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Services will be Held at the M. E.
Church Sunday Afternoon, May
30th, at 2 O'clock.
Decoration day will be observed
on Sunday, May 3 0th, the sermon and
*t program being held at 2 o'clock at
the M. E. church, after which the
soldiers and citizens will proceed to
the cemetery to decorate the graves
of «the departed soldiers, who are
buried in the Leon cemetery.
All service men are urged to meet
at the court house Sunday afternoon,
at 1:45 in full uniform to attend
Decoration Day services at tlie Al. E.
church going from there to the
cemetery to decorate the soldier
The following is a list of the sol
diers buried in the Leon cemetery:
Capt. A. J. Allen, Co. B, 19th
Iowa Inf.
Asahel Allen, Co. I, 91st N. Y. Int.
Isaac Blunt, Co. B, ISth Iowa Inf.
W. A. Brown, Co. L, 3rd Iowa Cav.
Samuel Burnison, Co. B, 43rd
Ohio Inf.
John Bennett, Co. G, 33 rd Mis
souri Inf.
Joseph C. Boyer, Co. B, 16tli Iowa
L. M. Bright, Co. K, 7th Mo. S. M.
Creed Bobbitt, Co. C, 5th Kansas
J. P. Bobbitt, Co. C, 9th Iowa Cav.
Wheeler Boyer, Co. M, 159th Inf.
H. Burns Co. D, 4th Iowa Inf.
D. T. Black, Illinois Inf.
Samuel Benefiel, Mexican war.
F. F. Bedier, Co. G, 1st Mo. Inf.
C. W. Beck, Co. C, 5th Kan. Cav.
J. C. Bullard, Co. H, 102nd 111.
John D. Betliards, 8th Ohio Cav.
Abel E. Chase, serg., Co. D, 39th
Iowa Inf.
E. W. Curry, Co. L, 3rd Iowa Cav.
Joshua Carmean, Co. K, 14th Iowa
Samuel Coover, Co. C, 11th Ohio
J. M. Combs, 26th Iowa Inf.
I. N. Clark, 7th Mo. S. M.
Charles Carroll. Mo. Vols.
Watson Cain, Co. B, 40th 111. Inf.
W. F. C. Cox.
Allen Dunn, Co. A, 17tli Iowa Inf.
A. J. Detrick, Co. L, 3rd Iowa Cav.
Tip Dilsaver, Co. G, 46th Iowa Inf.
Harley Dawson, Bat. E, 339th F.
Joy Dodge. Co. E, 313 Engineers.
James Earley, Co. L, 9th Iowa
Elbert Ernest, Co. C, 9th Iowa
J. P. Finley, Surgeon.
James Finley, Co. D, 4th Iowa Inf.
John P. Finley, Jr., Co. D, 4th
Iowa Inf.
George Foreman, Co. C, 33rd Iowa
Wade H. Fulton, Co. K, 30 th
Iowa Inf.
Jesse B. Garrett, lieut., Co. A,
17th Iowa Inf.
David Garrett, Co. C, 9th Iowa
Garrett Gibson. Capt., Co. C, 5th
Kan. Cav.
William Graham, Illinois Inf.
John Gunter, Co. 3rd Iowa
C. A. Gillham, Co. D, 4th Iowa
0^ William Gray, sr., private Iowa
II- William Gray, Jr., private Iowa
Caleb Gray, Co. C, 33rd Indiana
S James Goin, Mexican war.
I!§&$•••. Robert Good, Co.-A, 18th U. S.
Colored Inf.
A. S. Gardner, Lieut., Co. I, 3 4 ill
Iowa Inf.
James Grandstaff, Co. I, 29th
Iowa Inf.
Capt. John W. Harvey, Co. G, 18th
Iowa Inf.
Wm. W. Holden, Co. I, 51st Iowa
M-.i John H. Holliday, Co. B, 55th En
Wm. Hawkins, Co. D, 4th Iowa
& John C. Harrali, 84th* Illinois.
W. C. Hebener, Lieut., West Vir-
?r ginia Inf.
Francis M. Huston, Co. K, 9th
Mo. S. M.
.4, Geo. R. Hall, lieut., Co. I, 5th
Vermont Inf.
Jas. G. Harris, Co. B, 5th Kansas,
vJohn Holden, Co. B, 5th Kansas.
Jfe Robt. H. Johnson, Corp., Co. C,
179th Ohio Inf.
