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May Fifth to be Date of Yearly
Gathering of Y. M. C. A.
Official# and
Secretary of Manila, P. I„ Association
Will be Present—Reports of
Year's Work to be
The annual meeting of the Young
Men's Christian association will be
held at the association building on
the evening of May 5th. A banquet
•will be served at 6:00 o'clock and
this will be followed by a program.
The speaker of the evening will be
Wilfred A. Tener, secretary of the
Y. M. C. A., in Manila, P. L, and his
address will be on the subject. "Amer
ica and the Association in the Philip
The annual reports of all depart
ments of the association will be pre
sented and there will also be short
addresses by the president anJ other
officers. During the supper hour the
high school orchestra will play. In
vitations will shortly be sent out to
members of the Y. M. C. A.
'The Y. tenr.is court, which is situ
ated just across the street from the
association building, on Blonieau
street, is being prepared for the sum
mer season. New posts are being
erected and the grounds will be wired
in. The tennis field will be worked
over, and when completed will be one
of the very best in town. Tennis
promises to be a popular sport here
this year.
The Y. M. C. A. also has a force
tjV of men at the league baseball park

preparing it for the coming season.
A six team commercial league will
play a schedule during the summer
and there will also be other athletic
I activities at the park.
The local association has secured
5 the agency for the cross reference
Bible, displayed here during the Sco
ville revival, and all profit from the
sole of books here in the future will
go to the Y. M. C. A. Mr. Durgee
has one of the Bibles on display and
it may be seen at the association by
those who desire to examine it.
High Water Undermined Track and
Disastrous Accident Was
Narrowly Averted.
L.A CROSSE. Wis., April 19.—Heavy
rains last night, combined with high
water of the last fortnight, caused the
long earth fill over Red creek bottoms,
two and a half miles south of DeSoto,
Wis., to collapse when passenger
train No. 58 attempted to cross last
night. C. J. Snyder, engineer, went
into the deep waters of Red creek
slough with his locomotive, but es
caped with only a few scratches. His
fireman jumped.
The engine, tender and a baggage
car went into the slough. The passen
ger coaches remained on the rails. No.
5S was running at a snail's pace when
the fill gave way. Engineers have
been suspicious of the Red creek bot
toms fill for some days, ever since the
high water on the Mississippi river be
gan to recede, and all trains have
crossed under "slow orders."
Passengers on the wrecked train
were brought back to La Crosse about
midnight and sent around to Savanna
via the St. Paul road.
I love the little stars tne best
That gleam with modest light.
The tiny orbs that hardly show
Upon the breast of night.
I choose the blossoms wee that spring
In hidden nooks and aisles
I crave their glad humility.
The sweetness of their smiles.
The shy bird of the forest
To me is doubly dear
More than the eagle's boldness
Its sad reproof I fear.
Not in extent and vastness
Did God his jewels mold.
I love the meek and shrinking
More than the proud and bold.
•—Will Chamberlain, in the Spring-1
Hood's Sarsaparilla, a Spring Tonic
Medicine, is Necessary.
Everybody is troubled at this season
with loss of vitality, failure of ap
petite. that tired feeling, or with bil
ious turns, dull headaches. Indigestion
and other stomach troubles, or with
pimples and other eruptions on the
face and body. The reason is that
the blood is impure and impoverished.
Hood's sarsaparilla relieves all these
ailments. It is the old reliable medi
cine that has stood the test of forty
years—that makes pure, rich, red
blood—that strengthens every organ
and builds up the whole system. It
is the all-the-year-round blood purifier
and health-giver. It embodies the
careful training, experlence and skill
of Mr. Hood, a pharmacist' for fifty
years. In Its quality and power to cure.
Ask your druggist for it today.
Eleven Churches Which Participated
in ScovHIe Campaign Feel Im
petus Given by These
Catholic, Episcopal and Other De
nominations Receive New Blood—
Many Cards Went Out
of the City.
Announcement was made at tho
close of the Scoville campaign here
that all told. 3.500 cards had been
signed. There were eleven churches
participating in the campaign, the
Christian, Trinity M. El, Methodist
Protestant. Westminster Presbyterian,
Congregational. German Evangelical,
Swedish M. E., Baptist, Second Pres
byterian, United Presbyterian and
Swedish Mission.
Three kinds of cards were used. The
black and white cards Indicated those
making their first confession, purple
and white cards for those making a let
ter statement, that is those from other
cities who hrild letters in other church
es. and the red and white cards known
as the consecration cards and which
church members were asked to sign.
