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City and Immediate Tributary Terri
tory Has That Many people,
sAcoording to the New
New Directories Being Distributed to
the Keokuk Subscribers, by
McCoy Company of
That Keokuk and its immediate
territory has a population
of 17,000 people, and that the city is
growing in all ways and should
iouble its population in the near fu
ture, are Introductory statements to
fcflk city directory, copies of which
i«re now being distributed in this
The directory, like the thirteen
preceding it, was published by the
McCoy Directory Co., of Rockford,
Illinois, and is a splendid work of
referenoe for this city. It contains a
mine of information concerning the
city, which, of course, is invaluable
to business and professional men. The
directory is liberally supplied with
Population Near 17,000
The book contains the following in
troductory statement:
The publishers kre pleased to
place before the public the four
teenth edition of the Keokuk city
directory compiled by them, with
the assurance that the volume
will be welcomed by all who
have occasion to consult it.
Keokuk is growing In all ways,
•new manufacturing plants have
located here, and the -city in the
near future should at least double
its present population, which is
at this writing, including the ter
ritory Immediately tributary to
it, nearly 17,000.
We thank all who -have been
helpful to us on the canvads, the
business men for the financial
aid, and all the citizens for the
intelligent manner in which they
gave the desired information.
*V" Has Many Features.
The directory contains an iftdex to
advertisements, officers of the city
government, tnembers of the police
department and fire department, rules follows
for ringing for fires, members of the
g: (ward of education, teachers in all
Public and paroohial schools, officials
of the county government, -postofflce
department, courts, hospitals, library,
the churches and their pastors, fra
ternal societies, trade unions and list
of principal buildings, directory of
ii 'the^ity, classified business directory
\and a street directory.
The Smiths Lead.
p' The name Smith occurs the most
times in the new directory. There are
eighty-nine of them listed. Tn the
1915 directory, however, there were 105
Preacher Shot by Policeman.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Dec. 27.—Because
he failed to respond to a "hands up"
command from a policeman, the Rev.
Lot B. Doty, Baptist minister, was
shot and today was in a critical con
ordered his hands aloft. The wit
ness said Mr. Doty evidently did not
hear the command or misunderstood.
When he withdrew his hand from the
pocket the officer shot him.
Because of Jthe strong tides in the
Vineyard sound, the cable laid be
tween Martha's Vineyard island and
the mainland of 'Massachusetts is one
of the heaviest ever made.
sacolo, New Orleans, Mobile.
Pure Blood Makes I
Healthy People
Hood's Sarsaparilla surely and ef
fectively removes scrofula, boils and
other blood diseases because it drives
out of the blood all the humors 'that
cause these diseases. They cannot
be successfully treated in any other
way. External applications for their 8t
removal have proven almost useless,
because they canpot drive out the
impurities that are in the blood.
Hood's Sarsaparilla makes pure
rich blood, perfects the digestion, and
pullds up the whole system. The skin
becomes smooth, clean and healthy.
This great blood remedy has stood
the test of forty years. Insist on hav
ing Hood's, for nothing else acts like
it. There is no real substitute. Get
it today. Sold by all druggists.
Guardsman Who Circulated Round
Robin Will Probably be Court
Martiaied for Act.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
Hi PASO, Texas, Dec. 27.—Investi
gation into the circulation of the
round robin" protest against camp
the new 1017 edition of McCoy's Keo-1 reopened when it was disclosed that
national guard regiment, was
n*1n^tnn IKltn 1. 1 V-«
another militiaman was involved, Gen
eral Bell announced today. Private
Wilson Murphy, Company C, of Can
ton, Ohio, has been confined to camp.
Military men state that he probably
Dixon charged
believed they were signing a
against an article printed Ja an
Vegetable Garden, Home Baking
[United Press Leased Wire Service.] „t i.nn
HDWAiRDSVILLE, 111., Dec. the
At last the secret is out—the high
cost of living is doomed. Mrs. p*1"
ward Hlad of this city seemingly has
Hlad family expects to make further
cuts on the food items and add cloth
ing to the account.
