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desire to thank my
many friends both po
litical and personal, for
the ardent support given
me in the election. Keo
kuk made history on
that day and we have
reason to feel proud of
the results.
One 50c Jar of Soul
Kiss Cold Cream
with each 50c box
Soul Kiss, Face
& Co.
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thousands Have Discovered Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets are
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.Dr. Edwards? Olive Tablef the sub
Jjjhtute for calomel—are a mild but wire
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salt of Dr. Edward^ determination not
to treat liver and bowel complaints with
calomel. His efforts to banish it brought
out these little olive-colored tablets.
These pleasant little tablets do the
(ood that calomel does, but have no bad
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quickly correct it Why cure the liver
the expense of the teeth? Calomel
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So do strong liquids. It is best not to
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es. 10c and 25c a box.
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Sale begins Saturday Morning at 8 O'clock
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If Too Fat Get
More Fresh Air
Be Moderate In Your Diet and Reduce
Your Weight. Take Oil
of Korein.
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the oxygen carrying power of the
blood, the liver becomes sluggish, fat
accumulates end the action of many
of the vital organs is hindered there
by. The heart action becomes weak,
work is an effort and the beauty of
the figure is destroyed.
Fat put on by indoor life Is un
lealthy and If nature is not assisted
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healthy fat.
Spend as much time as you pos
sibly can In the open air breathe
deeply, and get from any druggist a
box of oil of korein capsules take
one after each meal and one before
retiring at night
Weigh yourself every few days and
keep up the treatment until you are
down to normal. Oil of korein is
absolutely harmless, is pleasant to
take, helps the digestion and even a
few days treatment has been report
ed to show a noticeable reduction in
Clarence Hull of Fort Madison, au
di tor-eleot, was In the city today
visiting friends and transacting busi
ness. Mr. Hull was elected on the
republican ticket He succeeds A. P.
Meyer, who has been county auditor
for several years."
Mies Clara Gertrude Pry has re
turned home after a ten -&ayB visit in
Lfflyw to Cnfopw
420 Main Street
No Charges No Approvals Small Alteration Charge
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.—German
Chancellor Von Bethnann Hollweg's
declaration for the principle of a
league to enforce peace was a direct
answer to the American league's re
quest to the German government for
an'expression of opinion It was learn
ed today.
Battle Is
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
PBTKOGRAD, Nov. 10.—Rumanian
troops have suddenly developed a pulsed."
Perfection Glasses
Brilliant lenses of flawless glass,
ground to superior acouracy by
master lens makers in the finest
lens factory in the world, and
mounted in noseglass or spectacle
frames of superior quality.
No matter how exacting your de
mands may be. Perfection Glasses
have passed an inspection more ex
acting still.
Sold only when fitted by our ex
pert and guaranteed by this re
liable house.
Ayres& Chapman
Member Keokuk Retailers' Ass'n.
We refund your traveling expenses
To Whom It May Concern:
Notice is Hereby Given, That a
plat and schedule have been prepared
•by the direction of the City Council of
the City of Keokuk, showing the as
sessments proposed to be made for
and on account of the cost of the
grading between the sub-grade and
established grade, paving with con-
sessed for the cost of the said
Improvement, and the names of
the owners thereof, so far as
known, and the amount to be as
sessed against each lot or parcel of
ground, and that said plat and sched
ule are now on file in the office of the
City Clerk of the City of Keokuk and
that within twenty days after the
cago fight
Keokuk has a resident who it
la believed has voted at more
presidential elections than any
other man in the county. He is
Peter Garrlty of South Fifth
street, who oast his first vote in
Che campaign of 1852 in which
year Franklin Pierce was elect
ed president of the United.
States. Mr. Garrity has voted
at seventeen presidential elec
Charles Doe
it of Fort Madison,
according to newspapers of that
city, !has voted at sixteen pres
dentlal election, starting with
1856, the year James Buchanan
was elected.
