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Mra. Jack Chambers Issues Statement
Embryonic Organlza
tion's Future
•fc ri.,ir 'i
The membership committee will
meet Monday at the Y. W. C. A. for
6 o'clock supper and session.
The cafeteria committee will meet
at 3 o'clock at the Y. W. C. A.
Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock
i'' the Progressive club will hold its
monthly meeting..,
k. The Geneva club will meet Tues
day evening for 6 o'clock supper.
Mrs. Geo. W. Conlee has taken a
position in war department service.
She leaves for Washington tonight to
take up her duties.
Dr. and Mrs. N. S. BradHeld and lit
ifj'T tie daughter. Jane, of Eddyville,
3f:t Iowa, motored to Keokuk and are vis
ife.vs I ting in the home of their parents,
$$JS Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bonham, for a
tew weeks.
Clarence Cochrane and daughter,
S*v Elizabeth, of Davenport, will spend
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Coch
rane, 220 North Fifth street.
Mrs. Ernest A. Wright, who has
.ifjO been visiting her mother, Mrs. A. N.
Wright, 1228 High street, left Friday
for Des Moines to visit her husband
at Camp Dodge over Sunday. From
there she will return to her home in
Ames, Iowa, to reside.
Ifi" Mrs. Geo. H. Moore of St. Louis Is
jfps visiting her mother, Mrs. R. G. Horn.
$5** 717 Fulton street
jrowth of Thursday's Demonstral treasurer, Mrs. O. G. Mandt.
The association has given to war
work the following: Overseas hos
pitals, $34.31 to Belgian relief, $12
to the Red Cross, $10.50 to a Russian
fund $1.00, and to the purchase of
thrift stamps, $9.00. The association
has also given to the state suffrage
jfund more than $20. Mts. Weissen
A mass meeting of Keokuk women berger presided at the meeting yester
vlli take place at 8 p. m. Monday in day and Mrs. Heller served as aecre
ifce First Baptist church. Mrs. Jack!tary.
.Chambers, representing a delegation I The president announced today the
that called recently in the superior
tlon In Superior Court Room, SP-V'
Say Prime
Demand Better Conditional
"The women of Keokuk who are
Interested In the. clean-u'p of the
city are called into a mass meeting
iMonday evening at. 8 o'clock. The
Baptist church has been secured for
this purpoes. This meeting is the di
rect outgrowth of the rally of the
women .of the city in the court Thurs
day to give backing to the work of
the state agents, and who afterwards
If-^._f"_, "E3very woman in the city regardless
of creed or church connection, is
welcome to this meeting. All the min
isters of the city are also invited, and
it is hoped that they will attend. 'A
tgit.is Clean City' i8 going to be our slogan.
It will be the -one meeting of all time Tucker in New York,
Sfcfei when the women of the city, many of
whom have had to endure the sting of
y®: this lawlessness, may have the chance
to give expression of their wants and
fee purposes.
"It is desired that this call be read
|fe by all ministers of the city in tueir
pulpits Sunday."
[For Society Editor call SIS.]
Suffragists Elect,
The Equal Suffrage association, at
its annual meeting, yesterday after
noon in the home of Mn. O. G. Mandt.
elected the following officers:
President, Mrs. G. C. Weiss
ger vice-presidents, Mrs. W. G.
Blood, Mrs. T. R. Board, Mrs. H. J. I
Reeves, Mrs. J. F. Elder, Miss May
Tumulty, Mrs George D. Rand, Mrs.!
Leonard Matless recording secre-:
tary, ^Irs. George.Heller correspond
if ing secretary, Miss Julia Conroy
court room to witness proceedings 1
against Chief State Agent H. W. Ter*' Membership, Miss Julia Con
rell for alleged assault, has given out
the following statement:-.*
Mrs. J. J. Ayres, Mrs. J. B. Weil,
C. A. Weber,. Mrs. L. Field,
N. E. Hen cock. Miss Florence Tal
bot, Miss Frances Martin, Miss
Merta Mitchell and Miss Mary Gam
Finance, Miss Nettle Tounker.
Literature, Mrs. N. S. Lowlts, Mrs.
C. F. Skirvln, Mrs. Louis Sterne.
Press, Mrs. H. J. Reeves.
Ward, Miss May Tumelty.
