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Eevytima I
Tanlac I fell that I
Wants Otliers To Know How She Re
Gained Her Health And Happi
anyone about
am doing no
more than my duty for I can never
pay the debt of gratitude I owe this
medicine for the good it has done
taste it for hours afterwards. I had
sharu pains in my chest and around
my heart and there was a. continual
burning in my stomach. My kidneys
seemed to be badly disordered and I
had a constant, cutting pain across
the small of my back. My sleep was
always restless and I would have
terrible dreams through the night. I
was weak and thin and finally got
•so I could hardly take care of my
children, and I was so discouraged
I almost lost heart.
As long as I live I will always feel
grateful to mv friend who advised
me to try Tanlac, for it is just simply
wonderful what a change it has
made in me. It was no time after I
started taking it until my nerves be
gan to get calm and now they are
Tanlac is sold in Leon by E. E.
Bell, in Lamoni by .T. F. Jones, in
Grand River by Fred Bone,
Pleasanton and vicinity by G.
May lie Stolen Car.
'Sheriff T. S. George has .in
-car, that they would then go on the
Jer bought the car giving a check for
froni the Ford
tt" &
.'^refiners in New
•pound and granulated was reta'led
-cents, still a difference of ?io.5u be-
Cl^aritou Reader Tells
an( W
me," said Mrs. George P. Dilges or ton of print immediately he was go
720 Chestnut street, Milwaukee, jng direct to the house and would
Wis., while telling of her remark-
able recovery, recently. it. The next day he wired from tlie
'•About^ year ago I suffered a house that they aid not have a pound*
complete nervous breakdown,
continued, "and was in bed for three [salesman was likewise confident that
weeks. After I did get up 1 was soijie ouid get a ton of print ordered
weak could hardly get around. My through for us in two weeks. That
nerves just seemed to have collapsed
compl^jely. even my children P'ay-'^ouse ]ias written that they will fill
ing around me nearly drove me ais-'the order just as soon as they can.
tracted and often I would break
down and cry. The pains in my \,ye Relieve we'll get the paper be
head were awful and 1 just hate to fore our present supply is exhausted,
think of the agony they caused me. jj we've nothing to back up that
My-digestion was so bad that tlie |jeU
ijef Before the senate investigat
little I ate fermented and I could jng committee the president of-'the
just as steady as can be and I like to paI)er than they have contracted for
have the children playing around me. Jthey can afford to go out in the open
I enjoy my meals because I can eat
just whatever I please without the ^jie
possibly none at all.
possession a Ford touriil.. car with Thine Eyes" be made the national
an engine number now on it which anthem.
.is 3540485 and dated 10-28-19. The1 A. That all mention of the Bour
car is practically a new Ford with bon Kings be expunged from school
starter and lights, foot feed, shock Uooks.
absorbers and cut out and is in ex- 4. That on account of being sug
cellent shape, but has no license gestive, rye bread be withdrawn
number. Sheriff George got the car from sale by all bakeries.
of Hubert Butler who lives near Thai no part ot a ship be re
saline I ferred to as the saloon, for the rea-
A couple of days before Easter t\Vo son that such reference might raise
young men drove up to Mr. Butler's falsa hopes. I
place in the car and as the roads had I 6. That all bars be removed from
become slick and muddy from recent harbor entrances or be designated
rains stated they wanted to sell the
rest of thqtr journey ou me cars. punge-" from navigation charts and
They priced the car at $47"). Mr. Bui-11
and that they cences.
still had the car in their possession.
No further trace of the car has yet Large Army Italloon
.been found. Seymour.
*t cents, a difference of only'three ^\e^a42ea^fn1U^edd &
INew York market at 12.60 cents on to the bas.:e. and the netting
'fv/tiicji tiasis tii° retail price has been
•v' 28 cents, a difference of 15.40 cents sers were hurt except one man who
^jbetween the refiner and the con- ^°LJ11S
^.sumer as compared with 3 cents six brought the wreck to this
tyears ago. Raw sugar is now quot- truck and left. on the Rot'k
ed on the New York market at Lsland P^senger for Leavenworth.—
'..£$19.50 and the retail price of Ssymour Werald.
newly purchased has gone up to 3 5
Sugar is not now being, handled on jf men would confine their re
--close margins customary 15*14. The marks to such as they would approve
•other/point is that, the fig'.irer. show jf made regarding their.own sisters,
an increase in actual put"1v i" or such as they would make in the
-•sugar spoon less busy and eat less
.'Swimming Accident.
per cent, and there presence of the father of the girl,
would apparently be no shortage there would be less vicious rumors
jusaiymg such a^raise in price un-
less consumption has increased more jjp
The Leader has had an order in
to one Des Moines house for a ton of
print that was ordered before Mr.
