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The finest rug.made in
America. 3 shot. The
Persian lias tlie lustrous
sheen found in the finest
of orientals, of which tliev
are accurate copies.
The Price, 9x12,
An all wool, Wilton
weave. This rug supplies
the demand for a depend
able low priced "Wilton.
This rug is far superior,
in our opinion to any
similar priced rug on the
Price, 9x12, $45.00
Death of Nathaniel H. Space.
The following account of the death
of Nathaniel H. Space, is taken from
the Grand Ledge, Michigan, Inde
pendent. Mr. Space will be remem
bered by many of the older residents
of this county, having been raise 1
here as a boy, and especially by the
old veterans of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry,
as he enlisted in that regiment:
Nathaniel H. Space was born April
8, 1843, and died May 10, 1916, aged
73 years and 32 days. He was mar
ried to Miss Aria Smith Sept. 27,
1867, and that same year commenced
housekeeping and making a home
for themselves in the dense forest on
the farm which they still own in Del
ta township. Of the struggles and
privations of those early pioneer
days none may know but those who
have lived the part. By earnest ef
fort, patient striving and self denial,
the young couple won for themselves
sufficient for their declining years.
There were born to them two chil
dren, still living: Nelson Space of Del
ta township, and Mrs. John Scherer,
of Marinette, -Wisconsin.
Mr. Space was a long and very pa
tient sufferer from a malady con
tracted, no doubt, while in the rebel
prison of Andersonville and which
caused his death, leaving a wife and
two children to mourn the loss of a
kind, loving husband and father and
an honest, honorable and just man.
Mr. Space enlisted first on August
15, 1861, in the 3rd Iowa Cavalry
from which hie was honorably dis
charged. He re-enlisted in the 7th
Michigan Cavalry of Custer's famous
Michigan Cavalry Brigade, and was
taken prisoner at Trevillan Station,
June 11, 1864, and confined in the
infamous Andersonville prison from
which he twice escaped. The second
time himself and a comrade were
pursued and tracked by bloodhounds
and rebel soldiers through dismal
swamps and wild forests for seven
days and night, finally recaptured
and returned to prison to suffer un
speakable indignities and privations
until exchanged at the close of the
war. Very rarely could he be induc
ed to speak of the horrors of Ander
sonville prison life.
He was a strong G. A. R. man, a
jnember of Earl Halbert Post for
many years and respected and lovqd
by all who knew him.
Funeral services were held Friday,
May' 12th. from the Delta Center
church. Rev. J. R. Wootbn officiat
ing. Burial in Delta cemetery.
An Investment
The purchase of a rug is an investment, and you should use as much care in
your buying as a business man would in a transaction involving many dollars, for
the rug you use plays a very important part in the appearance of your home. If you
are wise, or if you have had experience with cheap rugs you will buy a good one,
preferably a Whittall. A good rug is a source of continual satisfaction, while a
cheap one not only looks cheap and detracts from the appearance of your room, but
soon wears out and requires replacing, being more expensive in the long run than
one good one.
Any of the six grades of the Whittall line listed below is a good rug, and a good
investment. Look for the name woven in the back of every rug.
3 shot with slightly
shorter pile than the An
glo Persian, and not quite
so closely woven. This
rug is a very popular sel
Price, 9x12, $61.50
An extra high grade bo
dy brussels weave in an
exceptionally fine assort
ment of patterns. A good
rug for the bedroom.
Price, 9x12 $38.75
The Dentist.
The dentist is a mild mannered
mechanic who tinkers with the hu
man mouth at $8 a tink. Owing to
the frequency with which people are
obliged to have their mouths tinker
ed with, relined, redecorated and re
shingled, the dental profession has
become highly lucrative and pays
larger returns than any other form
of investment except stock in a ma
chine gun factory.