The pastoro of these churches were
asked to make a tally of cards coming
into their hands and to report to the
secretary of the Ministerial associa
tion. The number of cards of each
kind was tallied and reported as fol
Black and white cards. 12ift.
Purple and white cards. 305.
Red and white cards, 1356.
Many Out of Town.
This number represents only the
number of cards In these eleven
churches in the city. It must b'i
membered that a large number
cards went out of the city. TUey were
signed by people from the surrounding
towns and districts who heard the
I evangelist here and were mo«-ed to
Imake a confession. These cards have
in consequence been taken to their
own churches.
Many of these first confession cards
it is discovered were signed bv child
ren between the ages of 5 and 12.
Other Churches Profit,
Another fact which must be consid
ered in tallying the cards was that the
Catholic churches of the city, the
fcrpiscopal church and many other de
nominations not in the campaign re
celved a number of people who signed
these cards.
The effects of the campaign are stiU
felt and will be felt for a long time
jthe pastors of the city find. They
I find many who are moved to join the
'church, but who did not go forward at
the tabernacle.
Maybe, Maybe.
Davenport Times "After all," saya
the Keokuk Gate City "there is noth
ing quite so delightful as to plant
something and watch it grow."
Sounds like a savings bank ad.
The Farm Rush.
St. Joseph Gazette: Farm work is
rushing now, as the automobile has
to be dusted off nearly every day.
field, Mass., Reupublican. Start or Finish?
Kansas City Times: Once more the
—Advertise in The Gate City and end of the war is said to be in sight,
get results. Which end?
Get the home care
shoes habit—It pays
Well dressed people always have well shiced shoes.
with the key for opening the box, its quick
shining qualities and the handy
for polishing, makes the
home care of shoes a
At aU dealers—Accept no snbstltate
Campaign for $1,000 In This City To
ward Fitch Endowment, is
Progressing Satis
Three Hundred and Thirty Dollars
Already Raised—Campaign
Will Close on
At noon today $330 had been raised
by local Knox students. In their cam
paign in this city to raise $1,000 to
add to the endowment fond of their
institution. The givers are Ralph B.
Joy, James Huiskamp, Lteonaa*d Mat
less, Henry W. Huiskamp, -S. Baker
and a number who desire that their
names be not made public.
The solicitors have only covered a
portion of their list of names, and ex
pect to complete the desired fund of
$1,000 by Monday noon.
The campaign in Keokuk Is a part
of a great national campaign that is
being conducted by Knox students in
all parts of the country. The students
are attempting to raise among their
friends and the more recent alumni,
the sum of $37,000 which will be added
to $13,000 they have already raised
among themselves, to form a "George
Fitch memorial endowment fund" of
$50,000, which will be used to endow
the college library.
George Pitch was always peculiarly
Interested In this side of the college
work, and just before his death he
shipped some hundreds of volumes to
the college. At the time of his death,
eight months ago, he had just been
elected president of the alumni asso
ciation, and was planning to take a
large part In a campaign to strength
en the library.
His friends feel that no more fitting
recognition of his greatness can be
rendered than In this endowment of
the library, for it was in the literary
side that Mr. Fitch perpetuated the
life of the college. All his college
stories are based on Knox student life,
and many alumni recognize in some of
his famous fictional characters, the
•counterparts of real men and women
who did some of the same deeds when
students at Knox.
As I was walking down the street,
A little girl I chanced to meet.
Her hat was trimmed with ostrich
Entwined with rhododendron blooms
Her gloves, they were immaculate.
And, I should judge, a perfect fit
-The stylish skirt that matched her
Was in the very best of taste:
Her dainty boots, I must concede.
Were very, very smart indeed.
Her face? Well, now, I couldn't say
Perhaps her veil was in the way.
I didn't notice—and, what's more,
I only thought of what she wore!
As I was walking up the street
Another girl I chanced to meet.
No hat adorned her lovely hair,
Her dimpled hands and arms were
But heavenly blue was in her eyes—
She seemed an angel from the skies.
The dogwood blooms in her arms
But added to her many charms
And, oh, the sunshine of her smile!
Its sweetness made lite seem worth
Her dress? Well, now, I couldn't say
I didn't notice, anyway.
I only saw her face—no more,
I never thought of what she wore!
—Georglna Billings-King, in Munsey's
No Right to Complain.