Gittinger sold out in March. This
house hasn't given us the least as
surance that the order will ever be
filled. A few weeks ago a salesman
for another house was in Chariton
as certain they could ship us a
to it personally that we did get
paper on their floors. Another
nearly four weeks ago. And the
date apparently, they can, not.
American Press Association told the
senators that the life of the country
press is in grave danger. He stated
that the conservation method would
not help the country press, as most
of the country papers were produc
ing the minimum sized papers. He
also stated that the combined
editions of all papers in the United
States,' published in towns of less
than 10,000 people use less paper
in one year than one of the big New I
York dailies.
The big papers are mostly being
supplied with print paper at about
one fourth the price paper is sell
ing on the open market. This is be
cause they have large contracts to
buy it up. When their advertising"
justifies larger editions and more
slightest trouble. I am free from compelled to pay. And then the
"headaches, my kidneys are in splen- j)rjCQ goes higher.
did condition and the pains nave combining adopted
about left my back entirely. Al-jjjy jje Bloomfield papers will prob-,
rqady I have gained ten pounds in
•weight and I am sleeping soundly towns before long. If conditions do
every night. I am doing my house-
and buy what they need at
prices the weeklies are
biy be tried out by many other,
work now and it is a real pleasure great many counties that are now
because Tanlac has piven me new supporting two or three papers will
strength and energy." |in another year be with only one,'
soon change for the better a
Those 14 Points.
That jthe name Brandywine,
be changed to Coldwater, N.
a O W
by some other name. I
That the useless
it on the Saline bank. The two young white jackets and aprons in this
men stated they were from Leon. country be sent to the starving
After purchasing the car Mr. But- bolsheviki. I
ler became suspicious of its owner- 10. That the word still be ex
ship and so he called Leon td inquire punged from tlie American language
if the young men lived there. He and all dictionaries and the word
-could find no one that knew them "quiet" be substituted.
so he wrote to the Ford factory at' 11. That all mini, be ploughed
Detroit inquiring to whom the car under and vanilla beans planted.
had been shipped and on April 14th 12. That any_ barber tantalizing
they replied that they sold a ca» with
motor number to the Elliott hair be given ten years. I
Motor Co., at Suffolk, Virginia, on 13. That men w'lh foot-rail
December 6, 1919. .limp shall not be allowed to march
7. That the word port be ex-
customer by using bay rum on his
Mr. Butler then wrote to the in any public parades.
Elliott Motor Co and they replied 14. That all pretzels shall be the uppor ones, the ones beneath, are neighborhood this v'eek.
that tills number'belonged to a Ford made straight instead of bent in the -lw:tys loose and sore I find my hair Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bedell and
runabot't which they had bought old familiaar style to avoid reminis- is falling out, I have the strirtghalt, ri.'. lighter, Mabel, were business
Mr. Butler after learning that the
joung men did not belong at The large army balloon that pass.
Loon immediately called the
bank and notified them not to
the check. Shortly after this ti liome northeast of this city. dimes, with wintry years in view jed the movies Wednesday evening at
with zeal I plied my trenchant pen, |i ovatur, it. being (he first episode of
bank to inquire about the check and 'gers and was in charge of IMajor'and saved a stock of iron men— the new serial, "The Lion Mftn It
'.were notified not to cash the check. Rice. Thev came from Leaven-
a a a os S S
sew York 2 cents a jailer unicn nangs Deiow uie DasKet meaeer Dav recalling money
the passengers ride in caught on a
.scents between the refiners and the ?.ut: reiea^eu anam ana mey siruut ________
cMisrmor. At the beginning of this the telephone wires on the nortli side
-month raw sugar was selling on the
.doing considerable dam-
the balloon. None of the passen-
on a
other |iVllou-,«i Sifter
^tween tlie producer and the con- People are often heard to make
ssumer. Differences in retail prices suggestive remarks concerning young
lesuL from the different times when women whom they see on the streets
the sugar was bought and from some —never when a husky male
buying large quantity at jobbing relative is present.
prices and others small quantity Generally there is no thought of
•at small-lot prices. Two things injuring the innocent object of these
3tand out in the situation. One is remarks. They are born of thought
that all along the line mare per lessness and uttered in a spirit of
pound is being added for profit by idleness, but they carry a sting that
those who handle than formerly, iasts.
