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VI ca? say my
bowels are much
more regular.
My heart is
My appetite is
much better.
My throat is
M: yW1*
much better.
Mrs. William H. Hinchliffe, 20 Myrtle St., Beverly, Mass.,
writes: "I have taken four bottles of Peruna, and I can say that
lit has done me a great deal of good for catarrh of the head and
throat. 1 recommend Peruna to all sufferers with catarrh. I do
not think I ever felt much better. I am really surprised at the
work I can do. I do not think too much praise can be said for
Those who object to fluid medicines can now procure Peruna
Keokuk Trust Company
Real Estate Department
We 'win represent you for a commission in the buying and sell
lag of real estate or other property. We represent but one side
la the same transaction.
If you have property to rent let us collect and remit the rent.
Oar records will always be conclusive evidence as to any payment
and a renter 1s usually more prompt in making payment to a
trust company. "-V-
I{ you have real estate or other property that must needs have
care In Its management we can give careful personal supervision
tor a fixed (fee or a percentage ot the income. A careful record Is
Impt tor each farm, store building, or other property entrusted to
car management, and we get the highest possible yield of income.
The increased income will frequently more than pay for our ser
vices, and you will be relieved of the annoyances of management.
Manager Real Estate Department,.
Trust Company Building, 611 Blondeau St.
Fourteenth and Blondeau Streets
Thousand of people on tip toe, don *t miss
the Subject Sunday Night
Revives Old Memories.
Tiauvoo Independent: The Keokuk
Gate City's editorial p»ge Is resum
ing Its old-time prestige, reminding
*is of the days of Sam Clark. Most
of the editorials are very brilliant.
!We„haT® often wondered why some
capable person doesn't collect some
of Sam Clark's choicest writings
and have them printed in book form.,
"The Rush of
Armies To
ward Constan-
What Does It Mean?"
Are'we near the end? Is Christ
soon coming? What says
the Bible?
E S A I S E 1 8 5
One of the largest Wholesale Dry Goods, Notion,
TTtoderwear and Hosiery Houses in the Middle West.
Manufacturer era of Indian Head Drew Shirts, Work
Shirts, Overalls, etc.
Sole Agent for "Tom Boy" Hofc«ry.
New York Prices Duplicated.
Irwin-Phillips Co.,
Keokuk, la,
Hamilton, 1)1.
The exquisite literature 8am Clark
eft to the world ought not be buried
with him or in the files of The Gate
From the Front.
Siojix Falls Argus-Leader: Colonel
Bryan's spring drive in Nebraska has
been severely repulsed. The Bryan
forces sustained heavy casualties.
Influential Business Interests
of City Urge Commission
ers to Keep Agreement
With Company. 1
Communication From Power
Company Setting Out the
Agreements, is Also Pre
sented to Council.
A petition signed by the influen
tial business interests of -the city
and large holders 'of property, urging
the city council to stand by their
action in which they exempted the
Mississippi River Power company
from taxes, was presented to the
city council todaj'. There are some
three hundred or more names on the
petition. The' names are those of
representative men of the city, the
prominent and influential business In
terests being represented.
All of the signers of the petition
urge the city council to stand behind
their action of a few years ago, when
an ordinance was passed exempting
the power company from taxation.
The period of exemption was for
twenty years. On the strength of
such, an exemption, the power com- p"
pany began its project here. The as-l j"
as or in is re to
last month assessed the property at
,^8,000,000 and added a penalty of 100
per cent. This penalty was because
the officials failed to sign the rolls,
he said.
Since that time there have been
petitions circulated among some of
the sections of the city asking the
council to go back on their word and
tax the company. The petitions on
file today is that the council stick to
its former action.
The Petition and Signers.
Following is a copy of the petition
and list of signers:
the Honorable Mayor and City
Council of the City of Keokuk, Sit
ting as a Board of Review.
Gentlemen: We, the undersigned
citizens and tax payers of the City
of Keokuk, and of Lee County, Iowa,
respectfully represent to your honor
able body as follows:
In the year 1906, Lee County and
the City of Keokuk made a definite
promise to exempt the Keokuk &
Hamilton Water Power company, its
successors and assigns from all taxes
on all its property for a period of
twenty years from and after January
1. 1907.
That an attempt is now being
made to break this promise and an
assessment of sixteen million dollars
has been made by the assessor
against the personal property of the
Mississippi River Power company, the
successor of the Keokuk & Hamilton
Water Power company.
