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friday, KOV.W, ISM W"'--
US »J4
Report ferOetefcer ShewB That Ovsr
6,000 Volume# Wars Issued
to Adults Last
Sri iS
board Al
i» 1' '-'f v.-
rd Altows RoBular Bills in its Ses
sion Which Was
Held Last
Night v:v
•'. In spite of such counter attractions
as the fall celebration and football
games, the circulation of the Keo
kuk public library in the month of
October shows 'a gain over the same
month last year. Over 5,000 books
were issued to adults last month and
jf747 went to the children. There
was a notable gain in the books
Issued to the public school pupilB
last month.
Following Is the librarian's report
for the month:
Number of volumes issued dur
ing October, 1916, to adults....6,003
Number of volumes issued dur
ing October, 1915, to adults.,..4,925
Number of volumes issued dur
ing October, 1916, to children. .1,747
Number of volumes Issued dur
ing October, 1915, to children.. 1,612
Number of volumes issued dur
ing October, 1916, in public
schools 1,327
Number of volumes issued dur
ing October. 1916, in public
schools 1,060
Number of volumes issued dur
ing October, 1916, to St. Mary's 63
Number at volumes issued dur
ing October, 1915, to St. Mary's S5
Number of volumes issued dur
ing October, 1916, to St.
Peter's 90
Number of volumes Issued dur
ing October, 1915, to St
Peter's 54
Sunday Readers.
fe Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct.
1 8 15 22 29
Men 2 7 20 15 10
Women 1 1 3 3 4
Girls 2 2 7 4 25
Boys !..10 16 18 12 18
15 36 48 34 57
The directors allowed the bills and
received a statement 'from Miss Has
'•Hrin of her expenses while attending
the state librarian's meeting, and
note of tbAnlcs from her for the
privilege of going and representing
Mias Dempie's Passing Is Commented
j. on by the Peoria Star of
The death of Miss Vivian Dsmple
of this .city is mourned by' her friends
in other cities. The Peoria Star of
Wednesday has the following:
There are many grieving hearts in
Peoria today caused by the sudden
and untimely death of Miss Vivian
Demple, a young and lovely girl, well
known in Peoria, which took place at
her home in Keokuk, Iowa, on Monday
night Miss Demple, who was twenty
years of age, had visited her school
mate, Mim Lucile Dally, at the home
of Senator and Mrs. John Daily, sev
eral times and was greatly admired
and liked by the young people here.
She was so youthful and gay, so fnll
of the thrin and joy of life that to as
sociate her with death seems impos
sible and those who knew and loved
her find it almost Impossible to credit
the terrible news. An added note of
tragedy is lent to the death by the
fact that Miss Demple was to have
been married next month to a Wash
ington man she met while at school in
the capital ctty. Miss Daily, who was
with her most Intimate friend, la pros
trated with grief and the news Is be
ing received with general sorrow.
—Advertise in The Gate City.
Mm with year
nattm sad sMim ptalsSy writtm.
ulv* WW
yon an «rtr on
yoar tool draatat vrtttefc will en
far Sfc. and a MffmS of yeir 80c
tf «w «msNs awi.pyt «f tta
settle-are Mt
Mr. Elmer Fisher of Nauvoo was a
Chicago visitor last Wednesday.
-ThOB. Baxter of Nauvoo has been in
Canada for some time looking after
his property interests np there. He
expects to return to'his Nauvoo home
the: coming week.
Miss Eliza O'Neil of Quincy, is a
guest this week of Miss Zelda Walther
in her Nauvoo home.
Mire. John Krans of Nauvoo has been
visiting relatives in Keokuk during
the week.
A number of Nauvoo people who
were visiting and engaged in neighbor
ing towns came hone to vote last
Samuel Brown of Nauvoo who has
been visiting in Iowa and other points
returned homo to remain.
Mrs. Alvin Childers of Ft Madison
has been visiting her parents in Nau
Miss Mae Newbrecht of Minneapolis,
Minn., 1B visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Neubrecht in Nauvoo.
A black cat in the white house, a
study in colors and luck.