For a great many years the den
tist was almost unknown in this
country, and the teeth of the com
mon people were allowed to decay
and fall out with depressing frequen
cy. Every once in a while a travel
ing dentist would come along on a
roan saddle horse and true up the
teeth of an entire family in exchange
for a night's lodging. How different
it is today, when it costs more to sit
down in a highly perfumed dental
chair and drink a couple of bags of
laughing gas than it does to go
through the Yellowstone Park in a
wheel chair.
Every successful dentist known ex
actly how many teeth there are in
the average mouth, and if necessary
can call them by their first name.
The laws of most states prescribe
that the dentist shall also be able to
tell one tooth from another, so that
the raw and untried amateur will
settle down in some secluded village
and render the inhabitants toothless.
After a patient who is of a liopefvl
and parsimonious turn .of mind has
been experimented upon for a few
days by some unfledged graduate
whom nature intended for the horse
shoeing business, he will retire
thoughtfully to his domicile and or
der some new teeth by parcel post.
The dentist does not like to inflict
pain, as it interferes with his aim,
and this has given rise to the school
of painless dentistry, which does not
cost any more than the other kind.
It is a great treat ttf^sit down in a
dental chair and be played upon by a
four horse power drill without desir
ing to murder the dentist and his en
tire family back to the fourth gener
ation. Some people would rather be
operated upon by a painless dentist
and wake up with a mouthful of
off colored porcelain pegs than have
their feet toyed with by a cruoe, but
ter-fingered chiropodist and be ob
liged to wear felt slippers down to
the office.
The dentist should always be treatj
ed with respect, rso that he will net
1111 111 111
A wonderful value. 3
shot weave, in both do
mestic and oriental pat
terns. Not fringed.
Price, 9x12, $55.00
A genuine "Whittall,
with the "Whittall high
standard of quality, for
Price, 9x12, $33.50
become disgruntled and cause two
cavities to grow where but one grew
before.—Howard Ran.
Another Letter From {ay Parker.
U. S. S. Utah, care P. M. N. Y.
May 20, 1916.
Dear Folks:—As I am feeling so
ciable this morning I will take time
to tell you what we did last week.
We got under way Monday morn
ing the 15th at 8 a. m. and went on
a speed trial to the southern drill
grounds, making 21.5 knots an hour,
anchored there at 7:30 p. m. Tues
day, the 16th, and lay at anchor all
week. During the week we had tor
pedo proving drill, lost one torpedo
$7000 gone. Had fire drill, collision
drill, abandon ship, general quarters
and bag inspection. Each man scrap
ed his own ditty box and varnished it
and all mep having lockers .scraped
the paint off of them and shined
them with emery cloth until they
were as bright as a new dollar. In
addition to all this we had our regu
lar work to do. We got under way
for New York at 8 a. m. Friday and
anchored here in the North river Sat
urday at 8 p. m. (today).
The starboard watch gets liberty
today and that does not include me,
so I will stay aboard for the follow
ing 48 hour liberty next Saturday
and Sunday.
We had bean soup and ham for
dinner. I ate one bowl of soup and
a slice of ham with a couple of crack
ers and a cup of coffee. Well my
memory has left me and I must dis
Tell Arthur that if he wants to en
list in the navy that he should enlist
for the engineers force as a coal
passer. A man can learn practical
work there and very little work that
would be of any use to other than a
deck hand is ever done on deck.
I am feeling fine and have nothing
to worry about at the present time,
but the months are slipping by one
by one and then I will start all over
again, but I am willing. You kntfw
there was an order passed that men
could buy out and many of them are
buying out, but I wouldn't.
R. S. Parker.
Alfalfa seed for sale by Biddlaon
Coal ft Grain Co.
Every politician thinks this year is
the very most important year of all.
Nobody has as many different
thldgs to do, aymguntry town van,
1 ,V»' '(,
A. A. A. is Sole Arbitrator and 1st,
2nd and Jlrd Speed Champions Will
lie Chosen Ity its Rules—Good
rich Hilvertowns of Any
Other Make of Tire May
Re Used.
