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Trade at home. Self-preserva
tion is a good Jaw to-apply to
VOL. 130 NO. 77, ..
lilted Press'Leased Wire Service.]
ALBANY, N. Y., March 30.—The
suspended socialist members of
New York assembly were de
red disloyal and unworthy of their
Its in the majority report of the
Jiciary committee filed today.
minority report filed by William
Evans, one of- the thirteen mem
ts of the committee, asserts that,
|ile the five socialists have been
We cannot try and acquit or eon-
"majority report recomnM
lit the assembly vote to declare
mt the seats of the five men—
Igust Claessens, Louis Waldman,
irles Solomon, Samuel A. DeWitt
Samuel Orr, It holds that, all
arges made against them 6n the
pning day of the session have been
|ly sustained that the socialist
rty has been prdven to advocate
tee and violence for overthrow of
United States government* and
it thewAmerican socialists are in
11 accord and sympathy with the
Sssian soviet government.
|Further, the majority report urges
dslation which would in effect pro
fit the socialist party from occupy
a place on the official ballot.
iThis recommendation reads:
|"We Tecommend that appropriate
jislation be enacted to the end that
freafter no party, group or political
sanization in which aliens are ac
|ptable as- members, or whose prin
ples, policies and program are re
lonsiye to or determined by. an or
Inizitlon, national or state, com
pscd of persons not members of the
ectorate of the nation or state,
kali be privileged to occupy on the
Jicial ballot of this state the posi
Jn of a political party."
|The socialist party is held to be
sloyaf in every way. Emphasis is
lid on the fact that in 1917, after
|e United States entered the war,
le socialists adopted a platform op
ting war and allegedly engaged in
systematic effort to further the
iims of conscientious objectors.
I Taking up evidence tending to
low that socialist members of, the
rev-ious assembly voted against ap*
fopriations for the militia, the re
t»rt declares it "Is part of the plan
tHe socialist party to destroy the
listing form of government and sub
litute the government of the prole
}riat, as fully appears by their prop-
[otal Count of People in Towns
With Gains Made in Ten
v% Years.
Jnited Press Leased Wire Service.]
I WASHINGTON, March 30. The
psus bureau announced the follow
1920 population results:
Belleville, 111., 24,741.
Salamanaca, N. Y., 9,276. "v
Lockport, N. Y., 21.308.
[Eatavia N. Y, 23,541. ,•
ICorflandi K, Y., 13,294.
Geneva, N. Y., 14,648|
Portage, Wis., 5,582.
"nrant, Qkla, 7,340.
Clinton^'3So., 5,098. 1.
[Hannibal, Mo., 18^50.
[Cadillac, Mich., 9,ti4.
Oaytdn. Ky., 7,646. &'€
Taylorville, III., 5,8W'
iJMWeld, 111., 6,215A
I Kftwafdsvllle, 111., 5
ejt. ff^anA
Report or Judiciary Committee on
Five Suspended Socialist Members is
Filed at Albany Today.
ialist Party Branded as Revolutionary
Advocate of Force and Violence to
Overthrow Government.
,•- „yw
agan^a." Continuing, the report
"There' is but one inference from
the position of the socialists in rela
tion to military and naval appropria
tions and war. They would render
the country and government helpless
against all enemies, so that it would
be helpless against them, the ene
mies of established order."
A second dissenting opinion was
yen disloyal, the assembly has no filed by Assemblymen Wm.W.Pel
kstltutional right to prescribe loy
as a test of eligibility for its
Imbers, and urges that they be re
Regarding evidence tending to
the socialist party is a revolu
lary body, Brans says:
lett and Theodore Stilt, republicans.
They hoid that whHe, the evidence
disclosed that socialists, both as a
party and as individuals refused to
render the government any service
during the war, there was nothing to
show their attitude was other tnan
negative and that the suspended men
ould be re-seat«^
membership in a political party as a
condition for voting or holding office,
but maintained in this regard^ that
the socialist party has beeh recog
nized as a bonaflde political organi
zation for years. Both admitted the
right of the assembly to expel it)
members and that its action is finaL
The third dissenting opinon was
filed by Maurice Bloch, democrat.
His stand was similar to that of Pel
lett'and Stitt regarding the evidence,
but he held the assembly cannot flxj
royalty as a test for membership.
