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iVOL. 131 NO. 121.
As the situation now stands, L*
Fontaine said, the league is composed
of forty-two states with armies num
bering millions, aaS yet Is unable to
save Armenia. He demanded forma
tion of an International general staff,
and immediate employment of an
International force, under the league
In behalf of Armenia, ^thereby dem
onstrating to the world the effective
ness of the league."
Disarmament not being possible
now, the members armies and navies
should be placed at the disposition
of the league to form the basis for
an international force under the
league, La Fontaine said.
His remarks were greeted with
tremendous applause.
Delegate Rowell, of Canada, criti
cised the league council, declaring It
had wasted time with "secondary
problems." He demanded immediate
settlement of the territorial dispute
between Poland and Lithuania.
The council Is on trial before the
world," he said. "The typhus report
Is a humfllating confession of failure.
If the members of the council cannot
-make pledges for their own nations,
they had better resign and give way
to others."
Kowell concluded with a warning
that unless the council Is backed' up
by a few "well done actions," it will
cease to hold the respect of the world.
Question Over Germany.
[By Henry Wood. United Press Staff
GENEVA, Nov. 20.—The question
of how the league of nations will
meet Germany's threat to disregard
that clause or the treaty of Versailles
involving allocation of her colonies
under various mandates, occupied the
attention of the league assembly to
While none of the delegates would
conrent to be quoted, the Impression
seemed to be general that unde"
Present conditions the league would
have to depend solely upon economic
pressure to compel Germany's ac-
Publio spirit may sometimes be
merely not getting in the w*y of good
citizens who are tryino to put through
a local advancement, such as, for in
stance, the right to issue bonds so
that a new and greatly needed high
school building may be erected.
Belgian Delegate at League of Nations Meet
ing, Say# Time is Not Here for Scrapping
All Weapons.
Armies and Navies of Forty-two Members
Should be Used to Form International
force, is His Suggestion.
[By Henry Wood, United Press Staff
GENEVA, Nor. 20.—"The hour for
universal disarmament has not yet
arrived," M. La Fontaine, Belgian
delegate, declared today in address
ing the assembly of the league of
nations in public session.
La Fontaine maintained that the
economic situation is the most im
portant confronting the •world, in
sisting upon the right of the leagup
to ."rest upon the strength of the
national armies which are at its dis
position, then it will be at the mercy
Df no one."
headquarters here point out the for
mer enemy country already has defi
nitely renounced her colonies under
articlo 119 of the treaty.
By her action it is assumed that
Germany has definitely abandoned
any intention of applying to
Enters Carribbean Sea Today Where
Water Is Calm and Weather
is Rapidly Becoming
[By Raymond Clapper, United Press
Staff Correspondent]
MINA, (by wireless via New Or
leans, La.), Nov. 20.—Carrying Presi
dent-elect Harding to the Panama
canal zone on a vacation trip, the
liner Parismina was making record
time today, more than thirteen knots.
The ship today was entering the
Caribbean sea.
Harding has spent most of his
time on deck ever since leaving New
Orleans. He strolls up and down,
smoking his pipe, and chatting with
The weather today was moderate,
rapidly becoming tropical and the sea
was calm.
of the pact. smith, was found at the home of his
That this would be efficacious was son-in-law here today. A revolver
regarded as certain, owing to Ger-jlay nearby. Police believe ho com
many's peculiar vulnerability in this mitted suicide.
direction at this particular time.
The queslion also hasarisen as to Turks .Capture Town,
how Germany would propose to evade Sfervice.]
th? oertxrlar clause of the treaty to I LONDON, Nov. 20.—A News Agen
which she takes exception. The only'cy dispatch received here tooSay from
suggestion that has been advocated in Swiss sources, said ft was reported
this connection fs that she would re- that Kemal Pasha, leader of the Tur
fuse payment of Indemnities, either kish nationalists, had captured Erivan,
by outright defiance or alleged In- capital of Armenia. No confirmation
ability to pay. British and French was obtainable.
Some Short and Snappy Items
Which Make News Wire
["United Press Leased Wire Service.
