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•vlfe'l® PACES
Elected County Superintendent on
the Sixth Ballot, at the Elec
tion Held on Tuesday.
Miss Kate Hull was elected as
£ounty superintendent at the meet
ing of the presidents of the school
boards of Decaur county, held at
the county auditor's office Tuesday
afternoon, 011 the sixth ballot, after
a spirited contest in which Miss Hull
was tied with Miss Margaret Hurst,
each receiving thirteen votes on
three ballots, l)tyt on the sixth and
last ballot, one vote was changed
from Miss Hurst to,Miss Hull, which
elected her by a vote of 14 to 12.
There were three candidates for the
office, Miss Mabel Horner who has
been county superintendent for five
years, having announced that she
"would not again be a candidate.
On the first ballot C. B. Wood
stock, of Lamoni, had 4, Miss Kate
Hull 12 and Miss Margaret Hurst
On the second, third and fourth
ballots, the two ladies were tied
with 13 votes each, Woodstock be
ing dropped after the first ballot.
On the fifth ballot Woodstock
again had one vote, Miss Hull 13
and Miss Hurst 12.
The sixth ballot gave Miss Hull
14 and Miss Hurst 12.
Miss Kate Hull, the new su"erin
tendent, will take charge of the
office on September 1st for a term of
three years, and that she will give
entire satisfaction goes without say
ing, as she is especially well quali
fied for the position. Miss Hull
graduated from the Leon High
School, and later graduated from
the State Teachers College at Cedar
Falls, and also from Iowa Wesleyan
College at Fairfield, and then took
graduate work at the University at
Chicago. She has had several years
experience as a teacher, teaching in
rural and graded schoolgin Decatur
county, in the Leon and Garden
Grove schools, and was assistant
principal of the Grand River schools."
For the past four years she has
taught in Iowa Wesleyan College,
and also during the summer has
taught in the State Teachers Col
lege. This gives her a very wi^e
experience, and under her super
vision the schools of Decatur county
will continue to progress as they
have under the supervision of Miss
Miss Hull was tendered a re-elec
tion on the faculty of Iowa Wesjeyan
College for the coming year, but the
desire to be with her aged mother
who'resides in Leon, induced her to
enter the race for -county superin
tendent. ..
Yellow and Pink Cards.
The committees for the raising of
the Third Liberty Loan Bonds in
Decatur county have been supplied
with pink and yellow cards to be
filled our. for each person.
The pink card shows that the per
son \55araed thereon has declined to
purchase his fair share in bonds of
the Third Liberty Loan, while the
yellow card shows that the person
therein named has absolutely de
clined to "help our government's
war activities, refusing the purchase
of the Third Liberty Loan Bonds."
These cards are to be made in dupli
cate, one of which is to be sent to
the Federal Reserve Director of
jSales of the United States govern
ment War Service and one to be
given the county chairman and to be
kept on file in the county.
The county lias been allotted its
proportion of the loan and each pres
ent has been given its quota of the
county in proportion to the wealth
in the various precincts, then the
committees of the precincts will ar
rive at the proportion of the wealth
of each individual according to what
proportion his wealth bears to the
whole amount in that territory.
Each person will be expected to
buy these bonds in accordance with
his or her wealth and if they do not
they are refusing to aid and assist
the" government in carrying on the
war. Let every person do his very
best in subscribing for these bonds,
the campaign and subscriptions for
the same will commence on the 6th
day of April.
Kleven More Soldiers tfo Friday.
In response to the call for eleven
more soldier boys to attend the
Sweeney Auto School at Kansas City
tor a course of training, made last
week, five young men volunteered
and the local board called six others
to make up Decatur county's quota.
Those who volunteered were Beft
Biddison, Clarence Brothers. Carl
McKinley, of Leoh, Merle Cornett of
Pleasanton, and Geo. W. Jennings of
Garden Grove. The six called by the
local board were Dick Gillham and
Michael Grogan, of Leon, *«.al«h
Roberts of Decatur Charles- D.