Assemblyman Howe, republican,
did not sign the'majority report, Dut
wrote a concurring opinon. He held
that the five men and the socialist
party have been convicted for dis
To Open Attack on Bill.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
LONDON, March 30.—H. H. As
quith, former premier and "liberal
leader in the house of commons, was
to open his attack on Prime Minister
Lloyd-George's home rule' bill when
debate on the measure was resumed
in the house of commons today.
Despite liberal and laborite oppo
sition speedy passage of the measure
was forecast.
The formal announcement tit ap
pointment of General Nevil Mac
Ready, commander of metropolitan
police to be head of the government's
military forces in Ireland, received
only passing notice. Lloyd-George
stated MacReady would not lise vio
lent methods.
Meantime there were no reports of
improvements in conditions in Ire
land. A Sinn Fein was murdered at
Thurles yesterday and pplice were
reported to have "shot up" the vil
lage of Regge, near Thurles.
There are no honorary member
ships In the American Legion.
A \T\T^TT'\T/0,T7,T^ "DTTT?!^ ATT
\jJHlU XJ jD
Fredericlc, Md., ll,0«fi.
West Terre Haute, Ind., 4,307.
Clinton, Ind., 10,962.
Jeffersonville, Ind.. 10,098.
Waterville, Iowa, 183.
Increase since 1910:
Belleville, 3,619, or 17.1 per cent.
Salamanaca, 3,484, or 6.2 per cent.
Lockport, 3,338, or 18.6 per cent
Batavia, 1,928, or 16.6.
Cortland, 1,790, or 15.6.
Geneva, 2,202, or 17.7.'
Portage, 142, or 2.6.
Durant, 2,010, or 37.7."*
Clinton 106, or 2.1.
^Hannibal, 609, or 3.3.
Cadillac, 1,359, or 16.2.
^Dayton, 667, or 9.6.
TaylorviU'e. 34, or 6.6.
ih &
W. Va.# 6/
Litchfield, 244, or 4.1.
Edwardsville. 322, or 6.4.
•Keyser, 2,298, or G2 per cent.
Frederick, -655, or 6.3.
West Terre Haute, 1,224, or 39.7.
Clinton, 4,733, or 76 per cent,
Wateryllle, no comparison.
Jeffersonville. showed a decrease ofj
314 persons, or 3 per cent
ing coffee, sugar, are popular
clothing ranks next to foods.
with outgoing steamers.
Twenty Times as Much.
ST. PAUL, Minn., March
Twin City foreigners are
Parcel Post Business is Boom
ing With Relatives'Send
ing Sugar, Bacon and
Many Packages are Being Sent to
Germany and Austria Containing
8emi Luxuries and
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Macch 30.—Prohibition
has cut into parcel post receipts, Chi
cago postofflce officials declared to
Martin Faubel, assistant superin
tendent of. mailt), said much less
bread is shipped to 1foreign countries ,«•'
now than before Jun 3 TaTrt£a
partment went to much tiouble to
dissect the long rakish loaves of rye
bread submitted for shipment. Gen
erally, he Baid, they found concealed
within the rye another form of the
grain, neatly flasked.
"If we 4idn't get it the customs
across the water 'did. ®bey
package mail to foreign countries as treasurer and city auditor were suo-
t^ey did before the war. The bulk cessful. All other offices either went
goes to Germany and Austria. The democratic or are still in doubt.
packages contain mostly clothing and
food stuffs—particularly bacon, lard
and other fats.
"It is really pitiful—some of the
appeals we receive," said Postmaster
O. N. Raths.
Ham and Sugar.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 30.—
Heinie's taste turns to ham, sugar,
flour and rice. An average of thirty
flve packages are dropped in the In-,
stricken 'folk in several European gve
nlnth^a ninkpct iin hifr nart nf
(Continued on page 2.)
Camftftman 3P*uiocr«it
H. H. Barton for Mayor of Des
Moines by Majority of More
Than Three Thousand
i- Votes.
Labor Ticket at ClintonKMakes Almo«
Clean Sweep and Democrats
Wih at Council
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
DES MOINES, Iowa, March 30.—
H. H. Barton defeated John-Gibson in |mrnedjate
yesterday's mayoralty election by a
majority of 3,224, according to unoffi- I
cial returns today.
The following comissioners were
also elected at yesterday's election:
E. A. Elliott, Harry B. Frase, John
Budd and Marshall Miller.
The election was non-partisan.
Mayor Short Re-elected.
