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j.ocai Players Will Compete for New
'Convertible Golf Club, Which
•ft la Up for the
i' Prize.
thirty or More Expected to Enter
the Race for Award—Golf as
-Popular as Ever
a. This Year,-
Country club golfers, some thirty
4n number, are to try their luck at
afffh play for the first time this sea
m, on Saturday, September 2. On that
Lf fyy they are to play a handicap round
ol eighteei}. holes for-a nev convert
•Ibie golf stick that has been present
ed to the club as a prize for. the
It This stick is a
invention. It
so constructed that by a slight
muapulation of the handle it can be'
converted into any variety of club de
sired. This club is a new one to
local golfers and no doubt will be the
incentive to extra efforts on Septem
ber 2.
Through the handicaps, which have
already been announced, every player
Vill have an equal chance for the
prize club. Golf here is just ^s popu
lar as ever this summer, and although
the links are not in the best of con
dition at the present time, due to the
hot weather that has burned the
grass, still there is a great deal of
Irterest in this outdoor sport
President Wilson Refuses to Come
Out for Suffrage Like
Hughes Did.
WASHINGTON, August 2.—Presi
dent Wilson today" dissipated any
hope suffragists might have had that
he might try to oat-Hughes Hughes on
the suffrage question. He authorized
an announcement at the white house
'"that he had not changed his attitude.
The president's position is still that
suffrage should be a development of
the state.
Hope for a regular political scrap in
the blue grass of Kentucky was also
knocked on the head today when the
president declined to make an ad
dress at Winchester, Ky., on Septem
ber fifth at the same time that
Hashes will speak at Lexington,
^Ttrentymiles away. The president
speaks at Hodgklnsville, in memory
of Abraham Lincoln, September 4
Democratic leaders of Kentucky
wanted the president to stay over and
speak the following day In Winches
Had the president accepted the lat
ter invitation, he would have been
speaking in a town tff about 2,500
while Hughes was offlcially opening
the republican state campaign a few
miles away in Lexington* a city of
45,009. To get to Winchester the
president would have to pass through
Lexington, a feature that would have
rendered it a most interesting day in
the Blue Grass state.
The president told those who are
urging him to go, that he did not
'Want politics toenter into tho Lincoln
'day speech dr trip, either directly or
Hamilton Chautauqua.
Monday, August 7—Afternoon: Ruth
Hemenway evening, Cal'Bte Conant.
Ruth Hemenway, reader—Mis3
./Ruth Hemenway presents only those
,works which are worth while. Hetf
.'"plays with a message" are selected
from the best modern dramas cal
ling with the problems of the day in
v# popular manner. They combine
„tramor, pathos, and dramatic situa
ktiona in a way that appeals to the
.general public. The fact that she
,:kas returned to the same audience
|5 as many as five and six times in one
season shows that she gives what the
people want. In giving a play Miss
.Hemenway not only impersonates
each character, but retains as much
$.«* possible the action. This makes
Jt easy for an audience to follow. It
tas been truly said that the audience
'^completely forgets the reader, and
||ees only the characters of the play,
jl lady in Pasadena, California, re
aparked after hearing "The Fourth
^Estate" at the Valley Hunt club, "It
j^as quite a shock when Miss Hemen
way left the stage. I wondered, where
the characters had gone."
Miss Hemenway will be with us on
Monday afternoon, and we feel sure
.the public will be highly gratified
*itb her work.—Advertisement.
By Right of
Merit git
By right of merit. Perfection
Glasses will find a place on your
reading table.
They represent the highest
standard of workmanship and ma
terial and by reason of the made
to order feature oan be Just as
easily made to m^et your in
dividual wishes as to style and
Ayres & Chapman
Call Black 1418
For Society ESditov
Invitations to Danes.
Miss Charlotte Buck and Mr. Asaph
Buck have Issued invitations to a
dancing party to be given Thursday
evening at the Country, club.
Welfare League..
Baby-Welfare league of the
V. N. A. met yesterday afternoon at
the home of Miss Celestlne Dickey.
Miss Sailers, the nurse whom the
league has employed to visit from
house to house two days in the week
during the summer td look after the
welfare of the babies, made a very In
teresting report. The routine busi
ness of the league was transacted.
Miss Madeline McGrath presiding and
Miss Celestine Agnew serving as sec
retary, Miss Elizabeth Fanning was
elected to metnbership. Following
the business meeting refreshments
were served by the hostess.
