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C. F. Sklrvln
C. EX Warwick
and CoiMtltutlon-Dwnocrmt ....
18 North Sixth Street
CU.TJB3 CITY—Established 1854.
DEMOCRAT—.EJstabllBhed 1S«»
Consolidated March 26, 1888.
CECTEIF—Established In 18&2.
Consolidated September 23, 18*t.
Consolidated April 3, 191.
Keokuk, Iowa APril 18»
general Manager
Bnainesa Manager
at the posto&ce at Keokuk as second-class
Daily, by mall, outside city, year
D«lly, in Keoknlc, per -week
Daily, except Sunday.
If a man whose Integrity you do not very well know zenjth
wakes you great and extraordinary profession*, do not
give much credit to him. Probably you will find that he
alms at something besides kindness to you, and that when
ho has served his turn, or been disappointed,
for you will cool. Beware also of him who flatters and
commends you to your face, or to one who, he thinks, will
tell you of it most probably he has either deceived and
abused you, or means to do so. Remember the fable of
the fox commending the singing of the crow who had
something in her mouth which the fox wanted. Be
careful that you do not commend youreelvea. tt Is
a sign that your reputation is small and sinking. If your
own tongue must praise you.—Sir Matthew H*le.
"Lord, Thou knowest
Man never knew me as Thou knowest me.
1 never could reveal myself to man
For neither had I, while I lived, the power
To lay that heart all open, as it was,
And as Thou, Lord, hast seen it, nor could'tbey.
Had every Inmost feeling of my soul
By seraphs' lips been uttered, e'er have had
The ear to hear it, or the soul to feel.
The world has seen the surface only of me:—
Not that I have striven to hide myself from men,
No, I have rather labored to be known—
But what I would have spoken of my faith,
My communings with Thee, my heavenward hope,
•My love for Thee and all that Thou hast made.
The perfect peace in which I looked on all
Thy works of glorious beauty—then it seemed
That Thou alone couldst understand me. Lord,
And so my lips were sealed or the world-phrase,
The courteous question, or the frank reply
Alone escaped them. I had ne'er been known,
My Father, but by Thee, and I rejoice
That Thou hast made me, are to be my Judge,
For in Thy judgments thou rememberest mercy.
I cast myself upon them."
Blind zeal can only do harm.—Lichtwer.
The sum total of the Rockefeller gifts,
largely to the cause of education, during the
past year is almost eight millions of dollars.
This money has gone for the benefit of educa
tional institutions struggling for existence, and
is therefore donated in a worthy cause. It ap
pears to be the aim of the Rockefeller family
to do the greatest good to the greatest number.
The senior Rockefeller has said that the best
service that can be rendered the youth of the
land is to educate thein to care for themselves
and to provide against poverty in their old age.
No greater truth was ever uttered.
The ability to make himself the richest man
in the world has been considered by many to
be the measure of the oil king's attainments.
Apparently this is a misapprehension. The
commanding ability which marks the world's
generals, whether it be in the world of war, or
literature, or finance, has stamped itself upoif
the Rockefeller family. It is well that those
who prate of the oil trust and the killing off of
competition take a wider view of John D.
Rockefeller and dissociate the man from the
business. The Gate City holds no brief for the
Standard Oil Company. Its views in that di
rection are known to be not of a loving char
acter. But for the personality, John D. Rocke
feller, it has little less than admiration. Aite
man's the thing.
It is not a mere coincidence that Mr. Rocke
feller has boconie the richest man in the world.
It is, on the othor hand, br aause he has been
able to see where otlu-r men were blind be
cause ho has been able to turn to his own ac
count the ability and energy of other men be
cause he has been able to utilize, to the fullest
extent, the opportunities which lay at the right
hand of every man. These are the tangible
reasons for Mr. Rockefeller's success. If now,
in his declining years, he chooses to spend his
wealth for the betterment of the condition of
his fellowmen, who shall say that he has not
done well?
Where are the great writers of yesteryear?
An hour or two spent in the company of the
books from the pens of novelists of the era of
the eighties is like going into a great, luxuriant
tropical garden. Here bloom the beautiful word
flowers there laugh and tinkle the fountains
of wit yonder are the phrase birds of brilliant
plumage the air is sweet with the perfume of
tine sentiment overhead the silvery moon of
vn„ nraat and extraordinary professions, do not f^ Ben
romance hangs and the scintillating stars of
brilliant diction-^-and no Robert W. Chambers
nor Laura Jean Libby clouds obscure.
