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&• 7uh«-.
ESTABLISHED 1854. ..'.'.•i
Unless Sufficient Additional Stock
Is Sold this Week the Fair will
be Called Off for This Year.
At the meeting of the stock
holders of the Decatur County Fair
Association held at licon last Satur
day, tnere was a strong sentiment
ill favor of going ahead and holding
the first fair this full as originally
planned, but the directors had de
cided that unless considerable more
money could be raised by selling
more stock, they would not be able
to.-nfinanee a fair this year on ac
count of the condition of the money
market making it impossible lor
them to borrow the money to erect
the necessary buildings, and it was
finally decided to put on a stock
subscription sale this week, a num
ber volunteering to spend their
time soliciting for stock, and the
solicitors will make their report
and definite action as to whether a
fair will be held this year or not
will be taken at a meeting to be
held in Leon on' Saturday of this
In order to give the general nubnc
full information on just wliere the
fair proposition stands we have
secured the following figures from
the officers. The association pur
chased the Bert Woodard farm of
160 acres a mile north of Leon for
$36,800. On this land they have
paid from stock sales 16,800, have
borrowed $12,000 to pay on the
4and, and still owe the original
owner ?8,000. They also have out
standing warrants amounting to
$1,500. The association has about
$8,000 due them on subscription
notes for stock which will not be
due until next September. In ad
dition to their big equity in the land,
they have quite an amount of money
tied up in horses, and farming im
plements which are being used in
farming the land this season. The
fair association bought this lbO
acres of land before the big advance
in real estate, and they have been of
fered a profit of $70 an acre, which
amounts to $1 1,200. which if they
decide to abandon the fair, and sell
the Woodard farm would give the
signers of the $28,00 0 worth of
stock which has been sold, a dividend
of 40 per cent.
The association has sold in round
numt*rs about $28,000 worth
stock, the money having been in
vested in payment on the land, and
-the $8,000 still due on subscription
notes. The association thought
they had arranged to borrow the
big sum- which will be necessary to
erect a grandstand, horse, hog and
cattle barns, and make the other
improvements, but when the money
market tightened down some "weeks
ago, they could not secure the
money, so they were up against it.
If the soliciting committees can
sell twenty or twenty-five thousand
ddllars worth of stock this week, to
furnish the money to make the
necessary building improvements
they will go ahead and hold the fair
us originally planned, but unless this
can be done, it looks as if there was
nothing else to do but to call tne
fair off for this year.
Everybody wants to see a fair held
this year if possible, for the fair
fever has spread all over the
country and the old county fair has
come back. In neighboring counties
where fairs have been held the past
few vears they have been a big
success and the fair association has
made good money. A fair for De
catur county is wanted and needed,
but the only way to secure it is to
get behind the proposition with your
stock subscriptions. A number of
the original stockholders have sign
ified their willingness to take ad
ditional stock, and it is up to the
live stock breeders and "the public to
get back of the fair with their sub
scriptions this week, and if they do
the officers will put on a real fair
yet this vear. Get behind the fair,
and act quick when the soliciting
committee calls on you. A fair is
Avorth a ltrt to the county, and we
cannot afford to let it drop even lor
this year.
Climbed Steel Flag Pole.
lad of
Emory Hewson, a young,
this city, climbed to the top of the 8b
foot steel flag pole in the court
house yard last Friday and fixed the
steel cable used to furl the flag,
•which has been out of commission
for some time, being kinked at the
top. He used ladders to go up
about half way, and then used three
short ropes to climb tne balance of
the way to the top. A large crowd
•watched him go up,' and he received
S25 for the job, but most of those
-who saw him make the climb said
they would not do it for ten times
that much.
Morning Trains Change Time.
A. new time card on the Burling
ton took effect at noon last Sunday.
At the Leon station there are but
two changes. The early morning
passenger train from Chariton
now arrives at 6:20 instead of 6
o'clock, and the early Des Momej.
train from Mt. Ayr will arrive at
6:20 and depart at 6:30. the two
trains meeting at Leon instead of at
Davis City. On the main line the
only change is that the two fast
through trains Nos. 1 and 10. which
-were taken off when war commenced
are now restored) to service.
