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I \^DNESDAY, OCT. 11, *1#
larger Quarter. Have Bten Fitted Up
for the Younger Members
of the Local A*
eodatlon. v-:
Umbership enlarged
Gone Over Two HCindred Mark
season at the
Y. M. C. Has
I The boys' department of the Young
Men's Christian association has been
moved to better and more spacious
in the building. This ae
Ivartment has a membership now of
I over 200 and it was found necessary
to make the change In view of in-
creased activities.
The room formerly used as a library
bas been turned into the boys' game
room and the parlor has been fitted
up as the office of Boys' Secretary
Bragman. The old game
room is now being used as a library.
New games and equipment have been
I ordered for the boys' department and
a winter of great activity 1b being
looked forward to.
The gymnasium season at the T.
jt. cy A. started this week and the
various classes are toeing organized.
The gym schedule is an extensive one
and the season promises to be an
unusually successful one.
A large number of classes will meet
each week and many new features
are to be tried out. The Y. M. C. A.
promises to be one of the great
recreation centers of the city this
Officers Are Chosen and Charter is
Ready But Has Not Been
b, Delivered.
A meeting of the Knights of Co:
lumbus of Nauvoo, was held at that
place Sunday, presided over by the
district deputy, J. Dave Wall of Bur
lington. The meeting was arranged
for the special purvose of comvleting
the preliminaries for the institution of
a council. Officers were elected as
follows: Grand knight. L. V. Datin
deputy grand knight, P. J. Kimball
chancellor, Ray Schaefer recorder,
William Argast financial secretary,
Charles Ritter advocate, James Og
den warden, George Hemmy Inner
guard, Louis Meier outer guard,
Hilery Herbert trustees, Ll C. Schae
fer, William Yeargen and ESsworth
Hadef. The organization is to be
known as Alleman council. Knights
of Columbus, of Nauvoo, 111. The
charter has been granted but has
not yet been received by the council.
The Institution and installation cere
monies will be held af a meeting
scheduled for Sunday, October 22.
Hie council has a charter member
ship of fifty-five. Nauvoo had a
chapter for a long time. A chapter
is simply a local organization of
members of the order. Chapters are
organized in towns and villages not
having enough members for councils.
They have no representation in the
supreme council. The Nauvoo knights
have long wanted a council and have
finally succeeded in getting enough'
members to apply for a charter.
Everything is now practically ready
for the institution. Supreme, state
and local officers will probably attend.
Like a Boy at SO Bubbling Over
With Vitality—Taking Iron Did It
Ooctor Says Nuxated Iron Is Greateat of all Strength Builders—Often In
creases the Strength and Endurance of Delicate, Nervous
Folks 200 per cent, in Two Weeks Time.
NEW YORK, N. Y.—Not long ago
man came to me who was nearly
half a century old and asked me to
five him a preliminary examination
for life insurance. I was astonished
to find him with the blood pressure
ofa boy of 20 and as full of vigor,
T™ and vitality as a young man in
a young man be really was, not-
MStanding his age. The secret he
said was taking iron—nuxated iron
had filled him with renewed life. At
30 he was In bad health at 46 care
worn and nearly all in. Now at 50
miracle of vitality and his face
Every mother realizes, after giving
her children "California Syrup of
Figs," that this is their Ideal laxa
tive, because they love its pleasant
taste and It thoroughly cleanses the
tender little stomach, liver and
bowels without griping.
When crosB, irritable, feverish or
breath bad, stomach sour, look at the
tongue, mother! If coated, give a
teaspoonful of this harmless "fruit
laxative," and In a few hours all the
foul, constipated waste, sour bile and
undigested food passes out of the
bowels, and you have a well, play
ful child again. When its little ".as
tern is full of cold, throat sore, ha)
stomach-ache, diarrhoea, indigestion,
colic—remember, a good "inside
cleansing" should always be the first
treatment given.
