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ItJESDAY, NOV. 21,1915
Ministerial AOoel«tt»n Schedule Has
Been Made Out for the -r:
Remainder of th#
bating TOPICS
Reveala Unusually Good
Study,for Paatora
in Next Year's
The program for the Keokuk Min
lsterial association meetings for the
remainder of this year and the com*
Ine season has 'beftB1 ifisued. Th®
Bev. B. LeRoy Steffey of the Metho
dist Protestant church, is president,
ind the Rev. F. B. McAllister of the
Baptist church, is secretary. Monday
morning the""devotional leader was
the Rev. C. J. Algott, and Dr. P. G.
Beardsley of the Congregational
church, spoke on the topic. The Pas
tor in the Study."
The following is the program for
the meetings the remainder of 1916
the year 1917:
December fourth:
Devotional leader—C. E. Durgee.
Th» Pastor in the Parish—E. B.
December eighteenth:
Devotional leader—J. H. Helm.,
Life of Henry Drummond (Geo. A.
Smith)—A. C. Ernst.
January first:
Devotional-leader—F. B. McAllister.
The Negro's Response to Christian
ity—S. B. Moore,
January fifteenth:
Devotional leader—H. B. Barns.
The Scandinavian In America—F.
J. Swansoh^.
February fifth:
Devotional leader—H. S. Willing.
The Second Coming of Christ—J. C.
February nineteenth
Devotioial leader—N. W. Evans.
Religious I Education and thtf Pub
lic School—ft. L. ReiI.
Siarch fifth:
Devotional leader—E. B. Newcomb.
Psychology and the Preacher—H.
T. Scherer.
March nineteenth:
Devotional Jeader—A. C. Ernst:
Through South 'America (H: V{.
Van Dyke)—E. LeRoy Steffey*
April eecpnd:
Devotioiial le«Jer—Wallace. R. Ba
Keokuk'* Social Life and, *its Ef
fect Upon Religion—F. B. McAllister.
April sixteenth,:
Devotional leader—F. Cr. Beardsley.
Keokuk's Industrial Conditions and
Their Effect Upon Religious life—
C. E. Durgee. -y
May seventh:
Devotional leader—J. C. Hughes.
The Bible and Civilization (Ernest
Von Dobachutz)—N._ W. Evans."
May twenty-first:."
Devotional leader—H. T. Scherer.
Some Personal Observations of Re-,
ligious Follies—H. 8. Willing.
June fourth: S
Devotional leader-^-F. J. Swabson.
Prayer and its Answer1—C. J. Al
Adjourn until October.
Octdber first:
Meeting opened 'With President E.
LeRoy Steffey presiding.
Appointment of -Committees and
general business discussion.
The City Institute for Religious.
^.Teachers—W&Ilacg R. Bacon,
fc Religious Conditions In Latin Amer
ica—H. B. McEIree.
Thd Community Church—L. H.
The program committee consists
of the Revs. Wallace jR. Bacon. H. B.
McElree and F. C. Qdw&rds.
Arrested in Montreal.
[United Press Leased Wire Servioe.]
CHICAGO, Nov. 21.—Reginald and
Kyrle Barrett, sons of John Barrett,
all of whom are wanted in Chicago
and New York on charges of swindling
probably will toe brought to Chicago
to trial. The trio was arrested In
Montreal yesterday.
The two sons were in charge of a
"bucket shop" here when the. crash
came October 12. Worthless stock
had been sold to ministers, school
teachers and small investor's. When
1,700 patrons were on their list, they
The father probably will be tried in
New York,
One of .Nature's most
valuable aids in the
promotion and main
an of
health is
Stomach Bitters
tate Titil&l
You rieed
never worry
ajbout results in
Jbaking if you use
It has been a stand
by for a quarter of
a century. Quaran
teed under all
pure food- laws.'
OK Ounces forOR'A
Mrs^vss5£M' wt/
Men 'Write New Congresswoman Pro
posing Marriage and Asking
for Photographs.
[United Press Leaced Wire Service.]
MISSOULA, Mopt., Nov. 21.—Pur
sued tyy offer® of marriage, advertis
ing agencies wanting her pictures,
cranks and beggars, Miss Jeannette
Rankin, Montana's new congress
woman, took retuge today behind
locked doors and stationed her
brother, a former Harvard university
football player, at the front gate to
meet visitors.