SIOUX CITY, Iowa, March 30.—
Mayor Wallace M. Short, labor candi-
got Jt before the rye got to election yesterday, electing Harry W.
date, was
over J. A. Tiedeman by a majority or bolshevists," Premier Mueller
CLINTON, Iowa, March 30. The
terior—country or drinker, Faubel Bowles, mayor,, and every other city eact onaries will swept rom
said- candidate except two ward aldermen.
Parcels addressed to Geripany and
wjj0 won on
Poland are far more numerous than democrats and republicans had
thos6 to other countries, ^HUbel itirkAtt in thp fiplri thp forniGr he&ded
tbe republicani ticket.
clothes makes up a big part of the as one car became disabled, he pur
gifts sent the needy by friends here, chased a new one*
sisfs of letters, while that addressed
to Germany is mostly packages con
taining clothing and' food.
From San Francisco.
Francisco's package mail to foreign
countries has increased consin"
since the close of the war, said post-
Millionaire Who Ran Away From
Draft is Sentenced to Five Years
And Will Lose His
1 [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
dianapolis postofflce daily. Frequent- e^iand^^ergdoirVhuade^phia "mil-i
ly the bundles contained used cloth-
announced at Governor's Island here'
v.vc? ill, or, *nd approved today by Lieut. General
I any indication of the gifts going flight he visited every state in the un-
the reichstag today.
labor candi-
y,,- date, James Malone, fusion candidate,
Jack M.n», opposed by labor. w„.
re-elected as councilmen with Paul
Wells, also opposed by labor as the
fourth councilman.
he agsumed the
_. .... inets. He promised early £ulfiHm?nt
Dj mines,
labor, tic*et ig£jle almost a clean formcr cabinets, but never ful
.sweep in thfe^Wy at thfe municfpal
Since January 1 shipments to* Ger- bv^niier Mayor HC Hansen and '"^asures to crush the communist re- authorities throughout the section,
many have jumped 25 percent. Thej£e present Cou^lman
especially the semi-luxuries, includ-! ^nlnts Tuesday and authorities here de- nado. Red Cross officials announce^
Democrats Win.
Foreign mail leaves Chicago twice COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa, March} communists might bo expected if the
ich week, just in time to connect 30.—Democrats made an almost clean Ireds
Hwoen in the citv elections here yes-'ernment
fmuehlen was reelected over George I
—j sending p. Hamilton, republican, by 1,487 (admission of the governmerft
approximately twenty times as much|Votes. Republican candidates for cJry
YORK, March 30—Grover
ing. charges' of evading the draft, it was
Regular Gifts. today. 1 from Mayence and occupy Frankfort, fifty hurt.
DALLAS, Texas, March 30. War. Bergdoll was sentenced to serve. ^ana"
countries receive regular gifts of __
clothing and non-perishabie food be dishonorably discharged from the "I hope the allies will act jointly,
from Dallas relatives, the superinten- army and lose his citizenship. but France will act alone if neces
dent of mails said today. The verdict of the court martial was sary."
KANSAS CI1Y, Mo, a 30. ,Robert L. Bullard. 'troops had entered the neutral zone
American styles of the vintage of Bergdoll was arrested in his Phila
1918 and 1919 should be quite the delphia home last January after hav
vogue in war devastated Europe if ing eluded department of justice ag
the parcel post department here ara ents for more than a year. In his
abroad through the mails from other ion, traveling in automobiles which he
sections of the United States. Old purchased along the road. As soon
Mail From Iowa. I Threaten Sympathetic Strike.
DES MONIES, Iowa, March 30.— [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
The major part of Des Moines and ROANOKE, Va., March 30.—Unless th® areas held by German commu
central Iowa's contribution tia Uncle grievances of cierks of the Norfolk nists, it was said, taking the stand
Sam's foreign mail is consigned to and Western railway are adjusted Germany should be allowed to
England, local postal authorities to- satisfactorily today, members of six 1 settle her own troubles as far as pos
day declared. Germany receives the unions of allied crafts employed by
next largest mail from Des
the railway threatened a sympathetic
More than 1,600 men already are
Neutrality of Kaiser.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
LONDON, March 30.—The French
Chancel Lys Reactionaries
Swept Out
an Iron
Military Action- Against
Communists of Ruhr District
Unless They Heed Terms
of Demand.
clared their threat for an immediate
military action in force against the
.to accede to all the gov-
ment by the
These demands
leriTv electine a maV and seven iincluded recognition of the com- will be necessary for reconstruction,
out of eiS alder^en Mavor Zur Ple!e P°wer °f the central govern- however, officials believed.
eight a de
ne ht t0 contro1
Policing of the entire
th^atl? as,declaril1^
T, Frenc"
I returned March 17 and was reviewed The foreign office previously had
jn the military jail at Gov- /^erman reichswehr further penetrate Q^er parts of the tornado's path.
