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19, Iff
Ptyor1! Bud
Victor Min»trai\
Double-faced Records
are economical and con
venient. Two delightful
selections on one record
—and almost at the ex
pense of one.
Victor Double-faced
Records are of the same
high quality as Victor
Single-faced Records
ana have the same pure,
sweet musical tone.
Come and hear them.
Victor Double-faced Records,
10-incb 75 ccnts 12-inch $1.25.
Victor Records always In
stock, new and fresh
Avoid Dandruff
You do not want a slow treatment
when hair is falling and the dandruff
germ is killing the hair roots. Delay
means—no hair.
Get, at any drug store, a bottle of
*emo for 25c or $1.00 for extra large
size. Use as directed, for it does the
work quickly. It kills the dandruff germ,
nourishes the hair roots and immediately
•tops itching scalp. It is sure and safe,
is not greasy, is easy to use and will not
•tain. Soaps and shampoos are harm
ful, as they contain alkali. The best
thing to use is zemo, for it is pure and
Also inexpensive.
Zemo, Cleveland.
Workman Engaged in Tearing Down
Structure, Receives Painful In
juries This Morning.
Mark Heevner of Twenty-Second and
Exchange streets was painfully bruised
when he fell twenty-five feet from the
top of the tabernacle to the ground
shortly before noon today. Mr. Heev
ner was a member of the force that
in tearing dorwn the structure and
while working on the roof at the south
eastern corner, a piece of timber gave
way and fell to the ground, carrying
him with it.
Mr. Heevner landed on his back and
struck the rear of his head on the
ground. His rtght l)ip was injured and
he sustained bruises and cuts at var
ious other pl&ces on his body. No bones
were broken, and unless there are In
ternal Injuries, Mr. Heevner Is In no
serious condition.
Dr. H. L. Courtrlght was called and
dressed the Injuries after which the
victim of the fall was taken to his
—Another petition asking that no
change be made in the assessment of
•8,000,000 and one hundred jjer cent
penalty recently made a&kinst the
water power company, and reading
the same as the first one presented
to the council, -was filed at the city
hall today. The signers of this last
petition are Isaac Shafer, Geo. A.
Stahl, M. Hoffman, Wnj. Newing
horn, E. H. Tube, G. A. Luft, C. T.
Miller, E. E. Sommer, W. H. Weed. C.
Sommer, Wm. Gumlock, J. F. Wall
berg. T. L. Mitchell, Conrat Hartwell,
L. Mundy, Harry Wright, Albert S.
Hedrlck, Oliver Dobbs, F. Klmles, T.
P. Perkins.
Cummins for Vice President.
Fort Dodge Chronicle: It now looks
as though Senator Cummins will have
a strong enough following in the Chi
cago convention to make him the
nominee for vice president.
A Call for Gen Grosvenor.
Burlington Hawkeye: What's be
come of Gen. Grosvenor? Isn't it
about time for the sage of Athens, O.,
to do a little political forcasting.
Nothing Overlooked.
St. Joseph Gazette: Speaking of pre
paredness, there's the enterprising
'Politician who gets the promise of a
Job from both sides.
The health commissioner of Greater
New York reports that Bronx residents
lake a bath every day, Brooklynites
once every five days and Manhattan
ites once every eight days. The lat
ter record makes no allowance for the
number cleaned in Wall street.
OLLAR spring
Style, in two heights
Members of Stone A Webster Organi
zation go to Fort Madison
Last Night for
Address of Evening Given, by Hon. J.
A. S. Pollard of Fort Madi
son—Those Who
The second annual meeting of the
High Tension club was held at Fort
Madison last night in the Masonic
hall. Ninety-seven members of the
club and guests were present at the
meeting, which was one of the best
that has been held In the history of
the organization.
The Keokuk members of the club
left here for Fort Madison on the
early evening train, arriving in that
city at 9:10 p. m. They first gathered
at the offices of the Fort Madison
Electric company and from there
went to the Masonic hall where the
banquet was served.
After the banquet A. S. Nichols,
who had charge of the arrangements
for the meeting, introduced Mayor
A. P. Brown of Fort Madison to the
members. Mayor Brown welcomed
the High Tensioners to Fort Madison
and introduced Geo. B. Stewart who,
after a few. remarks, presented the
Hon. J. A. S. Pollard as the speaker
of the evening.
Mr. Pollard then proceeded to
liven up the members by a "scien
tific" talk on the meter, followed by
a very interesting talk on "Prepared
Mr. Pollard's address was excep
tionally interesting and he was given
hearty applause. On behalf of the
club, A. S. Nichols thanked him for
the address and at the suggestion of
Mr. Kellogg, he was accorded a rising
vote of thanks.
