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MARSHALLTOWIS*, Iowa, Nov. 10.
•—Plans are completed for the enter
tainment of 1.000 or more Iowa boys
•who will meet here Dec. 1, 2 and 3, to
take part in the older boys' conference
,of the Y. M. C. A. Delegates from all
parts of Iowa will be in attendance.
SIOUX CITT, Iowa. Nov. 10.—Seven
jnembers of the Robert Fletchall family
of near Mt. Ayr. narrowly escaped cre
mation when their home burned. Mr.
Fletcball and his 13-year-old son were
dangerously burned while carrying
other members of the family to safety.
•WASHINGTON, Iowa. Nov. 10.—J.
p. Marigold has fifteen Holstein cows
that brought him $1,550 worth of milk
In ten months' time, besides the
MASON CITY, Iowa, Nov. 10.—Be
cause of his cheek E. F\ Rogers, who
Claims Minneapolis as his home, is
nerving a term in Jail. He stole an
overcoat from the store of Harry Zeb
ktir, and took it back to exchange it
for a better one. Zebkar recognized
Ills lost property and caused Rogers'
errest. When Rogers said it was all
a joke the jnjdge called ft a good one
—worth "0 days.
5' DCS MOINES. Iowa. Nov. 10.—
Fifty-nine estates paid $29,668 in col
lateral inheritance tax to the state in
October, according to the report of
•Quincv A. Willis, dejrut-r treasurer of
state. The estate of Wilbur A. Mc
Neill of Mahaska eotnrty paid the larg
est tax. The state received $10,395
c-n ?1S6,759, which went to collateral
MOUNT STERLING, 111., Nov. 10.—
John Woodworth and Mrs. Cora Wood
worth. both of Time-well, were married
yesterday by Justice J. A. McAbe.
They were divorced about four years
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DAVBNPORT, Iowa, Ntt*. »r—All
auto drivers arrested on charges of
violating the speed ordinance or other
auto ordinances wfli be subject to a
heavy fine and temporary or perman
ently barred from operating an auto
mobile on the streets of Davenport, if
the ordinance which -will be proposed
by Alderman B. 1L Rat
an is passed by
the Davenport city oonatl.
bat patched up their difficulties and
decided to be married again.
CARTHttVlLLB, ni., Nov. 10.—The
Burr coal mine, which employed 300
men and which suspended operations
April 1, 1916, formerly ownad by the
Cartervllle Coal company and sold by
the 'United States court in October,
1915, to the Mississippi Valley Trust
company, has been purchased by
Joseph SolarL
NASHVILLE, 111., Nov. 10.—Ben
Schierbaum, owner of the Original
spring at Oteawville, was found dead
yesterday by a salesman who entered
the hotel. Schierbaum disappeared
URBAN A, 111., Nov. 10.—Isaac S.
Peters, 73, banker and farmer of St.
Joseph, this county, and prominent in
local republican politics for many
years, yesterday committed suicide by
shooting himself through the head
with a shotgun.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 10.—Rev.
Father James A. Murtaugh, C. M„ 58
years old. treasurer of the Vincentlan
order of Catholic priests in Cape Gi
rardeau, Mo., died at the St. Louis
.uullanpfay hospital yesterday morn
FULTON. Mo.. Nov. 10—A tornado
in parts of Boone and Callaway coun
ties Wednesday did considerable prop
erty damage. Engineer p. D. Thur
mond and his force of the Pulton spe
cial road district, who were in the
path of the storm, saved themselves
by holding to their automobile, which
was raised from the ground.
Want Vlckers Gun.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.—Th« im
mediate purchase of 4,600 Vlckers ma
chine rifles were recommended today
in a report by the special machine gun
board which has been conducting an
investigation of various guns. Secre
tary Baker approved the recommenda
tion of the committee whose appoint
ment resulted partly from allegations
by backers of the Lewi® gun that the
latter had never been fairly tested by
the war department.
There ought to be some method of
euthanasia for putting dead letter
laws out of their misery.
