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SUNDAY, APRIL 2, 191ft
Was Sworn into Office at 9:30
O'clock—Incoming Council
Announces its List of
Charles H. Hennem&nn Sue
ceeds John M. Kenney as
Chief of Police—Two
More Eeporta
The new city officials were
appointed at the first meeting of the
new city council held this morning.
Out of eight offices, there were
changes mads in four. Charles H.
Henneman succeeds to the position
of chief of police, displacing John M.
Kenney who has been the incumbent
for the past three and one-half years.
John R. Dlmond succeeds S. H. John
ston as assessor Charles H. Fegers
goes into C. A. Dimond's place as city
physician, and Patrick Tigue suc
ceeds T. P.' Breheny as street super
visor. The complete list is ao fol
City solicitor—Theodore A. Craig.
City clerk—0. W. Sandberg.
City treasurer—L. J. Wolf.
City engineer—John F. Winters.
Street supervisor—Patrick Tigue.
City physician—Charles H. Fegera.
Assessor—John R. Dlmond.
Marshal—Charles H. Henneman.
The new city council composed, of
fid. S. Lofton, mayor, and T. J.
Hickey and Fred Hilpert, commission­
Chew it
after every
ers was sworn into office at the city
hall this morning at 8:30 o'clock by
Judge McNamnra.
The old council and the new coun
cil assembled in. the council chamber
at 9:00 o'clock. After the remaining
old business of the reuring council
had been conducted, Mayor S. W.
Moorhead adjourned the council sine
die, after which the new officials
were inducted into office.
Retiring Mayor Moorhead made a
few brief remarks to the new coun
cil. He said that he welcomed the
new officials and hoped that their
administration wo,uld be a pleasant
one, as had been the last one. He
said that the retiring council would
be willing to do anything to help the
new one.
In reply to this, Mayor Ed. S. Lof
ton spoke as follows:
"I "want to thank the members ol
the retiring council for their expres
sions of good will and assure them
their words of encouragement are
appreciated. I am sure I speak for
my colleagues when I say that it will
be the purpose to give to the city
a law-enforcement administration, to
be watchful of expenditures, and
mindful of the interests of the tax
payers. To this end we solicit the
hearty co-operation of the citizens of
Keokuk so that the most beneficial
results can be secured."
The first resolution that came up
before the new council was one fix
ing the positions of the three new
city officials. The resolution read,
that for the terms beginning April
3, 1916, and ending oil the first Mon
day in April, 1918, the various de
partments of the city of Keokuk
should be assigned as' follows:
Mayor Ed. S. Lofton shah be sup
erintendent of the department of
public affairs Councilman Fred Hil
pert shall be superintendent of the
department of accounts and finances
ana superintendent of the department
of public safety, and Councilman T.
J. Hickey shall be superintendent ol
Send for the Spearmen's Gum-ption book
for young and old, illustrated in colors.
Address Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., 1603 Kesner Bldg., Chicago
"'r®»: *4'*:•'!••'" •'Mpra^sr^r "I
To little hearts and big ones, too
the Wrigley Spearmen are calling,
calling, every day:
Their message is one of good cheer
about this refreshing, beneficial goody
that costs so little but means so much
to comfort and contentment.
There is a form of neurasthenia that
fallows the grip. Doctors call it'
grippal" neurasthenia. One of the
foremost medical authorities of New
Ytfrk city in a lecture in the intornar
tional clinics, said
"Broadly speaking, erery victim of
the grip will suffer from poet-grippal
neurasthenia also. Lowering of ner
vous tone with increased irritability is
the most striking effect of the disease,
for rest and a tonic.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, a non-alco
holic tonic, are particularly euitcd for
building up tho fclood and strengthen
ing the nerves after an attack of tho
grip. The rich, red blood expels the
angering germa from the system and
transforms despondent grip victims in
to cheerful, healthy, happy men and
If you have had tho grip get a box
of Dr. AVilliams' Pink Pills now from
the nearest drug store and begin the
treatment at once.