Every mail brings a fresh croo of
proposals, it was learned today. They
come from all over the United States.
One man, a lawyer, from OklahfUiA,
"temporarily en ployed picking cot
ton," said he loved Miss Rankin trnm
the moment he heard she could make
her fwn hats.
A tooth7 paste company wanted to
photograph Miss Rankin's teeth. IVf
is willing to lay fS,000 for the pic
ture. ..
An automobile concern asked the
privilege of presenting a new model
car to Miss Rrnkin If shp would
merely consent to having her owner
ship used for advertising purposes.
Th6 latest excitement is a motion
picture sharpshooter from California,
who has dug/himself In near the Ran
kin homestead -anij made preparations
for femattnng 'nil winter. up
Aj fearless Physician
9uch aZ physician recently remark
ed:—"The wonderful power of Lydla
E. Pinkham's Vegetable CompouaS
over diseases o( women is not be
cause it to a stimulant, not because it
is a paluffiive, but simply because it
contains the very elements needed Tb
tone up the female systenr and
strengthen the depleted organism.)''
Of course that is so, otherwise it
could not succeed as it has.—Adv.
Auto Accidents are Numerous and in
Some Cases are Expected to
Prove Fatal.
QUINCY..U1., Nov. 21.—Alex Miller,
a liveryman of Loraine, is at the home
of Dr. Mitchell in Ursa with Internal
injuries which are expected to^reBult
In his death, following an automobile
accident Satorlay afternoon at 4:30
o'clock in the streets of Ursa. Mrs.
E. P. Poling, also of Loralne, another
occupant of the automo&He, is in
Blessing hospital an& the outcome of
her injuries carnot yet be deter
mined, although she is getting along
Viola Poling and Opal Miller, two
young girls, were with Mille? and
Mrs. Poling, but they were thrown
Wear of the car and escaped with a
few minor bruises. The injuries to
Miller are internal to the chest and
The party ha-l' been to Quincy Sat
urday afternoon arfd were enroute
home. While traveling on level
ground in the streets of Ursa and
near the railroad crossing Mr. Miller
lost control of the steering gear. The
car skidded tnd turned over com
Henry Mlcfdendorf Seriously Hurt.
Henry B. Middendorf, 57 years old,
vice president, of the Middendorf
Lumber company, lies in a precarious
condition at St. Mary's hospital with
the odds for recovery from a frac
tured skull against him. Though Ms
the farm of William Wisman.
Saturday evenng, attracted a. large
were lying on the floor, and there
was one incubator baby on exhibit,
The shooting gallery, with teddy
bears for prizes, claimed the atten- I
tion of the sportsmen. There
the crowd harf attended all the
"iSr'opaenCOUmbrena/ra St
three acts, Kenneth Berry represent-1
enbar W alsb given.
Afraid of Houeecleanlng.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Nov. 21.—
Carrying out the administration pro
gram of legislation to provide against
the "arbitrary removal oT public offi
cials by. executive action," State Sen
ator C. C. Coalter, republican, today
introduced at the special session of
th^ legislature called "by Gov. H. D.
Hatfield, a bill providing that "the
governor shall not remove any com
missioner or member of the public ser
vice commission or other appointive
official whose term is fixed by law ex
cept tor incompetency, neglect of duty,
gross-immorality or malfeasance or
misfeasance in office and. then only
after public hearing."
Republlcaps fear Governor Elect
Cornwell, democrat, will oust all re
publican appointive job holders.
Eugenio Waiters.
[United" Press Leased Wire. Serviee.l
MADISON. Wis., Nov. 21.—First
call for the eugenic waiter. T^he
Madison club ef this city Jias decided
that all waiters muBt pnsa a physical
examination on the same general or-
der that the .present day bride-to-be
requires of her future bread winner.
kitchen who trims the spuds, the
clerks at the desk and all other em
ployes.. "Safety first" commented
Secretary Parker.
3truck by Meteor.
[United Press Leased Wire Servles.J
MDJ90N, WiB., Nov. 21.—A falling:
meteor practically ruined Mrs. Ole
Bakken's chicken coop. The horrible
details are con/ained in the report
of the town clerk of Chrlstiania,
Wis., to the r.tate Are marshal's de
"It happened early in the morn-
condition today is reported somewhat 'ing," he reported. "Mrs. Bakken was
Unproved, chances for bis recovery just climbing Into her clothes. She
are doubtful. jloqjced out the window. The chicken
He was kicked by a mule near Ursa coop was all right. She looked again.