Attempt to Make Chicago Dry in 1918
and Whole Nation by
Year 1920.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Nov. 10.—Chicago's
crete and curbing with cement, North drive on booze began today. Believ
Slxteenth street from the north line ing a dry Chicago would be the great
of Main to the south line of High, est victory yet won for prohibition,
against the privately owned lots and the anti-saloon league today began a
parcels of land abutting upon and ad- campaign to banish the saloon at the
jacent to said improvement according 1918 election.
to area, so as to include one-half of On the heels of their expected vic
the privately owned property between tory here the drys plan to work for
the street so improved and tire next a llquorless nation by 1920.
street, whether such privately owned W. J. Bryan and Billy Sunday are
•property abut on said street or not! enlisted in the big drive. Bryan will
but not* including any privately owned be here November 20 for a prohlbl
property situated more than three tion rally. Billy Sunday will come
hundred (300) feet from the street—, next fall for a big revival. Dry work-*
so improved, the said plat and sched-' ers are expecting him to create a
ule showing the separate lots and strong feeling against booze. Twenty
parcels of ground proposed to be as- organisations are Joined in the Chi-
Wheat at *240.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Nov. 10.—
May wheat went to the record mark
of |2.00% in the Minneapolis cham
ber of commerce this morning at
mat wimm twenty "J" 111:46, amid the wildest scenes ever
first Publication
Jections to such assessments, or to
the prior proceedings on account of
errors, irregularities or inequalities,
must bo made In writing and filed
with the said clerk. Any objections
not so made will be deemed waived.
Date of first publication, November
10, 1916.
City Clerk.
strong offensive toward Predeal, and
have enveloped the enemy*B left flank
the war office announced today. The
battle continues to rage.
^ktoe»ed in the hhtey of wfceat
trading here. Durum went to $2.08,
high mark of history.
Flour which closed yesterday $9.90
a barrel, went to $10.10 a barrel at
—Advertise in The Gate City.
Diabetes Treated
Medical science admits of no defi
nite cure for Diabetes despite the
many years of experimenting and re
search by foremost physicians the
world over. Howerver, this popular
theory might be called falacious If
Ten German* Brought Down.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
PARIS, Nov. 10.—SYench aviators
were engaged In seventy-seven air one were to judge from the folio w
fights yesterday in w«ch ten Ger- ing unsolicited testimonial from
mans were brought down, the war of- grateful user of Warner's Safe Dia
flce announced today. Otherwise betes Remedy.
activity was confined to intermit
tent cannondaing and skirmishes at
various points.
Fighting for the Bridge.
"I had been troubled with Diab^es
for 8 years. I beard about Warner's
Safe Diabetes Remedy and I tried
some of it and got myself in gool
condition and went to work again.
One man said he doctored for
years and that one bottle of Wtrn-
[United Press Leased Wtre Service.]
HE7TROORIAD. Nov. 10.—'Russian
forces, mounted and foot are etngag- er's Safe Diabetes Remedy did him
ed with the enemy two miles weet of more good than all the doctors. I
Ozernawda, Che war ofHce annotmc- am much pleased and so thankful
ed today. The victor will gain, pos- for your life saving remedy that I
session of Che bridgehead which is of cheerfully recommend it to anyone
great etsaiteglo importance.
troubled with Diabetes and I hope
After sharp fighting, the Russians (his will be the cause of helping
occupied Dunareav, two miles from many sufferers." (Signed) James
Czernavoda. They took ay number of Piatt, Nt'L Military Home, Dayton,
"Partlally Repulsed."
Warner's Safe Diabetes Remedy is
made from a formula tried and
10.— tested and used with remarkable re-
BERLIN (via Sayvllle) Nov,
Taking advantage of very favorable suits during the past 40 years. As the
weather conditions, the FVanco-Brit- name indicates, Warner's Safe Dia
lsh forces resumed heavy offensive betes Remedy la absolutely Bafe as
actions along a front from Baucourt-L it is made from herbs and other
Abbaye, due south of Bapaume to beneficial ingredients.
Sailly, the war offloe announced this, Sold by leading druggists every
afternoon. Near Sailly the statement where. Free sample on request
said the attacks "were partially re-i Warner's Safe Remedies Co., De
I 10. Rochester, H.
David Louek, Resident of Keokuk for
the Past Year, Answered
the Call This
David Louck, who has made his
home in this city for the last year,
passed away at the home of hla
daughter, Mrs. Dora Temme, S14 Ex
change street, at 11:10 o'clock this
morning. Death' was the result of a
cancer. Mr. Louok had been ill for
over a year.