Iowa Conference Home Mlnlwnry
Society Open* ita Meetings
In Trinity
Meeting* Will Continue Tomorrow
and Sunday—President to
Give Address
The thirtyjfirst animal session of
the IOWA conference Woman's Home
i\WaHnn society opened In Trinity M.
E. church tills morning with an exe
cutive hoard session. This afternoon
at 2:80 o'clock the first program was
given. The meeting will continue
through Saturday and Sunday, with
a session this evening at whlcih the
president's annual address will -be
The devotional services -this after
noon were led by Mrs. Delia Sowers,
tallowing which there was a short
business session while the convention
was being organised. Mrs. E. G.
Wollemweber sang a solo. Following
this number, reports of the corres
ponding secretary, supply secretary
and district presidents were made.
Adjournment of the afternoon ses
sion was scheduled lor 4: SO o'clock,
when thfe conference of correspond
ins secretaries was to be 'held.
Tills afternoon there were ninety
tibree delegates registered before
1:30 o'clock. It wue expected that
there would be over 100 in attend
ance. The delegates come from
Musuaiine, Burlington, Fort Madison
and Ottunvwa, Oskaloosa, Keosauqua
and other towns in the district.
This evening, greetings to the con
vention will be extended by the Rev.
F. C. Edrwards of Trinity church, and
by Miss .Mary V. Jackson. Mrs. W.
S. Gardner wHI make the response.
Mrs. Henry Schouten will sing. The
president's address will be made by
Mrs. L. G. Murphy. Mrs. I. O. Ramble
wttl conduct the devotional service.
Rock Itfand Receiver Asks Judge
Carpenter Whether Road
Shall Obey it.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Nov. 10.—Jacob M.
Dickinson, receiver for the Chicago.
Block Island railroad, petitioned Judge
George R. Carpenter in the federal
court, today, asking the court's ad
vice as to whether the Adamson
eight hour law should be obeyed.
In the petition Dickinson stated
that he had been advised by counsel
that the law was unconstitutional and
that the law deprives the defendant
and other railways of right and lib
erty of contract without due pro
cess of laiw, and that the Adamson
laiw is merely an experiment, "the
purpose of which is to enable the
congress and president to observe at
the expense of the defendant and
other railways the effects of the ex
In the petition, Chas. F. Clyne, dis
trict attorney of northern Illinois
district, and EI C. Knotts, district
attorney at Springfield.
and the
general chairmen of all railway com
panies. were cited to be in court
Deoemtber 4 for arguments.
Boat Sank in Lake Michigan Last
Evening, During Blinding
[United Press Leased Wire Service:]
CALUMET. Mich., Nov. 10.—In a
blinding snowstorm that swept Lake
Superior last night, the steamer foon
tenac went down off Manitou island
with a loss of twenty-two members
of her crew of twenty-three. The
lone survivor, a sailor named Edward
Laundry, clung to a life belt and
reached shore. He brought the news
of the disaster to the Eagle Harbor
coast guard and search was immedi
ately started for possible survivors.
The Frontenac was a small steel ore
carrier, owned by the Brown Steam
ship company of Cleveland, Ohio. She
left Duluth Tuesday, bound for Ash
tabula, Ohio, with ore.
A Postgraduate Course.
Chicago Post: A Denver preacher
has resigned his pulpit to enter em
ployment with an eastern manufactur
ing concern. He will put on overalls
and work with his hands.
"Ministers study God too muct and
human beings too little." he says. "I
especially desire to study the teach
ing of Christianity as applied to ln
Iduatrial conditions."
in other words be Is going to do a
little laboratory work, and the exper
ience should make him a better
It would be an excellent thing if all
preachers could have preparatory
training of this kind. A pulpit mes
sage that came out of the mine or the
(factory would have a different note
!from the message that comes straight
from the seminary. It is one thing
I to be a great theologian and quite an
other to be a great Christian, and yon
cannot be the latter if you lose touch
with the actualities of human life.
