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and Ointment
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For pimplea, redness, roughness, itch
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419 MAIN
War and Shoe Lengths.
St. Paul Pioneer Press: If fashion
persists in clothing women in leath
er half way to their knees, some of
the rest of womankind must make up
their mind to go without any shoes
fit all, unless the leather situation
changes materially. 'If there should
he leather enough to satisfy the de
mand of the long shoe wearer, the
price,, of what is left would make it
prohibitive as far as her poorer sister
jis concerned. Do not, however,
charge this condition to the fashion
In shoes that would he as wrong as
to charge' tfee fashion to the high
price of leather. The war is re
sponsible, or it must take the re
sponsibility at any rate. Leather
dealers say so and threaten a still
further advance in price. So let
the women come to the rescue of the
situation. Weather conditions might
warrant economy in length of leath
er coverings and if modesty is to he
an element it might be suggested
that dress material to supply the gap
between ankle and skirt hem is com
paratively inexpensive when the
'length Is considered.
M. Nicholas Pashltch. the great
Serbian prime-minister, is in his 65tb
DAR. .v *.-.,vy
Chapel Fund society entertained
at home of Mrs. W. C. Howell, 605
Grand avenue.
Woman's Alliance with Mrs. A.
J. Dimond.
St. John's Guild entertained by
Mrs. John Scott. ...... .....
Tri-City Matrons' clua O. E. S.t
entertained at luncheon.
Baby Welfare league meets
with Miss Helen Hodge.
Board 4f directors V. N. A.
meets at 9:30 a. m.
W. C. T. U. meets at 3 o'clock,
in Y. W. C. A.
P. E. O. chapter meets at 8 p.
m., with Mrs. H. A. Gray.
Uierman-Erdman wedding.
Benevolent Union tea, 3 to 6
Class day exercises.
Junior reception and dancing
party for seniors.
Church societies meet.
Bridge party at the Country
club, Mrs. Harry Phillips and Mrs.
Chandler Carter sponsors.
Woman's Sphere.
"They talk about a woman's sphere
As though it had a limit!
There's not a place in earth or
There's not a task to mankind given,
There's not a' blessing or a woe,
There's not a whispered yes or no,
There's not a life or death or birth
That has a feather's weight of worth
Without a woman in it."
Annual B. U. Meeting.
On Wednesday afternoon, June 7,
the Benevolent Union will entertain
at their annual tea at the Birge Be
nevolent Union home, corner of Sev
enth and Timea street. The hours
are from 3 to 6 o'clock. The general
public is very cordialy invited to en
joy the social features of the tea and
inspect the home. The plans for the
tea were made by the house commit
tee for June, Mrs. C. F. McFarland,
Miss Anne B. Davis and Mrs. N. T.
The reception committee is Mrs. D.
A. Collier, Mrs. Eugene S. Baker, Mrs.
J. J. Ayres, Mrs. John H. Cole, Miss
Lida G. Howell and Mrs. B. F. Jones.
The committee on decoration is
Mrs. J. N. D. Dickinson, Miss Davis
and Mrs. Ralph Brownell.
The'refreshment committee Is MfrtJ.
Eugene S. Baker, Mrs. Charles Pond
and Miss Howell. An informal pro
gram will be given, the arrangement
of which is in charge of Mrs. B. F.
Jones and Miss Cora Parsons.
Mr. and Mrs. Baker Entertain.
Last evening at the Country club,
Mr. and Mrs. Myrle F. Baker enter
tained at a dancing party. The guests
of honor were Mrs. Adelaide L. Bak­!M.
er and Mrs. Donald Dick of Hamilton,
Ontario. Receiving with Mr. and Mrs.
Baker were Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S.
Baker and Mr. and Mrs. B. Ross Bak
er. The pavillion where dancing was
enjoyed and where supper was served,
was decorated in Japanese fashion,
pink peonies and pink carnations be
ing used effectively. These were ar
ranged in Japanese style. The dance
programs which were in the form of
a fan, were given the guests by Miss
Adelaide Baker, who was dressed in
Japanese costume. Agne's orchestra
played the program for dancing and
supper was served from ten until
twelve o'clock. Among the out of
town guests were Mrs. H. K. Dime
low of Rochester, N. Y. John Atlee,
of Fort Madison Ned Harrison of
Des Moines and Mrs. Frank Fowler
Chicago and Miss Carrie Ingle of At
lanta, Ga.
