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The Telegraph service of The
Paily G*te Constitu­
Democrat is received over
our own leased wire.
VOL. 122. NO. 81.
Issue is to be Decided in Over Two Hundred
Towns of Illinois, With Women
Playing a Part.
•SPTONGIFTELD, in., April 4—The
et" and "dry" question was to be
{elded In 166 townships In Illinois
jay and women played a prominent
frt In these decisions.
fin the 165 townships In the state
here the wet and dry Issue is at
Eke there are 21'4 villages, cities
id settlements.
|The Anti-Saloon league filed peti
bns in' more than eighty townships
Id in many of the others the liquor
(terests filed petitions. In most of
ese towns the question was decided
favor of the drys in recent years,
lot the larger cities voting today on
oline, Waukegan, Lincoln, and
In Wisconsin.
•MILWAUKEE, Wis., April 4.—The
iht between the conservative and
fogressive branches of the republi
|n party for control of the delegation
the national convention was being
^cided by the voters of Wisconsin
day. There is no contest in the
Imocratic ranks over delegates to
|e convention.
Opponents of Mayor Thompson
fedic.^d a sweeping victory as a
(rect result of the physician's sui
Ide. Sachs was head of the $4,000,
PO Chicago tnberculotvis sanitarium,
jut resigned when charged with ex
Ford as Candidate.
DETROIT, Mich., April 4.—.Henry
Information Was
Lacking When Cabinet Met
to Discuss Question.
[By Robert J. Bender, United Press
Staff Correspondent.]
WASHINGTON, April 4.—When the
labinet met today it faced a dearth
to Mm
lenry Ford Finds Himself Leading Candidate
in Michigan for Republican Candidate
for President.
ui we larger cuiro vuimg i«u» thirty delegates to the republican, con
le question are Danville, Rock Is- vention may not be available for sev
nd, Galena, Alton, Aurora, Dixon,
1. I
let and dry question and municipal
lections are being held.
1 Betting hero was a'bout even money
the socialists would elect their
Ford may be the "favorite son'
Michigan republicans.
Incomplete returns today from yes
terday's presidential primary showed
the Detroit automobile magnate, who
is an unwilling candidate for the re
publican nomination, leading Senator
Win. Alden Smith by nearly a thous
and votes. Only a little more than
one-fifth of the total number of pre
cincts in the state had reported, how
ever and the senator was gradually
cutting down the lead given Ford In
the Detroit city vote. A definite de
cision in the contest for the state's
President Wilson received the en
tire democratic vote as 'he was unop
posed. On the strength of early re
turns, Democratic National Commit
teeman E. O. Wood, of Flint, was re
elected over William A. Comstock by
a 2 to 1 vote.
Arrested on Election Day. .«.ac w~=
KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 4.—Two
hundred men on the north side were
arrested early today and locked up
Although the republican fight has for investigation by the police strong PARIS, April 4.—The Germans
ben extremely bitter—the progres- arm squad just before the municipal shelled the French front northwest of
(ves being led by Robert M. LfuFol- election opened. Verdun violently throughout last
Ford is Not Excited.
senior senator, and the conserv-,
lives by E. L. Phillpp, governor, in-j .— v,"
•cations today were that the vote DETROIT, Mich., April 4. Henry heavy
Ir delegates would not be large. I Ford refused to get excited this alt- court.
1 Beside the vote for delegates, lOSjemoon when informed that he uaa
Visconsin cities are voting on the piled up_a majority 6,00i
votes in Wayne county, (Detroit) over
Senator William Alden Smith In
Michigan's first, presidential primary
and had probably received enough
ndidate for mayor of Milwaukee, votes in the state to make him the
iniel W. Hoan, over the non-partis-1 choice of Michigan republicans for
candidate, G. A. Bading, the in-! the presidential nomination. Returns
mbent. were still very meagre. They indi-
I cated, however,.that the slight major-
Suicide as Political Issue. ity given to the senator by the up
CHICAiGO, April 4.—Dr. Theo. B. state counties might be insufficient to
ichs, internationally known medical overcome Ford's big lead in me
ithority, who killed himself because tropolls. Of the 21 precincts in the
said he was "weary of it all." after city of Detroit, Ford won majorities in
sensational political scandal, was 1210.
ie issue in Chicago's annual munic- The fact that Ford isn a candidate
Pal election today.
and will not becorue a candidate for
the presidential nomination was the
only thing that prevented the Michi
gan primary from being an over
whelming success—despite a very
light vote.
