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j. 1
list Friday was Final Day for Filing
£uaty Nomination Papers for
m! the Jane Primary Election.
Last Friday was the last day for
tiling nominations by candidates for
^county offices, in order to have their
jaames printed on the official pri
mary ballot. The republicans filed
for every office except that of
coroner, but no candidates for the
democratic nomination for county
treasurer, clerk of the district court,
county attorney or coroner were fil
«d, and these offices will have to be
sjf nominated by the county conventions,
kg® The democrats did not file any
ks|^ nomination for either member of
Mx congress or state senktor from this
I '^district and these will also go to the
district convention. The republican
(.iV candidate for congress is H. M.
w. Towner, and there are two candidates
%&&<hftor "state senator on the republican
'V .'ticket, Dr. B. L. Eiker and J. A. Mc
.} Jntosh, both of Leon.
Clerk of the District Court—Ira
Officer, of Leon.
[If1 Sheriff—Ray Scott, of Leroy
s'/Robert F. Scott, of Leon M. S.
I I ann fllpm
The republicans also have two
didates for state representative.
Osca tr Anderson, of Lamoni, and
Ral! ph Rumley, of Leon, while only
•one a democrat candidate filed. B. J.
.^Vilson, of Woodland township.
-4, The big contest seems to be for
^sheriff, there being four republican
^candidates who filed, and three
t^democratic candidates. One republi
•wcan candidate who had announced
'%%imself for sheriff. C. A. Smith,
^failed to file his nomination papers,
£,?fco his name will not appear on the
inofficial ballot.
§$0 The following is the list of the
^candidates who filed on the two
n» "County tickets:
Sullivan, of Leon Clem Thompson
of Ce^r township. ,,
R^piier—Mrs. "Jtanette Alex
ande\?°£f Leon H. McMorris. of
County Attorney—John S. Par
rish, of Leon.
Member of Board, term commenc-.
ing Jan. 1, 1921—P. C. Morgan, ot
Center township.
Member of Board, term commenc
ing Jan. 1, 1922—E. J. Blair, of
I Long Creek township.
Sheriff—Leland S. Hebener of
tiLeon L. J. Hill, of Leon Roy Wood,
of Leon.
Recorder—Miss Gertrude Heown,
of -Fayette township.
Member of Board, term commenc
ing Jan. 1, 1921—R. C. Fulton, of
High Point township.
Member of Board, term commenc
ing Jan. 1, 1922—H. T. Rauch. of
.Fayette township.
The New Pension Law.
The Fuller pension bill to increase
Ahe pension of soldiers and soldier
Ife-wldows, which i&djj&ased congress
itfVwas signed last wSfek by^presa^ni
SNwilsonand is nowa JaW. The follow
jf".ing are the main/^Yovisions of the
l". A pension ES $50 per month to
all Civil War ai& Mexican War Vet-
L'"Jerans, who are now on Mie pension
Enrolls at less than $50 per month.
2. Veterans of said wars, who are
/helpless or blind, "or so nearly help
Kjess and blind as to require the reg
personal aid
War, War of 1912, or Mexican War,
such widow having been married to
such veteran prior to .June 27, i»«o.
(The pension committees ot benaie
,nd House have agreed to take care
aged and dependent widows, who
carried such veterans after June n,
1905, by special pension bills.)
Drove Through Garage Doors.
Miss Hazel Smith, of Pleasanton,
»rho is atte'iciing tlie Leon High
School had quite an accident last
Thursday evening when she drove ,a
Ford auto through tlie big electric
a E a a in
car was owned by a friend *f
^\,-Smith residing at Weldon, and haa
here for her to use. She
a load of the Seniors of
i'ws'ffig|3on Hi ,gh School to Van Wert
th' 3ir pictures taken, and
jaturr' ,»ing started to the gar
t&'m ea* /e the car. The electric
_i AlflitAnr
and the younp lady who
•employes in the office of the
age quite a scare however.
