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Iclty Uve« Handsome Quota
«Ang«la of Mere/' the Red
,i CrOM for War
y0! Work.
[other, in Campe and Hoepital Service
Throughout the Nation—Believed
That Record le Ee
It is believed that
has seat eleven angels ot
D.J7™. nurses—into active a present over-abundan
to «o. that toe railroads have
military service and more are to *o.
others in the state except Des Moines
in furnishing nurses for work,
when population is contldered. NeartT
every thousand persons in KeMtnlt
are represented by a *******JtB
believed to he a record tor enlist
ment in this humane service.
Five of the young •women are al
ready in France or soon will be as one
of their number Is now crossing tie
I ocean.
Several from S*. Joseph's
Pour nurses from St. Joseph's hos
pftal are now Bed Cross nurses In
I France.
These woman are the Mrs. Dora
I Blank, Miss Margaret Henke, Miss
Grace Bell and Miss Elizabeth Con
nelly. Miss Connelly was superintend
ent of tie St. Joseph's hospital, but
resigned to enter war work.
Another nurse. Miss Eva Biery,
1327 High street, is oiv her way to
France, where she will take np Red
Cross nursing.
Miss Mary Oldham, who also receiv
ed her training in St. Joseph's hos
pital, is stationed at Fort Logan, Lit
tle Rock, Arkansas.
Graham Gives Nurses.
The Graham hospital has given a.
corps of nurses for government serv
ice. The young women have not gone
to France, however. Miss Tessie
Lewis is at Camp Beauregard, Louis
iana Miss Nellie Gallup at Fort Log
an, Colorado Miss Carrie J. Starr at
the Great Lakes naval training sta
tion, and Miss Delia Fannin at Ben
brook, Texas. Miss Margaret Sollars
is accepted for Red Cross service, but
will probably not be called into the
work until fall.
Have You Become
21 in Last Year?
When, how and where boye of 21
must register.
Who must register All male per
sons (citizens or aliens) born be
tween June 6, 1896, and June 5, 1897,
Inclusive, except officers and enlisted
men of the regular army, navy and
marine corps and the national guard
and naval militia while in federal
service and officers in officers' re
serve corps and enlisted men in en
listed reserve corps while in active
When: On Wednesday, June 5,
1918, between 7 a. m. and 9 p. m.
Where to Register.
Where At office of local board
having jurisdiction where the person
to be registered permanently resides,
or other place designated by that
local board.
How: (to in person on June 6, to
your registration place. If you expect
to be absent from home on June 6, go
at once to the office of the looal board
wherever you happen to be. Have
your registration card filled out and
certified. Mail It to the looal board
having jurisdiction where you per
manently reside. Enclose a eelf
addressed, stamped envelope with
y®*»r registration card for the return
of your registration certificate.
Card Must Reach Board.
You must mail your registration
card in time to reach your home looal
board on June five. If you are sick
on June five, and unable to present
yourself in person, send some com
petent friend. The clerk may deputize
nim to prepare your card.
Information: If you are In doubt ae
to what to do or where to register,
consult your local board.
Penalty for not registering: Fall-
Is a misdemeanor
punishable by impriaonment for one
,'t may result in loss of valu
able rights and privileges and im
mediate induction Into military aerv.
Th|r* Bill Thla Session.
WAod,,Press leased Wire Service.]
^INGTON. May 25 —TJie third
urgent deficiency bill of this session
stm r~C«W*
W v000
appropriations of
authorizations of

forwarded to the
the appropriations commit-
today. The principal items of the
tfu -f6 *60-WO,000 for housing, $1,
ll*'1'I the war department |1.
emergency government
•SIm??1 '25,907,000 for the naval
hment and
$300,000 for enter­
tainment of foreign missions.