Ford was amused when told of nis
probable victory.
"Of course, I appreciate the good
(Continued on page 2.)
Gerard ii-quire informally of the
th. newfi of ^_e )v^eckln? °f
'"cent disasters to ships carrying a break unnecessary,
raericans, which have threatened toj
rupture of relations
•ring about a
Mth Germany. Affidavits and other
pirect evidence have yet to reach
Washington regard In the Sussex, the
I Secretary Lansing reported informa
('On not yet in affidavit form that sur
rvors of the Manchester Engineer
law the periscope of a submar'ne.
Affidavits are expected to raacli the -le-
lijrect evidence have yet to reach considered at length today. Secretary jor
ium us are expecvea to rsucu uib -i^- ue openiog i*iwi
artir.ent In a short time Irorn these I search for contraband.
r- information, concern'ns the.
i^agle Point, torpedoed last Wednes-i
|*y wllh one American on board, that {.
•d« it adv]aabla have AuikasMdof (Conttonxt gn
The French position on the west
bank of the Meuse has again become
serious. French success in the fight
ing around Vaux village yesterday
were Important, but did not offset the
German gain on a two mile front
northwest of Verdun.
Following the French retirement to
the south side of the Forges brook,
the Germans are laying Bethincourt,
the Important communication point
of Esnes and the Bourrus woods, un
der heavy fire.
News of the presence of large Ger
man forces on the British front In
Flander? and northern France, re
ported In today's dispatches from
correspondents at the front confirtned
previous report* from Dutch sources.
Since the beginning of the Verdun
offensive, the Germans, though strip
ping their lines elsewhere, have held
large forces opposite General Haig's
a British offensive.
to Vau 0
ita 1
position taken immediately folio wins ."mcno
sex and the Englishman that no step orr
sible. The feelinr continue bwa8
the fin*, may intervene to make so
iir iir.M
uetjcl'u'ions with Great lain on 'wounded,
the mail seizure question, was to be
Washington regarding the Sussex, the I^anslng presented the British reiily Lionel Erwln who led a detachment
^ngllshman and the Manchester En jto the protect made by the United oodd's men on the heart-
States against the detention,
and censoring of neutral mall.
The British government denies that
show case. Kawura hiding behind a|E. Boyne,
•ablnet met today it faced a dearth th~ Tied States has insisted uioi. ing the• tandUD fight is'ponies, together with their ride- column which he learned
definite information regarding the
anil Consrtttutum-jlJemocrat.
The wtwle sector northwest of Ver
dun witnessed a great artillery battle
from dawn to sunset yesterday.
For nearly a week the Germans
have been shelling Hill 304, the key
nave ocen eneuing -nui ovt, &«•« *•«/-, LONDON, April ine war ohivc
•tone of the French outer defenses In today officially denied that Edinburgh
thls region day and night. Steady |_e|th New Castle and factories on
streams of shells have been playing the river Tyne were damaged in
upon the slopes and summits, wreck- Sunday night's Zeppelin raid. This
Ing Frenoh trenches and searching claim was made In an official^ state
out French batteries.
There is every evidence that the
Germans plan to take Bethlnceurt,
smother the French lines to the south
west under a mighty attack and
drive the French back upon the first
permanent fortifications of Verdun,
near Esnes.