A tabulation of family expenditures
for the year including 112% eggs,
Groceries $207.53
Fuel 31.10
Smoking tobacco 4.75
baking of all bread and pastry con
sumed was a great aid in the saving,
Mrs. Hlad said today. The baking
included eight loaves of broad dur
ing the summer months and four in
the winter. There were also home
baked toisouits, popovers and pan
cakes. The average cost of bread
was three cents p6r loaf.
There are seventy-five Johnsons, forty
seven Browns and thirty-eight Joneses.
In 1915 there were eighty-four John
sons. forty-live Browns and thirty
eight Joneses.
For those who would cut down the
high cost of living, Mrs. Hlad gives
this recipe: Consider the needs of
the family.
Healthful foods will save doctor
Buy from the merchant who adver
tises his specials.
Buy non-perishable articles at a
Faulty eating will always make a
bad standard.
Witnesses said Patrolman Hoener,
chasing "gun men," ran into a rear
ket when the minister had made a
purchase. The rpinister was putting penses. ..
change into his pocket when Hoener Learn the difference between true
Maintain a standard in your home.
Keep an accurate account of ex-
and false economy.
Plan meals like the boy's apple—
so there will be no core.
Have a garden, even if you have to
have it In the front yard.
Watch for leaks.
Reduoe waste to a minimum.
Nearly 20,000 m.en in New York
City find employment as janitors,
guards, watchmen and doorkeepers.
The Riviera of America
Pass Christian, Blloxi, Ocean Springs, Gulfport,
Mississippi Cibj, Bat, St Louis, Pascagoula, Fen-
and all Outdoor Sports
Tke mild equelJe picturesque sumnminfis
ocpedolli) attractive to northern
ekanfie and diversion. Good hotels
Uuk accommodations to ineet all
l£Ln steel trains torn St. Uuls jla Lou*v«lle
& Nashville R. reach this enchanting •aca-
Hon land in a little over 24 hours.
AH»e*r- To— to C-taJ A—C.J- W
Gall Coast. F° .ol-J"1-"
Tk tlio 4
904 N.
St. Lo«i»,
J, •f5'V
Louis Chemist, After Analysis,
Pronounces City Water
to be of Good
Was Here Four Days Experimenting
—Letter to Council From
the Water Works
Keokuk drinking water is in a very
during the last four days.
en on Saturday and Sunday and sub
jected to analysis showed the presence
of only one colon bacillus in 100 cubic
centimeters of water while the max- jbe completed within
imum limits of permissible bacterio-1 weeks
will be subjected to summarv court logical impurity allowed by the public "-As part of the plan adopted about be made.
martial with 2Sbert°
[analysis of these will not
newspaper and did not know the na-. bacteriologist for the city
ture of the protest'to which they ap- 'for a number of years, is a specialist
pended their signatures.
Eye for Bargains Will Help
Came Here Saturday.
He came here Saturday morning pre-
wa er
baBin at the pumping station !air.
jrom th
,Uug in
of ^ter was found in each day
0n Monday
was also Included in the daily ex-1
•pense account of the family, which niters These
did not in elude clothing, however. .of the gravity feeding tanks, and the
During the coming fiscal year the, *fnt^to St 1 ous and tne results *»i
were token
accurate one, covering the whole op
eration of the plant at all hours.
Is Improving Service.
Chewing tobacco '-00 'improve the plant here and quality
Laundry soap 3.35
Toilet soap 1-75 :out in
Matches i.,-75
Starch ,60
Miscellaneous 40.60
A little vegetable garden and the
tivo expression. The Mississippi river
as a source for the public water sup
ply is one of the best in the United
•States, any is so considered. Our ef
fort has been to eliminate, as far as
practicable, any objectionable and de
leterious ingredients in this water.
