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The census man has been calling
tm Davis City the past week, and it
Ja one of the times a woman has to
tell her .age whether she wants to
or not, and if there is one thing
above another that a woman hates to
"tell. it is her age, especially old
maids and widows.
Mrs. F. M. Ricks left last week
for a months visit with relatives in
HUnois and Ohio.
Theodore Rogers had the misfor
tune to lose one of his team of work
horses the past week. A good horse
is a loss to any man, but especially
to a poor man with a family to keep.
Mrs. P. E. Shirley and Mrs. Emma
Black visited Mt. Ayr friends last
Jess Franklin made a trip to Pleas
anton last Wednesday.
Mrs. Hattie Atteberry, of Cains
-vllle, is spending the week with Da
vis City relatives.
Fred Robertson, a former resident
of our city, but now of south Mis
eouri, was interviewing old friends
in our city the past week.
D. Jodan returned last Wednesday
from a business trip to Mt. Ayr.
Rev. Howard and wife, formerly
jKfator of the M. E. church, are re
joicing over a new baby girl which
cane to gladden their home recently.
Miss Thelma Tharp, of Eden town
ship. was an over night visitor at the
Sf^rrifield home last Thursday.
Dick Scott and Alfred Burrell
made a trip to Ottumwa last week.
Floyd Severe and bride have gone
to housekeeping in the Frank Gith
ens' property on Clark street.
Mrs. J. Wailes, mother of Dr. J.
W. Wailes, has gone to housekeep
ing in the Mrs. Eldora Boeger house
on Clark street.
Mrs. Emma Boeger is enjoying the
sights at Washington, D. C., at the
present time. Her son is a resident
of that city.
Our city school closes next Friday.
Dr. Wailes has an uncle visiting
him from Grand River this week.
Mrs. McCully made a trip to Leon
last Monday.
J. K. Beasley has been reshingling
his residence the past week.
Mrs. J. W. Laney has been adding
some porches to her property this
Another old landmark was demor
alized the past week when some
parties bought and tore down the old
building near the mill known as the
Coffin saloon, built back in the '70's
by Sam Rowley.
The Five Hundred Club held a
"watch party last Wednesday night to
see the comet. Refreshments were
served and the time waiting was
spent in dancing.
W. H. Colter and daughter were
calling on Davis City friends the
past week.
The' Five Hundred Club was en
tertained last week at the home of
SL L. McClaran, and this week at S.
Grandma Hawkins still remains
very low and as she is past 91 years
old there are no hopes of her re
•_ Ovid Shoemaker made a trip to
Chariton and Indianola the past
Mrs. Eldora Boeger, of Denver,
Colorado, was looking after business
in our city last week.
Mrs. Grace -Woodard had the mis
fortune to be thrown out of a wagon
in a runaway accident last week and
had her arm. broken, and it is feared
-she is also injured internally, as she
baa been very sick ever since. We
could not qbtain the particulars of
the accident.
Charley Norman, of Troy, Kas.,
was visiting his parents and other
Davis City friends the past week.
B. D. Adams and wife made a trip
to Leon last Monday.
Another dog and pony show held
forth in our city Tuesday It was
like all other, exhibitions which come
to our burg, simply grand.
Mrs. James Estes visited Leon
friends the fore part of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicewender, of Char
lton. were guests at the Dick Scott
home last Friday and Saturday.
Word was received in our city last
Monday that Mrs. Vesta Spargur, a
daughter of Jeff Kizzire. who went
to South Dakota for her health last
"February, had died on the road home
last Monday morning.
Fifty Years
the Standard
A Guarantee of Light, Sweef,
Pure, Wholesome Food
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grimes, of
Leon, visited over Sunday with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Grimes,
in this city.
Mrs. Nettie Wailes is reported on
the sick list.
The proposition is up to vote on
the electric light system in the near
future. Well, we don't like to be a
chronic kicker nor a backwoods
greaser, but we would like to see
our own town build the power house
and bring some enterprise to our
own door in place of our neighbor's.
Miss Myrta Walters entertained
the Musical Club at a farewell party
last Thursday. Miss Walters leaves
as soon as her school is out for Wash
ington, D. C., to remain indefinitely.
Mrs. Will L^e entertained at a din
ner party at her home south of town
last Tuesday. Several of our city
ladies were among the guests.
Pleasant Valley No 2.