County chairman, Mrs. Leonard
waited enmasse, upon The Gate City Lynore Rich, Miss Elizabeth Fanning,
to correct the false impression ere-'Miss Leonore Weber, Mrs. Hugh
ated that the action of Evangelist Davis, Miss Mary Bell, Miss Helen
Mitchell was without grounds. Pond, Miss Charlotte Buck, Miss Lola
"The women will come together in
this meeting to show the city that
there is a large majority of respect
able people who are going to demand
better conditions, and who are going
to see to it that the work begun is
carried out after the state agents
leave the city.
All^ Women Welcome.
Social. Miss Beulah Weil, Miss
Covington and Miss Florence Little.
Mrs. Tucker Praised.
A recent issue of the Musical Moni
tor, a prominent musical periodical,
contains a complimentary article re
garding Mrs. Collingwood Tucker's
work In bringing to this country a.!
knowledge of negro folk songs and of
popularizing them. The article is
written by Charles Hers, and he asso
ciates Mrs. Tucker's work with that
of Oscar Siegel, the great baritone,
who added these negro folk songs to
his repertoire after having heard Mrs.
Roots in Keokuk.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Root, of
Minneapolis, arrived in Keokuk yes
terday and were at the Hotel Iowa
until this morning. They are motor
ing from Minneapolis to St. Louis,
where they will visit their son, Mr.
Harrison Root, and his wife.
Ceremonies Unusual.
The ceremonies attendant upon the
unfurling of the service flag at the
Wells school yesterday were an ob
ject leBson in patriotism which will
not soon be forgotten by the large
company present.
W. G. Blood was the speaker of
the afternoon and made a splendid
address. Mr. Blood is a patriot by
inheritance, being descended from a
minuteman of the Revolutionary war
and the son of a colonel of the civil
war, and is a veteran of the Spanish
American war. There was yet another
reason why he was chosen to speak
yesterday, and that is that he was
at one time a teacher in the Wells
school. For two or three years after
his return from college, before he
began the study of law, he taught at
the Wells school and was later 'Pro-land
moted to the pnnctpalship of the
First ward school All of this gave a
The speech was for the greater
part' addressed to the children, and
was one which should be heard by
all the school children of the city. Su
perintendent Aldrich spoke of the
practical patriotic giving of the chil-
Tonight •?*!&
Star of "Those Who Pay" in
her latest and best photoplay
dren in Red Cross fnembership and
thrift stamps.
Miss Stevens, the principal of the
building, presided and read the names
of those for whom the service flag
was made. Professor Hayden con
ducted the singing of "The Star
Spangled Banner," "Keep the Home
Fires Burning," and "Loyalty Is the
Word Today." Mr. Turner conducted
the flag drill. Max Schulz and Harold
Peterson sang "He's in France." The
American creed was recited by the
pupils of the fifth and sixth grades
and the program closed with a salute
to the flag.
It is interesting to note that the
service flag was made by the Moth
ers* club of the district and has on
it sixty-nine stars.
Bert Ewing Marries.
Word has reached Keokuk relatives
of the marriage of Bert H. Swing of
Hannibal, Mo., and Miss Anna Adela
daughter ofMr. and Mrs. W.
J. Mauthe, of De Sota, at St Rose of
"Lima Catholic church, Tuesday at
noon. Rev. P. J. Byrne officiating
Mr. Ewing is the son of W. F. Ewing,
11 North Eighth street
The attendants at the wedding
were Harry Walker of Hannibal, and
Miss Ernestine Schafer of Festus.
Miss Margaret Freeh, daughter of Mr.
note of personal interest on the part The bride wore a gown of white
of the speaker in the ceremonies. He georgette crepe, trimmed in silk
said that the service flag is well japailese lace.
named, that its stars represent those After the ceremony, a wedding din
who are serving the other flag—the
stars and stripes. They serve us too
who stay at home, they serve to keep
in safety our national life, and they
serve the world, because they are
fighting for thel self-government of
the nations of the world.
h. E. Freeh, afcd niece of
bride, was flower girl, carrying a
sweet peas.
ner was
served at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Mauthe. The groom is In
the cigar business in Hannibal. Mr.
Swing's parents were unable to at
tend the wedding because of illness
in the family.