Ed John, 76th Ohio Inf.
G. W. Jenree, Co. A, 1st Iowa
J. W. Keeler, Co. G, 115th 111. Inf.
Henry C. Knapp, Co. D, 4th Iowa
Madison Low, Co. M, 3rd Iowa
%jv Cav
A. C. Lockwood, Co. A, 34th Iowa
Norris Lorey, Serg., Co. B, 7th
!«&.'• Kansas Cav.
L. S. Lunbeck, 5th California
0*: -Cav.
JW* Reuben Lawhorn, Co. F, 17th
Illinois Cav.
tfcjfc H. J. Landis, Co. C, 9th Iowa Cav.
I.r/ J. W. Laney, Co. L, 7th 111. Cav.
'M W. H. Mills, Co. H, 5th Kansas
fcv I. p. Martin, Lieut., Co. C, 23rd
m: mo.
if? I George Mills, Co. C, 35th Mo. Inf.
Samuel Miller, 100 day service.
Corwirn Martin, Co. C, 9th Iowa
& Cav.
If Amos Marfc, Co. H. 5th Kansas.
Uriah Mitten, Co. F, 142nd Ind.
5 J. N. Madden, Co. L, 10th 111. Cav.
Bryant O'Neal, 1st Mo. Cav.
Marion Oney, Co. K, 7th Mo. S. M.
-K Wm. Pace, Go. L, 3rd Iowa Cav.
Ed K. Pitman, Co. K, 7th Mo.
s: M.
John Piper, 140th Ohio Inf.
Leander Powell, Co. G, 14th Iowa
gsfs W. W. Potts, Co. K, 86th 111. Inf.
I fe" J. A. Ray, Capt., Co. D, 18th
pi -Iowa Inf.
vi Ira B. Ryan, Co. H, 6th Mo.
Henry Rex, Mexican war.
2W Green Stanton, Co. C, 82nd Ohio
Orr Sang, Lieut., Co. L, 4th Iowa
nLy, Robert Shaffer, 9 th IOWA Cav.
Iowa Inf. Helen E. Brackenbury, Lamoni. 20
Leniut Simpson, Co. I, 34th Iowa Joseph Fetty, Andover. Mo.*..:——^27
*'1nL ... ,Rhea A -^DeVries, Lamoni .......—,.*1
Cyrus Smith, 4th Illinois Cav.,
F. M. Smith. Co. U, 3rd Iowa dav.
Martou F. Stookey, Co. C, 4Vth I
Iowa Inf.:
DmAM Thnnnaa, Co. K, Sttfe
low* Jaf.
4 ,r
Lorin Tittle, New York Inf.
t., Mexicai
ieut., Co. D, 4th
A. S. Ward, Capt., Mexican war
Joseph Warner, L"
Iowa Inf.
John H. Walker, California Inf.
W. C. Wheeler, Co. E, 76th Ind.
James A. Wakefield, Co. D, 51st
Mo. Inf.
A iril
Major J. L. Young, Co. A, 17 th
Iowa Inf.
George Zimmerman, Co. B, 6th
Kan. Cav.
Len Zimmerman, Co. K, 51st Iowa
Manual Training and Domestic
Science Classes Hail Fine l)is
The latter part of last week tlie
two big display windows at the
Rexall drug store attracted a great
deal of attention, the north window
being filled with articles manufact
ured by members of the manual
training class and the south window
witli dresses made by the girls of the
domestic science class.
The articles of furniture were
mgfle by Miss Gertrude Pearson of
tli^ 12th grade, Edgar Hansell of the
9th grade, and Edgar Bell of the 7t.h
grade, and it was hard to believe
that school children could do such
fine work. Most of the members of
the manual training class reside in
the countrv and had taken their work
home before the display was made.
The exhibit by the girls of the
domestic science class filled the
south window, and showed excellent
skill in dressmaking, those exhibiting
Avork being Adda Custer, Florence
Anderson, Ruth Elweil, LaVere Mc
Croskev, LaVecy Umphress, Gladys
Overholtzer, Frances Louise Penni
well. Margaret Stone, Margaret Tul
lis, Martha McDaniels, Fern Mc
Kinlev, Willah Goodman, Sarah
Oaulfield. Dorothy Lowrance and
Ruby Meek.
Borrowed John Gray's Ford.
