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Leased Wire
jrTess ueaacu
Picardy front.
nultaneous attacks were directed
bat positions held by the French
leen Locre and Voormezeele.
Jssons is about ten miles south
•west of the former southern ex
jity of the Picardy battle front,
pe vicinity of St Gobain forest
as is about thirty-five miles to
at and south, the front sud
veering sharply to the east
before Solssons.
tig front includes the famous
nin Des Dames sector, where
ican troops have been in the
some time.
ormezeele is less than two miles
fctly south of Yprei. Locre is
It five miles to the west and
Some of the hottest fighting
he entire Flanders offensive has
frred along this line.
British Help French.
D'NDON, May 27.—British troops
now operating with the French
he line south of the present Pic
front, Field Marshal Haig'S of
report tod&y showed.
"Ms is the first intimation that
fish forces were operating south
'^yre an*
adlcation of General Foch's policy
o-ordinatlon of all allied forces.
Rumble Grows Louder.
William Philip Simms, United
r,™' Staff Correspondent.]
May 27.—The rumble of
Ji'ery amtlnues to grow louder,
ocularly around the valleys of the
h™ *i!d
and in the Ypres
n, where the Bucquoy, Straseele,
rf Borre areas are partlcu-
?T?Ived- Villers-Bretonnaux
vicinity also is under increase
aeavy shelling.
improved and
ting conditions are better.
without exception are
of Mackensen being on the
Killed and Thffip
1 .•/
Service of The
SlSy Gate City and Constitu-
is received over
leased wire.
126. NO. 125.
ffep I,
Isians Strike (Early in Morning in Two
[Widely Separated Regions Against the
ritish and French.
iting Spirit of Allies is Perfect and Every
body's Head is Up and Full of
YDON, May 27.—The Germans
early this morning on two
separated fronts, Field Mar
fHaig reported.
ng hostile attacks, following a
dment of great intensity, were
early this morning on wide
between Rheims and Solssons,"
ement. said. "Attacks were
nade against the French lines
Locre and Voormezeele."
On New Front., in the coming show.
May 27.—The Germans
suddenly early this morning Hostile Artillerylng.
[entirely new front, south of the I
dy region, at the same time I considerable hostile artillery fire on
northward toward tvrss. the British front last night,
a mbdrdment of great
fefty, "tie enemy struck on wide
along the thirty-five mile sec- Bombardment of Paris.
between Rheims and Soiasons, PARIS. May 27.—The German long
eastward and southward of range bombardment of Paris was
in Aptinn A T3
Service.] west front and insisting that he will1 000,000 000-estimate that aPpropria-j
I Just returned from an extensive
trip among the British, French and
American troops in the back areas.
The fighting spirit everywhere is
perfect Everybody's head is up and
they are all thoroughly confident that
the Germans will have little success
May 27. "There was
te British front last night,- Field
Marsha! Haig. reported today^^p.
resumed at 6:25 this morning.
Three of the long range guns, sta
tioned near St. Gobain. were reported
to have been destroyed by French
artillery and bombs and there* had
been a cessation in the shelling for
86V6ral ilays
Shells have been falling at intervals
of fifteen minutes since the bombard
ment began. ......
Sweeping Forward in Waves.
[By William Philip Simms, United
Press Staff Correspondent.]
FRANCE, May 27.—The German
blow in Flanders, which got under
way early today, is reported to have
progressed in spots, but it is too early
to know the actual result. ,_nft
as furth-
The attack was a powerful local JM®®'®®®'®®®
blow by General Von Armin's army j' altogether
Scherpenberg (a mile north-, *8'961'000-000 altogether.
east of Locre), where the French! To meet this
cam. ui v-v. i—iapd
wrested considerable ground from the
Germans a week ago.
fronton the south and east and simul-
treme northern tip of the Flanders
Idav I
iKm i184 follows:
fr a "^aocu »v ire oerviiie.j
dead from
May 27—Nineteen Creek, Calif. William
Manistee, Mich.
department Died of disease:—
1 1
Simpson. Re
P. Garrett
OU*. Joseph Graiffln. East
The artillery opened up at dawn from treasury certificates and short
and in the midst of a haze covering I time notes, not to mention war sav-1
the Flemish lowlands,, the German jings stamps, which will bring in a
infantry swept forward in successive I substantial sum, probably approxi-1
Field Marshal Haig's official report
(Continued oh page ?.)