Millions of mothers keep "Califor
nia Syrup of Figs" handy they know
a teaspoonful today saves a sick
child tomorrow. Ask your druggist
for a 50-cent bottle of "California
Syrup of Figs," which has directions
for babies, children of all ages and
grown-ups printed on the bottle. Be
ware of counterfeits sold here, so
don't be footed. Get the genuine,
macje by "California Fig Syrup Com
Ducks Can be 8hot From Aeroplane
is Assistant Attorney General
of Iowa Finds.
Is it legal to hunt ducks in an
aeroplane in Iowa? Henry E. Samp
son, assistant attorney general, says
that he finds nothing in the Iowa
law to prohibit aviators, while in
machines, from shooting game.
Duck hunting in aeroplane may
never become very popular in Iowa,
but it has been taken up in a number
of other states. Aviators say that it
provides good sport, as the element
of chase Is involved. The aviator
must outmaneuver the birds in their
flight before he can get a shot at
them. Securing the ducks after they
have been shot presents another prob
lem for the hunter-aviator.
Since July 1 the date on which all
old hunters' licenses expired In Iowa,
there have been 31.89S new hunters'
licenses issued in this state accord
ing to the report of the county audi
tors to the treasurer of state.
This Is about one-third of the
Otunber. of hunters who were licensed
to hunt last year. As each hunter
contributes $1.00 to the fish and game
fund when he secures his license, the
fish and game fund is generally well
Thei law permits the shooting of
ducks after September 1, and quail
may be hunted after November 1.
Beaver, mink, otter and muskrat are
prohibited until December 1.
Motor Car* and Savings.
Cedar Falls Record: A few years
ago it was freely predicted that the
automobile would drain the country
of its money. It was argued that the
bank deposits would be depleted and
that actual ruin would stare us in the
face. In contradiction to this predic
tion Iowa banks carry larger de
posits than ever. A Cedar Falls bank,
in a recent statement, shows deposits
on hand of a million dollars, the
largest amount in the history of that
institution. The spending of money
does not destroy it. It gives it wings
and puts it into circulation.
while, double their strength and en
durance and entirely get rid of all
symptoms of dyspepsia, liver and
other troubles in from ten to four
teen days time simply by taking iron
in the proper form. And this after
they had in some cases teen doctor
ing for months without obtaining any
benefit. But don't take the old forms
of reduced iron, iron acetate or tinc
ture of Iron simply to save a few
cents. You must take iron in a form
that can be easily absorbed and as
similated like nuxated iron if you
want it to do you any good, other-
beaming with the buoyancy of youth, wise it may prove worja than use
As I have said a hundred times bver, less. Many an athlete or prizefighter
«on is the greatest of all strength has won the day simply because he
builders. If people would only throw knew the secret of great strength
away patent medicines and nauseous and endurance and filled his blood
concoctions arid take simple nuxated iwith iron before he went into the
JJpB, I am convinced that the lives 'affray, while many another has gone
°f thousands of persons might be [down to inglorious defeat simply for
saved, who now die every year from jthe larik of iron.—E. Sauer, M. D.
Pneumonia, grippe, consumption, kid-1 NOTE—Nuxated Iron, recommend
ney, liver and heart trouble, etc. ed above by Dr. Sauer is rot a patent
and true cause wfcich started medicine nor secret remeay, but one
their diseases was nothing more nor which is well known to druggists
'ess than a weakened condition 'and whose iron constituents are wide
?r°u8ht on by lack of iron in the jly prescribed by eminent physicians
oiood. iron is absolutely necessary everywhere. Unlike the older in
enable your blood to change food'organic iron products, it is easily as
«"o living tissue. Without It, no {simllated, does not injure the teeth,
matter how much or what you eat, make them black, nor upset the stom
your food merely passes through you'ach on the contrary, it is a most
without doing you any good. You potent remedy, in nearly all forms
oon get the strength out of it, and I of indigestion, as weM as for ner
as a consequence yon become weak, vous, run-down conditions. The
pale and sickly looking just like a manufacturers have such great con
piant trying to grow in a soil deficient fldence in Nuxated Iron that they
r?,, If you are not strong or offer to forfeit $100.00 to any charit
weii you owe tt to yourself to make able institution if they cannot take
•fe following test: See how long you any man or woman under 60 who
or how far yoa can walk
without becoming tired. Next take
five-grain tablets of ordinary
nuxated iron three times per day
«ter meals for two weeks. Then
est your strength again and see for
yourself how much you have gained,
nave seen dozens of nervous ran.