French galna in yesterday's fighting
near the village of Vaux have eon
firmed the belief of English military
men that the crown prince will never
win Verdun from the northeastern
front. Since the capture of Douau
mont fort and village, the Germans
have sacrificed thousands of men in
attempts to take Fort Vaux.
partition, shoved the muzzle of a)Thomas Gallagher, chief of police,
rifle through a peep hole and fired,] Theo. Watts, ship yard owner, and
shooting the burglar through the Mrs. Edwin M. Post. None was ser
temple. liously injured.
iran government concerning it. I ^Tr heels now falling far!yelling wildly as Mexican after Mex-1 Tehaunes The right worked to the,
raKnel members declared today tt© story' of the end of ican toppled from his saddle and'west, passing through Madera.
cove mint, nt has not receded
flmall groups and dro
ff mto narrow defiles and though they were, the Americans
eyaded their pur
win be considered too drasti= if .t Is voOntB. funded in an,hours.
^The™' with three1 Up they went along the strange
not with
ever that complete settlement of the dajs earlie killed dur- American risked his life repeatedlf.L ..
vl'oie EVbmarine issue along th' lines But thelr forces The sure-footedness of the Mexican!
th. T-v-ted states has Insisted u, on, Ing the'running and tbelr forces
victory, but lt. was actually1
out the njght
any treaty rights have been violated hundred Vlllistas on the San Ger-1 jj
and emphasizes its intention to contin- j^nimo ranch.
ue opening parcel post packages la1
until he came upon:
The cabinet was advised, toi, r.f al- [By Robert Bender. United ^villa's main force at San Ger-ionimo and. all this at the cost of only tin 1900 against the Slow. In 1S94
Clonal information, concern"^ the ^Staff Ooi^^nd«ntj
ment from the German admiralty.
LONDON Aoril 4—French troops' LONDON, April 4^-Two hundred BERLIN, April 4.—The Dutch gov
holdlna the fortified village of Beth- persona have been killed or Injured Infernment, it was reported here to^ay
Inoourt, ten miles northwest of Ver- a Are In a powder factory In the coun- ha. refund to comply with an I
dun, are three^fourths surrounded by -"i-Jiiv announced mal r.ouew from the allies that
the Germans and under terrific bom
bardment froim German artillery. It
Is believed they wll evacuate the po
sition before many hours.
ty of Kent, It was officiary announced
The fire broke out at the end of l»«t
week, though official announcement
was withheld until today. It waa ac
companHed by a series of explosions
lasting for two ioure and of auch
strength that the sounds were heard
In London.
The offtolaf statement said the Are
waa of accidental origin.
Captain Donley Barricaded Himself
at Home and Held Pursuers
at Bay.
wJtll rifle aIM
I caDture
.t.UA U..4 MteWe mm infantrv atfarlfR iccoul6 .. •_
Verdun violently throughout captiire/blewhis head off with
night, but made no Infantry attacks,
un early
r:st,: iSLfvra^s. s~
tried to approach and talk him out of
Burglar Killed. his madness. He watched on all
GHICAXX), April 4.—An unidentl-j sides. Whenever a head appeared he
fipd burglar was shot dead here to- shot at it.
day by John Kawura, jeweler, who Donley's victims whom he shot a
discovered the intruder rifling
a I they were
passing his home were W.
keeper John Clunie.
Bandits Were Terror Stricken
at American Cavalry Charge
pr«q staffito mount as Brwin. forcing his jadeditwo hours straight in the saddle, the,
[By H. D. troapcrsinto a gallop, dashed towardflast five being in the running fight.
FIELD MBADQ^ARTBRS OF THE them from the west. The bandits,! Erwin's column was the center of
A AT-FRiTOAN 4'RMY NEAlR DUBLAN, waiting only to fire a
Mexico April" 1. (Via motor train to scattered volley, leaped onto their
M.) April 4.-A mad ponies and raced out toward
five hours scramble over the moun- mountains in the east. Clinging in
live iiuuto
tain passes southwest of the village
of San Geronimo, with a squadron or
American cavalry urging their jaded
their saddles with their legs, their
reins hanging free, the American
cavalrymen raced madly In pursuit.