John Gray thougnt for several
hours Sunday night that his fliver
had gone hence. He drove his car
to the Christian church and parked
it while he attended the evening
services, ajid when he came out the
rar was gone, the parties who took
it having taken a key from Hammv
Tullis' car, as Mr. Gray had remov
pd his key. He notified sheriff Ful
ton. and about 12:30 o'clock sheriff
Fulton called him up and reported
he found the rar in the allev near
the jail. Some one had evidently
borrowed the car for a jov ride, but
t.hey had a blowout, and had thrown
the casing inside the car, but the
inner tube was gone. Mr. Gray how
ever is prettv well satisfied to ge'
his car back'without more damage.
Joy riders borrowing cars should
rememDer the law does not recog
nize borrowing and if caught thev
are liable to be prosecuted for steal
ing the car.
Marion Wasson Injured.
Marion E. Wasson., of Des Moines,
formerlv of Leon, was painfully in
lured bv being struck by an auto
last Thursday afternoon.n Mr. Was
son is emnloyed as a salesman with
the DeBrown Auto Co., at Des
Moines, and he stepped out of the
back door of their business house
shortly after noon last Thursday,
nnd an auto was being driven down
the alley at a ranid rate.- He trierf
to lump" out of the way, but slipned
and the bumper struck him on the
legs, cutting both of them very bad
lv. and also a laree gash in the bncl
of his head. He was taken to a
hospital, where it was found nr.
bones were broken, and he is erettme
along nicely, and expects to be able
to return home tlie latter part of
this week.
Town Fnil of Knights Today.
The town is full of visiting Knights
of Pythias today, the occasion being
the annual convention of the 26tli
district, comprising the counties of
Decatur, Lucas, Clarke, Appanoose
and Wayne, and many visiting
Knights will be is attendance. The
session will open at the K. of P. hall
at 1:15 and adjourn at 3 o'clock so
the visitors «an attend the big ball
game at 3:30 between Leon and Os
ceola. The Knights will all be serv
ed with supper at the Presbyterian
church at 6:30 o'clock, and the ev
ening session at which the rank work
will be exemplified will open at the
K. of P. hall at 8 o'clock.
Tent Show is Pleasing.
The Hila Morgan Stock Co., open
ed for a week's engagement in this
citv Monday evening, their big tent
being lockted on the Biggs lots just
north of the Biddison Coal & Grain
Co.'s office. They had a splendid
crowd Monday and Tuesday evenings,
and those who attended say it is the
best tent show which has ever ap
peared in this city. They will re
main here for the balance of the
week, and if you want a chansre from
the movies it will be worth while to
JTew Parking llules for Autos.
All auto drivers are requested to
narli their cars in the center of the
business streets in the marked off
spaces. Also you are reauested not
to leave your car parked next the
curb in the business section for more
than fifteen minutes. Auto drivers
and teamsters are also notified that
they must observe traffic rules as
to turning corner posts at street in
tersections and not cut corners.
J. L. McClain, Mayor.
Flowers for Decoration Day.
If you want to order any flowers
for Decoration Day, better' do so at
once. Flowers are very scarce this
year.- Leave orders tod"*' if possible
before 2 o'clock at The Reporter of
fice! and we will have your flowers
here for you Saturday afternoon.
O. E. Hull.
Marriage Licenses.
L. M. Kimler, Blockton 26
—, Mabel Brooks, Leon 17
*6.*. H. C. Sanford, surgeon, 18th Iowa Hollle H. Emley, Grand River .. .23
Ella G. Doolittle. Leon 22
L. H. Sales, Lieut., Co. A, 17th Cornelius M. Clifford, Lamoni 22
MtheMn TtetKri
Mrs. R. D. Gardner Leaves $30,000 f'se
Toward the Erection of a Hos
pital to Cost $100,000.
n,. tVl„
iwaHiv pnuntv's
rlrh£*t wmiiari Mrs Amelia Eliza-
of,™ «ino nnn fm- emrtine enuiu-
sum hS-
(frtn pnnin and mafntain a free
Mrs. Gardner also made several
rtther charitable, bequest, one ot
$5,000 to the Hbme of the Aged at
Des Moines, $2,000 to the Home tor
Sightless women at Des Moines,
?2,000 for a chapel iiv the Leon
Mrs. Gardner's estate will run
close to a quarter of a million dol
lars, as she owns between 1300 and
1400 acres of Decatur county land,
which has doubled in value in the
past few years. She bequeaths the
balance of her large estate in equal
portions to relatives, with a .few be
quests to personal friends.