CMWrwi are Sickly
Powdara for
»T Bmm
Over-Supply of "Soxes" will Not Last
When the Western Grain Move*.
ment Begins, Says
Put Everything Possible In
Now, Advice to Businei
Situation May Not
Shippers should take advantage of
a present overabundance of box cars
hand, says
W. A. Bridgman, commercial agent tor
the Wabash railway company In Keo
"Our operating department, cans
attention to the plentiful snpply and
even surplus of box cars at the pres
ent time, and urges shippers to take
advantage of this favorable situation
by shipping all they can now," said
Mr. Bridgmen.
"The new grain crop from the west
will start moving shortly, "resulting
in rapidly turning existing box car
surplus into a bad shortage.
Shipper? should co-operate with
the railroads, 'while plenty of cars are
available and not hold off shipping
their goods until later on, unless ab
solutely necessary."
Week's Red
Cross Schedule
The Red Cross schedule for the next
week will be as follows:
Monday, 2 p. m., all instructors
meet at the Masonic building.
Monday, 2 p. m., St John's guild
at the Y. W. C. A.
Monday, 2 p. m., United Presbyter
ian Sewing auxiliary at the T. W.
C. A.
Monday, 2 p. m., St. Paxil's Sewing
auxiliary at Y. W. C. A.
Monday, 2 p. m., Chapel Fund
auxiliary at the Masonic building.
Monday evening, West Keokuk knit
ters meet with Mrs. MerrilL
Monday evening, Y. W. C. A. mili
tary drill class at Y. W. C. A.
Monday evening. St. Paul's girls'
auxiliary at the Masonic building.
Tuesday, 9 a. m., Hospital garment
workers at Y. W. C. A.
Tuesday, 2 p. m., Baptist Sewing
auxiliary at Y. W. C. A.
Tuesday, 2 p. m„ Westminster
byterian at Y. W. C. A.
Tuesday, 2 p. m., Trinity M. E
auxiliary at Masonic building.
Tuesday, 2 p. m., West Keokuk
auxiliary at Second Presbyterian
Tuesday, 2 p. m., Bethel A. M. E.
knitters' auxiliary at the church.
Tuesday evening, P. E. O. auxiliary
at Masonic building.
Tuesday evening, Eastern Star
auxiliary at Masonic building.
Tuesday evening, S. F. Baker & Co.
auxiliary at Y. W. C. A.
Wednesday, 9 a. m.. First Congre
gational at' Y. W. C. A.
Wednesday, 9 a. m., Catholic
Wbmen's Sewing auxiliary at Y. W.
C. A.
Wednesday, 9 a. m., French Aid at
Masonic building.
Wednesday, 2 p. m., Red Cross aux
iliary at Y. W. C. A.
Wednesday, 2 p. m., Hospital gar
ment workers and Congregational
Sewing auxiliary at Y. W. C. A.
Wednesday, 2 p. m., First Christian
at Masonic building.
Wednesday, 2 p. m., Colfax Rebecca
at Y. W. C. A.
Wednesday, 2 p. m., Bethel A. M.
E. auxiliary meets at the church.
Wednesday evening, First Christian
Mission circle at Masonic building.
Wednesday erening, French Aid at
Masonic building.
Thursday. 9 a. m., D. A. R. auxiliary
at the Masonic building.
Thursday, 9 a. m., Catholic wom
an's auxiliary at Y. W. C. A.
Thursday, 9 a. m.. Debutants' auxil
iary at the Masonic (building.
Thursday, 2 p. m., Trinity M. £.
sewing at Y. W. C. A.
Thursday, 2 p. m.. Baptist and
United Presbyterian at Y. W. C. A.
Thursday, 2 p. m., Unitarian sew
ing at Y. W. C. A.
Thursday, 2 p. m., Sewing instruc
tors at Y. W. C. A.
Thursday, 2 p. m.p Mothers' club at
the Wells school.
Thursday evening. West Keokuk
knitters with Mrs. House.
Thursday evening, Irwin-Phillips
auxiliary at Y. W. C. A.
Thursday evening, Baby Welfare
league at the Masonic building.
