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C. P.
C. E.
that "they
and Constitution-Democrat,
•f-'f .J- PUBLISHED BY -i'
5 18 North Sixth Street.
CITY—Established 1854.
4 CON STITUTION—Established 1847.
DEMOCRAT—Established 1881
Consolidated March 26, 1888.
&<s-i CKIBP—Established In 1892.
MM Consolidated September 22, 1892.
Consolidated April 8, 191€.
Entered at the poatofflce at Keokuk as second-class
Daily, except Sunday.
Keokuk, Iowa May 9, 1916
When a strong
goods are in peace
man armed
But when
They come into the parlor car
•••,.' And take their seats beside me.
(How very commonplace they are!
I know my wife would chide me,
And call it rude of mo to stare
At this old man and woman,
But, since they do not seem to care,
Why shouldn't I be human?
i/3've read my paper through and through—
There's mighty little in it—
^.'if',And so I've nothing else to do
"J. But watch thefn for a minUte.
Tliey offer little promise, though,
of charm to the beholder
2 can judge her sixty-five or so,
And he a trifle older.
I've watched them for a hundred miles!
I'd watch another hundred,
To share the paradise that smiles.
Around them! How I blundered,
To call this couple commonplace.
Youth's glory and romance's
Play sunnily about each face
And glimmer in their glances,
His heart, a bee above the flower,
Around her fortn is flitting.
And she—how well she knows har power!
She snares it in1 her knitting.
Here's love that is forever new,
That feasts and still doth hunger—
Ah! he's eternal twenty-two
And she a trifle younger.
Let my love. Lord, for my mate grow
j-Thus god-like, to enfold her,
When she is three-score-ten or
And I a trifle older.
—Tom Daly, in Philadelphia Ledger.
•. Wealth takes into itself the qualities by
which it is won.—J. G. Hollarid.
Why must the countiy endure an intermin
able session of congress? At a time when sena-'P5155*
tors and representatives should be getting
readv to pack up and go home we are informed
will be unable to complete their la-jof
bor bills. But since these problems were as!
would bring results equally as satisfactory' and
with an expenditure of half the time,
from the mills. Here again we have the oldiwoar
"•V V...
a a a sioiis. There is nothing more forceful than
truth, nothing so prejudicial to good order and
civic growth as untruths or half truths when
uttered in relation to individuals or a commun-
Daily, by mail, outside city, year ity. ^-Frequently the thing men are suffering
Dally, In Keokuk, per-week
Go to it.
bors before the end of August, with a strong iwho can never hope to make a creditable show
probability that the session may be prolonged
late into the fall that some of our most distinguished men in
The program to which congress must devotO! history have begun life as weaklings, and that
itself assiduously in ortler to get through at all
labor and,
perhaps, talk [points won by one si'd'e or the other, a strongin
jcentive for improvement is at once offered to
BLAME FOR TIMBER WASTE. those who are below the average. If the oom-
A writer on the lumber situation in thelpeting groups are so balanced by a competent
Am'erican Review of Reveiws vouches for the leader that no evident advantage lies with eith
fact that there is a timber waste of sixty perfer side at the beginning of the season, marked
cent, between the tree and the lumber product.!improvement should follow, provided reason
lf this be so, there is a pressing need of conser-fable encouragement and instruction are given
vation in manufacture as well as in the natural
our resources, which we now need to do mote
than ever before, is to get everything we can
out of them. On the basis of the evidence pre
sented it seems that business efficiencj has hero
a wide field for profitable endeavor.
from ig wrollg
come upon him and overcome Mm, he taketh from Him hetter cause, and it has been promoted by men
all his armor whor,oin he trusted, and divideth his spoils.
i-n +Viq
—st. Luke, xi, 22.
Public opinion is sometimes warped by pas
sion, prejudice and ignorance. It is the duty
of right thinking citizens to expose and oppose
opinion of that sort and guide to wiser conelu-
thought. To correct their
I thought is the greatest service that can be ren
dered them. One of the prevailing wrong
thoughts is that Keokuk, in opposition to the
country districts of Lee county, does not pay
proportionate share of taxes. This has
keepth Hie iace his I been dinned into the ears of those residing
stronger than"he^'stiaM without the city with a persistency worthy of a
earn their daily bread in tne
I city they untruthfully characterize.