As the public is vitallv interested
in this big estate, we prfht the will
containing all the bequests and dis*
posal of her property full, as fol
1st. It is my will and desire and
I hereby direct that all of my just
debts shall be first paid out of my
estate as soon as may be after my
2d. It is my will and desire and I
therefor direct that my executor,
hereinafter named, shall have erect
ed at my grave on the R. D. Gardner
lot in the Leon cemetery, a head
stone the same in qualHy and jpae,
with appropriate inscription there
on, as the one now standing at the
grave of my deceased husband, R. D.
Barrett,_ Ella
Ross Gardner, Mvra Barrett, t-i
Ghormley. Charles Comhs, Robei
Combs. Lewis Combs, Kinaldi Sin
clair, Jesse Sinclair, Anna Jenks,
Francis Jenks. Robert Shearer, Har
rv Shearer, Flora ITtz,
George Gardner and Ar~ urrv. the
sum of $1,000 each, and in case or
the death of any of them
to my
death, then his or her share shall go
to his or her children then living, to
be equally divided among them
share and share alike.
6th. herebv give, devise and be
queath to the children of mv neph-
ew Frank
u.iea.u ed and provided herein.
Bert Gardner, Roy Gardner. Ethel
equally among them, share
share alike: to the children of
nephew, ill
Lynn Gardner and
the sum of $1,000,
I 11th. Whereas, under an agree
ment with my deceased son, Charles
iE. Gardner, there is to be provided
I lor tlie maintenance and support of
case of
week Decatur
il ri^ivvo h'pnupst of
ivn thfi prwt'ion and securities during the life of the said
npr.S countrCarrie Guilford Gardner, and the
OT ONN NN rnndition that A'raontllly payments due her to be
hi l'pvied So' as to iafse a total
P'?s iipftiili nl ihich there is circumstances, and that said sum of
Pardner also be- S15.000 at the death of said Carrie
2l!l !n alnstinnn? sum of
11 afVrn,1'incp wi 11 be cared agreement made and entered into
yWR hS ^'ith my said son, Charles E. Gard
tfip' afiflifinnal sum is not voted
^,™L4dS,1*1 rm. cho be- the of $2,000 to be held in trust
[i i-i tru sf nd be lie Id her my trusted, Fred E. Teale, or
triwtPo "RvpH lale until 'such
tinn nnn tthe same to be invested in sale inter
i'? 5 charitable and :est bearing securities, and ths in
wnTthv henups? and here is an op-i(0me therefrom to be applied ana
Jitvfnrthn nwi lfp nf Decatur
It is my will and desire and
I therefor direct that as soon as may
be after my decease, without mater
ial loss or damage to my estate, that
my executor hereinafter named shall
sell and dispose of all the real estate
of which I may die seized, wherever
the same may be situated, together
with all personal propertv of every
kind and character, except such as
may be otherwise hereinafter dispos
ed of, and convert the same into
money or available securities, and
the proceeds tlierof to he divided,
distributed and held in the manner
hereinafter provided.
4th. I give, devise and, bequeath
to my beloved sister, Miriam Sin
clair, the sum of $4 50.
5th. I give, devise and bequeath
to my neices and nephews, whose
names are as follows, to-wit: James
Sinclair, Wickliff Sinclair, M.
Sinclair Hudson, John b. Gardner,
Millard Gardner, Scott Ga.dner,
Gardner deceased, namely 15th. I hereby give, duise and
Stella Gardner Dodge and Georgia bequeath the sum of $5,000 to the
Oardner the sum of $1,000 to be Ho^e of the Aged, now located at
divided'equally between them:, to ?g3s University avenue, Des Moines,
the children of my nephew, Emmett i0wa.
