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•'extra" with
dispatches from "the
seat of war" is of less
importance than a
new fall hat—and
other proper things
to wear.
The right hats "and
things" are here—
and we give better
"values than any
other Keokuk store—
even if there are no
"scare heads" in our
8weft Hats $2JX to $5.00
Hand Tailored Stilts...$15 to 930
New Pinch-flack Overcoats
$15.00 to $25.00
Chesterfield Overcoats. .$10 to $35
New Shirts $1.00 to $5.00
Swell Cravats 50c and $1.00
Warm Underwear 50c to $3.00
Union Suits $1.00 to $3.50
The finest line of
Boys' Clothing in
Always the largest
variety here, and
satisfaction in every
Best by Test
Bring your children to os—
after examining their eyes—we
can with Glasses, give them
perfect sight.
Peptndafak Optometrist.
Overcoats Cleaned
and Pressed for 75c
You oan 8ave Money at the
Star Cleaners
and Shoe
Repairing Co.
The most complete 8tearn and
Dry Cleaning Plant In the city.
Ail work guaranteed to please
you. Shoe Shining Parlor In
Finest workmanship and high
est grade material used In c«r
shoe repairing to make neat
824 Main St.
Phone 483
Iowa State Insurance
Company (Mutual)
Oldest Company in Iowa
Phone 100
H. R. COU-IS30N, Agt.
Old fashioned
were so spa-
etons- and lofty that a porch swln
oortd be kept going,
all win-
tar bat than T«B-no-panb swings.
Suit Is Filed Today to Contest Paper
Purporting to be Frank Klefer*a
Last Will and
Divorces Are Asked by Wives In Two
New 8ulta—One is
Granted This
A contest over the will of the late
Frank Klefer has been started by suit
filed in the district court by Frances
Klein ts. ixHiise Klein and Albert
Klefer aa executors of the estate of
Frank Klefer and Margaretha inMn,
Valentine Klefer, Florence Stlce and
others. It 1s stated in the salt on
file by plaintiff, that Frank Klefer
died on August 5, 1916, and that on
August 9 there was filed In the office
of the clerk of the district court a
ct" tain paper "purporting to be the.
laet will of Frank Klefer." This
pa) er was admitted to probate Sep
ember 19.
Plaintiff shows to the pourt that
she is the daughter and only heir of
the deceased Frank Klefer. She al
leges that at the time the purported
will was executed, the said Frank
Klefer was not of sound and dispos
ing mind and was unable to execute
the will. Through disease and other
causes, She alleges he was mentally
unfit to make the wilL She alleges
also that undue influence was exerted
and that this Is not his last will and
Plaintiff asks court to set aside the
paper purporting to be the last will
and- testament and that the appoint
ment of Albert Klefer and Loi'.se
Klein be set aside and that the court
appoint an administrator to admlnli
ter the property.
Other Actions Filed.
The Sanitary Can company has
filed suit against the National Fickle
and Canning Co, for $949.86. It is
alleged that a draft was made on de
fendant company and that it was se
to the Sage bank at Alexandria Just
before it became Insolvent. The dra
was for $844.92 and judgment is
asked for this amount plus the In
Mary L- Ette has brought suit
against Eva L. Dean and Perry Dean
and Bernard Van Pappelendam, ask
ing ftar judgment for $1,000 on
promissory note. The note was al
leged to have been given by the
Deans to Van Pappelendam and by
him assigned to the plaintiff. It is
covered with a mortgage. It Is stated
In petition.
Two actions for divorce have been
filed. Ella Purdy asked tor divorce
from Thomas Purdy and custody of
minor child. The application was
granted by Judge Hamilton this
morning and the decree was signed.
Sarah C. Hamelton has brought suit
for divorce against M. B. Hamelton.
Cruelty and desertion are the causes.
It Is alleged that defendant deserted
plaintiff November 1, 1915.
J. Emmet Betta Will Take .Examin
ation This Month and Can Enter
Marine Corps Service.
J. Emmet Betts of Keokuk, will, a
week from next Monday, take an ex
amination at Madlsen, Wis., which, if
he passes, wfll re-instate him In the
naval academy and allow him to en
ter the marine corps for which he has
expressed a preference. Midshipman
Betts was suspended last spring al
most on the eve of his graduation from
Annapolis. Efforts ha-ve been made
since that time to have him re-Instated
since the cause of his suspension was
a minor one. These have been suc
cessful and he will take the examlna
tofn on Nov. 20.