Mr. Shelton, of Decatur City, was
in these parts last week taking the
Mrs. Isaac Fol-and and Mildred and
Ruby Foland were visiting the lat
ter part of last week with Mrs. Wm.
Warrick, of Sand Creek.
Mrs. Fred Black and son went to
Dakota last Thursday to join her
husband who has lived there for the
past two years, and as he expects to
make bis home there he had her
come so he could take a claim.
Rev. J. A. Armstrong and wife, of
Leon, filled their regular appoint
ment at Pleasant Valley church last
Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. W. M. Briner and son Sam
uel will start for Missouri the first
of the week to consult a cancer doc
tor, as Mrs. Briner thinks she has a
cancer on her face, and it is paining
her considerably.
Mrs. Sanford Foland and Miss Bes
sie Woods called on Mrs. John Acton
last Friday afternoon.
James Edwards, who has been sick
for the past two months is no better,
and there are very little hopes of his
Miss Fannie McKee, who has been
very .sick for the past two weeks is
slowly improving.
Rev. J. A. Armstrong and wife, of
Leon, were visiting Friday night at
John Acton's.
Miss Bessie Woods was calling on
her sister, Mrs. Charles Foland, last
Mrs. Louisa Briner was calling on
Mrs. John Foland one day last week.
Mrs. Henry Jimmerson and son
Elbert were visiting at H. L. Bram
mer's last Wednesday.
George Baker, of Leon, had busi
ness in these parts one day last week.
George Dobson and wife and two
daughters went to Clarke county on
Saturday to visit with Mrs. Dobson's
sister, Mrs. Quincy.
Mrs. Judson Vanderpool spent ene
day last week at Ransom Brown's.
Ohio Hukill, of Grand River, died
very suddenly last Thursday morn
ing about six o'clock of heart trou
ble. Mr. Hukill was one of the old
pioneers of Decatur county. He
leaves a wife, seven children and one
brother to mourn his death. The
funeral was held at the Christian
church in Grand River, atad he was
buried in the Young cemetery on
Friday. He is gone but not forgot
ten by his many friends.
The weather is wet and cold.
A good many of the farmers will
have to replant their corn.
W. T. Waller, James Konkiin and
B. E. Gardner were in Leon last week
getting seed corn, to replant.
James Konkiin sold one of his
driving horses last week to his broth
er, Dolph.
Dee Snyder spent Sunday at home.
Clare Snyder and wife went to
Morgan Saturday.
toi3e Beavers will close her term
of school Friday.
Mr. Ruark, the Rawleigh medicine
man, has been in this neighborhood
settling up old accounts.
J. B. Gardner made a business trip
to Garaen Grove one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Gardner were
visiting at the home of their daugh
ter, Mrs. Snyder, last Sunday.
Dr. Ward's next dates at Grand
River are May 23 to 28.
Possum Trot/
Lloyd Smith and family were call
ing at Ross Judd's Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Charley Worden received the
sad news Monday that her brother,
James, of Kansas City, was dead.
Frank Worden and wife were trad
ing in Weldon Monday afternoon.
Miss Gertrude Davis was a busi
ness caller at Weldon Monday.
J. J. Smith and wife were calling
on the sick at Lew Smith's Tuesday.
Mrs. Charley Hendricks and Mrs.
Fred Tipsoard, of Humeston, came
Wednesday to help care for the sick
at Lew Smith's, as four of the family
are down with the measles.
Mrs. Pollard and son, Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. Smith, Mrs. Frank Worden, Mr.
and Mrs Hugh Smith, Lloyd Smith
and Dr. Jamison were callers at the
Lew Smith home Wednesday.
Lloyd Smith was a business caller
at Arthur Worden's Wednesday af
Mrs. J. J. Smith, Mrs. Hugh Smith
and Anna Pollarjl called at the home
of Lew Smith Thursday morning.
Mrs. Fred Tipsoard was calling on
Mrs. Frank Worden Thursday even
Mrs. Charley Worden and son
Newman were calling on the sick at
Lew Smith's Thursday.
Miss Gertrude Davis was out horse
back riding Friday afternoon.
Arthur Worden, wife and daughter
were business callers in Weldon Sat
Mrs. Mabel Hendricks returned to
her home in Humeston Friday after
helping care for the sick at Lew
Smith's the past few days.
Mrs. Mart Brittain was a business
caller at Weldon Friday afternoon.
Mrs. J. J. Smith and Mrs. Lloyd
Smith and daughter Lois spent Friday
afternoon at Lew Smith's.