Smith of Garden Grove, Orville Rex
West of Weldon, and Howard E.
Spurrier of Lamoni. The boys will
leave on the early train Friday morn
ing being called to report to the lo
cal board at Leon this afternoon.
Fine Barn Destroyed.
The fine new barn on the farm of
A. L. Ackerley, a mile, northeast of
Leon, was struck by lightning and
burned about 9:30 o'clock Tuesday
evening, together with a large
amount of feed, including 600 bush
els of oats, 100 bushels of corn, 25
tons of hay, two to three tons of
shorts and ground feed, 25 bushels
of seed corn, harness and other ar
ticles. The adjoining sheds were
also destroyed and a big sow with
eleven tpigs, and several head of
shoats were burned. The old barn
on the place was also damaged con
siderably, catching from the new
barn. The barn was a fine one, erect
ed last year, and was modern
throughout, the loss on barn and
•contents being from $3,500 to $4,
000. Mr. Ackerley has insurance
which will probably cover half his
MtISkJH. L. Dale Injured.
Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. «f. L.
Dale, of south of Leon, were driv
ing in their auto and when going
up the hill at the Henry Mills farm
in Eden township, tfc£ engine stop
ped and the 'car started backing
down the hill. Mrs. Dale jumped
from the car and in the fall her
pelvis bone wa& broken. She was
brought to Leon and taken to the
Xeon hospital, .'where she is being
given everv attention, hut it will be
-some time before she recovers.
it *j'
The past few days have been great
booze days, and there is more booze
stored in the county jail than has
been in Leon for a long time, and
Sheriff Fulton is boarding five per-
S5VK3 ss-'v6
turning post at Main and Commer-
meat market, breaking off a front.
wheel, and then stopped in front of
Cherrington s. The cai was going
placed the driver under arrest. He
was accompanied by a woman who
was also arrested and taken to jail,
and 288 pints of whiskey were
found in the car. Later in the day
the driver, William (Dutch) Cross,
a notorious character of Des Moines,
and the woman who gave her name
as Mrs. Hazel Cross, showing a
marriage certificate that they were
married at Albany, Mo., the previous
day, were taken before Justice War
ford, where they waived preliminary
examination on two charges, boot
legging and illegally transporting
liquor, and thev were bound over to
the grand jury" under $500 bonds in
each case, in default of which they
are in jail.
Monday evefiing Sheriff Fulton
caught another booze car, a Clial
niersvroadster, with Iowa license
No. 265917 on the rear, and a paste
board No. 209,499 on the front, a
couple of miles south of Leon 011
the Davis City road. When search
ed it was found to contain about 400
nints of whiskey. The driver giving
his name as Harry Wilson,
Moines, and the woman with him
giving her name as Mrs. May Wil
son, were bound over to the grand
jury on two counts, after waiving
preliminary examination, the man
tfnder bonds of $500 on each count
and the woman under $250 bonds in
each case, and they are also in jail.
Tuesday evening a fellow giving
his name" as Harris Wallace Parr,
driving a big Chandler with Iowa
license No. 74,210, slid into a ditch
just south of Leon on the Davis City
road, and came to Leon to get
chains and a truck to pull him out,
but when he got back to the car
sheriff Fulton was there waiting for
him, and placed hitn under arrest.
The car contained about 500 pints
of whiskev. Parr was placet^ in
jail, and yesterday morning he ap
peared before justice Warford, and
waived preliminary, and was bound
over under $500 bonds on each of
two counts, and he is also in jail.
Not a bad haul to make in four
days, but only -a drop in the bucket
as far as the booze whiyli goes
through this county from St. Joe,
enroute to Des Moines.
N J.-'-.
Tearhers Ke-Elected.
