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port Madison Attorneys in Meeting
yesterday Mornjng Eulogized^
I' the Areher C.
judge Hamilton Presides Over Sea
s' slon and Resolutions Are
Ordered Spread on
Books) "n,
At Fort Madison yesterday the
members of the bar 'took occasion to
eulogiz© Archer C. Miller. Judge
Hamilton presided over the meeting
and the committee on resolutions
their report and members
of the bar made short talks in tribute
to the departed attorney.
The Democrat says of the meeting:
The district court here, at its open
ing today, was given over to a mem
orial for the late Attorney Archer
Miller, of Keokuk. The court room
order prevailed, the court officials
being in their places, the Jury in the
box, Judge Hamilton presiding, and
the members of the Fort Madison
bar within the railing.
», Resolutions of Respect.
On behalf of the committee, Attor
neys Frailey, Schlarbaum and Sny
der, Attorney Firailey presented the
"following resolutions of respect:
"The river of another life has
reached the sea. Again we are in the
presence of that eternal peace that
we call death. On the 7th day of De-1
cember, 1916, in the city of Keokuk, I
Iowa, Archer C. Miller pa'ssed be-1
yond the invisibleJboundary line into
the rest and quiet of the great be
"He was a lawyer, descended from
a long line of lawyer, and In his
practice and his professional associa
tion with the members of this bar.
he kept unsullied the heritage and
traditions of his distinguished ances
tors, as a sacred trust. He was an
absolutely honest man—a man who
kept his word—who fulfilled his con
tracts—gave heaped and rounded
measure and discharged all obliga
tions with the fabled chivalry of an
cient knights. He was absolutely
honest, not only with others but with
himselfr He was true to his ideals,
true to his thoughts, true to his pro
fession and true to his. friends.
Remarks In Tribute.
The court "ordered the minutes
spread upon the records of the clerk,
after which rerparks were made by
Attorneys Stewart, Weber, Fralley,
finyder and Judge Hamilton.
John Does Are Beginning to be Tab
ooed In This
is, i9ie •. ••.
was stricken down •'in early
manhood, just as the sun of promise
had gladdened for hfm life's long
highway with a gloiw of gold. The
.future held for him the fruit of joy
and of assured accomplishment, and
«o with hurrying feet he climbed the
heights and upward looked with eager
eyes. But while the morning shadows
still were falling to the west, he
dropped bia burd«-6 by the wayside
and sunk into that dreamless sleep
that presses down his eyelids still."
at Des Moines.'
It's an old custom for those arrest
fed for minor offenses to give the
name John "Doe, (John Smith or some
other of the same character to the
Police when they are booked at the
The Safe Side
Q[ There is one food,
Will pay
for the
to heal
After an experience^ of 25
years, during which time 50
million Americans .have usfed
Kondon's Catarrhal Jelly, the
manufacturers of this remedy
feel so sure that it will relieve,
catarrh—that they offer to pay
for a chance to prove its benefit
to any catarrhal sufferer. They
announce that any resident of
this community can go to almost
any drug store and get a com
plimentary trial can at the
expense of the manufacturers.
If the druggist has no gratuitous
packages, the person may buy a
25 cent tube with the unqualified
understanding thjt if that first
tube does not do that person
more than a dollar's worth of
good, he or she can get their
uarter back from either the
ruggist, or the Kondoa Com
pany at Minneapolis. Over
35,000 druggists know Kondon's
Catarrhal Jelly Is effective,
harmless, clean and pleasant to
apply—and they know the
Koodon people will gladly live
up to this offer. "quarter back
if not worth a dollar." Address—
Carved Ivory Flowers
Elgin Bracelet
station. Jess Willards and Mary
Pickfords are being piqjced up now
This practice of giving ficticious
names to the police, however, has
just received a black eye at Des
Moines and it is probable that police
officers in other parts of'the state will
regulate against it. Following is the
Des Moines dispatch telling of the
DES MOINBS, Dec. 13.—Magis
trates in the Des Moines municipal
court have served notice on the police
department that Hereafter it wlllv be
necessary to learn "the real names"
of persons taken in custody and re
port them confidentially to the court.