NEW YORK. Nov. 20.—Fourteen
I Tear-old Maria Stefano, arraigned on
la charge of truancy, was found to be
a married woman, presiding over a
I five-room apartment The court ad
journed the ease to think it over.
As the Parismina was crossing
Yucatan channel, Mrs. Harding
roiieu WB me
penred on deck for the first time and papU(y chief Of Police John Alcock.
strolled with the president-elect.
18 dn3 Crfstobal
Three-Eyed Kitten.
MADISON, Wis., Nov. 20.—Louis
Nelson owns a freak kitten. Tfc kit
ten has three eyes in a horizontal
row and also has three mouths in a
Aim of Republicans When New
Administration Comes
Into Power Next
Another Money Saving Move
Come With Discharge of Army
of Government
[By C.
Martin, United Press Staff! It seemed that the major part of
Correspondent.] jthe globe's population was crammed
WASHINGTON, Nov. 20.—A billion into the bowl for the thirty-ninth
the dollar tariff is to be the aim of the battle between Yale and Harvard.
league for membership at this sessionjrepublicans when the new administra- 'More than 75,000 spectators the
of the assembly. France had previ- tion comes into power next March, re-1 biggest crowd in American sport his
ously made it known that any move publican leaders here indicated today, tory, seemed to have been dumped
to admit Germany at this time would Senator Curtis, Kansas, republican into a gaping hole in the earth,
result in immediate withdrawal of •, whip, of the senate, said today he be- It was a brilliant spectrum of color
the French. The German defiance is ueved $1,000,000,000 a year can be that shone out under a perfect fall
believed to have increased the oppo- realized from tariff duties, an incrtease sim. The Blue of the Yale stands
sition to her admission. {of £700,000,000 over present duties, (towered high to the rim of the bowl
The league's first steps toward! if that can be? done, Curtis said,'and merged right ixvto clear Yale
universal disarmament will be taken $2,000,000,000 income from other blue skies. On the other side the
this afternoon, when Hjalmar Brant-. sources will, meet the needs of the Crimson dt Harvard seemed to ran
ing.-of Sweden submita. tire report -of go vermftent. Dsftnopratic (Sfftclals re- simultaneously right Into the borders
his "sixth commission," outlining cently announced that $4,006,000,000 a
plans for this move. The report will year would be required for the next
be read at a public session. (four years.
At the morning session, Delegate Curtis and other republicans, how
Karneberek offered a motion demand-! ever, said that immediate reduction.
ing that the council submit article of the army of government employes
eighteen of the covenant—providing by about 200,000 will be made hy the there was was drowned in a roar that
that treaties shall not be binding un- republicans when they take control rose from the Harvard aide.
A Liberty bond bill, probably along
the lines suggested by President
elect Harding, thai is, the exchange
of Liberty bonds now outstanding for blue pack of forty-five on- the field,
a new issue and legislative provision They were numbered and the entire
for keeping the new bonds at par, is crowd howled its approval.
Yale kept along the sidelines and
tossed a dozen balls around, keeping
another measure to be considered
early by the sixty-seventh congress,
Curtis said.
Well Dressed Man Killed by Chauf
feur for Deputy Police .Chief,
Two Accomplices Escaping
by Running.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.J
CHICAGO, Nov. 20.—Police efforts andTchose the north goal,
were being directed today toward
identification of a fashionably dressed
'man, killed here last night in an at-
terry ted hold-up of the automobile of
accomplices, the victim of ih^n^- H^. taclcle
shooting had demanded thatjtb^
Horace O'Dell, Alcock's chauffeur,
1 tomohile, leaving Alcock, who had
Purchases Baltimore Star and Ameri
can for Million and Half to
Add to His String of
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
BALTIMORE, Md., Nov. 20.—Frank
A. Munsey, owner of the Baltimore
News, the New York Sun, the New
York Herald and other publications,'
has purchased the Baltimore Ameri-:
can and the Baltimore Sun, it was
announced today. The price was re-i
ported to be about 51,500,000.
Premiers to Confer.