The Leon school board has been at
work electing teachers for next year
the past week, Prof. O. M. Gass be
ing re-elected as superintendent, and
lie will have charge of the schools
again next year, which will be grati
fying news alike to pupils and pat
rons of the Leon schools, for under
his supervision the Leon schools
have reached a high mark of effici
ency. Miss Hattie Whitney, who
has taught in the Leon High School
for several years, was re-elected
again for next year, but has notified
the board that she will not teacli
here next year. Miss Marea Sears
was re-elected as princinal of the
High School, Misses Georgia Stewart
and Dorothy Walker, re-elected as
High School teachers, and Mrs, Lulu
Swisher and Misses Lyda Stephens,
Katharine Horn, Edna Whitson and
Agatha Byrnes as grade teachers.
Miss Lulu Black was re-elected as
domestic science instructor and Miss
Mida Bradley as music instructor,
all these teachers having given ex
cellent service the past year. Teach
ers are going to be scarce next year,
and there are quite a number of
teachers yet to be elected. Miss
Nellie Mullin who recently took the
civil service examination at Des
Moines, has been appointed to a
to Corning the error was discovered
and the judges
the superintendent ot tne uorning
^-v ft#!?.'.'.
*«.»/« Ar
Lieon Officers Get {Three Big Cars
'."Loaded With Ilooise—Drivers
Under Arrest.
Sheriff Fulton is Doaramg nve per- Raini, Rqiiev Davis Citv's sailor
.Muiues, uu» uecii 'w"""™, nnvv hpans on Sundav morning,
government posiUon ^d^s ifanie navy beans on Wednesday morning,
BiddiscfiT has been secured to tlach beans on Saturday morning, alr
her room for the balance
Banner Finally Returned.
There was great rejoicing in the feed me very well a home, then we
Leon High School last Friday when smoke a few cigarettes—had to
word was received that the Quad- shine up all the bright works so _th
the banner to Corning High School, 20 seconds
so yo
Bonds Kvenly Apportioned.
«ur"bonds"were subscribed by resi-
portioned all over me county, among
expected tocoiheacross asDecatur
county must go over thev top at this
Leon Citizens in Demand.
Davis City Held Big Reception
Ralph Bailey,Who Escaped when
His Ship Was Torpedoed.
tkttJsPh&j* teszs
the grand jury. .... I of "the Acteon, which was torpedoed
Saturday morning about 5.30a :off
the coas
big Mitchell Six, with Iowa license and who after beinc given uu for
No. 276026, going north struck the josti
cial streets, and caught the cement three of the occupants died, and
post under the_ cai which served finaiiy landed on the coasjt of Spain,
into the curbing in front of Pleuss
iVed at Davis City Saturday
pretty fast, and nightw a.tch Smith Raiph enlisted in the navy at Dies
heard tlie crash and went to the 1
.Moines in August, 3915, and has
car, which was filled with booze, and I jyggn making good, being now boat
to visit a few days with his
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Bailey,
many boyhood friends,
swain, the officer who has charge of
the boats, colors, anchors and other
rigging 011 board ship. Mr. and
Mrs. Bailey have another son in tho
navy, Wm. R. Bailey, who has been
in the navy for sixteen years, be
an officer on the staff of Admiral
Fletcher, and has just completed the
launching of the new battleship
Monday evening a public recep
tion was held at the opera house at
Davis City, which was packed and
the yard was also filled, all eager to
pay their respects to their sailor
boy, and hear him describe his ex
periences. Ralph finally reached
New York last week, ana was given
a furlough to visit his parents, but
has to report for duty again April
Tne reception was presided over
by Geo) P. Campbell, the stage be
ing filled with civil war veterans, a
Spanish war veteran, George Poush,
and one of our new soldier boys, L.
O. Atteberry. After the invocation
by Rev. Shugg, aud singing the "Star
Spangled Banner," J. JV1. Howell led
in a flag salute, and words of wel
come were spoken by H. L. McClar
an. Then followed short Speeches
by old soldiers, 'Henry Reed, W. H.
