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Jnjuries to Player* on Eastern Elev
ens Make* Necesaary Some
Change* In the
Some of the Best Playera Are Out—
Considerable Gloom In Cornell
Camp Over Team
[By H. C. Hamilton,-United Press Staff
NBW YORK, Oct. -6.—Wildly shift
ing players, experimenting here and
there as time approaches for the hard
contests, coaches of the big eastern
elevens are nil about ready to admit
today they have little idea of who will
be who in their elevens in the Satur
day's contests.
Yale and Cornell are switching play
ers with reckless abandon and Speedy
Rush sems to have decided at the last
moment that his picked back field will
not start the game against Dartmouth.
Yale should win from Washington
and Jefferson. But that isn't the point.
Tad Jones wants hi* Blue warriors to
do it with a certainty that will leave
no room for criticism and to gain that
end he Is trying all sorts of experi
ment*. The illness of Chub Sheldon
has bad much to do with this, for it
has been hard to find some one who
will fit into his place. Scant material
1* on hand for the tackles and It does
leave a great deal to choose from
Art Gates, who has been at end for
two seasons, now finds himself a
WN tackle. Baldridge, right tackle, has
p? been limping so badly, he probably
will watch Saturday's contest from
the side lines. Emll Jacques' lack of
form has earned him a seat as a
looker-on also and Jim Braden will be
given a chance at full-back
given a chance at full-back. Moseley,
a veteran end, is being given another
ip chance at that position
pp Harvard is letting up some on the
Hif driving practice that has been a Cam
j»s| bridge feature for two weeks,
pp Coach Sharpe at Cornell still is chas
4 /t Ing his players from one position to
g|S| another In the hope of finding a strong
|p| combination. Speed, who has been
IpS running the second team, has been
placed at left half in Benedict's place
and Haucke has gone to right half
There Is considerable gloom In the
^i: Cornell camp. It is realized the elev
en of this year does not compare either
as an offensive Or defensive machine
|__|jwith the grand aggregation of a year
Gardner Outpointed.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
AKRON, Ohio, Oct 26—Chick Mag
lione outpointed Oscar Gardner in a
sine round bout here last night
Orange Kegg, of Johnston, Pa., out
R- pointed Billy McCatm, of Cleveland, In
eight rounds.
^Barney Oreyfuas, president of
Pirate*, States That National
Commission I* Influenced
Thinks Evil Can be Removed by the
Election of Three Outsider*—
Would Take Politics
From Game.
PITTSBURGH, Oct. 26.—A "general
cleanup" is the "only solution" of the
national commission evil which has
been dominating organized baseball
since its infancy, according to Presi
dent Barney Dreyfuss of the Pirates,
in a statement made here today. An
entire new body is the Pirate owner's
Dreyfuss' plan would take the com-j national sport.
mission control away from the big
leaguers and place it in the hands of
disinterested men, who could be de
pended upon to consider the interests
of the minor leagues as well as the
majors, and who would have no other
Abolish Present Body.
that justice is done.
"I do not see how any persons can
object to this plan, unless the dissent
er must feel himself able to get
special favors for any person means
that some one else is getting the
worst of It."
Constitutional Amendment Ballot
make a simiiar mark in the square following the word "NO."]
"Repeal section seven (7) of article two (2) of the
constitution of Iowa and to adopt in lieu thereof the fol
lowing, to-wit:
"The general election for state, district, county and
township officers in the year 19] 6 shall be held in the
same month and on the same day as that fixed by the
laws of the United States for the election of presidential
electors, or of president ajid vice-president of the United
States and thereafter such election shall be held at such
time as the general assembly may by law provide."
4 re
(SEAL) °f °Ct0ber'
Shall the following Amendment to the
Constitution be Adopted?
by Wire Pulling.
Players and Bosses Alike Are Dis
satisfied With the Way World'*
Series Games Are
The commission then would be out
He uicu ".ju.u
For an affirmative vote upon any question submitted upon this
ballot make a cross (X) mark in the square after the word "YES." For a negative vote
to be held on Tuesday, November 7, A. D. 1916.