[TTnited Press Leased Wire Service.]
vertJcle position, the two extras being to discuss the question of succession
one above and the other below the to the Greek throne and possibly the
regular mouth.
One Family Closes School.
MT. PULASKI, 111., Nov. 20—One
family is responsible for the closing
of the local grade school. It's a large
policy of their countries toward Rus-,
Nobel Prize for Wilson.
[Unitet? Press Leased Wire Service.]
STOCKHOLM, Nov. 20.—Newspa-
family, as is evidenced by the fact pers here declared today that Presl
that there is a member of it In each dent Wilson probably will be awarded
grade, and they «U have scarlet teveer. the Nobel peace prize.
anil £ouitttution-©einarat.
Football Classic of Season in
East is Witnossed by More
Than 75,000
Field Goal Kicked In First Peflod by
Visitors at Yale Bowl
This After
[By Henry L. Farrell, United Press,.
Staff Correspondent.]
Conn., Nov. 20.—Yale faced the
Maine of her rather disastrous fall
drive here ithis afternoon.
After the, repulse and rout of last
week's battle of Nassau the Eli
people looked with a sort of dread
on the advancing Red army from
of the sun.
Captain Arnold Horween rushed
his Red army of sixty players on the
field. The Harvard band blared out|
with some impromptu notes that
lacked harmony, but what discord
til they are registered with the land other money saving methods em-j The squad deployed in lines otjtles, the cutting is not yet general scaling ladders,
league—to a commission of interna- ployed. I skirmishers on the field and put in en6ugh. Cuts in wholesale prices
tional jurists for interpretation.
Curtis also predicted that the an- target practice a load of pigskin am- have been deeper than retail prices,
sua eye meanwhile
noying taxes" on articles of apparel,!munition. Buell. the sharpshooiting "It must be remembered that it graining slight Injuries.
on soda water and other things in iquarterback, tossed grenades through take# from six months to a year for -j-he _reat crowd watching, groaned
common use would be removed and
mortar and fell forty and fifty yards,
General Tim Callahan brought the
Yale stands to life when he led his
rthe hacta and kicks elsewhere could,
to beep up a heart.
Captain Horween won the tosses
First Period.
to^miMeld Bnell ran twenty yards
... drive away in the d'eputy chief's au-!^ jpfi forward nass to America to "industrial democracy.
3r. sssi^ars Tssjsrssi?
fijteen yards.
Kempton fumbled, but
was recovered by Sturn..
Big Buyers Consumers
Strike Not/
air to the ends and Captain Hor-1 reduced wholesale quotations to be.
that the,income tax return would be'ween, Owen and Fits Gerald booted reflected in retail prices." [silhouetted ag,ainst the red glare of
greatly simplified by the new con- punts that thumped like a trench
Better and More
the Harvard squad injmid field CINCINNATI, Ohio, Nov. 20.—The
Fragile little homely old virtues of thrift and self
nractlce at the sroal
took ^e t^get pracuce of attaining industriai democracy,
He ran in and oul^df the Blue as- "Railway employes, by the practice
sembte.ee unring them all with slaps 'of
cHon or by
Owen failed to gain In a plunge at owne» of the indusirtes/' Dunn saW,
'rieht tackle A forward pass from! timing that the only road open in
PARIS, Nov. 20.—The French for-'
elgn office informed The United Press
today that Premier Leygues and Pre-1
mier LJoyd^George would meet soon
1. That cleanliness is next
to Godliness.?
2. That a modern high
school building contains
lavatories with hot and cold
water for both boys and
girls in toilet rooms, dressing
rooms, and locker rooms?
3. That in the Keofcnk high
school building there are NO
lavatories for boys, and only
TWO for the 244 girls hous
ed there?
s^'H-- y#KT^s^i!B3
•j* -J- TfW*
Until Full
I is Es
Part Time Operation of Factories
Caused by Attempts to Keep Up
High Prices of War
production," said Stewart, whose title
Is commissioner of the bureau of sta
tistics of the labor department.
