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California, Minnesota, New Mexico, New
Hampshire and North Dakota Were in
the Doubtful Column.
Wilson Still in the Lead With at Least Two
States to^Vin Before He Can Be
come Victor.
[By Perry Arnold, United Press Stall
NEW YORK, NOT. 9.—The presi
dential fight Is still undecided.
At eight o'clock today neither Presi
dent Wilson nor Charles EL Hughes
had shown a sufficient number of elec
toral votes in the count of ballots so
f^r made to Insure election.
The United Press canvass at that
hour showed the democratic nominee
slightly in the lead, with 251 against
Hughes' 243. Thirty-seven electoral
votes were still In doubt—represent
ing the states of California. Minne
sota, New Mexico, North Dakota and
New Hampshire.
Wilson needed fifteen votes tor a
majority itughes 23.
California or Minnesota, plus any
one of the other doubtful states would
give the presidency to Wilson while
.tiughes, if he did not carry both Cali
fornia and Minnesota (which togeth
er would give him more than his
twenty-three votes) needed one of
these with all the others to obtain t^e
necessary 266.
The situation today, therefore, was
one which pulled taut the already
overstrained nerves of political man
agers. It was responsible for more
acrimlnous exchanges between the
two sides than heretofore marked the
campaign. It brought warnings from
Demicratic Chairman McCormlck to
bis cohorts to "guard ballot boxes" lest
there be tampering. It Inspired Re
publican Chairman Willcox bitterly to
reply that any one Intimating theft of
votes by republicans "was a contempt
ible scoundrel" and issued a warning
himself against the stealing of the
presidency by the democrats.
In at least one state—New Hamp
shire—a count and court action may
be necessary to reconcile flatly con
tradictory elaims from both sides,
based on complete returns. Reports
from West Virginia, credited to
Hughes on the face of incomplete re
turns, but claimed as democratic by
the Wilson supporters, indicated
tenseness of the partisans there might
result in some of the "shot-gun" activ
ity which marked the famous Hayes
Tilden presidential controversy of
1876—the political mixup most near
ly paralleling the present situation.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 9.—On re
turns with 158 precincts still to be
beard from in California, will depend
whether Wilson or Chas. E. Hughes
carries California's electoral voto.
And on the votes of these same pre
cincts may depend the result of the
.national electlo l. With these pre
cincts missing President Wilson has
44,919 and H»i«?hes 444,218. A diff er
ence of only 691 votes that showed
an enormous total, convinced politi
cal leaders more firmly than ever
early today that final complete oIl
rial count will be necessary befor9
the question Is decided.
Newspaper offices were everywhere
besieged by throngs of voters and
county clerks making up official
counts in many places Were compell
ed to take steps to prevent interfer
ence with tho tabulators.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 9.—United
Press tabulation today of 5,472 pre
cincts in California, ^including correc­
Ts Not Losing Any Sleep or
Flesh While Question is
[By Carl D. Groat, United Press Staff
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—Governor
Hughes isn't losing sleep or getting
thin worrying over his chances for
the presidency.
tions and revisions of earlier counts
In some counties showed Wilson lead
ing by 4,396. The totals were: Wil
son, 440,261 Hughes, 435,865.
An error in reporting Mendocino
county as having cast nearly 15,000
votes Is corrected in this total.
This leaves 400 precincts to be
heard from.
The four hundred missing-precincts
are mainly In southern California,
where Hughes is strong and there !s
a strong possibility that when re
turns from these comes in the Wil
son lead will either be reduced great
ly or offset.
SAN DIEGO, Calif., Nov. 9.—With
only small precincts .jqjseing, San
Diego county vote complete, stands,
Hughes 16,864 Wllffcn, 16,669.
possibility that California may cast a
divided vote In the electoral college
was discussed by politicians today
as they watched the returns slowly
coming in from California precincts.
Under the law, the thirteen candi
dates for elector who receive the
largest vote will so to the electoral
college. regafdles# of whether they
all. favtor the same presidential can
didate. It Is possible from the high
man of one set of thirteen electors to
be higher than the low man of the
set of electors whose party candidate
received the majority of the electoral
Four years ago this happened, Wil
son getting two electors and Rkrose
velt eleven.
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. Nov. 9.—
The soldier vote on the border can't
cut any figure In the California elec
tion, it .was pointed out hera today.
California made no provision for her
militiamen out of the state's limits to
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—A telegram
received at democratic headquarters
from O. K. Cushing, democratic state
chairman of California, stated that
the republicans claimed southern Cali
fornia by 20,000.