Thursday evening. Military drill
class at Y. W. C. A.
Friday, 9 a. m.. Hospital garment
workers at Y. W. C. A.
Friday, 9 a. m.. Alpha Trhft at the
Y. W. C. A.
Friday, 2 p. m., Alpha Trist at the
Y. W. C. A.
Friday, 2 p. m.. Episcopal sewing
auxiliary at Y. W. C. A.
Friday, 2 p. m.. St Paul's church
auxiliary at Masonic building.
Friday evening. S. F. Baker Medi
cine Co. auxiliary at Y. W. C. A.
Friday evening. Business Wom
an's league at Masonic building.
Friday evening. Military drill class
at Y. W. C. A.
Sending Them Away.
[United Press Leased Wire Service]
LONDON, May 25.—An undated dis
patch received from Moscow today
stated the Germans at Kieff have to
ranged facilities for the dowager em
press to go to Copenhagen and for
the Grand Duke Nicholas to go to
[For Society Editor oall 515.]
A Woman Speaks.
Help me, God, to keep before my
The larger vision of this war to
Inspired each day by noble thoughts
that rise
Of duty, honor, country and ot
Lest I forget and think of only one
Who goes from me, to Bee the duty
Help me to think ot war as one vast
Of human effort, struggling toward
the right
Ever advancing nearer to the goal
Of freedom, from the Iron rule of
Lest I forget and in my sorrow see
Only the face of him who goes from
'. me. Z-
Let me remember on the fateful day
When women send their men
across the sea
That with brave smiles on trembling
lips they Bay
"God bless and bring yon safely
back to me."
Help me, O God, In that black hour,
I pray.
Lest I forget to be as brave as they.
Wednesday Reading Club,
The Wednesday Reading club at its
meeting held this week, elected the
following offlcersf or the coming year:
President, Mrs. Elizabeth. P. LeBron
vice president, Miss Lucretia Huis
kamp secretaiy, Mrs. Edmund Jaeg
er. The meeting was held at the home
of Miss Cora Parsons, with Mrs. John
D. Rubidge presiding. The reading
for the afternoon was the recently
published letters of Richard Harding
Davis. Plans were made for the an
nual outing which will be held June
12, at Mrs. LeBron's cottage at Bluff
park. Mrs. Comegys of Rock Island,
was a guest at the meeting.
Miss Talbott to be Guest.
Miss Florence Talbott will attend a
house party at the Entler hotel,
Brown's Lake, Wis., next week. The
party is given by the young women of
her sorority from the University ot
Chicago, and Is an annual event, held
the last week in May.
Date Moved Forward.
A Y. W. C. A. kensington which
would regularly take place next
Thursday, will be held on Tuesday
afternoon, because of Memorial day.
Miss Laura Alton will speak on the
home service department of the Red
Cross, Mrs. O. W. Sandberg will
sing, and Mrs. A. E. McPherson will
give a reading. All women of the
city are cordially invited.
No Thimble Mooting.
There will be no meeting of the
Thimlble club next Wednesday, the
meeting having been postponed two
Picnics May be Few.
There will probably be a noticeable
absence of picnics and other social
outings on Memorial day this year.
The proclamation recently issued by
President Wilson and the spirit of
the times, will bring to Memorial day
this year, its observance as origin
ally intended.
Alpha Trist Club.
Mrs. Mary E. Jones will entertain
the Alpha Trist club Wednesday
afternoon at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. W. S. Phillips.
Fortnightly Club.
Mrs. Henry W. Huiskamp -will en
tertain the Fortnightly club Tuesday
afternoon at her home. Eighth and
Grand avenue.
Anniversary observed.
A company of friends'surprised Mr.
and Mrs. Jos. Jfoulkes at their home,
316 South Fourteenth street in honor
of their sixteenth wedding anniver
sary, Tuesday. A short musical pro
gram was given. Refreshments were
The Church Societies
First Christian.