Plan May Breakfast.
Forty young business women will
serve a May breakfast next Thursday
morning from 6:30 to 8:30 o'clock
at the Y. W. C. A. The tables will be
decorated in spring flowers and an
At the
Garner of Blonde&tt and Ninth
Good music by the cHoir, assisted by
St. John's Choristers
G. W. BARNES, Director
Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. Work
Tomorrow Eve.
At 6:30, 7:46, 9 and 9:30
A picture brimful of entertain
Also a Henry Lehrman comedy
'Her Husband's Wife'
firing the Family to the HIPPODROME "The Family Theatre'
Mats. 2:304:05 Eve*. 7, 8 and 9:15
Lewis J. 8elznick presents a wonderful photodrama of the Alask
an Wilderness—Greater than "The Spoilers"
Proclaimed by press and public everywhere as one of the really
big screen successes
A faithful adaptation of the great author's greatest book—A big
smashing, fighting story of the lawless life in Alaska in the
days when these lands were the haven of hunted men and the
last fontiers of civilization.
orchestra will play. The girls them
selves will don white aprons and
caps and do the waiting on the tables.
On the menu will be strawberries,
cream, cereal, ham omelet, marma
lade, corn muffins, coffee. The girls
who afe to be sponsors for the event
are members of the Progressive club.
Thimble Club to Meet.
The Thimble club will meet Wed
nesday of next week with Mrs. E. G.
The Clubs.
The Woman's Whist league will
meet Tuesday afternoon with Mrs.
W. N. Sage.
Reading Club.
The Wednesday Reading club will
be entertained May 8, by Mrs. H. W.
V. N. A. Meeting.
The board of directors of the Visit
ing Nurse association will meet
Tuesday morning at half past nine
o'clock at the Y. W. C. A.
The Belmont Cosmopolitan club
will meet Thursday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Daniel Droe.
D. A. R. Annual.
The Keoii.uk chapter D. A. R. will
In forma Is Dance.
The Informal Dancing club will hold
its last meeting of the season this
evening at the Keokuk club at half
past eight o'clock.
Matrons to Lunch.
The Tri-City Matrons' club O. E. S.
will be entertained Tuesday at a one
The Church Societies
Reading Circle.
The Missionary Reading circle of
the First Westminster Presbyterian
church will be entertained Friday
afternoon by Mrs. O. G. Mandt at her
home on North Fourth street. The
assisting hostesses will be Mrs.
Grace C. Brownell, Mrs. William
MacGowen, Mrs. Gavin Herbert, Mrs.
Lucy Miller, Mrs. W. W. Jones, Mrs.
hold its annual meeting Saturday J. F. Lutz, and Mrs. Henry Strickler.
afternoon at 3 o'clock at the heme of
Mrs. D. A. Collier. The assisting
hostesses will be Miss Anne B. Davis,
Mrs. W. S. Ivins, Mrs. Felix T.
Hughes and Mrs. Harry J. Reeves.
Mrs. William A. Brownell who is now
in California, is one on the list of
hostesses for this evening.
Mrs. Johnson Entertains.
The Ladies' Aid society of
•Sugar Creek Christian church will be
St. John's Guild.
The hostesses of. St John's guild
at the Red Cross shop, Monday after
noon, will be Miss Julia Drake and
Mrs. Jesse Devero.
Hostess to Christians.
The Ladies' society of the Firs/
Christian church will be entertained
in the parlors of the church, Friday
afternoon, by Miss Jennie Stein
berger and Mrs. H. H. Stafford.
Boltz to Receive.
On Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Boltz will entertain the
I members of the First Christian
church and their friends at an in
formal social meeting.
The Ladies' society of the
Idle iiOUJC.-l DUV.1CIJ. wi Uie
One More American9
the critics.
The Flirt," Latest Comedy
o'clock luncheon, by Mrs.
and Mrs. Abbie Tyrrell, at the Ma
sonic building in Hamilton.
Baby Welfare.
The Baby Welfare league will be
entertained Tuesday afternoon by
Miss Ruth Maguire at the home of
Mrs. M. F. King, Seventeenth and
Grand avenue.
O. H. Club.
The O. "H. club will be entertained
Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. George
Loewenstein, 1702 Johnson street
The afternoon will be spent in quilt
Celebrate Mothers' Day.
