual
ities ... VivU ities ..
One big assortment of broken lines of men's
up-to-date shoes, values up to $3.50
Several small lots in both men's and boys' shoes
on which no reasonable offer will be refused.
Men's broken lines of hats in both black and light col
ors, 1.50 to 2.00 values, for quick clear
A lot of boys' caps,
As there will be a large amount of
this work to be done, the samples
snould be sent as soon as possible
to the Farm Crops Department,
Ames, Iowa. The department will
mail a report of each test at the
earliest date possible.
Soldier Balks Death Plot.
It seemed to J. A. Stone, a civil
war veteran, of Kemp, Texas, that a
plot existed between a desperate
lung trouble and the grave to cause
his death. "I contracted a stubborn
cold," he writes, "that developed a
cough that stuck to me, in spite of
all remedies, for years. My weight
ran down to 130 pounds. Then 1
began to use Dr. King's New Dis
covery, which restored my health
completely. I now weigh 178
pounds." For severe colds, obstinate
coughs, hemorrhages, asthma, and
to prevent pneumonia it's unrivaled.
50c. and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Guaranteed by Van Werden & Kopp.
It is not uncommon when the
truth is stretched that it flies back in
the face.
Soothes itching .skin. Heals cuts
or burns without a scar. Cures piles,
eczema, salt rheum, any itching.
Doan's Ointment. Your druggist
sells it.
The only way to amuse some peo
ple is to slip and fall on the^ icy pave
ment, or a banana peel£ fcr? 4*
Cheapest accident insurance—Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Stops the
pain and heals the. wound. All drug
gists sell it.
Several small lots of men's hats, good styles but
only one or two of a kind, make us an offer.
SPECIAL, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5th—A big lot boys' good calf shoes, worth $2.50 to go at $1.95. The first ten boys buying a pair of these shoes Saturday
morning, Feb. 5th, will receive a good watch free..
It is impossible for us to list all. There's something from nearly every line in the store. You cant afford to miss this great opportunity. Don't forget the place
M. Mayer Building One Door North of Postoffice, February 5th to February 19th
ter for seed than that grown in 1909.
Those who have any old corn should
send samples of this also, picking
out the sample as indicated, and ac
company it with a statement of the
amount, condition, etc.
Many Leon People Have Done So.
When the kidneys are sick they
give unmistakable warnings that
should' not be ignored. By examin
ing the urine and treating the kid
neys upon the first sign of disorder,
many days of suffering may be saved.
Sick kidneys expel a dark, ill-smell
ing urine, full of "brick-dust" sedi
ment and painful in passage. .Slug
gish kidneys cause a dull pain in
the small of the back, headaches,
dizzy spells, tired, languid feelings
and frequently rheumatic twinges.
Doan's Kidney Pills are for the
kidneys only they cure sick kidneys,
and rid the blood of uric poison. If
you suffer from any of the above
symptoms you can use no better rem
edy. Leon people recommend Doan's
Kidney Pills.
Edward Beck, N. Main St., Leon,
says: "About two years ago I began
to suffer from kidney and bladder
trouble. 1 had pains in my back and
sides and a lameness when I arose in
the morning. The kidney secretions
became irregular in passage, I had
headaches and felt tired and lan
guid. Finally I began using Doan's
Kidney Pills and in less than a month
all symptoms of kidney complaint
had left me. I am now in good
health, but I occasionally take con
tents of a box of Doan's Kidney Pills
as a preventive of further trouble.
I am glad to recommend Doan's Kid
ney Pills."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents foi^ the United
Remember the name—Doan's—
and take no other.
VETERINARIAN. Office and resi­
dence 2 bloeks north of public square in the JDr.
Woodmansee resideoee.
All calls answered day or night. Phone 130
Five dozen Men's work shirts,
Men's wool socks,
regular 25c grade
One lot of men's winter underwear,
50c grade
One lot of men's medium weight half wool
underwear to close out at, per garment....
Boys'fleece underwear,
Boys' union suits
at ........
Men's single breasted striped cottonade coats with
good blanket linings, about one dozen coats
to close, at. wOC
A good sized lot of boys' duck coats on which no
reasonable offer will be refused.
About a dozen sheep lined coats in both short
lengths and ulster lengths, all of this season's make in
all grades from the cheapest to the best made, and
several small lots of regular duck coats at prices that
will certainly close them out quickly.
The Tenderfoot Farmer
It was one ot these experimental farmers, who put green S3
spectacles on his cow and fed her shavings. His theory
was that it didn't matter what the cow ate so long as she 5
was fed. The questions of digestion and nourishment had
not entered into his calculations.
It's only a "tenderfoot" farmer that would try such
an experiment with a cow. But many a farmer feeds him­
self regardless of digestion and nutrition. He might almost as well eat shav
ings for all the good he gets out of his food. The result is that the stomach
grows weak" the action of the organs of digestion and nutrition are impaired
and the man suffers the miseries of dyspepsia and the agonies of nervousness.
To strengthen the stomach, restore the activity of the or*
ians ot dl&estlon and nutrition and brace up the nerves»
use Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It Is an un*
falling remedy, and has the confidence ot physicians am
well as the praise ot thousands healed by Its use.
,In the strictest sense "Golden Medical Discovery" is a temperance medi
cine. It contains neither intoxicants nor narcotics, and is as free from alcohol
as from opium, cocaine and other dangerous drugs. All ingredients printed oa
its outside wrapper.
Don't let a dealer delude you for his own profit. There is no medicine for
stomach, liver and blood "just as good" as "Gotden Medical Discovery."
B. R. Watchbaugh
Formerlly of Weldon, Iowa.
20 years experience, have conducted sales In 5 different
states, my best efforts Is yours Thoroughly versed In live
stock values. My work Ismy recommendation. A liberal share
of your work solicited.
Make your dates at Journal Office
don Savings Bank.

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