He was born in Oquawka, 111., on
August 19, 1858, being in his sixty
first year. He was married in that
city on February 21, 1875, and is sur
vived by his wife, a son and four
A year ago he came to Keokuk to
live with his daughter, Mrs. Temme,
and before that time had been a resi
dent of Burlington, Iowa, for a num
ber of years. He was a member of
the Moose lodge of Burlington.
The survivors are his wife, Mrs.
Etta Louck, a son, Jerry Louck of
Davenport, and four daughters, Mrs.
Dora Temme. Keokuk Mrs. R. I. Car
walho, Ottumwa Mists Stella Louck,
Weather Forecast.
[U. S. Department of Agriculture,
Weather Bureau.]
For Keokuk and vicinity: Unsettled
and colder tonight Saturday prob
ably rain turning to snow and colder.
For Iowa: Unsettled and much
colder tonight and .Saturday prob
ably rain turning to snow cold wave
northwest and north central portions.
For Missouri: Rain tonight colder
north and west portions Saturday
snow or rain and much colder.
For Illinois: Rain tonight except
fair extreme south portion colder
north and west portions Saturday
rain or snow and much colder.
1p$-V?w «*&'**
Body to be Taken to Old Kome
Oquawka for Burial—He
Leaves Wife and Five
and Mrs. Annabelle John­
son, Burlington.
The body is to be taken to Oquawka
tonight and Interment will be made
there on Saturday afternoon.
—Geo. Watson, coal $1 kindling $1
—Judge Hamilton has adjourned
the September term of district court
at Keokuk.
—The river road between Mont
rose and Keokuk will not be oiled
this fall. The committee from the
Auto club having this in charge has
found that on account of the weather
conditions it Is not advisable to put
oil on the road at this time of the
year. M. F. Baker, chairman of the
committee, is refunding money which
was collected for this work.
—The body of Mrs.'L. Ross will fcu
taken to Louisiana, Mo., for burial
tomorrow eveuing. The funeral ser
vices will be held from the Mountain
Baptist church on Sunday afternoon.
—The city ccuncll this morning ap
proved the paving of North Sixteenth
ei.vfet from Main street to High
street. The work was done by the
Keokuk Quarry and Construction
—A squabble which occurred last
Sunday night at First and Des
Moines street, ended in the superior
court this morning. Nellie Smith and
Mabel Hough, against whom informa
tions were filed, were fined $7.70 be
tween them. They agreed to vacate
the premises where the trouble oc
curred, by Saturday night. Mr. Mc
Kay was given thirty days.
River Bulletin.
Flood stage. Stage. Change
St. Paul .........14 ...
La Crosse 12 4.7 xO.l
Dubuque .... .--18 5.3 -0.1
Davenport ....... -15 4.2 x0.2
Keokuk 14 3.8 -0.8
St. Louis 30 4.0 xO.l
The river will change little from
Davenport to Warsaw during the next
forty-eight hours.
Weather Conditions.
The northern area of low pressure
has centered in a depression over
Lake Michigan this morning, and
there has been rain from the lake
region to the gulf, which is followed
by cooler weather in the southern
states, and warmer weather in the
lower Missouri and upper Mississippi
In the extreme northwest an area
of high pressure, with a cold wave
Is moving In, and the temperature
has fallen to 14 above zero at Havre,
Local Observations.
Nov. Bar. Ther. Wind W'th'r
7 p. m. 29.92 51 S Clear
10 7 a. m. 29.84 46 S Clear
Mean temperature 9th, 46.
Highest 66.
Lowest 86.
Lowest last night, 45.
Special Forecast.
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Nov. 10/—
A disturbance which is now In the
northwest will advance southeast
ward and be followed by a pro
nounced "change to colder weather
within the next thirty-six to forty
eight hours in the northern Rocky
mountain region and the northern
plains states, and by Saturday in the
upper Mississippi valley. The cold
weather will be of several days dura
|tlon In these regions.
for Society Editor.
Call Black 515
.P»ters.«cnowaiter wedding.