lacks iron and increase their strength
200 per cent or over in four weeks'
time, provided they have no serious
organic trouble. They also offer to
refund your money if it does not at
least double your strength and en
durance in ten days' time. It is dis
pensed in this city by Wilkinson 6
"nra lui- mowa uiig
people who Were ailing all the Co. and all other druggists.
The Carthage school board met In
regular session on Friday evening, at
which time all officers and members
were present, the following business
having been transacted:
The teachers In the Carthage
schools were requested to present
their certificates, before payment of
the first month's salary, for the school
Inasmuch as the members of the
Presbyterian church were left with
out a place to hold their services,
by the fire which completely destroy
ed the church on the 6th Inst., the
matter was brought before the board
and by unanimous consent it was
agreed to allow the use of the high
school building for all services of
that congregation, until they have
ample time and opportunity to erect
a place of worship.
The committee on teachers and
salaries, composed of J. W. Williams,
J. Paul Califf and R. C. Crum, report
ed that Ira J. Jenks had been elec
ted to the position as teacher or
mathematics, at a salary of 9100 per
It was voted by the board to close
the schools on Friday, Oct. 20, hi
orders that the teachers might have
the privilege of attending the M'li
tary Tract Teachers' association at
Macomb, which is in session on
Thursday and Friday, Oct. 19 and 20.
Miss June Sympson, instructor in
music of the Carthage schools, is
secretary of the joint sessions at this
The board accorded the privilege
to Superintendent "Oren A.. Barr of
attending the school master's conven
tion, which meets in Peoria, his ex
penses to this convention to be paid
by the district.
The matter of installing manual
training in the schools was brought
before the board, and after consider
able' discussion, was referred to a
committee of three, for the purpose
of making an investigation and re
porting Tesults at the next regular
meeting of tne board.
The advisability of changing the
laboratory fro the basement to the
first floor of the building was re
ferred to a committee of three to
make investigation and report to the
The purchasing committee repotted
that a new eucyclopedia had been
added to the,school library, at a cost
of $110.
Various othor bills were allowed by
the board.
William J. Graham of Aledo. repub
lican candidate for congressman from
the fourteenth district, made an ad
dress before the voters of this city
Tuesday afternoon
Harve Sights visited with relatives
from Saturday evening
until Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Cay Tucker of Terre
Haute, are visiting relatives and
friends in the city and transacting
business while here.
Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Robbins who
have been receiving such encourag
ing reports from their son Samuel,
who has been in the Cragmor sani
tarium at Colorado Springs, Colo.,
since September 26, 1915, now have
word that he has been able to leave
the institution, and is feeling quite
good, having gained much in flesh.
Many of our citizens are planning
to attend the Quincy round-up
bration this week, some planning to
spend only a day, others to visit in
the city during the week. Quiacy
merchants have spent much time an
money for the entertainment of the
visitors and all those attending are
assured plenty of clean wholesome
entertainment, there also being speak
ers for the different days who come
highly recommended, and exhibits
which will be educational to all, es
pecially that of the Illinois State
Antl-Tuberculoais association, where
mechanical models will show the
methods of treating and preventing
the dread disease, in which we should
all be Interested as a means of help
ing our fellowmen, if not for our own
personal needs. With good weather,
Carthage expects to send a large
J. I. Hendricks was in Bennett last
week on business.