Occasionally—one might say semi-occasion
ally—there comes from the publishers' presses
one of those compelling, interest-gripping tales
that clothe the bones of history with flesh and
blood, that enable the moderns to understand
vital and dramatic epochs and the supreme char
acters in the history of the world that appeal
powerfully and irresistibly to the fundamental
instincts of readers who have become jaded fol-
lowing perusal of some of the stuff heretofore
offered. Among the ranks of such novels are
"Quo Vadis," "Ben Hur," "Salaxnbo," and
ioo "Hypatia." Now comes anew aspirant to lit
erary immortality to take its place in the com
pany of those Volumes treasured' for their
worth. "Beholdthe Woman," by T. Everett
Harre, reproduces the atmosphere, the social
order' and the historical characters of the
fourth century, when paganism was at the
of its power. What "Quo Vadis" did
the time of Christ what "Salambo" did for
Carthage when she disputed supremacy with
Rome what "Hypatia" did for the last days
of paganism, Harre's novel does with extra
force and vividness for Alexandria when pag
anism flourished there in all its barbaric, ter
rible, splendid might. "Behold the Woman" is
well worth reading.
That the United States is in a fair way to
lose its soul as the result of its unprecedented
prosperity at the expense of the rest of the
world, while other nations are being refined in
the crucible of sacrifice, is the opinion of the
Minneapolis Bellman, which draws a compari
son between Canada—sacrificing for otiiers—
'and the United States—rolling in wealth and
forgetting the woes of the world in its own
personal enjoyment. During the first year of
the war, as The Bellman states, the United
States was appalled and awed by the disaster.
"It donned its sackcloth and wore its ashes,
walking humbly in full consciousness that its
margin of safety was very narrow and that any
day its own people might be overtaken by the
same demon that has fastened upon Europe and
was rending it to pieces. Then deep sympathy
with the suffering of their fellow beings abroad
manifested itself among Americans in deeds of
^splendid charity and isolated examples of vol
untary self-sacrifice."
According to The Bellman, as the blow held
off and as our riches grew by reason of the mis
fortunes of others, this happened:
The great fountain of charity that at first gushed
forth generously in behalf of the stricken peoples
abroad seeme practically to have dried up Ameri
cans need their money for their own selfish enjoy
ments, and the more they make out of the war,
the less Inclined they seem to be to give to those
who are In dire suffering from It.
Never before In the history of the United States
have New York and other ctties where Americans
go for their dissipations and pleasures been so
filled with lurury seekers bent upon spending
money recklessly, wastefully and without return
further than the momentary gratification of the
baser appetites. In all the pleasure resorts of the
country, west, east and south, the display of ex
travagance has been unlimited and unparalleled.
The nauseating exhibition of the newly rich at
these places has been far more pretentious and
disgusting than ever before.
Speculation has thrived: crime has rather in
creased than abated the standard of the cost of
living has enormously advanced luxuries have be
come necessities, and the scale of expense has rap
idly gone upward. Meantime, If one is to Judge
by the proceedings of congress, the measure of
the political mind has descended to a low level
indeed, when cowards In Washington fear to stand
by their own country lest they antagonize foreign
These are but the outward and visible signs
of national lire and national spirit. Doubtless
the great heart of the American people remains
sound and true and faithful to its old Ideals. Yet
these signs are portentlous, and if they are not
significant of spreading decay and demoralization,
it will be because something will occur to rouse
America and summon her back to her rightful
place, before It is too late.
Meanwhile, across the border lies a country
that has read the great message aright, and in
earnestness of purpose and self-sacrifice has seri
ously set about the regenerating process. Can
ada has made great sacrifices, and In her loyalty
and devotion is preparing for even greater ones.
She has sent forth her sons to battle, and many
of them will never return. Her grief and sorrow
have purified and ennobled her. She has paid the
price, and it has been a heavy one. but the bless
ing she is receiving Is amply worth it.
Is it only the curse of great riches that the
United States is to receive as its heritage of this
war? Will it be denied the blessing of spiritual
regeneration which other nations are receiving,
or will it merely wallow in selfishness and luxury
while elsewhere men are made worthy of their
countries by the sufferings tbey have endured?
The answer must rest in the ability of the Ameri
can people so to stand the prosperity thrnst upon
them that, even by the temptations it bring*, they
will not be led into dishonor and decay.
