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Dollar Day Special
Regular $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 Curtains,
all new stock
$1.00 Per
Morgan-Lofquist Co.
603 Mean Street
Violet Dulce Complexion Powder ..« 50c
Vkrtet Dulce Cold Cream 50o
Violet Dulce Talcum Powder .. 25c
Rexall Sharing Stick, Powder or Or earn 25c
Rexall Shaving Lotion
Intense Rose Talcum Powder 25c
Rubbersett Shaving Bru£h 50c
Rexall 93 Hair Brash .....$1.00
Hair Tonic Comb
I, (Applys the tonic without waste or muss.)
McGrath Bros. Drug Co.
5th and Main
Palm Beach
S it
This warm weather should make
you feel the necessity of light weight
clothing. We are showing some ex
ceptionally fine values in Palm
Beach Suits from $11.50 up. We
make these suits to measure and
guarantee them to fit perfectly.
Silk Stripe, Mohair and all of the
latest weaves. Let us show them to
Lindsey Tailoring Co.
18 North Fifth. Keokuk, la.
Where a Dollar
Does Its Duty
Shoes that are "Juet Shoes" no longer tempt the woman who
dresses carefully. She wants to select deliberately the shoes that
suit her taste, fit her feet and harmonize with her costume.
Des Moines Capital: The other day
an elderly woman with hw arms full
of bundles crossed the street at a
busy corner.' She had waited several
minutes until street cars and automo
biles could pass so that the way
might be clear. Her manner clearly
showed nervousness and she took
every possible precaution.
Just as she was about to reach the
opposite sidewalk in safety a boy on a
bicycle shot by in front of the woman
at a reckless speed. A gasp of fright
escaped her lips and she nearly
dropped her bundles. We noticed that
she leaned against a building for sev
eral minutes to regain her composure
and probably to quiet a rapidly beat
ing heart.
As we glanced up th estreet we saw
the boy on the bicycle dash between
Come in and let us show you some exceptional values at 92.50.
$$—Some Exceptional Bar
gains for Dollar Day~$$
Be Sure and Come Early
Boston $2.50 Shoe Parlor
Upstairs Over Royal Cloak Cow
CLEVE HARNES8, Proprietor.
A Pest of the Streets.
420Vz Main Street
two vehicles and cut around a corner
crowded with pedestrians in the same
reckless manner, totally unmindful of
what he had done.
Messenger and delivery boys seem
to vie with each other in recklessness
to the constant risk of those who are
on the street. A word of caution from
I the business houses who employ boys
on bicycles and motorcycles might
help. It would also save a possible
suit for damages. With proper traffic
regulations and sufficient traffic offi
cers the bicycle pest could be elim
Sioux Ctty fee grabbers are going
Into court for a ruling on the right to
pocket marriage fees. The state
examiner reports that one justice of
the peace holds $692.70 of marriage
fees etaimed to he due the county.
Those In Charge of Exercises at the
Monument for Unknown Dead,
Have Been Appointed for
Memorial Day.
Committee* Hope That Looal People
Who Have Blooms Will Not
Forget to Share
The committees in charge of the
exercises at the monument of the^ un
known dead and in charge of the chil
dren who will assist at the exercises
have been appointed for the observ
ance of Memorial day on next Tues
day at the National cemetery- The
committee in charge of the monument
to the unknown" dead will be the fol
lowing: Mrs. Teeters, Mrs. Roche,
Mrs. Berryhill, Mrs. Poilard and Mrs.
The committee on children will be
the following: Mrs. Rollins, Mrs.
Bishop, Mrs. Fllesbach, Mrs. H. W.
Jones, Mrs. Lofton and Mrs. Elsie
Through an unintentional oversight,
in the report yesterdaj, the name of
Mrs. C. T. Miller, as obairman of one
of the flower committees was omitted.
The committees in charge of the
flowers hope that the generous citi
zens of Keokuk will make a special
effort to let them hare all of the
blooms possible, as they will need all
they can get to take care of the sol
diers* graves in both Oakland and
National cemeteries. With a few days
of sunshine the flowers will be in
bloom in profusion, but those who
have been fortunate enough to have
early flowers are asked to share theBe
with the committee.
Flowers should be brought to the
various school buildings as early as
8 or 8:30 o'clock.