Charged For Ad-
Too^ Much Money
mission and Too Much Given to
Player* Taking Part,
NEW YORK, Oct. 26.—The baseball
season is no longer confined to those
balmy months during which it Is a
The player begin*
rebruary with his ^^arations
motive in their deliberations than to has housed his bat for the winter the
get at the truth and facts in every
case and hand down just and fair de
cisions in accordance with the evi
In short, Dreyfuss would do away
with the present system altogether
and install not only a new chairman
•but an entire new commission ot
three competent and responsible men
having no connection with any branch
of baseball.
"My idea is to abandon altogether his tools all laid out in shiny rows
the present system," said Dreyfuss.! ready to dissemble the machinery for
three men not connected with any
club or league. Thus it would be pos
sible not only to have a chairman
holding no interest in a club, a step,
that cannot be taken too soon for the
good of the game, but also the com
mission would be made worthier of
general confidence by eliminating
the presidents of the two major
general clean-up Is the only so
lution. The members should be elect
ed by a joint vote of the two leagues,
so that both organizations would have
a voice In the selection of all commis
sioners. Then the three, unswayed
by outside influences, could pass upon
all oases. The terms of office should
be arranged so that each year would
find the terms of one of the members
the major leagues.
Notwithstanding the fact that the
two pennant races were closely coivj
tablished new records in^ attendance,,
wide range of proposed changes and
if ha.T of them are put into effect the,' Training
President John K. Tener of the Na-
I hereby certify the above to be a true and correct copy of the Constitutional
Amendment Ballot to be voted upon by the qualified electors of Lee County, Iowa, at
re to a a a I
D. 1916.
County Auditor.
wmMautwmi v.,:..-' •«se»ia«ra««»sr,»»«-^i
of the players' share among the mem
ber* of the dubs to finish second and
third in the two leagues. Some of
the magnates take an opposite view
and propose that each player on the
winning world's series club be paid
$1,000 and the losers $500. the re
mainder to be divided among the
receipts on a basis ol SO and SO per
cent for both player* and owners.
Neir schemes fcr tcth the league
pennant races and the series are also
advanced. One calls for two seasons,
the Bret ending on July 4 and the
second September 15, with the win
ning clubs meeting In a filial nine
games to decide the club to represent
the league ia the world's series. An
other would cot the schedule to 98
games, to be fallowed by a round-
robin world's series In which every
club in each leagae would play one
or more games with the teams of the
rival association.
addition to these suggestions big
circuit gossip is already busy selling
and shifting is both, the Ameri
can and National Ingses. It would
appear, therefore, that the magnates
I win not be idle during the next few
I months and it may be that some new
parts will be incorporated before the
motor starts on its 1917
No Exhibition Game*.
pleasure to get out on the diamond CHICAGO, Oct. 26.—It will be a
and play the game either for fun or
for financial rewards. It can_now be|lMirit4,
indulged in for 12 months in every
Press Leased Wire Service
winter for
some of the major
league ball players. Even though the
ror iz munuH. baby needs shoes, thev will not be al
year if one cons derstte player and ,owed exhibition ball game* or
the magnate as integral parte of the, baseball, football, or even
spring training and completes als d,u tu.ii piston tv.torritv vhnn
lotted tasks with the
world's series about
October. Just as soon as the player
magnate unpacks his tool kit and pro
ceeds to take the machine apart and
before it is assembled satisfactorily
the call of the southern training camp
is heard throughout the land.
As a result of this feverish activity
the coming winter promises to be a
banner one for the magnates. Even
before the world's series was finished
the nervous club owner and execu-
the answer Ban Johnson
I gave David Fultz. president of the
close of the'Base E*11 Players Fraternity, when
the middle ofiDave Protested against the fining of
players by the national commission fot
playing in exhibition games.
To Enlarge Cubs Park.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Oct. 26.—The Cubs' ball
park on the north side in all prob
ability will be 6,000 seats larger next
season. President Weeghman has
been in conference with Architect
Zachary "T. Davis, who designed the
park, and it is stated that the add!
tive "thought he" detected a~kuwUng tional seating capacity can be install
in the baseball engine and today he ed at a reasonable cost
Dickering for Bout.