Thoughtful Americans will cringe at this
view of themselves as given by The Bellman. It
is not pleasing, but it may do us good.
Students at the Los Angeles high school
must spell correctly, else they cannot obtain
promotion. The same rule should apply in ev
ery high school in the land. Laxness in spelling
requirements is developing a generation of poor
spellers that shows a defect in educational
It is safe to say that if time could be turned
backward to July of 1914, this European war
would not be.
Hur„ lQr
Indoor Life Makes Fat
Try Oil of Korein to Keap Weight
Down or to Reduce Super
fluoua Fat.
People who are confined within
doors and who are deprived of fresh.
Invigorating air and exercise must
take precaution to guard against
over-stoutness, as fat acquired by in
door life is unhealthy and a danger
to the vital organB of the body. Lack
of exercise in the fresh aid Is said
-to weaken the oxygen carrying power
of the blood, so that it is unable to
produce strong muscles and vitality
and the formation of unsightly and
unhealthy fat Is the result.
If you are 15 or 20 pounds above
normal weight you are aaily drawing
on your reserve strength and are con
stantly lowering your vitality by
carrying this excess burden. Any per
sons who are satisfied in their own
mind that they are too stout are ad
vised to go to Wilkinson & Co. or a
good druggist and get a box of oil of
korein capsules, and take one after
each meal and one just before retir
ing at night.
Even a few days treatment has
been reported to show a noticeable
reduction in weight, improved diges
tion and a return of the old energy
footsteps become lighter and the skin
less fiabby in appearance as superflu
ous fat disappears.
Oil of korein is inexpensive, can
not injure, and helps the digestion.
Any person who wants to reduce 15
or 20 pounds is advised to gi this
treatment a trial.
Creston Advertiser: Iowa taxpay
ers are wondering hew it happened
that a general assembly was so crazy
as to enact the presidential preference
primary law. The more they study the
problem the more puzzled they will be.
It was done in the name of reform and
the most effective argument for it was
the denunciation of those who oppos
ed it as reactionaries.
Ottumwa Courier: A bill has been
introduced in congress to bar from
government employment of any kind
men who indulge in intoxicating
liquors. That is the }rend of the
Des Moines Register: Since he is
opposed to pussyfooting, we suspect
that the colonel regards clubfooting as
in line with his big stick policy.
iMarshalltown Times Republican:
Making two blades of grass grow
where one did before and making 95
per cent of the seed corn show in the
stand" this year put the benefactor
percentage high of tlie man who gets
It over.
Mason City Times: The talk of the
press is that Marsh won over Dunn by
a tremendous majority. The ptrango
part of the story is that the total dem
ocratic vote cast at the primary elec
tion, which has been reported up to
date, does not equal the population of
Mason City. In 818 precincts Marsh
received 8,620 votes to 4.C1C cast for
Dunn. The population of Mason City
exceeds 17,000.
Davenport Times: Mayor Thompson
of Chicago, once talked of as a candi
date for president, received two votes
In Chicago, and many are wondering
who cast the other oallot.
Waterloo Conrier: I»wa will have
woman suffrage, ultimately. That is
a sure, demonstrable fact. There is
nothing more scientific than the trend
of history. Its tendencies can be an
alyzed and their course predicted with
the same precision as the laws that
govern the cycle of the seasons. And
these tendencies proclaim unmistak
ably the certainty that universal suf
frage is coming.
Waterloo Times-Tribune: Anybody
that thinks oil and water won't mix, Is
Invited to take a look at the price of
Life Doesn't Count.
New York Sun: "Mental wayward
ness" is the latest expert definition
of the cause of railroad wrecks. Of
course, It doesn't matter how many
persons are killed so long as we find
a psychological ear-filling name for
the cause.
When Run
down, Gain,
Vigor, Red
Deeorah, Iowa.
rled. I took
Doctor Pierce's
Golden Medical
Discovery for a
run-down con
dition. I only
took two bot
tles .and have
been perfectly
well since that
:ime. I always
recommend it
to other peo
ple."—Mas. MASZL
Get good blood through the use ol
Doctor Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery, and you will have no mor
indigestion, nor thin blood.