The P. Ew O. chapter will celebrate
Mothers' day next Saturday after
noon at 3 o'clock, at the home of
Mrs. F. J3. Dorsey. Members have
the privilege of inviting their own or
some one's else mother to the meet
The Altruistic circle of the United
Presbyterian church will be enter
I tained Tuesday evening by the Misses
Trinity Social.
The Ladies' society of the Trinity
M. E. church will be entertained in
the parlors of the church Friday aft
ernoon by Mrs. Joseph Schard, Mrs.
Oscar Swanson, Mrs. Harry Poole
and Mrs. M. F. O'Blenness.
First M. P. Church Ladies.
Mrs. A. C. Anderson and Mrs. L.
M. O'Blenness will entertain the
Ladles' society of the First Methodist
Protestant church at the home of
Guaranteed to please all, at prices within the reach of one and all.
A gale of laughter, a tear, another burst of
joy—"One More Fine Picture play," say ail By Alice Hegan Rice, from her book, "Cal
vary Alley"—A comedy drama of cheer
Mrs. Anderson, 519 South Nineteenth,
Thursday, May 9.
Unitarian Aliianoe.
The Woman's Alliance of the First
Unitarian church will meet Monday
afternoon with the president. Mis.
Hugh C. Hodge.
Picnic Luncheon.
On Thursday the Woman's Foreign
Missionary society of the Trinity M.
£. church will hold an all day meet
ing at the home of Mrs. W. Quiss,
1319 Des Moines street A picnic
luncheon will be served at noon.
Mrs. Guiss will make a report in the
morning, of the recent convention of
the Burlington district Woman's For
eign Missionary society, giving the
events of the first day of the conven
tion. In the afternoon Mrs. Grant
Scott will make a report of the second
day of the convention.
Second Presbyterian Aid.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Sec
ond Presbyterian church will be en
tertained in the chapel Wednesday
afternoon by Mrs. VTlllim Welch and
Mra. D. W. Bishop.
entertained by Mrs. Lutie Danford Pralsed critics everywhere. Down
Johnson at her home Wednesday aft
ernoon. This will be the annual
meeting for the election of officers,
and it is hoped that all members will
be present
Daughter rZ Gods
The destruction of the great Moorish City, the Beautiful Dancing Girls, Hundreds
of Mermaids—Miss Ksllerman's dive from a tower 103 feet high into a pool filled
with real live alligators—This photoplay full of splendor, wonderfully enacted with
its gorgeous surroundings.
Geo. Beban, Ann Pennington
One More American—one more
good picture. George Beban, with star
support, Raymond Hatton, Jack Holt,
Camille Ankewich and other LAsky
Paramount favorites at the Grand to
night in One More American. Lone
some Luke will famish the rough
jjjg house comedy in The Flirt
new picture is a gem-
in the heart of New York's east side,
Little Italy, is a lonely Italian hunger
ing for the wife and child across the
seas from whom he has been sepa
rated for "flva" years. A rascally
political boss that Luigl has refused
to support makes much trouble for
him, but Luigi has friends, too, and a
satisfactory ending of his troubles is
the climax of the story.
Ann Pennington, dainty dancer of
Zeigfteld's Follies, and clever screen
Octrees, come to the Grand tomorrow
and Monday in Sunshine Nau—
screen adaptation of Alice Hegan
Rice's Calvary Alloy.
A new Sheriff Nell, Sennett. comedy
is on the same program Sunday night,
Polly Moran and Ben Turpln in Sher
iff Nell's Tussle—Advertisement
"The Barrier."
The swish of cold waters on the
pine grown shores, the rugged beauty
of the primeval wilds—the^ are the
settings for "The Barrier," photoplay
supreme to be at the Grand next
Congregational church will be enter-1 Tuesday and "Wednesday, and to be
tained Friday afternoon by Mrs.
George Hill, 903 Orleans avenue.
Altruistic Circle.
Megchelsen at their home on Fulton
Baptist Ladles.
The Ladies' society of the First
Baptist church will be entertained
Friday afternoon in the parlors of the
church by Mrs. Hurlbert and Mrs.