"Cursory examination of my docket
for the last week Would lead one to
the conclusion that the only-persons
arrested in Des Moines are those
named Smith or Doe, pugilists of na
tional reputation and moving picture
stars,'' said one justice.*
Close of Wheat Market.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Dec. 13.—'Wheat closed
with an upward spurt, jumping about
two points In the last fifteen min
utes of trading. December closed at
154, unchanged from last night's
close, but 2& below today's opening.
May ^closed 167%. two points above
last night's close, and 1% above to
day's opening. July closed af 143%,
above last night's close, but V4
below today's opening.
•Market experts believed today that
Germany's offer did not mean peace.
"Those of us who are wise," says a
wpll. known doctor, "will keep on the
safe side by using: only those foods that
contain everything Nature puts into
(J A bit of good advice, that. Many foods, as usually
prepared, especially cereals, are lacking in the vital
mineral elements—phosphate of potash, etc., which
the hoiiy must have for perfect balance and health.
is rich in these elements, containing, as it
does, all the nuturiment of whole wheat and barley.
It is a delicious food, affording the sweetness of
dextrinized wheat and the distinctive flavor of malt
ed barley.*
There's a Reason"
(J Every table should have its daily ration of Grape
Why Rheumatism Comes
With Cold Weather
(By Valentine Mott tierce, M. D.)
close connection exists between
these two—cold weather and rheum a
tisaa. Prof. Alex. Haig of London,
has the most followers In "the medi
cal profession in the belief that the
presence in the system of uric acid,
or its salts in excess, is the real
cause of rheumatism. Every one has
recognized the difference in the ap
pearance of their water as soon as it
gets cold there is often a copious
sediment of "brickdust."
Several causes may lead up to an
accumulation of uric acid in the sys
tem, which, In turn, cause rheuma
tism or gout, or creaky joints, swol
len lingers, or painful joints. For one
reason the skin 'does not throw off
the uric acid, by profuse sweating,
as in the hot weather, and the kid
ney are unable to take care of the
double burden. Another reason is
that people do not drink as much
water in cold vcather as in summer,
which helpB\ to flush tUe kidneys.
Again, they oakt more meat in cold
weather, and some people are so sus
ceptible that they soon deveolp rheu
matism after eating meat.
At all such times persons should
drink copiouesly of hot water, say, a
pint morning and night, and take An
uric three or four times, a day. This
Anuric comes in tablet form and can
be had at almost ^ny drug store. It
dissolves the uric acid in the system
and carries it outward.
would ad­
vice everyone to take Anuric occa
sionally, and continue for three or
four weeks, fnd in that way avoid
rheumatism, sout and many of the
painful disorders due to uric acid in
the system.
Make, yourself heklthy and strong
by open-air exercise and diet. Then
cleanse the liver by occasionally
stimulating Its action with* a pleasant
laxative composed of the May-apple,
dried juice of aloes, and root of jalap.
Sugar-coated and long sold by an
druggists as Dr. "Pierce's Pleasant
Henry D. Loewenstein and Callie H.
Montgomery principals in
Henry D. Loewenstein, constable
elect and former turn-key in the sher
office Mr. Loewenstein will be after the
gomery were united in marriage yes
terday afternoon at 6 o'clock at their
home, 219 South Tenth street. The
ceremony was performed by James S.
Burrows, justice of the peace, in whose
office Mr. Loewenstein will after the
first of the year. They will reside at
219 South' Tenth street*
Y. M. and Y. W. Minstrel Friday.
Folks, who did not get to see the
minstrel last week will have another
opportunity to take it in this week—
at the Y. W. C. A. auditorium, Fri
day evening, Dec. 15, at 8:30 o'clock.
Admission 25c.
The minstrel this year is recog
nized by all who have seen it to be
the best ever put on by the associa
tion, and combined with the Y. W.
t. A. exhibition, it makes a show no
one who is interested in clever ama
teur work can afford to miss.
The minstrel will show at Dream
land theater, Warsaw, Thursday
evening also. Admission 15 and 25c.
Mabel Normand, "Fatty" Arbuckle,
Chas. Ray, Bessie Barriscale
and Louise Glaum.
The above and most unusilal array
of stars' will present at the Grand
tonight an excellent program of
comedy and drama for the delight of
photo-play fans. The bill includes
"Fatty and Mabel Adrift," a return
date, by popular request, of the fun
niest comedy In fllmdom. a 2-act
Keystone in which "Fatty" Arbuckle
and Mabel Normand are starred.