"The filtration Plant of the Keokuk
Water Works company was among the
first installed in this country. It has
been improved from time to time to
meet each development of the art.
The entire subject of filtration was
gone into fully by a special commit
tee of your city, consisting of Messrs.
.Landman, Logan, Meigs, Joy and
Trimble. Irregularity in the char
acter of the effluent was investigated,
and guarded against, as far as pos
sible. As a result of the joint inves
tigations conducted by that commit
tee and the expert employed by the
company. Mr. G. C. Bunker (now in
charge of the water supply of the
Canal Zone), the manner of washing
the filters was changed and new wash
troughs and outlets were installed.
Install Concrete Basin.
"Three years ago there were install
ed a concrete sedimentation basin, a
concrete clear water basin, a 20-inch
cast iron suction pipe from the fore
bay of the dam to this sedimentation
fine condition, according to W. F. basin. In order to create a condition,
ea.uu Monfort, a consulting chemist of St. ,of an even greater degree of regular- jing of theVetinoTfo^an electric ag"h't
conditions and food, by the Eighth Louis, who has made an exhaustive ity in the effluents, the installation and power transmission line over the I
analysis of the water being used here of loss-of-liead gauges and Venturi .Keokuk and Montrose public highway,
_1. J.1 .X .1. Oil. I
|health service of the United States is .three yearsi ago the company is now
with circulating the protest in viola-Itwo co?on bacillus in 100 cubic centi- arranging for the construction of a
tion of the sixty-second article of [meters of water. b^ck .M
Mr. Monfort and the results
Samples of water taken on Monday clear water basin, this building to be
General Bell stated that armv in-'and Tuesday were taken to St. Louis iused for the storage of coagulants, and construction of the levees and open
spectors found that many
his :the top floor to
nany is doing everything possible to and the officers of the company desire
water sold to patrons, is brought
Letter to Officials.
"The Honorable. The Mayor and City
Commission, Keokuk, Iowa.
"Gentlemen: On/ November 30th,
we received the following letter, dated
November 17, 1916, from the acting
surgeon general of the public health
service bureau, treasury department,
Washington, D. C.:
A report made by Sanitary En
gineer H. P. Letton on the 24th
ultimo on the results of his inves
tigation of the water furnished
railroads at Keokuk, Iowa, recom
mends as follows:
1. The war department should
be advised of the complaints re
garding tile mooring of govern
ment vessels over the intake, and
a request made to them that, if
possible, some other place be
found for these vessels.
2. A building should be con
structed at the Alteration plant in
which the solution tanKs for ad
ding all three chemicals, could be
placed at such a height above the
water in the coagulation basin and
the clear wells, so that these solu
tions could be fed into the water
by gravity.
3. Calibrated orifice boxes
should be installed for regulating
the dosage of chemicals.
Unless the two last recommend
ed are carried out. there is a great
possibility that erratic results will
be produced by this plant.
This bureau has taken up the
matter of the first recommenda
tion with the war department and
now places the remaining tw0 rec
ommendations before you. with
the suggestion that they be car
ried out as soon as possible,
to which
replied, acknowledging
receipt and advising them of the modi
fication then being made in the Alter
ation plant to meet recent develop
ments of the art, etc.
"The matter complained of was ir-
in the character of the ef­
Examinations Made.
"Examinations have been made by
yonr citv health officer at regular in
tervals, and these indicate a reason
ably satisfactory condition, but of
course it is entirely proper for consum
ers to boil the water used for drink
ing. pending investigation deemed
"We have wired the eminent chem
ist and bacteriologist Mr. W. F. mon
fort. of St. Ivouis. requesting him to
proceed to Keokuk at the earliest pos
sible moment to investigate the en
lire matter.