Hello! The Nauvoo telephone girls
are glad that our people have stopped
saying hello so many times since
November 1916 seemed to be Just as
much of a Woodrow Wilson month as
November 1912.
Mrs. Louella' Stratton has been en
tertaining her mother, Mrs. C. A. Gar
ner of Bowen, 111., and sister, Mrs.
Harry Coofman of Topeka, Kan., in
her Nauvoo home.
The steambo&ting season on this big
creek will come to an end by the time
this gets into print River traffic will
close Saturday.
Nauvoo's boy scouts will meet in
their building Saturday evening and
the scout master says that it is im
portant that every member be there
at roll call.
Be systematic about your Christ
mas shopping by first making a list of
those you are going to send or give
presents to, or. If it would simplify it
more, a list of those you are not
The M. W. A. members of Nauvoo
lodge selected officers at their meet
ing last Thursday evening.
Nauvoo people should remember
that the Lutheran' ladles will serve
their annual Thanksgiving dinner No
vember 30, in the church basement
These ladies are going to make the
feast finer than ever and all should
prepare to go.
The Hancock County Mutual society
in Nauvoo will meet next Monday ev
ening when it will be decided wheth
er It will be advisable to change the
present place of meeting and the offi
cers would like to see a large attend
If someone would invent something
to knock out the worry germ, the doc
tors would be compelled to Quit the
rest of their investigations.
There will be another day, smiling
ly declared the Nauvoo politicians
when asked for an expression of opin
ion upon the results of last Tuesday's
election. So there may be. But what
comfort is there in this for the poli
tician who lost his money in the de
feated candidate?
Several of the Nauvoo family trees
we know of could have been sprayed
a bit without hurting anything.
Several Nauvoo persons were in the
county hub this week to take the ex
amination for teachers' certificates.
Miss Leota Case, the popular milli
ner, has closed her season's work at
J. M. Fisher's Nauvoo store and will
return to her Lewistown, Mo., home in
a short time.
Here is a plan No. 1,001: How to
raise the 930,000 for the building and
completing the Nauvoo and Ft. Madi
son lnterurbsn line.' Federate all the
woman's clubs In Nauvoo and set the
ladies to getting up the necessary
funds. How is this for an idea?
The postofflce department at Wash
ington may some day send notice to
the postmaster at Nauvoo complain
ing that unless the roads traveled by
our rural route carriers out of Nau
vto are Improved the routes may be
discontinued. In summer these roads
are all right a large part of the time.
But as soon as the winter rains set in
the old c&mplaints start anew.
The Nauvoo band boys got together
last Wednesday evening by appoint
ment and intended going to Mr. and
Mrs. Rudolph Leppert's home and
treat these newly-weds to a serenade
AS-N0-M0R -*£0?*
to say on* suffering from that distressing disease.
M« saSre waking daring tfce night, choking aad struggling for
timafk after AS-NO-MOR. Take a teaspoonfsl be I® re retir
ing and sleep sosadly all nlfl&t.
He mn ooughlag, wheels and shortness of breath during the
day. A fsw loss* of AS-NO-MOR will reMes* sli these distressing
symptoms aad a fcw bettto* will make the relief permanent. No
matter how bad or of how long standi** your case. AS-NO-MOR
will give you ths rSUaf you have long been looking for. CostB you
nothing tf it fails.
AS-NO-MOR is pBt.nD Ja -two sizes. Trial slxe bottles 11.0®
i' die bottles, |M0. She trial bottles or 2 large bottles, IS.
As-No-Mor Has
Done Wonders
Bllmortt. Jewa, *«. 1».
iSWMton Is sold aad guaranteed by
4k Co. yoar iuft)»t does not handle AS-NO-MOR we will se
Hoover MtSe*' O- Mrtoee.
Qtorftamat Tsar A4WTO-MOR
ionm #or me 41m abort
fcai Mil It aad I esui now
•le«» 1*
*Bjr at alffte. I eaaao* tell
you k«« I far the
by playing, "A Hot Time," "De Wacht
am Rhein" and "Marching Through
Georgia." But ,the elements interfer
ed and prevented the serenade. The
boys, however, invited their brother
member to come to their rooms and
enjoy the feast prepared at his cost
and he generously liuidated the bill,
pleaded an excuse for non-attendance
and admonished the boys to go ahead
and have a Bcrumptuous time in his
and his missuB' honor, which the Nau
voo band, boys present surely did and
hoped that their absent members
woulfl get married again—fifty years
from now—at their golden wedding.
