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Farm Bureau Notes.
This week has witnesed the fourth
vwool pool of the wool growers of
the county and that the wool pool
ing and shipping association has
"come to stay is now an assured fact.
In the face of stringent money mar
ket, no life to the wool trade and
withdrawal of credits by banks to
the commission men who nave bought
our wool heretofore it looks like the
farmer and wool grower will have
to finance his own marketing of wool
and similar commodities in the
future. The ....National Wool Ware
house & Storage Co. at Chicago
•where our wool is shipped and stored
is this year handling co-operative
shipments from nine states and all
wool consigned to them will be
marketed as the demands of the
market needs wool and the product
will not be all dumped at one time
demoralizing the markets as farmers
have been doing heretofore If there
ever was a year when the consigning
of wool to a bonded warehouse
should be followed out now is the
.time, for under the circumstances
the dealer is hardly to blame for
the prices he is forced to bid on the
In the consideration of the
ig problems of wool marketing, the
delay in marketing and uncertainty
of shipments, the switchmen's strike
and the congestion of freight at the
terminals, price reduction and the
prosecutitm of woolen manufacturers
for profiteering has caused a feeling
of uncertainty in manufacturing cir
cles. These have resulted a good
many times in cancellations of orders
for wool from manufacturers and as
a result demand for wool has declin
ed. On account of the uncertainty
of falling prices some farmers and
wool growers are reluctant to con
sign wool especially in view of the
fact that it will be perhaps three to
six months before the returns aie
all made on wool so consigned. As
much as this is to be regretted it
seems to be the only way out as the
mills exact from sixty to ninety days
for settlement for all wool bought
from the ware house and it will take
as iong or longer to grade the pro
duct into marketable lines. Many
growers object to financing the prop
osition on this basis as it looks to
the man up a tree like tlie grower
was shipping this wool to the ware
house waiting on his money for same
until the mills have made it in to
clothing sent it out to the retailers
the grower buys it pays for it with
borrowed money and waits until the
retailer pays the mills to pay the
warehouse to pay the grower for his
wool. Perhaps this order of things
may be changed another year. The
federal reserve banks are coming to
the aid of the wool grower some
thing like they did to the ootton
grower in times past and if this
materializes then many of the prob
lems of cooperative marketing will
have been solved. You can borrow
now 75 per cent of the value of your
wool consigned if you wish to sight
draft on the warehouse for it. You
will however be required to pay 7
per cent interest for the money so
advanced. The consignor's receipt
given by the county agent at the car
will be collateral for money borrowed
on consignment.
There seems to be but little re
lief from the present car shortage
before the fall movement of grain
begins and with the old grain still In
elevators and on the farms which is
estimated at about 40 per cent of last
year's crop it is going to be a large
problem in marketing this year.
Sliould such prove to be the case it
is doubtful if elevators will be able
to take care of much of this year's
crop as hauled from the machine at
threshing time. In view of this fact
we believe a timely warning now to
the farmers who are planning to sell
their grain at threshing time, that
now is the time to construct or re
pair that granary that will re depend
ed upon to hold your-grain for a
short period at least until this
freight congestion loosens up.
If such precautions are not taken
by grain growers much loss will of
necessity be the result from poorly
constructed granaries from loss by
grain being destroyed by rats and
mice. Grain especially wheat and
oats are too high in price to waste
very many of them this year. Ar
range for to fix that bin your first
spare minute. Another thing that
needs looking after now is the re
pair of the threshing machine. If
your local threshing machine opera
tor is not getting ready to do you an
efficient' job of threshing through
negligence or lack of repairs better
be casting about now to obtain a
machine whose manager is up and
doing before some other community
has obtained his services for the
season. There is no excuse for any
man to be operating a threshing out
fit that does not «give good account
of itself. The time of yourself, your
wife and hired help is .too valuable
now days to try and get along with
an inferior threshing outfit because
the operator is a good fellow.
Next Friday, June 25th at the
hotne of Mr. S. H. Duffield, who is
now president of the Decatur county
bee-keepers association will be held
a bee-keepers picnic. Prof. F. B.