The array ofc dramatic stars, Bessie
Barriscale, Chas. Ray and Louise
Glaum, appear in an Ince picture
called "Home," a clever serio-comic
play that will warm the heart and
at the same time amuse. "Home"
a picture thit strikes forcefully at
the foibles of the great middle class
society. It tears away the cloak of
ostentation and ludicrous pretentions
of the newly rich/
Owen Moore and Marguerite Cour
tot, a new array of talent for the
Paramount program and an ideal pair
in picturedom, have made a new pic
ture, "The Kiss," which will be
shown on regular program at the
Grand, tomorrow only. It Is a novel
photoplay, one of romance and thrills,
fun and surprises.—Advertisement.
Only Proposition Which Would be
Considered as Ending of Eu
ropean War.
I By W. D. Forrest, United Press Staff
LONDON, Dfec. 13.—Terms which
are believed to constitute the only
Jtasis upon which the entente powers
are willing to enter upon peace nego
tiations, were ascertained this after
noon from various sources by the
United PresB. One of the provisions
would be for full Indemnity by Ger
many for devastation to the nations
which she has invaded.
These terms, although unofficial, are
believed to represent the concessions
which Germany must make to obtain
peace. They are as follows:
The evacuation and restoration of
all occupied territcu% including Bel
gium. northern France, Poland/Serbia
and Rumania—with full indemnity for
the devastation which German occu
pancy of those territories has entail
Restoration of Alsace Lorraine to
France. _/
Cession of Constantinople straits to
Indemnity, ship for ship and ton for
tqn, for all destroyed shipping.
Adequate punishment tor those re-
S' Wv
THE DAIL3T OA'1'EJ crxir
sponsible for atrocities committed by
German forces.
Keokuk Man Will Attend Meeting at
Moberly and Talk on Subject
of Co-operation.
George W. Angell of the Keokuk
Lumber Co., will go to Moberly, Mo.,
tonight to attend the annual meetim
of the Missouri Retail Lumber Deal
ers' assoication, and to speak before
the association on the topic of Co
operation." On the program besides
Mr. Angell will be J. B. Powell, in
structor in advertising in the Uni
versities of Missouri* W. H. Hawkins
of St. Louis, assistant general freight
agent of the Wabash J. R. Morehead
of Kansas City JL. P. Putman of
Arkansas. The meeting will be held
tomorrow at Moberly, and will be
attended by the lumber dealers from
all parts of Missouri.
Iowa Supreme Court Decisions.
[Special to The Gate City.]
DES MOINBS, Dec. 13.—Mitchell
vs. Beck, appellant, Lee county re
hearing overruled.
In re estate Bagnola, appellant, vs.
Dicorpo, Polk county rehearing over
Krehbiel, appellant, vs. Henkle,
Lee county affirmed.
Noyes, appellant, vs. Des Moines
clulT Polk county reversed and re
Delbridge, appellant, vs. Sears,
judge, et al, Woodbury county re
Mayne, appellant, vs^'Board of Su
pervisors, et al, Pottawatamie coun
ty affirmed.
Smith, et al, vs. Monona Harrison
Drainage District, et al, appellants,
Mona county affirmed.
Honey Creek Drainage,
et al, appellants, Pottawattamie
county affirmed.
Eisenberger, appellant, vs^ Great
Northern Ity. Co., Lyon county af
Swain, et al, appellant^, vs. Rog
ers, president board of directors,^ et
al, Hardin county -affirmed.
Fairmotint Creamery Co. vs. Darg
er, et al, appellants, Carroll county
motion to dismiss sustained.
Balcom, appellant, vs. City of In
dependence, Buchanan county re
versed and remanded.
Heiman vs. Felderk, appellant,
Chickasaw county affirmed.
Hushaw, et al, Vs. Wood, appellant,
Harrison county affirmed.
McDonnell, appellant, vs. Winthrop
State Bank, et al, Buchanan county
''Farley vs. Neff, appellant, Clarke
county affirmed.
Cowley, et al, vs. Reholds, et al,
appellants, Wright county reversed.
State of Iowa vs. Roden, appellant,
Pottawattamie oounty affirmed.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Peters and
daughter, Eunice, of Fargo, N. D., are
here visiting friends and relatives over
the holiday season. Mr. Peter* is the
son of Mr and Mrs. Henry Peters of
this city.