Miss Dlnsdale Leaving.
Miss Tirza Dlnsdale, who for the
past four years has been general sec
retary of the Y. W. C. A., leaves to
night for a week's visit and will then
go to her home in Galena, 111. for the
summer. Miss Dlnsdale has three or
four splendid positions in view, and
the association which secures her
services as general secretary is as
sured of a competent leader. Mis.i
Dinsdale leaves Keokuk with univer
sal respect of all and is adored by
the members.
Altruistic Circle Meets.
The Altruistic circle of the United
Presbyterian church will be enter
tained next Tuesday evening by Miss
Helen Reddie at her home, No. 2121
North Fifth street
P. E. O. Chapter.
Mrs. H. A. Gray and Mrs. E. L».
McCodd will entertain the P. B. O.
chapter on Tuesday evening at the
home of Mrs. Gray.
Baby Welfare League Tuesday.
The Baby Welfare league will be
entertained on Tuesday afternoon at
half past two o'clock by Mise Helen
V. N. A. Board Meeting.
The board of directors of the Visit
ing Nurse association will meet on
Tuesday morning at half past nine
Auxiliary to Meet.
The W. C. T. U. auxiliary will hold
its regular meeting on Tuesday aft
ernoon at 3 o'clock in the girls'
cltfb room of the Y. W. C. A.
Bridge Party Today.
Mrs. B. B. Hobbe and -Mrs. B. C.
Taber were sponsors for the bridge
party at the Country club this after
noon. The regular Saturday night
dancing party will be held this even-
Wedding Anniversary.
A number of friends of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank McClinthen gathered at
their 'home last evening and gave
them a very pleasant surprise, it be
ing their eleventh wedding anni
versary. Mr. and 'Mrs. MoClinthen
were not at home when the party ar
rived, and on their return home,
were most pleasantly surprised. A
large beautiful cut glass bowl was
presented Mr. and Mrs. McClinthen
in memory of the happy occasion.
Suffrage Window Decorations.
A number of merchants on Main
street have decorated their windows
in yellow, which is the eqaal suffrage
color. Some of the windows are par
ticularly attractive and the six hun
dred women who make up the local
suffrage association are very appre
ciative of the demonstration.
Memorial Service Tuesday.
The Lady Maccabees will observe
their annual memorial sf-vice on
Tuesday evening in their hall. The
meeting is open to the generai public.
To Be Married Wednesday.
On- Wednesday, June i, will occur
the marriage of Miss Alma Bierinau,
daughter of Mr. and Mr? William
Bierman, to Mr. Claude Kidman.
Junior Party Thursday.
The most important social event of
commencement week will be the re
ception and dancing partv given by
the junior class in honor of the
seniors on Thursday evening in the
Elks' club house.
Parties at Country Club.
A number of small parties nt the
Country club are scheduled for next
week, informal affairti of two or
tnree tables at bridge and small sup
per parties.
Matrons' Club to Meet.
The Tri-City Matrons' club O. E.
S., will be entertained by Mrs. James
P. Guthrie at a one o'clock luncheon
on Tuesday at Hotel Granite, Hamil
O. H. Club Meets Wednesday.
The O. H. club will be entertained
on Wednesday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. C. O. Schmidt, 1408 Exchange
The Church Societies
Chapel Fund Society.
The Chapel Fund society will 19
entertained on Monday afternoon ai
the home of Mrs. W. C„ Howell, 605
Grand avenue. The assisting hostess
es will be Mrs. B. B. Newcomb, Mrs.
O. Mandt, Mrs. W. J. Richards and
Miss Blood. A large attendance Is
hoped for.
Congregational Society
The (Ladies society of the First
Congregational church will meet at
two o'clock on Friday in the chapel.
Trinity M. E. Society,
The Ladles society of the Trinity
E. church will meet on Friday af
ternoon in the parlors of the church
with the following hostesses: Mrs.
M. C. Bever, Mrs. C. Morris, Mrs.
Daggatt and Mrs. C. S. Miller.
Christian Church Society.
The Ladies society of the First
Christian church will be entertained
on Friday afternoon by Mrs. C. M.