The members then attended the
Grand theater where a special vaude
ville show starting at 10:30 p. m., was
put on. This show was over at 11:40,
after which the members caught the
11:53 for home. Street cars met the
train at Keokuk. This meeting was
conceded to be a great success and
chedit should be given Mr. Nichols
for the evening's entertainment of
the club members.
Those Present.
Following were present at the meet
ing last night:
R. R. Ralston, Geo. A. Kirchner,
Jos. P. Donnovln, A. G. Morgan, R. B.
Howland, R. A. Gordon, Paul C. King.
Wm. F. Boudewyns, J. H. Bissell, W.
D. Woods, P. R. Williams, L. L. Wells,
L. Murphy, H. Grant, L. H. Hopkins,
H. Li. Scholl, Wm. Miller, A. T. March,
Sterling Temple, J. T. Reidy, M. H
Montague, H. Bierman, J. O. Boyd,
L. G. McKinley, Victor O. Stafford,
A. G. Hilmer, Floyd A. Seifert, F. O.
Jorstad, Edgar Roberts, J. O. Greaves,
F. B. Dorsey, Sr., F. B. Dorsey, Jr.,
Earl Pflug. D. Harrington, A. M
Kirby, A. K. Kirby, L. J. Hall, J. S.
Scadding, M. Miller, A. Murray, J. J
Wabrer, H. Pagett, J. J. Mlley, B.
Moore, C. W. Kellogg, C. R. Bay, N.
Wilcox, C. H. Harris, J. P. Ingle, Paul
Newell, A. L. Berryman, Wm. G.
Ansley, W. H. Kennedy, Wm. Bol
ster, C. A. Sears, M. Hemphill, R. V.
Sprague, H. Beard, H. N. Smith, H.
Huff, P. W. Wilder, E. Peter
schmidt, E. E. Duball, Jno. Hamilton.
E. H. Keator, M. Hanson, J. D. Mc
Gaughey, J. B. Angle, Paul Ingram,
Jim Ayres, A. C. Anderson, Wm.
Clink A. S. Nichols, Henry Walker,
C. Califf, C. Herlofson, E. A. Kane,
T* Minnich, C. W. Schmidt and
all employes of Ft Madison Electric
Guests—Mayor A. P. Brown, J. A
Pollard, Geo. B. Stewart, Jas Pollard,
Jr., and a number of invited guests
from Ft. Madison.
(Continued from page 1.)
ing ground. His men know every
foot trail, road and cave.
General Pershing's headquarters
are camped on a high plateau near
Namiquipa. The altitude is over 7,000
feet making the nights almost un
bearably cold. High winds render
tents unstable and even locomotion
is difficult against the winds.
2,300 More Troops.
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, April 19.—
more troops Into Mexi­
co General Funston today faced the
problem of filling the gaps along the
border. From Brownsville, ESaglo
Pass, Fabens and Marfa, Texas and
from Fort Apache, Ariz., the addition
al troops are to concentrate at Colum
bus and swarm over the line to aid
General Pershing's men. With the
completion of this move, the depart
ment will be practically stripped of
available men. A comparative hand
ful of troops are available from other
departments, it is said, and whether
the war department will order them to
guard duty along the border at the!
expense of other sections, was a mat
ter of conjecture at headquarters. One
other solution lay in the state of
Texas Possibly anticipating a call
for troops to aid the regular army, the
adjutant general's office of the Texas
militia for weeks has been engaged in
preparations to furnish men. Equip
ment has been gone over at the vari
ous armories and Inquiries are said to
have been made regarding transporta
tion facilities. Should Funston require
their aid, it is understood the Texas
militia will be ready to jump into the
caps along the border, accustomed not
only to the pecularities of the climate,
but also in some degree to the duty
You will wish you had taken our
advice sooner. There are special
merits In our method of repairing
watches not ordinarily duplicated
by other houses.
Ayres& Chapman
required of the border guard. No in
timation had been given out at head
quatrers today as to from what
source General Funston expects to
supply the new men.
The new men will take their sta
tions along the line of communica
tions, releasing an equal nunrber by
now accustomed to the climate and
country, for active service with Gen
eral Pershing's advance guard.
No word has been received at head
quarters since Pershing's long dis
patch, which resulted In the order for
troop movements, -was forwarded to
the war department. This message
was understood today to have made
clear the attitude of the Carranzista
troops so far encountered. Previous
reports indicated this attitude Is one
of almost open hostility.
Situation Appears Grave.