Gardner, now deceased, namely
the sum of ^0°. to
Gardner Lee. and Blanche Gardnei, Home for Sightless Women, now lo
sum of $1,000A to be .divined
rated at
be equally ai
vided among them, share an^a shiar
8i89th! ni\iv?Id4vi8e
to'Mrs Helen
om^\rownrfca3ter°Bth«msum of! lS'h. It is my will and desire
Oln Brown Caster, tne sum
7th herebv give, devise and my household goods shall be dispos
henueath to John Morris Gardner ed of as follows: The single brass
anH Sarah Alice Gardner, nephew bed and furnishings, and the oak
Ind nlice of mv deceased husband rocking chair with arms and cretone
Guilford Gardner,
the sum of $65 per month during
her life time, in order to provide for
said income I hereby set aside to he
held in trust by Fred E. Teale, my
executor hereinafter named, and in
Ms inability to act, some
suitable and responsible per-
the sum of
515.000, the same to
^vested in safe interest bearing
therefrom at such times and
installments as to the court
seem txroper and best under the
Gardner shall be divided
eiluaI1y amonS my
MW,qr.,S?aai Zl4ela,,„bdeSlren„!!SId'
the "Gardner ward" where persons
who are unable to pay for medical1
war'il" -nprjsons X** iHK, oil a I anQ Silare clilK6.
1th. That in compliance with an
nlJmulates to the tote P,erson
time as it accumulates 10 uuuii
Portumty ^.^^P^'Vo.lprrhos- sooiation, first to the keening up and
fnr pnn hut tor aH tl^e beautifying of the R. D. Gardner
nprfnie of^Decatur^^'ounty
jfamily lot and the lot where the
KEld be So time raotte
the question of voting a tax for a .llie i-.eon cemeiery, ana tnc re
hospital. It would not amount, to
verv much to anv one person, being
divided up among all the taxpayers
in the county, and the railroads and
city of Leon would pay more than
one-fifth of the total amount, and
this would leave only a few thousand
dollars to be voted and paid for by
the taxnayers in each of the sixteen
other tov/nships.
deceased, I hereby set aside
other suitable «nd responsible
^se of his inability act,
h„ invoa+„j in cat-.to
hereby give, devise and
the sum of $2.00u to the
1424 West 30th street, Des
Moines, Iowa.
17th. It ?3 my will and desire and
^"°Jv liter I therefor direct that at mv death
ed. namelv. Earl ^"^"^.Vphinqon ',he home property in wh*"* J. A.
Gardner, Ruby Gardner Hirtchinson,
Caster and 0Hve Caser and my_
reside, the deed to which hns
been madf out and
Fred E
alike to Francis -Tenks, the son of Gardner estate, shall be turned
my nenhew, Francis
Te°£s over
"^V v« *1?
nephews and
through the Leon Cemetery As-
mainder thereof to be used by tlie
said Cemetery Association for the
general upkeep and beautifying of
the Leon cemetery. I further set
aside to he held in trust by my said
trustee, the sum of $1.00u to be in
vested in safe interest bearing secur
ities, and the income therefrom to
be applied and used first to the up
keep and beautifying of the Guilford
lot, where the father and mother of
Carrie Guilford Gardner is laid in
the cemetery at Toledo, Iowa, and
the remainder thereof to be used to
ward the general upkeep and beauti
fying of said Toledo cemetery. Said
income to be turned over to the
Cemetery Association or other re
sponsible persons or association in
charge of the keeping up and beauti
fying of said cemetery at Toledo,
iSth. It is my will and iesire.
and I therefor direct that there shall
be paid out of my estate to the Leon
Cemetery Association the sum of
$2,000, to be used by said associa
tion for the purpose of building or
aiding in building a chapel in the
Leon cemetery at Leoq, Iowa.
14th. I hereby give, divise and
bequeath to Decatur County. Iowa,
the sum of $30,000 to be aDplied on
and used in the construction of a
county hospital in Leon, Iowa, pro
vided however that a tax shall be
voted and levied bv the electors and
nrorer officials of Decatur County,
Iowa, the sum of $100,000, includ
ing ihe $30,000 herein donated and
give'i. to be applied on the building,
nr i^alitaiaing of
oonntv hospital in Leon. Decatur
Covrtv. Iowa, and on the further
condition that said hospital shall
contain and have a free ward for the
care rfnd treatment of those unable
to pay for medical attendance, surgi
cal operations and hospital treat
ment that in case the inhabitants
of Decatur Countv. Iowa, do not vote
a tax and have the same levied to
build said hospital as soon after my
decease as said fund is available,
then that said fund of $30,000 fbove
donated shall be invested in safe in
terest bearing securities and held by
mv said trustee, Fred E. Teale, in
trust, for said nurpose until such
time as the original sum with the
accumulations thereof beco^np suf
ficient. along with the tax voted, for
the building, equipping and main
taining of a hospital to cost the sum
of $100,000 as specified herein, and
at said time the same shall be turn
ed over and paid to Decatur County,
Iowa, for that purpose. It is my
further will and desire and hereby
set aside and provide nn additional
?5.000 +o be held in trust and in
vested by my trustee. Fred E. Teale,
in safe interest bearing securities, to
be used for the enuinment. and up
keep a ward in said hospital to be
known as the "Gardner Ward." the
same to be used and occupied bv
those persons unable to pay for med
ical aid and hosDital treatment while
they are receiving such care as
hereinbefore specified: said fund to
be held with accumulations thereof
and anplied is the manner herein
specified at such time as said hospi
tal is built and enuioned as designat-
in escrow
Teale, trustee of the R.