McCalla and A. C. Mintoyne, who
told of their war experiences, the
High School girls sang 'iKeep the
Home Fires Burning," Mrs. G. G.
Grimes sang a solo, and George
Poush told of his experiences in the
Spanish war and the battle of San
Juan Hill in which he participated
A duet by Mrs. Grimes and John
Tharp, a patriotic talk by Rev. Shugg
and then came the talk by the
hero of the evening, Ralph Bail
ey. Ralph is only nineteen years
old, and never made a public speech
in his life, so no attempt at oratory
was indulged in, but he just rambled
away and old of some of his ex
periences in the navy and of the
terrible trip of fourteen days in the
open boat, all the time speaking
lighly of his own part, just as if 't
was a part of his daily routine, and
taking no credit for his being in
charge of the boat. We had a
shorthand reporter on the ground
and took down his talk as we feel
sure that all our readers will bey
terested in reading it.
I went to Des Moines t6 join the
navy, from Des .Moines I went to
the Great Lake's training camp, 50
miles from Chicago. The first thing
that is done they give you a bath,
and haircut, a thorough haircut,
liavn't much left—so you won't get
nothing in what is left, then you are
vaccinated—then you are a full
fledged sailor—or that's .what you
tliatys what you think, but you find
out different—you are kept isolated
for about three weeks—you will de
velop most any kind of a contagious
disease. 'Well, the first thing you
learn is how to tie a knot—6
months regular course, but 1 had to
get sick and was in the hospital sev
eral weeks so I had to have 7
months. When we left the Great
Lakes we went aboard the North
Dakota dreadnaught—the. difference
between a super-dreadnaught arid a
dreadnaught, a super has all turrets
on the center line, a dreadnaught
on the ends. I nearly got lost when
1 went aboard. You had only 15
minites-to get your hammock put
up and ready for work in the morn
ing. The first thing is to scrub the
deck—have to keep the ship clean
—then you have breakfast—bill-of
fare just the same every week,
Sunday mortiing,
have lots of navy beans, don't
get starved in the navy, I gained
about 30 pounds. I was pretty
skinny, I had to go in there to get
something to eat—mother didn
rangulafbanner would be returned ^aptain'could see his face. 9715""iS our young men have been
close, when the ship rocks
first and second Liberty
not. You don't get sea sick-
is pretty bad.
Loan sale which opens. Saturday, got "torpedoes". Newport is where
the amount has been equitably ap- jje ^jg
to Leon to become their permanent muster, after muster is gun drill, on Agricultural grounds and ajarge 539,980
property. Last spring when the always have to practice—12 inch proportion have been Placed in the, 106,575
Quadrangular contest was held at
Leon, the judges made an error in drilled for championship, worked that they will not be called into ^«ay 6&2.080
adding up the totals and awarded
me fast, 9 shots in a minute and, service These
but after they had taken the banner drill, then a fire and rescue drill,'
were transferred irom tne worm
money and more beer, l^e stayed
aboard her until September of last
year. We were transferred to the
Acteon, supposed to sail about the
France on Nov. 24th,
spending fourteen days in
pen boat, during which time
were transferred from the North made from^ war^pricea.^hj Jther
sreets nyiiiB me tane noia 01 lue utiiei cuu p. r- hold a Hardin ..ZZ 646,555
which is now, proudly displayed on one poor guy fel out and busted ^H^tes it is necessary to noia a,Harain 618,135
the wall of the Leon High School., his nose.. They cling around you '".S win h* h£"v ..Z 625,240
At the first ana secona uiDeriy fSaiirels told" us how soon we were April lain, ana oaiuruay uiuimus, iun
Loaned sales, the big bulk ^v8e ^lladelphia, about the 8th April 3
.Teachers are required
work out the programs,
jg jjev
the farmers as well as the residents —have a game, just like it was
of the towns, and everybody ^will be
gition and the
bond sale. for the Americans under certain
conditions—sometimes we came out
second best like my old cat. We
It seems that If a man has lived were having one battle—and the
in Leon his services are in aemand captain of the vessel called out,