"I don't think the lead can exceed
17,500," said the telegram, "but even
conceding them southern California
by 20,000, we will carry the state by
dorado county complete thirty-eight
precincts, give Wilson 1,733 Hughes.
SAN BERNAiRDINO, Calif., Nov. 9.
—Complete returns from 170 out of
177 precincts in San Bernardino
county, gives Hughes 11,518, Wilson,
BAKBRSFIBLD, Calif., Nov. 9.—
Word from three more outlying Kern
county precincts, raised the total
vote of 112 out of 123 precincts to
Wilson, 7,287 Hughes, 4,645.
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Nov. 9.—
The change in the complexion of the
vote in California during an hour,
was caused principally by an error in
Fresno county where tabulators had
(uoctaraed on page 2)
In fact, he is about the most calm
of all of those in the republican
camp. This was evidenced today
when the republican nominee, wno
had gone to ted at 12:10 a. m, re
sponded tq an eight o'clock call—and
then turned right around and took
another hour's sleep.
Haghes Is still entirely confident
that the ultimate result will be his
election. He planned another quiet
day, with an automobile ride and no
politics, except possibly talks with
Quima Willcox.
n___ [Unite* Psm Let
West Virginia Votes Show
Hughes With Good Lead as
Count is Being
Soldier Ballots Prom Minnesota
Are Numerous Enough to
Cut Quite a
[United Press Leased Wire Service]
WHEELING, W. Va., Nov. 9.—With
409 precincts in West Virginia miss
lng, Hughes leads early today by 3,
441. The recount was Hughes 113,
000 Wilson 109,559. This was a
swing back to Hughes of approxi
mately 1,700 since 10 o'elock last
night. Cromwell, democrat, for gov
ernor, was maintaining his lead. Re
turns gave Cornwell 113,103, Robin
son. republican, 110,850.
Hughes is Leading.
WHEELING, W. Va., Nov. 9.—
Hughes is leading by 2,870 in West
Virginia In returns from 1,276 out of
1.T13 precincts today.
The vote: Hughes, 110,177 Wilson,
West Virginia Was Close.
PITTSBURGH, Pa., Nov. 9.—On the
basis of returns showing Wilson less
than 2,000 behind Hughes In West Vir
ginia, the Pittsburgh Dispatch—(re
publican) today placed West Virginia
among the i.oubtful states.
Soldier Vote Important.
ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 9.—With
(Continued on page 2)
For Wilson.
Arkansas ...
Georgia ..................
Idaho 3
Kansas 10
Kentucky 13!
Louisiana 10
Maryland 8
Mississippi .... 10
Missouri 18
Montana ... 4
Nebraska 3
Nevada ....•• 3
North Carolina'.....-.... 12
North Dakota ....
Ohio 24
•Oklahoma 10
... 9
... 6
... 6
... 14
We Have Won the Election99
Is Democrats Statement
Republicans Expect to Announ* \hey Have Won Before
Midnight, or Possit Much Sooner
jse Service] —.
NEW YORK, Nov, 9,—Democratic Nation
in? statement shortly before noon:
"It's all over. We have won the election."
"I can merely reiterate my statement erf two days ago We are going to "clean 'emup.*
The president's electoral vote is 288," said McCormick. "I have just talked with the New
Hampshire state end Wilson carries New Hampshire by ninety-three votes."
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—Republican headquarters expects positively and finally to an
nounce the election of Governor Hughes to the presidency, possibly within an hour, Chair
man Willcox formally stated just before two o'clock.
"Thin announcement may come within the hour," said Wiiioox.
"However, it is entirely possible it may be delayed until around midnight. The situa
tion looks more and more favorable for ttr. HughesvI feel certain both California and Min
nesota will be added to the Hughes column."
Election Returns Show Change
in House, But Democrats
Are to Control
Two progressives In House, One 8o
olalist and Also Prohibitionist
and One Woman
[United Press Leased Wire Service]
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—A divided
congress was forecast by incomplete
returns gathered by the United Press
up to noon today. These returns
tended to support republican claims
that the bouse will be republican, al
though democratio leaders insisted
the final count will show them still
in control of the lower body. That
the present democratic majority of
twenty-one will be deeply cut, how
ever, is certain.
Returns on the senate .fight are
nearer complete. They tended to
show the democrats still in control
there by a probable majority of twelve
compared to their present majority of
The entire membership of the house
was voted on. Estimates based on
claims of state committees of both
sides show anywhere from 210 to 220
democratic congressmen elected and
from 218 to 220 republicans chosen.