Bought Jas. F. Harvey Residence.
Mike Griffin, the big farmer and
'atdekman of southeast of Leon on
Monday purchased the fine home of
Jas. F. Harvey in north Leon, and
1 "Mr. Griffin and family will move to
Leon to make their home. They have
secured one of the finest homes in
Leon, and the most beautiful grounds
in the city. The price was close to
920,000. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey have
purchased a home in Des Moines
-which !b now being remodeled, and
on completion they will taove to that
«ity to make their home.
JP Town Clock on aBtrike.
The big clock in the court house
tower has been on a strike the past
week, refusing for several days to
„*trlke the proper hour, tyut Just
•track any old hour. It caused
number of housewives to be off with.
theft meals, bat tft lias Ueen act aUf
•traigkt agajn, J. If. Pickering going
mftar it anOtftting it in good abape.
Student I lest Com .lu'ljre
This Vear.
Oren l-larschen, a freshman farm
crops and soils student from Lamoni,
won first prize and the gold medal
iMvarded bv the farm crops depart
ment of Iowa State College to the
winner of the annual freshman corn
judging contest which was held Sat
urday afternoon in the fudging pa
vilion. There were 2 4 freshmen stu
dents entered in the finals.
R. W. Godby of Earlham, was sec
ond, and O. E. Felton, of Fairmont,
Indiana, third. These men -were
awarded silver and bronze medals for
their work. The placings were well
done and the scores of the winners
were high. The five high men and
tlieir scores out of a possible 1200
points were:
Oren Hartschen 1136 R. W. God
bv lial O. E. Felton 1.114 H. L.
Cliase 1087, and B. M. Sherlock
P. C. Taff and W. ~R. Hec-hler were
Clean I'p the Speeders.
The following editorial from the
Atlantic News Telegraph is so ap
plicable to Leon and to practically
every other community—that we re
produce it in the hope that it will
be .read with profit by some of those
who are inclined to recklessness:
This newspaper does not want to
grow tiresome in reiteration, but we
rise again to remark that there are
too many drivers of cars in this city
who drive with absolutely no regard
for the life and limb of the public.
There have been, in the recent past,
instances a plenty where people have
narrowly missed serious injury or
death because of the recklessness of
these speed fiends, and this paper
insists that the campaign against this
sort of thing shall continue till every
driver of a car, understands that the
law is a law, and-that, wlITle he may
not care for his own neck, he will
be forced to have regard for the
safety of his fellow citizens. It
looks as if it would be a good in
vestment for the «ity to^-employ a
motorcycle policeman for a few
months at least and in this manner
instill the fear of the Lord in the
hearts of the drivers who seem to
regard the streets of the city a race
A& we have remarked before, it is
going to do no good to wait till some
one is killed, it will not help any
to let some little child's life be snuf
fed out and then make the cam
paign sweeping and vigorous. Let's
not lock the stable after the horses
are gone. It is an old hackneyed
truism but none the less pat, that
"an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure." Clean up the
speedjgrs. If it is necessary to throw
some of them in jail to emphasize
the fact that the people mean bus
iness, let's do that. The streets of
this toWn must be made safe for
pedestrians. They are not that way
K. of P. Convention.
The district convention of the
Knights of Pythias of the 26th dis
trict of Iowa, comprising the coun
ties of Appanoose, Wayne, Lucas,
Clarke and Decatur, was held in this
city last Thursday. The threaten
ing weather kept a number from at-,
tending who had planned to drive to
Leon, but still there were in the
neighborhood of one hundred, visit
ing Knights in attendance, beside as
many more from the Leon lodge.
Grand Keeper of Record and Seals,
Ward Ferguson, of Rolfe, Iowa, was
in attendance, and also district
deputy Grand Chancellor James
Hickman, of Chariton, and among
the visitors was district deputy
Grand Chancellor, of the district on
the west, Knight Carr, of Blockton.