^rlcke^n' fo^e of^bamjits mw^bo bandVts^re^oading. firing at will andjiquipa and ^"rned^"thwa^d,tt!"l{fgi
villa's army. The bandits went down In the scurry of hoofs when the center reached Guerrero,!
p- Saddle worn, hungry and thirsty. however
.:stuck doggedly to their task for five
his forces. and narrow trails on which each, "ffere)
her with their ride-
., ,0n for fhem intimate knowledge of the ground,
BUbyWt U»
drew ahead, a few of them dropping
back at intervals to fire a volley into
Colonel Dodd has been given credit faceg the Americans. At each
jn maze of narrow defiles, a
breaking seventeen hour ride through-1 Their force grew smaller and
Mexicans would detach It-
8( jf aT1( SC
oot off into some hidden
3^ortIy before
nt Hernandez and his five "ha^ distanced Erwin and his men.
Vllllsta scouts, or native sympam- snaueieu- "i
noon the last of them
wt9 a
crushing defeat for Villa
11 waa n. v.,
His last remaining "army" had been
Vllllsta scouts, or native sympath- shattered. Sixty of his men had been
an Ger-! onimo ana. ail mre ai ov
prevented Colonel Erwin's|four slightly wounded
pr.T.«.«i Colonel Erwln', f«r.JttWlr JT
move being a complete surprise. The alrymen.
WASHINGTON, April 4.—The issue on complete surnrise. The alrymen.
and his trooper* had tweaty- parado ©a Grand arvenoe to CQlcago.
yiUlata* were, saddled and all ready] E
J.- feat
?atJL .i 'J if?!*.'
mal request from the allies that
close her frontier to Germany.
Military measures have been, rT
by Holland as a warning that sK II
reaist a»y attention to force her fcj
in the plan to "starve out Gen
There is no longer any douf .re
that the Dutch activities were. »lr.
ed by developments of the ail' on-
[The German admiralty, in a report helm
I na, It Is reliably stat» Mln
ii _.ll m! 1 a |3S*I lifl m/ lit* AI 11
met a* Tha M'
on the Zeppelin raid of last Friday
night, asserted that fires were started
In several munition factories near
1 London. None of the localities men-
tloned in the German statement, how
ever, were in the county of Kent,
which adjoins London on the south
LONDON, April 4.—The war office
BERLIN, April 4.—The Greek gov
ernment has requested the allies to
withdraw all imllltary establishments
from the town of Salonika, according
to Athens dispatches today.
Paris. 3
•rence at ......
The allies, thus far, have no
.ormal demand upon Qu«( Wll-
isters of the allies at The Hague ap
proached the Dutch foreign office
with Informal representations in the
nature of "feelers." Queen Wllhel
mina's answer was to summon parlia
ment into special session and cancel
leaves of absence.
From several sources today came
the report that the Dutch minister of
agriculture has ordered an account
ing rendered to the government of all
available stocks of grain and food
BEiRLIN, April 4.—'French attempts
to recapture positions taken by the
Germans south and southwest of
Douaumont, were repulsed, the war
office announced this afternoon.
In the Caillette wood, between
uaumont and Vaux, the French
wsrne thrown back In an unsuccessful
attack, the Germans taking 764 prison
ers and eight machine guns.
BERLIN, (via wireless to Sayvllle,
L. I.) April 4.—Zeppelins made an
other raid on the southeast coast of
England last night, throwing explo
sive bombs down upon the fortifica
tions of Great Yarmouth, the admii^
alty announced this afternoon. The
Zeppelins returned safely, though
heavily shelled.
Thorne Quits Committee.
DBS MOTNT3S, Iowa, April 4.—Clif
ford Thorne, chairman of the I-owa
state railroad commission, announced
he had resigned as chairman of the'
committee on state and federal Jeffia-
L. I., April 4.—After at- iation of the National Association of
tempting to murder his wife and four, Railroad Commissioners. The reason
children, Captain Thomas Donley har-jgjven
ii l« 1m U/MYia VioM K«V- a— AwxAmoA *\f «A1lrf{nP A.