"Every mill In the country could
operate full time If prices were down.
reasonable amount of thrift rUnited
years become the chief owners of the
er large industrial concerns should
seek to acquire a potent voice in their
Callahan kicked' "off "to Horween, I management, but: they^should seek to
rtl tb* toll back thirtv yards
acquire il not through
part owners, or even the controlling escapej
I Dunn offered statistics indicating
jagement or participation in affairs.
ball This program, Dunn said, would be
Harvard failed to gain. Owen Vice President of Road.
punted out of bounds on Yale's 20! [UnitedL Press Leased Wire Service.]
(Continued on page 2.)
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
NEW YORK, Nov. 20—-Nine per
sons were killed today ta a fire which
preBS'swept a tenement house in Harlem.
iThe ruins were being searched for
-Unem-imore bodies. The charred remains
[By Ralph P. Couch, United
Staff Correspondent.]
ployment throughout .the country, re-i°* three children were among
suiting from part time operation of ^'rst carried from the building. Most
mills and factories, is directly due to
of the
,. ,, Others jumped from the second-
i,i tlms appeared to have been trapped
as the
With a rojjr the fire swept up the
stairwfty and was soon crackling
The 'depression' will disappear as, throuflh the structure from basement
soon as the producers and salesmen' to roof. Terrified men, women and
of food, clothing and other commodl-j children in their night clothing hung
ties give up the idea of profiteering screaming from windows with flames
as in war time. When that happens, coming up behind them.
the public will find \t possible to end Many fled down the fire escapes,
the hi# buyers or consumers strike. but others were unable to reach
Although slight cuts have been made them and remained at the windows
in the retail prices of a few commodl-j until firemen reached them with
windows to the sidewalk, many
w^en trwo
Beneficial Program in their beds. Several charred forms
Than Will O' the Wisp Plumb were found huddled at bedroom
Plan and Revo-
Press Leased wfre Service.] ______
American ve-
Ma6ter Minc| in
OMAHA. Neb.,
ling 23,
tVl„ ri,„v,h
recovered by Sturm. Aldrichifar easier and more beneficial than PreBs I^ased Wire
punted to Harvard on the 40 yard "such will o'the wisps as the Plumb lumtea rress i**
line. Harvard gained nine yards on, Plan and revolution by direct action.
a forward pass, Boell to FHts.
Tjr KT
WiCHTTA. Kansas, Nov 20.—
Jouett Shouse, assistant secretary of «e«e is^u ^in
and Orient railroad. Shcruse will
ihave charge of the road's line in
I Mexico. His office will be in Kansas
The- railroad plans to complete two
sections of track that will make it a
I trunk line from here to a Pacific port
in ikexico.
Former Kaiserine is Better.
[United Press Leasad Wire Service.]
DOORN, Holland, Nov. 20.—The
former German kaiserin's condition'
has Improved to such an extent that
the- former crown prince has returned
to Wieringen, it was learned today,
It was stated, however. tha£ she is
still seriously ill as the result of
{heart attacks.
Ask Bank Statement.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
WASHINGTON, Nov. 20. The
comptroller of the currency today Is
sued a call for the .condition of
'national banktt
one window,
the fire behind them, suddenly van
I ished as a flame puffed out through
the opening.
Firemen reported that other vic-
Thought to Have Escaped With
Much of the
railroads," Dunn said. service in the great war, and decorated one of the union labor leaders of the)
"The employes of railways and oth-
ter in
mai) robbery in
strikes, but by becoming
icific flreman.
Mrg A Daly the oniy
the cage wa3
chargetf wittl
ot the loot hM
T. New
tion to issue notes and bonds total-1 to testify,
ling $34,687,000 was received by thej
th£ tak^ up
Merx co
Fire Sweeps Through Building so Rapidly That!
Many are Trapped Inside With No
Chance for Escape.
Terrified Men, Women and Children, Han®
Screaming From Windows With Flames
Coming up Behind Them. 'jj
attempts to keep up prices, Ethelbertj The tenement house had one hun
Stewart, government price expert, I dred tenants. The fire was discovered discovered that the victims were
charged today. I°n the first floor. It spread so quick- Ralph Gfbbia, his wife, Anna, and
"Price is the only bar to full time
doors, where they had fallen as they)
were groping their way through the
dense smoke.