There will he a half dozen sad
hearts among that many Nauvoo
young men when a certain young lady
leaves for her home in a nearby state.
-,.r. Geo. Fisher and family of Nau
voo have gone to Montrose where be
has employment in a 'button factory.
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Carroll have taken
acute little boy to raise and promised
him a home until he reached his ma
jority. The little fellow was born the
day befefre this great presidential elec
tion. This is their first child since
sixteen years ago.
Opportunity never follows a young
fellow into a pool hall with a cigarette
in his mouth.
Rev. Hurtt of the Nauvoo M. E.
church, was in Ferris, 111., last Tues
day evening and delivered a lecture
on the local option question.
The Nauvoo Lutheran league ladles
held a meeting today, Friday.
Rev. L. Tholen of the Nauvoo Cath
olic church baptized Mr. and Mrs.
Harley Johnston's Infant son and was
given the name of Loren Vincent and
the sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Alvin
Childers of Ft. Madison.
For Just plain lying we like to sit
around and listen to the 60-year old
fellows tell that they feel like they
were 25.
Two sports from Dallas City, 111.,
were visitors tn Nauvoo one day last
week and one was a wrestler and the
other his backer and manager and
they put up a forfeit on a purse of
11,000 that said wrestler would throw
one of our Nauvoo men two times in
forty-five minutes, Manager, stake
holder and trainer of the Nauvoo man
made a trip to DallaB City last Tues
day to fill arrangements for the match
which was to take place in Nauvoo
Monday, Nov. 13, but the backer re
fused to make up the purse and gave
up the forfeit money and was pleased
to get out of the match that easy. It
looks like there are some sports left
in Nauvoo yet.
We hope the hens will not strike
about Thanksgiving time. Many of us
in Nauvoo who are not slaves to the
turkey tradition can make a satisfac
tory Thanksgiving dinner on chicken.
Th eNauvoo Lutheran church has un
dergone a "house cleaning" srnd sinoe
the mechanics have got through with
this religious temple it presents an
improved and inviting appearance.
The church was rededicatod last Sun
day with Impressive services by Rev.
C. Lorch of Chenoa, 111.
Don't this market report tease you?
In Chicago you can buy potatoes for
11.35 to |1.66 per ljushel and in Nau
voo they are selling at $1.90 and $2,00.
But again it may be asked, "what can
be done about it?"
Nauvoo will see a mild winter ac
cording to the good old-fashioned
signs. Men who base weather fore
casts on the turns of nature, cite reas
ons for saying that the 1916-17 winter
will not be severe. One 1b that the
corn husks are thin and a good many
ears on the stalks are exposed. It is
said that when this is the case the
winter will be mild. Another man
says animals that dig holes in the
earth are not digging deep to occupy
during the winter months which is an
old sign. He says that when these ani
mals throw up big heaps of dirt near
their holes that it is known they have
gone deep to escape the extreme cold.
This year it is said the piles of dirt are
not large, which Indicates that the
holes are not deep. We print every
thing that's optimistic.
"Got your turkey yet?" asked one
Nauvoo citizen of another. "Three of
them each year," he answered. I
think the front covers of the Novem
ber magazines become more ornate,
don't you?
At the election held in Nauvoo last
Tuesday, Woodrow Wilson received
325 votes and Charles ES. Hughes 168.
There were 493 votes cast of which
276 were men and 218 women. The
day was a beautiful one for the wo
men of Nauvoo to come to the polls
and cast their first vote for a presi
dential candidate of the United States.
There was no excitement about our
streets during the day and everything
passed off pleasantly.
There may be a medicino company
show to occupy the Nauvoo opera
house all of next week if arrangements
can be made for their appearance here.