We therefore respectfully petition
your honorable body to set aside this
assessment and to carry out to the
spirit of the promise made to this
company, believing that it will be
much for our business interests to
treat the company fairly and gener
ously, and that no community can
expect to prosper, which deliberately
violates a moral obligation and sets
dollars above honor.
IS. Hamill Co. u. F. Peterson
L. A. Hamill J. N. D. Dickiuson
T. S. Frazer F. W. Swan
{Jas. Young Wm. Geo. Carney
I Hugh J. Robertson P. D. Kennedy
Smith Hamill Lauritz Nelson
J. Perdew Sheldon Peter Akerson
H. R. Culkln
C. A. Weber
G. F. Dennis
M. J. Hackett
O. E. Phelps
W. H. Carter
C. F. McFarland
Jas. M. Fulton
Rees Mfg. Co.
Robt. Rees
Ralph B. Joy
E. M. Majors
E. S. Baker
J. F. Lutz
Frank L. Griffey
J. W.' Engelhart
J. V. D. Maas
John W. Hobbs
John Nagel
John L. Ward
Jas. A. Reilly
Geo. S. Tucker
Ben B. Jewell
Birdwell Sutlive
J. I. Annable
G. R. Whaley
S. E. Millspaugli
J. M. Skinner
J. L. Concannon
H. R. Colllsson
Erastus Layton
T. N. Conner
Alf C. Larson
Edward L. Kruse
Nathan S. Lowitz
i^ank M. Jones
Geo. W. Immegart
A. Weber Co.
Alois Weber
Roy C. Burner
V. R. McKay
E. C. Brownlee
E. F. Renaiid
G. E. Smith
C. D. Streeter
King Plumbing Co.
R. K. King, Sec./.
H. R. King
J. F. Elder
D. A. Collier
J. W. Collier
N. J. Hancock
Bowman Boyer Co.A. E. Johnstone
Thos. T. Conroy F. W. Davis
Geo. E. Rix Howard W. Wood
C. J. Bode Walter V. D. Maas
John L. Finigan Clyde I. Inman
James H. Finigan J. A. Dunlap
George W. Finigan W. B. Woolley
Lee Hovey
R. E. Burke
L. Hardesty
Louis Geiger
E. C. Weisman
Jos. Haubert
Chas. Haubert
Dr. G. J. Hill
George Schell
F. O. Adamson
H. Boydon Wood
Alvin L. Kraft
I. G. Griffey
H. T. Graham
W. N. Sage
Stephen Irwin
G. E. Lindstrand
L. W. Klein
E. P. McManus
Wm. B. Daniel
Sam V. Cox
Wells M. Irwin
E. E. Coombs
Geo. W. Ewers
R. A. Dollery
Frank M. Fuller
O. W. Schmidt
Weil & Co.