One of the big features of the con
gressional fight is the- seeming elec
tion of a woman for the first time in
the nation's history. Miss Jeannette
Rankin who rSh as an independent re-:
publican against Harry B. Mitchell, re
publican, appears to have been ac
corded the honor by Montana.
All chances of socialists for repre
sentation in the house now center on
whether the official count will return
This Evening's Electoral Vote Table
.South Carolina .... gNew Mexico
Tennessee 12 New York
Texas -.o!Oregon
Jhairman MoGonnlck issued Che follow-
For Hughes.
Connecticut 7
Delaware 3
Illinois 29
Indiana 15
Iowa .. 13
Maine 6
Massachusetts 18
Michigan :..... 15
New Hampshire 4
Returns From Some New
Hampshire Village Could
Swing the Whole
Unofficial Returns Give Hughes Lead
of 279 Votes In WYtole State
With Some
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CONCORD. N. H., Nov. 9.—New
Hampshire is still in doubt—so much
so that the vote from some village of
twenty-five inhabitants might swing
the whole state.
This statement was made to the
United Press today by Edward J.
Bean, secretary of state.
The ofilclal vote is yet to be receiv
ed from sixty towns of the state.
Bean said. Unofficial figures were re
ceived from these missing towns
and it Is hoped the last final figures
may be in by tonight.
With the vote of the state complete
except for these sixty town's, and bas
ing his figures on the unofficial re
ports from them. Bean said a lead of
100 wsb Indicated for President Wil
"It is not safe, however, to say New
Hampshire has gone one way or the
other," said Bean. "The official re
ports may upset the present figures.
The state's vote might swing on the
final official reports from some vil
Meyer London from New York's east
One progressive, one democrat-pio
tectionist from the south, and one
prohibitionist appear to have won.
Of the thirty-five United States
senators elected Tuesday, seventeen
(Continued on page 2)
When the sixty towns are heard
from, New Hampshire's vote will be
complete as the militiamen of the
state now on the border did not vote.
(Continued on page 2.)
I Pennsylvania ......
12 Rhode Island
7 Ronth Dakota ..1....
West Virginia
•55 Wisconsin
Total ..250
Minnesota 12'
Total 25
Hughes must win both of these
states to win, as it takes 266 electoral
votes to 'have majority. Wilson will
New Jersey 14,win with either state In his column.
The thirty-two votes remaining
Result of Tuesday** Election Hinged Today oxx
Question of Who Gets the Votes From
Coast State.
With Minnesota Turning Toward Hughes# AH
Interest Centers in the Complete Re
turns From West*
[By Perry Arnold. United Preps Graft! Tto tl -AJtyatl IPli.Ww *90}
Correspondent^ I maintained a lead to .Minnesota, thai
NEW YORK. N*ov. 9.—President second of the dpabtftd
Wilson advanced five votes In the! carry If he Is to receive she necessary
ra/ce for a majority In the electoral 968 electoral votes.
college today, when at 9:30 Tetania Oatttornla'a Jam©
from North Dakota were so far oom- hour. At the
pleted ae to establish that he had car-!
1* j*r
ried the state. It had previously
been one of the shifting common^
-wealths, first Inclining to Hughes,
then to Wilson.
With North Dakota ta his list, the
president, according to United Press
doubt represent the electoral wjw flt Tho sttmation fit tt* other ta
California. Minnesota. New Meade©
and New Hampshire.
The "drift" In these doubtful state*
may be summarised as follows:
California: 5.899 oat of 5,917
dncts give Wilson a lea'd of 641.
New Mexico—836 out of 68» pre­.Bean
cincts give Hughes a lead.of 268.
Minnesota—2,606 oat of 8,924 pre
cincts give Hnghes a lead of 800.
New Hampshire—The secretary cf
state officially announces the state
rote for Hnghes, trot owing to failors
of certain town clerks to send certifi
cates, the exact plurality 1b withheld.
The democrats are claiming the state
because of this mixup and there may
he court precedlngs before tfce exact
status of the four votes Is fixed.
In Connecticut completed returns
today seemed to establish a margin
for Hughes of 7,009. Democratio
State V*ce Chairman Homer H. Cum
mins so far has failed to carry out
his threat of demand for an tnveeti
gation of "certain matters" and the
state apparently can safely -be credit
ed to the republicans.
precincts. One boar later when
mistake bad keen discovered *a
Mendocino ooonty and etfitflins
new products had reported, SSL
lead was changed Into MM.