Miss Mary Ferris was a guest over
ounday of her friend, Miss Constance
Ellis at Quincy.
Mrs. T. Sortorlous and Mrs. Geo.
Bruns, of Basco, were guests Tuesday
of Mrs. Chas. Meals.
Mrs. Mary Bell went to Quincy for
a visit with relatives.
Mrs. J. W. Rhea and Mrs. B. A.
Crawford, of Dexter, la., arrived last
week to visit their cousins, Mrs.
Josiah Ritchey and Samuel Curry.
Lewis Kirkpatrick departed Satur­|
day evening for Chicago, where he
has employment.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Denham, of
near .Denver, visited Tuesday with
the lady's sister, Mrs. Frank Walton.
They departed last evening for Rol
ean, Sask., Canada, to visit relatives.
Ed Clark, Sr., departed last evening
for Melville, Mont., and other points
on business.
Miss Margaret Dickerson of Keo
kuk visited last week with Mr. and
Mrs. Roswell O'Harra.
Mrs. A. B. Hart, of Ontario, Calif.,
arrived last week to visit her father
J. C. Williams.
Wm. Selferd," of Springfield, Ohio,
who has been visiting relatives at
LaHarpe and Warsaw, came Wednes
day morning for a short visit with
friends here.
Mrs. Anna Pennock went to La
Harpe Wednesday to visit Mr. and
Mrs. Sylvester Pennoclr.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hall of Quincy,
were Sunday guests at the Geo. Flynn
Miss LaVeta Shipton visited Dallas
City friends the past week.
A bill was filed to the October term
of the circuit court of Hancock county
by I^emoine P. Dawson and Mary
Finch, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, against
James P*nl Dawson, William Finch
Dawson. Mary HJsther Dawson. Wen­
dell Dawson, Oliver Painter Dawson,
Dorothy Dawson and Amy Rose Daw
son, to construe the last will and
testament of James Oliver Dawson,
in which the testatrix bequeatbs to
his wife, Lacy A. Dawson, all person
al property of every description, ex
cept $51)0 given to daughter Eva
Tood also to said wfdow, the resi
dence property located in LaHarpe,
and the use and benefit of all lands
during her lifetime at the death of
said widow W% of NW 3, and N% of
SE of SW 10'and 30 ac. in SW Cor. of
SE 10, all In 7-6, to son, Lemoines P.
Dawson, in a life estate, and -at his
deatl^tbe Interest to pass in a life es
tate to his wife at the deatlf of said
son and his wife, said lands to pass
to the children of said Lemoines, in
fee simple, share and share alike at
tne death of said wife, to grand
daughter, Ethel Todd, during her life
time W% of SW 3, S% of SE of SW
10 and 20 ac. N% of NB of NW 15-7-5
should she die leaving Issue, then
such child or children, shall have the
fee simple interest in such life Inter
est, share and share alike, but with
out issue, her life Interest to pass in
a life Interest to Eva Todd, at her
death, and the interest In fee simple
to grand-daughter, Blanche Todd.
Nominates and appoints his wife.
Lacy A. executrix, without bond. Said
Xvill is witnessed by Albert J. Moore,
Morris Carl Martin and Harry Wil
liam Devlne, all of LaHarpe, the same
bearing date of May 24, 1910. An an
swer to the bill was filed by James
Paul, William Finch and Mary Esther
Dawson, who also file their cross bill,
asking for the partition of said lands,
by their attorneys, Safford & Graham,
of Monmouth, Illinois.
A bill to foreclose a mortgage, se
cured by real estate on lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
in block 1, Heylin's Addition to War
saw, was filed by Carl E. Brinkman,
administrator of the estate of A. H.
Worthen, deceased, against David
Falklnburgh and Norah Falklnburgh.