The Gate City wants to see all men and wom
en of Keokuk and Lee county dwell together
in peace wants to see petty bickerings that are
known as "small town stuff" relegated to the
past. That may all be attained, as this paper
said last Wednesday, by "a strong pull, a real
pull, a co-operative pull in the right direction."
Citizens of Keokuk and Lee county-
If the introduction of military drill in public
schools accomplishes nothing else, it will help
to fill a conspicuous gap in the physical culture
work of the educational institutions. All the
energies of physical directors are usually be
stowed upon the training and coaching of
teams composed of boys naturally inclined to
athletics. In all schools and colleges the boys
arid young men who most need exercise get the
least of it. If a boy is already a good baseball
player or has evident promise as a track ath
lete, ample encouragement is given him to im
prove, in order that tlie ^institution may Win
games from its opponents. But if he is under
sized, undeveloped, inactive, nobody seems to
care' to interest him in the normal, healthful
play which his comrades fin'd inherently attrac
tice. It is a very narrow view of the problem
of public health and human efficiency that ig
nores this ilass of boys, which includes per
haps a fourth or a third of the whole number.
Military drill, since it does not demand ex
ceptional muscular skill or agility, is particu
larly well adapted to give healthful exercise to
the less athletic type of boy, putting him side
by side with his more muscular companions
whom he can soon learn to equal or to sur-
The upright carriage of the body, the
we never know what
includes: Army'and navy reorganization bills |youngsters in the school may turn out to be a
revenue legislation, including new income to! leader later life—handicapped, perhaps, by
put into effect the defence bills, conservation,! ""paired health which it was the business of
shipping, rural credit, good roads and child'la-j^e
accurate muscular control developed
the manual of arms, the brisk, regular pace
marching column, are all possible to boys
on the playground. It is well to remember
to improve.
elearlv defined when congress met, whv this dc- jmethods by which the physical directors of
lay in taking them up seriously? (schools and colleges might do more than they
Deliberation and carefulness in the consid- t° raise the general average of physical effi
eration of matters that affect the welfare of the:c^enc- °.t them, which has been largely
people are commendable traits, vet deliberation
and carefulness may be so strained as to make! ?J*steia of group competition already familiar
one think the congress is going to the other ex-! the relay races and the tug of war. When all
tremu and that a middle course if followed jthe
neglected, hollow-chested
there are other
in some cities, is the extension of the
in a
are expected to enter each event, and the
at K,m, er
Meat packers find their principal profit in the! sentimental song writer: "O, sheriff, do not
by products which tliey derive from a carcass, I take the teeth that grandpa willed to me!"
but it seems that a tree is made to yield no
by products tliat can be utilized to the least de
gree. This difference between handling a hog
and a log makes up a great part of what
called timber waste, and the accusation of tim
ber waste has been laid almost exclusively at Those who are addicted to May walking
the doors of the lumbermen who have cut our should be careful not to leave their rubbers at
Corests. One of the best means of conserving home.
is decided by the total number of
those who netfd them most.
resources. Furthermore, it is declared that the
public is to blame for present methods be- "Cash paid for old discarded false teeth,"
cause of its refusal to accept uneven lengths
advertisement. It seems a man may
habit of placing convenience before wise sav-tteeth which his great grandsire bit the
ing of raw material and efficiency in its use.
unconsciously, the very
hill. Here's a chance for the
It is a sturdy and unusually hold worry that
docs not slink off and lose itself when faced by
a strong will and fixed determination to be
K, .i
£u. i,1!}
v? r" (f 7"T
to CnliPOrnlavf-a
*mdBl§ Treea
Yqu can camp, tramp, fish and il«p
Motor, sail, swim and dance
Play golf, polo and tennis—or just
be lazy
A California Summer
lightful— cocl always, by the sea and
in the mountains
San Diego Exposition open
all 1916. Cool summer trip if you
go Santa F«
Four daily California trains
Ask for folders of train and trip
Low Excursion fares
daily May 1 to September 30
Samuel Larimer, Geo. Agt.
815 7th St.. Des Koines. Iowa.
The Congressional Campaign.
•Burlington Post: The withdrawal
of Mr. Kopp, Mr. Molesberry and Mr.
Jones from the republican congression
al campaign leaves two contestants In
the field—Mr. Clifford Thorne of
Washington county and Mr. C. A. Ken
nedy of i/ee county. The primary of
June 5 will register the decision of tha
party members in respect to the
claims of these gentlemen. We can
not believe that this decision will be
adverse to Mr. Kennedy and in favor
ol Mr. Thorne. Our confident expecta
tion is that the former will be nomi
nated by a majority so decisive that
it will Serve as a large element of
strength to him in the November elec
tion. And this is as it should be.