elsewhere. Last week two former what are you doing—you nave
Leon citizens were elected mayors of been sunk for a half hour. I went
Decatur and Garden Grove, RAv. aboard the Oklahoma as-an ordin
Henry Esch being elected mayor »f ary seaman, 1 stripe on sleeve _ap
Decatur, and C. E. Stuber was elect- prentice ordinary seaman, Jstrt
ed, mayor of Garden Grovo. seaman, 3 stripes, yon get
rk out the maneuv-
the enemv in such a po-
Americans in such
|tjon8^then work out the actions
ieft.tfie.17th of October, mak:
ing 9 knots, tried to get in at
Plymouth, finally landed at Pan
zance—English coast. Went ashore
three days, I went aboard soon,
couldn't understand them. One guy
asked me how the Colonies were
went down to Swansea—lots of our
troops were there. We were sun-
posed-to go to Bordeaux, just a
little town like Davis City. We
stayed at Bordeaux a week, spent
our money. We left there and was
just out 'when a hydro-plane came
out and told us there- was a sub
marine just ahead of us. He went
with us until about 4 o'clock, then
we kept on bv ourselves, then we
got stabbed. "I was sitting below
studying French, felt a quiver,
shake, knew we were hit. I asked
the gunner mate what we were to
do—take to the boats. We were on
the bridge where the wheel is.
They came down off the bridge. It
was my -job to lower the boats—
they got in, the chief gunner fell in
the water, 1 slid down. It was up
to" me to take charge of the boat.
We pulled away from the ship.
.Tohn-sub proceeds to keep 2 14
inch guns^-he hailed us—he hailed
again—they took all our stores,
heavy clothes and provisions. We
had nly crackers and water—crack
ers was fair but the water was
stale. First couple of days we let
them take of the water what they
wanted, after that I gave out a Ys
cup of water per day. Pretty soon
we got so we couldn't eat the crack
ers, they would stick in your throat.
The second day out .one of the sig
nal men died, been drinking salt
water, was delirous. He practical
ly died in my arms. Next morning
we buried him—threw him over
board. One old man sang "Nearer
my God to Thee." On the 8th day
out 2 men died, one old Fitzgerald
was fine old man, ail the burial they
got. Well we threw them over.
The 10th day out we sighted land.
We were going to sail in, about 20
in it. 1 wanted to sail in but the
others didn't. We pulled from
four in the afternoon until three in
the morning. We tried to land, it
was a big bluff covered with cactus,
started to climb up, took us about
anNiour to get there. When we
went in, part of us with clothes on,
the women though we were trying
to pull off Some kind of a joke.
They •gave us bread, wine, etc. We
got pretty well fixed up Stayed
there a few days. Some were in
pretty bad condition, two are still
in the hospital in New York. We
went to Corona. The American
consul bought us civilans clothes
paid us our money. We stayed
there about two weeks, drank
coffee and played dominoes—domi
noes is a great^game gave us a ban
quet on Christmas Eve. and New
Year's. We were filled up on Spain
and left there the 15th of January.
We went to the Canary Islands. I
saw the infant Isabella, a prayer
bool* *.!,000 veprs old. Went from
Las Panis City to Havana, went
around there, bought some
Durham and came up on a
boat to New York and here I
Third L/iliei'ty 1/oan.
in anv way made correct, but it is
the opinion of the committee that
the allotments for the county are
fairlv well distributed. In some
precincts the plan will not work
just in proportion as it will in other
precincts more favorably situated,
but on the whole, it is our opinion
that the work can be better perform
ed under this plan than any plan
heretofore used.
The people are responding loyally
in making the preparations for the
campaign. The government does
not expect nor wish to do injustice
to any individual, but the money
necessary to carrying on the war
must be raised. This plan has been
adonted. We must use this plan
until a better one has been devised,
and the people of Decatur county
who are at home enjoying the com
forts and luxuries of tnis life should
raise the necessary funds to proper
ly equip and maintain the boys who
are coing to the front. We, of De
catur county, are fortunate in living
in a farming community, many of
Normal Institute.