The convention opened at the K. of
P. hall at 1:15, the hall being
beautifully decorated with the colors
of the order, and banners contain
ing the names of each K. of P. lodge
in the district, ftnd the hall never
looked prettier. After music by the
band and Thompson's orchestra,
addresses were made by Ward Fergu
son and others, and the convention
adjourned at 3 o'clock to permit
the visitors, to attend the ball game
between Leon and Osceola. In the
evening the visiting Knights and as
many of the local members as could
be "served, were served with a
sumptuous dinner at the Presbyterian
church dining room, and then the
evening session was held.. Knight
Ferguson, Knight L. S. Robinson, of
Des Moines and others making short
talks, and a pleasant social evening
was spent. The visitors expressed
themselves as well pleased with the
treatment accorded them while in
the city, and credit should be given
the committee on general arrange
ment. Knights Fred Marvin, Charles
Horn and Fred Epperley, who were
ably assisted by others, for £he
splendid success of the convention.
Treasurer Chew's Name Omitted*
When we published the list of
candidates who had filed nomination
papers a couple of weeks ago the
name of J. Wesley Chew, republican
candidate for re-election as treasurer
was unintentionally omitted from the
published list. Mr. Chew need not
worry, however, as he has no op
position for the nomination. He had
filed his nomination papers in
regular form, and the mistake of
omitting his name occurred, in this
office. We are sorry we did not car
rect the mistake earlier but the mat
ter was over looked.
Married at Bethany.
It has just leaked out that Vernie
B. Irving, of Van Wert, and Mrs.
Neva A. Booth, of Garden Grove,
slipped away to Bethany, Mo., and
were married Wednesday, May
19th. The bride is employed in the
office of the Leon Telephone Co.,
and the groom is working for De
catur county, driving one of the
county trucks. The friends of these
young people extend congratulations.
Decoration Services at New Salem.
There will be all day servicea at
New Salem church Sunday, June 6,
1920. A short program is being ar
ranged. A band from Linevilla. con
sisting of an excellent bunch or boys
are expected to furni8h music taring
the day. Rev. Walker, ofifepMi'
Mo., will give an addreS Bra:
body invited to come and brin t*
flowers and diner baskets.
To tlie Democrates
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dobson. of Dc
catur, Celebrate Their fiftieth
Wedding Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dobson, of De
catur, celebrated their golden wed
ding anniversary at their homo at
Decatur on Saturday. May 22nd,
when their children and a few invit
ed gueuts assembled to do them
honor. Sir. Dobson came to Decatur
county in 1866 and Sirs. Dobson was
born "in this county, and since their
marriage on May 22, 1-K70, have
resided in the vicinity of Decatur.
On this happv'xjcoasion all of their
children with the exception of one
son, Ben Dobsfn, wife and three
children, of Plattevi'ile, Colorado,
were present at the parental home,
those in attendance being Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Barnett and four chil
dren. Mr. and Mrs. Art DeWild and
children, Dorothy and Alvin and
Miss Ernia Barnett Mr. and Mrs. F.
E. Smith and son Dale and Miss Ruth
Barnett, of Eddyville. Iowa Mrs.
Etta Branch and three childien,
Edith, James Brown and Victor, of
Decatur Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wiley
and two children, Roscoe and Veda
Eaton, of Osceola, Iowa Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Dobson and children
Enid and Maxine, of Leon, Iowa
Walter Dobson, of Decatur, Iowa.
There were also present three
brothers and one sister of Mrs. Dob
son, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Akers, of
Grand River, Iowa T. Akers, of
Manilla, Iowa Mrs. L. E. Woods, of
Van Wert, Iowa Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Akers and children, Otto and Lavon,
of Decatur, Iowa.
A brother of Mr. Dobson, Joseph
Dobson, of Davis City, Iowa, and a
sister, Mrs. Thomas Daniels, of Ft.