O. H. Club's Picnic.
The members, of the O. H. club en
toyed an afternoon picnic today in Kil
bourne park. Miss Bertha Rocken
bach plannefd the outing for the pleas
ure of. the club.
Lady Maecabee'a Social.
The Lady Maccabees enjoyed a so
cial meeting last night in their hall
following the regular business meet
ing. An' attractive program and re
freshments were features of the even
Entertain at Dance.
The Misses Beulah and Ida Ruth
Weil will entertain a company of
young people at a dancing party at
the Country club on Wednesday even
ing August 9.
Mrs. Thompson Entertains.
Mrs. Chris Thompson, 1509 Fulton
street, was hostess to a company of
ladies yesterday afternoon. An In
formal program of music was given
after which refreshments were served.
English Lutheran Society.
The Ladies society of' the English
Lutheran church will be entertained
on Thursday evening at the home ot
Mrs. Paul Smith, 519 A street.
Picture,,In St. Nicholas.
The August number of St. Nicholas
contains a picture of Betty Cooper,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L.
Cooper. 'The picture is one illustrat
ing the advance made in the 'art of
C. E. Society Elects.
The Christian Endeavor society of
the First Methodis} Protestapt. church
held Its regular monthly business
meeting and annual election of officers
last evening in tbe basement of the
church. Following the business .ses
sion a publifc iOCiat wfts feiveh on the
church lot which was very largely at
tended, considering the threatening
weather. During tbe social hour Mr.
Harry Talley sang, Mrs. Talley. play
ing the accompaniment, and Mrs. Mc
Pherson gave four excellent readings.
The officers of the society elected for
the coming year are as follows: Pres
ident, Mr. J. K. Foulkes vice presi
dent, Mr. W. C. Thou secretary-treas
urfer. Miss Mae McCoy assistant sec
retary, Miss Mary Banghart corres
ponding secretary, Miss Alma Schevers
pianist. Miss Nancy Anderson chor
ister, Rev. B. LeRoy Steffey. These
officers will meet Tuesday evening of
next week and select the chairman for
e&ch of the eight committees of the
society. vf^6"*
Result of Primary Held Tuesday In
Missouri—Talbott Leads for
Prosecuting' Attorney
[Special to The Gate City.J
KAHOKA, Mo., Aug. 2.—One of
the warmest primaries ever held in
Clark county and the first congres
sional district was held Tuesday.
Great interest in the contest was
mainly centered with the democrats,
due to the fact that tbe district bad
five candidatee for congress to fill
the office held for Che (Past twenty
years by Hon. James T. Lloyd. Of
these five candidates, two hailed
from Clark county—John A. White
side and Charles F. Carter. Leaders
of each were busy, and during the
{last few weeks a bitter fight was
waged among tbe factions. White
side carried Clark county over Cart
er. The vote was *5 to 393. How
ever Whiteside was not in the race
outside of this county, but Carter,
according to late telephonic advices,
is only about 100 votes behind Rom-
Jue, of Macon county, with a good
chance to taker the lead and be re
turned the winner. Barker, demo
cratic candidate for governor car
ried Clark county, with Roach and
Houchin as his nearest competitors.
Barker received 339 votes, Roaidh Jtoi
and Houchin 221.
For governor on the republican
ticket, John HX Swanger was a gen
eral favorite, receiving a total vote
of 600 votes Judge tarnm second
with 116. Whiter 8. Dickey carried
the county for United States senator,
receiving 406 of the 800 votes cast.
There was a, warm fight on several
of the county officers, on both demo
cratic and republican tickets. The
following named were successful,
with the vote of each given:
Republican—(Representative, Frank
M. iHarr, Judge western district Lew
is P. Mohrer, judge eastern district
Harry O'Bleness, 167 Maxvellus Ed
wards. 132. Prosecuting attorney, O.
S Callihan, 316 James H. Talbott,
«il. Sheriff, Paul Laldn, 338 D. T.
Staler, 338 John Elbe, 248 a tie,
may be changed by the official count.
Assessor, Harry M. Owen. 480 John
A. Thompson, 197 Warren Druse, 21S.
Treasure? Joseph Wagner. Cormier,
John L. McConnelL
Democratic—gtppreaentatlTe, 9Ma
uel A. Durfilnger, Judge western dis
trict Jacob Blum, 331 William
Smith. 469. Jadge eastern district,
I JefSarsoa D. Rebo. Prosecuting at-
jf A?l
The Reason for
This Great
& a
During the month of August we
are notified by our main office
to dl«tose of all summer stoek
and it Is up to* the local man
agement to clean up his stock.