Dr. Jamison was called to Lew
Smith's Saturday to see their baby
who is quite sick with measles.
Mrs. Fred Tipsoard returned to
her home at Humeston Saturday
after helping care for the sick at Lew
J. H. Delk and wife were trading in
Weldon Saturday.
Charley Hacker and family were
Van Wert callers Saturday.
Most everyone in this neighborhood
were in Weldon Saturday.
Don Hacker and wife drove to
Leon Saturday to spend Sunday with
Mrs. Hacker's parents.
Ira Worden was in Leon Saturday
having dental work done.
Miss Mabel Meacham went to Wel
don for an over Sunday visit with
Etaina Warren.
Miss Carma Worden is counted
on.the measles list at this writing.
Mrs. J. J. Smith spent Saturday
afternoon at the home of her son,
Mrs. Will Machlan and two
daughters were Weldon callers last
Frank Worden, M. E. Davis and
Dan Elsey attended lodge in Weldon
Saturday night.
'Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hill were
trading in Weldon Saturday.
Newt Machlan was calling in this
neighborhood one day last week.
Frank Worden Bpent Sunday after
noon with his father, J. W. Worden.
Rolland Ball, J. J. Smth and Mrs.
Frank Worden were callers at the
home of Lew Smith last Sunday.
George Moore, of Leon, was a
business caller in this neighborhood
one day last week.
Frank Dingman and son Jack were
transacting business at the county
seat last Saturday.
Mrs. Tillie Wade is assisting Mrs.
H. E. Homey with her household
Mrs. Laura Asbury visited her
mother in Leon one day last week.
Misses Pearl and Vie Stover, of
near Pleasanton, spent ax few days
last week with-their sister, Mrs. J. H.
Harley Fitch and sister Nellie and
Miss Julia Homey were Leon callers
Saturday evening.
D. W. Roblson was a business call
er at Davis City last Thursday.
Mrs. John Minor closed her school
at High Point on Thursday of last
week with a program in the after
noon. Several visitors were present.
Miss Alice Still has returned home
after several days visit with relatives
at Pleasanton.
Mrs. D. W. Robison and Mrs. J. H.
McDaniel with their children visited
one day last week at the home xt
Jack McDaniel.
Mrs. H. W. Townsley was a visitor
at the H. E. Horney home Saturday.
Uncle Solon Bevins is reported
much improved at
Miss Julia Horney and Miss Grace
Campbell, of Eden Center, attended
the entertainment at ,Bigh Brier last
Thursday afternoon.
A. E. Poole and family visited in
Leon one day last week. Their
grandmother, Mrs. Dale, of northern
Iowa, who has been visiting in Leon,
returned home with them, and will
make an extended visit in this neigh
borhood with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Dale formerly resided in this
Miss Ollie Fames has returned to
her home in Leon after a visit of
several days with hor aunt, Mrs W.
M. Ray.
Little River.
Marion Davis and family were in
Pleasanton Friday on business.
Several from these parts attended
the show at Pleasanton Friday night.
Beulah Drury has returned home
from a week's visit with relatives at
Rose and Kate Still spent one day
last week at the Fred Barrett home.
Louie, Clara and Ethel Landphair
spent Sunday with relatives in this
Two weeks ago everyone was won
dering if it was ever going to rain,
and now they are wonderimg if it is
ever going to quit raining.
G. W. Davis and wife spent one
day last week at Seth Davjs'.
Thelma Haag, of Pleasanton, vis
ited last week with her aunt, Mrs.
Ralph Still and family, of Cains
ville, visited the latter part of last
week with his brother Ed.
T. L. Wynne and. wife were trad
ing in Pleasanton last Thursdays®
... .-
Union Ridge.
Ye correspondent has been very
busy the past few weeks and failed
to get in our budget of news.
The picnic at Welcome drew a
fair sized crowd last Friday. The
pupils did exceedingly well with
their recitations, which speaks well
for their teacher, Miss Cooney.
Ray Ellis called on Bert Dobson
Monday evening.
Harl Kendall and family, of Hum
eston, are visiting at the home of
Mrs. Kendall's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
O. H. Reynolds.
Mrs. Emma Rex visited with Mrs.
Jacob Manchester last Friday.
S. L. Cox, wife and son Leonard
visited at the home of Uncle Hiram
Hatfield and wife one day last week,
and as Uncle Hiram has been an in
valid for some time they took their
phonograph along and entertained
him with some fine music.