In order to comply with the law
of the state in regard to Normal
how soon we'were April 12th, and Saturday morning. Ida
a""triai!by law to
In making allotments to the dif
ferent precincts for the Third Lib
erty Loan, the committees in charge
have made the estimates according
to the plan oulinguJ by the govern
ment. This plan has some imper
fections as all plans -for raising
money have. No one makes the Eden 19,482
claim that the allotments are abso- ^avette" 28,254
lutelv correct, or that they could be Franklin25,364
on the North Dakota. ,W?' hp raillft lnto 'ciav Z'.ZZ..".... 376,565
High School refused to return the Dakota to the battleship Oklahoma words, Dickinson"" ZZ^Z^ 277,095
banner to Leon, and kept it until —say she was a big boat, or she neighbors boys., without feeling the uiCKinson 1,825,985
by the rules he was required to re- looked that wav when I looked her. obligation to support and maintain Dubuque 440,510
tupn it to the association this spring, over. There were aUoun OOO otn- tJ}*ve |thoueh it en Fayette ZZ.i.Z!" 603,925
and upon receiving ^it the officials ers—we wentL aboard,L had to ta-je nn nart. Floyd §82,080
romptly sent it to Leon. As Leon ui stores, supplies, and they would
..ad won the banner three years in amount to as much as all of the
succession it becomes their perma- Davis City and some of tlia Leon
nent property. The High School or- stores—took us about 48 hours,
ganized an auto parade and went we sleep in hammocks, crawl in,
to the depot to meet the train Fri- have about 18 inches of atmosphere,
day evening, and then paraded the you fasten them at either end, then
sreets flying the coveted banner, tate hold of the other end and jump.
fire drill is collision their friends should ^PP£®^^e this .C Into .... 468,930
and'association offic- help but there is lots of work in Wed° not see how any one can stay Da s. 333,935
ers awarded the banner to Leon, but that and no glory and no pav. 1 nther Delaware 397,880
the superintendent of the Corning
can learn to go ashore and responding to the for fundR. miias .... 120,785
ou'do this year. This institute will be Henry
sea- held at the Leon High School build- Howard quo'ira
Next Sec ing Friday afternoon and evening,: Humboldt So,--
Piexi, aw,. IB __J Satnmlav mnrnlnr Irto 383
be Present
dents of the towns of Decatur coun- ?,,n fouiid we could go 20% knots are most cordially invited Jasper 667,870
Third Utartt
-v'c *:-.•
items Taken from the Files of The
Reporter Published a Quarter
ol a Century Ago.
Rev. G. D. Gurley, of Tipton,
Ohio, has been engaged as pastor of
the Presbyterian church, and will
arrive this week.
Misses Maud Bullock and Myrtle
i-iovelace are the proud possessors
of new safety bicycles.
On Thursday evening, March 30th,
Mr. H. L. McClaran and Miss Lillie
G. Sylvester, two prominent young
people of Davis City, were united in
marriage at the Union church in
Davis City.
Mrs, Sarah A. Whartenbee. of
Sprineer, New Mexico', who had been
here visiting relatives -for several
weeks, returned home yesterday.
Miss Maggie Flynn, who has been
teaching in the Des Moines schools,
came home Saturday lor a visit with
her parents.
Miss Millie Avery departed Satur
day for an extended visit with
friends at Burlington."*
Miss Mellie Norman went to Osce
ola Saturday to spend Easter with
friends in that city.
Prof. McGinnis returned Satur
day from a few days visit with
friends at Grand River.
Mrs. Creed Bobbitt returned from
King City Monday where she had
been visiting her ddtighter.
Wild geese, were flying over De
catur county the past week in great
A smooth tongued fakir selling
common writing pens and giving the
purchaser a chance to draw an en
velope containing money, gathered
in about a hundred dollars in this
city Saturday in a very few minutes.