Alumni Banquet.
»ie Leon Alumni Association will
Ad their annual banquet at the M.
church next Tuesday, May 18th,
ir? *,6:30 o'clock. Each member is
should be mailed, at oace to
Hattie Haskett Bell, secretary.!
at arrangements can be made
O'clock, to nominate a township1
Wholesale Dealers in Sugar to be Li
censed Says Larimer.
While food commissioner H. G.
Larimer was in Chariton for an over
Sunday rest from his labors, he re
ceived a phone from Des Moines
announcing a new action on the part
of the federal government to con
trol sugar prices. This is no less
than to re-invoke the old war time
license system for wholesale deal
ers. This is done to shut out the
speculator and Mr. Larimer thinks
will have the efiect of lowering
prices on this commodity. The
wholesaler is allowed a profit ot fl
per sack, and the retailer a profit of
two cents per pound. Should any
retailer be found charging more the
licensed wholesalers will be instruct
ed not to sell him any more sugar.
If any wholesaler charges a higher
profit than is allowed by the govern
ment his license will be revoked and
he can obtain no more sugar from
the refiners. Tnis is a very drastic
measure, but Mr. Larimer is con
fident that it will reduce the price
to consumers.—Chariton, Herald
Would Enjoin City Officials.
The Adams Theatres Co., operat
ing a string of theatres in Iowa, one
of which is the Lincoln, at Chariton,
are through their attorneys, Fergu
son, Barnes & Ferguson, of Shenan
doah, seeking to enjoin the city of
ficials of Chariton from enforcing
the ordinance recently passed against
Sunday amusements. The conten
tion taken bv the attorneys for the
theatre company is that the ordin
ance is contrary to federal and state
law, and unconstitutional. The com
pany, which is organized under the
laws of Delaware, claims to be a
"foreign" corporation, and the argu
ment will be advanced, it is believed,
that the ordinance is unconstitu
Mayor G. B. VanArsdale has been
notified to appear in Des Moines on
May 7, when the attorneys will ask
Judge Wade to grant a temporary
injunction restraining the city of
ficials from interfering with the
operation of the picture house here
on Sundays.
The proceedings started by tho
Shenandoah attorneys are unique it
is said, because this is the iirst
time the aid of the federal govern
ment has been sought to restrain a
community from enforcing a law
prohibiting Sunday amusements.
The ordinance in Question was
passed by the city council about four
weeks ago, and later action
taken to make the ordinance bind
ing by a secon,d passage in order to
avoid any technical error that might
bee laimed in the former ordinance.
The Lincoln
L. f. S,
attendance of
another person," shall be paid a
.pension of ?T2 per months. To get
.this increase, application theretoi
xaust be filed with the Pension
3. Increased rating for loss ot
phand, foot or limb while in service
^tind in line of duty from $60 per
months for loss of one hand or one
foot to $90 per month for loss of one
Vtjhand and one foot.
4. A pension of $30 per month to
the widow ef a veteran of the Civil
remained closed
be claimed in the former ordinance,
ance was passed.—Chariton Leader.
At the hearing of the above case
held at Des Moines last Friday,
Jud"e M. J. Wade of the U. S. Court
issued a temporary injunction res
training the officials at Chariton
from enforcing their ordinance
Church Will Install More
Wireless Stations.
B. Church, head of the
radio department of Graceland Col
lege at Lamoni, will resign his
position and move to Independence,
Mo., to become the head of a school
for radio operators, one of the feat
ures of the new industrial commis
sion created by President Fred M.
Smith being the department of com
munication. During the
general conference of the L. u. s.
church held at Independence, Mo.,
wireless reports of the proceedings
were sent to Lamoni each day and re
ceived bv Mr. Church. A wireless
station for sending and receiving lias
been installed at Independence, and
Lamoni, and a .station for receiving
is in operation at Holilen, Mo., and
the apparatus for sending messages
at this station will soon be lnstaHefl.