Children, anuiiian [given was Liia.1. um
SHELLED ALL NIGHT. ricaded himself in his home, held sev- t0 defray the expense of sending a
that the state has no fund
his fellow townsmen representative to the meeting of the
today. Donley's
revolver, then congressional committee appointed to
blew his head off with investigate the regulation of railroads.)
Thankful Spinster.
CHARLESTON, W. Va„ April 4.—
"Thankful," blusliingly responded
Miss Cobb, 65, when the preacher, fill
ing out the marriage certificate which
made her the wife of Thomas Carpen
ter, 75, asked her her first name.
It Can't be Done.
CHICAGO, April 4.—Mrs. Jean W.
Butler, friend of Mrs. E. B. Bishop,
society woman, who says thirty-three
cents will get three square meals, has
broken relations with Mrs. Bishop. "It
can't be done," says Mrs. Butler.
—Advertise in The Gate City.
hurried and a strategical enveloping movement
Dodd laid out when he started onj
forced marches after Villa. The trapj
was to have been sprung at Guerrero.
(Namlqutpa, iErwin followed the I
Rio Guerrero valley, keeping In close
touch with the railway. The ex
treme left proceeded east from Nam-
force 0
T-nnnlnz fleht ana meir rorcesi me beean his thrilling pursuit of Villa's
was discovered that a|
Carranzistas already had en-i
fight that Villa was reported to have
suffered a broken arm and leg from
It was then Colonel Brwin
maln co,ulnn wnlcl1
retired to San Geronimo.
It was In a manner fitting that thel
Seventh cavalry, which tTadition!
holds to be the most unlocky regl-l
ment in the American army, should
have delivered the initial, overwhelm
ing blow.
The SevenOi was In Custer's com
mand at the Little-Blg-fHorn in 187-6
when five troops were wiped out by
the Sioux and Cheyennes. The next
year they lost a large number of men
at Bear Paw. including their adjutant
The majority of the men returned
from the front, suffered from bowel
and stomach disorders and chronic
diseases. There are 226 cases of ill
ness at Fort Bliss today among sol
diers returned from Mexico, according
to official announcement.
Additional Soldiers.
WASHINGTON, April 4.—Addition
al American soldiers were sent across
the border at Columbus, N. M., two
days ago, the war department an
nounced today.
Officials refused to say whether
these troops were cavalry or infan
try. General Funston took the action,
it wua intimated, in order to strength
en his line of communications.
It is generally believed here that
the reinforcements constituted the
Fifth cavalry.
Reports recently have indicated
there has been some anxiety as to
the line of communications. While
the Villa expedition has driven stead
ily southward, the trouble in main
taining the line has increased with
every mile the advance column has
covered. More and more auto trucks
have been plowing their way across
the waste lands from Columbus to
Casas Grandes. Still another possi
bility, however, is Ibat the new
forces are destined for the district
around Gterrero where the Villa hunt
proceeds. It has been necessary to
spread out the forces there and Gen
eral Pershing may desire additional
Nineteen Apache Indian scour*,
headed by Captain Haizard of the
Tenth cavalry and one interpreter,
have left Fort Apache. Ariz., for the
border. These Indians, accustomed
to desert lands and familiar with the
country south of the border, will be
sent into the mountains where Villa
la supposed to be hiding.
Villa Probably Not Wounded.
EL PASO, April 4.—Juan Terrazas,
member of the Chiihuahua family of
cattle kings, arrived from Chihuahua
City with confirmation of the report
that Villa passed through Satevo
with only a small following.
Terrazas did not mention Villa be­
Eight Thousand People Storm
City Hall to Get at the
"American Luther."
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
HAVERHILL. Mass., April 4.-—
Driven to a frenzy by the failure of
their attempt to attack Dr. Thomas
E Leyden, .self-styled "American
1 iithor a mob of 8.000 raged through
the streets of Haverhill, smashing
windows, ringing fire alarms and at
tacking the police, until they were
quelled by the militia early today.