United Press Leased Wire Service.]
NEW YORK. Oct. 26—Tex Rickard
is today said to be dickering for the
tested right uip to the final day tiing Levinsky as an opponent for Jess
I IftenHanne
of either Jack Dillon or Bat-
WiUard in a bont this
grand old game is facing a series of! nTnited Press Leased Wire Service
renovations which will be revolution- ®AU CLAIR, Wis., Oct 26.—^Andre
ZZ (Anderson who battles- Fred Pulton
be raised from 21 to 2o in order to jn jjj8 appearance here.
give the pennant winner a chance in
the world's series. President B. B.
of politics and beyond the reach of! Johnson of the American league, ae- [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
wirepullers and special-favor seekers roande a loweHog of worms series CHICAGO, Oct. 26. President
and baseball control would be in the ticket prices. Other prominent mag-: j^ngou
hands of men whose only object! nates think that the players receive companj^ by President Comiskey of
would be to keep it clean and see too much money
here tomorrow night, arrived here to-
day tQ put
tional league, states that the Plaf®*"jjong course of training for the bout,
limit In the senior association must
fhe fjnai touches on his
weighed 210 when he put
Comiskey to Excelsior Spring*.
the American league, ac-
the White Sox, left today for Excel-
while players who do not get into. where they will
sior Springs ^lo
the final believe that they should,
rerna}n one week.
have a share of the receipts as well ene with pneumonia.
as the club owners.
One prominent player suggests, that I Now in Chicago,
the pennant races could be made!
[Unlted PreSs
more exciting by dividing a portion CHICAGO, Oct. 26.—In the future it
will be—in this corner, ladees and
Comiskey is threat-
Leased Wire Service.]
gentelmen wee have Joe Rivers, fa
mous Chicago battler.
Joe and Mrs. Joe have deserted L03
Angeles and taken an appartment in
McTigue Winner.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
NBW YORK, Oct. 26.—Mike Me
Tigue outpointed Knockout Sweeney
in ten rounds.
Jury Disagreed.
[United Press Leased Wire Service]
I DBS MOINES, Iowa, Oct. 25.—Aft
er forty-two hours deliberation the
Jury in the case of Edward O'Donnell,
youth charged with theft of $2,000
from the Wells Fargo Express com
pany, reported Its disagreement today
and was discharged. The case will be
retried In the November term of court.
The Mexican national mint in Mex
ico City is now running to its full
capacity and a large Quantity of sil
ver and gold bullion in bars has been
turned over to it for conversion into
coins, which aro In great demand.
Time is the test of truth. And
Doan's Kidney Pills have stood the
test in Keokuk. No Keokuk resident
who suffers backache, or annoying
urinary ills can remain unconvinced
by this twice-loid testimony.
Mrs. Mary Lange, 209 Bank street,
Keokuk, says: "Whenever I get a
cold It is sure to settle in my back
and for several days it is misery for
me to get around. At such times
sharp pains dart through my kidneys.
During one of these spells I began
using Doan's Kidney Pills and they
soon put me in good shape." (State-t
ment given August, 1906.)
On April"3, 1915, Mrs. Lang said:
"Doan's Kidnoy Pills have cured^ me
of kidney weakness and I don't hesU
tate to give this medicine praise
when I can."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy—get
Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that
Mrs. Lange has twice publicly recom
mended. Foster-Milburn Co., Props.,
Buffalo. N. Y.
Model 75
Panel Delivery
f. o. b. Toledo
Winter. New
york promoters are grumbllng over
gate receipts and what they term Rickard's unethical act.
there are numerous suggestions put, willard's next bout
forth with the idea of improving the
status of the sport. These cover a,1"
WARSAW, 111., Oct. 26.—Another of
Warsaw's aged German citizens pass
ed away at 6:30 p. m. Tuesday, Octob
er 24, at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. Lena McKee, in this city, in the
person of Maximillian Buttgen, who
was born in Siegelahr, "Rhine Prov
ince, Germany, in the year 1834 Mr.