Owens, Mrs. Merton Morris and Mrs.
Frank Woolley.
Woman's Alliance.
The Woman's Alliance of the First
Unitarian church will be entertained
Ion Monday afternoon by Mrs. A. J.
Dimond and Mrs. Arnot Weess at
their home on High street.
Baptist Ladies Aid.
The Ladies society of the
The Lames society or the j-irsr.
Baptist church wtlll Jbe entertained,
home, 205 North
St. John's Guild.
St. John's Guild will be entertained
on Monday afternoon by Mrs. John
C. Scott, 512 Concert street. Mrs.
F. E- Boughner will assist as hostess.
Ladles Aid to Meet.
Mrs. Tx)uis Sells and Mrs. J. C.
Hughes will entertain the Ladies Aid
society of the Second Presbyterian
church on Wednesday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Sells on Reid
Cornelius Vanderbilt Is one of the
best yachtmen In the world, and
owns a half dozen racing yachts.
Vice President Marshall is preju
diced against wearing any kind of
sock supporter.
w' -.? v."::v.,4?^?% $-
College Trustees Hold Meeting
Thursday Afternoon, to
Consider Business
He.ld on Thursday—Miss
Emily Pennock, Class of
1900, Elected
[From the Quincy Whig.]
CARTHAGE, June 3.—Thursday
afternoon at 2 o'clock p. m., the Alum
ni association of the Carthage col
lege, held its meeting in Carnegie
hall, at which time Miss Emily Pen
nock, of the class of 1900, was elect
ed president and Chas. Tressler, of
the class of 1898, was re-elected
trustee. The association voted to
pay $30 on the $200 subscribed to
ward the salary of the field secre
tary. After the business meeting a.
reception was held at Denhart hall
for the alumni, faculty and friends.
Wednesday morning the board of
trustees met in annual session. The
faculty and teachers were almost all
given a raise in salary.
Professor Llonberger, of Quincy,
was'elected as the head of the Eng
lish department to succeed Professor
Uber, who resigned some months ago
to accept a pastorate.
Given Leave of Absence.
Professor Gelsinger was given one
year's leave of absence for graduate
work at Harvard. The department of
classics "will be under his direction,
however, and he will be here to get
the work started in the fall.
Henry Denhart, of Washington, 111.,
subscribed $2,500 for the general
fund for the coming year.
Fred Baum of Philadelphia, was
here at the expense of Mr. Denhart,
to present plans for new buildings
and for remodeling the old ones.
The board discussed plans for oth
er very important moves which will
mean a great deal to the future of
Cartilage college, but. these will not
be made public until later.
A. C. Williams, of this city, T. El
Burner, of Augusta, and J. Zimmer
lin, of Pontoosuc, composing the com
mittee appointed by the board of su
pervisors, at the special meeting held
in May, were in Springfield last week,
conferring with the Iowa state road
commission, in regard to the appro
priations which this county has re
ceived for building hard roads.
Dr. H. T. Hoover, president of Car
thage college, delivered the address
to the graduates at the thirty-fifth
annual commencement exercises of
•of the Augusta high school, at the
Methodist church in that city, Fri
day evening, June 2, his subject be
ing, "Where the East Meets the
West." There were twenty membrs
in the class.
Other Carthage News.
Mrs. Ethel Brandon and children,
and Miss Mary Tyler, who have been
in Omaha, Neb., packing Mrs. Bran
don's household goods for shipment lisje, the heirs,
to Fountain Green, returned home
Tuesday evening via LaHarpe.
Mrs. Karl M. Keyes, of Warren,
111., who is visiting friends here,
was a Keokuk visitor Friday, and!
spent Sunday with her friend, Miss
Marie Hartman. in Quincy.
Mrs. O. A. Vornholt, of Chicago,
arrived Tuesday evening for a visit
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jewel
Blair. Mr. Vornholt, who is attend
college in Chicago, will
jofn :his wlfe goon he hfta fin.
on Friday afternoon by Mrs. J. A. j^ed his term in school, which will
Henneman at her
Fifth street.
be about three weeks.
•Mrs. Hal Miller and babies, visit
ed the past week with Mrs. Chas.
•Shain, In Dallas City.
R'. C, Gibson, who is visiting in
Keokuk, stopped off in Carthage for'
the day Monday.
iMrs. Kingsbury, of Washington, 111.,
is attending the college commence
ment exercises this week.