Other wireless stations will be built
at Warrensburg and St. Joe, Mo.,
Omaha, Neb., und Des Moines, Iowa..
Ktnnctli Wight Suffers Serious Ac
Kenneth, the four year old son of
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wight, who is at
present visiting with his mother and
sister at the home of his grandpar
ents in Broadwater, Nebr., last week
happened to what might have been a
very serious accident.
In playing with an old wire hoop
from an ice cream freezer, he ac
ridently ran it into his eye in such
a wav that, it required the services
of a physician to remove it. At first
his sight was desnaired of, but the
latest news Mr. Wight has is to the
effect that he is getting along nice
lv and his vision will not be impair-
p.pprnc e'd. Lamoni children were certainty
a»d she^ldeMly bom jmder Itekr sfrs.-Lamom
otice this fact when she Chronicle.
and the car arashed
iem breaking the glass
ering up the doors. The
aly slightly damaged, and
yvfcrve all at the big banquet. If you tion will hold its annuai county con
fe not yet mailed your card, vention at Decatur City, May 21
.ether you are going to attend or and 22nd. An excellent program
t, please do so today. is in preparation and every_school_of
.the county is urged to be represent-
Entertain Sophmore Class.
On Monday evening of this week
the T. A. entertained' the Sopho-
more cl
,g with her both escaped pjcn}c supper served in the Domestic
injury. The crash .gave science rooms. Everyone enjeyed
the delicious eatables the mothers
had prepared' and -after the supper
was finished all took part in games
and spent the evening in a very
pleasant manner.
the High School at a
The P. T. A. has entertained each
of the four High School classes and
has made the students feel thart their
as their
'•'^'"•ntiJj 'tied to one or more guests. In-: interest to the P. T. A.
•Hstii ans have been mailed to all the daily school work.
.A ct?f ni, with a return postal stating .. ..
her they will attend. These bounty Convention at Decatur Slay
1. .hnnlil hn mailed a4
school is of as
21 and 22nd.
Eden Township Caucus. by a good delegation. State
workers will be there to present the
The democrats of Eden township jn
The Iowa Sunday School Associa-
£will meet at A. M. Pryor's office in importance to yriur school.
*Leon on Saturday, May 15th, at 3
way that will be of vast
ticket for the June primary and to Van Wert, Iowa,
select delegates to the democratic
county convention. Frank Cox, Ford Car Stolen.
Township Commiteeman.
Tuttle, Pres.
Lantz. Sec.-Treas,
Stolen, at Mercer, Mo., last Satur-
Hope litis Comes True. day evening, a Ford ^touring car,
1917 model, engine No. 1964038,.
-The high price of paper may force and had Iowa license for 1919 No,
•hoe factories to rise leather instead 33364. A reward of $50 will b»
•f paper for Bhoe soles.—Moberly paid for the recovery of the car. Howard Coffin,'Becatur
Desocrat Notify J. A. Fisher, LineviUe, Iowa. Ethel Hale, Decatur ...uii 21
Court Mas Adjourned Until Jane 4th.
Walter Case, of Crand River,
Indictedfor Selling Liquor.
Judge Winters adjourned district
court last Wednesday evening untii
June 4th, when he will return to
Leon to hear several cases. The
grand jury made their report on
Wednesday and were discharged for
the term. Only one indictment was
returned, that being against Walter
Case, of Grand River, who is charged
with Belling liquor, a number of
witnesses appearing before the grand
jury. Case had been arrested the
previous week, and is at liberty un
der bonds to appear at the next term
of court.
The following cases were disposed
of since our report last week:
Samuel Hamilton vs. Katherine
Hamilton. Decree of divorce grants
ed to defendant on her cross petition.
Custody of minor children given to
their grandmother. Mrs. Mary
Phillips, until the further order of
the court.
Estate of Herman Waswo. Annual
report of Wilda Waswo guardian ap
Estate of John Wiley. Annual re
port of administrator approved.