Democrats were Jubilant um
yraaucuw ~—r" tarns frocs 8sn Diego ©oanty—on
returns, now has 266 border where Hngfaea was e»
and needs Just ten more to Insure MB greatest strength
election. Hughes has 248—reqplilB* onJy
etnets nrfssing. care tbe repobHaea
On the basis of returns as they
stand now, Hughes must carry both
California and Minnesota In order to
be elected. The total of the electoral
votes of these states Is twenty-five—
Just two more than the ifflmber
Hnghes needs. New Mexico and New
Hampshire, both classified as doubt
ful, have only three and four electoral
votes, respectively. Neither Oalifor
thirteen added to this three and
four nor Minnesota's twelve, added to turns, CaHfornia alone-«- Mtoneso^
them, would make up the required alone-^ould be sufficient to make
Wilson Forges Ahead.
[By Perry Arnold. United Press Staff
Staff Correspondent.!
NBW YOKK. Nov. 9.—President
Wilson made sweeping gains In Cal
ifornia as the count progressed there
today. Inasmuch as Hnghes appar
ently must have Calitornia if he is
to obtain a majority In the electoral
college, the situation was regarded
with most Intense Interest here.
This is Moving Day at Shadow
I Lawn as Vacation is
at an End.
[By Robert J. Bender. United Press
Staff Correspondent,']
AS BURY PARK, N. J., Nov. 9.—
When President Wilson arose about
7:00 o'clock this morning he found
the same doubt hanging over the
election results thRt existed when he
retired last night. It still looks
a horse race in the minds of adminis
tration officials. The president and
Secretary Tumulty, however, feel
that the democrats have the rail and
may be able to nose out a victory.
I This is the way it looked to them
at 8 o'clock.
The president has 251 electoral
votes sure. He bad a small lead in
North Dakota and California, which
he will hare to fight to mafart&m.
pjomaty of notes,
states was:
Minnesota, 2.SM out ot MW (wi
cinote, give Hughes a lead of 80S.
New Mexico—686 oat of 688 pre
cincts, give Hughes a lead of S8&.
New Hampshire—Secretary of 6tate
told the United S^ess that (be
desalt via so wnrii doubt and
the vote so close that the result
from some vfflages ktf only twenty
five registered woteca might swine
the wtvole state to either candidate.
The democrats data thai a reooont
wMl s&ow a 98 plurality for WUson.
The repaUlcnas (Mo 161 plurality
for Hloghee.
At 11 o'clock: XmdMa*e Haghowj
accompanied by his wife, left
This was the outstanding feature od|
the progress of the rote count today
at noon. 'VVith 256 rotes in the eteo«
toral college indicated far the deoi©«
era tic candidate In United Press re-
"Wilson the twenty-ninth president of
the U. S. Hughes on the other hand,
to win must carry both* these states.
As If farther to drag oat the agony
of apprehension among politicians,
California exhibited a strong Wilson
tendency and Minnesota a strong
Haghes drift.
Democratio Confidence.
NBW YORK, Nor. **—**On infOn
motion xecelred «p to 4 a. m. toda^
(Continued on page 8.)
He has droxrped slightly behind in
Minnesota and only a strong swdn|
badk to him can save that state.
So, no one Is making any forecast
as to the outcome. At 8 o'clock Seo
retary Tmmilty reiterated his assen
tioti: "That it Is close, font all right."
The answer, they are looking for in
definite returns here today and these
are coming in with exasperating
slowness. It Is possible the -president
may not yet know the result when ha
boards the Mayflower tonight to go
to Willlamstown, Mass., for christen
ing of his granddaughter tomorrow.
This is "moving day" at Shadow
Lawn and Asbury Park. Owing to
the uncertain result of the election
afcd need for keeping all clerks bray
at the executive offices, it will "ba
almost impossible for these offices to
be entirely cleared ont and moved
back to Washington before the end
of the week. Both Shadow Lawn
and the executive offices, however,
will be practically deserted by to
morrow night and the "white house
vacation" will be at an end.
j&km .SSa..
automobile drive through the city,
not expecting to wtm irfTl easdy
Washington advices Indicated th«0
federal officers are carefutty lavee
the method of tiie ctootton
In at least on* state—MXsnasote.
Lack* Ten Vote*.
[By Perry Arnold, United Prose Staff!
NEW YORK, Nor. Sk—PresMsnC
Wilson Is within ten electoral rotes:
of reelection. Charles E. Hughes must
gain twenty-three if he Is to 'obtain a.

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