Saturday afternoon while driving payt It was burningvip. Nobody was out
a drove of die animals in front of doors. The sky Mtked funny. It must
Uncle Sam's army holds one patent
right which places it ahead of other
nations in the field of wireless in
struments for use on aeroplanes. It
weighs but seven pounds and will
transmit BHUCtt seven miles-
have been a meteor."
The fair at the Methodist church son. There tfilf probably be am-
which was well pleased- with
Ihe program md amusements. The
Carthage college band played up
town, attracting the attention of the
evening strollers to the event, a regu
lar fair program being carried out in
detail. A paoa* balloon ascensioji,
without the parachute leap was given,
the balloon disappearing in the bal
cony Rollo the Limit Was given ».y
Miss Davis, who went to the top cf
the slide for life, kissed her hand to
the audience, then made ,the dar'ng
act the merry-go-round was enji.ved
by both "young android, and the same
was filled'at each trip, three posts
being set in tha form of a triangle
and the swing was kept going bv A
boy who rode and struck each post
as lip came around. Clyde Delaney
who was dressed as a clown, had
charge of the same, and a number
who were unable to ride so fast,
fell from the saving and were taken
care of'by the ambulance wagOn and
the nurses, who were dressed in regu
lar custom, who were in waiting. The
company adjourned to the basement
where the race meet was held, the
entries consisting of two boys with
bicycles. The baby show was per
haps the best event of the fair, there
being number of young girls who
were dressed in gowns and caps, who
Fifty-six hunttng licenses have been ministrator, after payment of all
issued by County Clerk Edw. Miller I claims, be reta'ned by him until paid
to the numerous nimrods of Hancock out in the due etiurse of adminlstra
county, for (he present hunting sea-' tion.
Advertising for an Alibi.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Nov. 21.—Daniel A. Fir
rell of Brooklyn, N. Y., advertised home,
here todav for. an alibi to save him flight
IS ClTlf^
ber fet issued as the total number
sold last year was about one hundred
and fifty.
Mrs. Dona Dorothy and little daugh
ter Ferae, who have been spending
the past month with iselatives in Dav
enport, Iowa, returned to Carthage
Saturday evening to be with her sis
ter Mrs. A. P. Kimbrough, who is suf
ferign from carbuncles. While Mrs.
Dorothy was in Davenport, her sister
Miss Birdie Roberts, underwent an
operation for fliuula.
Will Newton of Des Moines, Iowa,
came in Friday evening f6r~a short
visit with home folks, and is trans
acting business while in the city. He
will return to his work the first of
the week.
George Long who went to Albu
querque, New Mexico, some weeks
ago, to spend the winter, has secured
employment as Checking clerk for a
railroad company, at a good salary.
He -has six men working under him
at" the present time.
Mrs. Will Sharp, went to Bowen
Monday to .spend the day with her
daughter Mrs. W- C- Rowland.
Richard White left Monday evening
for Springfield to attend as a delegate
of the Carthage lo^ge, the I. O. O. F.
Convention of the grand lodge, being
the seventy-ninth session. Mr. J. L.
Smith of Colchester will attend as a
from his lodge and Mr.
jjrinkman of Hancock lodge,
Warsaw who
also booths where hot weiners, ham'-)
burgers, ice-cream cones and home j, Mrs. "manJBrrnes of the Rebekuh
made candy could be secured.
The Sil^^^^l^js'were1^tep- dau^ter^MlsB^HatUe pf Denver Mrs.
reacted bv W WilS ard Josephine. She.rick of Jess^n
Miss Margaret Geiger. Young
candidate for che
warden, i3 in
D,_oa t1). n„h„i,(,h
es ..
plays there was a show. "The Close /nnviminn of the
lod«e 0th^8
m^'9 Hattie^ScoM and
Bow3n, Mrs. Maude Wrig
Plymouth lodge.