It Is the world's proved blood puri
fier. Start to take it today and before
another day has passed, the impurities
of the blood will begin to leave your
body through the eiiminatlve organs,
and In a few days you will know by
your steadier nerves, firmer step,
[keener mind, brighter eyes and clearer
iskin that the bad blood is passing out,
and new, rich, pure blood is filling your
(veins and arteries. Contains no
For sale by druggists in liquid or
tablets or send Dr. Pierce, BuffalOi
N. y„ 50 cts. for large trial package.
Iowa People.
"Before I was mar*
Mechanic St, Decor
all, Iowa.
Voice of the People
/The Gate City does not assume re
sponsibility for views expressed by
To the Editor of The Gate City:
In The Gate City of April 11, under
the head of "Hughes or Roosevelt,"
your correspondent, Observer, states
clearly the Btate of mind which actu
ated many thousands of good, patri
otic, country-loving republicans, who
at the last presidential election voted
for Mr. Wilson for no other reason
than to save our beloved country
from any more Rooseveltian influence.
And since his bombastic utterances,
setting forth the conditions under
which he would condescend to accept
from the republican party the high
office of president of the United
States, the writer haB had opportun
ity to gather the views of quite a
number who voted for Mr. Wilson at
our last presidential election because
it was anything to beat Roosevelt,
and I find their objection to him,
which In most caseB amounts to dis
gust, has in no way lessened or modi
fied. If the republican party is short
sighted and silly-minded enough to
put Mr. Roosevelt in nomination for
the presidency at the coming conven
tion, it will In my opinion lead to the
re-election of Mr. Wilson, an outcome
to be regretted beyond measure.
It seems plain that some of our
leading republicans are misled in re
gard to the strength of Roosevelt
among the masses. If they put him
forward, it will again be anything to
beat Roosevelt. Let the party be
governed by common sense once
more, and give us Hughes if possible
and if not, someone worthy of the
support of all republicans. Then the
result will be sure and another period
of Safe and sane republican rule
established. J. M. L.
Keokuk, April 17, 1916.
Miss Trone who has been detained
at her home in Burlington with her
sick mother, returned to Elvaston
Saturday and her mother accompan
ied her. She will be at her post,
teaching in the Intermediate room,
from now on.
Mrs. Wilson is sufficiently recover
ed from her recent illness to be able
to teach the primary again.
Fred Grauff was re-elected school
director at the election Saturday.
The Ice cream social given by the
high school in the school house
basement Friday night, was fairly
well attended about $6.00 was clear
ed to apply on the library fund.
We regret that our item relative
to the fire escape gave offense In
certain quarters. We assure those
concerned that no offense was in
J. H. Homey is the delegate to the
session at Hamilton, of the Rush
vllle Presbytery, which meets Tues
day and Wednesday of this week.
Will Poland Is having quite a
wrestle with Inflammatory ifoeuma
tism: Mabel Webster is also thus af
We would like to suggest that a
fund be donated to erect a monu
ment to our president on the spot
where the Mexicans saluted the flag
for him. and also one where Villa Is
caught. We would suggest Henry
Ford as the custodian of the fund.
The Campbell huxster wagon Is
again making the rounds of the rural
districts nearly every day it g&es
out loaded with groceries and notions
and returns with a load of eggs and
Joe Meinyer, who is now hostler for
Cox's horses In Carthage, came home
Sunday long enough to attend serv-r
ice at the Baptist church, to which
he belongs. Every one likes Joe, and
there was no small stir when he
came in. The pastor could not resist
the temptation to pause long enough
In his sermon to greet him.
Space forbids the giving of the full
program for the mid-year rally of the
Salem association of Baptist churches
which meets here Tuesday afternoon
and evening and all day and evening
Wednesday. Judging from announce
ments received by the entertainment
committee there will be a big attend
ance. We wish to especially empha
size some of the sessions. Tuesday
afternoon a ministers' and laymens'
meeting with the president, Rev.
iHarnly of Roseville, presiding. Prob
ably the feature of this session will
be the address by Rev. Webb of
Macomb Tuesday evening session
will be the B. Y. P. U. meeting. State:
Worker Morris will address that:
Morris is a genius in this. "Old
Sunshine," as he is called, will ad
dress this meeting. Wednesday
morning the Sunday school will be
studied and discussed, several leading
pastors of the association, with Broth
er Morris, are to give addresses. The
afternoon service will be a woman's
service with Miss Golda "Whitsoil,
their president, presiding. Some of
the best talent among the women of
the association have been secured:
for this session. Wednesday night,,
'Rev. Webb of Blandinsville, delivers
the rally address after a half hour
song service. The public is invited
to all services and all young peoples')
society workers and Sunday school
teachers are especially urged to at
tend and get the help that these well
Qualified speakers will render.