1 ellow
innuendoes circulating from lip
than ten per cent. In that case the this idle gossip reaches the parties
only remedy is to reduce again, concerned.
something which ought not to be The Lord made tongues that they
'"difficult if the people care enough might be used for good purposes, but
-about it individually to keep the
nd fewer heartaches when
the devii often
own evil
twists tliem to his
•.asweet.—Globe Democrat. aq1 it makes a world of difference
when it is tlie other fellow's sister.
While "swimming in Grand River!
Monday in company with a bunch of -will buy several farms in Deca
young people, Layton Teale had an \tur county. See me if you want ri
•experience which makes him think tell worth the money.
"that swimming-is not all pleasure. 35tf Akes
It seems he stayed in the water
monger than the rest of the party and Senator Penrose was commenting
Derhaps a little too long, and was on the party in Germany which is
"taken with a cramp which sent him trying to get the kaiser back in
to the bottom. When he came to power. "They remind me," he said,
the surface, realizing his situation "of the girl who cried after the
and squelching any cry for help he great question had been popped,
threw out his right arm in a desper- 'Why are you crying, dear,' asked
ate struggle to reach shore and while the young man solicitously. 'Hare
it enabled him to make land, the ex- I offended you?* 'No, (tear, answer
tnme force of the thrust broke a ed the girl, 'I crvinr for pure
•small blood vessel in his. shoulder joy. Mother always aald that I wgas
-and caused spasmodic contraction of such an idiot that not even a donkey
Farms Wanted,
Advancing Years.
I'm having trouble with my teeth
and the xout, and walking is a bore.! c-.i:1c:s in Kellerton Thursday.
It's hard for me to read a book my1 Art "Moore and John Good came
Down X#ai' eyes giov weary when I look ten jorn Lamoui Thursday to help Isaac
minutes at a page 1 have a trumpet Lo:lell with his spring and summer
for my ears oh, such things come v. 'it,
with passing years, the penalties of! Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller were
Saline ed over"Sevmour "last Saturday morn- ?.se. I'm glad that in the bygone- callers at Decatur Saturday
cash in.:, landed near the Thos. Owen bnips 1 suited down my surplus viiverul fioni this vicinity attend-
Nothing further was heard of tlie worth, Kansas, starting from that mv ligtree and my vine sit and rest I one must, try and go, you will not
...check until about tnree weeks later place about 3 a. m., and it was about make no wh^e of. fortune oii of regret £oing.
^when the bank received another 9:30 a. m. when they passed over fate I view the world with failing Mikb Helen Lonnor. ol Mumescon.
-telephone call in regard to the chock Seymour. eye.-i. but see the good that .in it lies,, visited Saturday evening and bunday
inquiring if the money had vet been Major Rice was on this trip to and^ keep my smile^ on ^straight.^ -'_nd ih Frank .Miller, and wite.
deposited to cancel it but the parties qualify as a "pilot, which requires j18 I Kt zo I see old men who failed ir ami Mrs. VVillie Akers were
calling refused to give their names three landings, two of which he had ..sa.ve^ sliming yeni in days Ion,- helping Mrs. Bedell pick cherries
or their whereabouts.—Princeton already made before landing here. ,eft
Their intention was to land west of dreary toil, and long to have six Those who spent Sunday with Mr.
.^neir miteruion wiis to iana st
The Mystery of Sugar. 'f ii ,! Astlipvwerp trvine 'to There's nothing sadder than the j. G. Kesler and family, of near
ma\e up.
mey were trying to
sQme cripple weary at
Ior ,l
brown ov.-ay. and wishing he were
4?^ dead.-Walt Mason
\&I*o£rJci{y /&*•
A Time and Labor
"Delco-Light saves us 4
hours a week on our wash
ing, 2 hours on our churn
ing, hour on our cream
separating, 3 hours in not
having to -clean lamps and
4 hours a week in doing
chores."—Charles Raquet,
R. D. 2, Kiel, Wis.
Write,for Catalogue.