Alorgan, Colorado, were unable to
On this happy occasion a bounteous
dinner was served on the lawn to the
guests, and the children and relatives
of Mr. and Mrs. Dobson presented
them with a substantial purse of
gold coin, as well as a number of
other nice presents.
Before partaking of the dinner W.
H. Akers offered thanks for the
abundance of a loving Father's kind
ness, and after dinner G. VV. Barnett
read the 23rd Psalm and, a poem
and description of it pertaining to
the Savior's care of His people,
after which Elmer Akers in a touch
isg manner pronounced the benedic
Before the assemblage departer
for their homes after spending an
exceedingly pleasant day with Mr.
and Mrs. Dobson, several pictures
were taken which will be treasured
for years to come by those present,
and all joined in the wish that Mr.
asd Mrs. Dobson might be spared
for many years to come.
Primary Election Next Monday.
The Iowa primary election will
be held next Monday, at which the
state, county and township candidates
to be voted for*at the November elec
tion will be selected. On the state
ticket democrats are sitting easy,
tnere being no contests, but there is
a wild scramble among the republi
cans for most of the state offices
from governor down, and the chances
are the selection of several of them
will have to go to the convention.
On the county ticket the big con
test is for the nomination for sheriff,
this office being the only one on the
democratic ticket for which there is
a contest, there being three candi
dates for the office, Leland S.
Hebener, L. J. Hill and Roy Wood,
all of Leon, while for the same office
there are four republican candidates,
Robert F. Scott, of Leon, Ray Scott,
of Leroy, M. S. Sullivan, of Leon and
Clem Thompson, of Center township.
On the republican ticket there are
two candidates for county recorder,
Mrs. Jeanette Alexander, the pre
sent recorder, and H. R. McMorris,
who is deputy county auditor. On
the republican ticket there are two
candidates for state senator, Dr. B.
L. Eiker and J. A. Mcintosh, both of
Leon, and it promises to be a close
nTCe. For representative the republi
cans also have two candidates, Oscar
Anderson, of Lamoni, acd Ralph
Rumley, of Decatur township.
of Decatur
I want to call your attention to
the fact that there will be a candi
date's name appear on the ballot for
state senator. It will be necessary
that the name either be pasted or
written in. J. P. Daughton, of
Grand River, Iowa, has consented
to make the race. Mr. Daughton is
one of the young Democrats of De
catur county, a man of snlendid bus
iness ability and in every way fitted
to fill, the office and as youT county
chairman, I am asking you to sup
nort Mr. Daughton at the Primaries.
It will be necessaryvfor him to secure
at least 500 votes to get a place dn
the ballot this fall. At this late
hour we have not time to put up a
campaign for his nomination. We
will have slip? at every voting pre
Top Price for Second-Hand Fords.,
Estes & Co.. the Leon Ford

Minnie Mull, Decatur 39
cinct"with Ihis^name' D^inted'on bI church at 2 o'clock in the afternoon,
sure that vou either Drint or paste !the
tion for the prices they are paying i«,f w-w-lT tht p-rnvoa
for second-hand Fords and all other tol
makes of cars. They have an outlet
which permits them handling a big with flowers, and_the closing exerices
lot of cars, and many parties are
driving from adjoining counties to
sell their second-hand cars. Estes &
Co. are handling more second-hand
cars this year than any dealer be-
tween iv&nsas City and Des Moines. terville at noon Tuesday, put a
Marriage Licenses. most of the afternoon. The plant in
——r- this city was started up about 1:30
A. Clifton Wilson, Pawnee City, -but after running a few minutes
Nebraska 32 jja(j ^o shut dorwn on account of
Olive Bright, Leon 26 trouble with a pump which refused
Charley Mull. Decatur 35
New Prices Do Not Affect Demand*
Although the price of all Ford
Motor Company products was ad
vanced March 3rd, oideis have con
tinued to stack up faster than they
could be filled. At the present time
there are 229,000 unfilled orders on
file at the parents plant, ^together
with a large foreign demand that ia
not being met.