Guardianship of Joanna Coppock.
Annual report of A. C. Baker guard
ian approved. Guardian 'authorized
to loan money belonging to ward.
Estate of Charles McCann. O. F.
Walker auministrator authorized to
sell stock belonging to estate in La
moni Colisuem.
Estate of Geo. W. Wadsworth. Ad
ministrator authorized to deposit
money belonging to estate in Farm
ers & Traders State Bank.
Pioneer Business Man Takes liest.
Mr. Clias. Blair severed his con
nection with the Supply Store Satur
day night, the store naving passed
into the hands of five jyoung men
from Harrison county, Iowa, who
will continue to operate the business
in the old stand. Mr. Blair is a
veteran in the grocery world, hav
ing practically spent his life in this
business. With one exception, that
of Mr. B. D. Fleet, Mr. Blair has been
numbered with the business men of
Lamoni longer than any other man
Charlie has always taken a great
interest in the affairs of the town
and community being willing at
times to spend his time ami money
in those enterprises that he though
were for the best interest of the
community in general. He was one
of the first and most enthusiastic
good roads workers in this section
and his place will be hard to fill in
this and similar connections.
We are not informed as to Mr.
Blair's future but he will be kindly
remembered by the business men of
Lamoni as a staunch supporter of
his' town- and community in e^ery
good work.' He is entitled to a well
earned rest which was apparently
forced upon him as he was taken
severely ill Monday and was taken
Monday night to the Sanitarium at
Independence, Missouri, where it is
hoped that he will soon be restored
to his usual' health. He was ac
companied by Dr. Peterson. His
brother, G. W. and A. J. Yarrington
going as far as Chariton where he
was placed in a sleeper on the Rock
Island for Kansas City.
At the time of our going to press
word was received that Mr. Blair
condition was critical and that an
immediate operation necessary.
—Lamoni Chronicle.
County Grade Declamatory Contest.
Harge inspiring crowd attended
tlie county grade declamatory con
test Saturday afternoon, May 8th, at
the High School assembly room in
Leon. Owing to a slight misunder
standing only five towns were 'epre
sented, Leon, Van Wert, Grand Riv
er, Weldon and Leroy, eight contest
ants participating. All of the child
ren acquitted themselves in a credi
table manner. It was very unfortu
nate that, there was but one contest
ant in the dramatic class and be
cause of that fact was obliged to
compete in the humorous class. The
decision of the judges, Miss Margar
et'Hurst, Miss Nina Bowman and
Rev F. Campbell was satisfactoiy
to ail, first prize, $5.00 being award
ed to Helen Eddy, of Weiuon. with
"Billy Brad and Big Lie second
prize, $3.00, was won by MissEmma
Walker, of Van \Vert, with Who
Afraid third prize, $2.00 was won
bv Miss Margaret Alexander, ot
Leon, with "The Little Brown
Proclamation: Be it enacted by
the Council of the City of Leon, Iowa,
acting at the invitation of and .in
conjunction with the Commercial
Club and the social clubs of Leon,
Thursday, May 20, 1920, be desig
nated as "Clean Up Day. In this
moyement, the Council asks all the
loyal citizens of the City of Leon to
'iitiwiinlli^uj) wi|jpppw'iTO ."i nil .la^pa^pji
c* f«v 4?
J* "»p
J. L. McCIain,
Decatur Commencement Tonight.
The commencement exercises of
the Decatur High School will be held
this evening, Thursday, May 13th, at
the opera house in Decatur. The ad
dress of the evening will be by F. A.
Welch, state inspector of High
Schools. The class this year con
sists of only two graduatess. Miss
Nellie Reuss and Bert Miller, but
while small in numbers it makes up
in quality.
Tlie Nortnal Training High School
-Examination will be neld Wednes
day, Thursday and Friday, May 19,
20 and 21, at the High School in
Leon, Lamoni and Qarden Grove.