Nor is touch that comes through
what may be called the benevolences
oi religion sufficient. Visitation of
the poor, a handshaking acquaintance
with tne workingman. a few months
in a social settlement, excellent as
these may be, cannot give the preach
ier the intimate understanding atHfs
Hearing on November 13 of Three
Againet Whom Informations
Were riled Yesterday.
John Brady, Walter Curfman and
John Griffith, against whom informa
tions were filed in the superior court
yesterday afternoon by State Agent
Terrell, charging them with the un
lawful delivery of Intoxicating liquor
in this city, took time to plead and
consult counnel, and gave bond of
$200. The hen ring was set for No
vember 13 at 2:00 o'-olock in the aft
ernoon at the request of Mr. Terrell.
How to Prevent Colds.
In the way of practical advice on
now to prevent colds, Dr. Eugtne L.
Flak, of the Life Extension Institute
in New York City, suggests that
one of the best methods for prevent
ing ooids is to breathe as much fresh
air as possible a draft, he holds, IB
not to be feared unless it is strong
enough to be chilling. It is as silly
to weaken your resistance by cod
dling as it is to be over-Spartan.
The skin can be trained to help re
sist germ infection and one of the
worst ways to train it is to work,
and live, and sleep in overheated
rooms. The samt sort of rules ap
plies to clothing. Adapt your cloth
ing to the condition of your health
and to the condition of the weather.
One man can wear li^bt undercloth
ing all the year round tor another
I whose physique is not so hardy or
who has chromic heart or kidney
trouble, such a course is folly. It is
The enthronement of peppermint
in the kingdom of sweets is pointed
out by the candy manufacturers as
proof positive that men of "pep" find
peppermint beneficial to fcte human
I Peppermint has beoome a real com
modity. Dt has even been asserted in
fts lulweots that It ought to be in a
tariff schedule or have other respect
ful recognition by Uncle Sam. Pep
permint is no longer a weed in the
back yard—indeed, if you please, it
has become a great crop. Pepper
mint candy as put up in Banitary in
dividual packages, is quite unlike the
bulky drops that were found in the
show cases when men of a generation
ago kept the grocery, or safeguarded
the fortunes at the store on the
It remained for a couple of young
lege men, who had very little cap
ital, Dot lots of ambition, to success
fully market peppermint candy.
Their activities were based on me
.theory that peppermint aids diges
tion, is nourishing and healthful.
They-also claimed that it is a real
life-saver, but this was no doubt
based somewhat upon their own
In any event these two young men
in its hardships, anxieties and temp
tations for the toller that the founder
of his religion grained in the years he
spent as a carpenter In Nazareth.
We doubt if there is any place
where it is harder to be a real Chris
tian than in the pulpit. The man who
can stay there without dipping often
into life, as this Denver preacher Pro-v
poses to do, and retain his sensitive
nes to human need, his flaming indig
nation at injustice and oppression, is
4 Hew Home Cure That Anyone Can Use
Without Discomfort or Loss of Time.
We hav« New Methodthat cures
and Bitty Sunday, the LMmg LSf* Saver*.
and we want you to try it at oar expense.
No matter whether your case is of long
standing or recent development, whether it
la present as occasional or chronic Asthma,
loa should send for a free trial of our
method, No matter In what climate you
live, no matter whet your age or occupo
tion. If yoa are trembled with asthma, oar
method should relieve you promptly.
We especially want to sond it to those
apparently hopeless eases, where all forma
oi Inhalers, dooches. opium preparations,
fumes. patent smokes.'" etc- have failed.
We want to show everyone at ear own
expense, that this new method Is designed
to end an dUBoalt breathing, all wbeezlns.
and all those terrible paroxysms at once
and for all time.
proceeded to produce proof that men
of "pep" require and yearn for pep
permint. Colonel Boosevelt, and
"Billy" Sunday, were found to be fre
quent nibblers of the dainty morsel.
These men met at Kansas City re
cently, and their Joint admirers de
clared that they isiur asserted more of
the virile spirit at Americanism than
any two men in the eountry, for mil
lions regard the former President
and the world's greatest evangelist
as the gwsHit Imng life-savers, fa
their respective specialties of patri
otism and salvation.