The losses are not considered
during this month, as it Is the
policy of the Royal stores not
to carry any goods over to the
next season, so starting Thura
day morning, we will offer you
values that only occur once a
year. We have at this sale a
large assortment of high grade
dependable line of ladiea'
ready, to wear garments, and
ws must dispose of them at a
sacrifice. We will show shrewd
buyers or persons who believe
in wearing high price clothes,
when placed on sale, big
savings. We have a num
ber of high grade suits
that we are selling at $5.00,
$7.50 to $12.85, that are posi
tively values from $15.00 to
$35.00. It will pay you to visit
the Royal during this sale.
When the Royal advertises a
sale, you get the reduction.
Our 5 year success in Keokuk
Is due to the quality of our
clothes at the lowest prices.
Our large buying power for
three stores will save you
many a dollar. Trade at the
white gaberdine, pop
lins linens, black and
white checks that are
values to |1.75.
torney, N. T. Cherry, 540 B. Grid
ley, 552. Sheriff, G. W. Arnold, 725
E. Z. Hayden, 402. Assessor, Robert
H." Wells, 193 G. W. Hale, 192 C. T.
Duer, 306 F. M. Thompson, 452.
Treasurer, T. J. Daggs. Coroner, Dr.
F. A. S. iRebo.
Carter, who appears to be the suc
cessful candidate for congress in this
district, has had a wonderful political
career. He served two terms as rep
resentative from Clark county. He
was then elected state senator and
is serving his second term. In all of
these contests he was bitterly oppos
ed by a targe number In his home
county. iWihen he entered the race
for congress he met similar opposi
tion, but he appears to have a facul
ty of getting what he goes after. The
contest for congress is not settled, as
yet, and it Is predicted that when
the official vote of the district is
made he will be a winner, although
by a bare majority.
Franklin Street Residents Appreciate
•Delay In Pavlng Granted by
Owners of property on Franklin
street Ijave expressed their apprecia
tion to the city council for the delay
granted by that body in the matter of
paving Franklin street. As soon as
the property owners can get together,
a plan _will be formulated
$1.50 to $2.50 wash
dresses go at this
low price
100 to chooss from.
Sizes to 44
We offer you wash
dresses that are val
ues, $5.00 with the
new large collars, in
20 different styles.
You don't pay for the
Here are real $2.50
and $3.00 wash skirts
in new styles. Forced
to dean up our
shelves for fall goods,
we will sell them at
Vacation time is
here. We have
hundreds of gar
ments suitable for
trayeling. We offer
them to you during
this sale at cost
and less. It Is
your duty to save
on your summer
the re­
pairing" of the street, including re
surfacing. This will be done tem
porarily of course, until It will be
feasible to go sfliead with, the paving.
The prupeity owners protested on
the ground that the improvement
would be considerable of a burden at
this time, and the respite at a year Is
sppreciated by the pmpsrlj owner*.
This appreciation and thanks were
conveyed to the council through W.
G. Blood.
Allies' Defense Against Economic Ag
gression Is Not Directed
Against Them,
LONDON, August 2.—England re
gards as an essential part of nay
peace conditions, the restoration by
Germany of Belgium and Serbia both
materially and economically and the
repairing of devastated portions of
France and Russia, Premier Asquith
today declared in a speech in com
British eyes, the premier said, had
been opened to the full meaning of
the German system of economic, com
mercial and financial penetration and
it was necessary to prepare to combat
this. Asquith asserted that at the
Paris economic conference of the al
j.es, the 9Plnion was that the black
list should be continued during the
The resolutions of this conference
he said were not directed against neu
"We are aware of some uneasiness
in America," the premier continued,
"but this is not justified. The al
lies' measures are their sole defense
against, economic aggression. Every
effort will be made to see that neu
trals do not suffer."
Mr. Friedman of the Hippodrome,
returned yesterday from a trip to
Chicago and eastern points. The
Journey was originally intended to
take in Atlantic City but the ex
tremely hot weather made such a
trip inadvisable.
••••••'.«• .•••-• -••,•• •••--., .-.. A ,-'• ».• ,. ,.V
400 waists, regu
lar $1.25 to $1.75*
values in all the
newest shades
rose, Nile green,
cope blue, trim
med with large
white collars, also new stripe waists
with the new tailored sleeves. Don't
miss this wonderful opportunity.