On request we will send you a free
pamphlet, "Building Up the Blood,"
which contains a chapter on the grip.
Address the Dr. Willi
tuna Medicine Co.,
Schenectady, .N, Y,
the department of streets and public
improvements and superintendent of
the department of parks and public
New Officials Appointed.
Following this came the apopint
ment of the new, city officials. The
council then adjourned until 2:00
o'clock in the afternoon.
Retiring Mayor S. W. Moorhead
will open an office in the Dorsey
building for a limited practice of
medicine. J. A. M. Collins will prob
ably go west. One thing is certain,
according to his own statements, and
that is that he is going to do lots of
fishing, now that he is relieved of the
cares of office.
John M. Kenney retires rrom the
office of chief of police after three
and one-half years of service in that
position. He was first appointed by
Mayor Elder on April 27, 1912, to
serve the unexpired term of Henry
M. Schevers. He was re-appointed by
Mayor Moorhead when the retiring
administration went into office two
years ago. Mr. Kenney also served
against all /„jimi,ir
for two years as deputy marshal dur
ing the Cameron aclmiiiistration and
two years as marshal under the
Strimback administration.
"I am really glad to get out," he
said this morning in commenting on
the change. "The last two years have
been strenuous and I will welcome a
rest. I have done everything in my
power to make my administratioa ef
fective and I know the results will
compare favorably with those of any
other administration. I have endeav
ored to work for the public good and
keep the city as clean and as free
from crime as possible.
"I hold no ill will against anylody.
I wish my successor all kinds of suo
cess and if at any time 1 can te of
assistance to him he has only to
call on me. My men have all done
good work and I wish to commend
them for the faithfulness with which
they bavo discharged their duties."
Mr. Kenney has no pians as yet
for the future. He is looking forward
to a rest from the cares of office for
the time being. He has always been
kind and courteous to newspaper men
and has helped them in running down
stories and has been a source of
many good news stories.
The Gate City on Sunday morning
presented the annual reports of
Mayor S. W. Moorhead and Chief of
Police Kenney. The reports of Fire
Chief Anderson and City Solicitor
Craig follow. City Engineer Winters
is ill at his home and has not been
able to complete his report, and those
of J. A. M. Collins and Frank T\ F.
Schmidt will not be ready for a day
or two more.
City Solicitor's Report
To the Honorable Mayor and City
I beg to submit the annual Teport
as to cases pending against the city
of Keokuk, as follows:
g945—Eula Fields vs. city of Keo
kuk. Alleged damage by flooding.
Pending settlement.
10111—Julia E. Cutshall vs. city of
Keokuk. Alleged damage for per
sonal injury during paving of North
Eighth street, city protected by con
tractor's bond. Contractor defending
10266—Josephine E. Burrows vs.
city of Keokuk. Appeal from assess
ment for paving on North Seven
teenth street. City is a nominal
party, the contractor being the real
party in interest.
Respectfully submitted,
City Solicitor.
Fire Chief's Report.
Following is the annual report of
Fire Chief Anderson, which was pre
sented to the old council this morning.
The total fire loss for the year Is giv
en at $54,981.71. The loss for the pre
ceding year was $56,111.60.
To the Honorable Mayor and Council
men of the City of Keokuk:
In conformity with the city ordi
nances, I herewith submit my annual
report as chief of the fire department
for the year ending March 31, 131G.
The following is a report of the
property damage by lire during the
past year and the amount of Insurance
carried on said property.
Sound value of Duildings
where fire originated.? 268.SS0.00
Sound value of contents
where flre originated .. 288,721.00
Insurance on Iniildihgs
where flre originated .. 171,CIO.00
Insurance on contents
where flre originated .. 234,100.00
Damage to buildings
where flre originated .. 17,804.48
Damage to contents
where fire originated .. 37,177.23
Total insurance on build
ings and contents 416.710.00
Sound value of buildings
and contents 5G8.C01.00
Loss on buildings and
contents 54,081.71
There have been 163 alarms as fol
Regular alarms G4
General alarms 38
Still alarms 49
False alarms 12
Total 163
The flre department is composed as
Chief 1
Assistant chief 1
Regular Btation men 10
•Engineer of steamer 1
Total 13
To the assistant chief. Mr. William
Burrls, and to each member of the de
partment, I desire to extend sincere
thanks for the efficient service ren
dered. It is largely due to their ef
fective work that the flro losses dur
ing the past year have not been
heavier. They have been faithful,
prompt, Intelligent and loyal in the
discharge of their duties.