[By Carl D. Groat, United Press Staff
WASHINGTON, April 19—Seeming
lack of Carranzista co-operation in
the Villa hunt, hammered home in of
ficial reports to tne war department,
gave the Mexican situation today an
air of gravity that even the over
whelming German-American problem
did not entirely submerge.
Secretary of War Baker and Gen
eral Funston, however, intend to meet
all needs of General Pershing fully.
This was indicated by the dispatch
of 2,300 more troops into Mexico.
General Peshing has reported that
Mayor Herrera of Parral, warned
against the return of American troops
into that city. Further, the firing of
Carranzista soldiers at Parral upon
Americans has given the most strik
ing evidence that they are far from
whole heartedly in aid of the Amer
ican expedition.
Secretary Lansing is in a position
to negotiate with Mexcian Ambassa
dor Arendo over withdrawal, but
neither side apparently is in any
great hurry.
Possibly authorities said Carranza
as reported will renew his suggestion
for ending the hunt, but Consul Rodg
ers' messages have said no new de
mand will be made until America re
plied to the first note on the subject.
(Continued from page 1.)
ever action the president thought
best, would be supported.
Note to Germany Has Gone.
WASHINGTON. April 19.—Presi
dent Wilson today will serve notice
that Germany must stop her subma
rine campaign immediately or diplo
matic relations will be severe^ The
note to Germany has gone.
These two facts became known to
day following a conference between
President Wilson and members of the
senate and house foreign relations
President Wilson has sent an ulti
matum to Germany calling upon her
to stop her submarine warfare imme
diately, if friendly relations between
the two countries are to be main
Chairman Stone and Senator Lodge
of the senate foreign relations com
mittee heard from the president what
he intended to say to congress this
The communication to Germany,
held up for twenty-four hour3 until
the president could make arrange
ments for addressing a joint session
of congress and for laying the plan of
his action before members of the
foreign relations committee, is now
on its way.
Mrs. C. V. Winsett of Chicago, is
visiting her mother, Mrs. A. H.
Mr. Burkett's Candidacy.
Fremont Tribune: Former Senator
Burkett of Nebraska, has carried the
Iowa primaries for vice president and
thus gets his first blood. His can
didacy is a real one and it is alto
gether probable he will get a good
endorsement at the Nebraska primary
next week. His candidacy for vice
president means much more than
does the candidacy of Mr. Estabrook
for president.
Not Talking Through It
Washington Post: The process of
elimination suggests that Justice
Hughes' hat is in the ring, if only be
cause he isn't using it for conversa
tional purposes.
His Enemies an Asset.
New Yorle World: A great many
persons who do not admire Justice
Hughes otherwise can still love him
for the enemies he has made.
Chicago's new passenger station on
Randolph street will cost $5450,000 in
cluding site, and calls for the demoli
tion of a ten-story building.
CbMp substitutes
cost YOV
mbw price.
1,000 new Waists
50 new Coats
It is Expected That This Body Will
Have Its Findings Ready
by Thursday
District Court Will Not be in Ses­
sion on Good Friday—Darden
Case is Dis
posed of.
The report from the grand Jury for
this term of court is expected to be
made some time tomorrow. The
grand jurors went to the county
home today for dinner and for their
inspection of the building. There are
still some matters pending before the
Jury and it is presumed that these
will be finished this afternoon, and
that a report can be made tomorrow.
Assistant County Attorney J. M. O.
Hamilton was in Keokuk today on
business connected with the court.
No Court Good Friday.
For many years it has been Judge
Bank's custom to not hold court on
Good Friday. He will follow his
usual custom this year and there will
be no session of district court on
that day.
Many Probate Matters.
'Final reports were presented and
approved in the following estates yes
Ruth Ann Fritch Frank Lattner,
Sr. William Fraser George Miller
Maria Carey and Gerhart Lauman.
Divorces Are Granted.
Divorce was granted yesterday to
Thomas D. Harris from Alice Harris,
and to Joseph McAdams from Minnie
Case Disposed of.
In the case of the State of Iowa vs.
Vernie Darden, defendant, entered
plea of guilty to a chargje of lewd
ness and the sentence imposed was
a fine of $100 and costs.
Anna Held Tonight.
The world famous Parisienne
beauty, Anna Held, is presented at
the Grand tonight in a French comedy
entitled "Madame La Presidente."
... $1.00 to $6.98
200 New Skirts
$1.98 to $16
$5 to $25
50 new sample Suits at 1-3
saving wonderful values
$10 to $20
During the entire spring season no two good garments have been
alike—each one a different exclusive design. This explains "The
Always Busy Store." (There's a Reason.)