Sizes to 46.
To Reduce Our Stock
we will sacrifice hundreds of beautiful
dresses, waists, wash skirts, silk skirts,
cloth skirts. We guarantee you savings that are
extraordinary.!! The Balance of our summer Stock must be
sacrificed at cost and less.
We must dispose of every wash 'dress in our store at once. The
prices are so low that you really could not expect the sales. For this
price we mean business and we have cut prices.
8llk dresses, taffeta skirts, cloth skirts at price* never before quoted at this time of the season. We posi
tively will discard all profits and hundreds of garments will be sold at less than cost. This sale will be re
^r|||tpbered by the ladiea of.peokuk and vioinlty aa the savings will really be sensational.
All wash dresses to
be sold at this price
are values to $7.50.
It won't take you long
to buy such fine,
dresses at this low
"To $3.78
In this lot of 50
dresses are values to
$10.00. We advise you
to attend this sale and
get the benefit of
these low prices.
Hundreds of beautiful wash skirts at just about V* price during this stock reducing- sale.
New wash skirts in
Iver blooms, striped
gaberdines, new flow
ered crepes, high
grade skirts that we
retailed to $5.00, now
•i,f-V..,- f,v
'U"h Sale Starts Thursday Morning at 8:30
The Greatest Display of Waists at the ROYAL
-. ,•
Through an extraordinary purchase of 2,000 waists, we are able to offer you values that are really less than
regular wholesale prices. The newest styles are in this special lot and we advise you to lay In a supply of
waists for months to come. Materials are Georgette crepe, crepe dechlne, striped taffetas, pussy willows, tub
silk, Jap silk and other new materials. 2,000 waists at prices that will really surprise you, only through
oar large buying power for three stores, Keokuk, Burlington, Davenport.
500 beautiful waists
in crepe decMnee, tub
stlk, glized taffetas,
stripes, or plain mater-:'
ials, all the new
shades. All sizes sizes
for everybody. Styles g| Jf
that are now in de-. ac'aa
mand, and waists that Alio
will appeal to yooi. All sorts of wafsts
All wash dresses that
sold at $15.00 to $25
at a saving of $7.00
to $10.00. We will
not carry over any
wash goods, so the
first that come will be
able to get the pick
of the bargains. A
'very large selection of
white wash dresses
for receptions, wed
dings and summer re
OUT entire line of
better skirts at this
price, values to 7.60,
these are excellent
models in the height
of fashion.
$2.98 to $3.98
Keokuk's Busiest Ready-to-Wear
Store, where you find the largest
Selection at the Lowest Prices
Want Column
If you wish to rent or sell a house
if you are seeking a position or want
someone to work for you if you have
lost anything or found anything, your
advertising message Inserted in The
Daily Gate City will enter every
reading home in Keokuk and twenty*
five mile radius. Ths cost is but a
cent a word each insertion, no ad
vertisement being taken" for less
than 15c. Cash must accompany order
WANTED—Barber at once, Grand
hotel barber shop. Fort Madison, la.
BOT WANTED—Boy 14 to 16 years
old to work in store. Address Store,
care Gate City.
WANTED—Buggy tires to set. I
have a new tire setter. Want to
test its possibilities. Will set buggy
tires or put the proper dish in straight
wheels for 40c each. We will come
and get them and return them to any
place in Keokuk, phone Red 584. H.
T. Henderson.
WANTED—Refined young lady wants
place as companion or care for one'
or two children. Willing to leave
city. Address B, this office.
WANTED—Agents outside of Keokuk
for our 4-In-l and 6-In-l kitchen
tools, 100 per cent profit. Samples
both tools, 25c. Particulars free. H. &
S. Specialty Co., Keokuk, Iowa.
WANTED Cabinet makers and
bench hands. Apply X, this offlcs.
WANTED—Handy men and machin
ist for our Tractor Machine Shop
and Erecting Dept. Good men can
Just think of It,
Our Georgette orepe
wiaislts with" new frills,
trimmed In fine lace and
pearl buttons, are waists
bought at a special price,
that should retail at
$7.50. During this clean
up sale at $4.96. Choice,
of fall stylee
37 sMrts In stripes and
plaid that are correct
lots, values to $5.00.
A lot of skirts to $7.50,
all wool materials.
waists at this low
price. You will
surely admit that
these are $5.00
waists. New stripe,
crepe dedhlne waists that are most
popular in all large cities.