Akron, O., May 20. (Special)—Al
though Goodrich Silvertown Twin
aole Cord Tires are already the ac
cepted tire of the racing driver, and
are bought and paid for in every case
a generous recognition of the selec
tion by outright purchase by drivers
of racing cars of the Silvertown Twin
Cable Cord Tires, for use in contests
under no influence of money consid
eration for so doing, has just been
announced by the B. F. Goodrich
The American Automobile Associ
ation, the official association of car
owners of this country, has prepareu
rules to govern the determination ot'
the actual champion for the season
of nineteen sixteen and will be the
sole arbitrator regarding such award.
The Silvertown Cord Tire is uni
versally recognized as the type of
construction insuring best results in
speed contests and is almost univer
sally used by racing drivers. There is
no reason why the Goodrich Com
pany should extend any award for
the purpose of inducing the use of
the Silvertown Twin Cable Cord Tire
and it does not, but gives outright
without a string tied to of any kind
whatsoever, ten thousand dollars di
vided between the authoritatively de
termined champion, the second and
I third in order quite irrespective of
the make or kind of tire that may be
used by said winners.
Weekly Bulletin.
For the week ending May 23, 1916.
Des Moines, Iowa.
The week was unseasonably cool,
the average temperature being about
seven degrees below the normal.
Frost occurred from one to three
nights and ice formed in many local
ities on the morning of the 18th. The
rainfall was ample in all districts
and excessive in many localities, es
pecially in north central and north
western counties. Snowers on the
afternoon of the 21st were accom
panied by destructive winds in por
tions of Polk, Jasper and Marion
counties ana did considerable dam
age to trees and buildings. Rains
have further delayed corn planting
and plowing and cold, wet ground is
causing slow growth of early plant
ed and poor germination of late
planted corn. Some replanting is
being done on account of insect in
jury and poor seed. More winter
wheat plowed or disced and ground
plowed to corn. Other small grain,
grass and truck doing very well.
Frost did some damage to tender
vegetation and strawberries, but in
jury was generally slight and straw
berries still give promise of big crop.
Tree fruits generally good, but apples
will be lighter than last year. Stock
is thriving on pasture.
After the one-man top has leen ex
posed to the rain and sun for a few
weeks, it begins to shrink at the rate
of four knots a day, after which it is
taken down on the installment plan
and laid to rest in a neat rubber en
velope. Anybody who is not blind in
both eyes and totally paralyzed from
his hips upward can do this in an
hour and a half, without taking off
nearly all of his clothes. It is a very
simple operation, a good deal like
remodelling a barn into a bungalow.
The one-man top can be put up
with the utmost ease by holding a
house party and enlisting the servic
es of the male guests who have taken
a course in civil engineering. It can
also be done at the garage by four
stout mechanics who are familiar
with the house moving trade. Every
once in a while, however, some sim
ple minded purchaser will tackle the
job single handed and shortly after
ward will retire to the bath room
glittering with perspiration, on a still
hunt for the arnica bottle.
The one-man top would be more
highly thought of if it could be put
up without a plumber's license.—
Howard Rann.
Mrs. George Lushbaugh spent Sat
urday night and Sunday with rela
tives at Lineville.
A little son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Orville Moore Tuesday of last
Clevie Petty and wife and son
spent Saturday night and Sunday
with his parents, Dide Petty.
Reno Willis and wife were Leon
callers Thursday of last week.
Mrs. Riley Hatfield assisted Mrs.
John Johnson in the store last week.
Albert Willis went to Mercer one
day last week.
Joe Adair assisted O. L. Peck with
his work last week.
Buford Hollinger has a new Ford
Jim Vaughn and wife were Line
ville callers one day last week.
Oka Beavers and wife spent Thurs
day night and Friday at the home of
her parents, Dide Petty.
Lrinch at Cherrington's.

Geo. M. Chappel, Director.
Tlie One-Man Top.