A bill for partition of lots 7, 8, 9,
•block 24, Bartlett & Gordon's Addi
tion to Hamilton, and the W. 21 feet
and 6 Inches, except a 4 Inch strip
frfam the extreme west side of said
lot 1, in block 17, in the said addition,
said premises being the property of
William H. Glazebrook, deceased, who
departed this life January 1, 1900,
Albert H. Glazebrook being the plain
tiff and Roy Frederick, et al, defend
A bill to foreclose mortgage on lot
1, block 10, O'Harra's Addition to
Hamilton, was filed by Minnie E.
Black, against Hila Cory, Hugh O.
Cory, Hlla Cory, executrix of the last
will and testament of Chester P. Cory,
deceased, and Elizabeth Kemp. Affi
davit of non residence of said de
fendants was filed, showing their
present postofflce address to be Ames,
The Na' -1 bank of Milton, Iowa,
a corporal, .i, files a bill to foreclose
mortgage, on the SE 32-4-9, against
T. C. Boag, Mabel L. Boag, eorge*
Weiny, Emma Marsan and Madge
Barnett, guardian for Emma Marsan
ant1. Robert Spegal, claiming damages
to the amount of $2,400.
A bill was filed by Thomas M.
Stevenson, et al, against John Frank
lin Stevenson, et al, for the partition
oi lands belonging to the late John
Stvenson, deceased, and also for the
assignment of dower of Margaret
Stevenson, the widow, said lands be
ing EV* of SB 8, E% of W2-3 of NE 8
N% of E 1-3
NE 8
SW 8 a strip of land 10 feet wide
and 160 rods long btt of the W SI. of
W% of SE 8 E% of SE 9 SE of SW
5 W% of NW% 28, and E% of W%
of NE 1j. all in 6-7.
An Injunction proceeding was filed
by Margaret Bwing against Cleota O.
Quick, et al, restraining and enjoin
ing the said defendant, her agents,
attorneys and employes, from collect
ing or obtaining the moneys yet due
on certain certificates of deposit.
A bill to foreclose a mortgage on
the NE 17-6-6 was filed by William J.
Rupp, Jr., as complainant, against
lamer A. Gibson, Amanda Gibson, Roy
E,. Stidum, Silas W. Prentiss and the
Illinois State Bank of Quincy.
A. M. Wyllie of Keokuk and George
Wyllie of California, who is visiting
relatives in Lee county, spent Friday
at the Cruze home.
Mrs. Murl Young of Keokuk and
daughter Malsie, are visiting here
with Mrs. Young's parents.
Mr. Scowern and daughter Miss
Frances were called to the bedside of
Mr. Ole Lind, last Friday at Eddy-1
ville. Friends of Mr. Ldnd who used
Be Better Looking—Take
Olive Tablets
If your skin is yellow—complexion
pallid—tongue coated—appetite poor—
you have a bad ta'ste in your mouth—a
laiy, no-good feeling—yon should take
Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—a sub
stitute for calomel—were prepared by
Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study
with his patients.
Dr. Edwards* Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil. You will know them by their
olive color.
To have a clear, fink skin, bright eyes,
no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like
childhood days you must get at the cause.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the
liver and bowels like calomel—yet have
no dangerous after effects.
They start die bile and overcome con
stipation. That's why millions of boxes
are sold annually at 10c aad 25c per
bdx. AH druggists. Take one or two
nightly and note the pleasing ^results.
Touring Car
F. O. B. Detroit
to reside here, are pained to learn
.that he is critically ill with tubercu
losis of the throat. Mrs. Lind was for
merly Miss Grace Scovern.
Ira Bailey and Emmens Mptz left'
Sunday to accept positions in Chicago.
Mrs. Collingwood Tucker of Keo
kuk, whose recent engagement for a
song recital at this place was post
poned on account of bad weather, will
give her program at the chapel Thurs
day evening. October 12, beginning at
8 o'clock. Refreshments will be served
by the Ladies Aid society after the
Dr. Wedel of Keokuk was in our
vicinity last week on a hunting trip.