The entire city was aroused to a
high pitch of excitement by the at
tempt to mob Dr. Leyden, who an­|
Fair tonight and Wednesday.
Local temp—7 p. m. 53 7 a. m.
Medical Corps has Harder Battle on its Hands
Than Troops Have to Run Down
the Villa Gang.
Bandit is Scurrying for Mountains With Search
Continued by United States Forces
and Carranzistas.
EL PASO, Texas .April *.—'Despite
efforts by the medical corps, four
deaths have occurred and over 300
cases of illness or accidental Injury,
necessitating the soldiers' return to
the border, have developed among the
American troops in Mexico.
The deaths to date are: Lieutenant
J. W. Allison, Thirteenth cavalry,
pneumonia Prlv^t^ Dean Black, Sev
enth Infantry, accidental gunshot
wound Private Jesse P. Taylor, acci
dental gunshot wound. Trooper Geo.
B. Hudnell, Tenth cavalry was killed
in a train wreck.
Some of the sick men ha*e been
sent to the hospital at Port Sam Hous
ton, San Antonio, owing to the
crowded condition of facilities at Fort
Bliss, where a barracks and three
other buildings have been converted
into temporary hospitals
ing wounded. The belief is growing
in El Paso that Villa was not wound
ed in the clash with CarranstetM at
Guerrero about ten days ago. While
General Pershing reported hearing
these reports, his information came
indirectly from Mexican wood cut
ters who said they saw Villa. Persfl
ing has since stated his clues from
Mexicans were sometimes misleading.
If not wounded, Villa's capture will
•be admittedly difficult.
Nio News From the Front.
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, April 4.—
While nothing has been received at
army headquarters from General
Pershing, or his chief of staff. Col
onel Cabell, consular reports to Gen-^'
eral Funston today Indicate that Vil
la Is nearing the Durango state line-
A message from American Consul,
[Letcher at Chihuahua City stated ,,
I that the bandit leader is south of ,,
No 'reports of further fighting be
I tween American troops and VUlistas
have been received here.
Guarding Against Disease.
[By H. D. Jacobs, United Press Staff
Ctts'lA DUIBLAN (IBy motor train to
Columbus.) April 4.—Bathing, and
laundering his clothes at levery op
portunity, the American soldier on
the expedition has held the average
sickness down to less than three per
cent, a new American record for for
eign scrvice.
Dysentery and pneumonia epidem
ics were quickly nipped after a half
hundred cases developed.
Though traversing a region infest
ed with disease and vermin, the
American troops are quite as healthy
as when they started—and just as
clean. The medical corps has taken
every precaution to ward off infec
tion, hut the madn reason for the
expedition's good health is that Sat
urday night institution, the toath.
Members of the medical corps be
lieve that even without their safe
guards the percentage of illness
would be very low. When the column
1s not marohlng, sleeping or eating,
the members may best be looked for
In the nearest stream, scrubbing
themselves with a special medicated
Camp is made near a water course.
The farthest point upstream is re
served for human drinking purposes.
Every drop of water that goes Into
kitchen or canteen Is dipped from
mid-stream. Horses and mules are
watered farther down. Still lower
because animals will not drink water
tainted with soap. Is the bathing
The danger of sickness 4s further
minimized by wells dug for the drlnk-
(Continued on page 2.)
nounced he would attack the Catholic
A mob of 8,000 stormed City hall,
where he was to apeak, shattered the
windows, fought off me police and
tried to get hold of the doctor, who
was hiding within. The demonstra
tion continued throughout the city all
night. Hundreds of panes of glass
were shattered, shots were fired and
the almost incessant ringing of false
fire alarms kept the city's whole ap
paratus dashing back and forth for
several hours. The police were
wholly unable to cope with the situa
tion. many of them being wounded
In the attempt and Co. of the
militia was called out, the mob fln
iallv dispersing before their gleaming
bavonets. There was no sign of con
tinued violence today as Dr. Leyden
was in hiding or bad left the olH
vJt i:2s

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