He has been studying at Madison.
Wis., for over a month preparatory
for the examinations, and Is here for
a week to visit relatives. The examin
ation will cover practically the same
ground as the finals In the naval acad
emy, and Secretary of the Navy Dan
iels has given him permission to take
the test. If he passes It, he will have
opportunity to go in the marine corps.
Home of Mrs. Fannie Owens Total
Lose, Following Blaze From
Unknown Origin.
The home of Mrs. Fanrrie Owem,
1611 Ridge street, was totally de
stroyed by Iro iast night from an na
known eaaeo. The loes is in the
neighborhood r.f $500.
The fire department was called fct
9:30 o'clock by neighbors, but when
the truck reached the house, the
place was a mass of flames and be
yond control.
It was at Qrst believed that Mrs.
Owens was in the house while it was
burning, but it was later learned that
she had been away from home that
evening with her small son.
The house destroyed was a one and
one-half story frame. The cause of
the blaze is not known and the loss
is a total one.
In the last fou rmonths the traffic
court of New York City Imposed 4,875
lines and collected *62,000 for viola
tion of traffic regulations. The aver
age is not very high, but steady pres
sure on the pocketbooks of ntUtai

—Dr. Moarhead, 701 Blond. Tel 964.
—Moving. J. Opstelten, phone 1^648.
—Special sale on all trimmed hats.
McBride Millinery a
—"Breezy Point," home talent play,
at St. Mary's tomorrow night.
—Christmas but seven weeks away.
Have you made up your shopping
-Mr. and Mrs. Edw. L. Nelson,
1426 Oak street, announce the birth
of a son Edward, Jr., born Nov. 7.
—Charles Doerr, one of Fort Madi
son's oldest residents, yesterday cast
his sixteenth ballot for president.
Mr. Doerr cast his first presidential
ballot for James Buchanan.
—God bless Mr. Collins. He is do
ing great work tor God and his coun
try." Rev. Dr. McOraig, oldest min
ister in Sioux City, Iowa. Peter Col
lins delivers his great message
"What's Wrong With the World" at
the Grand Sunday. Se sure and hear
—The members of the People's In
stitute will enjjoy moving Jpdctutres
.this evening, "beginning at 8 o'clock.
All members of the Institute are in
vited and such others as desire to
join tonight. Great Interest was
manifested at the opening of the in
stitute last week when the Drat show
ing of moving pictures wae given, re
freshments provided and a social
time enjoyed. The work starts out
most satisfactorily this year.
—/The Muscatine deanery, com
prising the clergy of the Episcopal
church of this section of the state of
Iowa, wiH convene in St. John's
parish Wednesday and Thursday, No
vember 22 and 23. A fine (program
has bqen prepared and St. John's
parishioners are preparing to enter
tain Bishop Morrison and the visit
ing olergy and receive the Impetus
that will dome from each, a gathering.
The last deanery meeting in Keokuk
was held five years ago. Futurejan
nouncement wfll be made of the pro
gram in detalL
26 high class cloaks, every one dif
ferent, will be sold at ft profit. We
will return them to New York Satur
day noon, so If you want these
elusive models, it means bay now.
Also suits at cost. Ixrwita.
Mr nnA Mrs. Harry KorafeSd from
Nerw York City, are here for & few
days visiting Mis. Komfeld's mother,
Mrs. Margaret B. Perry, at 60® Chi
leans avenue.
Robert Unquiet has returned from
a three week's trip to BurHngton,
Padowood and Des Moines.
Mrs. James Young is spending the
week In St. loute with her brother,
Walter VeiOteeg.
Mr. and Mrs. G-. R. Htombs have re
turned from a trip to Glemwood, Mo.
Miss Lillian Perkins Is home from
an eastern trip.
(Continued from page
we are abeoltitely sore of California,
North Dakota and New Mexico," Na
tional Democratic Cba.hman McOor
mlck* declared today.
"We are making & fight for Minne
sota," he added, "and are wtkfled it
is ours."
plete returns from Ban lYwnetooo
oounty give Wilson 78,461 Hcrghes
63,857. WJlaooi's majority 16,094.
LOS ANKxELiES, Nov. 9.—1,984 pre
cincts In Ix» Angeles county give
Hughes 130,«11 Wilson 112,205.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 9.—Presi
dent Wilson Increased hie lead in
California at 9:30 o'clock today when
returns continued to poor in from
outlying precincts in the state. At
that hour, with 5,631 oat of 5,867
precincts heard from, WiHson was
3,533 ahead.
