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baked through.
UESDAY, MAY 9,1915
We want the people of Keokuk
that we make all
Those who have had cakes ruined by Jarring the
stove. slamming the oven door or a heavy footstep may
SewS how the dining car chef can turn out such
•marvelous biscuits, hot breads and pastry
|[!^teing incessantly jarred and jolted and shaken by the
motion of the train.
To eet oastrv to ra.se aid stay raised under these
is past.
DininfiCar Chefs have fotmd a baking po^erexactly raaed
(a their needs in and you will find it Just as well suitedto
requirements. is really aMend of
OBME aSveassoon as moistened, the other requmng
BaJdng Powder is pore and heaMhfuL
at our risk
I ices, loe cream, pies and cakes
I that are served at our soda
I fountain.
We use' the very highest
I grade of material that can be
Iobtained in making our ices,
I ice cream, pies and cakes.
Our kitchen ir, open to the
blie at all tires»-
cad Quality, Our Metto
Machine Made Teat at Ninth
Street and Got Away All
Right. •».
La similar
Tingling-All Over-Cleanliness
Thafs the description of the JAP ROSE
son is that JAP ROSE represents the greatest skill in
soap-making the farthest advance in the art of prepanng
toilet soap.
The wontlerful "Sunday Morning Bath"
make# one "peculiarly clean" a cleanlincss known and
experienced by millions of people who prefer It above
all others. Try it tonight: know for yourself, lwc.^«
leading Grocers and Druggists.
r. Use bat little— It's att lather
8end your name on a postal for a liberal sample—Fit®
Jm«— S. MrtrACotapany, P«ptja.Ch4g».U.
.5. fc
A ,-• C-%^'
be convinced.
The makers of Perfection
Glasses ask us to accept a
little less profit becaaso
of the extra quality and
we do it because it is good
business to sell the best.
.• s."
Ayres & Chapman
Scientific Opticians
France factory. "Hie coil on the dash
board is believed to have given all
the trouble through grounding. This
was insulated. The truck made sev
eral test runs during the afternoon.
Stop and see me before selling.
Highest market price paid.
919 Main Street.
-In the list of candidates wh filed
on Saturday, should be the names ox
J. A. Whetstone, justice of the peace,
kiinth and Blondeau, the hod00 cor-land Henry Reichmann. constable,
for the big fire truck, failed to on the republican ticket. These nomi
krclge Its usual baneful influence nation papers -were filed with the re
afternoon. The truck made a corder on Saturday at Fort Madison,
run there, aad threw water —R- Corn well of Des Moines was in
ough the Siamese. In spite of the Keokuk this afternoon to give the
deflecting the stream, a good demonstration and lecture in cement
Irage was recorded. The nozzleJ working?. Mr. Cornwell was in "ort
was an inch and a half. Madison this morning and delivered a
le truck has been overhauled by 1 lecture before the high school there
of the experts from the
to the one here this afternoon.
Rith '^?„re?"
V..V'- liiV- |S 'JW
One of Bonkamp »*. CwwUltutloB
Democrat, in Which Libd is Al
toged is On Trial in the
District Court. 4
Only One Ground at Motion for More
Specific Statement Is Sustained
in Hunter vs. Bridge
Tbe suit of John Boniarap vs. the
and which it is claimed falsely iepre-
sented. A Jnry was being secured
paragraph dealing with the questions
of wherein the plaintiff was negli
gent in the matter at lights was the
one sustained.
An amendment has been filed in
these cases, also.
The wiU of the late Wilhelmina
J.i«r was probated in the district
court yesterday. Ida C. List was ap
pointed executrix.
In the case of Donahue vs. the C_
B. & Q-. the mption to strike and for
more specific statement was over
Last night at the Vitagrapb thea
tre. J. Stuart Blackton's
Constitution-Democrat «u com
menced this afternoon in the district TREVTOX J. May 9-—At least
court. Bonicampis ^ing Constt-
this afternoon.
In the cases of Lillian M. Hunter,
Adnuu ra. the Keokuk and Hamilton *}jock at
Bridge Co- and Lillian M. Hunter vs.
the Keokuk and Hamilton bridge one
ground of the motion of more specific
•The Battle Ory of Peace" Tonight. by two explosions, the first of which
Todav is the opening of the three occurred in the tank.
days' run of "The Battle Cry of
Peace" at the Grand. On this open-
At Least Four Men Killed and One
Hundred Wounded by the
men kiUed
in an explosion
the AtJaa
ing night one lady will be admitted A l"* A twgt WAM&N
free when accompanied by one paid 1 AGAINST WOMAN
aduK ticket.