Wednesday evening at 8:80 o'clock
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William
Peters on the Hilton road, occurred
the marriage of Edith Mae Peters to
Mr. IDdward Schowalter, both of this
city. The marriage ceremony was per
formed by Rev. George Gigllnger of
St Mary's Catholic church, the ring
ceremony being used. Miss Helen
Goessllng of Quincy, 111., played the
wedding march. The bride and groom
entered the parlor attended by Miss
Leah Ganley as maid of honor and
Mr. John Hilier as groomsman. Cecil
Mills and Mildred Scheibel acted as
bride's maids. Little Louise Peters,
cousin of the bride, was the ring
bearer, carrying the ring in the heart
of a crysanthemum. The house was
beautifully decorated with autumn
leaves and yellow and white chrysan
themums, the same flowers being
used in the bower beneath which the
couple were married. The bride oar
led a large boquet of yellow and
white chrysanthemums.
A three course wedding sapper was
served to the fifty guests present. The
out of town guests were Mrs. Annie
ftiester, Mrs. Arthur Mester and Miss
Helen Goessling of Quincy, 111., and
Eunice Peters of Eldora, Iowa.
After a short visit with friends at
St Louis, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Sohowalt
er will be a* home at 1117 Times
He serves his country best
Who lives pure life, and doeth right
eous deed,
And walks straight paths, however
others stray
And leaves his sons an uttermost be
A stainless record which afi men may
This is the better way.
No drop but serves the slowly lifting
No dew but has an errand to some
No smallest star but sheds some help
ful ray
And man by man each giving to all
the rest
Makes the firm bulwark of the coun
try's power
There Is no better way.
To Be Married Saturday.
The marriage of Mr. Edward Knox
Johnstone to Miss Genevlve Sears
Lewis will occur tomorrow at the
home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Wil
liam Lewis in Cincinnati, Ohio. There
have gone from Keokuk to the wed
ding: Mr. A. E. Johnstone, Miss Mary
M. Johnstone, Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Chapman, Messrs. Cyrus Phillips and
Henry Christian Huiskamp.
Belmont Club Meeting.
The Belmont Cosmopolitan club held
an Interesting meeting yesterday af
ternoon at the home of Mrs. Albert
Van Ausdall. Contests were held in
which the favors went to Mrs.
erson, Mrs. Johanna Welrather and
Marie Drueke. Delicious refresh
ments were served by the hostess at
the close of the afternoon. Mrs. Frank
Hagmier will entertain the club at its
next meeting on Nov. 23.
Keokuk D. A. R. Meeting.
The Keokuk chaipter D. A. R. will
be entertained tomorrow afternoon at
three o'clock by Mrs. John C. Sage
at the rectory. The board of man
agement will meet at half past two.
Mrs. O. R. Armentrout will assiBt Mrs.
Sage in entertaining.
Keokuk Man to Wed.
Mr. WMMaan W. Peters, formerly of
this city, now a teacher In the Bur
lington high school, will be married
the latter part of this month. An
nouncement of the engagement was
made in the Galesburg Evening Mail
in the following:
Miss Hazel WJck entertained a few
of her girl friends at luncheon Thurs
day evening, at her home on Silver
Plates were laid for twelve. A
streamer of blue birds was suspend
ed from the chandlier to each guest's
plate. It was announced that these
birds had a secret to tell each one, the
birds were then let down and fast
ened to eeKfli bird's mouth was a card
announcing the engagement of Mi««
Hazel Wick and William W. Peters of
Burlington, Iowa. The wedding will
How To Get Rid Of Catarrh
Catarrhal Deafness or
Head Noises
you have catarrh, catarrhal deaf
ness or head noises caused by
catarrh, or If phlegm drops in your
throat and has caused catarrh of chc
stomach or bowels you win be giud
ito know that these distressing *ymp
toms can be entirely overcome In
jm :wy Instances by the following
treatment which you can easily pre
pare in your own home at little cost.
Secure from your druggist 1 ounce
of Parmlnt (Double Strength). This
will not cost you more than 75c.
Take this borne and add to It ^4
pint of hot water and 4 ounces of
granulated sugar stir until dissolved.