Advertising the Church.
Des Moines Capitol: A Brooklyn
pastor recently urged his church trus
tees to employ a press agent to ad
vertise the various activities of the
congregation. He argued that the gen
eral public should know more about
what the church of today is doing In
addition to the regular "preaching
and praying."
There are some people to whom
the commercial side of the church is
repugnant. They are the class that
do not believe in church suppers, in
concerts, in lectures, in gymnasiums
for the boys and cluh rooms for the
girls. But the ultra-conservatives for
tunately are in a minority and the
modern city church is thriving as it
never has done in a similar period in
recent history.
In employing the art of advertising
the church is taking another step for
ward in its efforts to reach the
masses instead of waiting for the
masses to find the church. The name
"press, agent" may not be dignified
enough to use in this connection, but
it conveys the idea.
Successful evangelists hare trained
newspaper men on their staffs. There
are a quarter of a million churcheB
of all denominations and sects in the
United States today with a member
ship of less than one-tnird the total
population of the country. If the art
of advertising can be added to the
power of religion in a campaign to
enlarge the influence of the church,
there should be no hesitancy in adopt
ing it.
Honesty In Advertising.
Webster City Journal: A good deal
less dishonest advertising is being
used now than in years gone by, but
there is still room for more Improve
ment. Advertising ought to be honest
Every line of any advertisement
ought to ring true. The motto of
the Associated Adrertlsing Clubs of
the World—Truth—ought to be the
standard of judgment for every line
of advertising matter used, not only
in newspapers, but in circulars, on
bills and likewise on billboards. The
supreme court of the nation can do
nothing of wider benefit to the gen
eral public than to hasten the day
when the dishonest advertiser will be
compelled to reform. Dishonest ad
vertising is just as criminal as dis
honest dealing of any other sort.
Leaped From Auto.
TJRBANA, 111., May 26.—Be causa
her husband refused to heed her
pleas to drive slower, Mrs. Noah
Green leaped from the automobile
which was traveling thirty miles an
hour. Physicians say she may die.
President Will Retire.
LONDON, May 26.—Yuan Shi Kai,
president of the Chinese republic, has
definitely announced that he will re
tire, awaiting the choice of a suitable
successor, the Pekin correspondent of
the Exchange Telegraph reported to
Courage is not the absence of fear,
but the strength to overcome it.
Itching Torture Stops
It is unnecessary for ytra to suffer
with ecxema, ringworm, rashes and sim
ilar skin troubles. A little.fcemo, rotten
at any drug store for 25c, or $1.00 for
extra large bottle, and promptly applied
will usually give instant relief from itch
ing torture. It cleanses and soothes the
skin and heals quickly and effectively
most skin diseases.
Zemo Is a wonderful disappearing liquid
and does not smart the most delicate skin.
It is not greasy, is easily applied snd
costs little. Get It today ana save all
farther distrses.
Ze jm, Cleveland.
First Sign of Blood Disease
Fimxflas, scaly Itching skin, ruffes*
burniog sensations and Scrotal* de
note with unfalHng certainty a iibllV
tated, weakened atffl impure state ot
blood. The trouble may bar* been
In jaoor blood from birth, tut nb mat
ter how yon -wen tnfeoteL you must
treat it through Che blooa. It is a
blood disease* Ytou most nee & 8, 8^
the standard Mood tonflo Tor 50 years,
if you expect relief. For purifying
the system, nothing is equal to It.
The. action o( S. S. ft ia to cleanse
|tbe Mood. It soaks through fbe sys
tem direct to the seat
the trouble—'
actings ae an antidote to nentvaliae
the blood poisons. It revitalises the
red corpuscles, increases the flow ao
that the blood can property perform
its physical work. The -dun. slsggish
feeding leaves yow—the oomplazloa
clears op. EJven long-^aziding canes
respond promptly. But you must
take S. &. S. Drugs and substitutes
won't do. Qet S. 9L & from your
druggist. If you need expert advice
write to Swift Specific Co, Atlanta,
Ga. tU—.-,. .....—,—i
Rumor has been Circulated for Some
Time and is Called German
WASHINGTON, May 26.—Denying
unqualifiedly, reports that Secretary
of State Lansing is to resign, the
state department today declared cir
culation of the report was part of the
propaganda which has been proceed
ing for several months. The broad
Intimation was given that German
sources fostered the rumor.