Cedar Rapids Republican: The
whole world will have to learn to
get along as best it can, while the
war lasts. While millions of people
are starving in the other countries
let us not complain because some
things that we have are not colored
as daintily as they used to be. We
can wear even our socks white—and
the women are wearing theirs lighter
and lighter.
A substitute for gold Is obtained by
combining ninety-four parts of copper
with six parts of antimony and adding
a little magnesium carbonate to in
crease the weight. It Is said that this
alloy can be drwwn, wrought and sold
ered very much like gold, and that lf.
also receives and retains a golden
polish. It Is worth something like 25
cents a pound.
Industrial Association Board at Meet­*•
ing Last N4gfct Learned of Three
Prospects Which Are
in Good Shape.
Whether to Connect With City or to
Build Plant of Own for
Keokuk Heights la -•.
Three Industrial propositions
discussed last night at the meeting of
the directors of the Keokuk Industrial
association at their monthly meeting
at the Hotel Iowa. The directors
were much interested in the proposi
tions advanced and considered
them In a favorable light.
It was reported too, that a plan for
a sewer system for Keokuk Heights
is being worked out. Whether to
join the sewer system here with that
of the main system, or whether to
build a sewer system independent of
the city system are the two proposi
tions involved.
To connect with the city system
will Involve a considerable task It Is
felt to make the connections. With
the septic tank proposition and the in
dependent system this can be obvi
ated. The septic tank is air tight and
is made into compartments. The solid
matter wh'.ch .'s flushed into the tank
literally destroys Itself through cer
tain reactions.
W. L. Pet.
Boston 4 1 .800
Chicago 5 2 .714
New York ....... 3 1 .667
St. Louis' 3 3 .500
Washington ...... 2 2 .500
Detroit 3 4 .499
Cleveland 2 4 .333
Philadelphia 0 4 .000
Yesterday's Results.
Chicago 7 St. Louis 2.
Detroit 4 Cleveland 3.
New York 4 Philadelphia 2.
Washington 4 Boston 2.
Games Today.
St. Louis at Chicago.
Detroit at Cleveland.
Philadelphia" at New York.
Washington at Boston 2.
Clubs W. L. Pet.
Philadelphia 3 1 .750
Cincinnati 5 2 .714
Boston 2 1 .667
St. Louis 3 3 .50®
Pittsburgh 3 4 .429
Chicago .......... 2 4 .333
New York 1
Cincinnati 4 Pittsburgh 3.
Philadelphia 4 Boston 0.
Other games postponed.
Watching the
Score Board
Yesterday's homer—Hal Chase of
the Cincinnati Reds, ofT Adams of the
Pirates, in the tenth, winning the
Boston got it twice in the same
spot. The Braves were dumped into
third place when Alexander of the
Phillies blanked the Evers tribe, 4 to
0 while the Red Sox were taking a
licking from the Senators in their
home town. It was the first lose for
the Boston clubs.
Triples by Vitt and Veach of the
Tigers in the eighth broke a tie and
gave Detroit a one run lead which the
Indians couldn't overcome.
Home Run Baker beat his old team
mates yesterday by pulling the game
out of the Are with two spectacular
catches when Pitcher Shawkey of the
Yanks started to wabble.
The White Sox were in a s'ugglng
mood. The Browns used three pitch
ers, but couldn't stop 'em.
The Cubs had an enforced vacation
because of rain. They used the time
by riding trains to Chicago. Tomor
row is the Cubs opener in the Windy
City and Weeghman plans to cele
brate with a parade of bands, fans.
Mary Miles Minter tn "Dlmplee," at the Hippodrome teniflht.
r-- i- v.- i.j*. .vr.£-
Brooklyn 0 2. .000
Yesterday's Results.
America's greatest violinist, provine by
actual comparison that all of bis brilliant
technique, all of the poetry of his inter
pretations and all of the rich tone of his
priceless violin are faithfully re-created
by Edison's new art.
Get a 10 Cent Box of
"Cascarets" for Your
Liver and Bowels.
To-night sure! Remove the liver
and bowel poison which is keeping
your head dizzy, your tongue coated,
breath offensive and stomach sour.
Don't stay bilious, sick, headachy,
constipated. Why don't you get a box
of Cascarets from the drug store
now? Eat one or two to-night and
enjoy the nicest, gentlest liver and
bowel cleansing you ever experienced.
You will wake up feeling fit and fine.
Cascarets never gripe or bother you
all the next day like calomel, salts
and pills. They act gently but thor
oughly. Mothers should give cross,
sick, bilious or feverish children a
whole Cascaret any time. They are
harmless and children love them.
the governor of the state, the mayor
and any other notables he can crowd
Not Knocking Formar Candidate*.