-to the said J. A. and Olive B.
Caster, and that said property shall
tben and there beCome
the sum of $250 covered seat shall he given to the
Lh »nfincase of the death ,of hosn'tal t0 be used in the Gardner
o!tSi^r ?f them prior to mv death, ward: the marble top .stand and
said beauest to go to his or her heirs sofa to match shall he given to Ella
saia Dgquesi iu Ghrrmley the large Whittall rug to
irmrime.v, me iuig^ 1.um.au '"h
SthM herebv give, devise and be- Mrs. T. S. Arnold: the small Whit
nueath to
Hamilton, daughter tall -ug to match the large one to
Sf tnhn Hamilton should she sur- mv sister, Mrs. Frances Jenks the
Sfve thfimn of$500, and in other small Whittall rug to Mrs. An
lilt ^Ther death prior to mv own, na rurrv: the small hand made table
the said
0*$56^ to go to and be to Olive B. Caster the small rocking
divided equallv between her two chair with no arm rests to Jessie
and bequeath Millard
VanWerden. inr chair to Eva Rhea and all the
ih'JiM «hci survive me the sum of balance of my household goods, fur
is no ^nd In case of er d«*th prior niture and bedding Mrs. Olive
to my own, then that satd suin of Caster may dispose of as to her
t&OO shall go to her daughter, Helen teems best.
VliWsrdtt? 1'th. It is my further will »wj
lOth I «t¥e. dfertse and bequeath desire and I therefor direct that all
Rhe», wlH» has toK long yean of the rest, reeWue and remainder
teMTtt lftttttftto friend aai aaao- at my aaid estate, titer the payment
faaaily, tfc« sum of ot tk» beqwester^and the «taWUh
tat of the trust fanda, a*d tka other
and be their
theref(jr di ect that at my death
Stookev the nMlow rocking chair to 1 uted among my legal heirs at law,
Millard Gardner the leather rock- as provided by the laWs of the State
Items Taken from the Files of The
Reporter Published a Quarter
ot a Century Ago.
Flour has advanced forty cents in
the last two weeks.
Mrs. Elfea Snavely died at her
home north of Decatur last Friday,
her death being due to heart failure.
At the annual meeing of the Iowa
Funeral Directors held at Burling
ton last week, James Grandstaff, of
Leon, was selected as one of the five
delegates to attend tlie national con
vention to be held at Atlanta,
John V. Crum, of Bedford, a law
student at the State University at
Iowa City, won the 100 and 200 yard'
foot 'race at the Inter-Collegiate
Athletic games at Berkley Oval, New
York, last Saturday, defeating
the crack runners of Princeton, Yale
and Harvard.
Mrs. Henry Otten received a
message yesterday with the sad
news that her mother, Mrs. Anna
Reuter, died Tuesday at Napoleon,
Ohio, where she Mas visiting a mar
ried daughter. The funeral will be
held at Napoleon today.
This is the regular year for the
seventeen year locusts, and we are
informed they have appeared in this
county in great numbers. Last Satur
day the ground in the vicinity of L.
P. Sigler's residence in Leon was
literally alive with them. They have
the letter "w" on their wings.
Dr. Layton is the proud owner of
a new Victor bicycle which 'lie re
ceived yesterday.
A daughter was born tp Mr. and
.Mrs. D. F. Avery yesterday.
Dr. Layton claims to have estab
lished a record by riding on his
wheel from Blockley to Leon Tues
day in 20 minutes. Of course the
wind assisted him but he came in a
The following prices were realiz
ed for the Leon horses at the big
sale at Cleveland, Ohio. Blue Sign
$600, Anheuser, $1,300, Marie $380,
Hazel $505 and Gray Sign $135.
Durand was sick and was not sold.