J. B. Weil
J. W. Rovane, Jr.
Geo. W. Weismann
Al. Opstelten
Ira W. Wills
C. L. Huse
H. C. Brown
R. M. Hicks
J. M. Drueke
Fred DeYong
Frank J. Ewers
Louis A. Heckler
Phillip C. Finn
C. E. Powell
F. L. Robertson
Wm. Lowitz
G. W. Smith
H. D. Smith
Frank R. Bultcan
Geo. DeYong
James T. McCarthy E. Nodler
John Tumeltjr Joan F. Salzor
George J. J. Salzer
A. G. Johnson
H. C. Duncan
Harry A. Duncan
W. C. Enlo-.v
Arnot S. Weess
George D. Baur
A. J. Mul larky
A. J. Aiken
J. H. Vanderberg
Allan W. Colllsson M. D. Inskeep
W. L. McNamara Jno. E. VanTuyl
Geo. S. Merriam H. E. Schmidt
J. N. Dumenil
B. W. Merriam
J. F. Kledaisch
J. M. Stack
C. W. Ewers
A. J. Dimond
H. C. Dimond
R. L. Dimond
B. C. Taber
G. R. BartholomewF. A. Buclida
Leonard Pelgen J. F. Korschgen
Jacob Schouten
C. Langley
Chas. J. Schultz
L. F. Reiner
E. A. Frencn
E. G. Weismann
Ed Woolley
H. M. Phillips
Will T. Short
W. B. Collins
H. R. Collins
H. M. Anschutz
Geo. E. Lock
W. J. Roberts
William Logan
Lorene C. Diver
James B. Diver
F. B. Dorsey
Jas. Huiskamp
L. Matless
C. S. Townsend
Henry Dobb
Michael R. Kenney
Robt. Hassett
Jno. Wni. Conrad
John G. Erhart
P. H. Moran
P. J. Erhart
Fred D. Fields
H. A. Knights
J. F. Dunlavey
J. C. Langdon
Dan Agne
Al. J. Sfibert
A. E. Holzer
H. J. Schubert
F. B. Dorsey, Jr. Theo. Greenslaugh
Joseph L. Brady. M. F. Baker
S. W. Moorhead Palmer Trimble
J. A. M. Collins Taber Lumber Co.
Ben P. Taber
Geo. A. .Fry
C. E. King
John W. Carver
O. C. Swanson
L. D. Sheppard
G. R. Hombs
Gavin Herbert
Prof. W H. Jones
J. A. Henneman
J. Burk & Co.
A. H. Rich
F. A. Board
Joseph Loufek
G. W. Sweeney
E. M. Ingersoir
T. R. Board
G. W. Patee
R. P. Schaf
J. H. D. Chenoweth Geo. R. Burk
J. H. Cole S. E. Brudewald
Johnson B. Angle H. J. Vogt
J. O. Boyd
Geo. W. Angel
J. E. Ellsworth
L. G. McItinJey
E. Ross Baker
John Erhart
John R. Nelson
Joseph Sittler
H. Ringstrom
Paul T. Pechstein
Geo. C. Montague C. F. Skirvin
Wm. A. Loeffler Ralph B. Smith
H. E. Dunl&vey O. S. Stanbro
A. B. Grout A. J. Hardin
S. F. Baker & Co.Thos. P. Gray
W. H. Bowman Wm. Ballinger
W. A. Publisky T. F. Baldwin
Edw. F. Beck S. B. Stahl
A. H. Evans & Co. W. "W. Holmes
H. A. Heaslip
John D. Slieehan
•Geo. W. Rutledge
C. W. Durrett
John Cameron
J. Costello
W. J. Fulton
C. A. McNamara
A. C. Wustrow
Thos. H. Joyce
F. J. Weber
Scott & O'Reilly
L. W. Scott
J. W. Peterson,
John R. Irwin
Weber Kirch Mfg. vjo.,
James C. Davis
George Hassall
John R. King
F. E. Erdman
Beverly B. Hobbs
H. C. Hodge
Asaph Duck
H. W. Huiskamp
J. M. Joyce
per C. A.
Weber, Pres.
American Cement Machine Co.
Carter Phelps Mfg. Co., by W. H. Car
ter, Pres.
McFarland Paper Co.
John Finigan's Sons
Chas. A. Sclienk, Central Store
C. H. Rollins & Co., by A. F. Rollins
Schell-Demple Furniture Co.
Leonard J. Montgomery
William Timberman
Ewers-McCarthy Co.
Independent Lumber Co., by .f. L. G.
The State Central SavingB Bank, by
Geo. E. Rlx, Vice Pres.
J. F. Kiedaisch & Son
Dimond Milling Co.
Schouten's Bakery, Inc.
Gate City Laundry Co.,
by R. J.
Daniel J. Breitenstein
Security State Bank, by E. A. French
Keokuk Pure Ice Co., by H. M. Phil
lips, Pres.
Thomas H. R. Rollins
The Miils-Ellsworth Co.
Lake Cooper Ice Co.
The Security Investment Co., by J.
O. Boyd, Pres.
Armour & Co., by E. F. Beck
Jas. Cameron's Sons
James McNamara's Sons
Keokuk Electric Shop
Akerson Ringstrom. Co.
Mamie F. McFarland
The Golden Rule, per T. N. Conner
Bode-Larson Shoe Co.
Nathan S. Lowitz Co.
Jules Renaud's Son
Cameron, Joyce & Co.
Cameron. Joyce & Schneider
Keokuk Lumber Co.
Hulson Grate Co., per A. W. Hulson
Keokuk Trust Company, by Johnson
B. Angle, Secy.
Irwin-Phillips Co., by Wells M. Irwin
National Pickle & Canning Co., by D.
A. Collier
Keokuk Savings Bank, by A. E. John
stone, Pres.
Iowa State Insurance Co. (Mutual),
by A. E. Johnstone. "Vice President
Keokuk National Bank, by J. A. Dun
lap. Vice Pres.
Kellogg-Birge Co., by Ira W. Wills,
Duncan-Schell Furniture Co., by H. C.
Duncan, President.
G. Arthur Kiedaisch
Wilkinson & Co., J. Albert Kiedaisch,
Arthur J. Heineman
Blom-Colller Co., by D. A. Collier
K. K. K. Medicine Co., by G. A.
Buck-Reiner Co., by Asaph Bnck,
Huskamp Bros. Co., by H. W. Huis
kamp, Pres.