Hampton, N. Y. James C.
Rica' Ga-:
Kusene Rockwell. Sparta,
ImZ Vs
This Promises to be a Thirty
five Billion Dollar Con
gress, Greatest Ever
Eight Billions to be Raised for Wa/
Chest by Taxing Luxuries
and Other
-f.Ji0 l- total $2 449,-,
659,000. This makes a grand total, ?U
based on estimates submitted to date,
of $34,069,659,000.
That this total will be sent up to
or beyond $35,000,000,000 seems cer
tain. Nearly every day brings addi-
tional estimates from the war and
1918-1919 fiscal year.
tions bill, for instance, totals
In appropriations
onn nf((1
bonds an(j has
nao LUllctltJU
This would bring total revenues to
Presldent wiison
pected to
Ethel,' started.
Schmidt, Milwau-
CtlOn and-Pour Dead kee, Wis. Walter Schutzman
Of Wounds La. James Wallen. Fairland, Okla.
tMed of wounds:— plete harmony with Charles E. its commendations in haste if it is,
Sergeant James E. Lee. Troy. X. Y. Hughes," said
I- Wagoner Norris G. Stokes, UiCrosse. chairman. nr^ent tajc lavs are marred' more!
J. Olszewski, ering evidence as to the failure of
aircraft production."
Private Menne Otto Wiltz, weus-| enough.
Wounded severely:— Staff Correspondent.]
three missing Privates Arthur O. Anderson, New WASHINGTON", May 27.—President
Paso Robles, Calif. tion what it must do to help meet the
Missing in action:— 'great money drain of the war.
Privates Jerry A. Brown, Oclumbus, With daily expenditures now mount
Ohio Charles W. Knowlton, Fairfield, ing to the enormous sum of $65,000,
Conn. John B. Walters, Gadxden,j
Ala. (Continue* on page 3.)
[By I* C. Martin, United Press Stall
WASHINGTON, May 27.—This Urges War Measure as Necessary on
promises to be a 135,000,000,000 con
Financial experts today settling
down to prepare the greatest tax bill
in the country's history—nearly $8,-
I tions of this coneress will shatter all:
have charge of the coming operations.' tions of this congress will shatter all
It is also rumored that German troops! records for anycountry In the world,
have been withdrawn from the Balk
ans for use on the west front during
the past twenty-four hours.
anb Constitutum=3Bemocrat.
President Wilsc
Congress Tc
of War Tax
for a corresponding period. [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
Great expansion of the army pro-.j WASHINGTON, May 27.—Unking ministration
gram is chiefly responsible for -he jhis appeal with the resumption of the nouncement that
stupendous total. Searly $21,000,
000,000 is in appropriations and au
thorizations for the army and its
fortifications. In addition, $2,500,
000,000 is required for shipping, re
quired to transport men and supplies
$4 261000 000 in authorizations, or ought as soon as possible to go and
10 a
wiThh\bhe^ytobo^baXeennbterSofbe^ ing° law a2d° expect to brins I °«eJ"dut? balds' s^rk® a^d
of* VoOTmebe^Ie)8^^ th^I^^^frM-j confess l^be^nning'^work'' o^n.X j^now^ f^tiseIherer't^lEXc^es
tier (a mile west of Locre)? has^so a couple of billions in sight
than $4 000 000,000 in gated us to act for them in the
dut W0 hav
the Day the Germans Be
gin Their Newest
German drive on the west front, Pres-i
Turning from his manuscript in
concluding a forceful address to con-
The navy gets $1,659,000,000, while gress in joint session, the president
the war finance corporation and the
federalized railroads each get $500,
000,000. Five and a half billions
were appropriated for loans to the
allies in the bond bill passed this
spoke extemporaneously:
"Just as I was leaving the white
house," he said, "I was "brought the
news that Germany bad apparently
resumed her long expected drive on
Surely you can-real,
t^se lines.-.