C. F. Wennerstrum, newly elected
county attorney of Chariton, Iowa, was
here yesterday visiting L. G. McKinley.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Moore re
turned to St. Louis this morning aft^
er a visit with Mrs. R. G. Horne.
Daily Stock Letter.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
NEW YORK. Dec. 13.—The New
"York Evening Sun financial review
said today the all absorbing topic in
commisston 'houses and throughout
the financial district today was
the peace outlook, following Germany's
terms. While Wall street doesn't
believe entente governments will
accept terms proffered, nor Indeed
any terms at this time, it neverthe
less does not lose sight of the pos
sibility that, the peace move may con
ceivably form a basis for a peace con
Contrary to the -expectations of
many, the stock market opened with
a distinctly better tone today. In the
first hour the buying was hesitant at
times and prices more or less un
settled, due very likely to cross cur
rents generated by out-of-town selling
and local buying. By the time the
dews of Germany's peace move had
been communicated to the more dis
tant' places and digested, local liqui
dation had been i\bout completed.
The offering of stocks was not s.s
eager as the bears Anticipated. More
over, the speculative position has
been immeasurably improved verv
much to the satisfaction- of banking
circles. This was reflected in an
easier tone in money rates both on
Tuesday and today.
Changed' His Plans.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
WASHINGTON, Dec. 13— Sudden
ly cancelling his plans to proceed im
mediately to the middle west to as
sume personal direction of the federal
grand jury food piybas, Special As-.
sistant to the Attorney General'
George W. Anderson, is today enroute
to Boston. He left here late last
Belcw Zero in Iowa.
iled Press Leased Wire Service.]
DES MOINES, Iowa, Dec. 13.—It
was 4 degrees below zero at Charles
City, Iowa, 10 below at Sioux City
and one below here last night, tne
coldest of the winter to date. Bis
marck, N. D., with 24 below was the
coldest in the country.
She Must Have a Watch
Bracelet. Wljy Not Now?
Beautiful Watch Bracelet,
NEW YORK, N. Y.—Since the re
markable discovery of organic iron,
Nuxated Iron or "Fer Nuxate," as
the French call it, Jias taken the coun
try by storm. It is conservatively es
timated that over five million per
sons daily are taking it in this coun
try alone. Most astonishing results
are reported from its use by both
physicians and laymen. So much so
that doctors predict that wfe shall
soon have a new age of far *more
beautiful, rosy-cheeked women and
vigorous men.
Dr. King, a New York physician
and author, when interviewed on the
subject, said: "There can be no
vigorous Iron men without iron. Pal
lor "means anemia. Anemia means
iron deficiency. The skin of anemic
men and women is pale. The flesh
flabby. The muscles lack tone the
bra&i fags and the memory fails and
Often they become weak, nervous, ir
ritable, despondent and» melancholy
When the iron goes from the blood of
WKxmen, the roses go from their
"In the most common foods ot
America, the starches, sugars, table
syrups, candles, polished rice, white
bfead, soda crackers, biscuits, mac
aroni, spaghetti, tapioca, sago, farina,
degerminated cornmeal, no longer ist
iron to be found. Refining processes
have removed the iron of Mother
Earth, from these impoverished foods,
and silly methods of home cookery,
by throwing down the waste pipe
the water ip which our vegetables
are cooked, are responsible for an
other grave iron loss.
"Therefore, if you wish to preserve
your youthful vim and vigor to a
ripe old age, you must supply the
iron deficiency In your food by using
some form of organic iron, Just as you
would use salt when your food has
not enough salt."
Dr. Sauer, who has studied abroad
in great European medical institu
tions, said: "As I have said a hflh
dred times over, organic iron is the
greatest of all strength builders. If
people would only throw away pat
ent. medicines and nauseous con
coctions and take simple nuxated
iron, I am convinced that the lives of
thousands of persons might be saved/}
Platinum Dinner
Pjatinum Bar Pins
Wounded by Robber.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
OTTUMWA, Iowa, Dec. 13.—Martin
Munley, billiard hall owner, was
probably fatally wounded last night
by an unknown man who attempted
to rob him of the day's receipts, as
he was leaving for home. Two shotd
were fired. The assailant escaped.