Paddock of Ames, state apiarist will
be present all day and will give a
very interesting address at 3:00 p. m.
Many local bee-keepers who are
making a success with bees will be
on the programme with short- ad
dresses on different subjects. Come
to this meeting, bring your .lunch
b&sket, all the family and all the
neighbors that you can get in the
jitney. Program will start at 10:00
m. and we promise to have some
thing doing all the time until 4:00*
p. m. Mr. Duffield has an apiary of
something like fifty to seventy-five
swarms of bees and a demonstration
will be held right in the bee yard
that will be practical. Do not fail to
near Prof. Paddock as this opportun
ity Mil not be offered you soon
again. Surely you will want to
know something more about honey
and honey production considering
the present high price of sugar. Mr.
Duffield's farm is located six miles
northeast of Leon, one mile north of
the W. D. Llonberger corner on the
Leon and Garden Grove road. Party
will leave the county agent's office at
9:30 a. m. Be there.
Where teaming le Profitable.
Farm lands in the South have not
been boosted by speculation. Why
buy a farm in a high-priced section
and cripple your future with debt
when you can buy a better farm in
the South for one-third the price.
Don't you want a farm where clim
atic and soil conditions are unex
celled? It is our business to help
you find just what you want.We
know Southern lands and land
values and it is to our interest to
locate you where you Will succeed
and make business for the railroad.
There is no charge for our service.
For full information call on, or
write to, J. C. Williams, Manager,
D. rt"!
the ladder
Stabilization of wearing ap
parel prices in Amcnca must
hegiai at some place between
raw material and the last point
of distribution. Until this
time, every element of the
Clothing industry has been
satisfied to drift with the cur
rent advancing prices, and
while here and there sporadic
effort has been made to call at
tention to the necessity of find
ing a common level of prices,
the fact remains that the Re
tail Clothing Dealer has been
forced to pay prices far higher
than conditions seem to war­
Months ago, this firm was
convinced that the public could
not absorb further advance in
prices, and so far as we are
concerned, we are determined
to take a step that to some may
seem revolutionary in char
Every article, in this store
will be sold at prices compara
tively shown in an opposite
column. With the exception of
Overalls and Work Shirts
which we are now selling be
low the market price.
We are not in the habit of
holding big sales twice a year
contracting with a sales com
pany to conduct' the sale by
flooding the county with ad
vertising matter which costs
considerable. We Conduct Our
Own Sale.
m-. v.
THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1920.
But, We Think, Necessary
There is a time in the history of every business
organization when it becomes imperative to change or
modify merchandising practices.
Without altering in any way the principles on which this store was built, we
announce a radical departure in trading methods, effective for a period of fifteen
days, between June 19th and July 3rd, inclusive.
Here is an announcement that carries with it the stamp of sincerity gained by
five years' successful business in Leon. We ask you to believe every word, and
are satisfied you will.
We are going to sell Men's Clothing, I
Hats, Shoes and Furnishings for 15 Days
nais, dnoes ana rurmsmnss ror
without a single dollar of profit to us.