We have not heard of a single per
son who drew a prize.
Agent C. M. Ketcham and family
and Miss Cora Lunbeck leave today
for a ten day visit with his parents
at Guthrie, Okla. O. S. Ketcham,
of St. Paul, will join them at St.
Joe, and on their return they will
stop at Emporiam, Kansas, to visit
Decutur County'* Quota for Third
Liberty Bonds is 035.
The quotas for the Third Liberty
Los(n Bond sale were announced last
Friday. The state of Iowa is assign
ed $71,050,000, and of this amount
Decatur county's quota is $333,935,
and it must be understood right
from the start that Decatur county is
going over the top and going to sell
her quota 100 per cent or better.
The smallest quota assigned to any
county in the state is that of Clarke
county, its quota being only $106,
5 75, Ringgold county quota is
$227,360, Wayne county's $355,250,
and Lucas county is $277,095. It
is understood tnat the quotas were
assigned in proportion to the de
posits of the banks in each county,
and Decatur county has more banks
tlian any of the 1 counties in this
part of Iowa.
County Chairman A. L. Ackerley
has figured out the amount of bonds
which must be sold in each town
ship in Decatur county, it being fig
ured from the assessed valuation of
real and personal property and
monies and credits returned from
each township, the following being
the quota for each township:
Blooinington $ 19,890
Burrell ..a 21,488»
Center 19,210
Leon 1 21.250
Decatur -^7^
Garden Grove
Grand River ..
High Point ....
Long Creek
New Buda 15*1^9
Richland ibiih
Woodland 16,184
men and Clayton 2,153,815
^h®,?"Tund/'Dallas ZZZ.Z. 504,455
nea Moines
"v.! f^«'
tails some sacrifice on our nart.
A. L. Ackerley,
County Chairman.
others Jackson fiB7'870
Tne session wilt noi ue iuug, uui jenersuu r::'
it will be crammed with good things Johnson
from sta^/'to finish. Among the Jones
speakers are Dr. A. E. Kepford, Keokuk
president of the Iowa Red Cross Kossuth
Charles F. Pve, secretary of the Lee
Iowa State Teachers' Association, Linn
and Rev. William Burton Sandford. Louisa
pastor of the Cottage Grove Presby- Lucas ...
terian church, Des Moines. These Lyon ...
men are excellent speakers, and will Madison
bring us splendid messages. {"Mahaska
Mabel Horner. 'Marlon
4*" County Superintendent Marshall
If you can't come to town mail us Mitchell
your shoes and we will repair and M^ona
mail back to you. Bowsher ,& Bow- Monroe
ore1 sher.
The following is the quota of each
county in Iowa:
Adair $
Adams 170,o20
Appanoose 4S.i,l._»
Black Hawk
Boone 31,8po
Bremer 539.980
Buchanan •»»2,6lo
Buena Vista
Calhoun lil'Son
Pjjao .......... 497,350
1 gr
Cerro Gordo '511,'560
Franklin o^'noi
Fremont 277,095
Greene 24i,570
Guthrie £25,770
Hamilton 518,665
Hancock 204,985
37 6,565
994 700
•. -F
Saturday, April 6th, "Dou
Fairbanks comes in another A
craft production, "In Again and O
Again.". This is a new picture pr
duction by Artcraft and is not
reissue of an old picture. "1
Again and Out Again' is filled wit,
fun of the Fairbanks type and it
so good that it has played many
turn engagements in city thei
to tremendous business. It is oi
the biggest pictures of the year.
will attract big audiences wit!
doubt. Douelas Fairbanks is on
the mpst noted male star in pict'
Everybody knows "Doug."
inee at 3 o'clock and first
show at 8 o'clock.