The totals wene, Hughes 440,847
Wilson 444,480.
This Included San Francisco coun
ty complete, which gave Wilson a
plurality of 15,094.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 9.—Charles
B. Hugbes had cut down President
Wilson's lead in California to 2,623
on the face of returns received by
the United Press from 5,647 precincts
out of 5,877 In the state.
Hughes has 450,657 and Wilson
453,019 in these precincts. The new
est returns consisted of ninety-seven
JLoa Angeles and 195 scattering pre
cincts from other .parts of the state.
In I«o« Angelee precincts Hughes had
a big advantage over Wilaon, and this
enabled him to cut down the presi
dent's lead. There are still eighteen
precincts to be heard from in Los
Angeles county and Hughes Is expect
ed to get a majority of these. Dem
ocratic Chairman Gushing maintain
ed an air of confidence as the presi
dential candidates turned Into the
home stretch. He eaid the eighteen
remaining precincts in Los Angeles
county would not give Hughes a suf
ficient plurality to overcome Wilson's
Jead. On the otber hand, he .declar
ed that missing precincts from other
sections of the state will undoubtedly
throw their strength to Wilson and
more than offset whatever advantage
L/os Angeles county gives Hnghes.
Says Wilson Eleoted.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa.. Nov. 9.—Tfce
Philadelphia North Amerloan, one of
the strongest republican papers In
the state, posted a bulletin this after
noon conceding the election of Presfc
dent Wilson.
la Staggering.
CHICAGO, Nov. 9/~01d TQ»n booze
Is staggering. F. Scott McBride, antl
salooon league headquarters here to
day said Nebraska, Michigan, South
Dakota, Montana, Florida and Utah,
Tuesday cast a verdict against the sa
loon. California is in doubt, but is
claimed by the drys. Alaska also
went dry, 2 to 1, it is stateff. Mis
souri admittedly still is wet—very
Measures submitted by wets which
would permit qualified saloons and
liquor in states now dry, war* de
feated In Colorado and Ariuuwas. In
Dtafa and
We've always called a
"spade a spade.'*
One reason folks now
place such dependence on
our clothes.
Style up-to-the-minute, fit
perfect and value un
equaled in Keokuk.
?rices, .$12, $15, $1$, $20,
—up to $36
Ask any well dressed man
Member Keokuk Retail Mer
chanta Association.
We Refund Your Traveling
It Brings the Smile
It's Really Worth While
A visit to
Lock's Luncheonette
Corner Fourth and Main
BouilHon Sandwiches
Hot Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Pies Cakes
Oar soda fountain dainties are the
best. Pure fruit eyrnps and flav
orings. Ics cream made with the
purest and most wholesome In
Lock's Luncheonette
Corner Fourth and Main.:
NOV. 9, 10, 11
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Bring: Your Pennies
rhey do tha Work of
Watch the Crowds
McGrath Bros.
Drug Co.
Transfer, General
Hauling and Storage
Careful hauling of merchan
dise, machinery, furniture, imn
loal Instruments and Aeavy
tnnk work.
Our storage and warehouse la
lar^a, eleaa aad safe.
Storage aad Transfer
Phone 18. 8CS Slendeau
FOR SALS—Billiard tables, brand
new, carom and pocket, with com
plete outfit, 9125 second hand tables
wiek Balke-Collsnder Co., Davenport,
Iowa. C. Sanders, agent, 219 Har
rison street.
at reduced prices. Easy payments.
Clear store, drag, delicatessen aad
soda fountain fixtures. The Brans-
slated In electing legislatures and
state administrations on dry issues.
Wheat From Argentine.
[United Press Leased Wire Sento.]
GALVESTON, Texas, Nor. 9-—
Large importations of wheat from
Argentina through Gahrestoi} hare
been arranged, according to reliable,
information here. Hie first fall cargo
from the Platte is scheduled to
arrive wiihks a few days with sev
eral other steamers to follow Imme
German Voters. "T
[TTnited Press Leased Wire Service]
8T. IXWTIS, Mo., Nov. —St. Louis
German voter—about twenty thou
sand of him—cat President Wilson In
Tuesday's election. The republican
majority was cut down, however, by
the so-called "independent vota."
PMn Finish
Mlaalon Style.
Ovon 18 in. WMa
30 Inohee Deep.
Owen Thermometer
Strong, Drop Oven
Doer Forming
8Heif when opened.