Nauvoo ought to have a commercial
club right now holding regular meet
ings and stir things up some here by
inviting a good speaker to come to
Nauvoo the latter part of February
Just before the spring season arrives.
A violin recital will occur at St.
Mary's academy auditorium next Mon
day evening.
A "comfort tying" meeting was held
by the ladies at the Nauvoo Presby
terian church last Thursday afternoon.
Jacob Kemler was given a pleasant
birthday surprise party by his rela
tives at his Nauvoo home last Mon
day evening.
Mrs. L. Gaule of Hamilton, has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. R. Mont
gomery in Nauvoo during the present
A Dear Little Lady.
Springfield. Mass., Republican: No
end of men and women will be glad
to know that the midget who became
the bride of General Tom Thumb
fifty-three years ago 1s still living in
Mlddlebaro, and passed her 75th
birthday Tuesday. The dear old lady
is now the wife of Count Magri, who
is Just a trifle the tailor. If any ex
cuse were needed for applying "dear"
to th* Countess Mafri at Is to he
Old-Time Remedy
Makes Pure Blood
Hood's Sarsaparilla has been and
still is the people's medicine because
of its reliable character and its won,
derful success in purifying, enriching
and revitalising the blood and reliev
ing the common diseases and ail
ments—scrofula, catarrh, rheumatism,
dyspepsia, loss of appetite, that tired
feeling, general debility.
Hood's Sarsaparilla purifies and en
riches the blood, and in so doing ren
ders the Human system the greatest
service possible. This medicine has
been teBted for years. It is perfectly
pure, clean and absolutely safe, as
well as of peculiar and unequaled
medicinal merit
Get Hood's, and get it now from
any drug store.
found in this statement which she
made to a representative of the Bos
ton Globe Monday:
This is a good world. I have lived
in it a long time. I am now in the
evening of my life, and I am happy.
Everything is serene, lovely, beau
tiful. If I had my life to live over
again I do not know how I would
change it, except, perhaps, by trying
harder to make people happy.
"No tears or sighs or trappings of
woe for me," wrote Phil Goldman of
New Tork weeks before he answered
the call. Instead he left $250 to pay
for a memorial banquet for relatives
..«• rasa
Carroll, Nora
Cassidy, W. W. .....
Bnglish, Wm. •».
Foulks, Rosa
Griffith, John A*
Griffith, John A.
Griffith, Pat
pagerman, Prank
Hagerman, Ldnnie
Hesse, Herman ....
Hughes, P. T. .......
Harrington, Tim (rear part) 7 142
McQuade property, from bridge
south on Fifth
Murphy Estate, Mary, east .... 8
Schaff, Joseph
Smith, Sarah EL
Lamb, Mary
North Road track
Coffey, Charlotte
Concannon, Mary ..... .w
Cox, Wm
Crowell, Mary A.
Donahue, Margaret Opart)
Dietz, Harry
Duncan, Harry A,
Greaves, Joe, and Schneider, Geo. L. 6
Griffith, John. A. 1. 2
Higham, Jioihn and Susan ....... 7, 8
Hinman, Ida anA Ella 2
Howell, W. .«»'•••
Oertel, Fred
Pechstein, Paul T. .....»
Pechstein, Paul T., east 35 ft.
Remey, M.
Schaaf, .Tos, rear 48 ft ....
Smith, Simon (cinders) ....... 1, 2
Smith, Sarah EX
Walker, H. S
Wiese, N. and Verna 1
and near friends. "My wish," he
penned in his will, "is that they
should spend a cheerful evening in
their recollections of me."
Henry Ward Beecher: They came,
sometimes, wtthout our knowing what
brings them. There is always a
cause, but we are not always con
scious of it. I have had some Sab
bath mornings that rose upon me
with healing in their wings, after a
troubled week. I can scarcely tell
why 1 was troubled, but the mind's
fruit was net sweet. Yet, when the
Sabbath morning came, I no sooner
looked down upon the bay and across
at my morning signal—the star on
Trinity church, symbolic of the star
that hung over the spot where the
child Jesus lay—than I felt that it
was an eloct morning. And when I
went Into the street, .all the trees—
if it was summer—were murmuring
to me all tne birds were singing to
me the clouds were bearing mes
sages to me everything was kindred
to me. All my soul rejoiced I do
not know why, But undoubtedly
there was some cause operating
which waB in consonance with the
laws of the mind and when the
morning came, with its propitious
conjunction of circumstances, these
results took place.