There is every good reason why this
district should continue to be repre
sented In congress by Mr. Kennedy.
There is not a single good reason why
Mr. Thorne should attempt to supplant
the public desire and force himself on
the district at thU time. The people
do not desire this change, from Ken
nedy to Thorne, and a less Idealistic
dreamer than the latter would be able
to see it plainly, and would continue
his public service in the position which
he now occupies and in which he has
proven himself capable. Mir. Thorne
has shocked the moral sense of the
district by his manifest readiness ta
abandon his own field of public use
fulness on the slim chance of being
able to displace the most useful man
the First district ever has had in con
This is an Observance Sanctioned by
President and Congress of
United States.
Sunday, May 14, will be observed
in Keokuk as Mother's Day. The ob
servance Is set for the second Sun
day in May by a joint resolution of
congress and by a proclamation of
the president issued in 1914. Sev
eral of the local churches will plan
to observe the day next Sunday.
Tfye United States is the first na
tion to so honor the mother. The first
•proclamation wa3 made by President
Woodrow Wilson on May 9, and he
asked that in accordance with a joint
resolution of congress the second
Sunday in May bo observed.
Hard on the Primary.
Washington, la.. Democrat: The
presidential primary is almost as big
a joke as Mayor Big Bill Thompson
of Chicago.
Why are so Many People
Losing Their Hair?
That is a simple question to answer.
How can you expect a hair to grow
through a hair cell if the hair cell i*
completely stopped upt
Would you expect a plant to grow is
a flower pot if the top of the pot wai
sealed up
Your head, everybody's head, has ap
proximately 175,000 hair eella.
If one half or two thirds of tliest
cells are stopped up, how can yon ex
pect a luxuriant growth of hnirf
SHAMPOO opens these hair cells. It
dissolves the dandruff, (dry or oily) and
promotes the growth of the hair.
It leathers freely and thorooghly
cleanses the hair and scalp.
To keep the hair in best condition,
men and children should have an oil
shampoo every week, women, every
other week.
Every Week Anti-Septic Oil 8h«m
is sold for 50c per bottle Tiv
Wilkinson at co.. Hotel towa Pnar
macy. Crescent Pharmacy, McGrath
Bros., Scott O'Reilly, City Drug
Store, Englehardt & Co., J. F. Kied
aisch & Son, W. H. Siegfried and all
other dealers in drugs and toilet
h* 4" "iS
Voice of the People
[The Gate City does not assume re
sponsibility for views expressed by
correspondents.] ••%£,!
A Plea for the Sparrows.
fTo the Editor of The Gate City:
I am not In line with the popular
campaign against the English spar
row. Most certainly the wisdom and
necessity for the prevalent con
demnation of fhis little bird is to be
condemned, and the accuracy of
spine of the off-hand statements as
to their oindesimbility are open to
challenge. Not the least of valuable
birds are the scavengers, and it is of
this class that the sparrow is a mem
Who has not auruired the pluck and
hardiness of the little ball of wind
swept brown feathers perched out in
the winter cold—the only bird life in
sight except the pirate bluejay—with
a wistful eye cast on the kitchen door
"and the path to the refuse pall?
Guilty little chap, he gets a living
where any other bird would starve.
The 'plucky chirp on a blizzardy
morning does any man's heart good.
So far as publications dealing with
the sparrow are concerned, United
States government experts 'have
written of many other birds, song
sters included.
The old time charge that the rob
ins'- dwindling numbers—and this1
charge is refuted by the great num
bers of these pretty birds seen with
in the boundaries of the city of Keo
kuk and are so tame as to cause re
mark—is due to the vicious nature
of the sparrow, is not founded on
England and Wales are famous
for their great variety of beautiful
bird singers, yet sparrows abound
there. Virginia is also a songbird
paradise, and Tennessee rings with
the melody of the mocking bird, but
sparrows are everywhere there, just
as here in Keokuk.
Everybody cherishes the robirt, yet
he is a noisy fellow outside of his
singing moments, something of,a dis
turber among the singing tribe, and
no less destructive than the sparrow.
•Where is that songbird asylum in
which (Dick Sparrow is not liberally
Songbirds won't thrive where
sparrows are? How is it, then, that
Keolcuk is already the home of
thousands of beautiful singers, or,
that if they are present in millions
elsevhere, the sparrows are there,
too, to keep them company?