This great picture Is a graphic Deaths at Home for Elderly People
idea for preparedness of our country, are to be Investigated by
a call to arms—against war." The
Xew York Ereninc Journal comments
as follows:
Hopaxooas tiis after-
the Authorities.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., May 9.—
Authorities Investigating Mrs. Amy B.
Battle Cry Archer GUligan. proprietor of the
at Peace" was given its initial per- Archer home for elderly people at
formanea. It is the greatest piece of Windsor, now under arrest on the
work yet accomplished by any film charge of murder, today announced
record, and it will go down as a piece' the discovery of ten bodies of late
of epic work closely rivalling the fa- inmates of the home buried in New
mous "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Haven county. Two of these have
The situations are not so very dif-. been exhumed for examination.
ferent. In one we have the days of. The authorities here declined to
slavery—slavery to power. Today say whether the remaining eight
we have slavery just as flagrantly would be exhumed. They said this
shown in the helplessness with whicn would be up to the authorities at
we lie in the way of any chance en-, Hartford county where Mrs. Archer
emy that may happen to attack us. Gilligan is being held. The burial
Uncle Tom and his brother slaves places of all persons who died at the
suffered the whip and taunt of tne home during the past five years will
slave driver. The black woman of be determined and if the disclosures
that time was made to feel the indig- on the already -exhumed bodies war
nities and insults that any white man rant it, all it is believed, will be
wished to inflict upon her. (examined. Authorities today specu-
Uncle Tom's case was just one out lated on whether they had discovered
of thousands, but what of the sitna-' another "Gunness murder farm."
tion today? We are slaves in the Mrs. Archer Gilligan was arrested
grip of our unpreparedness. We think'on tie murder charge after examina
we are humane when we listen to the! tion of the body of Franklin R. An
peace propaganda that is constantly' drews who died at the home, dls-
preached by many of our contempo-j closed that a liberal dose of arsenic iy pitcher Bawden, who fanned, it
raries hut are we human? The time caflsed the death. Andrews died May seems, fifteen men.
may come, and that scon, when our
wi.h to obtain peace at any price will
leave us at the mercy of a far more
crue? master than Simon Legree of
old. who lashed the poor, quivering
flesh of Uncle Tom.—Advertisement.
The Warsaw Gate City
Warsaw is tq be highly honored
this week by one of the largest, if
not the largest, conventions ever held
here. The annual Quincy Episcopal
diocesan convention of the Woman's
Auxiliary to Missions will be held for
two days in St. Paul's Episcopal
church beginning Tuesday morning.
May 9. Over 100 delegates will be
present and many will take part in
the program. These delegates will
be kindly entertained by the mem
bers of the church and other cittxens.
Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock. Rev.
D. S. Tuttle, D. D., presiding bishop
of the Episcopal church of the United
States, will preach in St Paul's
irsaw. 111., May 9, 1916.
The Prlea of Mallee shwwn at the HI ppotfrome
«ve ning.
•550011 by fine which was jby Ur^D. R. HUUs. Sll Blondean ft.
2 SO. Thirtv are re-.
5^ seriously injured
and upwards of 100
I. '•watls.
01 4
The deaths In the home in
five years are more than
30. 1914.
the past
two score.
Mrs. Archer Gilligan is being-held
to the grand jury without bond. She
maintains her innocence.
church. All should go hear this ven
erable dignitary. Bishop Fawcett of
Illinois and the bishop of Iowa will
be present. The occasion will be one
of unusual interest and long to be re
membered. A good program has been
Dr. George Long arrived home from
St. Louis Saturday, he having been
there all of the past week in the in
terest of the October church pageant.
Rev. John Forbes Mitchell of Chi
cago arrived Saturday for a short
visit and will attend the convention.
Teams are busy today distributing
the water pipe for the new extension.
When this is completed, ditching and
laying will begin.
tomorrow matinee snd
Call Black €«£.
Fto Society Editor
Awdllary Met Today.
The W. B. SL uxiBuT of thf
Christian dti7A met In the puiors
of the church this afternon iritli Mrs.
b. XX Qivldsoa. chairman, assisted ly
Mrs. John Smith. Mrs. Staton, M».
PXftas. Mrs. Frank Woolley, Mrs.
Weils and Miss RoOege. 1%« fnUov
ing prwTim *r«a given:
Prayer—Mr*. ttacoa.
Bftte mdias—Mrs. fruik Wooll«y
Db«—Miss (.Uar sad Mrs. A. J.
Paper—Mrs. Staton.
Soto—W. R. Bacon.
Hidden Answers, conducted by Mi»
Battots, CoQvmd by talks on the dtf-
ferret wiHsloa fteidk
Woman** Whist League.
Mrs. jSogeae & Bafrer was hostess
[today to the Womuu' Whist
[at her home oa Orleans AT*.
Wednesday Reading Club.