••The requirements of the interstate
commerce commission are expressed
In a form different from those need by
others. In fact, there is no generally
adopted standard. Authorities
Water tak- meters on the outlets of each .filter jor boulevard, be published the requi-'*
was commenced. This work is in isite number of times prior to Novem
charge of a special engineer, Mr. |ber 13, 1916, and that the name of the
known tanksfrom whicli such coagulante
until iatgr. Mr. Monfort, who was ,bc fed into t..c w.uer gravity, and
St. V0"1®
[on Mississippi river water.
process of nitration consists
of preliminary sedimentation, coagula
tion, filtration and final treatment by
Keep Down Cost. Water Works office. On Sunday he fluent. Recently there has been devel-j and
'tnoir aamnlfQ of water from the pump-|°P«d
TJIHWAiT?:DSVTLTTil.. DM. 27.—-! .. n_i.. Is now ncrpntpH no mnot renpnt caaro. 111., and MnrArt.hur T^rns fnm.
sampies were taken
solved the problem. Mrs. Hlad, her !. the clear water basin at six hour
husband and baby have lived on 72.4 intervals starting at 6:00 o'clock in Will be Up to Date.
cents a day for a year-and they ate nK at midnight "With the completion of the loss
eggs at that "Papa's" tobacco
use is now accepted as the most recent
cubic centimeters development of the art. The Water
sample, company has arranged for the instal-
of a chlorine gas equipment,
:eadav -amules or river water and of-head gauges, the Installation of the
take„ along with
Venturi meters, the construction of
coagulant house, the installation
paa equlpme^t lt felt that
from differ-plant of the Keokuk
ent rHces and at intervals of time so '^fr Works company will then have
the analysis would be a complete and
stitutes overeating.
as to standards. Waters in each com
vinnltr differ. Good water is a rola.
4. a*
letter which has just been re- ia"d the citizens of Keokuk with a isup-
by the city council from G. E P1? of good water, but of their efforts
HoiTmaster, president of the company,
writing from the New York office at
50 Broad street. This letter follows:
the most, modern type.
"Our superintendent, Mr. L. W.
Young, and special engineer, Mr. H.
F. Juengst, will be pleased to explain
further these plans of the company,
'f ^eir earnest
,n the
.to continue to do so in the future.
''Yours truly.
Sample is Good.
Dr. C. H. Fegers, city physician, re
report this morning from
the state laboratories on the sample
of Keokuk water sent to the
chemist last week. The report is de- R- W. Cruze, const, cul..
cidedly satisfactory, although no
comment is made on the findings by
the chemist.
Big Peace Meeting.
[United Press leased Wire Service.]
DENVER. vColo., Dec. 27.—In con
nection with the nation wide move
ment for international peace, Denver
will have a peace meeting New Year's
eve. Plans are now being made by
Senator Helen 'Ring Robinson, Colo
rado representative of the neutral
conference committee, for a meeting
of various organizations in Denver
to forward the peace movement.
Members of the Women's club, the
Women's Peace party and the Minis
terial alliance of this city already
have signified their intention of par
ticipating at the meeting, to be held
at Trinity church. Invitations will
•be extended to various civic, relig
ious and fraternal organizations to
send representatives.
The Question of Appetite.
Ohio State Journal: Probably no
difference of opinion on a compara
tively minor subject is more strik
ing than that -which exists between a
man with his doctor on what con- Metropolitan Supply Co., staty.
The Bread Prob
is not a problem in
the home where Shredded
Wheat is known. The whole
wheat grain is the real staff
of life, and you have it in
Shredded Wheat Biscuit,
prepared in adigestible form,
[t contains more real, body
building material than meat
or eggs,
is more easily digest
ed and costs much less. The
Food for the up-and-coming
man who does things with
hand or brain—for the kid
dies that need a well-bal
anced food for study or play
for the housewife who
must save herself from
kitchen drudgery. Delicious
for breakfast, or any meal,
with milk or cream. Made
at Niagara Falls. N. Y.
What the Lee County Board Did at
the Last Session Which Was
Held at the County
Court Houae.
Proceedings of Body Are Herewith
Given as They Appear on the
Records for Benefit
of Citizens.