Take one tablespoonful four ttmes a
day. A decided Improvement is some
times noted after the first day's
treatment. Breathing becomes easy,
while the distressing head noises,
headache, dullness, cloudy thinking,
etc.. gradually disappear under the
tonic action of the treatment. Loss
of smell, taste, defective hearing and
mucus dropping in the back of the
throat are other symptoms wh«cn
suggest the presence of catarrh and
whleh are often overcome by this
efficacious treatment. Nearly ninety
per cent of all ear troubles are said
to be direotly caused by oatsrrh,
therefore, there must be many people
wbose hearing can be restored by
this simple home treatment. Wilkin
son St Co. can supply you.
V,C f'W^
take place the latter "part of next
Music and games were enjoyed dur
ing the evening.
Washington Post: English Is said to
be growing in acceptance as the lan
guage of diplomacy, despite the fact
that it is so convenient in saying
what you think.
Absolutely Rempves
One package
proves it.25c at all druggists
Lets you
eat what
you like
q® 800.000.000 Sold ^carjr
Want Column
WANTED Information regarding
good buain«sB for sale. Northwest
ern Business Agency, Minneapolis^
WANTED—Competent and ambitions
girl for office work In auditing de*
partment Mast know etneographs
Apply personally, K. K. K. Medicine
WANTED—Bf couple without chil
dren, modern housekeeping rooms}
willing to pay for right place. Ad
dress "S," this office.
WANTED—Men to board and zoom.
Call Red 887.
WANTHSD—Middle-aged women to
housekeeper. Address W, H. O*
box 13, Gregory, Mo.
WANTED—Address of parly having
Indian relics for sale. Address
Keokuk, box 428.
WANTED—Old feather beds and all
cotton mattresses. Highest prices
paid for same. Address S. Cohen, geiw
eral delivery, will call.
WANTED—Feather renovating, pit
lows, mattresses and beds to ordetw
Phone 1426. 217 Main. Wiley's.
WANTED—Experienced sales ladles.
Call Oriental Bazaar, 624 Main.
WANTED—Three or four furnished
rooms for light housekeeping, by
couple. Inquire this office or call
Black 755.
WANTED—Waitress. Phone Hotel
Anthes, Ft Madison, Iowa.
WANTED—Waitress at Boston Oys
ter House, 326 Main street
WANTED— Position as practical
nurse. Best of references given.
Address Nursa, care this office.
WANTED—Boys to pass bills Satur
day morning at 7:30. G.
23 North Sixth.
with housework
Black 1092.
or girl to lieftp
mornings. Call
FOR RENT—5 room flat Call Red 719
FOR RUNT—First floor apartment 8
rooms, with bath and heat 528 Martti
Fifth street. Phone Red 443.
FOR RENT—Nov. 10, six room ho— en
modern. Enquire Mrs. Tbos. M&
FOR RENT—2128 Exchange, 5 room
cottage. Enquire of H. E. Alton.
FOR RENT—Six room cottagp, Tng
North Thirteenth. Enquire 130t
Concert Phone Black 1465.
FOR RENT—Furnished light houo«
keeping rooms, modern, light, heat,
water, bath, close In. 315 Blonde
FOR RENT—Rooms. Enquire 1216
Fulton, evenings or Sunday morn
FOR RENT—Five room house In
good order, close In. Enquire 602
Concert or phone Red 723.
FOR RENT—Five room cottage. life
quire at 1002 Morgan.
FOR SALE-AA few uBed Qartaird,
Round Oak, Iterorlte and Peninsula*
base burners. Low prices. Terms il
desired. Duncan-3ebeH Furniture Co.
FOR SAI£3—New Singer sawing/ man
chine cheap. Phone 1357.
FOR SALE OR RENT fimmeootq
house in Ford's addition, with eight
lots. Beautiful river vtar. Inquire
at I$l£ Reid stret
FOR SALE—Antique crotch mabog
any bureau. Inquire of Mrs. A. J.
Hughes, No. 330 Third street. Ft Mad*
ison, Iowa.
FOR SALE—One piano $T5,00 all
kinds of heating stoves and cook
stoves from SI.00 up. Holland, 808
TO MEN—Onr system of teacMng
barbering enables yon to learn
profitable profession quickly. Write
Moler College. 810 N. 6th St, fit,

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