Seibert Cigar Store, by v^eo. Seibert
National Refining Co., by A. W.
Keokuk Quarry and Construction Co.,
by I. G. Griffey
Pechstein & Nagel Co,
Nelson Planing Mill
Prank T. ^Schmidt
The Gate City Co., by C. F. Skirvin,
Gen I. Mgr.
J. F. & N. M. Smith
Keokuk Canning Co., by Wm. Ballin
ger, Pres.
Carolina T. DaviB, Estate
Edward K. Johnstone
William Rankin, M. D.
Power Company's Communication.
Accompanying the petition is a
statement from the Mississippi River
±*ower company signed by C. W. Kel
«ogg, manager, setting out the ordi
nances passed and agreements made
J. Albert Kiedaisch
C. S. Abell
Jno. A. McElroy
I. H. Hentzel
E. R. Cochrane
C. A. Vollers
C. J. Kirch
C. E. Ailing
C. R. Rasmussen
council and supervisors
and the power company as to taxation
exemption. Following 1B the com
To the Honorable Mayor and City
Council of the City of Keokuk, Iowa,
sitting as a Board of Review for the
Year 1916.
Gentlemen The undersigned here
oy respectfully represents to your
Honorable Body, that it complains of
against the Mis­
sissippi River Poiwer company by S.
Johnsion, assessor, in and for the city
of Keokuk and Jackson township, in
side Lee county. Iowa, as shown bv
assessment roll No. 1. for the year
1' 16, city of Keokuk, page 112, for the
following reasons:
because said assessment roll was
not laid before your honorable body,
sitting as a board of review on or be
fore the first Monday of April, 1916.
.. Because all of the property of
the undersigned, located in tills assess
ment district has been heretofore ex
empted by the city council of the city
or Keokuk, Iowa, and the board of
supervisors of Lee county, Iowa, from
all assessment and taxation for twenty
years from January 1st, 1907.
8. Because the assessor, S. Jolin
ston was without jurisdiction or au
thority to make said assessment or
any assessment whatsoever,
4. Because the assessment made by
Bad assessor is grossly excessive.
5. Because a large portion of the
property listed by the said assessor is
not located within this assessment dis
G. Because the greater proportion
or said property should be assessed as
real estate, and the assessor has no
authority to assess same this year, and
has erroneously assessed same as per
sonal property.
7. Because a large part of said prop
erty so assessed is located on land be
longing to the undersigned Mississippi
River Power company much of which
was given to it for the purpose of
erecting its said structures thereon, by
the congress of the United States, and
said property is therefore real estate
and was assessed in 1916, and hence
Is not assessable this year.
8. Because a large portion of said
property so assessed was constructe.i
under an act of the congress of the
United States, authorizing the same
for the purpose of improving the navi
gation of the Mississippi river, and is
not subject to assessment for taxation.
9. Because the city of Keokuk, on
August 16, 1906, adopted the following
ordinance, known and designated as
"Special ordinance No. 84." and entit
Ordinance From City.
Be It Ordained bv the City Council
of the Clt.v of Keokuk:
That whereas, the Keokuk & Hamil
ton Water Power companv Is a corpor
ation oreranlzert anfl pxisHnc under and
hf virtue o' the laws of the state of
Tlltnols. and has compiled with Sec
tion 1G37 of the Code of the state of
Iowa, nnd has authority to do business
In s^Id state: and
Wherea«. by an act nf rfiisre°s ap
proved February !. lf*05, *ho paid or
noratlo'n. it« successors »nd asslerns,
ha authnrltv to erect, construct, op
erate and maintain a dam across the
Mississippi river at th#» foot of the Des
Moines rapids, from Keokuk, Iowa to
Hamilton. Illinois, and locks nnd dry
docks In connection therewith, for the
purpose of Improving navigation of
said river, and to construct, operate
and maintain power stations on or In
connection with said dam for the de
velopment of water power and the gen
eratiou, use and transmission there
from of eloptric energy and power to
be derived from the Des Moines rap
ids on the Mississippi river and
Whereas, the navigation of said river
will be greatly improved by the con
struction of said dam and locks, which
will cost several millions of dollars
and said improvement of navigation of
said river and development of water
power will greatly benefit the inhabit
ants of said city of Keokuk, and large
ly increase the taxable wealth thereof:
Now therefore, in consideration of
the premises and construction, opera
tion and maintenance of said dam and
the development of said water power,
the said city of Keokuk hereby ex
empts said Keokuk & Hamilton Water
Power company, its successors and as
signs, and all the property, real and
personal, now owned or hereafter ac-
Freckles and Blotches
Are Easily Peeled Off
If you are bothered with any cuta
neous blemish, it's a poor plan to use
paint, powder or anything else to
cover it up. Too often this only em
phasizes the defect. Besides, it's
much easier to remove the disfigure
ment with ordinary mercollzed wax.