Arthur Martin was a Leon caller
Bert Dobson and family visited
Saturday night with Mrs. Dobson's
parents, Mr.- and Mrs. N. M. Cox.
Mac Cox visited with his sister,
Mrs. Sarah Beasley. at Davis City,
one day last week.
Steve Akers and wife took in the
sights at Leon last Saturday.
Gene Tuller visited in these parts
Lew Dobson, of Lineville, visited
over night with his brother Bert and
family Wednesday of last week.
Jasper Record and family were
Sunday visitors at the home of G. L.
Mrs. O. H. Reynolds and daughter,
Mrs. Flora Kendall, visited with rela
tives in Leon Monday.
Jem Ellis is having some wood
sawed this week.
Tom Cox and family, Mac Cox
and wife and son Charles, Mrs. Mary
Dobson and daughter Lua visited at
the S. L. Cox home last Sunday.
Samuel Stout visited at the Jasper
Record home Saturday.
Ralph and Lewis Sage attended the
picnic at Welcome last Friday.
Fred Zika and wife took dinner
at the Bert Dobson home Monday of
last week.
Miss Laura Sell, who is teaching
at Buzzard Roost, spent Saturday
and Sunday at home.
Good Hope.
R. E. Ball, of near Weldon, took
dinner with L. E. Reed Thursday.
Elba Wills Bpent Sunday with his
friend. Oil McGahuey.
Bert Redman and family spent last
Sunday with Ben Redman and family.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. .Wise and son
Leigh ton, of Van Wert, viBited a few
days last week at the 'home of the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Mrs. L. C. Thompson and daughter
and Mrs. J. W. Downey and daughter
spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. F.
VV. Fierce, of Van Wert.
W. H. Wise called on Ed McGahuey
Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Springer spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Thompson had
business in Leon Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Wise took din
ner with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Wise
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hoadley and
two daughters spent Sunday with the
latter'B mother, Mrs. Anna Fierce, in
Van Wert.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cox, of
Leon, 8p£nt Saturday night and Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. George Red
Mrs. Clara Githens and daughter
Mildred, of Decatur Gity, came Sat
urday for a few days visit with Mr.
and Mrs. H. A. Thompson.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Barger return
ed to their home at Van Werf Satur
day after a week's visit with the lat
ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. tL
Mrs. L. E. Barger and Miss Dale
Wise spent Friday afternoon with
Miss BesSie Upfield.
Miss Esther and Orpha McGahuey
called on Mrs. H. A. Thompson last
Thursday afternoon.
For More Than Three Decades
Foley's Honey and Tar has been a
household favorite for all ailments
of the throat, chest and lungs. For
infants and children it is best and
safest as it contains no opiates and
no harmful drugs. None genuine
but Foley's Honey and Tar in the
yellow package. Refuse substitutes.
Bell & Robinson.
Wesley Items.
Mike Miller weat to Pleasanton
Monday with a load of eggs.
Mrs. Etta Wefls and mother, Mrs.
Halstead, visited at W. E. Dillon's last
F. M. Lowrance and wife were
trading at Mercer, Mo., and visiting
at John Broom's last Friday.
The democrats of Morgan held a
paucus at the Center school house
Saturday nfght.
x-.f Snira, of Lineville, came out
and sheared sheep for H. R. Perkins
and F. M. Lowrance Tuesday and
About twenty-five of the Morgan
young folks were out hanging May
baskets Saturday night. All report a
jolly time.
Clair Snyder and wife were visit
ing relatives in this vicinity over
L. B. Spencer aad wife were trad
ing at Pleasanton last Monday.
Bessie Hinds and brother Perry
came over Friday and stayed until
Monday with Grandma Lowrance
Harry Merrick, of Allerton, was
one of the merry crowd which hung
May baskets Saturday night.
Miss Jennie Wells spent Saturday
and-Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. Mat
tie Dillon.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature, pf
More rain, more rest.
John McNelly and family were in
Leon Saturday on business.
Charley Dobson was a Leon caller
Bert Dobson -spent Friday with
home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. John Weidner were
Davis City callers Saturday.
Mrs. William Martin Mitchell vis
ited Mrs. Frank Cox last Saturday.
George Stephens and sons and
George Leahy were fishing on the
Downey lake last Saturday evening!
They caught a nice string of fish.