A telephone has been installed in|
the Baptist church for the use of the
rally patrons. Calls for information
as to the program or any other in
formation regarding the rally Fill be
cheerfully answered. The Independ
ent Telephone Co., by the hands of
the mayor, G. W. Wallace, are to be
thanked for this great convenience.
EM Martin, our genial assessor, is
again making his roundsi The way
one gives In their property Is a bet
ter thermometer of one's patriotism
than the readiness with which one
may volunteer for military service.
This Is Ed's final round, as he was
not a candidate for re-election his
mantle falls on Geo. Marshall, s« we
are assured of a continued sQuare
The community was saddened Sat
urday when the news was received
Relieves. Constipation Easily With
out Griping or Dia- •.
Indigestion and constipation are
two conditions that are closely re
lated and the cause of much physical
The tendency to indulge one's appe
tite is more or less general and most
people suffer at one time or another
from rebellion of the overtaxed or
gans of digestion and elimination. A
pleasantly effective remedy, that will
quickly relieve the congestion of pois
onous stomach waste and restore
regularity, is the compound of simple
laxative herbs sold in drug stores for
fifty cents a bottle under the name of
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. This is
a mild, pelasant laxative tonic, free
from opiateB or narcotic drugs, and
has been the standard household rem
edy in thousands of homes for many
Mrs. Oliver Young, Merrill, Wis.,
writing to Dr. Caldwell, says she
knows of nothing BO effective for
regulating the stomach and bowels
since taking Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
PepBln she feels ten years younger
her work seems easier and she has
that Grandma Lewis, who Has for
some time lived with her son, Frank,
on the old Lewis place, south of
town, had passed away. She had a
stroke of paralysis recently and
never recovered from its effects.
Miss Isabella Raymenton was born
in Otolo on August 1«, 1S22. In 1838
she was married to Clark H. Lewis,
who preceded her to the great be
yond about forty years ago. They
came to this community in 1842 and
settled on the farm .three miles south
of town where she died last Friday
morning at 3:30. She was ninety
three years of age, and for more
than forty years had been a mem
ber of the -Latter 'Day Saints churcn.
(Her remains were laid to rest in the
McGee cemetery \Sunday afternown,
the funeral being held at the home
The Standard Remedy
in Countless Horn
The New Remington Model
is the last word in type
writer progress
of one improvement
which adds twenty five per cent,
to the letter writing speed of
your typist?
Think of another improvement which
makes type collisions impossible and
gives surpassing manifolding power!
think of another which absolutely
equalizes the touch!—think of all these
things, added to all the other things
for which the Remington is famous,
and you will have
an idea of what the
buyer gets when
he buys a latest
Model 10 Reming
A demonstration
will convince, Let us show you this
latest Remington model—NOW.
A Savings Account in this bank is ever ready to
do you a real and genuine service, and
is an ever abiding friend.
A wise person will cultivdte such a friend
Our Depositors Savings Club
Offers you a great opportunity.
Come in and become a member.
State Central Savings Bank
Corner of Sixth and Main
Capital $200,000 Surplus $200,000
Wholemmlm Groomrm mnd Cotfmm Rommter*
Distributors for tho Hart Brand of
.••tt .. 9
A it,
•.! "'..ly*
I $
regained her appetite.
Get a bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Srnl
Pepsin from your druggist and h»J
It in the house. A trial bottle, free
charge, can be obtained by wrltlsch
Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 454 Washing
St., Monticello, 111.
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis,
sympathy of tne community
out to the children and grandchild
that are left behind.
An Etnglish scientist believes thd
is an individuality in heart beats
fecting the handwriting to such a
gree that it can be identified when I
writing is magnified.
Allen's Foot—Ease, the antiseptic powder to S
chaken Into the shoes and used in the tax
-bath. It relieves painful, swollen, sm&rtlnrfa
and instantly takes the sting ont of cctai
bunions. It's the greatest comfort diaccnrr tfl
the age. Allen's Foot—Rase is a certain £1
sweating, callous and hot, tired, achmg fett Soul
by Druggists erery where, 25c. Always OH it til
Break in new shoes. Trial package FRIII
Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, MTY. I

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