Buttgen died on his eighty-second
birthday. He came to this country
in 1847, and to Warsaw from Men
dota, 111., in 1855 in 1851 he was
married in Mendota to Miss Catherine
Leizen the children from this union
were Mrs. Jake Harmaak (who died
in 1903 in St. Louis), and Mrs. Lena
McKee of Warsaw. His second mar
riage occurred in 1888 to Miss Rose
Shipley: from this union, five chil
dren were born Bd Buttgen (who
died in 1915), Peter Buttgen and
Mrs. Jack Price of Warsaw, and
George and Francis of Marblehead,
Illinois. Beside* the above children
he leaves twelve grandchildren and
three great grandchildren. One sister
Is living in St Louis, and one pre
ceded him in death. Mr. Buttgen was
a man of good parts, (piiet and un
assuming, and was well informed on
many subjects: his death was very
sudden, due to the disabilities of old
age on Monday he took his accustom
ed walk down Main street and was
apparently as well as usual. Funeral
obsequies 9 a. m. Thursday, October
26, from Church of the Sacred Heart,
Warsaw Commercial club will hold
its monthly meeting Thursday, Octob
er 26, 7:30 p. m., in Masonic hall.
Business of vital Import will be die
cussed and a full representation
(fifty-two members) is hoped for.
The St. Louis Globe-Democrat of
Thursday last had several columns of
description of the recent church
pageant which was originated and
designed by Rev. Dr. George Long of
St. Paul's Episcopal church, Warsaw
he also wrote the music for the same.
We have had plenty of rain the
past day or two for all practical pur
poses but it has made some of the
country roads almost bottomless.
Warsaw is also in the "strawiberry
class," Adam Buckert, of the J. A.
Office 323 Blondeau St.
Phone 1411.
Office hoar* 9 to 12 a. m„ 2 to 5 tl
m., 7 to 8 p. m.
Other hour* and Sunday by appoint
28 North Fourth St.
Special Attenioa to Settling Batatea
White office, having a fine bed of the
ever bearing variety vines bearing
green and ripe fruit now, of good
H. A. Roth of Boelus, Neb., is here
visiting friends Mr. Roth is in the
meat market business, is doing well
and likes the west.
John Markman of (Hamilton was a
business visitor in Warsaw Monday.
A. J. Buckert, the dry goods man,
has returned from Chicago, where he
went to buy his winter and holiday
goods he found everything advanc
ing in price.
Warsaw was treated to such a sur
prise Monday morning that she could
hardly believe her eyes the street
gang was actually sweeping Main
street, with hard wood brooms let
the good work go on, whenever need
Miseha Elman, the Great Violin
Theater on Oct. 31
musical series thl*
AYS its cost—yes, and quickly—for Its
is small.,
And paysprofits continuously in new
customers tnat its speed enables you to
A small cash payment buys it on the
PLAN—and you pay .the balance
Its complete equipment includes?
Electric starter and elec
tric lights
4 inch tires non-skid
on rear
Demountable rims one
rim extra
^mm ?\m
Electric control button*
on the steering column
Magnetic speedometer
Folding. rain-vision wind*
Let us tell you more about it.
Overland-Irwin Co.
This car is now on Display at our Salesroom
1019—1021 Main Street, Keokuk, Iowa
Apply Cican in Nostril*
Open Up Air
Ah! What relief! Your cloggejl
nostrils open right up, the air pass
ages of your head are clear and you
can breathe freely. No more hawk
ing, snuffling, mucous discharge,
headache, dryness—no struggling for
breath at nighr, your cold or catarrh
1b gone.
Don't stay stuffed up! Get a small
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm from
your druggist now. Apply a little of
this fragrant, antiseptic cream in
your nostrils, let it penetrate through,
every air passage of the head
soothe and heal the swollen, Inflamed
mucous membrane, giving you in
stant relief. Ely's Cream Balm is
Just what every cold and catarrh
sufferer has been seeking. It's just
In Mexico, according to the con
stitution, a mm if married can vote
when he is 18 years of age, but if
unmarried he cannot vote until he
is 21.
the Or*«l
Monday Music C4ub1

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