This is the busiest week in the history of our busi­i4
ness. Because stocks complete in every department New
and different models just shipped by our New York Buyer. No two alike guaranteed.
Having gained much publicity for her
acting in Paris music halls, in the
biggest musical comedy successes
ever staged and because she was for
a time Mrs. Florenz Zlegfeld, who
owns and stages the annual "Follies,"
Miss Held is also noted for her beau
tiful eyes which she sayB she "can
not make behave." This is her first
appearance in motion pictures.
"Madame La Presidente" is a
snappy, typically French comedy.
The exquisite Marie Doro in her
latest Paramount picture, "Diplo
macy," is the Grand's attraction for
tomorrow and Friday. Her leading
man is Elliott Dexter, to whom she
was recently married, and an excel
lent Famous Players cast also in
cludes Frank Losee and Russell Bas
"Diplomacy" is a plcturizatlon of
Sardou's international drama—an at
tractive story of romance and thrills.
The beautiful star appears to her
best advantage and the picture is
superbly mounted.—Advertisement.
He is One of 250 State Directors
Selected to Plan Mobilization
of Industries.
Norman T. Wilcox, sales manager
of the Mississippi River Power Co.,
has been selected as one of the 250
state directors named to mobilize the
nation's resources in time of war. He
will have charge of electric re
sources for Iowa. The list of appoint
ments Is given In the New York
Times of April 16.
Commenting on this survey the
Times says:
Mobilizing the manufacturing and
producing resources of the entire
country for availability in time of
war is the stupendous task that has
been undertaken by the committee on
industrial preparedness of the naval
consulting board of the United States.
Howard E. Coffin, chairman of the
committee, made public yesterday the
names of 250 state directors, who,
under the direction of the committee,
were to make a complete survey of
American industries, the first that has
ever been made in this country. It is
planned to find out just how this
country will be able to meet the
strain upon her industries that is
bound to come with war. The com
mittee will place in the hands of the
government a detailed report showing
just what plants are available for the
making of war munitions and just
what part industry can play in back
ing up the armies that must be
raised for the prosecution of a war.
Mrs. J. B. Cobb went to Kahoka
this morning on a business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Duncan an
nounce the birth of a son.
Mrs. Ida F. Davis of Galveston,
Texas, is a guest of Mrs. D. F.
Miller, 307 Morgan street.
—Subscribe for The Gate City. 10
cents per week.
Official Council Proceedings
Resolution Not 1358.
Be it Resolved, By the City Council of the City of Keokuk:
That the mayor be, and lie is hereby authorized to execute on behalf
of the City of Keokuk a contract with the Keokuk Quarry & Construction
Co., as follows, towit:
"This agreement, made and entered into this 30th day of Marc!n, A. D.
1916, by and between the City of Keokuk, Lee county, Iowa, party of the
first part, and the Keokuk Quarry & Construction Co., Incorporated, party
of the second part, wltnesseth, that the party of the first part does hereby
lease and rent to the party of the second part, for the term of twenty years,
the following described land:
Commencing at the east corner of Lot Twelve (12) in Block One (1) in
Reid's addition to the City of Keokuk thence southwesterly along the line
of said Block Twelve (12) and Fourth street to the line between Lot3 Eleven
(11) and Twelve (12) in said Block One (1): thence southeasterly at right
angles to the last described line and across Fourth street to the northerly
line of Block Sixty-nine (69) in said Reid's addition to Keokuk thence
northeasterly along the northwesterly line of said Block Sixty-nine (69) to
the northerly corner of said block, said point being on the northwesterly
line of the tract of land sold by Hugh T. Reid and William Leighton to
John M. Hlatt by deeds recorded in Book 14, pages 3S0 and 381 of the
record of Lee County, Iowa, at Keokuk and on the northeasterly line of
Reid's addition to the said City of Keokuk thence northerly parallel to the
westerly line of Cedar street in said CUy of Keokuk to a point where the
line between Lots Nine (9) and Ten (10) in Block Seventy-four (74) in said
City of Keokuk if produced westerly would intersect same thence south
westerly on said produced line to the northeasterly line of Block One (1) in
said Reid's addition to Keokuk thence southeasterly on said line to the
point of beginning—all in the northwest quarter of Section Thirty-six (36),
Township Sixty-five (66) North of Range Five (5) West, Lee county, Iowa,
with the right conveyed to-Che warty of the second part to quarry all the
Warrant No. 31S3, General
Warrant No. 3184, General
iWtvi-HiiiU'fYi-'iri ijinfrrti
PRESERVE YOUR CREDIT by borrowing what money yeu
may .need from us. Loans made from $6 to $150 ON FURNI
TURE, PIANOS, HORSES, ETC. All security left in your pos
We have no office in Keokuk, but our agent Is tn you* city
•very Wednesday and lie -will call. Write
3445 Parsons Blk., Second Floor. Third and Jefferson Streets.
We Loan Under the Previsions of the New Law.
stone from said property.