I also desire to thank the Honorable
•Mayor S. W. iMoorhead and Council
men J. A. M. Collins and F. T. F.
Schmidt for the Interest nnd kindness
they have shown in department af
fairs and for assistance given me
which is greatly appreciated.
Respectfully submitted,
Chief of Fire Department.
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any place in the world that a woman
needs God and prayer," he shouted, "it
is at the marriage alter!"
Dance Is Criticised.
But It was in flaying the modern
dance that the revivalist got in his
most telling blows. He termed it a
despicable, damnable, unchaperoned,
lust-begetting, many positioned, many
movement proposition, that Is almost
too rotten to riiention." He declared
that it Is not only "vulgar but vile"
ani paid his respects to the dancing
masters by declaring that "there is
not a iran on the face of the earth
that I hate like do a damnable danc
ing master." He added that
•v S
he were
a woman and married a man who turn
ed out to he a "namby-pjynby dancing
master." he would "knock out his
teetTi, pat him back in the cradle, get
him a long tiress, a bottle and a bib
and try to raise him over."
"Yoa talk about your Texas Tommy
and Turkey trot and Maxlxe," he cried.
"Why, ladies and gentlemen, if I
should take this clialr," and he grab
bed up the one sitting on the platform,
"if I should take this chair and go
through some of the positions that a
man goes through when he puts his
body up against that of a woman in
the modern dance, you would run me
out of this tabernacle. If I went,
through those monkey-shines, those
vulgar, vile movements you'd say I had
no sense. Well if it's wrong for me to
show you how in tlilB tabernacle," he
yelled, "it's wrong for the men and
women to do it on the ball room fl-xr."
The building rang with applause.
Hugging Sot to Music.
"Dancing," said Scoville, "is nothing
more or less than hugging set to mus
iic and the orchestra can't take away
the cin. If I want to hug another fel
low's wife
got 10 po down here to
the dance hall and start the orchestra.
If I did it on the street I would be
"My idea of a fool." he grinned, "is a
man who will pay five dollars to a
fiddler Just to let some other fellow
hug his wife. "What would you think
of me if I paid some orchestra Ave
dollars to give some other man a
chance to put his arms around my
wife?" he asked as the crowd broke
forth in a roar of laughter. "I'd just
like to see some old seal la wag try it,"
he yelled.
"Now If I'm a lia.r in what I'm say
ing, tell me so," he challenged. "If I'm
not" sit there and take your medicine."
The evangelist's collar grew limp
and the perspiration began showing
through the creases in his clotnes as
he proceeded. His face was pale and
Would your skin
stand this test?
The bright lights of an evening
gathering show up mercilessly the
defects of a poor complexion. But
the regular use cf
R^sinol Soap
makes it as easy to have a natur
ally beautiful skin as to cover up a
poor one with cosmetics. It lessens
the tendency to pimples, redness
and roughness, and in a very short
time the complexion usually be
comes clear, fresh and velvety.
In severe or stubborn cases, Resinol Sosp
should at first be sided by* little Reusol Oint
ment. All druggists tell them.
Mm with Under Jmc*s find tkat Jtiiwrf
Shmvwe Stick jmmmiw it»Hntitm*
r:'-v •t'T1', "•T: rr trVT'T^^.^7?rv*
Anyone Can Afford This
Genuine Simmons Bed
,Pr-¥?' r-*7,'.'V,
Duncan Schell Furniture Co.
From the Cheapest that is good to the Best that is made.
One price to all. We charge interest on payment accounts.
We liave seldom offered a lugger value than tliis Simmons Bed—avert in this
store, knewn for its elose money-saving prices.