tried to express
The president's address follows:
Gentlemen of the congress:
It is with unaffected reluctance
that I come to ask you to prolong
your session long enough to provide
adequate resources of the treas
«*e.". I ...fhorized bonds still unissued he crowd upon us in these days of crit-.. important, established rate group-. various military oDjecuves. rm
The allied troops are fighting bril- or is about to get *oice and action. But we dare
]f in
United Press War Summary. between $15,000,000,000 and $20,000,-j The facts are these: jlarly will be subject to an added
Western Front—The Germans re- 000,000, providing bonds still unsold. Additional revenues must manifest- quarter cent per mile. I
sumed their offensive early this morn-: were issued. ly be provided for. It would be a I Communters must pay ten per cent
ing, along an entirely new thirty-five Inasmuch as total authorizations most unsound policy to raise too' more than now, while water rates will
mile front, adjoining the Picardy
appropriations will not be spent large a proportion of them by
south and west of Ypres. on tl\e ex-ithe government through. will not of themselves sustain the third fare rates when on furlough or
co^ess is unhappy, but yielding
area. to inevitable In the tax bill fight must immediately look forward We camps and nearby cities or ports.
announce his program for
Aircraft Investigation.
WASHINGTON. May 27.—The sub
committee on aircraft of the senate
military affairs committee today de
cided to proceed at once with its in
vestigation of aircraft production.
The committee will begin a tour of
Holland. aircraft factories late this week.
Upon the committee's return from
Milwau-' its tour, public hearings will
The committee will work in com- ulations in haste and it must frame
not Tbe fact win
be gross amj piain
fatigue seem
a case, lassitude and
waves. mating a billion dollars. I facts are tonics and suffice to freshen ,,n charges for the seat pA DTQ
labor. ior
the year, this sum, congres-and it is evident that the four bil- rates.
this week is ex- cannot fairness await until the The need for the increases was
Definiteness. early definiteness, as
to what its tasks are to be Is abso
lutely necessary for the successful
be administration of the treasury it
cannot frame fair and workable reg-
Senator Thomas, the not to do ita exact task until the, burden on the treasure
very eve of its performance. The ^me_a
mi We will ^devote 1 over by inequities which ought to be tP
remedied. Indisputable facts, every
womllf action four dead I burg. Iowa. [By Robert J. Bender, United Press And yet, perhaps you will permit "It is earnestly hoped." said Di- thirty miles south of and parallel to: men. If a decisive victory were not
me to dweil
f/N k^ln fftAA* ike a _M 1 a
f#fe.rt7r' sT,"r"n
Raise Necessary to Take Care of the
Salary List Which is to be
Higher Than
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
WASHINGTON, May 27.—Twenty
five per cent rate increases on class
and commodity freight rates will go
into effect on June 25. Railroad fares
will be raised to three*cents a mile
JunQ 10.
Some heavy commodities largely
handled will undergo raises of more
than 25 per cent.
This announcement came today
from the United States railroad ad
in the wake of an
railway men's pay
woujd be
ident Wilson today demanded that the with the railway board's an-
congress cast off political thought
and turn immediately to the work of
enacting a tax measure this session.
boosted mainly—in accord
The increases were designated as
necessary, because of the need to
meet higher operating expenses, es
timated at from $830,000,000 to $860,
000,000 more than last year.
The traffic in heavy commodities,
hundreds of millions weighty and arduous matters that 515 the German lines and dumped them on U'boat.
not t/v +V»o elontirvna nn^i tto havA .. ...
in taxes under exist-: our° duty continued where found_ practical.
subjected to an additional half
bertb ltse,f tourlBt
taoeously struck on a five mile front sion&l leaders said, will doubtless see lions now provided for by taxation 1 Men in the service will obtain one UDjeCGlve OI AT/taCK. Dy ri ua-
resulting from the war, may cause
further increases in operating ex
penses it is pointed out, but whether
argln so that the roads would not
advanced rates are applicable
one and we cannot alter or blink In time and the interstate commerce1
them. To state them is
®tate an^ interstate traffic
readjustments^ may be necessary
Twenty-five Percent Increases
on Freight and Passenger
Fares Go to Three
their way back to their own lines
with the American and Boche infantry
both firing on them.