Kate L. .Hull,
County Supermtendedt.
Maiola Oil Demonstrator.
Will be at Caster's grocery Thurs
day, May 13th. Eeveryone. invited to
jiiee the merits of this product.
Marriage Lin
Somebody Taking tlie Joy Out of Joy
Washington, May 2—Warning of
the probability of an actual shortage
of gasoline before the end of next
summer, as a result of the dispro
portionate increase in gasoline pro
duction and the number of automo
biles in use, was given in a state
ment issued today, by the bureau
of mines.
While an increase in stocks at the
end of February of more tnan 100,
000,000 gallons or 20 per cent as
compared with a year ago, shows
that the situation is not yet acute,
it is proibable, the statement said,
that before the "summer season is
over it will become tight if indeed
it does not become short."
Heavy drafts were made in March
on the reserve stocks of,crude pe
troleum notwithstanding a 20 per
cent increase today by the United
Stated geological survey. Tlie total
increase-in output of United States
in March as compared with Marcu,
1919, was six million barrels, but
the increased consumption made
necessary the importation of 6,500,
000 barrels from Mexico. An addi
tional million barrels was drawn
fiom the reserves to meet the de
Comenincement Next Thursday.
The Leon schools will complete
the school year next Week, the com
mencement exercises being held at
the Presbyterian church on Thurs
day evening, May 20th, when a class
of thirty will receive their diplomas.
The address to the class will be by
Rev. George M. Hughes, of St. Joe,
Mo., who was a. very popular pastor
of the Leon M. E. church twenty-five
years ago, and his many friends in
this city will be pleased to have an
opportunity to hear him speak. The
members of the graduating class are.
Blanche Andrew.
Mary Beavers.
Edith Beers.
Jennie Campbell.
Quenetta Carrol.
LaNelle Cartwright.
Margery Cesler.
Martin Cesler.
Rosamond Cowles.
Florence Uavis.
Alice Davis.
Mabel Dingman.
Ferne Estes.
Arlefin Evans.
Lena Finkbone.
Esther Garber.
Harry Gillham.
James Hansell.
lmogene Harden.
Opal Hewson.
Marie Homey.
Marie Manning.
Madge Manning.
Mildred Merwin.
Gladys Muck.
Dorothy Osborn.
Gertrude Pearson.
Hazel Smith
John Springer.
Josephine Toms.
New (j^ic«r» of Leojh:Cemetery As
At a meeting of the Leon cemetery
Association held at the assembly
room of the library building last Fri
day .evening, the following officers
were elected for the ensuing year:
President—Dr. F. A. Bowman.
Vice President—Mrs. W. A. Alex
2nd Vice President—Mrs. C. M.
Secretary—Miss Eva Rhea.
Treasurer—Chas. E. Hurst.
Directors—C. E. Hurst, R. A. Mc
Ginnis, Mrs. C. M. Ketcham and Mrs.
W. A. Alexander for a term of three
years. Eight of the directors hold
over tliev being. Morris Gardner,
Mrs. E. P. Van Worden, Mrs. H. R.
Layton, Mrs. T. S. Arnold. Mrs. Liz
zie Stookev. Miss Eva Rhea. F. E.
Teale and Dr. F. A. Bowman.
The association has accomplished
a great deal of good in beautifying
the Leon cemetery, and are planning
to do considerable more in the way
of improvements.
Week Activities.
Friday afternoon May 14tli at 2
o'clock, Senior Class Day Exercises
at High School Assembly.
Sunday morning, May 18th at 11
o'clock, baccalaureate Address at
the Presbyterian church by A. K.
Jervis of the Methodist church. Sub
ject, "Master Builders."
Tuesdav afternoon. May ISth at
?, o'clock," Eighth Grade Commence
ment exercises at Eighth grade room.
Tuesday evening, May 18th at
6:30 (sharp), Leon High School
Alumni Banquet at M. E. church.