One day a salesman put up his
stand at Trenton opposite the taber
nacle in whieh Billy Sunday was
folding his meetings. He boldly pro
claimed that he, instead of Sunday,
was the great and holy dispenser of
life savers.
ery rout*.
an unusual man. In the pulpit the ten-1 them. The man wbk is subject to
dency is to offer the consolations of I colds should be sparing In his use of
religion when conditions actually de-' tobacco, and should know that he
mand its revolutionary power. Conso
lation is a poor substitute for work of
reconstruction that world needs, and a
postgraduate course In a factory would
Evangelist came out
to see what was going on, and tasted
of the mint, ana then he beeame a
regular devotee of the sweet. In a
few days everyone in Trenton was
eating peppermint, and the returns
showed that the combination life
savers of Trenton were making an
might na
as harmful to expose yourself too
m-uch as it is to weaken your resist
ance by bundling up. Baths? One
man can take cold baths and be no
worse flor them another of a more
delicate, constitution will suffer nerv
ous shocks from the same tempera
tures. Try out your skin and find
out its reaction point. Of course, you
will do well to avoid constipation,
overeating, and extreme fatigue, for
the?e ail aggravate ookis and invite
weakens his resisting powers if he
drinks alcohol. In many an instance
where death is attributed to a se
vere cold or to pneuuymla, the real
help much in understanding the funda-! cause was that the patient's system
mental problems of the reconBtructor.
was so weakened by drink that it had
no resistance to offer to germ attack.
Thirty Years of the Trolley.
Literary Digest: It is now little
short or thirty years since the first
successful trolley line was P«t in op
eration in ^Richmond, Va. An earlier
experiment had taken place at Balti
more, but it was not until the Rich
mand enterprise was started that the
trolley was placed on a commercial
basis. It had been predicted before
this that electrically propelled vehi
cles would be fbund impractical when
used on city streets. How completely
the pessimists have been suppressed
no one nee# now be informed. Ftank
J. Spgague, who installed the success
ful systm at Rtchmod, is still living
and in practice la this city as a civil
engineer. Nor Is he yet an old man.
having been born In 1857. A writer
in Bradstreet's makes a few com
ments on the subject, apropos of a re
cent address made by Mr. Sprague at
a convention in Atlantic City:
"The industry has prospered to such
an extent that there are, in terms of
money, some 16,000,000*000 invested in
it over 300,0000 men find employment
in the enterprise, and the gross earn
ings of the industry approximate $600,
000,000 per annum. Tet this Is the in
dustry in which interest was wholly
academic at the time that association
was organized, and, in fact, for a few
years thereafter.
"Indeed, these street-railway men
knew much about horses very little
however, did they know about the pow
erful force that was destihed to sup
plant horses. It is related that a man
who later came to be manager of one
of the large electric railways of the
country thus described the motor used
in the Bentley-Knight experiments in
Cleveland: Tt revolved rapidly 1,200
revolutions a minute, and I asked what
sort of a volcano it would make if it
parted under the car and was told
that it would be terrible—that the
pieces would travel two or three miles.
It was sort of nltro-glycerine maga
zine.' A rush to adopt electricity fol
lowed the Richmond installation, and
gave to the country In the four years
following 1888, 900 miles, and in the
fourteen years to 1902 more than
16,000' miles of electric railways."
A Lake Michigan fish story blows In
from the wet side of Wisconsin. Two
youngsters motor boating at the mouth
of F*x river frightened a five-pound
bass wMch Jumped into the boat and
almost upset it. The kids were so
frightened by the flopping fish that
to end an difficult breathing, all wheezing, they lost control of the boat and were
towned in with their strange visitor.
Fox river piscatorial sports swear to
This free offer la too Important to neglect
a single day. Write now and than begin
the method at oace. Send no money.
Blmply mall coupon below. Do It Today.
Niagara and Hudson Sts- Boffalo, S.Y.