Ordered, That due notice of the hear-
Henry F. .Tuengst. and is expected to county auditor and the Mississippi
the next few River Power company be attached
thereto, and that proper proof thereof
Drainage District No. 2, Green Bay
township. Lee county, Iowa, accord
ing to plans and specifications on file
in the auditor's office and public
notice of such letting having been
published in the Daily Gate City, a
a germicide. The germicide hereto-1 newspaper published .and printed in
fore, and at present, used is hypochlo- Keokuk, Lee county, Iowa, on Sep
tember 27, 1916, and October 4, 1916,
and said notico also having been pub-
pared to investigate the oreration of iride of lime. Recent investigations
'the local plant in detail. On Saturday jhave demonstrated that this chemical
ihe examined samples from the clear [loses in strength by exposure to the lished in certain contracting journals
therefore tends to create
hydrant at the Keokuk irregularity in the character of the ef- this board on September 27, 1916,
jas provided in a resolution passed by
germicide known as "chlorine Whereas, proposals were submitted
-00 3-00 and 4-00 'Sas." which is being used, and its by R. H. & G. A. McWilliams of Chi-
cago, 111., and MncArthur Bros. Com
pany of Chicago, 111., and said bids
having been opened and read by this
board, and it being deemed advisable
that the proposals submitted be given
due and careful consideration, there
Be it resolved, by the board of
supervisors of Lee county, Iowa, that
the final consideration of the bl is
for the construction of said district
and all other matters pertaining to
said district, including the report of
the benefit commissioners, be and the
same are hereby continued until the
16th day of October, A. D. 1916.
Supervisor Maxwell voting aye.
Supervisor Hosier voting aye.
Supervisor DeRosear voting aye.
Motion carried.
In the matter of the Green Bay Levee
and Drainage District No. 2:
Whereas, this being the day set for
receiving and oienlng bids for the
equipped with the ditches in the Green Bay Levee and
G. E. MAXWELL, Chairman.
Attest: A. P. MEYER,
County Auditor.
The minutes of the day's session
were read and on motion approved,
whereupon the board adjourned to
meet Monday, October 16, 1916, at 9
o'clock r.. m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. All members present.
On motion the following claims
were allowed, Supervisor Maxwell
voting aye, Supervisor Hosier voting
ayo anj Supervisor DeRosear voting
.$ 259.00
Fred Hlnken, hauling steel for
cul 4.25
McManus & Downey, stone for
road rep 610.91
Cameron, Joyce & Co., same.. 275.43
C., B. & Q. Ry. Co. frt. same 13.46
E. R. Snook, rep. eng. and
brdg. tools 12.50
City of Keokuk, rent road
roller 30.00
H. I. Hosier, hauling gravel
road rep 9.00
S. & J. C. Atlee, brdg. cement 225.31
E. J. Warson, brdg. lumber.. 9.60
W. H. Butlin, brdg. rep 6.76
A. Morris, bailiff D..C., Ft. M. 12.00
Jos. N. Hays, jstice fees, per
decree D. 260.00
Clarence Hardin, sup. Co.
Home 10.00
Henry Greitens and wife, land
for changing French creek.
Ft. 250.00
State of Iowa, feeble minded
Inst. Acct 98.0b
Same, Mt. Pleasant Ins. Hosp.
Acct 4452.11
Keokuk Electric Co., elec.
light, C. H., 8.00
The Gate City Co., pub. proc.
B. of S 34.70
I. Van Baalen, tsme
Richard Evans, dis. Quar.
Batten & Scott, goods poor,
V. B. Twp 26.10
Wilkens Grocery, same. Ft. M.
W. D. Masters, transptg. Ineb.
Clerk D. C., Henry Co., Iowa,
exp. habeas corpus proc. Ins.
Dr. B. L. Gilftll.in, phvs. same
Dr. C. H. Fegers, same
Stacey Flourney, wit. same..