$20.00 Suits at $15.00
$25.00 Suits at .$18.75
$30.00 Suits at .$22.50
$35.00 Suits at -$26.25
$40.00 Suits at ,.$30.00
$45.00 Suits at -$33.75
$50.00 Suits at -$37.50
$55.00 Suits at ... -$41.50
$(0.00 Suits at -$45.00
$65.00 Suits at $48.75
$70.00 Suits at -.$52.50
$75.00 Suits at $56.25
$80.00 Suits at $60.00
Hats and Caps
$2.00 Headwear at $1.50
$2.50 Head wear at $1.90
$3.00 Headwear at $2.25
$3.50 Head wear at $2.65
$4.00 Head wear at $3.00
$4.50 Headwear at $3.40
$5.00 Headwear at $3.75
$6.00 Headwear at $4.50
$6.50 Headwear at $4.90
$7.50 Headwear at $5.65
Shoes and Oxfords
$ 4.00 Footwear at ..... $ 3.00
$ 5.00 Footwear at $ 3.75
$ 6.00 Footwear at $ 4.50
$ 7.00 Footwear at $ 5.25
8.00 Footwear at ...$ 6.00
$10.00 Footwear at ...$ 7.50
$12.50 Footwear at ...$ 9.40
$15.00 Footwear at ..... -$11.25
$16.50 Footwear at $12.40
$ .50 Neck Ties at $ .40
$ .75 Neck Ties at $ .60
$1.00 Neck Ties at ... $ .75
$1.50 Neck Ties at $1.15
$2.00 Neck Ties at $1.50
$2.50 Neck Ties at $1.90
$3.00 Neck Ties at $2.25
$2.00 Shirts at $1.50
$2.50 Shirts at $1.90
$3.00 Shirts at -$2.25
$4.00 Shirts at $3.00
$4.50 Shirts at $3.40
$5.00 Shirts at $3.75
$7.50 Shirts at ....$5,65
Clothier to
Father and the Boys
ft v, •vVJ
nays r-™)
We are ocinvinced that the
public will appreciate any ef
fort to stabilize prices that if
the Retail Clothier makes a
definite stand aginst further
advance, manufacturers will
readily reflect it to the two
elements controlling prices in
production, labor and textiles,
with the result of a halting of
further pushing up of prices on
any pretext whatsoever.
No business house in
America can exist without a
reasonable profit oil goods
sold we know that. But here
is a store that for Fifteen days
is willing to forego profit in
order to establish a principle.
The Biggest Clothes Savings
Offered In Years And Years.
Hart Schaffner & Marx suits
worth much more than the
prices Ave are selling them. We
want to help you economize in
clothes we've had the best
clothes we could buy we've
priced them close we've said
"money back if you're not
satisfied." Now we're doing
still more. We're getting less
than a fair profit in order to
give you still greater values.
We'll get our return in the
many new friends we make for
this store.
We've decided to "go the
limit" in value giving regard
less of what it costs us. We're
going to make the people of
Leon say in months to come,
"G. B. Price Got In The Band
Wagon And Did All He Could
To Lower The Price Of
Clothes." If they say that and
feel that way about it, we have
made something better than
Decatur City
Epworth League topic Sunday ev
ing "The Results of Our Words and
Dr. Paul, wife and son, of Os
ceola, spent Sunday at the home of
her mother, Airs. E. W. Townsend-
Jas. Young, wife and children
spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and
Airs. F. E. Young.
Miss Margaret Beck spent Satur
day and Sunday with Miss Gladys
Mrs. O. B. Creal returned from.
Leon Thursday, where she had been
visiting friends for a few days.
Mrs. Hawk entertained the Ladies'
Aid Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Arthur res well was a Leon,
visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. Winl'ield ("ash, Airs. Dr. B. L.
Eiker and Mrs. Winnie Cordes, of
Leon, were in town Tuesday even
S. JI. Covington Sr. went to
.Muscatine the first of the week.
Quite a number from here at
tended the funeral of Mrs. Joseph
Dobson, who died at her home three
miles north of Davis City Wednesday
at 2 o'clock. The funeral being held
from the Palestine church Thursday
afternoon at o'clock. Interment in
the Palestine cemetery. The bereav
ed ones have the sympathy of all in
their sorrow.
Miss Flossie Akers went to Ot
tumw'a Wednesday where she will
spend the" summer with her sister.
F. E. Young and wife were Leon
visitors Friday.
The relatives of Thomas Wilianis.
planned a very pleasant surprise for
him Wednesday evening, the cc
occasion being his birthday anniver
sary. A very nice supper was serv
ed and a good time enjoyed by all
S. H. Covington and wife were
Leon visitors Wednesday.
Wint Wells and wife, of South
Dakota, came Wednesday for a vi.sit
with friends and relatives. Several
years ago they were residents of this
Mrs. Frank Hears and daughter
Miss Edith, and little son Ronald,
went to I)ew Moines Tuesday. Ronald
having gone to have his tonsils re
moved which have been causing hint,
trouble for some time.