Speaking generally/"the advance
was $50 oil .the open cars and $100.
on the closed cars. The new prices
are: Runabout, regular, $604.25,
Runabout, with siav.ter $682.50
Touring car, regular $830.25 Tour
ing car with starter, $708.50 Coupe,
with starter and demountable rims,
391(5.50. Sedan, with starter and de
mountable rims, $1046.75 Truck
Chasie, with pneumatic tires and de
mountable rims §GS7.50 Truck
Chasis (with solid tires and clincher
rims) $64G Fordson tractor, §SS0
all F. O. B. Leon.
'A Close Guessing: Contest.
Manager Fiers, of the Iowa South
ern Utilities Co., had a novel win
dow display last Thursday, the day
of the K. of P. convMition in this
city. The window was filled with
small K. of P. emblems, scattered
everywhere, and a prize was offered
to the person who guessed the near
est the total number of emblems in
the window, a box of Madaz lamps
given to the first person who guessed
nearest the correct number, and a
credit of $1.00 was ghen to the next
ten nearest guessers to be applied on
the purchase of an electrical toaster.
The first prize was awarded to Mrs.
A. M. Caster, who guesed within one
of the correct number, there being
451 in the window and her guess
was 450. Miss Mary Flynn and
Amzy Hull also registered guesses
of 450, but they were registered
after Mrs. Caster. The next closest
guessers who were awarded the
$1.00 prize were Rev. T. F. Camp
bell 448 H. R. Perkins 443 Cliff
Perkins 436 Francis Howard 430
Miss Laura Dingman 475 Pat Grif
fin 425 George Bowman 480 Leon
Benefiel 483.
Good Program at I'He Hour the Com
ing Week.
The program at the Idle Hour
theatre for the coming week is an
extra good one. Saturday, June
5th Fritzi Brunnette, in a sensa
tional mystery film, "The Woman
Under Cover," and Fdity Arbuckle
in a new comedy "His Wife's Mis
take." A special feature for Sunday
and Monday, June 6th and 7th, is
"Choosing a Wife," also a big com
edy, "Throbs and Thrills," Tuesday
and Wednesday, June 8th and 9h, the
popular star Harry Morey in "The
Darkest Hour," and on Tuesday ev-.
envig the second episode of "Silent
:\en£er" will "lie shown. Thursday
and Friday, June 10th and 11th,
William Russell in a thrilling picture
full of thrill, fun and humor, and a
good comedy, "Watch Your Step
The usual episode of the big
serial, "The Lost City" will be shown
on Wednesday evening, June 9th.
J. P. Daughton for State Senator.
J. P. (Tug) Daughton, of Grand
River, is a candidate for the demo
cratic nomination for state senator
from this district, although his same
will not appear on the official prim
ary election ballots, as he was in
duced to become a candidate too late
to have his name printed on the
tickets. Stickers have been printed
and will be sent to each of the three
counties in the district,' Decatur.
Ringgold and Union, and democrats
are urged to secure one of these
stickers and paste it on their ballot
or write in the name of Mr. Daugh
ton, so as to insure his nomination.
"Tug" Daughton is a live wire, one
of the leading and influential citizens
of Grand River, a life-long democrat,
and a man with the ability to repres
ent the people as a member of the
state senate. Don't forget to vote
for him at the primary next Mon
It Pays to Advertise.
That advertising pays is well
known, as G. B. Price, the clothier
of Leon, knows it. Last week our
Davis City correspondent announced
that G. B. Price would deliver the
address at the commencement exer
cises of the Davis City High School
held last evening, which was news to
G. B., and he was ur in the air. It
finally developed that the speaker on
this occasion was Prof. VV. A. Price,
of VVeldon, our correspondent hav
ing evidently read the advertising
"Get to know G. B. Price" so often
that when it came to writing the
name she naturally wrote G. B.
Price. But G. B. heaved a big sigh
of relief when he found he "id not
have to make a commencement ad
Decoration Day Observed Sunday.