Owing to considerable gaps in the
trenches in some places, it is easy to
wander beyond the American lines
after dart. For instance, a motor
truck driver, headed through such a
not based strictly on the 25 oer cent Mm warned him that he had
rullne The advances on the nrinci-
paSse^ 1,ne-
Coal, 15 to 50 cents a ton
not more than 5 cents per 100 lent work of the American
navy departments and other branches ~~y fqt""the conduct of the war. 11 pounds grain, flours and mill prod-1 service. The American flag is now, This may result^ in^an^ omciai m-,
of the government directly engaged |have reason to appreciate as fully asjucts, 25 per cent, but not more
in prosecution of the war. jyoudo how arduous the session has 6 cents per 100 pounds cotton. 15 tor by Plane.^^Boches make stren-' Fifty-eight men^ ^is'
Money appropriated this session is been. Your labors have been severe cents per 100 pounds live stock, 25 "ous efforts to ^ring these machines Fifty-six were instantly^
for the fiscal year beginning July 1,1 and protracted. You have passed a per cent, but not more than 7
1918, except deficiency appropriations long series of measures which re- per 100 pounds sugar, 25 per cent, !*jve enemy planes have been brought Another died before reaching Port
to supply deficits in funds appropri- quired the debate of many doubtful except to points in middle-west down in the attempt. 1
ated last year. Included in these questions of judgment, the many ex- states—rate from the producing cen-: The liason of American and French _"
appropriations are many "authoriza- ceedingly difficult questions of prin- ters will be maintained on tne pres-' planes is extremely effective. Ameri-1p
tions" which permit departments to I ciple as well as of practice. |ent relationship copper, bullion and' cans from Chicago, Indianapolis, 1 ,ve..m^Unites oerore we were
contract ahead, but the actual money I Th# summer is upon us in which smelter products, approximately 60.5' Pittsburgh, Washington, Silver City,: struck, the weatner was so tnicK JO"
for which will not be spent in the labor and counsel are twice arduous! per ton from Rockies and Pacific Iowa, and Oxford. Ohio, are working eouldn see your nana oerore your.
The fortiflca-! and are constantly apt to be im- coast states to Atlantic seaboard. with crack French flyers.
now paired by lassitude and fatigue. All exports and imports will be aviators recently participated in on® patch as saying.
and The elections are at hand and we cancelled and domestic rates will ap-, of the greatest aerial concentrations "We narrowly averted one collis
ether. render an intimate account of our earlo?uds« will have a 50-cent mini-'' fighting planes after a rendezvous lision with a vessel whose whistle^-fe
bill, Uncle Sam trusteeship to the people who dele- mum' charge, and roads hauling a
cents wm"'no?Te
rfth" done .be somewhat higher, effective died fighting for democracy French ing of timbers, the men were orderly
-lune lo passenger traveling in flyers will join in honoring the Ameri
as the duty standard sleepers or parlor cars will can dead. (Continued on page 5.)
negligible enough. The, v,l r-* A nTO a mt\ rptiri nr A T»ATT7
sleepers simi- J-
1,-.. 1 .. eous from the allied standpoint, in
I a
Rockford. N. D.: Elmer Samuelson, Wilson has decided to inform the nar loans freely spent in the stimulation this increase of rates will support thd gains by Von Hindenburg can best .There is every reason to believe
greatly enlarged budget to which we leave of absence but not between. TWIqtt Moderate gains bv the Germans-
end of the fiscal year is at hand to! pointed out by a ta.ble showing that 1 vanre hv Vnn ^mw. thi,
apprise our people of the taxes they whereas in 1915 the railroads used 1 Amiens or HsTohmiirir Ynr«
must pay on their earnings of the 122,000,000 tons of coal at $137,860,000 [By J. W. T. Mason. United Press
present calendar year, whose ac-|they are now using 166.000,000 tons! War Expert] I quish territory between Sois^s wJd'
countings and expenditures will then costing S489.700.00. NEW YORK. May 27.—Paris and
be closed. We cannot get increased Taxes, rents or other costs similar- the Marne are the objectives of Von grp.at slaughter of German manpower
taxes unless the country knows what ly have gone skyward, resulting in de- Hindenburg if the strong German at
they are to be and practices the nec- mands for wage increases, granted in tacks 'between Rheims and Soissons
essary economy to make them avail
a total sum exceeding $300,000,000 an-1 reported by Field Marshal rfaig are
Showers and cooler. Local
temp—8 p. m. 81 8 a. ra. 74.
Fifty Americans Got Across No Man's Land
by Mistake and Had Tussle With Boche
Aviators Are Doing Splendid Work1 Helping
Artillery and Dropping Bombs on
Teuton Objectives.
r.Bv Fred S Ferguson, United Press American Airplanes In Francs.