81 Ik skirts at a saving of 1-3 to
A lot of cloth skirts that
sold to $10.00,
Your chance now, don't
pass it up.
Don't forget $1.25,
$1.60 to $1.75 new
Saratoga waists at
Also $2.50, $3.00 to
$3.50 waists In
crepe deohlnes, tub
silks, glazed taf
fetas at
Hundreds of other
earn high wages. Report at office,
Hart, Parr Company, Charles City,
FOR RENT—Modern residence, in
cluding piano, furnished or unfur
nished north side, suitable for one
or two families also apartments for
housekeeping. 727 North Ninth, or
phone Black 1330.
FOR R®NT— 216 and 218 Main street.
Three stories and basement. Good
elevator. Splendid place for manu
facturing or storage. Will rent for
,$25. See J. E. Mitchell, Fifth and
FOR RENT—Furnished light house
keeping rooms, modern, good local
ity, close in, large, airy. 315 Blon
FOR RENT—Seven room house in
good order. First ward. Inquire at
602 Concert. Phone Red 723.
FOR SALE—Three sligtly used up
right pianos. Steger, walnut case,"
$153 Hinze, oak, $173 Whitney, oak,
$163 Hinze, walnut, $182. All guaran
teed. Terms. Duncan-Schell Furn. Co.
FOR SA2LJ3—Flat boat In good con
dition. Enquire 606 South Second
FOR SALE CHEAP—Work horse.
sound. Wagons and harness. House
hold goods. 814 Timea street.
FOR SALE—'Large stake wagon, two
single wagons, one lumber wagon.
Pechstein-Nagel Co.
FOR SALE—Two male calves, one
Holsteln, horses fanning imple-
LOT 1.
Special Offer
on Suits
.Only 20 at this price, bine,*/
tan, dhecks and dark greens,"
will make dandy suits for
fall. Take your choice of
the lot. Value
to $16.50,
Here are 27 spits In all'/
wool poplins,
nifty dresses at these prices.
Just read this list and note
the big.saving:
$7.50 dresses $3.75
$10.00 dresses $4.95
$15.00 dresses ....... $7.85
$17.50 to $20 dresses.. $9.85
$27 to $30 dresses ... $14.75
We offer you a large selec
tion at tills price. All shades
Genuine Palm
Beach suits now
will Ibe sold at .,
Only a few left, so wuct quick.
Values to $10.00.
ments, cream separator, churn, motor
cycle, new wagon, spring wagon, har
ness. Must be sold. Messenger Place.
FO(K SAiLiB—•Safe-cabinet, good as
new outside measurement 45 in,
high, 26 in. wide, 21 in. deep. Pried
$26.00. Taiber Lumber Co.
3 good, first-class Iowa farms foil
sale one 240 acres, one 320 acres
and one 335 acres. These are all
good, first-class farms. T*ie 240 acres
and the 320 acres are both located
four miles of Waterloo, a city of 35,•
000 people, and are well improved.
The 335 acres is located two miles
of Onowa in Monona county a^id is a
fine farm. I will accept $10,000 to
$12,000 in good trade on either of
these farms. I own thesa farms and
want to sell them as I reed money
for other business, and if you want
a good farm in the best corn belt in
the world write me at once. F. M.
Merrick, Waterloo, Iowa.
LOST—Auto license plate number!
116454—419 Main St. or phone 66.
LOST—Four $10 bills. Finder return
to this office and receive reward.
Harold C. Kiser.
LOST—Bunch of keys between car
barn and depot on car line. Return
to this office. Reward.
BER TRADE. Can be your own
boss or sure of steady employment.
Short term completes. Wages while
learning. Open to ail. Country or
city applicants accepted. Catalogue
mailed free. Moler Barber College)
810 N. Sixth St» St. Loula
LOT 2.
27 Suits
shepard plaids, that retailed'
to $25.00. We
will sell them
But you must aot at once'
to get your size and, style.
~ua.i reiauea
Values to $5^
In plain black or blue taffetas, stripes
or plaids, 50 to select from.
To f7.R0 silk skirts —. $3.98
To 18.75 silk skirt ..........« $4.98
To 112.60 silk skirt $6.85
200 doth skirts at price and some,
Oool weather Is
oamlng. Buy now.
25 coats in white
poplins, some
full lined. Values
to $15.00.
Silk Dressesf
iWe hare never offered

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