Hazards of the Sea.
Kansas City Times: With all uio
opportunities offered by the subma
rine and mine, ships still continue
to collide and sink in the old fash
ioned way.
Official Council Proceedings
Resolution No. 199.
Be It Resolved, By the City Council of the City of K«o4t*»k:
Whereas, There have been heretofore presented to this Council an
assessment list of the City Marshal for weed cutting, and the City Bngineer
and Superintendent of Streets and 'Public Improvement for the expense of
repairs and oonstruotion of temporary and .permanent sidewalks, from tbe
10th day of October, 1915, to the 1st day of October, 19MS, and
Whereas, The said assessment lists have been examined and approved
by this Council as proposed assessments for the said weed cutting, and tem
porary and permanent sidewalk*, and
waMreast The City Clerk has, as required by Isw, gtven notice of the
proposed assessment, said notices having been given more than ten days
prior to this date, and
Wihereas, The said City Council upon exam]nation and due consideration
found that the said assessment lists, w4*h deecrtptoln wf the lots aad parcels
of land and the owners thereof, and Che amount of said special taxes assess
able against such lots and parcels of land, be true and oorreot, and the pro
posed assessments to be true, just and equitable and in proportion to the
special Benefits conferred thereby upon said 'property.
Therefore. Be it Resolved, By the C*ty Council of the City of Keokuk:
That It approves and confirms said lists of said assessments and appor
tionment, with their statements of lots and parcels of land liable to said
assessment and levy, and tihe names of the owners Ohsreof, and the proposed
assessments on said lots aad paroels of land and the owners 'thereof for the
payment of the cost of the work and improvement® hereinbefore mentioned,
and finds determines that the said assessments of special taxes are in
proportion to the special benefits conferred upon said property, and for the
purposes of paying for said improvements and other work, the Council of
the City of Keokuk does hereby assess and levy special taxes in the amount
ond against the property in the City of Ifceoknik, Iowa, as shown in said lists,
in accordance with the daws ot Iowa and the Ordinances of the Olty of Keo
kuk, in relation to special toxes as follows:
Assessment for Sidewalk repairs from October, 1916, to January, 1816:
Uot Block
6 64 (Reid's Add
Kitbourne's Arid.
k«Wa*., 8
Jtedd's Add
Kilbonrne's Add.
City of Keokudc .,
City of Keokuk
Ctty of Keokuk
Kllbourne's Add.
id A
Kllbourne's Add.
Schell, FVank 8
Schell, Bertha —...... 9
Seerly, Martha_..4..16, 17
Assessment Dor shoveling.snow:
Brooks, Lincoln 12
28 Oity of Keokuk
Assessment for sidewalk repairs from Jan. 1st, to July IB, 1916:
Brinkman, Rosa ...
Brooks, Jennie ....
Cassidy, W. W. ...
C. B. & Q. R- R~ Co
C. B. & Q. R. R- Oo- along
77 City
£4 ILeighton Add
41 Kllbourne's Add.
1. 2, 8, 4, 5, 6
....m....« .12
1, 2,
.. 3
.. 3
4, 5
... 1
Assessment for weed cutting, 191«:
Awkerly Shields ..... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Ackerly •& Shields ......... 11, 12,,14
Ackerly & Shields 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Acloerly & Shields 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
Ackerly & Shields 28
Aldrich, 19va M. ..
Aldrlch, Bva M. •.
Andrua, Wm.
Barman, C. ffl.
Bennett. Sylvia
Brady, H. B.
Brady, H. 13. JL
Brlnkznan, Rtosa -is
Browne, Jolla A.
Bnownlee, 3. and W. A. Raytwrn 31
Brownlee, US.
BuCkmer, ®. A. —... 1
Burman, Florence .. ....
Barman, Florence ......8. 9
Cameron, Mrs. Jos. 1
Cassidy, W. W.