Send free trial of your method to:
Write today, I will tall you. free of
charge, of a simple home treatment
for asthma which cured nle after
physicians and change of climate
failed. I am so grateful for my pres
ent good health, after years of suffer
ing, that I want everyone to know of
this wonderful treatment Mrs. Nellie
ETrana, 665 K-l, £^e Moines, Iowa.
FRIDAY, NOV. 10,1916
For one day only, Saturday, November
11, we will offer you your choice of any
of our ladies' and misses'
Tailor Made Suits
This includes our $25.00, $27.50, $29.50,
$32.50, $35.00, $37.50 and $39.50 suits
and every one is of-this season's style and
No approvals—strictly cask—alterations
extra. Greatest bargain
of the
Don't miss it.
One day only—Saturday, November 11,
Member Keokuk Retail Merchants Association
We Refund Your Traveling Expen
Dandruff causes a feverish Irrita
tion of the scalp, the hair roo-'s
shrink, loosen and then the hair comas
out fast. To slop falling hair at once
and rid the scalp of every particle
of dandruff, get a 25-cent bottle of
Danderine at any drug store, pour a
little in your hanu and rub well into
the scalp. After a few applications
all dandruff disappears and the hair
stops coming oat
When your child suffers from a
cold don't watt give the little
stomach, liver and bowels a gentle,
thorough cleansing at once. When
cross, peevish, listless, pale, doesn't
sleep, eat or act naturally if breath
is bad, stomach sour, give a tear
spoonful of "California Syrup of
Figr," and in a few hours all the
clogged-up, constipated waste, sour
bile and undigested food wiU gently
move out of the bowels, and you have
a well, playfol child again.
If your child coughs, snuffles and
has caught eold or Is feverish or has
a sore throat give a good dose^of
"California Syrup of Figs" to evacu
ate the bowels no difference what
other treatment is given.
Sick children needn't be coaxed to.
take this harmless "fruit laxative."
Millions of mothers keep It handy
because they know its action on the
stomach, liver and bowels Is prompt
and sure. They also know a little
given today saves' a sick child to
Ask yoar diagglst for a 50-cent
bottle /of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which contains directions fbr babies,
children of all ages and for grown
ups plainly on the bottle. Beware of
counterfeits sold here. Get t|ie genu
ine. made by "California Fig Syrup
Enemy Driven Away.
[Fnited Press Leased Wire Service]
BUCHAREST, Nov. 10.—"An enemy
monitor and a small advance guard
which attempted to approach the
Ramadan bridgehead, were obliged to
retire by our artillery," the war of
fice announced today.
Used Gas Shells.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
LONDON, Nov. 10.—Considerable
artBl«7lng occurred a
Early Winter Shoes
A wonderful collection of
new models, comprising1 all the
new two-tone boots that are so
generally worn by good dress
ers throughout the country.
Also all blade boots in button
or lace effects.
Prices are very reasonable
on these boots.....
Oall and see the greatest
collection, of new shoes in the
$ -f
520 Main St.
The High Cost
does not worry the
farmer. He is a seller
of high-priced food pro
ducts—not a buyer. If
you wantL. to turn pro
ducer and make money
—there's no time like
the present in which to
start Let me know
whether you would pre
fer to iocate in Ne«
as a a
Wyoming or Montana
and whether you want
to take up a homestead,
buy a cheap farm or de
sire irrigated land.
It is my business—•
first, to acquaint you
with the splendid op
portunities that exist at
various points along the
Burlington Railroad,
and aeoond, to assist you in se
curing that location which is
beet suited to your^ needs.
There's nothing to be gained
by waiting—so write now—to
day. S. B. Howard, Immigra
tion Agent, C. B., & Q. B. B,
Boom 20, Building, Omaha,
of the Ancre, General Haig reported
to the war office today. The Germans
used numerous gas shells. North
east of Festuber, enemy trench mor
tars were sSeoced.
One-can alwavs teU his funny story
if he teto it so briefly that nobody has
time to head him oft.
I&fc"": Wv

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