Mr, T. D. Stephens of Chicago, gen- The southeast of the southeast
eral inspector of the Western Union of 14-3-6, was soM at public auc
Telegraph company's lines and of-1 tion at the frpnt door of,the Farm
fices, was visiting the Carthage of-1 ers' bank of Bowen, Tuesday, Nov.
fice on Friday, ot, his regular annual 114, at which. timK Marshall Randall
tour of inspection. Mr. Stephens was ibid for the,same $5,830 and the lands
accompaniecT by Mr. Johnson on the were struck off to him, said purchase
trip, they having already Completed to assume a mortgage indebtedness
a tour of the company's offices in Mis-! of $1,550 against the same. The sale
souri and Iowa. {was made by Henry Hill as admit^s-
The football game played Friday trator of the estate -of Charles C.
afternoon between the Carthage col- Hill, deceased, on' petition of said ad
and the Dallas City high miniBtrator for the sale of real estate,
school team, on the Continental En-! to pay the debts a/id costs of admmis
gine grounds In Dallas City, was Won tRation against the same. An (order
by the college team, the score being of court was entered directing that
,19 to 6 the balance in the hands of said ad-
Franklin, Pa., that he will cdntinue to
use an aeroplane as 4 transportation
medium between Washington and his
from having to face'trial on a charge I cause of their deep interest was not
of murder. revealed, the fact remain* it wa ssaid
Farrell was arreted at the Y. M. in confidence that aerial transporta
C. A. hotel November
In view of his successful
herd yeBterday. While the
two days ,tion has not yet reached that point of
after Richard Hatfield was killed in efficiency that the railroads have and
a saloon holdup. that enforced absence of just one te
Farrell denied knowledge of *.he publican from the next congress ses-.'
crime and said his was at the Y. M. eion may help the democrats elect a
C. A. hotel when the murder terk speaker.
Room clerks refused to give Far
rell's attorney the names of guests
Registering about the time Farroll.
was given a room. Farrell' advsr
tifud today for names of anyone at
the hotel on October 30.
Llner In Distress
WASHINGTON, Nov. 21.—The Mai
lory liner Lampacas Is in distress oiT
Brunswick, Ga., on St. Simon's bar
and the coast guard cutter Tampa is
rushing to her assistance, wireless dis
patches said this afternoon/' The Lam
pacas is a three thousand ton ship,
330 feet in length. She is in the pas­•
senger and freight service between
New York and Galveston.
Old Law of the 8ea.
{United Press Leased Wire Service.]
GARY, Ind., Nov. 21.—Death penalty
under an old sea law faces C. A. Shil*
linger, if he is convicted of stealing
a compass from a United^Btates Steel
company's ore ship.
Under a law passed in 1790, Shil
linger If found guilty, must either be
freed or hanged from the yard arm of
the ship in Gary harbor. Shilllnger
will be tried In the United States dis
trict court at Indianapolis.
Big Sum for Grain.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
WINNIPEG. Man., Nov. 21.—The
Canadian government today placed
$30,000,000 with chartered banks for
purchasing grain for England.
Copper at 35 Cents.
[United Press Leased Wire Service]
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.—Copper sold
35 cents a pound, a new high Tec-
ord prlce today
And this goes for the boys in the cents over the record established last
and an advance of V/z
The Victory and the Law if it," is
fhe subject of^the lecture to be de
livered by District Superintendent E.
J. Shook at the M. EX church Thurs
day evening, November 23. Proceeds
for M. EX Aid society.
Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Dilts and Miss
Addie Donaldson arrived from In
dianola: while here they will visit
the doctor's mother, Mrs. Thomas
Dilts, also S. F. Donaldson and fam
jily and other relatives and friends.
A recital will be given by Philip
E. Baer at the'Congregational church,
on the evening of November 28. Pro-
Delay* Are Dangerous. loeeds for the Ladies' Aid Society of
([United'Press Leased Wire Service] the Congregational church.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 21.—Demo- pn account of the illness of his
crats today expressed deep interest! sister,. Mrs. Bellas Bennett, Jackson 1
in the declaration of Representative- Mathews was called to Denver, Colo,
elect O. D. Blakley (republican) ot| Mrs. O. A. Qwrretaon and Mrs- W
1'' t'
/. pg*
Phone 1031
B. Kassell were delegates at the club
'federation held at Mt. Pleasant Fri
day. A number from here were in
Rev. William Thome of Washing
ton, was a guest at the J. T. Ingrlm
home several days of last week.
Mrs. Dysart and her sister, Miss
Mary Ratcliff, of New Sharon, spent
several days with Salem frlepds.