Charnler, Mary
Childers, Daisy, W-%
C6benena Estate, B-, w* r..
Courtright, Mary M.
42, «, 44
Randall's Add
Randall's Add.
Craig, T. A~, 75 feet on south sMo
Craig, Alioe R. 8
Craig, F. C. 6
English, Wm. .».*•. 3
Englehart, Anna. EL r'J .X
Ewers, Anna 8, 9. 10, 11, 12
Finnerty, Mary 1
Ford, Jasnes, toosfc 1
Fculkes, Rosa .....—»• •. —-12
Grand Ave.
«1 Kllbourne's Add.
1 King's Add
37 Reid's Add. .. ^.
29 Ctty
147 City
151 City
118 City
42 Kllbourne's Add.
2a Leighten Add.
(Beta's ..
.. .J.
(Reid's Add.
Reid's Add. *.
Gates Add. .. *.... »'.•«.&»«
as on A
City of Keokuk
Gregory, iML JO. ...
Hanson, Carrie F.
front 921-3 ft.)
Hanson, Sophia ..
Haipps, Tboe.
Hart, Little G. and Ella ........ 1. 2
Haubert, Jos 1. 2
Hicks. Robt M. and Anna, ...
SH 32 44
Huiskamp and Haanlll acreage ...
Huiskamp, J. W., acreage .........
Huiskamp, J. W„ lot 3, east 36 ft 4
Independent School Dist. 4, 5, 6
Joyce. Thos. H.. WV4 lot 2, •.. 3
Joyce, Thos. 1, i2, 3, 4
Joyce, Thos. K. 10
Keppel, Nancy 10
Keppel, C„ front 70 ft. ........ 6
Kirch, V. J., acreage
King Jas. ............. .. 5
Landes, Battle, 19% ............ 11, 13
Lelsy, John 2
L/undgrem, Jqs. 12
McCormick, W. J. 1
McPherson, E. C. 11
MtoQuade, James
Matheney, Rachel .n •. 9
Maythew, Fred ......... ~..... 13, 14
Meister, John J, ....
Morris, Thos. ......—. 4
Mitchell, Martin. 1, 5
Overall, Sidney ...10, 11
Phillips, Roxis 4
Pi^gott, Ted 1^
Renaud, Bmil .... —-1*
Riuddlck, BakerS. ................ 8
Ruddick, Baiter S., front 47 ft .....12
Ruddick, R. L., acreage ...........
Rkxvane, John 12
Schouten's Bakery
..• 8
Schultz, Harry and Ida .10
Seibert, Mary ......... .mw
either ft Cherry Co. 29
Sinton, Wm, W-% ................ 3
Slattery, Chaa. —.~... 12
Smith, ISffle (rear 50 ft. front
100 ft.)
Smith, Saralh ®. .. .»
Standard Oil Go. ..
...., 5
Stebbinger, agt Lewis, W% .^... 4
Sullivan, Adeline M. —........... 12
Swan, Frank, Jr. 9
Swan, F. W. .... 9, 10, 11
Swan, F. W. .. 7
Taber Lumber Co. .—...........11
Taft, £2. R. •. •.... •.. .«... 1
Tabe, Kate (helm of) —. 6
Torrance Pulbllo School 7, 8
Vanderheyden, Henry C. and Jo. 6
Wallace, H. F. 6
Narrley and Walsmlth, acreage
WaMh, El and J. B. ...........
Watson, Sarah .......
Welseman, Fred, recur 80 ft. ..
Wells, C. S.,
Woman's Home Mission
(Graham Hospital) ..3
Dated October 19, 1916.
On 7th street ibrfdgs ..4.
64 Raid1* Add. ............
•53 iRleid Add. ....««u,......
66 Reid's Add. ,. -.
145 City
93 Masonte Lower Add.
77 City
28 Reid's Add. ........
28 Reid's Add. mv.
94 Mason's Lower Add. ....
148 City r. "^4*
6:2 Reid's Add.
36 Reid's Add. ..
19 Reid's Add.
44 Reid's Add.
143 Olty
143 Cirty
78 Mason's Lower Add. .....
115 City
92 (Mason's Lower Add. .....