Decoration Day was fittingly ob
served in this city last Sunday.
I The services were held at the M. E.
old Civil War
?n the name of Daughton for' American War veterans, soldiers,
state Senator from this District I sailors and marines of the great
btate senator from tnis district.
Charles L. McLain, Davis City 23 when the break in the transmission
Opal M. Hewson, Leon. 19 waa repaired. It caught The
.4' 'Reporter pretty hard, for Tuesday is
veterans, Spanish-
World War assembling
roiintir Phnriman Oemorratic Com house and marching to the church
County Onariman Democratic com.
jn a bQdy Rev
at the court
Green, of the
.. (Christian church made a splendid
ers, are establishing a great reputa- th.i?r wnv
address which was enjoyed
the large audience in attendance
of the day' were held.
Power Off Tuesday.
break in the transmission line
somewhere between Leon and Cen-
stop to lights and power for
pump water into the boilers. The
was finally restored at 4:30
Week, 4a mighty busy day in a printing of
fice, and\ we could not ran a press
buying roosters or the
$tat tor Rooster weak.
Harry 9tatsoU. a«r
iiotype wlthoot power:
|MT Mtt
Items Taken from tne files of Tbe
Reporter Published a Quarter
of a Cemur* Ago.
The following marriage
were issued the past week*
John B. -Wilson *24 t!b Mary E.
Fullerton 21.
Sanford F. Reecf 24^ to Sallie
Rauch 20.
Rollaiul Elmer '.Marvin 21 to
Amanda .M. Siinpsoi 17.
Tlie infant son of -Mr. aftd Mrs. U.
G. Benefiel was seriously injured one
day last week by a playmate punch
ing a lead pencil in its eye, and it is
feared it may lofee tte sight.
Mr. Lee Marvin an* Miss Amanda
Simpson were married yesterday ev
ening at the residencetof Elder John
Rock, ,west of Leon.
Dan Bright, the veteran steam
thresherman yesterday received
new Richmond separator, the very
latest improved. He will give a frrie
exhibition of it and the new wind
stacker on the streets of Leon next
Saturday especially for the farmers.
E. W. Curry received a lengthy
letter from Polk Wells, the noted
desperado under a life sentence in
the Ft. Madison penitentiary. Ac
companying the letter were three
photographs, Polk Wells the des
perado, Polk Wells the convict and
Charles Polk Wells, the reformed
prisoner at work in his cell, writing
his owu history. Pol! Wells is per
haps the mott *xcted convict in the
United States, and is now under life
sentence for killing a guard with
few years ago, while
making his escape from prison. He
has become converted, and is now a
model prisoner. A' petition will be
presented to the next legislature ask
ing a pardon for him._ Many news
papers and prominent men are tak
ing an active interest in securing his
The balloon made a splendid as
cension last Saturday about four
o'clock. The balloonist moved the
place down in Daugherty's barn lot,
where the buildings protected the
baloon from the wind, so it could be
inflated. Quite a hard wind was
blowing, and everybody was surpris
ed that they could go up at all. What
might have been a serious accident
occurred just as the balloon started
up. A young fellow named Lyss
Downey from near Van Wert, had
been drinking red pop or something
else, and Prof. Lane had told him to
keep away from the balloon. But he
insisted on standing around in the
way, and just as the balloon started
up he stepped across the parachute
ropes. His foot caught is them and
he went up with the big bag about
twenty feet, and then fell to the
ground. It knocked the wind out of
him and brought him to his senses
in a hurry, but that was th% extent
of his injuries. But we think he
will steer clear of baloons in the
future. Had he gone up a few feet
higher and fell, it would have killed
Mr. Sanford F. Reed, of King City,
Mo., and Miss Sallie Rauch, of De
catur, were married at the home of
T. H. Schenck on Sunday evening by
Rev. Geo. M. Hughes.
Mrs. E. M. Sanford, of Des Moines,
is expected in Leon today for a short
visit. From here she will go to
Emporia, Kansas, for a short visti,
and then to California where she
will spend a year or more in hope of
the climate benefitting the health of
her daughter Stella.