The perfect weather and roads in
duced a great many of our citizens to
attend the Keokuk festival several
Rev. Hoffman filled his regular ap
pointment at the Christian church on
Mr. and Mrs. Chronicle entertained
a party of young people at dinner on
Sunday, for Mr. Hoffman.
Much interest Is being manifested
in the union Sunday school contest
between all the classes for "Banner
class." The men's Bf|le class and the
J* Si
Kjr7? 2F
We Want a Business
business man who has selling ability. The
man we want may be in the automobile busi
ness now he may be in some other business
he may be a fanner he may be retired.
"Whoever he is or whatever may be his occupation, we want
him if he can fulfill the conditions of our proposal.
We are in search of a real, live, wide-awake man, who has had
business training, who has some capital, who can sell Maxwell
Motor Cars.
!We are represented in almost 3,000 of the leading cities and
towns of the United States, and our dealers are prosperous
and happy.
They should be, and will continue to be, for the Maxwell Car
is the unquestioned leader of its class.
It is a car for which there is a nation-wide and growing de
mand—because it represents more real value, dollar for dol
lar, than any other car in the world.
We have no dealer in this locality. We want one immediate
ly. Our representative will call and explain the details of a
very attractive proposition.
Anyone interested should inquire at onoe.
Maxwell Motor Sales Corporation
Detroit, Mich.
It is our policy to pa^ good
wages in order that we may se
cure and retain capable em
Also, we believe it is economy
and good business judgment to
pay high enough salaries, to
those who have proved their
worth, as will encourage the
younger people in the organiza
tion to work faithfully with bet
ter positions as their goal.
One Chasis
Five Body Styles
All Models Completely Equipped—No Extras to Buy
Our Policy Toward Telephone Employees
We strive to assist worthy employees to lay aside apart of their
earnings by making it easy for them to acquire financial interest in
the business. More than half of the men employed by this Company
are stockholders.
With no expense to employees, we provide for their sickness, dis
ability, injury, old age or death, as well if not in a broader spirit
than any other corporation or government.
To make for the highest efficiency lit the organi
zation we rigidly enforce the principle of advance
ment of employees, dependent upon integrity, ability
and meritorious work alone.
Shield Bearers have been victors and
last Sunday the primaries beat and
are carrying the banner.
Some of our .people attended Rev.
McAllister's lecture at Argyle last
Tuesday evening.
New Buildings Wanned by Three In
stitutions in
The state board of education at its
meeting in Des Moines today and to
morrow will decide on the appropri
ations which the general assembly
will be asked to make for the state
educational institutions for the next
two years.
It is believed that the board will
ask the legislature to make the same
appropriations for buildings for the
three big institutions as were made
ty the last general assembly. This
would provide the
university at
Iowa City with $150,000 the State
college at Ames with $150.000. and
F. O. B. Detroit
•v 1
the State Teachers college at Cedar
Palls with. $75,000 for new buildings
in the next biennial period.
The state board will also discuss
the financial needs of the institutions
and will determine upon the Increases
in the stipport appropriations which
will be asked for, if increases are
found to be necessary.
The finance committee of the board
.met in Des Moines yesterday with
President W. A. Jessup of the State
university, preparing budgets to be
presented to the board today.
The electric "drop-a-coin" fan is
ready to take its place in the station
or waiting room bes'de the weighing
and gum machines.
Want yoar hair to stay? j-y
Qlve It *ame attention. a«nll(ht and W/
$ fti}-
the original irjtu
remedy that kilU the dandruff germ.
Don't use "hair growers" and germ
laden hair brush** KerplcMe cures
dandruff and stops Itching of scalp.
Almost marvelous rasutat MowilsuM.
Applications at the bettar barber shops
Guaranteed by Tb« Hsrolcidfl Co.
Sold ETerrvrher*

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