Wednesdayvevening, May 19th at
8 o'clock, Eighth Grade Commence
ment Exercises in High School As
sembly. Address by Rev. G. T.
Thursday evening, May 20th at
8 o'clock at Presbvterian church,
Leon High School Commencement.
Address by Rev. George M. Hughes
of St. Joseph, Missouri. An admis
sion fee of 25 cents will be charged.
Center Township Names Soldier
Center township selected a unique
delegation to the democratic county
convention at their caucus held last
•Saturday, seven of the nine male
delegates being soldier boys
served in the recent. World war, G.
F. Hoffman, Opal Brown, Mark
Smith, Ernest Sears, Bert Biddison,
Harry Snyder and Reese Gittinger.
A double delegation was selected
nine men and nine ladies, each to
have half a vote at the county con
vention. Center township surely
recognized the soldier boys.
&y*f 'h
A Special Attraction.
A special attraction booked b" the
Idle Hour theatre is Stroheim's won
der play, "Blind Husbands," the «.„
most enthralling photodrama that working in central
most eniuramug "V
At the
Idle Hour theatre Sunday
and Monday, April 16th and 17th.
Second Hand Can.
A woman, forgets all her troubles
when she ia wearing her new spring
hat for the- first time.
If you hare a second car to sell «r place. Earl Akes who Just started
want to tiT one—SEE US—We out a couple of weeks ago a ntew
handle more secend hand cars than hand at the business was especially
any other firm between Des Moines commended by the company, as in one
and Kansas City. week he sold something over 126,000
Estes & Company,
Leon, Iowa.
Items Taken from the Files of Tbe
Reporter Published a Quarter
ot a Centiry Ago.
S. A. Gates is doing the hardest
work this week he has done in years,
nursing a felon on his finger.
Only one marrriage license was is
sued the past week that' being to
John E. Vail 29 to Grace B. Stearns
21, both of Garden Grove.
Jap Cesler hobbles around town
these days on crutches. He was
shingling his house one day last
week when the scaffold broke and
threw him to the ground, resulting
in a badly sprained ankle.
While playing ball at the school
house "-{yesterday morning Harry
Mayer had the third finger of his
right hand broken so that the bone
protruded through the flesh. He went
to catch the ball when it struck him
on the end of the finger, breaking
it square off. Harry seems to be
particular unfortunate, for' less than
two years ago he lost part of a fin
ger on his left hand by getting it
caught in a cow's halter.
The K. of P. band boys are in
high glee over the addition to their
ranks of a cornet soloist, who en
joys a reputation as a musician and
instructor all over the United States.
We refer to Prof. Clarence Koliler,
of Louisville, Ky., who resided years
ago at Osceola, and will be remem
bered as a musician of note by many
of our people. Mrs. Kohler is a sis
ter of J. R. Bowsher anfi lias been
anxious to return west for some
time. On Monday Mr. Bowsher
closed a deal for Mrs. Dolly Good's
millinery stock and C. E. Callahan's
jewelry store, and Mr. and Mrs.
Kohler will take charge of them.
They will arrive in Leon the com
ing week and will be cordially re
ceived by the good people of Leon.
This locality was visited by a very
heavy frost Friday, Saturday
and Sunday nights, but it did no
damage except on very low ground
where early potatoes were nipped
and some of the corn touched up con
Uncle Billy Bowman visited over
Sunday at the pleasant home of Mr.
and Mrs. John Lee near l^avis City.
Mrs. Peasley, their daughter living
aA Kellerton, and her four children
were there on a week's visit and Miss
Maude came over from Lamoni Sun
day. It made a happy family cir
cle at tlie old homestead
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Mallette, of
Garden Grove, are planning to go
to Tennessee this summer for a
year's visit at least, and may con
clude to permanently locate there.
Miss Charlotte Vogt returned from
Mt. Ayr Friday where she had been
spending a week with Mrs. Helen
Mrs. Thomas Reardon, of Grand
River, and her daughter, Mrs. Wiil
Nott, of Syracuse, Kan., were visit
ing with Leon friends Tuesday.