Joe Barlean visited at High Man
chester's last Sunday.
Alva Parker visited at Charley
Dobson's -Sunday!
Miss Mabel Briggaman is visiting
with relatives at Leon this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Parker visited their
daughter, Mrs. Fletcher/ Honn, last
S. L. Cox arid son Lenna was in this
section on business last Friday.
Mac Cox and son Charles had busi
ness in Davis City last Thursday.
Alva Baker, son of Tom Baker, is
very sick. Dr. Wailes is attending on
D. P. Leahy, who has been quite
poorly for some time, is better at this
Mrs. Joe Dobson and son Charles
made a business trip to Decatur City
last Tuesday.
Mrs. Parker was a Davis City vis
itor Monday.
Eugene Massey, from near Wood
land, spent Wednesday night with
his sister, Mrs. J. W. Hubbard.
Mrs. Hattie Fisher and children
called on Mrs. Ed McDowell Friday
Levett Cozad was a Pleasanton vis
itor one day last week.
Griffin brothers and Dell Cozad
delivered hogs at Leon Saturday.
Uncle Tommy Bledsoe, of Wood
land, took dinner with J.
bard and family Thursday,
Harry Stover took dinner at M.
L. Dale's last Wednesday.
Mrs. Wm. Massey, of Woodland,
returned to her home Thursday after
an extended visit with her daughter,
Mrs. J. W. Hubbard.
Miss Nellie Dale returned home
Saturday from Cainsville, Mo., where
she had been visiting her friend, Miss
Margaret Crawley.
Merle Bracewell and family, vis
ited at A. J. Hubbard's Monday. Miss
Cecil returned home with them for
a few days visit.
Jim Drury took dinner with M. L.
Dale Monday.
Chartey Smallwood delivered hogs
at Pleasanton Monday.
Would you have better health,
more strength, elearer skin, stronger
nerves, more elastic step? Use Hol
li6ter's Rocky Mountain Tea, the
great vegetable regulator and tonic.
One 35c package makes 105 cups of
W. C. Stem pel & Co.
South Dakota Letter.
Cottonwood, S. D., May 14, 1910.
Dear Readers of The Reporter—I
am an old lady from Iowa, who came
here about eleven years ago, and. I
want a little apace in your paper. We
live five miles from the town of Cot
tonwood) a railroad town on the
Northwestern Ry. This is the place
to live, in a sunshine state. We can
raise anything we want to. We get 29
cents for our butter, and last winter
during the holidays eggs were $1.00
per dozen. I had thirty-six dozen
packed. Say, that was rich. I read
The Reporter which comes to the
Gardner girls, who formerly lived at
Leon. I notice there are so" many
Decatur county people coming out to
this state, but they never say what
part. But if any'of our oldor young
friends pass Cottonwood, let us
know, and "dad" as he is called here,
will drive up for you, and you can
make us a visit. We always have
something to eat and a little to spare
but'all the same we don't get found
ered like my big cousin, Charley
Hatfield, did. We don't call it
founder here, it is loco, but I hope
he didn't lose his toe nails. That
looks pretty bad, Charles. One
drawback here is we don't have many
churches. Just two in our town, Con
gregational and Catholic. Our town
is only three years old next August.
Of course several parties have proved
up, sold eut and gone back to their
wife's people, but there are new ones
coming all the time, and that makes
it nice: I like this country very
much and would not like to go back
to Iowa to live. Not that I don't
like it there and the people, but this
country I like better. We have our
orchards of all kinds of trees and an
abundance of strawberries. We had
lovely weather in March and April
and are having plenty of rain at
present. The small grain looks fine
now and the gardens are nice. There
has not been much corn planted yet
but thank fortune we don't have to
have our seed corn shipped in as
every man has his own. We raise
good corn here. Our boys all have
land here, those that are old enough,
just one to file yet, and he will be old
enough to file in seven months. I
have 150 young chickens. Took off
22 on Washington's birthday. Can
any of you beat that? Well, I will
close hoping this letter will be the
means of some of my old friends
back there writing to me, including
two of my brothers," I remain your
old friend.
Mrs. J. W. Conquest,
Box 7 5. Cottonwood, S. D.
The best meal served in Leon is
at the Park hotel under the new
Cheap Lands.
\Ve own some land in Minnesota
that w« have just thrown on the mar
ket we have a nice improved 160
with good buildings at $30 per acre
one 320 acre tract with extra fine
buildings at $35 per acre also a'few
improved 80 acre farms. We can sell
you some wild land at $12 per acre.