Keotouk, Iowa, May 8, 1916.
Not an Invention.
To the Editor of The Gate City:
In your issue of April 29 I find
reference to a pamphlet criticising
Christian Science, and ask space to
comment briefly upon it for the in
formation of your readers. 'Because
Christian Science does not interpret
the teachings of the Bible as he does,
our critic rules that it "forfeits its
right to be called christian." No one
Is clothed with authority to grant or
to refuse certificates of Christianity.
To be a christian is to be a followor
of Jesus Christ. The most striking
thing about the tour gospel records
of Jesus' ministry is the prominence
they give to the spiritual healing
which always accompanied His
teachings. He expressly charged Hds
followers to heal' the sick in connec
tion with His command to preach the
gospel. That this was intended not
for His contemporaries alone but for
all time Is clearly indicated by the
fact that it continued to be the ac
companiment of the exercise of the
christian religion for nearly three
centuries after the crucifixion.
Christian Science is not an inven
tion but a discovery of the underly
ing truths of Christianity which the
Bible has always contained. Its re
revival of primitive Christianity re
vived also, and in wonderful measure,
the healing of "all manner of dis
eases," which, in its early and purest
form, it abundantly manifested ex
actly as Jesus promised to all hu
manity and for all time when He
said, "these sigrns shall follow them
that believe."
Jf that body of religionists who are
carrying out not part but all of
Jesus' commandments and who are
most closely approximating the signs
following His ministry, were to be re
fused the right to the christian ap
pellation, on wfaat showing ooulf any
dedonilnation be admitted? It was
the founder of Christianity himself
who declared, "By their fruits ye shall
know them."
Very truly yours.
Warsaw, HI., May G, 1916.
There was quite an electrical and
-wind storm here Saturday night.
T. N. Bondurant went to Kirks
ville, Mo., Sunday to visit a few days
wMh relatives.
Arthur Wlneinger, carrier on route
2, spent Saturday night and Sunday
with home folks.
Miis Hazel Ktrkland spent Sunday
with Miss Pearl Ijockett.
Jet Ayers, wife and son, visited
relatives in Memphis Sunday.
Ous Hope and family of, Lancaster,
were in Downing Sunday afternoon.
William Crawford, wife and daugh
ters spent Saturday with Rome
Moore and family.
Mrs. Roy Crosrm still continues to
Improve in health, which is very en
couraging to Iter many friends.
The lightning struck Jack Mulli
kln's new barn Saturday night and
burned -it to the ground. One set of
harness was all they saved.
Charley Lewis, w^o is in the hos
pital at Keokuk, does not improve
very fast.
Mrs. Elizabeth Wlneinger is dan
gerously ill at the home of her son,
L&well and Lewis Brlssey, from
Strongbnrst, 111., came Wednesday to
Neglect of Important Function May
Seriously Impair the
There are many people who believe
they suffer from indigestion when
their discomfort reaUy is due to a
constipated condition.
Bloat, with its attondant mental de
pression, sick-headache, the belching
of sour stomach gases, etc., are fre
quently due to inaction of the bowels
Relieve the congentlon and the
trouble' usually disappears. The use
of cathartics and purgatives should
be avoided, however these shock the
system unnecessarily and, at best,
their effect is but temporary. A mild
laxative is far preferable.
The compound of simple laxative
herbs known as Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin and sold in drag stores for
fifty cents a bottle, is highly recom
mended. Mr. Benj. Basain, 360 Madi
son St., Gary, Ind., thinks Br. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin a wonderful
medicine for four years he had a
severe case of Indigestion and consti
pation before trying Dr. Caldwe'/s
Syrup Pepsin, which he is glad to
recommend to all who suffer with
spend the day with their grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bobt. Anthony.
J. Lt Johnson and family were
Farmington shoppers one. day last
G. W. Martin of Vernon, Iowa, was
in Croton all day last Friday.
Vesta Batten went to Donnellson
one day last week, to be gone for
some time.
Stanley Beggs and Ottis Batten
\yent to Argyle last Thursday.
Mrs." Truman Raines of Farming
ton, came Thursday for a visit.
Mrs. Riley DeHart, a long time
resident of Lee county, •until two
months ago, movfed near Farmington,
Van Buren county, died Tuesday
evening, May 2, and was buried
Thursday afternoon at Farmington.