All of the horses at the sale sold
very low. Blue Sign was purchased
bv E. De Gernea, of New York, and
Anheuser by Thomas Gallagher, of
Mrs. Minnie Brady departed for
her home in Salt Lake City, Utah,
yesterday morning, after visiting
for six weeks with her many friends
in this city. She was accompanied
home by her mother, Mrs. Charles
Carroll," who will spend a year or
more in Utah.
Mrs. M. P. Harris and Mrs. J. W.
Allen departed yesterday for their
old home at Farmville, Virginia,
where they will visit for some time
with relatives.
Mrs. S. S. Horner, of Heppner,
Oregon, arrived in Leon Thursday
for a visit with her mother. Mrs.
Dilsaver, and other relatives.
Thomas Midair, of Woodland, is
suffering from a badly bruised and
sprained leg and ankle the result
one dav last week. He
had started down in a well which lie
was boring, expecting to go down 30
feet in the 83 foot well, to fasten a
rope around some rods which were
in the well, and had
gone about
18 feet when he realized there, were
damps in the well, and had just
time to speak to the men above when
he became unconscious, and the men
couM tell he had loosened his hold
on the rope, and they saw the only
way to get him out was to draw liim
out by the oue foot which was in
the loop in wljich he was standing.
It was at first thought he was dead,
but the nartieP worked with him,
and wete £0011 overjoyed to liee him
breathing, and lie will recover from
the experience in time.
'The commencement exercises of
the Leon High School were held last
Tliursdav and Friday, there being
21 members in the class. Will J.
Springer, Hallie Moore, Hattie I-Ias
kett. Grace Albaugh. Henry S.
Arnold. Stella Allen, Mary Snringer,
Edward Thompson. Claudie Clapp,
John Ogden, Minnie Smith, .Tames
Con well, Edith Johnson, Maude
Schenck, Orville Hamilton, Pearl
Osborn, Nannie Paris, Edward O.
Moore. Elhel Bowman, Ernest Homel
and Frank Jackson.
Commencement l-Jxercises.
The auditorium of the Presbyter
ian church was packed last Thursday
evening at the forty-ninth annual
commencement of the Leon High
School, when a class of thirty receiv
ed their diplomas. The church' was
beautifully decorated with the class
colors, nurnle and white, the flower
of the class being the sweet pea, and
their motto, "We- will find a way or
make one." was hung over the plat
form. The program opened with a
selection bv the High School orches
tra. followed by a quartet of High
School girls who sang "Venetian
Carnival," and the invocation was by
Rev. A. E. Jervis. The salutatory
was bv Miss Blanche Andrew, and
Miss Feme Estes read "The Music
Master," in a very pleasing manner,
mixed chorus sang "When Day
Fades, and then Rev. Geo. M.
showing great talent as a reader: A
Hughes, of St. Joe, Mo., 'delivered
the address to the class, which was
filled with excellent thoughts and
splendid advice. The hieh School
girls sang a chorus and then presi
board presented the diplomas to the
dent E. E. Bell of the Leon School
fine class of young ladies and men.
The benediction by Rev. G. T. Ronk
closed th« exercises.
Minnesota Land.
South Central Minnesota corn,
clover and alfalfa land. Renville,
Meeker, McLeod. Kandiyoki and Car
ver counties. Write for information.
McLeod County Land Company,
42-10t Hutchinson, iMinnesota.
.rovisions of this will have been sat
sfied, shall be divided and distrib-
of Iowa.
20th. I hereby appoint Jfred E.
Teale. of Leon, 16wa, as the executor
of this my last will and testament,
and a« trustee of the various funds
bequeathed in trust herein.
Witness my hand tWi 2tth day. of
March, 1010.
Almeaa Elixaoeth Gardner*^
Witneases—Fred H. Teale, KvP«
"Motors of Unusually Good Quality^
Says Director of Air Service.
A certificate of merit, together"
with a citation by the Director of Airr
Service, War Department, lias jua&
been received by the Ford Motor?
Company, Detroit. The letter an~
nounces that the "Chief of Ordnance*
made similar recommendation- andi.
citation." It reads:
"This company produced 3950?'
complete Liberty-12 motors of unt~
usually good quality. They also pro-'
duced all cylinder forging used by
all plants in, the manufacture ot
Liberty Motors and they invented?
and developed special machinery and'
process for this purpose. This plants
was 100 per cent on war work.'1 Be
sides the cylinder forgings, the Ford-.