Mike Griffin, of Woodland, went
to Des Moines Monday to. senre.. as a
trial juror in the v. S. Federal
L. D. Shaffner, a prominent
pcitizen of Grand River, died at his
home in that town on May 10th, at
the age of ^7 years.
Simon Cross visited over Sunday,
with his brother at Corydon.
Judge J. W. Harvey returned from
Clinton last Thursday where he at
tended the G. A. R. encampment.
Miss Blanche Norton, of Eldon,
came Monday to visit a few days
with lier friend, Miss Clella Shular.
W. P. Clark & Co. are selling
half barrels of white fish for $2.25,
and a 1 0 pound pail of white fisli for
50 cents. Home cured shoulders
ar^ selling at 8V2 cents a pound.
Xe\v Court Cases.
E. G. Jones vs. John E. Davis et
al. Action is to quiet title to a farm.
Varga & Son attorneys for plaintiff.
Luther Bason vs. L. P. Sweeten.
Plaintiff is the owner of a farm and
employed defendant to work for him
bv the month, commencing in March,
1919, and that in October of the
same year he was compelled to dis
charge him on account of his care
lessness in performing his duties.
Defendant has refused to vacate the
house on the place in which he has
been living and plaintiff asks for a
writ of injunction enjpining plaintiff
from taking possession of uie farm
and cultivating it. McGinnis & Mc
Ginnis attorneys for plaintiff.
George Barr vs. W. S. Brannaman,'
John Wvodardi and wife, Clifford
Woodard and wife. Suit is on a
note for $261.50 signed by W. S.
Brannaman and John Woodard, and
plaintiff alleges defendant John
Woodard has transferred his prop
erty to his wife with intent to de
fraud ris creditors and has abscond
ed. Plaintiff asks that a deed to real
estate be set .aside and held for
naught and that execution issue
against tiie property to satisfy plain
tiff's claim. McGinnis & McGinnis
attorneys fo* plaintiff.
Milo Moore Opens Fine Garage at
Gregory, S. D.
Old time friends of Milo Moore,.a
former well known resident of Leoh,
who moved to Gregory, S. D., some
years ago, will be interested in
who learning that on May 1st he formal
ly opened his fine new 1 ord garage
at Gregory, the building alone cost
ing over |45,000, and is said to be
the finest garage in the northwest.
The building is 100x130 feet, fire
proof, the front being of pressed
brick and plate glass. More than a
thousand people registered at the
opening, Mr. Moore serving refresh
ments to everyone, and it was a
regular gala day at Gregory.
Selling Lots of Hail Insurance.
The bunch of Leon men who are
Iowa selling
and northern
5S« Mass %"De.'a®
Simpson, wno is a district
agent having charge of several coun
ties, stood second among the dis
trict agents last week, Bert Tansey,
a former Leon citizen being in first
worth of insurance, which promotes
him to the $25,000 class, and is quite
a record for a new man.
Cold facts often cause hot Argu
e. *!'.:•:••, :•*•'..•lV-,1-X..i ,«th*f'_• .-Hi'
.- v. -Tr. ••'.••• •'.
For Representative.
I will be a candidate for tbe demo
cratic nomination for representative:,
from Decatur county, subject to th#
will of the voters at the primary elec
tion in June.
E. J. Wilson,
of Woodland township^
For Auditor.
I will be a candidate for the demo~
cratic nomination for county audi
tor, subject to the will of the votara:
at the primary election in June.
Rothmer A. Scott,
of Bloomington Township.
For Sheriff.
I will be a candidate for the demo*
cratic nomination for sheriff, sub
ject to the will of the voters at the
primary election in June.
L. J. Hill,
of Leon.
For Sheriff.
I will be a candidate for the demo
cratic nomination for sheriff, subject
to the will of the voters at the Jom
Roy Wood,
of Leon.