House Peters comes to the I
Hour next Monday in "The Hap
ness of Three' Women." Ho«
Peters is most popular with Lc
audiences and everybody will wi
to see this picture Monday. It fa
Paramount which means nigh q«
ity. Mr. Peters is supported by
exceptionally strong cast and I
picture is beautifully produced.
Tuesday, April 9th. Anita SU
art, the charming Vitagraph si
comes to the Idle Hour in 'I
Combat." This is a Blue- Ribl
feature with a great'star. Efrd
body admires Anita Stewart and 1
clever acting. She is considered
of the most beautiful and
clever actresses of the screen.
Wednesday, April 10th, Mary. A
derson comes in a picture thati
red blooded men and women will !i
ioy to the utmost. "Sunlight's
Raid" is a picture overflowing
thrills and great situations and
erful climaxes. It is a Vitagn
Blue Ribbon production and
means quality every time.
Marriage Licenses
Ira Willis, Blythedale, Mo....:..
Bertha Parkhurst, Davis City....
Charles Allen, Grand River
Anna McDowell, Grand Rtvei
James Pearl Ridgeway, Leon
Lou Sears, Leon
Leroy Warren, Leon
Florence McNelly, Leon
Muscatine l,ll
O'Brien 6|
Osceola 21
Page 71
Palo Alto 4C
Pocahontas 21
Polk «,|S_
Pottawattamie 1,531
Poweshiek 5§1
For County Auditor.
will be a candidate for the dem
ocratic nomination for county audi
tor, subject to the will of the vot
ers at the June primary.
For Representative.
I will be a candidate for 'the*"''
democratic nomination for represen
tative for a second term, subject to
the will of the voters at the June
primary. F. A. Garber,
Center Township.
For Clerk of the District Court.
I will be a candidate for tho dem
ocratic nomination for clork of the
district court, subject to the will of
the voters at the June primary.
Charles Kelley,
Hi v.
Ern Metier,
Garden Grove Township.
For SherifT.
I will bt a candidate for~the dem
ocratic nomination of sheriff for a
second -term, subject to the will of
the voters at the June primary.
John A. Fulton,
For Recorder.
I will be a candidate for the dem
ocratic nomination for county re
corder, subject to the will of the
voters at the June primary.
George W. Sanger,
Leon township.
For Member Board of Supervisors...
I will be a candidate for the-:
democratic nomination for member1,
of the board of supervisors for ai
second term, subject to the wilL of
the voters at the June primary,
L. P. Hasings,
Long Creek Township.
Coming Attractions at the Idle Honr
Today, Thursday, April 4th, the
attraction is Charlie Chaplin in th»
roaring two part comedy, "In the
Park." This is one of the famous
lSssanay Chaplin's and it's good.
It was made by the same companv
that made "The Night in a Show,"
one of the best Chaplins ever re
leased. In addition to this Chaplin
comedy, one of the new Falcon fea-i
tures will be shown. The title of
this picture is "The Last Play.'l
Falcon features are new pictures
that have been on the market but a.
short time. They are rapidly makl
ing a name for themselves. The/
are sljown in the best theatres if
the oountry. The admission will
(i a)5d 15 cents. First show atl
o'clock. ,J
Tomorrow, Friday, April 5th. wil
be one of the biggest days in tliejti
tory ojf the Idle Flour Theatre. Th
famous Hockwald & Pughe's Natij
Hawaiian Singers and Players wj
furnish the entire program. Th
is one of the most noted Hawaii!
troupes appearing upon the. Am«
can si age at the present time
the Idle Hour management fa
that it has been most fortunateT
securing them. The sij( members!
the company are all native HawaU
musicians. The performance
start at 8:15. The admission
be 25 cents for children and
cents for adults.
Sac 653
Scott 4,20j
Shelby 461
Sioux 433
Tama ,71j
Taylor ]H1
Union 34]
Van Tiuren "61
Warren zj
Washington ............—, 71
Webster '7~:.
Winnebago 3|
"Winneshiek 4
Woodbury 3^2
-y,- s\7. *vr-
,• -V

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