Company perfected and man fact
ed all the cylinders and all the bear
ings used in American made Liberty
All war work handled by Henry
Ford for the United States Govern
ment was done at actual cost.
New Court Cases.
John L. Uban vs. W. B. Gilreath.
et al. Suit is to quiet title to reap'
estate. Varga & Son attorneys for
J. S. and T. B. Ramsev vs. Alonzo
Gould et al. Suit is to quiet title to
real estate. Varga & Son attorneys
for wlaintiff.
W. H. Donald vs. i'rank Drinkall
et al. Suit is to foreclose a mortgage
given to secure two notes on which
there is due $5,060. Miles & Steele
attorneys for plaintiff.
Ethan Castor vs. John A. Fulton'
sheriff. Plaintiff asks a writ of.
habeas corpus alleging he is restrain
ed of his liberty on a writ of com
mitment. Plaintiff plead guilty to
the charge of assault with intent to,
commit a great bodily injury and was
fined $500 and costs to be paid by
October 1 st. Failing to pay the fine:
a writ of commitment to jail was:-,
issued. W. S. McCaull attorney for-*
Hurry Your Emnty Sacks Back To:
We are experiencing a great deal,
of difficulty in securing cement ship
ments, as cement manufacturers can
not at this time buy new cement
sacks at ar.y price and are not get
ting a sufficient amount of old sacks
back from the retailers with which
to fill orders. We, therefore, ask
that our customers return to us im
mediately all empty cement sacks,
from the following cement com
panies, for which we will pay 10 to
25c each: Atlas Portland cement
Company, HawKeye Portland Cement
Co., Missouri Portland Cement:
Works, Ash Grove Lime & Port
land Cement Co:, American Cement
Plaster Co., Acme Cement Plaster
Co., Anchor Plaster Co.
Minter & Frees Lumber Co.
Parent-Teachers KTijcuyed a. Picnic afc»r
South School.
The Parent-Teachers Association,
of the south school enjoyed a picnic
at the school grounds on last Friday,,
the ^losing day of school. They
took great loads of good things to.
eat, and parents and pupils enjoyed
a fine time. Miss Jennie Lester Belt,
surprised the gathering by treating'
everyone to ice c.reani, and Arthur
and Dorotha Johnston provided a
treat of candy for all the children,
which was greatly appreciated.
Will lecide 011 Fair Saturday.
Several meetings of tlie stockhold
ers of the Decatur County Fair As
sociation have been called and post
poned, but a meeting will be held at
Leon on Satu^dav of this week, notice,
having been sent to all stockholders,
and the question of whether to go
ahead and have a fair this year or
wait until next year in order to get
the buildings erected, will be defin
itely settled at this meeting. If you
are interested in a fair be sure and'
attend the meeting Saturday.
Leon 11,. Chariton 3.
The Leon base"ball team won their
first game of the season on the home,
grounds last Sunday when they de
feated Chariton by a score of 11 to 3„
The visitors were entirely outclass
ed and Leon plaved in their old time
form. Leon will plav Osceola on the
home grounds this afternoon at 3:30
o'clock, and a hot game is expected,
as Osceola has played several games
this season.
Dr. Moore Appointed Dental Exam-,
Dr. H. O. Moore, of i_eon, has re--
ceived notice of his appointment as
dental examiner and will give dentaii
treatment to soldier natients under
the Bureau of War Risk Insurance
at Washington. The appointment
came to him unsolicited, and Dr^.
Moore will look after the soldiCT*
boys in good shape.
$5.00 Reward.
We will pav a reward of $5.00 foe
information leading to the detections
of the boys who threw stones in the*
electric light sub-station on west.
Commercial street, causing us dam-
age and inconvenience.
Iowa Southern Utilities Co.
Those who have received notice
appointment as judges and clerks
election will confer a favor by malt
ing the return cards promptly, eo
that we may know at once where*
vacancies occur.
County Auditor.
Big Bargains in Used Car Dcfertn
One Ford 19 model coupe,
Maxwell touring car, one Oakland 1*
model touring car, One Buick lr
model touring car, one Dodge tour~
ing car.
J. R. Bowsher.,. v,:.^
Rooster Week.
I will commence buying
mday, May 31st for Rooster
Call me up.
Monday, ay 31st for
Harry Stataell.
I -will be at the farm next FrtiMR#
May 29th to »ell, weigh and drilm.
com to those Who want to buf.

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