For Sheriff.
I will be a candidate for the
democratic nomination for sheriff,
subject to the will of the voters at
the June primary.
Leiand S. Hebener,
of^ Leon.
For Sheriff.
I hereby announce that I will be
a'candidate for the nomination for
sheriff of Decatur county subject to
the will of the voters of the republi
can party at the June primaries.
C. E. Thompson,
Center Township.
For Recorder.
I will be a candidate for the demo
cratic nomination for county record
er, subject to the will of the voters
at the June primary.
Miss Gertrude Keown.
of Lamonr.
For Member.of Board.
I will be a candidate for the demo
cratic nomination for member of the
board of supervisors for the term
beginning Jan. 1, 1922, subject to
the will of the voters at the June
H. T. Raueh,
of Fayette township.
For Member of Board.
I will be a candidate for the demo
cratic nomination for member of
the board of supervisors for the
term beginning Jan. 1, 1921, sub
ject to the will of the voters at the
June primary.
R. C. Fulton,
of High Point townsihn.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Davenport in southeast Osceola out
Friday evening, April 30, at 7:30
o'clock occurred the marriage of
James E. Huff of Bussey, Iowa, and
Miss Verna Esther Andrew of Grand
River, Iowa, Rev. Jas. C. Leonard
officiating. The bride is a sister of
Mrs. Davenport and has every ap
pearance of a very fine young lady
and in every way worthy of the con
fidence and esteem oi the one who
sought and won her heart and hand,
in holy marriage. The groom, Mr.
Huff, has been a personal friend of
the pastor's family for a number of
•ears and it is a pleasure to say that
he is a very worthy yobng man, and
we bespeak for this worthy yonng
couple a happy and prosperous voy
age through life.—Osceola Tribune.
At the home of
and Mrs. Carl.
Coffin, at Deeatur, occurred a very'
pretty wedding on Thursday, May
6th, when Mr. Howard Coffin and
Miss Ethel Hale, both at Decatur,
were united in the holy bonds of
matrimony, W. D. Shelton, justice
of the neace, officiating.
The bride is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. George Hale, and a favorite
among a large circle of associates
and counts her friends by her ac
quaintances. The groom is a son or
Mr. and Mrs. John Coffin, a young
man of sterling worth and excellent
habits, who went over sea and over
the top at the call of his country.
Mr. and Mrs. Coffin enter life's
journey under the most favorable
circumstances, and their many
friends join in wishing them a pros
perous and happy wedded life.
On the evening of the 29th of
April Mr. Dewey McCullough and
Miss Freda Hill were united in the
bonds of holy matrimony at the
Brethren parsonage. Near friends
only accompanied them. We wish
for these young people richest of
blessings as they thus embark to^
gether on the sea of life. May a.
long and prosperous life be theirs.
Ceremony by the Brethren pastor.
It. J. Critchfield Dead.
R. J. Critchfield, of Boise City,
Idaho, for many years a well known,
resident of Weldon, where he was
editor of the Weldon Hornet, died
at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.
w. Eddy, in Osceola, Monaay mo
ing. Mr. Critchfield has resided for
a number of years at Boise City, and
a few weeks ago came for a visit
with his children at Creston and Os
ceola, when he was taken with the
illness which caused his death. Mr.
Critchfield was 80 years old, and is
survived by his wife and two son*_
Funeral services were held at Os
ceola Tsesday, his remains behtg
taken to Boise City for interment.
Serial is Drawing Big Crowds
The big serial, "The Lost City.**
which is showing at the Idle Hoar
theatre every Wednesday,, is pror
ing a great drawing card, and each:
episode is more interesting than the
previous one. It bids fair to break,
all records for a sevial picture. Matt
nee at 3 o'clock on serial day.
100 pairs of men's oxfords, worth
from 97.50 to 110.00, Friday aa*
Saturday, choice $5.00. ..
Grime* Clothing Co.

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