Staff Correspondent.] WASHsENGTON, May 27. The
WITH THE AMERICANS IN PIC- United States now has 1.316 air
AREfY, May 27.—Fifty American en-1 planes in France, including 323.:
gineere who got Into the German po- combat planes, according to the re
sitlons by mistake at night, fought port of the house military
^d bXre "t^e ^ttle of^Tne^M IMJSlenlistedmen and
The cannonading o« thl* front has I ^LONDON, M«r 27,-Tbe^aath
I increased somewhat, but it is all fifty-seven Americans when
15 to 75 cents a ton iron ore, 30 quiet compared with a week ago. j«h J^I|^^ldaVjJ|nneT Thursday'
cents a ton building stones, 2 cents There is increasing activity in pa- fi?^th^T
per hundred pounds road stone, I trolling. BJncounters are frequent and
sand, gravel, 1 cent per 100 pounds American patrols constantly are Pane- whi?e a shfo'
brick cement and piaster 2 cents trating the German first line. The passengers to be on deck while a snip
per lbft ZndV lime ljl' centTpe?: marked effectiveness of American ar-jis passing through the^ danger zone,.
100 pounds lumber, 25 per cent, but: tillery fire is partially due to
carried daily over thei Ameri»n sec-, Delow at the-
down. So far. they have failedI and Patch sai«l ^y^were ^stanuy
to and from ports. Less than in history. Forty bombing and 150 ion in an effort to avoid another col-||||
various military objectives. They re­
differentials will be turned without being molested.
Curbed, ^ound ^rip tourist farM planes on the "fields where Americans noise of the explosion and the crash,
Montdidier. carried more than a came through the fog. This whistle.
will demand a minimum of: score of tons of high explosives over we believe, was really sounded by the
A llij
be advanced in proportion to rail I Marne still further inconvenience to'
Army Which Started
Forward Today.
the forerunners of a new oftensi\e
Abnormal conditions of operation,! against the allies. I be only an attempt to distract General
American troops have been report-1
This sector is the most advantag-
an a a at a
for a moment upon situ-1rector General McAdoo. "that all citi- the Rheims*Soissons front and Paris!won by these attacks, the results in
they disclose. Enormous zens affected directly or indirectly by itself is sixty miles away. Slight loss of manpower would be appalling.
-i-t- _M I ..
of industry of almost every sort pro- general principle of such increases as be afforded by the allies here. Loss General Foch has foreseen all the pos
duce inflations and extravagances an unavoidable war measure and ac- of the railway connecting Soissons sibilities in the present situation. The
which presently make the whole cept the additional turden in the and Rheims would be disagreeable ffact that Von Hindenburg is making,
economic structure questionable and same spirit of self sacrifice in which for the allies, but there are other two attacks 150 miles apart in Itself
(Contlnued on pace 1 (Continued on page 5.) if the Germans wSre to reach the. velopmeots exists in his own mind.
A*«.a/.lr W Prac communication would be suffered by.
alUes lbut no critlcally serjOUs.
damage would be done.
along the souXrn front wouwTn^'
far Jegs consequences than new
Rheims if in return
ed as undergoing training in this sec fenSive is developed elsewhere. Mar-''
i!n» Ihifh
front is a
line which
into another American
sector in
German attacks grow into a
menace, it is probable Americans will
be called upon to help stem the en
emy advance.
I The Marne is from twenty to! up an extraordinarily large number of
communication lines to the south. s^ows much uncertainty as to de-
*i 1
tee on the military bilL Thero are
3,760 machines in this country.
The committee also reported that
the total officers and enlisted men'
now in the army is 2,030,027. This
includes the draft calls of April and
There are also 12,101 officers in the
aviation section of the signal corps,.
I Disobeyed Orders.
d°®tl 5m
to a dispatch to ithe Express
from a channel port today.
is now confined in a hos-
face." an officer is quoted in tne aisr
We switched on our lights at the ,-•
same moment that the moon came
Special Memorial day services are lout from behind the clouds. An in-^
being arranged along the whole front. stant later the torpedo struck us amid-^
Flowers will be dropped from air ships on the port side. Despite the'^|
there i?^fo^r-
So inadequate for German purposes
would be a moderate advance
and Rheims that ltlDlaybetween
movemeut there will turn out to
aUention whj]e the rea of
highly important attacks today between Ixicre and
runs directly into another American
mention of simultaneous
the Verdun region. If the J^^.T^e,e.'^etJ^e8area Sh
into a serious'g
be the sector chosen
for the major blow.
In such an event the Germans^',
would be able to Tvork on interior^,!
lines of communication to continue^
their two attacks at such widely sep
arated points *hey would have to use*

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