This is one of the new Simmons light-weight, tempered-steel beds. It is a stylo
that Simmons advertises. It is being shown this very week in The Ladies Home
Journal, in The Saturday Evening Post and in our window. Came in and let ua
show it to you as 'displayed on our floor.
We offer this Simmons Bed for $8.50
The head and foot form one continuous tub© from caster to caster, and bot
torn and filler rods are eleotrically welded to this tube. Notice that there is not
rattling nut or bolt on the whole bed.
This is the bed that saves marred floors and torn carpets. A third lighter than
if made in iron! And the tubing is large and handsomer. Simmons frictionless
casters make it roll still easier.
The finish is Simmons-enamel, the same as on the highest priced Simmons
Beds. Smooth as glass! Baked almost as lasting as the burnished steel. The most
perfect finish ever put on a bod to sell at prices fitted!for your pockotbook.
Eliminate all chance in buying by coming direct to us. It's a safe prediction
that you will pay less for it here. This genuine Simmons Bed is a sample of the
kind of values we offer you. It is a pleasure for us to show you onr merchandise.
FOR SALE—This 6 roomed modern house, Twenty-fonrth and Johnson
Sts., ono block from new Jefferson stfipol, wtll sell on payment Plan,
cheap. See E. C. BROWNLEE.
wet with sweat. He mopped his brow
time and again with his handkerchief
but never paused in his tirado aganisi
the "plagues."
Bible Dances Different.
"When the Bible speaks of dancing.
he said, "it speaks of maidens dancing.
Not a bunch of old roosters hopping
around with a crowd of litUe pullets.
Men say, oh we dance for_ the exer- ho
wives.' They never dance with their
wives," ho asserted.
A a
bunch of old roosters down there on,
the dance floor together ami see how
long '1 I'Jf1
pullets there.
"I know what this sermon is going
to cost me," he said significantly. !. ,,
"Ihit I'll leave this town with a clear
conscience. And, he snapped. if
you ve
any idea of gadding up
that four mt of
dan(.e do
"The dance." he said "is not only
sending tho girls to tho dogs but
Is plavinp the devil with the boys. Oh
mothers!" he appealed, "give your
daughter fun, sport, amusrnient. -who wants to save her.
her high school and Sunday school
and clean sports and muMc. C?lvo her
But don't send her to
hell by way of the damnable dance
fcell. But out
Qf everv five who go to hell four start-
1 8 1
"I don't need to stop outside of
&At S
Gonorrhoea and Glee»
relieved In 1 to 8daj*.'
Big Is noo-potsoaou
and effective la traat
tng mucous
Will not strlctnre. Prevents contagion,
Parcel Post It desired—Price $1, or S bottles SX7&
Prepared by
to show the
ferts of the dance coul(J fr1ve you
names right now. And any man today
who claims to be a christian and says
the Bible upholds dancing either Is a
Jove & mtle s-n Js a great sinL
The drurlkard.s hel, start3 with the
after this sermon and telling me you
intend to ro on dancing—get It Tut.
can't help it if you go to hell. If any
of your social set have a ball-room
brand of religion go on to hell with it,
I'm not going to try to stop you. Only
I don't want anything to do with you—
that's all."
To Hell Via Ball Room.
red light district begins
in the movement of the 'Turkey Trot.'
ig the time that I have seen a
helpless bird caught by the charming
snake. I have rescued frogs who have
been charmed by the serpent and wer
calling for help. If I can rescue som©
jpure, innocent little girl In Keokuk
jfroih the serpent that has his fangs
I fastened upon her. I'm going to do it
If the social set, the godless-gangs and
Christlpss-cliques. won't help me they
can take their ball room religion and
fro to hell with it. I'm sroing to do all
I can for the little girl and for too
Not Without Results.
Sioux Falls Argua-i.eader: Villa at
hall Statistics prove that 375,000 out least is so busy getting away from the
of every 500,000 girls who go wrong American soldiers that he hasn't tlma
got tltelr start in the dance halL I' for any more raids.

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