The Ladies' society of the First
Christian church will be entertained
Friday afternoon in the parlors of
the church by Mesdamee Hume and
St John's Episcopal.
Mrs. M. V. Holmes and Miss Eliza
beth Miller will be hostesses on Mon
day at the meeting of St. John's
Episcopal Red Cross auxiliary.
Methodist Protestant.
The Y. P. S. C. E. of the Methodist
Protestant church will hold its regu
lar meeting in the basement of the
church on Tuesday evening at 7:30
o'clock. Members and their families
are cordially invited.
First Baptist.
The Ladies' society of the First
Baptist church will be entertained on
Friday afternoon by Mrs. Edward
De Yong, at her home, 724 Palean
street Mrs. Usher will be the assist
ing hostess.
Trinity M. E.
The Ladies' society of the Trinity
M. E. church wil be entertained in
the parlors of the church Friday aft
ernoon by Mesdames Reiner, Spring.
Webb and Mueller.
Woman's Alliance.
The Woman's Alliance win meet
Monday afternoon at the church to
prepare for the picnic supper to be
held that evening at 6:30 o'clock,
preceding ^"the annual meeting of the
church. All members of the Church
You can prepare the entire meal In
fortyjfive minutes, using only cold wa
ter, without lighting the top burners
at all.
The Oven Heat Regulator is*
a simple but wonderful device
that enables you to select any
oven temperature by merelys
turning a marked wheel.
This wheel is marked in the
ordinary terms of baking heats
that you are familiar with,
such as "Slow," "Moderate,"
etc. It is also marked with the
degrees of heat that these
names stand for.
Thus you can set the wheel
and obtain any heat you wish
either by name or degree.
Any person that can read,
even a child can set the wheel
for any desired temperature
with more precise results than
can be obtained by the most
skilled cook.
The Regulator cuts out the
guess work.
Simply set the wheel at "Very Slow"
light the burner and let th'e meal cook
for hours while you enjoy the after,
noon off.
"My Four Years in Germany."
The New York Evening Globe says:
The Bcreen version of Ambassador
Gerard's 'My Four Years in Germany,'
had its first public presenta.tion at
the Knickerbocker theatre last night.
The picture begins with the Zabern
incident and ends with £he ambassa
dor asking for his passports.
"Those reading the book will find
that the main incidents of the story
of the intrigue and German perfidy
shown with lifelike detail. The chief
characters in this great world drama
At the Grand twice daily, next
Thursday and Friday. —Advertise
Great Pictures, Grand, Rain or Shine.
If it should happen to rain tonight,
tomorrow or during next week, just
get out your rubbers, raincoat and
umbrella and hike for the Grand any
way. Probably you really won't mind
a shower, but if you get soaked to
the skin you'll say it's worth it. For (Walter, Julius Steger and
and congregation are invited to at-{tonight and all next week arejsome Walker, making "Just^ a
tend the annual meeting.
Keenan In his latest, "Loaded Dice,"
and Lonesome Luke tonight Jack
Pickford in "Huck and Tom" and a
new Toto comedy for Sunday and
Monday Tatty" Arbuckle in "The
Bell Boy," latent and biggest hit tc
date, with the charmii^ Enid Ben
nett in "Naughty, Naughty," for
Tuesday and Wednesday. The big
feature, "My Four Years in Ger
many," for Thursday and Friday. As
before mentioned, you can't beat 'em.
"Loaded Dice" is a strong, stinging
drama, the acknowledged best pic
ture of a great star's career. The
story is of a man who played with
loaded dice, taking what he thought
are drawn with truth, and the story is
held together with fine touches of the to be a gambler's sure thing propo
art of picture making. There are sition, won for a while and then lost,
shown numerous audiences with the to the inevitable. The star big work
kaiser, and real German bluster' is
seen in the war lord's threat to the
ambassador that 'after this war Ger
many will stand no nonsense from the
United States.'