Island. He will forfeit all pay, Ithe neutral zone.
that about S.OOO reichwehr
[By Carl D. Groat, United
& Staff Correspondent.]
BERLIN, March 29.—(Night)—
'^Germany's greatest danger is from
re-elected here yesterday the reactionary rights, not from the J'c0^ Sunday taking aToU
Tiedeman by a majority of ,bolshevists." Premier Mueller told _^sc0?=s.._
It was the maiden reichsUg speech
chancellorship. He
talked less than an hour. The iekh
stag was crowded.
Mueller's program as outlined, was
practically that of the preceding cabi-
!?8" iof the social laws, particularly soeial-
which was promised
•win hr-
volt the R,lhr
parcels are taken ta reveal the needs !$ Howes. Cowles vote nearly T.he government's ultimatum to the for hospitals police stations and
and desires of the Germans. Foods, iequalled the combined vote of his op- 'S.ut,r
rebels was t0
the army, the government and all
other places "with an iron broom,"
the chancellor promised, declaring the hundrdes
the overnirfent would take strong! appeals have
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, March 30.—The middle
west today began rebuilding whole
communities., business centers "end
residence districts wrecked by 'he
tornado which swept across northern
Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana,
eighty lives and injuring neaily
.. .four hundred persons. The propatty
in the flve statos vra3 csti.
Uated at $10,000,000 today.
at .noon under roots untouched by the tor-
... ... .civic spirit of LaGrange was asserted
without allied consent. (today when the city council after
Hugh Wallace, the American am-(making arrangements to bury those
bassador, todity handed Millerand' killed in Sunday's trouble and care
President Wilson's note favoring Ger-1 (or the injured aftd homeless, voted
man occupation of the Ruhr district I to decline offers Of financial aid from
and opposing extension" of the allied!other communities.
zone of occupation, but there were The council found that twenty-one
no indications that the French in- were known dead: eighty injurfed.
tended to abide by Wilson's sugges- and approximately one thousand
tions. The president also urged homeless. Work of clearing aVay the
against sending of allied troops into
Observers here saw the president's
position as directly opposed to that of
ambassador at The Hague will out- less the Ebert government modified the
lin? verbally to the Dutch gtovern- terms of its ultimatum, an Essen dis
ment the allied position with regard patch to t.he Amsterdam Telegraf for-j
Threaten General Texas Supreme Court Reverses
LONDON Mar. 3".—Gi'iK .n work-[
Case Where it Was
men in ihe Westphalia district, have
threatened call a g»n«v j' strike un-
office officials. Foodstuffs and cloth-! to the neutrality of the. former, waixfed iiere .said today. [United Press Leased Wire Service.] mere form's sake or that it may be
ing are bei&g sent across the ocean kaiser, the Telegraph said today. The workmen sent tjheir counter AUSTIN, Texas, March 30.—"S'elji omitted with impunity," Judge O. S.
from here daily, principally to Ger-j The ambassador's action, the ultimatum to Berlin by a special yuil 2od" is not accepted in Texas Latitraore said in his opinion.
many and Austria. 'newspaper said, would be in addi- courier, the dispatch »iid. The strike courts as a mere formality or a con- "What are the pains and penalties
-jtion to a new allied note to the Hoi- was to be called Tuesday. The ultl- venjent expressioil to smoothly round [of perjury as measured by man's
400 to 500 Daily. jland government warning it that The- matum threatening armed invasion out a statement in court, it was made puny punishment, compared with the
MILWAUKEE* Wis., Mar. 30.—Estl- Netherlands would be held for any of Westphaiipj unless the communists plain today. endless penalties invited by him who
mates of business done by leading failure to keep the deposed emperor disbanded and recognized fall author!- Because the phrase "so help you 1 has pledged himself to truth as God
(within his status as an interned neu-.jty of the cenfetel government was to God" was omitted from the jury oatiis may have him tell or decide it, and
ItraL lend today. Iin three lower court hearings, the'tfcen be false to the oath.*^
today they would be able to handle
the situatioif. Many sections are in
need of relief, officials said.
Report today indicated there is
little acute suffering. Large sums
Westphalia National guard, home guards and
former service men continued to pro
tect the stricken areas today from
possible looters. They were under
I orders to "shoot and shoot to kill."