J. R. Bashaw went to Fairfield
Tuesday to be present at the com
mencement of Parsons College, his
daughter, Miss Clella, being one of
the graduates.
Ed K. Pitman Jr. returned from
Knoxville Sunday where he had been
working in a printing office for
several weeks.
Ignace Hainer, of Davis City,
visited over Sunday in Leon with his
friend Francis Varga.
Ira B. Ryan and John Coover left
Tuesday for a visit of several weeks
with relatives at Anamosa..
At the regular meeting of the
school boatd Monday evening the
following were elected as teachera
in the Leon schools for next year:
Principal—Prof. S. L. Darrah.
Assistant Principal—Mjiss Hattie
1st Primaries—Mrs. H. A. Lind
sey and Mrs. B. O. Springer.
2nd Grade—Mrs. Jennie Haskett.
3rd Grade—Mrs. Henrietta Vogt.
4th Grade—Miss Mate Parrish.
Sth Grade—Jliss Eva Kirkpatrick.
6th Grade—Miss Emma Cash.
7th Grade—Mrs. Esther Stewart.
Miss Mayme Peniwell was elected
music instructor at a salary of $20
per month.
Mr. 'A. Clifton Wilson, of Pawnee
City, Neb., and Miss Olive Bright, of
Leon were married Sunday morning
at 10:30 o'clock at the M. E. par
sonage, the ceremony being perform
ed by the pastor, Rev. A. E. Jtervis.
The bride is the only daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Bright, of Leon,
and her entire life has been spent in
this city. She graduated from the
Leon High School and then engaged
in teaching, and later as steno
grapher in various offices in this city.
She is an accomplished and refined
young lady, who has many friends.
For a number of years she has been
organist of the M. E. church, and
they will miss her sadly, as she has
been very efficient and always on
The groom is a prominent young
business man of Pawnee City, where
he owns a large department store.
He came to Leon Something over a
year ago, and purchased the Frank
N. Hansell department store, which
he later sold to Graham's and dur
ing his residence in this city impress
ed everyone as being a fine young
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson departed on
the noon train Sunday for a short
honeymoon trip to Colorado, after
which they will go to housekeeping
at Pawnee City, The many friends
in this city of both parties extend
hearty congratulations and best
wishes for their future.
Minnesota Land.
South Central Minnesota ctrn,
clover and alfalfa land. Renville,
Meeker, McLeoA Kandiyoki and Car
ver oonntisa. Write for Information.
tftf'tofcr wm McLeod County Land Company,
42-Mt Hatcfciaaon, tfianwofta.
Ilond Should be Hlocked.
The work being done on the Jef
ferson HSghway federal road pro
ject between Leon and Davis City,
has mit that road in bad condition
for travel, and detour signs for
tourists have been put up in this city,
detouring travelers via Decatur ta:
Lamoni. Complaint has been madeEr
and with jusj. cause that where this
work is in progress and detoiirs
around where the contractors are.
Avorking, the road should be blockr
ed, or red lights placed to warn,
travelers where the road is beings
changed. The writer drove over
this road Sunday evening and al
though we were watching for the
detours, we passed two of them up,,
one at the top of the Parker hill thfa
side of Davis City, where a big culr
vert is being put in, and the other
where the new road runs north on.
Little river hill, down to the new:
bridge, there being no sign, light orn
barricade to warn the traveling
public and it is !i wonder there has-,
not been an accident. A few nights
ago a car drove right down the new
road on the Little river hill and'
stopped just befo-re going over the
high abutment of the new road. If
people who are familiar with the
road miss the detours, it is not
strange that tourists miss them, and::
it is a wonder that a bad accident
has not occurred on this road. It
should be someone's business to see
that lights or barricades are put up,
every night.