Secretary Lansing himself appeared
at the cabinet meeting today and will
appear at his office Monday. He
showed signs today of his recent ill
"The people who circulated this
story as part of a propaganda, know
that It is false," said a state depart
ment announcement today. "The per
sons behind this storv, circulated it
with the deliberate purpose of trying
to show there is dissension in this
government, which does not exist.
"The story first appeared several
months ago. It was sent by wireless
to Berlin as part of the propaganda,
while international relations were in
a delicate stage. The report turned
up in an allied country (being taken
from the wireless). When we heard
of it, we cabled to Berlin to let us
know when it appeared there, but it
never was printed.
"The persons circulating the story
at this time, take advantage of the
secretary* illness to renew !•."
Asked if the propaganda were Ger
man, a state department official de
"You can draw your own conclu
Church Officers Urged to Avoid It, but
They Can Eat Candy and
Ride Bicycles.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., May 26.—
The Presbyterian general assembly
today picked Dallas, Texas, as the
meeting place in 1917.
The selection of Dallas followed a
stormy meeting which lasted until
after midnight last night and resulted
during the morning of the rejection
of the recommendation of the commit
tee appointed to choose the conven
tion city. The committee recommend
ed St. LOUIB. The meeting of late
last night became so disorderly that
Moderator Marquis finally said:
"Let me appeal to you as christians
and gentlemen to behave yourselves."
The debate of the two sessions cen
tered on a resolution that cities seek
ing the assembly meetings, should
accompany their invitations with as
surances of a sufficient number of
temperance hotels to accommodate
the delegates or to close their bars
while delegates were in the hostelry.
Seattle delegates were especially ac
tive in bidding for the convention.
One delegate Bhouted:
"If the Presbyterian church is out
to accomplish results for the temper
ance cause the assembly ought to
to towns where there are saloons.
A resolution was adopted urging all
church officers to abstain from the
use pf tobacco. Oswald E. Helsing,
opposing the resolution declared th*
assembly might as well pass recom
mendation against eating candy,
drinking coffee or riding a bicycle. A
delegate asked the assembly to peti
tion wet states to permit women to
vote on liquor questions and slipped
in a woman suffrage plea. A chorus
of "no" followed.
Corporal Was Killed.
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, May 26.—
General Pershing's report of the fight
with bandits near Las Cruces In
which Candelario Cervantes was kill
ed, reached General Funston today.
Lance Corporal David Markebury was
shot through the lungs and killed.
Private F. Nicholson and George Hut
lett were wounded, but not seriously.
The men were members of the Sev
enteenth infantry machine gun com
pany. Pershing's report differed from
the unofficial versions.
The general reported Cervantes at
tacked an American surveying party
of seven infantrymen, manning ma
chine guns, two engineers and one
soldier from the quartermaster's de
partment. His report indicated the
ten men defeated the bandits, killing
two. Cavalry troops pursued and are
believed to have forced the bandits
into a stand, killing several.
Postoffice Safe Cracked.
EJDINBURC, 111., May 26.—Safe
blowers early today blew the safe In
the postoffice here and escaped with
$200 in* stamps and $50 in cash.
Citizens, aroused by two terrific ex
plosions, rushed to the postoffice with
Winchesters, but the yeggmen al
ready had made tbelr escape.
J. C. McKinley, Prominent In Law
ault In Local Court, WHI Mead
Repubiioana From
Attorney Prom Unlonvtlls Has Been
Prominent in Politics in
the "Show Me"
A former candidate for governor of
Missouri, the leader of the republican
delegates to the national convention
at Chicago, and a man prominent in
the -political history of Missouri for
many years, has been a figure in the
damage suit which is drawing to a
close in the district court here.
J. C. McKinley of Unionville, Mo.,
one of the three counsel for Mrs.
Lou B. Evans, is the man referred to.
Mr. McKinley has been a candidate
for the office of governor of the
"show-me" state, running: on the re
publican ticket againBt Governor
This year Mr. McKinley will lead
the Missouri delegation in the repub
lican national convention. He ia a
republican of the old school.