Print Paper Prices.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
WASHINGTON, Dec. 13.—While
practically every print paper manu
facturer or his representative was
hastening Wayhingtonward today, tne
federal trade commission assembled
facts to present when its probe into
.•paper prices is resumed tomorrow.
Because the commission wants to
delve into the very bottom of the
paper price increases, the call for
other witnesses was sent out early
Coal and Eggs.
lUnited Press Leased Wire Service.]
NEW YORK, Dec. 13.—Coal and
eggs occupied the attention of the fed
eral prand jury here today. UntW di
rection of Assistant Attorney General
Swacker the government began its
probe into the high cost of living.
Began as Office Boy.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Dec. 13.—Joseph D.
Lewis returned here today from New
York. Lewis is president of the
$150,000,000 N. K. Fairbanks company
and its subsidiaries. He entered ihe
firm's employ thirty-three years ago
as an office boy.
ELK HORN, Iowa, Dec. 13.—A large
can of carbide exploded in the base
Iment of the home of Mrs. Conrad Ras
imussen three and a balf miles north
east of Elk Horn, .lohn and Andrew
Rasmussen were in the basement at
th« time of the accident, shoveling
coal, and when the explosion took
place both were seriously injured.
CHARLESTON. 111., Dec. 13—Bent
jley Van Voorhis of Hindsboro suffered
the loss of his foot when his uncle,
Abe Van Voorhis, accidentally shot
the major portion of it away. Bently
was attempting to kick a rabbit from
the grass tuft in which it was sitting
and Abe, while aiming at the rabbit,
expecting to shoot it as it ran, became
overanxious and pulled the trigger be
fore the rabbit left his nest.
APPL.ETON* CITY, Mo.. Dec. 13.—
The special election held in St. Clair
county yesterday to vote on a propo
sition to compromise the railroad bond
indebtedness at JG0O.W0 was defeated
virtually unanimously.
Iowa, Dec,
Nuxated Iron to make New Age of
Beautiful Women and Vigorous Iron Men
Say Physicians—Quickly Puts Roses Into the Cheeks of Women and Most Astonishing' Youth^
ful Power into the Veins of Men—It Often Increases the Strength and Endur
ance of Delicate, Nervous,/'Rundown" Folks 200 Per Cent in
Two Week's Time.
A Wonderful Discoverv Which Promises to Mark a New Era in Medical Science.
who now die every year from pneu
monia, grippe, consumption, kidney,
liver, heart trouble, etc. Tho real1
and true cause which started their
disease was nothing more nor less
than a weakened condition brought
on by a lack of iron in the blood.
"Not long ago a man came to me
who was nearly half a century old
and asked me to give' him a prelim
inary examination for life Insurance.
I was astonished to find him with a
blood pressure of a boy of twenty
and as full of vigor, vi^ and vital
ity as a young man in fact, a young
man he really was, notwithstanding
his age. The secret, ho said, was
taking iron—Nuxated Iron had filled
him with renewed life. At thirty he
was in toad health at forty-six he
was care worn and nearly all in.
Now at fifty a miracle of vitality and
his face beaming with the buoyancy
of youth. Iron is absolutely neces-1
s«iry to enable your blood to change
food into living tissue. Without it.
no matter how muoh or what, you eat,
your food merely passes through you
without doing you any good. You
don't get the strength out of it, and
as a consequence you become weak,
pale and sickly looking, Jai£it like a
plant trying to grow in a soil de
ficient in iron. If you are not strong
'or well, you owe it to yourself to
make the following test: See how
long you can work or how far
you can walk without becoming
tired. Next take .two five-grain tab
lets of ordinary nuxated iron three
times per day after meals for two
weeks. Then test your
Big Money For
Live Ones. A
Quick Seller
13.— Mc Williams
Write us at once
for our proposition
to dealers. The 0. 1^. W. Spring Oiler
i« spreading like wUdflre. Motoriftts
just will have it as soon as they see it
work. Don't let your competitor reap
thi harvest—reap It ymrself. Write
G. L. W. Spring Oiler Co.,
F^i S"
her children is, alas! not that kind
of iron. Yon must take iron in
form that can be easily absorbed and
assimilated to do you any good, oth
erwise it may prove worse than use»
less. Many an athlete and' prize
fighter has won the day simply be
cause he knew the secret of greet
strength and endurance and filled hia
blood with iron before he went iffta
the affray: while many another has
gone down in inglorious defeat simply
for the lack of Iron."