Concert entertainers, first number
of the lecture course, will be at the
opera house on the evening of 'De
cember 2.
Mrs. Joseph Doyle and son, of Den
ver, Colorado, are guests of the form
er's sister, Mrs. Algernon' Masden.
Friday morning W. E. Simkin re
turned from Keokuk where he had
been serving on the Jury.
Stockport basketball team will be
at the gymnasiunf and compete with
Salem team on Tuesday evening of
W. F. M. S. of the Congregational
church met with Mrs. Frank Ran
dolph Friday afternoon.
-•Miss Elsie Garretson is .with her
sister, Miss1 Mary Garretson at Chi
Miss Annie Packer ie hbme from
Des Moines.
3\frs. Eck May pleasantly spent
Thursday afternoon with Mrs. S. E.
Miss Goldy Rampsey returned from
Minnesota Saturday evening and Is
now working for Mrs. Nora McKee
Mr. Alter and daughters were Don-*
nellson callers Thursday.
Mr. Cruse, our school teacher, has
a very bad «old. Tt is ho^»e«l h* will
soon be better. 1
We are in receipt of a letter from
our brother, W. R. Davis, who has
been visiting .at Morrison, White
side county, Illinois, and will soon
depart for Corvallis, Oregon, to visit
We are having ideal weather. A
great many of the farmers are done
cribbing corn.
It is but a short time until'Thanks
giving day. O dear, the poor turkeys
T^ill have to suffer then.
A farewell party was given at the
P. C. Doyle home Friday evening in
honor of Mr. Harry Fett, who has been
working for his uncle, Mr. Louis Fett.
Those present were Misses Cecelia,
Agnes, Luclle and Anna Hayes, Mr.
John and Paul Doyle, Mr. Leo Pflig
enstoper. Misses Hazel and Nellie
Fett, Mr. Alfred Thelms, Mr. Jim
Hayes, Miss Margaret Burke, Mr.
Harry Fett, Miss Margaret Doyle and
brother Thomas. Pickles, cake, ap
ples and candy was served. All went
hildren pull at the heart
strings and their slightest
illness means anxiety.
For nearly a half century
mothers have "had Dr. King's
New Discovery at hand tor
croup, congestion, coughs,
colds and grippe.
The mildly laxative xngiecBenti
expel the cold genbm, the choiring
phlegm is raised, the congested chest
ia relieved, the cough loosened and
a serious illness ia averted.
Get a bottle of Dr. Kin^i New
Discovery at your druggist hMlqr.
Don't Wait Until It's
Don't wait any longer. Don't put if off
another day/ Make up your mind now and
have a Norfolk or Giblin Furnace installed
while there is yet time before real cold
weather sets in.
DUNN & MATHENEY can install a furnace in your
home within a
time and it will be a big saving
to you in time, labor, health and dollars and cents.
Phone or write ta them.'
30 South Twelfth Street Keokuk, Iowa
Immediate?—Yes! Certain?—that's
the Joy of it. Your hair become light,
wavy, fluily, abundant and appears as
Boft, lustrous and beautiful as a young
girl's after an application of Danderlne.
Also try. this—moisten a cloth with a
little Danderlne and carefully draw it
through the hair, taking one small
strand at a time. This will cleanse the
hair of dust, dirt or excessive oil, and
In just a few momenta you have dou-.
bled the beauty of ycfur. hair. A de
lightful surprise awaits those whose
hair ,has been neglected or is. scraggy,
faded, dry, brittle or thin. Besides
beautifying the hair, Danderlne dis
solves every particle of dandruff
cleanses, purifies and invigorates the
scalp, forever stopping itching and
falling hair, but what wll} please you
most will be after a few. week's use,
wheiv you see new hair—fine and
downy at first—yes—hut really new
hair growing ail over the scalp.
Danderlne is to the hair what fresh
showers of rain and Bunshlne are to
vegetation. It goes right to the roots.
Invigorates and strengthens them. Its
exhilarating stimulating and life-pro
ducing properties cause the hair to
grow long, fixing and ^beautiful.
You can surely have pretty, charm
ing, lustrous hair, and lots of it, If
you will Just get 26-cent bottle of
Knowlton's Danderlne from any drug
store or toilet counter and try It as
home at a late hour and everybody
had a fine time.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fett motored to
Kilbourne, Iowa, Tuesday to the lat
ter's cousin's funeral, Mr. Rex Hoot
man he leaves to mourn his «death,
his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs.