Applied nightly, the wax will gradu
ally remove freckles, pimples, moth
patches, liver spots, sallowness, red
blotches or any surface eruption. The
affected cuticle is absorbed, a little
each day, until the clear, soft, youth
ful and beautiful skin beneath is
brought wholly to view. Ask the
druggist for one ounce of mercolized
wax and use this like you use cold
cream. Remove in morning with soap
and water. Many who have tried this
simple, harmless treatment report as
tonishing results.
If troubled with wrinkles or fur
rows, a wash lotion made by dissolv
ing 1 oz. powdered saxolite in Vz
pint witch hazel, will prove wonder
fully effective.
f** s»/.'/
Quick Meal Combination^
Gas and Coal Range.
It is lined with porcelain,
Positively will not rust.
A range that cannot be improved.
The gas burner in the oven
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Special prices in every department
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No advances have been made
on a single item in our Store
518 to 524 MAIN STREET
Your household goods to your new location*
Oareful and competent men that will dp tile wuA
in a satisfactory way.
Wo Store Furniture,
James Cameron's Sons
17 South 7th. Phone 96
qalred by it, as well as its franchises,
corporate stock, and individual shares
thereor, from all city or municipal
taxes which might otherwise be as
sessed and collected from said Keoklk
& Hamilton Water Power company, or
its corporate share holders, for a per
iod of twenty years from January 1,
1907, and upon acceptance and passing
of this ordinance the city of Keokuk
will as further evidence thereof, and
of said exemption, cause a certified
copy of this ordinance to be delivered
to the said company or Its duly author
ized agents.
And adopted by the following vote:
Yeas: Ayres, Hickey, Carle, Land
man, Off. Ringstrom, Seemann, Tigue,
Westcott, Wustrow, total 10.
.N ays: None.
Absent: Dysart, Hilpert, total 2.
Attest: T. R. Ayres.
Clerk of the Council of the city of
Resolution by Supervisors.
And on September 4, 1906, the board
of supervisors of I^ee county, Iowa ad
opted a resolution, as follows:
Whereas, the KeokiiK & Hamilton
Water Power company have filed a
petition with this board of supervisors
of Lee county, Iowa, alleging that it
is a corporation duly organized and ex
isting under and by virtue of the laws
of the state of Illinois, and has com
plied with Section lf37 of the Cod« rt
the state of Iowa, and has authority
do business in said &tate and
Whereas, by virtue of an act of con
gress approved February 9, 1905, it
and its successors and assigns have
authority to erect, construct, operate
and maintain a dam across the Miss
issippi river at the foot of the Des
koines rapids, from Keokuk, Iowa, i#
Hamilton, Illinois, and a lock and dry
dock In connection therewith, for th«
purpose of improving the navigation
of said river, and to construct, operata
and maintain power stations on or in
•connection with said dam, for the de
velopment of water power, and the
generation, use and transmission
therefrom of electric energy and power
to be derived from the !es Moines
rapids oti the Mississippi river and
said petition further recites that the
navigation of said river will be greatly
improved by the construction of sail
dam and locks, which will cost several
million dollars and that said improve
ment of navigation and development
of water power will greatly benefit thd
inhabitants of this county and Increase
the taxable -wealth thereof: and
Whereas, the said petition prays thai
this county exempt said Keokuk &
Hamilton Water Power company, its
successors and assigns, and all prop
erty. reaJ and personal, now owned or
hereafter acquired by it, as well as its
franchises, corporate stock, and indi
vidnal shares thereof, which might
otherwise be taxable by law. from all
county taxes therecn, for the period
of twenty years from the first day of
January, 1907 and said petition fur
ther asks a certified copy of this reso
lution to be delivered to said company.
Now, therefore, be It resolved, by
the board of supervisors of "Lee county.
Iowa, that in consideration of the
great advantages and benefits to be
derived from the bulldlnc of said
dam and development of said water
power, as above recited, the said pe
tition Is hereby granted, and the said
Keokuk & Hamilton Vater Power
company, its successors and assigns,
are hereby exempted from all county
taxes on all of its property, real and
personal, now owned or hereafter
^Continued on page. 6.)

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