Write for descriptions of these. Ad
dress Benton CountyReal Estate Co.,
Sank Rapids, Jfeinn. 38-2t.
The Chicago
Daily Tribune
Leon Reporter
$3.75 FOR BOTH
a fall year.
Good only on R. F. D. routes
and towns outside of Leon.
Tbe Tribune is the
For Railroad Commissioner two„
for Representative in Congress one.,
for State Representative one, for
Representative in Congress by tk«
Prohibition party "one.
By the Republican and Democrat
parties for the oflice of County
Auditor one, County Treasurer one*.
Clerk of the District Court one,Coun
ty Recorder one, Sheriff one. County
attorney one. Superintendent off"
Schools one, Coroner one, Surveyor
one, Members of the Board of Super
visors, term commencing January
1, 1911, one, Members of the Boanfe
of Supervisors, term commencing
January 1, 1912, one.
And officers of the various town
ships as follows: Township Trus
tees, three Clerk, one Assessors
one Justice of the Peace, two Con
stable, two one committeeman front
each election precinct, and delegates
to the County Convention as follows:.
"Precinct Rep. Den.-.
Bloomington *.
Burrell (Terre Haute). $r
Burrell (Davis City) 5
Center 9
Decatur 14
Eden 9 fc
Payette 20 It.
Franklin 13
Garden Grove 14 t».
LeRoy 5
Grand River
daily paper in the world.
The Reporter is the best
paper in Decatur county.
Call or send youtr sub
scription orders to
0. E. HILL,
39 20teow
Leon, Iowa.
To the Electors of Decatur County^
Notice is hereby given that a pri
mary election will be held in this
county on Tuesday, June 7, 1910..
The said primary election will be
held in the regular polling places Ub
each election precinct in the eounty..
and the polls will be open at aiae
o'clock a. m. and close at eight
o'clock p. m.
This primary election will be held
for the purpose of placing in nomina
tion candidates for the different:
offices by the different political pari
ties, as shown below. Republican^
and democrat parties one candidate
for each of the following offices::
Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Sec
retary of State, Auditor of State...
Treasurer of State, Attorney Gen
eral, Superintendent of Public In
struction, Clerk of. Supreme Courts
Reporter of Supreme Court.
6 &
High Point 6 S:
Hamilton 7
Long Creek 10
Morgan 7
New Buda v.... 7 5
Richland 9 lt»
Woodland .'... ...... 6 ft
Leon (1st ward) 10 fc
Leon (2nd ward) 7
Leon (3rd ward)........ it.
I, J. V. Lemley, auditor of Decatur
County, Iowa, do hereby certify that!
the above and foregoing is a true
and complete list of the officers to be
voted for and nominated at the abov»
mentioned primary election, also off"
the precinct committeemen and Un
delegates to the County Convention.
Witness my hand and seal this the?
17th day of May, 1910.
J. V. Lemley,
Auditor of Decatur County, lowau.
Weather Crop Bulletin.
For the week ending May 15,
Des Moines, Iowa^
The past week was unseasonably-:
cool, and except in the extreme south—-'
eastern county it was abnormally dry
prior to the 15th. Frost occurred!'
generally on the 12th, 13th and 14thi.i
with freezing temperature on the Iast|f
date in the northern distrirts. There«i
was, however, more than the average^
aniount of sunshine and rapid pro-
gress was made in corn planting..
Fully 70 per cent of the corn haa?
been planted with the ground gener-
ally in excellent physical condition,,
but owing, to the cold weather the
seed is germinating very slowly, anjfe!
considerable replanting will be dpne-~
especially in southern districts where
the ground is damp from the heavy
rains of the previous week. Small!
grain and grass, while making alow
growth, are doing as well as couldi
be expected under the unfavorable-
conditions and some improvement is-i
reported. Early potatoes which were
frozen in April are coming up again
arid are looking well. The prospectas.
for fruit are very poor. The week'
closes with rain falling in all parts"
of the state.
Geo. M. Chappel, Section Director
Ben Byrum, who works on the
bridge gang had the misfortune re-
cently to get one of his hands badly- if
smaslifd in unloading steel bridge
tvom a car. At the tine it did not-
drove Express
The Park Hotel is serving a spec
ial Sunday dinner. Try them onoet
and you will become, a regular cus^.

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