Since the ab'ove article was.
written we learn that the first of the.
week the Leon and Davis City-La
moni road has been entirely closed
to tourist travel until the govern
ment grading contract is completed,
detour signs being erected at La
moni for tourists coming towards^
Leon, and at the end of the paving
on South Main street for tourists
going south, detour signs also being
placed at the corner of Main and'
Commercial streets, tourists being de
toured to Decatur and Lamoni, via,
the Waubonsie cut-off trail, which
is in good shape.
Leon Lost Two Games.
The Leon base ball team lost twer
games the past week, both of them:
being by breaks of the game. Last
Thursday a large crowd attended,
the game on the Leon grounds be
tween Osceola and Leon. Overtone,
was in the box for Leon and pitched
a splendid game, while a colored boy
named Harris occupied the slab for
Osceola. Neither team was able to.
score the first six innings, but in tha
seventh, eighth and ninth, Osceola*
managed to connect with a total q£
5 scores, and kept Leon from scor
ing during the entire game. Leon,,
however secured more hits than O®
ceola, but the visitors hit the lu&L
when it counted.
Sundav the Leon team journeyed
to Melchor, and were again defeated,
by'the close score of 5 to 4. Samples
pitched the first seven innings, ins:
which Melchor secured five scores,
and Overton went in in the seventh.
and held held Melchor without a
score during the balance of the,:
The Iowa Cord Tire Co. team from
Des Moines will play Leon on the
Leon grounds next Sunday after
noon, June 6th.
Commencement at Davis City.
The annual commencement of the
Davis City High School, was held at
the Methodist church in Davis City
last evening, when a class of seven,
received their diplomas. The address
to the class was by Prof. W. A..
Prife, the diplomas" being presentedr
by Supt. A. B. Carroll. Mrs. Emm*
Cunimings played a march as the
ciass marched "into the church, Miss
Cecil Flora rendered a fine violin,
solo, and the Leon Singine Scouts
sang several selections which pleas
ed the audience. Rev. T. F. Camp
bell, of Leon, invoked the blessing
and also offered the benedicion,.
and at the close of the exercises the
clasfc sang "The Graduates' Fare
well." Tlie class motto is "Seek,.
Strive, Smile:" the class colors
green and white, and the class
flower cream tea rose.
The members of the graduating
class were Grace Bolon, Marguerite
Jeffries, Lola McClaran, Ida Ma8~
Post. Carl J. Ricks, Helen F. Vandelf
and Dovie Wiley.
A Fine County Itoad Map.
County Engineer Frank G. Mal
lette, has a big map in his office im
the court house which is well worth
a visit to see. On this man which
was first made by Mr. Mallette in
1914. he has every niece of. land,,
everv road, and bridge and culvert.
marked out. By using a system or
colored pins, he has this map marlfc
ed showing all of the concrete cnl1—
•verts and bridges which have been.',
constructed, and also those-which are
yet to be put in. A small colored
flag marks where the county roadi
and bridge gangs are at'work, anal
these are moved as the work is com
pleted. We'll venture the assertion-,
that there is not another map like ifc'
in the state of Iowa, and by the way
we assert that there is not a county
in the whole state of Iowa whielfc
has a better and more efficient
county engineer than Frank G. Mai*
New Parking Plan for Autos.
The new plan of the city author*
ities of having autos parked In tne=*.
center of the street on tne west sidO:
of thee ourt house park and between
9th street and Commercial street on
Main street, was tried out last Satnr*
day night, and it proved very satis
factory. This leaves a clear T*asr
sage for cars going in either direc
tion, and prevents cars being blocked
in as in the past, as well as keenras,
the street open in front of the bras
iness houses. Squares were paint
ed on the naving indicating where,
autos should be parked and tog
authorities were well pleased witlr
the wav^ everyone observed the new
New Court Cases.
Norah Kizzie vs. Wilbert KitsfOfc
These parties were married in Do—
catur county September 25.fl90».
lived together until April 9, lfll
when plaintiff alleges her lttr—
deserted Mr and .haa ever'
abaented himself without
Marion Woodard attorney Par
--V f."\

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