Strong, Durable
Dampera and
Key Plate Top
One Sectional
Cover, High
warming oloaet.
This Range is a
perfect baker and
an Ideal water
a Week
If youfrs going to lay yew
oar tip during the winter
months, be sura to remove the
battery and plase ft In oar ex
pert oans and be eertaJn of rs
solving next spring a battery
In first olaas oondMon.
Msrage batteWee "wear"
uee them or
and It needs
tton by an expert wfth a per
festiy tqtdppad plant ts keep
the battery In A-1 condition
daring the months fn wMoh the
ear ie laid up.
W •pairing and stiaiglng by
Oharlfs Andreas, a. retired alcove
man, of Great Bend, Kfe&s^ has given
thp city fifty acres, adjoining tha
townalfce, and will convert It Into a
park at his own expense. The gift
will possess a cash valve of 140,000.
Mr. Aadrsas will laatirtain tha pack at
Duncan-ScheO Furniture Co
iven Weeks Until
fto g£ft is more economical and stffi carries with it more intimate
personal Christmas spirit than your Photograph.
No friends disappointed—all equally favored—if you give
Amchutz 9tndSo malces the quality and
wtfl appreciate.
We are eqrupped to soake good pictures ai^r time, regardless
i6 or weather.
Open Sondasr Afternoon* Uni3 Chrittm**.
Fonr& Street Between Mailt and Blondeau.
Where Quality and Workmanship Stand Supreme.
1HUKSDAT, NOV. 9i1916
Yon Cannot Duplicate These Prices Elsewhere.
Corn, per oan 10c
Early June peas, per can. 10c
$trlng beans, per oan .... 10c
Peaches, per can 10c
Peaehes, 3 oans 25c
Plums, 10o oan, 3 for .... 25c
Pork and beans, 2 oans ... 15c
Perk and beana, 4 cans ... 25c
Salmon, tan size, 2 cans .. 25o
Hominy, 3 cans 2Sc
Tomatoee, Red Crown,
2 oana 2Sc
Corn Flakes, 2 pkgs 1Bo
Rice, beat head, 3 lbs. .... 2Bo
Lima beane, per lb. 12o
80 up beane, per lb 13o
Saurkrant, per oan 10o
Kahoka Pet and White
Sear Mi He, per cfoz. $1.15
Hebe Milk, per doz. 91J00
Pine table salt, 3 aaoka ... 10o
IP? meat
Conmtmnt Unlvoraai
A $59.50 Range, ReiemA* $10.00 Extra
Tbla ""I* we offer ae the-taatooaMfc test aa* haa*leet brxQt
range made wslgMtig wltti reeerrotr see 'jwwfri tod we offer it
to those who want the beat that money and slcill can produce. 80
sure are we tint these Constant Sbanses we sell are unapgvoacbed
by those naanteotsred by any oflher store con cam in the world so
that It la impossible to prafooe a better range than
this so posture ore we ttaat In price aad quality oonrpertecm a
dbeeWeiy eJone, ttat ire are ng to have mr Constant
stand Me by «Ue wtth the frodaot tf wy Bihar state manufacturer
er ilf Tnr astf hare 700 submit Cham to erwr test, to have yo» judge
of ttslr omsMb *1 practical openatloa, to hare iron aay w&ether all
aad more are not absolutely proven and established by
a^thoseogh teet tn you* own homo at 865 da^a, If not satisfied, re
it to -*a sad we wffl. refund no wnen
style that your friends
Catsup, 25c alze 20c
Coffee, Wade's, 2 lbs. 25c
Sugar, per 25 lbs. $2.10
'Potatoes, per bu. ........$2.00
In 5 bushel lots $1.90
Sweet potatoes, per bu. .$1.25
Cabbage, per lb 04«
CaMwge In 50 lb. lota,
per lb. 3'/£c
Cahtage In 100 lb. lota,
per lb 3V4c
Golden Glow flour $2.55
Per barrel $10.00
8t. Woholas flour .$2.55
White Loaf flour $2.55
Olive Branch flow $2.55
Coooa, 23c alze 20c
Baking powder, 2Sc size .. 20c
0000a, 3 cane 25c
Egge, per doz. 30c
Psnehea, 1916 dried, per lb. 12c
These Prices are for Strictly Cash/ Deliveries Made
Free to Any Part of the City.
Phone 690 S09 Main

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