And the said party of the second part, in consideration thereof doei
hereby covenant and agree for the use and rent of said premises aod fo»
for the rock upon same, as before provided, to deliver and place fourteen
hundred yards of earth in the sidewalk space on IFlfth street between Cedar
street and the bridge as directed by the city engineer and without anjj
expense to the City of Keokuk, and any additional earth that the city may
require to complete the fill of said sidewalk space shall be delivered for tn®
sum of seventeen cents (17c) per yard.
It is understood, that the said Keokuk Quarry & Construction Co. Is to
use this ground, with the adjoining ground belonging to said company, for
general quarry purposes or any other lawful business, and may erect anjt
buildings or install any machinery upon said ground, as they may see fit.
It is further agreed, that if at any time during the life of this lease, th®
said party of the first part desires to use the above leased ground as street®
for the general public uae, this lease may be terminated by the party of th«j
first part refunding to the party of the second part, a fair and Just amount
for the stone (above an elevation of minus fifteen, referred to city datum,
plane) that is not removed at that time, and for the use of the ground foi*
the remaining period of this lease.
In testimony whereof, wo have hereunto set our names, the data
above written.
New Easter Silk Dresses ex
pected tomorrow
New Phoenix Silk Hosiery
and Silk Gloves, New Silk
Petticoats, Slips, etc., etc.
Gossard and W. B. Corsets.
,,- TT
By S. W. MOOtRJHEAD, Mayor.
By 'FRANK L. GRIFFEY, President.
Passed and adopted this 30th day of March, 191i6, by the following vote:
Aye—Moorhead, Collins, Schmidt.
S. W. MOORHEAD, Mayor. 1
Attest: O. W. SANE BERG, City Clerk.
Resolution No. 1357.
Be it Resolved. By the City Council of the City of Keokuk: .4'-•
That the City Clerk be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to*,]
draw warrant No. 3181, in favor of t"he Clerk of the District Court, in tha(y
sum of $36.00, to cover court costs in various oases against the City
Roll call:
Aye—Moorhead, Collins, Schmidt. s. W. MOOR/HEAD, Mayor.
Attest: O. W. SANDBERG, City Clerk.
Resolution No. 1358.
Be it Resolved, By the City Council of the City of Keokuk:
That the mayor be and he is hereby authorized and directed to execnt*
a quit claim deed to the Garmo Company for the following described land*
All that part of Commercial street in Block Ten (10), in Ford's addition
to the City of Keokuk, which lies between Lot One (1) and Lot Twelve (12)'
in said Block Ten (10) being particularly described as follows:
Beginning at the southeast corner ot Lot Twelve (1.2), thence along the
westerly line of street to the northeast corner of Lot One (1), thence
westerly along the northerly line of Lot One (1) to the northeast corner of
Lot Two (2), thence northerly to the southeast corner of Lot Eleven Oil),
thence along the southerly line of Lot Twelve (12) to the place of beginning,
all in Block Ten (10) Ford's addition to the City of Keokuk.
Passed and adopted this 30th day of March, 1916.
Aye—Moorhead, Collins, Schmidt.
S. W. MOOR-WEAD. Mayor.
Attest: O. W. SANDBERG, City Clerk.
There being no further business, council took a recess until March 31,
1916, 9 a. m.
Attest: O. W. SANDBERG, City Clerk.
and ordered paid:
Warrant No. 31S2, General
Council convened after recess with all members present, Mayor Moor
head presiding.
Resolution No. 1359. I
Be it Resolved, By the City Council of the City of Keokuk:
That the following poy rolls and bills be, and they are hereby,
S. W. MOOR1THAD, Mayor.
Warrant No. 31S5, Board of Health 90.00
Warrant No. 318i6, Sidewalk
Warrant No. 3187, River Front
Warrant No. 3188, Police
Warrant No. 3189, Police
Warrant No. 3190, Fire
Warrant No. 3191, Fire
Warrant No. 3192, L. J. Wolf, tax apportionment, fire pension 11.94
Warrant No. 3193, George Watson, extra work on City Dump, B. of H.. 3.20
Roll call:
Aye—Moorhead, Collins, Schmidt. S. W„ MOOHHBAi^. Mayor
Attest: O. W. SANDBERG. City-Clerk.
March 31, 1916, 9 a. m.
," -. *"^8

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