168 Mason's Lower Add.
18 Reid's Add.
18 iReid's Add.
IS. 94
2 Hume Park, at 2Rc each ..
2 Home Park, at 6O0 each ..
2 (Home Park, at 25c each
(second cutting)
1 Borne Park, at 25c each. ..
1 Home Park
21 3ty of Keokralc
1 King's Add
16 Est eft Add. .,...
Acreage Belknap Boul. ..
13 Kllbourne's Add
77 City 1.
62 City
2 Belknap Place ...........
3 King's Add.
75 City
161 City
161 City (second cutting)
12 Kllbourne's Add. ....
30 Kllbourne's Add. .........
5 City
6 Oity
29 City
1 King's Add.
RoJl call:
Aye—(Lofton, Htlpert, Mickey.
O. W. S'ANlDBBBiG, Oity Clerit
There being no- farther business,
Council upon motion adjourned.
Attest: Mayor.
O. W. SANDBBRG, Oity Clerk.
October 23, 1916. 9 a. m.
Council met in regular session with
all members present, Mayor Lofton
presiding. Minutes of meeting of
October 19, 1916, were read, and aip
Resolution No. 200.
Be it resolved. By the \Aty Council
of the Olty of Keolcuk:
That the following pay rolls and
bills be, and they axe hereby approv
ed and ordered paid:
Warrant No. 4830, Street ..... 169 *4
Warrant No. 4331, Sewer 163.85
Warrant No. 4332, Improve
Warrant No. 4!»3, Sidewalk .. 1.05
Warrant No. 4334, Park 16^00
Warrant No. 4335, FTnank
Dietz, repairs city Jafll, Police
Warrant No. 4336, G-. F. flind
berg, masonry work bridge
approach. Improvement .... 36.00
Roll call:
Aye—Lofton, HMipert HSekey.
Attest: Mayor.
O. W. SANDBERIG, City Clerk.
Rssokition No. 201.
Whereas, Keokuk Electric com
pany, the present tocOder of the
rights granted by special ordinance
"No. 382 for the operaiton of street
railways In the city of Keokuk, is
proposing to extend its tracks from
3.01 the present terminus of its lines o©
MclKlttley avenue, Keokuk, along me
center of McKinley avenue in a
northerly direction to Main street
and thence northwesterly on Main
street to TWrty-second street, and
Whereas for reasonable cause It is
impracticable to lay the tracks of
said extension on Main street in the
center of the street, or near the cen
ter, as provided In section 8 of said
special ordinance No. 382.
Therefore, be it resolved, by the
city council of the city of Keokuk
that Keokuk Electric company in ex
tending its street car line from its
present terminus on MoKinley avenue
to Main street and through Main
street to Tfolrty-eeoond street, shall
lay Bald track upon Mate street on
the southwesterly side of Main street
at a place where the center line be
tween the rails of said track is ap
proximately eJeven (11) feet fromthe
center line of said 'Matin street
which, is herefoy designated by the
City Council as the part of Main
street upon which said track shall
be laid In stcoordaaoe with the .pro
visions of section 8 of special ordin
ance No. 382.
Adopted October 28, 1916, by the
foUaradng vote:
Xye—Lofton, HJlpert, Hlcksey.
^Attest: Mayes?..
O. W. SAND BERG. City CJerir.
Resolution No. 202.
Be It resolved, By the City Council
of the City of Keoknk:
That the City Clerk be, and he Is
Iteceby authorised, to draw warrant
?/, fm-A
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 A
(rear 46 2-£ ft
11, IS
Hdnman, Ida and mia 4, 5, 6 36
Hinman, Ida and HUla ..
Horn, Bertha, 50 ft
Howell, W. C., agt., rear .. 1 60
Hixbinger, joti. 4, 5 16
Hmbinger, Jos 2, 3 45
Hudson, Frank W., front 7® ft .... 7 203
'Hughes, J. 10. 11, 12 26
Hughes, F. T.. lot 30, lot 31,

0 -!e "»V
""/V -"'V?
l»A^nDTTtTa ^,
Belknap Place
Jfetes Add. ~—.