Mrs. Arthur Creswell and children
returned from Indianola Saturday
where they had been visiting rel
atives for iln1 past two weeks.
.Mrs. Hazel Surher and daughter,
Virginia, were guests of Mrs. F. E..
Young Tuesday.
Mrs. Lew Lro*vn and daughter,
Mrs. Lou Williams, were Leon visit
ors Wednesday.
The -Misses Merle, Ruby and Ada
C:ees were Leon visitors Wednes
Miss Queeneita Carroll came the
last of the weelc for a visit with,
friends and relatives.
Misses Edith Sears and Queenetta
Carroll were guests of Mrs. F. EL
Young Sunday.
.Mr. and Mrs. Henry Halverson
and family, of Williamsburg, Iowa,
came Saturdav for a few days visit
I with Mr. and "Mrs. Julius Halverson
and other friends
Air. and Airs. A. T. Bemis and.
family spent Sunday with Mr. .antU
Alrs. Sterling Loving, of Garden
Air. and Airs. Frank Worden visit
ed Sunday with Air. and Mrs. j^e .v
I .Miss Sylvia Muse, of Los Angeles,
California, came Alonday a visit
with her parents, Air. and Mrs. John:
Aluse and other relatives.
Air. and Airs. Wesley Golf sr?**t
Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr.
and Airs. Ern Gamble.
.Mrs. George Cox. of Garden Grove,
came Saturday night for an over
Sunday visit with her daughter, Airs,
dure Currv and family.
Will Warren, of Weldon, visited
Sunday with Air. and -Mrs. Geo. War
Mr. and Airs. Ed Boyington spent
Sunday with -Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Several from here attended th«
street fair in Osceola Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hill and fam
ily spent Sunday with Mr. and Airs..
Henry Hill.
-Miss Myrtle Gamble and Glen
Hart spent Thursday with Air. and
Airs. Wesley Golf.
Airs. Knoblow and daughter, of
near Des Moines, spent a few days
last week at the James Thompson
(liphau liirfge.
Lee Davis and wife and son
Gerald, of Leon, spent Sunday at the
Barlean home.
of Sheldon, Alo.,
came Friday and visited until Sunday
with his cousins, the Barlean boys.
Waiter Michelson, L. A. Durell and
Charley Christensen had business at.
Leon Sunday.
Jack and George Dunham, Ora
Wills, W. Blake, John Flvnn and son
Alartin, Cappie Bennett and sons,..
Wilber and Ellary. Walter Michel-'
son and family spent Sunday at
Charley Leahy's.
The scarlet fever is a thing of the
paast on the ridge. The quarantine
was raised at the Jones home Tues
Pearl Barlean came liome on a
furlough Tuursday from Cam)? Gor
don, Georgia. He will spend a few
days with his wife and father at this
Place- ....
Mrs. C. M. Akes was visiting
friends at Blockley Wednesday.
Airs. Ann Ellis snent Wednesday
with Mrs. C. E. Pousli.
George Slanker returned to his*
home Wednesday at Des Moines.
Maple Grove,
Those who called on Mr. and Mrs
Frank \Vr. Miller Sunday were, Mr.
and Mrs. J. G. Fesler and family.
Air. and Airs. Tom Parson and fam
ily, Miss Helen Connor, Earl Ander
son and Johnnie Cox. They all had
a fine dinner and spent the after
noon eating ice cream and cake.
Clair Phipps called on his friend,,
Aliss Cecil Bright, Sunday.
Quite a number of the young falls
attended the Pentacostal meeting at
Grand River Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Bright and fam
ily attended the band concert at
Leon Saturday night.
Aliss Helen Connor, of Humestoir,
has been visiting with her friend's,.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller and Mr
and Mrs. J. Fesler.
Miss Lenoa Phipps was a Leon
caller Saturday evening.
Miss Lorraine Carson called on
Dwight Fesler Saturday.
Several from this vicinity attend
ed the Leonard Players at Grand
River last week.
We offer ffflLOO for any case of eitirrb
let cannot be cured by HALL'S

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