Jessie Belleville leaves Saturday
for her summer vacation, expecting
to visit relatives at Colchester, Ma
comb and Hannibal, Mo.
William Miller has been visiting
his cousins, Dr. and Mrs. Dietrioh,
in Hamilton, since Sunday.
Cora Ileame, Who went to Mon
mouth the first of the month as a
delegate of the Y. L.- M. C., to attend
the annual convention of the Churches
of Christ, third district of the Illinois
missionary society, after a visit with
The latest renin* novelty Is a striped chiffon circular veil, ont In the centre so as to fit any hat snugly
and securely. The stripes are arranged so that the aanle veil can be worn with the stripes horizon ally across
There are abeot 175,000 hairs la you*
Each one is an Independent oil plant
and like amy other plant most have oon-
If neglected, It gets sick and dies.
Dandruff is the
greatest enemy of the
It seals up the hair-cells, smothers ont
the roots "and causes the hair to fall.
The head should be kept free from
The hair-cells should be kept open
and healthy.
Not by washing with toilet soaps nor
alkali shampoos that will attack the
natural oil of the hair and destroy the
fatty roots.
An oil shampoo with no free alkali
should be used.
SHAMPOO contains no free alkali.
It opens the hair-cells, leaves the
sealp soft, anti-septic and free from
dandruff. It is,the only shampoo con
taining mineral oil which ia a real benefit
to the hair plant.
Its rich creamy lather thoroughly
cleanses the hair and leavea it soft, lus
trous and healthy.
To insure a vigorous, healthy scalp,
men and children should have a sham
poo every week, women every other
A large bottle holding 64 teaspoon
Enls. 50c at
Wilkinson & co.. Hotel zowa Pnar
macy. Crescent Pharmacy, McGrath
Bros., Scott O'Reilly, City Drug
Store, Englehardt & Co., J. F. Kied
alsch & Son, W. H. Siegfried and all
other dealers in drugs and toilet
mouth, and with Mrs. {Hen Douglas,
in Bushnell, returned home Wednes
(Misses Ethel Elsberry and Agnes
Dettmer, were Quincy shoppers Wed
Probate Court Orders.
In the estate of Elizabeth Guthrie,
the petition of William J. Rlchey, ad
"ministrator, was filed, asking for
authority to sell the personal property
at private sale, the property being
estimated at 161.30.
Order of court was entered direct
ing sale.
An inventory of estate, shows lots
located in West Point, as the prop-
Melville J. Boyer, of Muhlenberg erty of deceased, the real estate estl
college, Allentown, Pa., was elected mated at $700.
as assistant' in the classical depart
ment during the absence 'of Profes
sor Gelsinger.
Chattel property aggregating $40.60.
Cash on hand, $10.80.
An appraisement bill was filed by
John Hicks, J. E. Oavanaugh and Al
exander Klepper, as appraisers, show
ing total value of property as ap
praised $40:50.
An order fixing the time for hear
ing on final settlement in the estate
of Ahimaaz Puntenney, as Saturday,
June 24, at 9 o'clock a. m„ was filed.
William L. Puntenney and Iowa B.
Marshall, executors.
In the estate of William J. Lines,
an order was entered showing the
heirs to be: Thomas C. Lines, Mrs.
Maude Worrell and Mrs. Myra Brown,
his son and daughters, as the sole
Proof of heirship filed shows that
deceased left a life insurance policy
of $2,000, belonging to his three chil
An inventory of the estate of Mary
Ayers was filed by Louise M. Ayers,
executrix, showing lots located in
Various articles of chattel property.
Cash on hand, $270.34.
Order fixing the time for hearing
on final settlement. In the estate of
Joseph C. Knott, deceased, as Satur
day, June 24, at 10 a! m., Amanda
Ramplev, administratrix.
Report of distribution filed by
Lucy P. 'Durand, administratrix of
the estate of Frank Durand, shows
the distribution of $4,785.34 to Lucy
P., Frank C., Virgil L. Durand and
I.ucy A. Steiner and Blanche E. Car-
Final report of the account of
Duane Pennock, administrator of the
estate of "Ruth (Lindsay, shows a
total sum of $136.90.