The Wednesday Reading club will
„™sw, wu.
entertained tomorrow afternoon
Entertained at Bridge.
Mrs. Jamas Hfeiskamp entertained A
company of ladies at a dellgh rfu"
tae explosion w» bridge party today. At half past firs
felt forty miles away. From Mt joncheon was served v*
Arlington, authorities reported the
fire was burning with the greatest
The diminc
room was decorated in many bios-
colors. Mre. HBUkxai) wffi
°°ISS?rt»low. in Wr —I» •o-"*"
miles around and sending stout,
buildings tumbling down like sandj
houses, the dynamite house of the rj. __t__
powder company was wiped off the
face of the earth as completely as if jtidned'the Kill Rare club last night,
it had been blown away in a puff of The evening was spent in playing
wind. Maimed men lay about and: orldgB after widen a eupper was
disjointed arms and legs were pic*- served.
ed up out of trees and hundreds of
I away where they had been P. E. O. State Convention.
thrown by the force of the explosion, The twenty-fourth annual conveu
Tbe United Press informant said jtion of the Iowa grand chapter of the
three powder houses and a nitro-jp. & O. sisterhood is meeting this
glycerine mixing tank were destroyed 1 week in Xewton. The first session
was held today, and Wednesday and
Thursday will complete the session.
MTs. Winona Evans Reeves of Keokr.k
past supreme president is to speak
on Thursday morning on the subject
'The Province of a Sisterhood."
union O- H. Meeting.
Mrs. E. W. Pahl will entertain the
Juniol O. H. club tomorrow afternoon
at 1712 Johnson streeL
Engagement la Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. L/oui* Wahrer of Mon
trose announce the engagement
of their daughter, Edith Louise, to
Arthnr James Maxwell, son ft Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Maxwell of Chicago, 111.
The wedding will take [dace May 23.
Says Score Kept by Button Cutte*
Scorer Was Not Correct
The West Keokuk Athletics in a
communication to the sporting editor
of The Gate City, have a bone to picS
with the Button Cutters and the But
ton Cutter scorer, whose handiwork
was printed in The Gate City last
night. The Athletics claim that the
score was made out of whole cloth
and that proper credit was not given
to the West Keokuk players, especial
The two teams are going to fight
it out again on the coming Sunday
and the Athletic® say they are going
to have their own scorer on the
grounds. Following is the communi
cation received:
Sporting Editor:
We notice the Button Cutters, after
their lucky win, have made up a score
and had It printed. Here are some ad
ditional facts. We never batted the
way they had it scored. They never
get over seven hits and they had five
errors. In the score they had none.
And we noticed that they tried to dis
credit our pitcher. He never walked
a man nor had any wild pitches
his credit and did not strike out less
than fifteen men. We believe that
had we not had to play against luck
and a poor unmpire we would have
defeated the Button Cutters easily
Costly errors lost the game and our
pitcher was not hit all over the lot.
We also wish to challenge them for
a game to be played Sunday if they
wish, or any time they say. and wo
will have a scorer. We will not crow
if we win or print a score made up to
suit ourselves and we will also use the
same pitcher and hope they will use
theirs. We also wish to ask them
who the scorer was, and will accept
their challenge through The Gate
City if they so wish.
Mrs, J. B. Mudd of Downing. Mo., is
visiting her son Jesse Mudd and
Resident of Vlclrwity of Gregory, Mo.,
Laid to Rest Saturday—Rev.
Engel Preached Sermon.
Want Column
If you wish to rent or sell a house
if you are seeking a position or want
someone to work for you if you have
lost anything or found anything, your
advertising message Inserted in The
Oaiiy Gate City will enter every
reading home in Keokuk and twenty
flve mile radius. The cost is but a
cent a word each insertion, no ad
vertisement being taken for less
than 15c. Cash must accompany order.
WANTED—At once, 10,000 dull
safety raior blades to sharpen at
Woodbury's, 1104 Main street.
WANTED Reliable woman who
knows something of "Viavi" to take
charge of important field in Iowa.
Salary and commission. Give experi
ence and references. Address Viavi
Co., 406 Shops BM*., Des Moines, la.
FOR RUNT—Modern residence, north
side, furnished or unfurnished. Also
two furnished apartments for house
keeping. 727 North Ninth. Phone Blk.
FOR RENT—Frame house, seven
rooms with gas snd bath, 710 Mor
gan. Apply to H. O. Duncan at Duu
can-Schell Furniture Co.
FOR RENT—A small ntwly furnished
cottage, strictly modern. Call at
610 South Sixth.
FOR RENT—213 Concert street. In
quire Mrs. W. B. Daniels, 206 High
FOR RENT—Nicely furnished room
in modern home. Good location.
Telephone Black 1242 or inquire 1213
FOR RENT—i25 Rank street, six
rooms, hath and gas. Good street.