Chief Kenton believes the fire mayj
have started in the wicker baby can.!
riages in the lower hall. There were
five of them at the point where the
flames were first noticed.
Through checking up the occu«
pants of the' building, it was later
Harry Surkers, who turned in their four children, Carmella, aged 7,
the alarm, found escape by the front Frank, 5, Lena, 3, and Jennie, 13
door blocked by a wall of flame. He
climbed out of a ground floor window.
months Mrs. Ada Frank arid Mrs,
Bertha Reynolds and her daughters
Ruth, 16.
Mail Pouch Robbery iUnion Labor Congressman Dies of!
leased Wire Service.] [United Press Leased Wire Service.f
Nov. 20.—Keith Col-i WASHINGTON, Nov. 20.—Represen-.
former lieutenant in the air tative M. M. Garland, of Pittsburgh,
times for bravery, is being house, was found dead in hiB home'
by federal officials as the "mas- heTe last night. Heart trouble caused
f^e $3,500,000 Burlington his death. His secretary found his I
Council Bluffs last body.
Collins, who was a Union Clafland had" served in the last three
1s believed to have Icoxmresses and was chairman of the
a large amount of plun- ^committee on mines and mining.
woman in. Hearing Is Postponed.
arrested last night, [Pnltpd Press Incased Wire Service.?
receiving stolen proper- WASHINGTON, Nov. 20.—Hearings
Notes Shortly after hearings are resumed,,
umtea rress i/Kateu vt«o r«rv o-rnprted
interstate commerce commission to-1 Unofficial Conference.
iday from nine railroads. Most of) [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
the treasury, has been named vrce itache at Athens, held an unofficial
president of the Kansas Crty,
pour requested permission' conference wHh 'former King Con
to issue $17,366,000 and the Chicago s.tantine shortly after his arrival
Reck Island and Pacific $4,421,000. here, it was learned today.
Drunk, Policeman and Fnnt
Dealer Mix in Three Cor
nered Duel.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
DENVER, Colo., Nov. 20.—Fred An
derson, full of hootch, craved ba
nanas. He rushed George Pallamos"
fruit stand and demanded eve^y
November I banana GeoTge had. George accused
AndenMiv being druak. Patrolman
lord mayor of Cork, is expected
Mrs. Muriel MacSwiney widow oftho
TT1!lvnr nf
Fair Tonight. Sunday Unset
tled. Local temp. 7 p. m-, 60.
7 a. m., 49.
One Dead in Hotel Fire. -t
DETROIT. Mich., Nov. 20.—Ono
man is dead and several injured as
the result af a fire which swept the
Savoy hotel liere today. The hotel
was occupied cfciefly by sailers audi
do«k worked*.
Tvwo Million Dollar Fire.
Damage estimated at $2,000,001 was
sustained by the Cuyamel Fru't nnd,
Steamship company, when fire, be
lieved caused by sparks from an en
gine, swept through its great phed
on the river front here today.
The blaze, Tanned by a stiJT wind^
spread with great rapidity and its
was with difficulty cite steamshipsi .J
Truxilo and Poncelot, tied to ihe|'||
wharm, were moved out inito th®|
river in safety. A sas i?ine tank cnt
the Poncelot exploded, hot Jid uo'r
other damage. |/.||
Heart Trouble, Being Discovered
by His Secretary Last 1
which have pro
before the Ameri-
car. commission on Ireland, have been
I postponed until the week after next.
00,.^ is exnectedi
maturing LUCERNE, Nov. 20.—Vice Admiral
for Mark Kerr, former British naval at-
Roy Campbell separated George, An
derson and the fruit.
Anderson pleaded with Campbell
for bananas before he went to Jail.
The lond-hearted patrolman bought
two, only he expected Anderson to
pay for them. Anderson wouldn't,
and George, the proprietor, mixed itfw"
with CampbelL It ended by Camp-^jS
bell beating a tatoo on George's head
with his club until George was
quelled. A
When order was restored, Acder
mm was taken to police headquarters*
where he drew a }M ftae.
..A ..

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