Mr. McKinley is quite prominent in
his home state, due to bis political
activities, and to his profession. He
has told friends here that he likes
the political game and has enjoyed
being in the thick of the political ac
tivities of his state.
Rector of St, John's Episcopal Church
Heads Iowa Delegation to Dio
cesan Convention.
A signal honor has come to the
Rev. John 3. Sage, rector of St
John's church in that the diocesan
convention, which just met at Sioux
City, chose him, almost unanimously,
to be the head elf the delegation to
represent the diocese of Iowa at tho
general convention of the lSpiscopa!
church which meets at St. Louis 1c
October. This is the third time Mr.
Sage has been honored by an election
to this* body which represents the en
tire church in the United States. Mr.
Sage has just returned from the meet
ing at Sioux City where he served as
master of ceremonies at the opening
service of the convention which in
cluded the consecration of the beau
tiful St. Thomas' church of that city.
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 26.—
Police Sergeant John Moriority was
shot and killed today when he halted
and tried to question a counterfeiter.
The murderer ran into a cabin in Mul
'Flats and defied the police. He was
,nally shot dead after resisting the
police for an hour.
The dead bandit, who has not been
identified, shot Instantly when stop
ped by Morlarity. Peter Mark, an on
looker, was shot but not fatally.
From the cabin the bandit opened
fire on the police. Police reinforce
ments surrounded the cabin from all
sides, sending boats to the water side.
For an hour the bottle raged. Fire
thousand people gathered near the
scene to watch the fight.
Finally the fire from the cabin
slackened, stopped, and the police
found the bandit dead from a police
St. Louis Cash Grain.
[Furnished by Long Commission Co.,
403 Main. Telephone No. 100.]
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Ma/ 26.—Wheat
No. 2 red, new, $1.11 No. 3 red, new,
$1.10 No. 2 hard, old, H04%@107.
Corn—No. 2. 71%®72c No 3.
70%c No. 3 yellow, 72a73c No. 2
white, 72c No. 3 white, 70%@"l%c
Oats—No. 2, 39c No. 3, 38c No.
3 white, [email protected]%c No. 4 white, 390
New York Stocks.
American Beet Sugar 73.%
American Oan (common) W%
American Oar & Foundry 6014
American Locomotive 73%
AmericanfimeLter (common) ...
American Sugar Refining ...... 112%
American Tel. and Tels. Co. .. 12946
Anaconda 86
Atchison 106^4
Baltimore & Ohio 91%
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 87%
Butte & Superior 93
Canadian Pacific 179%
Chesapeake & Ohio 62%
Chicago Milwaukee ft St. Paul. 98
Chicago, Rook Island ft Pacific 20%
Colorado Fuel & Iron 43
Crucible Steel 86
Erie, common 39
General Electric 171
Great Northern, pfd 121%
Illinois Central 104
Inspiration Copper 45%
Lehigh Valley 80
^Maxwell, com 86
Miami 36 V6.
Missouri Pacific 6%
New York Central 105%
Northern Pacific 113%
Pennsylvania 56%
Reading 102%
Republic Iron ft Steel, com .... 48
Southern Pacific 100%
Southern Railway 22%
Studebaker 139%
Union Pacific 139%
United States Steel, com 85%
United States Steel, pfd 117
Utah Copper 81
Western Union 96%
Westlnghouse 62
Cotton Oct. 1284
Coffee, spot 9%
—Subscribe tor The Gate City.
cents per week,
FB3EDAT, MAY 26,1919
Edward L. Kruse
5-10-25c Store
Specials for Saturday
•v iSS
Here's where we get in on Dollar Day—3 "boxes of good
matches for 10c. These matches are wrapped up three
boxes in a package and in three different packages you/
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A sample line of lakfies' collar and cuff sets, 50 and 75c
values, special 25c
Just reoeived a new lot of music, special 10c each
We have some curtain goods with flowers in them, 10c
values, special.......... ,.5c a yard
Gents' nainsook underwear, special ,10o each
All ladies, gents' and children's 15c hose, special ,10c
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Special lot of children's trimmed hats for .. 15c anidl 25c
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Be sure and attend this wonderful Dollar Day Sale.
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steak (loin and round) 18c
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cheese .20c
Oleomargarine 20c
Tomato catsup 10c
Our memt* mro mil U. S Government
Market open Sundays 8 to 10.

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