Davenport Democrat: According to
all accounts the 400 democrats who
gathered In Des Moines Saturday were
enthusiastically of the mind that they
can elect the ticket which will un
doubtedly be endorsed at the primary
in June.
With Edwin T. Meredith as the can
didate for governor J. J. Doty of
Shenandoah for lieutenant governor
and Will G. Noth of Davenport for
secretary of state the democracy of
Iowa will have a ticket which it can
grow enthusiastic over.
Mr. Meredith Is one of the biggest
men whom Iowans have bad the
chance to put into the governor's chair
for many years.
What Advertising Can Do.
American Magazine: One very
wealthy man made his fortune
I through an advertising scheme. In
front of a small store in New York
city a crowd was looking at a novel
article exhibited in the window. The
(advertising man Introduced himself
to the proprietor of the store and
"You have something there that is
worth a fortune if advertised. I
want to advertise it."
"I don't believe much In advertis
ing," said the man.
"I'll make you a proposition. If I
li^e are the ones. Our store is ther
place. Hear Edison's New slrt
... more distinctive than a Strad
The actual rercreation of all forms of music—not the
mere mechanical and only approximate reproduction,
which is characteristic of all talking machines, (all other
devices for the reproduction of sound).
Already there are on sale over 1,000 different-selec
tions, (examples of this new art), and other new selections
are issued weekly by the Edison Laboratories.
Albert Spalding
Come to us and hear Edison* actual re-creation of the
work of the world's greatest artists. No obligation
512 Main Street
It's Grandmother's Recipe to Restore
Color, Gloss and At
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, brings back the natural color and
lustre to the hair when faded, streaked
or gray. Years ago the only way to
get this mixture was to make it at
home, which is mussy and trouble,
some. Nowadays, by asking at any drug
store for '"Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur
Compound," you will get a large bottle
of this famous old recipe, improved by
the addition of other ingredients, for
about 50 cents.
Don't stay gray! Try it! N"o one
can possibly tell that you darkened
your hair, as It does it so naturally
and evenly. You dampen a sponge or
soft brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one smat.
strand at a time by morning the
gray hair disappears, and after an
other application or two, your hair be
comes beautifully dark, glossy and at
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound
Is a delightful toilet requisite for those
who desire dark hair and a youthful
appearance. It is not Intended for the
cure, mitigation or prevention of dis
triple the sales of the article in
three months, will you give me a
half interest in the business?"
After an hour's talk, the other con
sented. Inside of five days he called
his new partner up on the 'phone and
begged him to stop as he was sold
out ten times over the capacity of his
plant. The advertising man took a
half Interest in the business, rented
a five-story building, advertised for
workers—and inside of a month had
increased the output of the article
forty-fold and extended his field to
other cities.
A Consummation to Be Wished.
New York Globe: The best news
could come to us Is that Car
ranza's troops have captured Villa, or
that (as the Mexicans euphmeistically
describe such matters) he was killed
while trying to escape. Then it could
be said that we had driven the
marauder Into the bag, and we would
be relieved of the disposal of a
troublesome prisoner.
—Advertise in The Gate City.'-
^!RT,".Hea,th?. Btnnf, Beautiful Ejm
Oculists and Physicians nsed Murine Eye
Remedy many yean before It was offered as a
Domestic Eye Mtdldne. Murine Is StUl Com
pounded by Our Physicians and guaranteed
by thoiiu a
Sellable Belief for Kyea that Nee
Care. Try It In your Eyes and In Baby's Eyes
wo a—rang—Just Eye Ooafart. Buy Marln«
of yoar XjUffKlst—accept no Substitute, and
Spalding is one of the many ardsts who
have made similar tests of Edison's new
art with identical results.
Hear Edison's re-creation of Spalding's
masterly bowing then hear Spalding
Is the Cleanest,
Most Convenient
and Economical
Furnace Coal
You Can Buy
Phone 96 17
New Rata
85c per $100
Phone 1280 402 Slondew
cr« I'*r1"".'.
I'lll* in Red «nd £*2
fo.es, «al«l will! HI* R'-V.
Taken oik". •VAXJWB«
vraTsriot- ?',V v.i iV.
«Si6 vr
Puvel Post it deslred-rojel1"
I |M EVANS Clfl£SSAI.ci.C®,c,,**^!
wbuu Knuof oo, rmriBn

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