Dr. Schuyler C. Jacques anothee
New York physician, said: "I ha*'*
never before given out any medical
information or advice tor publication,
as I ordinarily do not believe In It.
But in t.he case of Nuxated Iron I
feel I would be remiss in my diity
not to mention it. I have taken:
myself and given it to my patients
with most, surprising and #atisfw
tory resiults. A*hd those who wish*
quickly to increase their strength,
power and endurance will find it
mwt remarkable and wonderfully ef«
fective remedy."
NOTE—luxated Iron, which is pre
scribed and recommended above by"
physicians in such a great variety oj
cases, is not. a patent medicine no*
secret remedy, but one which is tnell
again and see how much you have
gained. I have seen dozens of .nerv
ous, run-down people who were ail
ing all the while double their strength
and endurance and entirely rid them
selves of all symptoms of dyspepsia,
liver and other troubles in from ten
to fourteen days' time simply by tak
ing iron fn the proper form. And
this, after they had in some cases
been doctoring for months without
obtaining any benefit. But «don't
take the old forms of reduced iron,
iron acetate, or tincture of iron
simply to save a few cents. The Iron
demanded by1 Mother Nature for the
red coloring matter in the blood of
Spring Oiler
Write At Once
For Agency Plan
We have sold 20,000 G. L. W. Oilers in one state in the last four
weeks. All motorists want them as soon as they see them.
The G. L. W. Spring Oiler makes the car ride "easy"—takes
the bumps out of rough winter roads. It takes the squeak and rattle
out of the springs. And, very important, it positively preserves the
life of the springs in fact, its use is the only sure means of getting
full value out of springs. We
will give a new spring free to any
automobile owner if hi* old spring breaks after being .oiled 24
hours by our little oiler.
Sell for 25c each. Anyone can attach them.
Money For Everybody
Quick and confidential Loans to Housekeepers, $10 to $150
Loaned on H««ae*iold Good*, Wanoe, Horses and Wagons.
We Lo«n Accord ino to the New State Law.
Couldn't Straighten Up.
Mrs. J. M. Sprinkle, of Ben Hur. Va., says that Cardui cured her per
manently of her troubles: "About two years agro. I got into awfully lw(l
was going down hill In health, could only drag around. My
friends recommended that I try CarduJ. so I began using Cardui, and to
a short time I was greatly Improved. Before starting it I couldn't straight
en up to save me. suffered great pains in the abdomen, sides and back
Worse than anywhere. After the use of one bottle I had no more pain at
all. The cure has been permanent. neither had to have a doctor of
take any medicine since." If you suffer from any of the ailments commoa
to women, try Cardui, The Woman's Tonic. Your druggist sells it. S-33
Jack McWilliams gave himself up to' fense but the authorities are Invest*
the police at Exline after shooting his gating the circumstances. Asbury was
cousin, John Asbury to death, where!30 years old and unmarried. McWil
the two "batched" aher husking corn, liams Is 52, and has a wife^and seve^
said he sbofc
children in
druggists and whose toon
constituents are widely prescrljjpd
by omincnt physicians both in Burjjpo
and America. Unlike the older .irw
organic iron products, it is easily as«
similated, does not injure the teeth,
make them black, nor upset the stom
ach on the contrary, it Is ,a most
potent remedy in nearly all forms oB
Indigestion as well as for nervous,
run-down conditions. The mamifac
turers have such great confidence, in
nuxated iron, that they offer to tor
felt $100.00 to any charitable Institu
tion if they cannot take any man or
woman under 60 who lacks iron, and
increase their strength 200 per ceiil
or over in four weeks* time, provided
they have no serious organic trouble.
They also offer to refund your
ey if it does not at least double
strength and endurance in ten
time. It is dispensed in this city by
Wilkinson & Co- and all good drag
G. L. W.
We want sales
men to call on
dealer*. We are putting on new men
every day, but we want more. Our
salesmen are pilinjr up the orders fast
—they say the little oiler almost sells
itself. Here's your chance for biff
money. Write for our salesmen's-prop
870 Brandeis Building, Omaha, Neb.
*3 a

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