Fred Glaser.
shown at regular prices of admission,
R«x Beach is the greatest writer of
I fiction that appeals to American
blooded men, women, children. A
more than worthy successor to "The
Spoilers," is his latest book, "The
Barrier," which has been made into
a real screen triumph for his gen
ious. "The Barrier" was a success
on the stage, %oo, and now we have it
in pictures—bigger, better, teeming
with Interest, red blooded, peopled
with fascinating characters, redolent
of the great out of doors.
Don't let "The Barrier" get past
you. See it and you will enjoy its
wondrous beauty and swift, fighting
action and story.—Advertisement.
Hippodrome Attractions.
Tonight at 6:30, 8, 9:30, we pre-1three
sent Bessie Barriscale, star of "Those
Who Pay," in her latest and greatest
success, "The Cast Off:" also one of
those famous cartoon comedies. Bes
sie Barriscale's winsome smile, her
buoyant happiness and all the other
desirable Barriscale qualities will be
shown to the fullest advantage.
Tomorrow. Sunday, a* 6-3CL 8:00 morrow.
AMU Sukimi nTS
Richard Barthelmess, famous as Tommy
Gray in the Bab stories, and
Ann Pennington
in *Sunshine Nan'
Latest 2 act Sennett comedy, Ben Turpln,
Polly Moran
'Sherif Nell's
Real Estate Bond#"
1100.00 and np.
iprale. security. Write fi
68 West Monroe St lot
Chicago, III.
and 9:30, we present Baby l|g£ig
OShorn, the most wonderful
actress, in movies, in The Lttfed
Patriot also a Sunshine two act
edy, "Her Husband's Wife." Thlj^
a sure cure for the blues and god
anteed to please. Monday and To%.
day a big treat in store for you. An!
nette Kellermann in "The D&ught
of the Gods," the million dollar p) n
duction which has been shown
over the country at prices rangi
from 25c to $2.00. Note our prfS.
for Monday aitd Tuesday, mating"
and night, 10 and 20 cents. Dw"*
miss it.—Advertisement .*®
—Gate City want ads bring result
-—Tag day for the French war 4?
phans was netting the young
Germany in 1833. After coming t
this country she lived for a time is
Memphis. Mo. Five years ago si
came to Keokuk. Mrs. Murphy leav4
no near relatives, ner husband dii,
four years ago. Interment will I
made in Oakland cemetery. 't
—Masonic: Special meting of Ea&
in the busines district
elsewhere a considerable sum todj1'
Everyone who could be reached
the active committees was made
buy a tag. A meeting of the worker^
took place in the Grand theater
10:45 to receive instractionsr
—Mrs. Rosa Murphy, an aged rep"
dent of the city, died at 5 a. m. todl
in her home, 17 North Twelfth stre T"
She suffered a stroke of paralysis la
Tuesday. The deceased was born
N 1 2 A & A a 7
tonight May 4. 1918. Third degre
—Mrs. Madge Thixten Hartf
widow of the late Chester L. Harti
died recently in Cherryvtile, Kaft,
Mrs. Emma Hartel, her mother-in-lat)
wired the news of the death to Mr
Schoutem in
Besides Mrs.
Keokuk Frida-^
night Besides Mrs. Scbouten, tl^_ --v
R. G. Schlotter family is related t'-?
the Hartels. F'?v^
—The annual state convention
the Travelers' Protective Associate
of America, which has been in sessio^
for the last two days at the Elk
club, closed at noon today. Ottomw
gets the 1919 convention.
—Three Keokuk lads have Joina
the navy at Burlington and will di
part Monday for the Great Lak|*
training school near Chicago. nUT
are: William M. Hunter, 217 Nort' $
Fifth street Oscar Magnnsen, 172*
Des Moines stret, and John Vermazei
whose mother resides at Waylanc
Mo. Hunter is eighteen years of ag^
while the other two boys have a'
tained their majority.
—The community singing at th*
Baptist church Sunday at 2:30 p.
promises to be well attended. In ad
dition to' the singing, there will b.
talks on the cramnuniC
singing movement These talks wil
be given by Miss Martha Baldwin
Lee Hamill and J- O. Boyd. The firs
meeting was called by a committe*
composed of the Revs. H. B. McBlrec
H. Mathias and W. R. Bacon, aiy
C. Hayden. the director. Mr. Mi
tliias will preside at the meeting ti

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