The one-man top is something that
is thrown in with an automobile in
order to stimulate the sale of bibles
and court plaster. After a new com
I placent owner of an automobile has
put up one of these tops alone, in a
hard rain storm, his feelings will be
greatly relieved by applying a few
passages of choice old testament
rhetoric and preserving his knuckles
in liquid court plaster.
The one-man top has sold more
automobiles in this country than the
promise to extract 42 miles per gal
lon of gasoline. As a result, during
the touring season our roads are lit
tered with husbands ana fathers who
are trying to put the top up without
using a rope and tackle, failing mis
erably in the attempt and being
obliged to listen to tne loud, sonor
ous cackle of passers-by who had
theirs put up by the entire garage
force. It shows how far removed
from civilization we are when such a
sight as this can provoke levity fn the
breast of an ungodly neighbor.
^yfF.'-'• v-: :"V.
Lee Riley spent last Sunday at the
home of J. F. Lewis.
Clark McKee lost a valuable horse
one day last week.
Abe McVey is giving the house he
is living in a general overhauling. He
will no doubt have a neat convenient
house when he get through fixing it
Edith Matthews of Leon visited
several days the last of last week and
the first of this with her uncle Pres
ton Creveling north of Crown.
There was no Sunday school at
Crown last Sunday because of the
rain storm just at the time of meet
ing. There will be Sunday school
next Sunday at ten and preaching at
Raymond Cox made a business trip
to St. Joe last week returning Mon
day of this week.
Favorite Quotations of Famous Men.
President Wilson—Millions for de
fense, and an adequate appropriation
for stenographers and stationery!
Kaiser Wilhelm—If 'tVerdun
when 'tVerdun, then 'twere well
'tVerdun quickly.
Secretary Lansing—Marking time,
marking time, in a sort of German
Theodore Roosevelt—Infirm of
purpose, give me the hat:
William Jennings Bryan—He who
fights—then disappears—may live to
lecture many years.
Justice Hughes—Better four years
in the White House than a cycle of
S. J.
Henry Ford—Fords rush "in Where
autos fear to tread.—Life.
Notice of Probating Will.
To All Whom It May Concern:
You are hereby notified that there
is now on file in the office of the
Clerk of the District Court of Iowa,
in and for Decatur county, an instru
ment in writing, purporting to be the
last will and testament of Susan C.
Blair, late of said county, deceased,
and that 10 o'clock a. m. of the 22nd
day of August, 1916, has been fixed
for the probate of said will, at which
time you can appear at the Court
House in said county and show cause,
if any there be why said will should
hot be admitted to probate.
In Witness Whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and affixed the seal
of said court at Leon, Iowa, this 22nd
day of May, 1916.
(seal) E. E. BECK,
4i-3t Clerk of District Court.
Annual Convention of the Decatur County Sunday School
Association, to be Held Tuesday and Wednesday, June
6 and 7, at the Methodist Church, Leon, Iowa.
1:30 Registration.
Convention Prayer, Rev. G. T. Ronk.
2:00 Association Hour, conducted by State Worker Walter
Hutton, Des Moines.
(a) Purpose, Scope, and Needs of the County Association.
(Ten minutes) by the county president, Rev. B. F.
(b) One-minute written reports by Division and Depart
ment Superintendents.
(c) Secretary's Report (ten minuted) using county map,
by the county secretary, Mrs. G. T. Ronk.
(d) Treasurer's report, E. W. Townsend, Decatur City.
e) Good news period.
3:00 Taking Our Measure.
(a) Denominations
1 Standards, Rev. F. A. Heiser, Gar
den Grove.
3:15 (b) County Standard, Rev. E. J. Laird, Weldon.
3:30 Conference, Walter Hutton, state worker.
& 4:00 Appointment of Committees: (1) Business. (2) Nomin
ation. (3) Recommendation. Announcements: (a)
Assignment of delegates, (b) Meeting of all com
nrttecs with the state worker.
7:30 Song Service. Lloyd Smith and W. E. Kemp, directors.
Special prayer for officers and teachers, Rev. A. B, Cor
nell, Van Wert.