Leon, Iowa
Contains no alum,
disturbs digestion.
which to end the grind.. an^'Mrs. Miller were, Mr. and Mrs.
ill the Maple Grove church, Misses Anna
and Mary Fesler, Johnnie Cox and
Karl Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Parsons and family, of Leon and Miss
Helen Connor of llunieston. A fine
dinner was served after which ice
cream and cake ,was served. Every.
one parting at early evening and I
reporting a fine time.
Mr. S. D. Miller visited Sunday
with is so A of so
Mr. Clyde Rauch was a
caller Saturday afternoon.
Baking Powder
is made with
pure Phosphate
——Because our scientific methods of production
make Dr. Price's Baking Powder the "Cream" of
Phosphate Baking Powders.
——Because the use of this pure phosphate makes it
possible to sell Dr. Price's "Cream" Baking
Powder at about HALF the price charged when
the powder contained Cream of Tartar.
—Because we knew there were thousands of women
who would Welcome, at this low price, a good, pure,
wholesome baking powder, guaranteed by a name
famous for quality for 60 years*
Elk Creek. 4
A fewvsmall rains are visiting this
through. Now by (i.oraised to lie a fine show, so every-
Brush College.
Walter Rum ley and wife, and
daughter, Mildred, visited Sunday
afternoon at David Hubbard's.
Mrs. E. J. Evans spent one day
la^t week ^ztih her sister Mrs. George
Ralph Frost and wife, Willie and
Clarence Hubbard were Leon visitors
Jack Wallace and family, of Cres
ton, and Guy Garner and family of
Adel, Iowa, Visited a few days last
week at the John Garner home.
Miss aiarjorie I-Iamnton spent
Sundav night with Mrs. Doss Fitch.
Mike Griffin and family visited
Sunday afternoon at Less Barnett's.
David Hubbard delivered hogs in
Leon Monday for M. L. Dale.
Pat Hampton and family spent
Saturday evening at E. J. Evans.
Russell Griffin delivered a car
load of hogs Sunday night in Leon
in his new Ford truck.
Little Charles had just been chas
tised by his father for some mis
"Mother, he asked, after hir
wails had died down, "was Adam the
first man?"
"Yes, dear."
"Didn't he have any father?
"Of course not," said Chyles
mother, wondering what was tom-
"Wefl! said the little fellow, "he
was lucky!"
the SOUD order?
The waiter leaned orer confiden
tially, "Just between ourselve*, «r,
Leaves no bitter taste. Never
Here are the prices:
for 12
for 6
'i14* 41 'J1v Hp
"Waiter," complained the irfitable \workman on the fitth floor: What
customer, "what the devil do youjdovou want? aaked .^e man.
mean, bringing-me my fish before "Arow jne toira wejtac^ shont
Pat went to a druggist to get an
empty bottle. Selecting the one that
suited his purpose, he asked: "How
much?" "Well said the clerk, "if
you have something in Hie bottle it
won't cost you .anything, but if you
want it eiflpty, ft will cost you 5
cents." "Sure that is fair enough,"
observed Pat. "Put in a cork."
The foreman swore at Cassidy foit
not taking a full load of bricks up
the ladder every trip. One morning
the supplv o£ bricks ran out, and
Cassidy, after gathering-every one in
sieht, found he will still short the
oroper. number. He felled to a
ed Cassidy, "to make good me load!'
A busy man can always find spare
•time to
Success vs. failure
Swift's Fertilizer will hasten maturity
oi crops.
With the late planting, corn should
have all the assistance ycu can give to it
Swift's Fertilizer will materially aid
the growth and hasten maturity.
There's a carload| at the elevator for
A car load of salt has arrived.
Coal Grain Co.
McKern & Manchester
Live Stock and Real Estate Auctioneer.
The man who gets you the most money for your
sales from start to finish. Town Sales on Sat
I urday a Specialty
.advantageously. It is
vV".- .r
Notice of Appointment of
In the District Court of the State
of Iowa, in and "for Decatur county.
In protjate.
In the matter of the estate of
James N. Still, deceased.
To whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby given that th€
il&uersigned has been appointed and
ha&qualified as administrator of the
estate of James N. Still late of De
catuli county, Iowa, defeased. All
persons in any manner indebted to
said deceased or his estate will make
payment to the undersigned and
those having claims against said de
ceased or his estate will present
tkeim in manner and form as by
reouired, tor Allowance and payment.
Dated tils 18th day of Jnne A. t.
C. A.
4S-3t .AdaalBlstqtffar

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