Funeral preached at the house, by
Rev. Hawk.
fThe ladles of the Methodist church
met Saturday afternoon and organ
ized a Ladies' Aid. Work was plan
ned for the summer and oher bush
ness attended to.
Mrs. George Cameron of Birming
ham, Iowa, and Mrs. Ab Doud of
Athens, Mo., attended Sunday, school
and church here Sunday.
O. H. Saltzgaver, Mrs. Curg Saltz
gaver and daughter, Ella, Mrs. Chas.
Cecil and Mrs. Maymie French at
tended the funeral of Mrs. DeHart,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry House returned
to their home in Des Moines, Thurs
day evening.
There will be an ice cream supper
at the Odd Fellows hall Saturday
Indigestion May Be
Due to Constipcitk
TUESDAY, MAY 9, 1916
stonjach and bowel trouble.
A bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Sfl
Pepsin should be In every home
use when occasion arises. A
bottle, free of charge, can be ob,
ed- by .writing to Dr. W. B. Calfoj
454 Washington St., Montlcello,
night, May 13, for the benefit of
Methodist church.
Mrs. B. Nelson was shopping]
town Saturday afternoon.
(Several from here attended
picnic at Rising Sun school ho|
Friday. Miss Kate Horsey te
All reported a fine time..
T. R. Sawyer was a business
to Keokuk and Decorah, 111., a
days last week.
•Mr. and Mrs. Harry S&ltzgaw|
Bonaparte, Iowa, were viskoraj
Mrs. Larson of Keokuk, iruj
over Sunday visitor at the
R. B. Nelson home.
John Johnson and family,
Starr and family of Route No,|
Farmington, Mrs. F. P. Frye of 1
nellson, and Mrs. l^rson of Keok
attended Sunday school and cbaij
here Sunday.
Say "Faust Cut Macaroni!"
When you order from the grocer's do
you simply ask for macaroni,, or for
Faust Cut Macaroni There's a mighty
big difference, because Faust Cut Maca
roni is already cut in inch lengths, and, you
know, nearly all recipes call for cut maca
roni. Then, Faust Cut Macaroni is made
from Durum wheat, rich gluten and tha
most noorUhiotf of foods. It isiput up in Urge pick
ties for 10 cents. When jroa next order. Insist on
Faust Cut Macaroni. It doeaa't take any more time,
bat it does five lots more for yoar jnoney.
MAULL BROS., St. Louis, U. S. A.
ToucH Typewriting
By the Improved Column Selector of the New'
Do you know that until the inven
tion of the Remington Column
Selector, perfect tauch trpfwri/iitg
was impossible in letter writing?
Ttueh Typewriting means keeping the.
eyes on the copy. Perfect Touch Type-,-'
-writing means keeping the eyes AL
WAYSonthecopy— NEVER looking
at the machine after inserting the paper.
For a touch typist to look away from
the copr is called a "break.** And it
is the ''breaks** that cost the time.
But there werealwaysboundtobeabout
a dozen "breaks" in every letter for
the dat* line, paragraphs, "jmtrj
truly,"etc. Why? Because hand set
tings of the carriage anldnet be muuU
by touch.
The Improved Remington Column
Selector eliminates these hand adjust
ments. It provides Instant machine
setting for this suit of any line.
It enables the operator to transcribe a
letter from date to signatirre without
taking his eyes from the copy. This is
perfect ttiueh Meturiting—and it is ob
tainable in letter writing only on a
The result Is a gain of 25% in the i-sSS
& I
—_ _l_
you the proof let tis make a demon
stration, in your office or in our office!
No obligation involved.
Gnad An, Psmcm Pidtc Fipiwili—
Renjington Typewriter
". ftj** (Incorporated)
wiif!• i"n" -•••i-'-f
Herbert 'Shaw Is home from
souri for a visit.
•Rev. Frye organized a tead
training class here last Sunday.
Class will meet twice a month
Rev. Frye as teacher.
Mrs. Viola Batten, who has
In Donnellson for several mont]
home now.
Curg Saltzgaver and sod wei
Keokuk on business last Monday. I
Joe Cox was In 'Farmington
Monday evening.
-S* 1
f, tST**'
ra Kr-trttt
It saves enough lime to offset
total cost of the machiao but
nothing to the psice.
i* 1
Harry Palmer/ who has been I
the northern part of the state
some time, spent Qjinday at his

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