On motion tlie following resolution
was adopted:
In the Matter the Green Bay Levee
ana Drainage District No. 2, Lee
County, Iowa:
Be it resolved by the board of sup
ervisors of Lee county, Iowa, that the
final consideration of the bids for the
construction of said Green Bay Levee
and Drainage District and all other
matters pertaining to said district be
continued until Friday. November 17,
1916, at 9 o'clock a. m., and
Be it further resolved by the board
of supervisors of Lee county, Iowa,
that the hearing on the report of the
benefit commission in the Green Bay
Levee and Drainage District No. 2,
and of written objections thereto, be
set for Friday, November 17, 1»16 at
2 p. m.. and that the auditor publish,
notice thereof as required by law.
Supervisor Maxwell voting aye.
Supervisor Hosier voting aye.
Supervisor DeRosear voting ay®.
Every Woman
No matter how competent and independent
she is, feels a little more at ease when trav
eling alone, if she can rely upon a respons
ible official, paid to look after her comfort
and convenience. That's a special feature of
"Personally Conducted" I
(No Extra Expense—Merely a Part of Burlington Service.)
to California, through Denver, Colorado
Springs, the Pike's Peak region, the Royal
Gorge and Salt Lake City. Join one! It's
the best way to travel, especially for wom
en, if comfort, interest, safety and very
moderate cost are to be taken into account.
The cost of it all is surprisingly low.
Before completing your plans, write, phone
or call—I'll gladly tell you more about it
and give you a folder that's worth reading
even if you don't go. The planning of and
arranging for complete tours—everywhere
West, is a part of Burlington Service.
Motion carri2d.
Attest: G. E. MAXWELL,
A. P. MEYER, Chairman.
County Auditor.
The minutes of the day's session
were read and on motion approveu,
whereupon the board "adjourned to
meet Monday, October 30, 1916, at 9
o'clock a. m.
Man Who Never Squealed.
[United Press Leased Wire Scrvice.]
CHICAGO, Dec. 27.—Harry London,
for years vice lord in the old west side
levee district, known as the "man who
never squealed," is dead today. To
his grave he carries secrets which
would have ruined thousands bad they
become known. London built up an
enormous fortune and lost lt before
his death. He died penniless in the
hospital for the insane at Elgin, 111.,
near here.
Jt'Jfcik'l'JSii&JMilij VMJkUH
Third floor Masonic Tempia
Seventh and Blondeau.
Eagle lodge No. 12, holds its resu
meeting the first Tuesday evening
of each month.
Gate City Chapter No. 7, R. A. M,
regular meetlns second Friday of
each month.
Hardin lodge. No. 29. holds its regu
lar monthly meeting the flrat Mon
day evening of cach month.
fClmlra Chapter No. 40, O. E. 8..
holds its regular meeting the first
Thursday of each month, Masonic
Temple, Seventh and Blondeau. Mrs.
Ullian Lloyd, W. M. Mrs. L. N.
Hahn, secretary.
Puckechetuck lodge No. 43, meets
every Friday evening at 8:00 o'clock.
W. L. Utley. N. G. George W. Im
megart, permanent secretary.
Puckechatuck Encampment No. 7,
meets first and third Thursday even
lngs of each month. John Eisenhuth,
financial scribe.
Keokuk Camp No. 622. meets every
Wednesday evening at 7:80 p.
C. F. Conradt,
City Ticket Agent,
Burlington Route.
Fifth and Johnson St.
Phone 976.
each month at Hawices hall at 8:00
o'clock. H. C. Dose, president W. C.
Thon, financier Mrs. Blanche Mart,
tmer, secretary.
Keokuk council No. 636 meets Ts1
and Oilrd Friday each month, Hawkea
hall. Eighth and Main. Visiting breth*
ren fraternally invited to attend. C.