Mason's Up'per
Mason's Lower Add. .......
R. P. A W. Add. ....
Kilboturne's Add. .. «....
Acreage Des Moines River
Reid's Add.
Acreage Plank Road
Grand Ave. extension —.
Mason's Upper Add. ......
(Mason's Upper Add.
a. 00
Mason's Upper Add.
Jkust side of 17th and BouL
(North side of Grand Ave.
between 17th and Boul.
65 feet
King's Add.
King's Add. ...——~
R. P. '& W. Add.T. .Tnr.*.
ttaand Ave. Extension 76
'feet .....
King's Add.
City ... —.
Reid's Add. .. —-.
Rteid's Add
Reid's Add. ........
Mason's Lower Add.
King's Add. ....
King's Add.
Gate's Add. ....
Gates Ajdd.
Oity •.. ...
Belknap Place ..
Belknaip Plaoe «.
Grand Ave. Extension
3teid's Add. .....
Schtotterti Add.
Cfcy ..
(RnfdV Add. ^..w..—M
Mason's Itiower Add.
CBty 1
Belknap's Plaos
3«lknap Place
KilbB-urne's Add.
Kllbourne's Add. ...
Belknaip Place ......
.Mason's Upper Add.
JSsteB Add
(ft. P. A W. Add.
Hates Add.
22nd and Main ...
Belknap Place ....
6, 7
158 City ft. 00
Be it Further Resolved, That the City Clerk Is here/by ordered and
directed to certify all of the said lists and levies not paid before Novemebr,.
1st, 1916, unto the County Treasurer of Lee county, Iowa, to be added to bia'
tax lists and collected by him as by law provided..
... .1,
ED. fl. (LOFTON,
No. 4837, for the sum of flS.-OO, in vS
favor of Geo. A. Ogle & Company,
same being in payment for atlas oi
Lee ooranty.
ORoll call: !vfl
Aye—-Lofton, Hitpert, Hicfcey, "-M
Adrteat: MSaywr.
O. W. SANDfBERG, City CJerk.
There being no further ^business,
Council took a reoess untfl October
24, 1916, 9 a. m.
Attest? Mayoa
O. W. SANDBERG, CKy Clerk.
October 24, 1916, 9 a. m.
OounoO convened after recess witlh
«ai memibers .present, Mayor Lofton
Resolution No. 203.
Be tt resolved by the City Council
of the City of Keokuk that after full
consideration of the schedule of as-
ourb and gutter constructed on both
sMes of Sixth street from Blondeau
to Morgan, filed tn the office of the
City Clerk on the 21/at day of June.
1916, of tie filing of which nodes
has been published and posted as
required by law, and sifter full con
sideration, appraisement and appor
tionment of the special benefits con
ferred upon the property shown in
said schedule and plat by the said
improvement, this cotmcil finds that
the said property specially benefited
by the said imprtxvement In the
amounts shown on said schedule,
and that the said amounts are
In proportion to the wpccial bene
fits conferred upon the property
by said improvement, and are
not id excess of euch benefits,
and are not in excess of 25 per cent
of the actual value of the lots, parts
of lots and parcels of ground shown
in said schedule and
Be it further rewolved, That the
said schedule of assessments and
the aooompanying plat be, and tjhe
same are hereby, approved: and
that there be and is hereby assessed
aiui l&vied as a special tax against
and upon each of the lots and parcels
of land described in said echectale,
anxl the owner or owners thereof
liable to assessment for the cost of
tie same, the respective mans ex
pressed in figures set opposite to
each of the same on account of the
cost of the oonstruotion of the said
improvement and the said assess
ments against the said lots, parts of
lots and parcels of laud are hereby
declared to be in proportion to the
special benefits conferred upon the[
said property by said lmprovemerkt, 1
and not in excess thereof, and not in
excess of 25 per cent of fto sctoali
value thereof.
Adopted October 24, IMS, fcy
following vote:
Aye—Lofton, HDpert, HSofceqc.
Ayes, 3 noes, 0.
Approved aad signed:

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