Jasper Blines Writes of the Revival
Which i6 Being Held in City
of Kahoka.
KAHOKA, Mo., June 3.—This call
to the spiritual life, this grand con
test of the allies of Christianity
against the evil destroyer of human
life, is championed by the two
anointed workers, Evangelist Hol
comb and Song Evangelist Clot
worthy. These have for assistants,
the following hearty co-laborers:
Pastor Payne of the Methodist Prot
estant: Pastor Murphy Qf the Pres
byterian Pastor Newton of the Bap
tist, and Pastor Elliot of the Metho
dist Episcopal.
her aunt. Mrs. E. J. Parker, of Mon- uniting of the protestant denomina­
.-v' 4,
This strong and united force of
local talent are doing effective work,
and all are at their respective places
of duty and honor. Surely there is
work for all, and christians are being
taught that each one, even of the
common private lines of the battle,
have a share in the fight to lead
others to the high and holy sphere of
existence. I do not incline to the'
.• •"." "v. ».' '. "1 •'•'•'•••*. '.••'•• 'V-''T'-. sv: •r
The Victrola is the leading
"authority" on dance music
It brings to you all the newest dances and plays
them in perfect dance time.
It enables you to practice them over and over
again—to learn them in the privacy of your own home.
If there are young folks in your family, get them
a Victrola and let them enjoy dancing at home.
Come in and hear some of the latest dance music and find
out how you can get a Victor or Victrola ($10 to $350) right now
on easy terms.
Duncan-Schell Furn.
Victor Records always In stock new and
TONIGHT--7, 8 & 9:15—TONIGHT
The star of all stars and the world's highest paid actress. In her
newest Paramount Photo-play, a comedy-drama of toil
"The question of repentence is up
permost in my mind." said Evangel
ist Hoi comb. "I always wanted to
be something. God pity the boy who
doesn't want to be something. Did
you receive thh holy ghost when you
believed? No, but I received Jesus
for my salvation. But afterward
Thli lithe
Vlctrol. XI. Sid
SUNDAY and MONDAY, 2:30, 7 and 9
Thos. H. Ince's 8 reel Triangle Masterpiece, plenty of comedy, a
strong drama and by far the best work yet done by the charming
36 Cars, 400 People
tions, only in a spiritual way. I
should declare that there is ample
room and great -work for all the
church denominations. Would that
there were more of them and that
they were baptized with spiritual
power for service as active evangel
ists. Why not more workers? Is the
field, the world, not ripe for the
spiritual harvest of souls? Is there
not empty church edifices and unoc
cupied school houses all over the
rural districts wherein revival meet
ings may be held? Was not Saint
Paul an evangelist, as well as the
apostles and disciples, and the great
teacher Hlmsplf? Evangelist Hol
comb is laboring earnestly and in
power, for the spiritual upbuilding of
the people, church members, sinners
and all classes and conditions of life.
other affairs of my profession, I
found that I lacked the baptism for
evangelistic service and success. So
I went to my heavenly Father and
asked for the baptism which would
qualify me for more usefulness.
When wireless telegraphy was talk
ed of, I believed in it ffom the very
start, because it helped to prove the
miracles and the spiritual commun
ication from heaven to this world.
We can pet messages through to
God, and it is very Important that we
receive return messages."
All the way through every service
there is freshness and inspiration.
The tabernacle is the best place in
all the town at present. It is a time
of building up to higher planes. It
is a place to study one's spiritual
latitudes, and to arrange for future
Song Evangelist Clotworthy is mov- movements.
ing his forces forward in the good Men's prayer meetings are held
work, leading the song services, daily at 3 o'clock, and women's pray
prayer and testimony meetings, and er meetings are held in four sections
keeping well out on the firing line of the town, and all these have ap
wherever he can serve. And the pointed leaders. At 3 o'clock on Sun
deep interest in these services grow I day, there will beaepecial meeting in
as the days come on. The attendance the tabernacle for men only. These
is generous, and people come from
afar. This is a meeting of the peo
ple, championed by the four church
denominations, and aided by other
series of revival meetings will con
tinue for weeks, and good is being ac
complished all the time. Come and
learn more good and do more good.
Come praying.
Pittsburgh Dispatch: With the rail
roads going into the hotel business,
possibly the interstate commerce
commission may solve the tipping
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