Chick Hootman and two brothers ana
one sister, and several other relatives
and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. .Henry F"ett, Mr. and
Mrs. Oliver Reltz, Mrs. Louis Fett and
^daughter Haeei were Farming ton call
ers recently.
Mr. and Mrs. George Rube and fam
ily, and Mr. Rash motored to Keokuk
Miss Clara Bergthold called on Miss
Hazel Fett one day recently.
Miss Mary Burke returned home
recently from visiting friends near St.
Mr. and Mrs. John De Kloe and Mr.
Henry Horsey were Argyle callers this
Mr. and ^Mrs. Albert HaiTner and
little son Ralph Emmlt have moved
ipto their new house.
The Louis and Fred Fett shreader is
running in this vicinity.
Mr. Ed Bergthold. Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Fett, Mr. and Mrs. George Rube.
Mr. fTarry Fett were Donnellson call
ers recently.
Mr. Albert Reif and family motored
to Keokuk recently to see the former's
w'ft who underwent an operatioh trr
appendicitis we understand she is
getting along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Reltz and Mr.
and Mrs. lSenry Fett to6k dinner Sun
day at the O. D. Wlrsjg nome.
Mrs. A. J. Langwlth of near Sharon,
is vlsititig her daughter, Mrs. Albert
Haffner aijd fwniiy.
Miss Hazel and Nellie Fett visited
Sunday at the Julius Fett home near
Miss Margaret Doyle visited Sun
day with her cousin. Miss Margaret
Mr. and Mrs. John De Kloe spent
Wednesday evening at the Louis Fett
Mr. and Mrs. Webst6r OoTniey of
Keoktik visited relatives in this vi
cinity Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Rube and fam
ily spent Sunday at the Art Horsey
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Schoney and
Mr. and Mrs. John Schoney visited at
the G. H. Rube home Sunday evening.
Small portable electric generating and relief' comes Instantly.
plants are used to supply electric
Instant relief for aching, puffed-upt
calloused feet and
Why go limping around with aching
puffed-up feet—feet so tired, chafed',
•ore and .swollen you can hardly get
your shoes on or off? Why don't you
get a 25-cent box of "Tiz" from thi
drug store now and gladden your tor
tured fqpt?
"Tiz" makes your feet glow with
comfort takes down Swellings and
draws the soreness and mfBery rlglit
out of feet that chafe, smart and burn.
"Tiz" Instantly stops pain in corns(
callouses and bunions. "Tiz" is glor
ious for tired, aching, sore feet. N6
more shoe tightness—no more fool
Thousands of wives, mothers anJ
sisters are enthusiastic in their smm
?f Orrine, because it has cured their
loved ones of the "Drink Habit" an&
thereby brousht happiness to t&elr
homes. Can be given secretly.
Orrine is prepared In two fanns4t
No. 1, secret treatment Orrine Nor
2, the voluntary treatment. Costs
only 91-00 a box. Ask for booklet,
McQratn Bros. Drug Co.. Fifth and
Main streets.
Get a small package of Hamburg
Breast Tea, or as the German folks
call it, "Hamburger Brust Thee," at
any pharmacy. Take a tajlespooaful
of the tea, put a cup of bol)infe water
upon it, pour through a sieve and
dTink a teacup full at any time. It is
the mott effective way to break a
-cold amr cure grip, as It opens the
pores. relieving congestion. Also
loosens the bowels, thus breaking a
cold at once.
It Is inexpensive and entirely rege*.
table, therefore harmless.
Tells How To Open Clogged Nos
trils and End Head-Colds.
You feel fine in a few foments.
Your cold in head or catarrh will be
gone. Your clogged nostrils will open.*
The air passages of your .head wilL
clear and you can breathe freely.^
No more dullness, headache no
hawking, snuflling, mucous dis-J
charges or dryness no struggling foe
breath at glght.
Tell your druggist you want A*
small bottle of Ely's Cream BaInU
Apply a little of this fragrant, antK
Beptic cream in your nostrils, let itfc
penetrate through every air passagot
of the head soothe and heal th0|,
swollen, inflamed mucous membrane^,
lights to the German troops in the!catarrh sufferer needs. Don't ata^*'
tranche*. stuffed-uo and miserable. '&•
Is just what every cold and

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