Good neighborhood. Phone Red 662.
modern house,
Phone Red 302.
GfRBGORT. Mo.. May On Satur
day last occurred the burial of Mlrs.
Bnima Koeber Gatton. wife of William her husband whom sho
Gatton, a long established resident in February^ 1913. and
I the vicinity of Gregory, Mo. Although
failing in health for some time, her
condition was not deemed serious,
until several weeks prior to her pass
ing. when intensely painful complica
tions set in.
Ml*. Gatton was born at Warsaw,
til, February 4, UM. a daughter of
I, seven room
High street.
FOR SALE—Slightly used upright
piano In perfect condition $223
burled walnut HlnEie piano at $137:
$225 Hinsie golden oak at $111 $350
Emerson, ebony case, at $123: $300
lo Whitney mahogany. $18" one upright
piano in good practice shape. $63
one square piano, good condition, at
$15. Terms if desired. These must
be sold to make room in our ware
room. Duncan-Schell Furniture Co.
FOR SALE—1.110 30-horse power. 4
cylinder, 5 passenger Packard auto
mobile, good condition. $500.00. Ilox
10. Keokuk, Iowa.
FOR SALE—TPwo Retting hens.
Kmrna Jackson. 1622 Orleans.
Duncan-Schell Furniture Co.
Prom the Cheapest That is Good to the Pest That is Made
Afo Greater Luxury
in Summer Than
Idwater on tap.
How Insipid and «arm the •"city" wnter becomes the
very outset of summer. What greater convenience could there
be than a good, 00M drink whenever you want it That's
what It moans to have an
With the same ice that cools the food, the contents
of its built-in
water cooler is
kept delightful
ly cold. It's a
wonderful re
frigerator. See
the Automatic
before you buy.
We Never
el in
inner-facts regard
ing the clothes we
FOR SALE—Household goods. In
cluding china closet, sideboard,
wardrobe, bookcase and refrigerator.
Call at 307 Morgan street, or phone
Black 376.
Mr. and Mrs. Jolin A. Koch, and dle:l
at her home near Gregory, on May 4.
1imi Of her first union, her hus
band and three children have pre
ceded her in death, two sons. Albert
and Otto Koeber surviving her to
keenly feel tho loss of a dear mother.
Of her second union she leaves to
mourn her departure. William Gatton,
married in
one step-son,
William Gatton. also one sister. Mrs.
W. S. McBride of Warsaw, 111., two
brothers. Win. J. and ifenry J. Koch,
also of Warsaw. 111.
Services were held in Keystone
church, the Rev. M. Engel of Keokuk
delivering the funeral oration to a
large audience of friends and ao
DonV go
Lot Hit!?
LANDOLOGY, a n^agnslne :rlng thti
fncts in re sard to tho lahd situa*
Uon. Three months trial subscrip
tion free. If for a home, or as an*
investment you are thinking of buying
good farm lands, simply write me a
letter n. rVIng it crsonal nn«l c-ay
"Mail me Landology and -ill o.-irtim*
FOR 8A1LE—Household goods at 714 lars free." Address Loyd M. Skis
Franklin street. jeer, general manager, -kuiiuore i.a.ui
o.. 233 Skitimore Bids.. Marinette,
FXWt SA5JB--8 year old road mare, or Wis.
will trade for heavy
Phone 883.
draft horse.
quaintances of tho deceased. Inter
ment occurred at the Kra/.ee ceme
tery. near Wavianil. Mo.
Mrs. Gatton died a christian worn
an. She enjoyod nn exceptionally
wide acquaintanceship and had en
deared liersolf to her many friend*
with her cheerful disposition and, es
pecially. with her willingness to ad
minister to the sick In tue com
—The local authorities were noti
fied today that the Bott Bros,
clothing store at Warsaw was robbed
of one hundred dollars Worth of
goods last nigfht. Among other art
icles taken were two suits of clothes,
two suit cases, seveial bats, neckties,
shoes and shirts.
—Mary D. Street has cdnveyed to,
Edward B. McXenney lot 2 In block!
156. The consideration Is (1,500.
—Advertise In The Gate City aad
get results.
,ft- V.
the con­
a a
about them, and
particularly speak
ing of "shrinking"
there isn't an atom
of such a possibility
with the Kirsch
baum Clothes at
$15, $18, $20 and
up to $25.
Every yard of fabric
in their making is
London shrunk by
cold water process,
the only effective
method of taking
"all the shrink" out,
so that no amount of
wetting will affect
their shapeliness
Straw Hats—any style in
Sennit, Split, Milan, Bang
kok or Panama, you'll
find here tho straw hat to
your liking, for summer
comfort ami service.
From $1.00 to $5.00

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