"The picture undoubtedly will have
on the stage and later in such pic
tures as "The Thoroughbred," "Bride
of Hate," "The Crab," etc., will long
be remembered with, "Loaded Dice."
"Huck and Tom" for Sunday and
Monday. Everybody knows these
a great influence upon all those who famed characters, witli Aunt Polly,
see it, and should be a great factor in Sid, Injun Joe and all the rest. You
stirring np the people of the country!know Mark Twain's book and the
to look our war conditions squarely In story now see it on the screen and
the face. They will have a chance to
see pictured many things that do not
greatly impress when seen merely on
a printed page. Ambassador Gerard,
who was among those who saw, the
picture at its 'first public presentation,
made a short address."
get one big thrill of joy. Toto in a
new comedy completes the splendid
Spend Your Afternoons at the Red Cross
Supper Will be Ready
When You Return—
A Dircct Action Gas Range
With "Lorrain" Oven Heat
Regulator will automatically
cook an entire meal better
than the best chef, while you
enjoy hours of liberty from the
drudgery of kitchen work just
as if you had a maid.
Ready for Red Cross work, and can
stay away to tlie last minute—the
regulator does the cooking for you
just as if you had an expensive maid.
The Oven Heat Regulator solves the problem of kitchen help. It so lightens your work that you can do
without a maid, or you can use a maid of ordinary training and intelligence as the Regulator does all the
With the Regulator you no lbnger guess at the Oven Temperature. YOU KNOW.
Visit our store, see the Regulator'demonstrated, and receive your copy of the booklet that tells how the
"Lorain" Oven Heat Regulator "Makes Every Afternoon an Afternoon Off."
You Set the Wheel and
Liflht the
We guarantee Chambers Fir el ess Cooking Gas
Range to save one-half your fuel gas bill, saves
two-thirds of your time, cooks the food better,
does not heat up your kitchen or no sale. We re
fer to many satisfied customers to substantiate
these claims.
Hippodrome. Tonight.
Viola Dana thought she was going
to be burned to death when she was
acting on a burning ship for scenes
in "Breakers Ahead," a Metro All
Star Series picture, which will be
shown at the Hippodrome theater to
night. Her work aboard a big saU
ing ship was a harrowing ordeal for
the famous little star.
Special Monday and Tuesday will
be a star combination of author, di
rector and leading woman of extra
ordinary strength, embracing Eugene
Brooklyn is
speedy town in
(dandy programs at the Grand. Frank soon to be shown at the Hippodrome Brooklyn Eagle reports that it takes and only one street to cross.
When you return the meal is ready for
serving. Each dish has retained its
particular flavor and is beautifully
Moonlight Excursion
Steamer €3-
You place the entire meal In the oven
at one time to be cooked, roasted and !.
boiled for a cent's worth or les« of gas. |j'|
By sfctting the wheel at
"Very Slow" (250 degrees P.)
you ran cook an entire meal in
the oven at one time for hours
while you enjoy the afternoon
You use your own dishes
just as you do in your ordinary 4
You prepare the entire meal, 1
including roast, vegetables and,
dessert in forty-five minutes.
You do not use the top burn-
ers, or use hot water. You pre- $
pare the meal cold.
After setting the wheel you
can go away for hours, delici
ously aware that the Regulator
is cooking the meal to perfec-t
tion while you are enjoying a
happy afternoon of freedom
from kitchen work. ,v
RETURNS KEOKUK ... 11:30 P. M.
Secure your tickets early from the Band Boys, as they are going fast
theater, a photoplay attraction of un
usual interest. The names of three
persons so eminent in their respec
tive fields as Mr. Walter, Mr. Steger
and Miss Walker linked together in
the creation of a photodrama is suf
ficient guarantee of its compelling
appeal, its efficient construction and
artistic finish.—Advertisement
some lines.
quite a five hours to get a letter from the
but the Brooklyn postoffice to the Eagle of-
exceptlons parallel the average. The,lice, a distance of less than 100 feet

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