3* 7:45 Welcome address, Mayor Morris Gardner.
8:00 Value of Art in Religious Education, (illustrated) L. E.
& Gibson, Des Moines.
8:30 Training the Worker, Walter Hutton.
Offering for county and state work.
Special Sessions.
9:00 Meeting of all committees and officers wit'-', the State
9:00 Workers' prayer service, Rev. B. O. Lyle, Davis City,
Regular Session.
9:30 Elementary Division: (a) Characteristics and Needs of
the Pupil, Rev. C. A. Tenny. lb) Kind of Teaching
and Class Room Equipment Required, Mrs. C. E. But
3* ler
10:00 Secondary Division: (a) Characteristics and Needs of the
Pupil, Rev. C. S. Fair, Pleasanton. b) Kind of
Teaching and Class Room Equipment required, Rev.
E. F. Partridge, Lamoni.
4* 10:30 The Organized Adult Class, Mabel Horner.
10:45 The Teacher Training Class, Rev. O. W. Morrow, Van
Reports of Teacher Training Classes.
11:15 Address and Conference by the State Secretary, W. D.
Stem, Des Moines.
J* 11:45 Announcements.
1:30 Devotional. (a) Scripture Reading: Luke 24:49 Acts
1:6-S, by Rev. F. H. Perkins, Decatur, (b) Prayer
bv delegates.
1:45 The One-Room Rural School Organization Equipment,
«j. Management, Louis Garber.
1* 2:00 The Departmentalized Graded Sunday School Organiza
tion. (b) Equipment, (c) Management, Rev. Hen
ry Esch.
2:30 Men's Bible Class, Rev. R. R. Moser.
$ 2:45 A Definite Sunday School Program, Dr. C. H. Mitchell.
3:00 Art in Religion, L. E. Gibson.
3:15 Reports of Committees: (a) Business, (b) Nominations.
(c) Recommendations.
4:00 Address and Conference, W. D. Stem, State Worker.
4.30 (a) Special Conference with Convention Talent.
(b) Meeting of Newly Elected Officers with State Worker.
6:45 GRAND SUNDAY SCHOOL PARADE, (2,000 in Line.)
7:30 Song Service.
H. S. Miller has the carpenters at
work on his new house.
Several from Crown attended the
meeting of the Taxpayers United
League at Leon last Saturday. They
report a good attendance and an en
thusiastic meeting.
Prayer for Special Fitness for the Work, Rev. E. C. Van
derpool, Grand River.
8:00 The Church's Opportunity to Train for Leadership through
the Sunday School, Rev. J. G. Duling, Garden Grove.
8:30 The Challenge, W. D. Stem, State Worker.
Offering for the Work.
"The End of the Convention is the Beginning of Effort."
will make his 65th regular trip to
Leon, Hotel Leon, Thurs., June 15th
and return every 28 days.
Office Hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
If you or your family are so afflict
ed call and see me. Consultation and
examination costs you nothing. I
treat successfully the cases I under
take and accept no fee from those
that cannot be successfully treated.
I have a special treatment for dis
eases of men which I would like to
explain in person.
Piles, Fistula and Fissure treated
successfully, without the use of the
knife or detention from business.
Address Dr. F. H. Trimmer, 766
Oakland Blvd., Chicago, 111., or Knox
ville, Iowa.
Having been bothered with piles
and run down condition for five or
six years and getting no relief, I con
sulted and took Dr. Trimmer's treat
ment. I can say I am feeling fine
and cured of the piles. I will glady
recommend him to chronic sufferers.
(Signed) Pearl-Murray,
Leon, Iowa.
If competition wero getting worse,
as fast as we all try to think, there
would be no business done at all, as
everybody would be busted wide
open. |.
A woman in this town went to
blow her nose, at a concert, and she
used a very dirty handkerchief, hid
den behind a clean one, and that was
a new one on us.
Don't forget the Saturday after
noon matinee at the Idle Hour
theatre at S o'clock. Admission S
Aad lO cents.

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