E. Powell, regent J. I. Annable,
Keokuk lodge No. 704, meets every,
Tuesday night at 8:00 p. m., in Moose
hall, corner of sixth and Main. Visit
big brothers cordially invited. Johoi
G. Stadler, dictator A. E. Moore,
NO. 5,
K. T.
Meets regularly every third Thurs
day In each month. Visiting breath
ren cordially invited to attend. C. J.
I-Gklaad. E. j. B. W. Merriam, Rec.
Keokuk lodge No. 13, I. O. O. F.,
meets regular every Monday night
at 7:30 o'clock. John I. Llnqulst,
N. G. F. M. Pugh, Rec. Sec'y. Visit
ing brothers invited to attend^
latch string is ont to neighbors. Geo.
W. Sweeny, V. C. J. A. Pollard, cler
B. P. O. ELKS.
Keokuk lodge No. 106, meets first
and third Thursday nights at Elks'
hall. Sixth and Blondeau streets.
Club rooms open daily. Visiting breth
ren cordially Invited. Henry Y. Craw
ford, E. R-: Leroy J. Wolf, secretary.
Keokuk Aeire, No. 683, meets Irst
ami third Wednesday of each month
at Eagle's h:. l, 523 Main street. Visit
ing brothers cordially invited. Phil
Glaser. W. President Charles
Noakes, W. Secretary.
K. OF P.
Morning Star lodge No. 5, meets
at Fifth and Blondeau, K. of P. build
ing, Tuesday at 7:30. J. M. Skinner,
chancellor commander J. A. Burgess,
K. of R. and S. Visiting Knights fra
ternally Invited.
meets the first and third Monday o!
No. 12 dally, lenves at 4:4fipd
No. 4, dally except Sunday
le&ves at 4:40am
No 76, daily except Sunday,
freight, leaves at 8:03au»
Arrive. 'r-'"-?':!
No. 77, dally except Sunday,
freight, arrlveg 4:lBpm
No. 19, dally except Sunday,
arrives 6:15pm
Ho. 8, daily, arrives 11:15am.
Nos. 76 and 77 carry passengers,
Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway.
xTraln 4—Leaves 7:00 am
•Train 2—Leaves 2:00pm
•Train 3—Arrives 12:16pm
xTrain 6—Arrives 9:00pm
cTraln 10—Leavea 4:46pn»
•—Daily except Sundays,
e—Sundays only.
Trains leave from the Union depot.
B' -ths and tickets, Fiftu and Johnson
sNo. 12, St Louis, south and
west, leaves 9:05am
xNo. 8, St Louis west and
south, leaves 12:45am.
•No. 40, K. ft W„ leaves ... 8:60am
xNo. 4. St Louis, west and
south, leavea 1:22pm
•No. 10, Qulnoy, Hannibal,
Kansas City, Bt Louis,
leaves 8:40pn
xNo. 8, K. & W., leaves 7:00pa
xNo. 1. Burlington, Chicago
and east, leaves 7:2&anj
xNo. 7, St Paul and points
west, leaves 2:86am
xNo. 15, Chicago, St Paul,
Burlington and points west,
leaves 7:43pa|
•No. 3, Burlington, Chicago
and east leaves l:56pM
•No. 61, Mt Pl.asant branch
leave* 4:00pm
xNo. 4, from X. & W.. arrives 12:45pm
•No. 50, from Mt Pleasant
branch, arrives ll:15an
•No. 2, from K. ft 'V., arrives 9:10pm
xDaily. "Daily except Sunday
•Train 473—Leaves Keokuk.. 7:00am
•Train 477—Leaves Keokuk.. 4:30pm
•Train 472—Arrives Keokuk. 7:35pm
•Train 476—Arrives Keokuk.
A. x'Train S6—Arrives Keokuk ll:45aui
x'Train 85—Leaves Keokuk. l:30pn
xLocal Freight Trains.
"Daily except Sunday.
Office 323 Blondeau 8t.
Phone 1411.
Office hours 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 6 ft
m- 7 to 8 p. m.
otner hours aad Sunday hy appoint

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