No Additional Troops. 1N0 looting has been reported, nation
[By Henry Wood, United Press Staff jal Suard officers said.
PARIS, March 30.—Dr. Wilhelm! Supplies Pounng in.
.Mayer, the German charge d'affaires,! CLEVELAND, Ohio, March 30.—
today notified Premier
Supplies from all parts of Ohio were
that his government pledges itself! today pouring into the area devas
not to send additional troops into thejtated by the tornado Sunday night,
neutral zone, as provided in thej With figures still incomplete today
peace treaty, without authorization the death toll in Ohio was placed at
by tho allies. above twenty-five and the injured at
Mayer's action followed threats of! above two hundred.
vigorous action by the French gov- jn the Gi^enville district near
today was found guilty on Premier Millerand was ^quoted by Eighteen were seriously injure*.
Dayton, eight bodies were recovered,
In the Toledo district ten were
ready to advance killed and around one hundred and
Darmstadt should tliej seven dead were reported from
Several villages were scattered over
the landscape.
Damage was estimated at $1,000/
Twenty-one Known Dead.
LA GRANGE, Ga., March 30.—Tne
'7-fr W': "W^T-nr
em us rat
-work-believed com­
pleted, the revised death list fnom
the storm in the middle west today
Indiana, 36.
Illinois, 31.
Michigan, 11. ..
Missouri, 1.
Wisconsin, 1.
Carpenters and other laborers were
being rushed into the storm devas
tated sections today to provide for
of homeless,
been 'issued by
... .. ,,
district. I The homeless last night were cared
Indiana Mourns Thirty-six, Illinois Tlifrty-one
and Michigan Eleven as Result of Ter
rific Storms of Sunday.
Down in Georgia Twenty-one are Dead, Eighty
Injured and Approximately One
Thousand Homeless*
wi'-'r-w.wwrw ^T,,i-|^:-"
Unsettled. Warmer. Local
temp. 7 p.
^1 -"i:.
v: v* ^'bm #.
55 7 a. m., 46.
debris and wreckage caused by the
storm, started today.
Families whose homes were de
stroyed by the storm, were sheltered
in tents last night. Five hundred
tents were rushed here by the war
department and erected on the fair
The situation at West Point, seven
teen miles from here, was described
as critical. The entire business sec
tion of tho town was wiped out. Seven
were killed, flve injured and prop
erty damage amounted to $300,000.
Forty-eight- Victims.
ATLANTA, Ga., March 30.-—The
death list ft-om Sunday's tornado in
Georgia was raised today to forty
Reports from Stovall. stated fifteen
white persons were killed there. The
village had a population of only fifty.
Stovall was completely cut off from
Itelief 'Wire service and no word that the
local tornado had hit the place reached
the outside until today.
Internal Revenue Office at Puget
Sound Was Held Up and
Robbed of $20,000 Some
Time Ago.
[United Press I^eased Wire Service.]
WASHINGTON. March 30—Assist,
ant Secretary of the Treasury Shousa
today began an inquiry into the af
fairs of the Puget Sound internal
revenue office, which was robbed of
nearly $20,000 during recent internal
revenue collections.
David J. Williams. Puget Sound
revenue collector, who arrived in
Washington today, was assisting
Shouse. Internal Revenue Commis
sioner Roper also was giving the In
quiry his personal attention. Shouse,
Williams and Roper conferred early
today. It was understood that a thor
ough examination was begun of all
the business of the office.
Williams also confert-ed with Chief
Fraziqr, in charge of all collection
"Although the secret service force
is working on the robbery, I have re
ceived as yet no official reports,"
Frazier said. "I understood inform
ally, however, that the robbers ob
tained nearly $20,000.
"Until arrests are made, I cannot
discuss the robbery."
Victor Berger*s Appeal.
[United Press leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Alar. 30.—Hearings on
the appeal of Victor Berger and four'
co-defendants, under sentence of
twenty years for violation of the es
pionage act, was continued in the
United States court of appeals here to
Representatives -of members of the
I. W. W., also under sentence, are at
tending the hearing. Their appeals
are to be heard in April.
state supreme court reversed the
leases. The three were G. W. Crisp,
two years, felony: I. W. Huey, man
slaughter, five years, and John Henry,
murder, eight years.
"We are unwilling to subscribe to
I the doctrine that the words 'so help
vou God' are immaterial or that it
a by the fathers for
?.'j kf|
3 3
if aTl

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